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News Summary

UK: Pensioner says he will kill himself if he is extradited to Goa over paedophile charges

20 Apr: Daily Star (UK). Raymond Varley, 66, could be extradited on five counts of child abuse – including buggery, ¬indecent assault and taking indecent photographs. The convicted sex offender is suspected of belonging to an international paedophile ring targeting youngsters in the resort of Goa. Prosecutors say some victims were kidnapped, violently abused and sold to depraved tourists. Many came from orphanages or lived on the streets. Varley, from Halifax, West Yorks, denies the allegations. He made his suicide threat in a statement during extradition proceedings at Westminster ¬Magistrates Court in London. His lawyers have argued that ¬sending him to India would breach his human rights… District judge Quentin Purdy was due to rule on Varley’s extradition a week ago but the case has been adjourned so prosecutors can ¬challenge defence medical ¬evidence …  click here

Fish beyond Goans’ reach as prices rise, catch drops
20 Apr: Herald. Goa is grappling with sharply rising fish prices, given the declining fish catch, which fell by 13.80 per cent last year … the price of fish has gone way beyond the reach of the common man. Fish such as the ‘rano’ which was previously used for fertilizer, is now being sold for Rs 200-250 for four. The price of large mackerels has now shot up to Rs 100 for three, while kingfish is selling at Rs 650 to 700 per kilo…  click here

Selma Carvalho: ‘Hidden apartheid’

20 Apr: Herald. Meena Varma is Director of Dalit Solidarity Network (DSN- UK), tells me of life so stripped of its dignity that people refuse to touch you, walk alongside the road with you, or even share a common burial ground. This story is common in India. Except Meena Varma and I are not in India but in South London, sitting in an office loaned to her by the Anti- Slavery Organisation … Caste discrimination is the ‘hidden apartheid’ which the Indian community in Britain refuses to discuss… here in Britain many if not most now belong to a professional class of doctors, civil servants and entrepreneurs. Despite their economic success they still face social discrimination, much of which begins in schools which are predominantly Asian … 1118 words.  click here

Pealing of bells ushers in Easter celebrations
20 Apr: Herald. Pealing of bells in churches and chapels reverberated all across the state on Saturday night as the Catholic community joyfully participated in Easter vigil services to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ … The Catholic community also took the opportunity to greet their relatives and friends on the occasion of Easter. Messages were also exchanged by SMS, online chatting sites, emails and video/phone calls.  click here

Roland Francis: G.O.A. Toronto and Canorient Merger : Part 3 - The Backdrop. Stray Thoughts of a Toronto Goan

It was the late 1980s. A group of senior executives of the two associations who were personal and social friends and kept in contact with each other for the sake of the community's affairs, floated the idea of a merger. It made sense to them that not only the two Toronto Goan Christian biggies should merge but also that a couple of independent Goan associations in other parts of the Ontario province should join the bandwagon in the form of chapters.

There were concerns then as there are now. What would be the name of the new organization? Would it lose the all-important acronym G.O.A, in deference to the non-Goan Christian members of Canorient who then comprised about 2% of that body and were mainly East Indians and Anglo-Indians. Huddles were held and those minorities confirmed that the name issue was not important to them. They were more concerned with full membership and voting entitlement. No objection was seen to that. Then there were rumblings from Canorient's parent body in Montreal. That too quietened down when the strategy of making the Toronto body independent of Montreal was ideated. Meanwhile there were some prominent Canorient members who voluntarily applied for G.O.A. membership in addition to retaining their Canorient status.

By that time G.O.A. had acquired a large piece of property on the outskirts of Toronto with various future plan options. The Canorient people wanted G.O.A. to divest itself of that property, bring in the proceeds of the sale into the new merged body and concentrate future plans on the Canorient's own asset. The G.O.A. thought it would have some time to do this, but then deep recession struck. Members were losing jobs, the sale price automatically depressed and would be less than the outstanding mortgage and this plan had to be quickly shelved. The property eventually became a millstone round G.O.A's neck and it would take many years for the club to be fortunate to get a business-minded young banker president to dig the body out of its financial hole aided by the generosity of several members who invested moderately large sums of money to be converted into bonds that would help to sustain the mortgage. It was only in this year and last that the final outstanding bonds were redeemed in full. With this unfortunate set of circumstances playing out, the idea of merger died a natural death. It was not due to opposition from any side, just the economic climate that affected them both.

I have given you the G.O.A side of the story in my last article. Now for the Cancorient's.

The Canorient comprises not only of the main membership, it also encompasses a senior's club that pays its own dues, part of which goes towards membership of the main body. In that it is different from the G.O.A. where the senior members do not have something of their own within the club and are an undistinguishable part of the whole where having paid membership for some years, they are absolved of future dues on attaining age 65. This automatically reduces the G.O.A.'s membership revenues. Dues are what sustains all 'not-for-profits', along with some government grants. There is a move to change the free-riding.

Back to the Canorient's seniors. They are a powerful but not unreasonable old guard of the club. They are not convinced of the need of a merger and need to be presented with a strong business and community case. They feel that the G.O.A. and the Canorient can present a united front for any need of the community without an outright merger. They are by no means a stubborn lot averse to change. A little work can bring them onside. The rest of the club shows no outright opposition at this stage. I find them liberal and more amenable to the idea of the merger than the G.O.A. who to all appearances is the conservative partner in this proposed marriage. I am not judging G.O.A., but I cannot get rid of an intuitive spasm that they are going into this, with full brakes on.

When asked about the slowness of their approach, G.O.A. sources say that it is from the necessity to exercise an abundant note of caution about convincing members without upsetting the apple cart, which in this case means shooing some members out the door of an already depleted list. There is a lot more work both clubs can do about getting in new members through some fancy marketing and a little appeal to the Goan Diaspora spirit. For example the Middle-easterners in Toronto are a large but largely ignored lot, left to licking their wounds about the East African domination, real or imagined. Deal with that better than so far done and you will see a spurt in new members.

We cannot let history repeat itself and bring in another set of circumstances that puts the merger again on the wayside.

For Part 1 see: Goan Voice, 31 Mar. 2014. For Part 2 see Goan Voice 14 Apr 2014].

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News Summary

Toronto: Savio Barros: Leading... on the dance floor!

19 Apr: Herald. Savio Barros is an international ballroom dancer and instructor on starred cruise ships like the Cunard line … He fine tuned his skills at the International Ballroom Dance School in Toronto… he worked as manager in the Ministry of the Attorney General in Canada, he made time for dance, while completing his MA in English Literature and a computer applications course. Now retired, he continues to live in Canada … his early years were spent in Goa but in 1952, he moved to Tanzania and then in 1967 to Canada, where the opportunity to develop his dancing skills became a reality… He is a founder and ex- President of the Goan Overseas Association in Toronto … “I have done exhibition shows at the Goan Overseas Association 40th Anniversary Dance and West End Goan Seniors Club in Toronto,” he says… 711 words.  click here

Goan movie to debut at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne
19 Jul: PTI. `Mortoo`, a Konkani black comedy on a villager who cremates the dead, is all set for an international debut at the upcoming Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) in Australia… the film will be screened on May 5 in Beyond Bollywood section which is especially created for Indian regional films…Shot entirely in Goa, the film narrates the story of a village man who is involved in cremations and how he eventually goes through bad times…  click here
Video. Mortoo. You Tube trailer.  click here

Slumdog soccer star: Boy, 16, from back streets of India will train with Man Utd

19 Apr: Daily Mail (UK). Now 16-year-old ‘slumdog’ soccer protégé Rajib Roy is dreaming of becoming a millionaire – after being chosen to train with Manchester United. He impressed the Red Devils’ scouts during a school football tournament in Goa last month and, with 11 other talented young players spotted in India, arrives at the Premier League club’s Old Trafford ground tomorrow for 15 days of training with its coaches…. He lives in the family's single-room home in the Kolkata slum, the largest red light district in Asia, where he grew up with his prostitute mother (photo) and younger brother …  click here

Parkinson's striking those under 50 in Goa
19 Apr: Times of India. Younger people are being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, an ailment that is most common in people above the age of 70, report neurologists in Goa … Consultant neurophysician Dr Dhananjay Duberkar says, "People with long time exposure to the manganese-rich soil of Goa, which is an environmental toxin, are more vulnerable to developing the disease at a younger age. However, it is a combination of genetic and environmental factors that determines the age on onset of the ailment," he adds…  click here
High manganese level detected in Goa's prime reservoir. 19 Apr: PTI. High manganese level has been detected in the Selaulim reservoir in Goa, which supplies drinking water to 80% of the coastal state … PWD Executive Engineer S R Paranjape said that the manganese level in the water from the reservoir has risen up from 0.1 to 0.8 mg per litre, but there is no need to panic…  click here

Medical tourism: Goa fails to make the cut

19 Apr: The Goan. There has been so much talk of medical tourism in Goa over the past few years. The presence of three top hospitals – Apollo Victor Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals and NUSI Wockhardt Hospital – fuelled the expectations that the sun kissed state would become a hub for medical tourism. However, the ground reality is different. If the planned visits of foreign patients for medical treatment are anything to go by, Goa is far from becoming a destination for medical tourism. Granted that a number of foreign patients are seen in hospitals across the state, but the truth of the matter is most of them are walk-in patients who had an injury while driving or a stomach infection after having food in a local restaurant. These are not planned visits and hence should not be considered under medical tourism… 1751 words.  click here

Untouchable crown jewels
19 Apr: The Goan. Much has been written on the British occupation of Goa between 1799 and 1815, but far less is known on how, after that, London debated whether to purchase or invade Portuguese India, and how Lisbon resisted at all cost to give away its Oriental crown jewels…  click here

Will we ever find Goa’s lost treasures?

19 Apr: The Goan. Since 2005, there have been a spate of robberies across 168 churches and 120 chapels in Goa, leaving the Church concerned. Since then, lakhs have been spend on CCTV surveillance and security guards at some of these places of worship but the breaking-in, the thefts, the selling of idols and disappearance or rare sacred statues is on alarming increase across the state. While the Archdiocese of Goa and the Police raise their eyebrows with these concerns, there seems to be no progress on breaking the back of this trend and Goan antiques from Churches are seen in museums in Germany, Paris and Portugal. Everybody seems clueless as to how they made their journey there from a distant Parra, Siolim, Guirim, Raia or perhaps the Margao Church…  click here
Blank space in the canvas 19 Apr: The Goan. Beyond the sniffing and finger print experts, the Goa Police has never made a breakthrough in these cases and no antiques have ever been recovered. There is no doubt that these thefts are not the work of small time thieves …  click here

A Message from The Elderly to the Young: We can live without you!
18 Apr: Goa Streets. It may seem sacrilegious in a country like India, where children have always taken care of their elderly parents at home. But guess what? A growing number of seniors are opting for luxury developments where they can live on their own and do whatever they please, surreptitious or not… Here in Goa there are 3 ‘luxury senior living developments’ already on the ground and another 3 under way. A brief visit to one of them seems to confirm that interest levels are high. The ‘senior living’ block of flats in a large multi-building apartment complex in Goa Velha was the first among all the blocks in the complex to be ‘sold out’… 1042 words.  click here

A Goan Easter

18 Apr: Goa Streets. After the pain, comes the pleasure! Two days after Catholics in Goa mourn the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in their most solemn holiday of the year, they’ll be digging into succulent slices of turkey or roast suckling pigs to celebrate His resurrection. This is the joy of Easter, the promise of renewal… many Goans themselves will only start partying after attending Easter Mass on Sunday.n As with other Christian festivals in Goa, there will be at least two Easters celebrated here - one for Goans and another for tourists. And then a few days later, visiting Russians will celebrate their own Easter, as per the Orthodox calendar … ‘Easter Parade 2014’ organized by the Socorro parish… There will be a unique display of ‘Easter fruits and flowers’ – mangoes, cashews, jackfruits, pineapples, jambul, karandas and bougainvilleas… 856 words.  click here
Video: Good Friday in Goa In Goa News  click here

NRI yoga guru held for rape gets conditional bail
19 Apr: Times of India. A non-resident Indian (NRI) and yoga instructor Krishna Sharma, who was arrested by the police for allegedly raping a German woman in December 2013, was granted conditional bail by a local court recently… The German woman had complained to the police that she was raped by a yoga instructor in Mandrem in December 2013… Sources said that Sharma and the woman were known to each other as the German, and some of her friends, were attending a yoga course conducted by Sharma at his yoga centre in Mandrem. Sharma's family is based in Norway and he has been organizing the yoga course for many years at a rented premise in Junaswada, Mandrem, police sources said… A regular visitor to Goa, the survivor had arrived in the state in October last year…  click here
For Krishna Sharma’s photos and website,  click here


News Summary

ADVERTISEMENT: Portuguese Nationality Lawyers visiting Goa
On Tuesday April 22, Drs Alexandra Gois and Ana Sereno, partners of ASAG, law firm in Lisbon - will arrive in Goa for one week and hope to have the opportunity of getting to know the region, visit friends and clients. You can contact them at  email

Lisbon: Exhibition of 392 original pieces of jewelery from Goa

15 Apr: Publico. An exhibition of 392 pieces of jewelery from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, encased in vaults for 50 years, opens on Wednesday at the National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon, revealing the encounter between the Hindu and Christian world… The rich set of pieces in gold brings a history linked to the Portuguese colonial presence in Goa and diplomatic relations between Portugal and India… On December 12, 1961, before the imminent invasion of Goa by Indian troops, the manager of the National Overseas Bank (BNU) in Goa, Jorge Esteves Anastasius, decided to preserve a set of goods stored in the bank, sending the boat to Lisbon. Part of the consignment consisted of jewels deposited by individuals, seizures of contraband and small collateral loans at BNU… "The restoration process was long and complex, due to the condition of parts, but CGD also supported this process" of recovery together over the last two years… the pieces have attracted the interest of the international museum community … Splendours of the East - Gold Jewelry of Ancient Goa opens on Wednesday and will be reflected in the NMAA until 7 September. 622 words.  click here
For a machine translation into English,  click here
Jewels of Goa discoveries after 50 years. 16 Apr: Diario de Noticias (Portugal). Page 48. Is a unique collection of gems that combine European and hindu culture. Left Goa on cans of biscuits, cigarettes or sweets boxes in 1961, were reopened in 2011 and can be seen today in the MNAA … 641 words + 5 photos. click here.

Catholic priests in fray, Church fumes
18 Apr: Times of India. Father M P Jesuraj and Father M T Stephen are facing flak from the Catholic Church for their decision to contest the LS elections. Canon law 285/3 doesn't permit a priest to hold public office… In southern and western Indian pockets where the Christian vote is sizeable, some clergymen have plunged into electoral politics… Goa's Catholic priest Fr Bismarque Dias, who had to leave the Church when he contested the Assembly polls as an Independent in 2012, says: "Sometimes one moves beyond the calling of religion. One leans towards becoming a Good Samaritan , which is the highest calling."  click here

UK: Mum stabbed by neighbour Dominic Desouza in front of baby after row about it crying

17 Apr: Guardian: A man who stabbed his neighbour after complaining about her five-month-old baby crying has been jailed for two years. Dominic Desouza, of Trafford Road, Thornton Heath, banged on the 29-year-old's front door and knifed her in the stomach when she opened it… Desouza, 48, never revealed his motive for the attack, but had complained about noise coming from the flat shared by the mum and her husband … Desouza initially denied carrying out the attack but pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm at Camberwell Magistrates' Court on February 17… Detective Constable Scott Barefoot, of the Metropolitan Police, said: "This was a vicious and unprovoked attack on a mother in her home with her five-month-old baby present in the room…  click here
Thornton Heath man who stabbed new mum while she was at home with five month old baby is jailed. 17 Apr: Croydon Advertiser.  click here

London Marathon 2014: Francisco Borges supported The Goan Welfare Society (UK)
From Flavio Gracias: Francisco Borges completed the Marathon in 4hours 54minutes 35seconds and raised to date £212.00 for then Goan Welfare Society. A big “thank you” to Francisco for running on behalf of the Charity and our sincere appreciation to all the sponsors. For details and photographs  click here

Baga Beach bags best Konkani film award

17 Apr: Herald. Baga Beach, a film which claims to be based on a true story and an honest and simple revelation of the dark secrets of Goan beaches, has bagged the best Konkani film award for 2013 in the language category at the 61st National Film Awards here … Baga Beach, with a Rs 3 crore budget was co-produced by local Indian and German/French star cast … The film journeys through the lives of five teenagers whose dreams and struggles are enmeshed with the life of the beach. Child abuse, conflict between locals and immigrants, impact of holidaying foreigners in Goa is the sum of Baga Beach, a film which examines the underbelly of tourism in coastal Goa, according to its director…  click here

The mango is here, but beyond reach of the ordinary person
18 Apr: Times of India. It is that time of the year when Mancurad mangoes dominate space on vendors' food carts and grab the attention of every buyer at the fruits markets, but vendors believe that phase has not yet arrived. The mango season may have officially begun but fruit markets are yet to be flooded with different varieties of ripe mangoes. A few varieties of mangoes, including Goa's king mango 'Mancurad' are available in fruit markets in major towns, but the prices are beyond the reach of the ordinary person …  click here

UK: Forthcoming Events

Sat. 3 May. The Goan Association (U.K) is pleased to invite you to the book launch of 'A Railway Runs Through.' The book is the outcome of the three year 'Histories of British-Goans Project' and forms a unique record of our history. The launch will take place at 1:30 pm on Saturday May 3, 2014 at the following address: Sterling Suite, HSBC Sports and Social Club. Lennard Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1QW.
Ample parking available. For those travelling by rail, the New Beckenham BR station (Travelcard Zone 4) is adjacent to this club. Refreshments will be served at the event. Please confirm your attendance to indicating the names of those in your party. Thanks to a generous grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund, 100 copies of this book will be available for distribution, free of charge, on this day (restricted to one copy per family) on a first come, first serve basis. For more information about the project, click here. For the day's programme, click here.

Sun. 4 May: Swindon. Santa Cruz Goan Association, UK. Feast of the Holy Cross. Mass at Holy Rood Church, 2 Groundwell Rd, Swindon SN1 2LU. Thereafter, to 11pm. Dine & Dance at St. Joseph's Catholic College, Ocotal Way, Swindon, SN3 3LR. Tickets: Adult: £10 (includes Buffet). Children under 10 free. Contact: Joe - 07886994169; Freddy - 07856070378; Marcus - 07593254960. For the flyer, click here.

Sun, 4 May: Cortalim Union (UK) celebrates the Feast Saints Philip & James and raising funds for CANCER RESEARCH UK and CHARITIES IN CORTALIM at Woodside High School Hall, White Hart Lane, London N22 5QJ. Mass at 13.30pm. Music by "RAINBOW'S END". Adult Tickets £15 and Under 12, £8. Contact Tino Goes (0208 697 7819), Laurente Gomes (0208 641 5995), Ligor D'Mello (0190 864 7396) and Mel Fernandes (0208 888 0393). For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 4 May: FEAST OF MÃE DE DEUS: The Saligão Association UK invites you to celebrate Mass at 12 noon, followed by a Social until 8pm. Venue: Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Music for the Social by Say One Do One Disco, with Catering by Maggie. Licensed Bar. Tickets: £13/£10/£5 (members); £15/£10/£5 (guests). Contact: Selina de Sa 020 8643 9675. For the flyer with details, click here.

Sun. 18 May. The Goan Chaplaincy Day 2014. Archbishop Lanfranc School Hall, Croydon. Thanksgiving Mass at 1.30 pm. Principal Celebrant: Rev. Fr. Francis Carvalho - Superior General of Pilar - followed by a social. Live on stage: MUSICAL VISION and Inacio's one-man-band - STRING ALONG. Added attraction: Goa's unique cultural dances showcased by Agnelo Carneiro. Mood setter: Elliot Bocarro. Tickets available from: Nina Pinto (Tooting) 020 8767 0663. Cippin Fernandes (Swindon) 07727617537. Nazareth D'Souza (Southall) 07737166254. Gabriel Fernandes (Heston) 020 8230 7139. Louis Dias (Reading) 07448651265. Debbie Fernandes (Hounslow) 07896007011 or Joe Fernandes (Norbury) 07764659305.

For Later Events See



Death: Henry Pinto

5 Apr: Kingswood, Kent, UK. HENRY ANCIETO VITUS PINTO. Ex Kisumu, Kenya. Son of the late Caetano Maria Pinto and Bemvinda Leocadia Nazareth Pinto. Passed away at home with his daughters Sarah-Jane and Sharon by his side. After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of December 2013, he fought hard to try to beat the illness & prolong his life. He had two long stints in Maidstone Hospital and was very poorly towards the end of his life. He was the husband of the late Margaret Rose Pinto and leaves behind his daughters & son-in laws Ben & Erin and grandchildren Sofia, Samuel, Louie & Jasmine who will dearly miss him. Henry had requested a private funeral which was held on Wednesday 16th April 2014 in Kent. Sarah-Jane, Sharon & families thank everyone for their messages of condolence. They are collecting on behalf of the Heart of Kent Hospice who were supportive for both Henry and the Pinto family when they needed it. Any donations would be welcome. .  For further details click here

Death: Maria Theresa Lisboa Lobo
15 Apr: London, UK. MARIA THERESA LISBOA LOBO (formerly of Baveja Building, Karachi). Passed away after a lengthy illness most courageously borne. Beloved wife of Joachim Paul Lobo (London), cherished and treasured mother of Wilma Pereira (Ivan) London, Joel Lobo (Odette) Calgary, Jennifer Martyres (Austin) Peterborough, England and Brian Lobo (Christina) Toronto. Loving grandmother of Gavin, Simon, Alexander, Carol, Michelle, Hayley, Carol, Jason, Chloe, Larissa, Brittany and Eldon. Funeral on Thursday 24 April at 11.00 a.m. at Our Lady of the Angels Church, Erith, Kent followed by burial at 12.30 p.m. at Hill View Cemetery. Condolences to  email

News Summary

Toronto: Miriam Fernandes: Soliciting Temptation

14 Apr: Globe & Mail (Toronto). ‘How old did you say you were anyway?” A middle-aged white man (Derek Boyes) is sitting on a bed in a shabby, faraway hotel room with a brown girl (Miriam Fernandes) wearing only her underwear standing in front of him. It’s a disturbing image, but exactly how disturbing depends on the answer to that question the man is asking. Are we dealing with a child-sex tourist here? We never get a clear answer in Soliciting Temptation, a new play by Erin Shields that toys with a variety of tones in what seem like multiple beginnings… As the Girl, Fernandes displays a remarkable ability to transform herself physically, but her character’s personality keeps morphing disorientingly as the two talk about themselves and debate pedophilia, sex work and “the appropriation of oppression.” …  click here
Miriam Fernandes was born and raised in Toronto but her family is originally from Saligao. Video: 6 Questions With the Cast of Hamlet! - Miriam Fernandes … 3m. 17s.  click here

UAE girl Andria D'souza to play `Arabian queen` in `Kamasutra 3D`
17 Apr: Daily News & Analysis. UAE girl Andria D'souza has been roped in to play an Arabian queen in 'Kamasutra 3D'. The former RJ and TV host opened up about her role and said that she has just one intimate scene but she was "freaking nervous" about it, however director Rupesh Paul shot it "very aesthetically" … The erotic flick is based on Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text and one of the most widely read works on human sexuality, and is due for release next month.  click here
Kamasutra 3D | Andria D'Souza Hot Photoshoot.  click here

Hunt for Olympic Gold Touches Goan Shores

17 Apr: Navhind Times. Page 17: Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ). OGQ currently supports 51 athletes across seven individual Olympic sports — archery, athletics, badminton, boxing, shooting, wrestling and luge (winter sport). Four of them (shooters Vijay Kumar and Gagan Narang, shuttler Saina Nehwal and veteran boxer MC Mary Kom) won Olympic medals at London Games 2012 in India’s total tally of six. Other prominent sports stars the OGQ has on board include boxer Devendro Singh, shuttler P Kashyap, discus thrower Vikas Gowda and Olympic silver medal-winning wrestler Sushil Kumar…  click here

Goa’s fish exports plummet by 23% in 2013-14
17 Apr: Navhind Times. Goa’s fish exports are heading towards troubled waters with fish shortage being the main hurdle. Latest available figures from MPT reveal that local exports, after drastically dropping by 23 per cent to 32,804 tonnes in 2013-14, could fall further in 2014-15 if things don’t improve. Several exporters said that while exporters in other states fared better than expected in the financial year gone by, their performance was below par. Production, they said, is severely curtailed from December 2013 onwards and shows no signs of increasing. Several units are shut, on way to being shut or operating at drastically reduced capacity these days, they said…  click here

Royal rumble: explore hidden Goa on motorcycle

16 Apr: Travel Plus. Hiring a motorcycle is always first on the agenda when I set foot in Goa. It is the most practical way of getting around the place. And this time I got very lucky indeed, as I got to lay my hands on the shiny new motorcycle by Royal Enfield-the ContinentalGT. The ContiGT as it's popularly called has probably been the most awaited launch ever from the stables of Royal Enfield. A cafe racer, it is a radical departure from the company's other offerings. The souped-up 535cc engine has oodles of low-end torque, and is mated to a sporty rigid cradle frame, making it fast and made for the curves. I couldn't have picked a better motorcycle to take on the twisty country roads of Goa's hinterland…  click here

Goa: New project to help arrest decline of ‘mussel’ shellfish
16 Apr. PTI. Goa's mussel shellfish, a regular part of the state's cuisine, has got a fresh lease of life after the Indian Council for Agricultural Research embarked on a project to arrest the rapid decline of the species. Mussel is the common name used for members of several families of clams from saltwater and freshwater habitats…  click here

The great Goan Catholic migration

16 Apr: Herald. By Brig ( retd) Ian da Costa. In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries the Portuguese Catholic Missionary priests did a great job of converting large numbers of the local Hindu population to the Catholic religion. These were mostly the high caste Brahmins who were educated and ran the society. In the early 20th century, Catholics were the majority community in Goa… But later they moved out of Goa to British India, British East African and other Portuguese colonies… 1367 words.  click here

Weekly Weather & Exchange Rates
17 Apr: Goa Met.. Weather: Max = 33.5. Min = 24.3. Exchange rates (Xcom): £ = 101.43; $ = 60.26; $Can = 54.77; Euro = 83.40; Aus $ = 56.51



Death: Maria Theresa Lobo
15 Apr: London, UK. MARIA THERESA LOBO (formerly of Baveja Building, Karachi). Passed away after a lengthy illness most courageously borne. Beloved wife of Joachim Paul Lobo (London), cherished and treasured mother of Wilma Pereira (Ivan) London, Joel Lobo (Odette) Calgary, Jennifer Martyres (Austin) Peterborough, England and Brian Lobo (Christina) Toronto. Grandmother of Gavin, Simon, Alexander, Carol, Michelle, Hayley, Carol, Jason, Chloe, Larissa, Brittany and Eldon. [Info: Pompie Gois]

Death: Kenneth Lobo

14 Apr: Vancouver, Canada. KENNETH JOHN LOBO. Born 1928. He is survived by his wife Hennie, his one and only love of 65 years, his daughters Helen (Vince) DeAngelis and Tina Lobo-Hardick, his son Don (Maria) Lobo and his grandchildren Clay, Marina and Sophia. He is predeceased by his son-in-law Patrick Hardick. The Funeral Service will be held at St. Bernadette Parish at 6543 132nd St. Surrey. Burial will follow at Gardens of Gethsemani.  For further details click here

News Summary

Book Launch: 'A Railway Runs Through: Goans of British East Africa'.

For the programme for the book launch on 3 May, 2014 at the HSBC Social Club, Beckenham:  click here
If you reside outside of the UK and wish to order the book, a Paypal link has been set up for this purpose.  click here

Goa’s new airport turning into a traveller's nightmare

16 Apr: Times of India. Goa's new integrated airport terminal at Dabolim is being dubbed a traveller's nightmare, thanks to its haphazard layout, poor signage and abysmal levels of maintenance and cleanliness. The naval airport's civil enclave handles over 4 million passengers annually, a large number of them international tourists. In 2013, Goa received 4.9 lakh international tourists from 30 countries… several of the rooms on the first floor, including customs and immigrations offices, got waterlogged last week, when South Goa experienced some rain…  click here

Goa Police issue advisory to foreign tourists
16 Apr: Herald. In the wake of a non-Goan couple looting foreigners by snatching their bags, Goa Police have issued an advisory comprising do’s and don’ts for tourists in the sixth edition of their quarterly newsletter published recently… The eight-page newsletter has listed out six safety tips for Goa’s visitors to ensure they don’t fall victim to organised crime syndicates… At least three such theft cases are reported to Goa police every week. British tourist Anni Minter was robbed of currency (pounds and euros), equal to Rs 4.50 lakh during his stay in a Candolim resort. Another UK tourist, John Charles Platt has alleged that £ 8200 and Rs one lakh Indian currency was stolen from his room…  click here

Ileana D’Cruz raises temperatures in a bikini photoshoot

15 Apr: Ileana D’Cruz might have played a simple girl in Barfi! but she has no qualms about shedding the saree and donning a bikini. The Main Tera Hero actor shot for Man’s World magazine in swimsuits and boy, she could have any guy eating out of her palm… The cover calls her a summer scorcher and we have no doubt that she is one. On the inside pages of the annual swimsuit issue of the popular glossy, we get to see Ileana in more swimwear. She’s seen wearing a black monokini by Shivan & Narresh and she certainly looks stunning! In one shot, Ileana is seen in a twist blouse and free spirit briefs by Roxy…  click here
For a Wikipedia profile of Ileana D’Cruz,  click here

The baby makers: Critics push for regulation of India's booming surrogacy industry
15 Apr: ABC News (Aus). As more than 800 million Indians go to the polls this month, the main political party candidates are being urged to finally push through legislation to regulate the country's booming commercial surrogacy industry. The calls come as increasing numbers of foreigners, including many Australians, pay thousands of dollars to Indian surrogacy centres to fulfil their need to have children…  click here

Kuwait: Skynet Raiders, DBO, YRC Rising Stars move into next round

14 Apr: Arab Times. The Skynet Raiders, Don Bosco Oratory and YRC Rising Stars moved into the next round of the GOA Rolling Trophy organized by Goan Overseas Association, Friday at the MOH grounds… With this the woeful season of hosts Goa Maroons continues to torment them. They bowed out of the tournament beaten by a youthful Don Bosco Oratory (DBO) in a five-goal thriller…  click here

Video: Goa India's Holiday Destination
14 Apr: Kyle McCarthy. An in-depth look at the wonders of Goa, India's smallest state, and its beautiful beaches along the west coast facing the Arabian Sea. This video was produced by Goa Tourism for a travel market we attended recently, and should help families decide if this is the right destination for them. Enjoy! … 11m. 28s.  click here

Oman: Indian Social Club Goan Wing hosts Fun Day for kids

15 Apr: Times of Oman. Indian Social Club, Goan Wing organised Children’s Fun Day, its first since its launch in January this year, in the ISC hall in Darsait… The event’s main focus was to give the children, aged 6 to 12 years, a chance to showcase their creative skills in a fun and engaging atmosphere … The success of the Fun Day was evident from the smiling faces of the children and the Goan Wing hopes to organise more events in the future…  click here
For the Facebook, Indian Social Club - Goan Wing site,  click here

Modi: Britain can't simply shrug off this Hindu extremist
14 Apr: The Guardian (UK). Imagine this. A pogrom takes place in a foreign country targeting a minority group, say Christians, with hundreds brutally killed by rampaging mobs, many mutilated and raped, and foetuses removed from pregnant women. Thousands flee destroyed homes. The provincial leader on whose watch these events take place is a politician with open links to extremist Islamist organisations. Three holidaying British citizens are among the massacred. Allegations emerge that this politician's language helped foment the massacres. With one of his cabinet jailed for her role in the pogroms he becomes the frontrunner to lead this increasingly powerful country. Would you worry? …  click here

A Glimpse of Goan History

13 Apr: Sunday Guardian. Balcão’ is a cozy leisure space, which literally means a balcony in Goan parlance. The Balcao represents an age gone by when there existed special bond between neighbours and social relations were transcribed on love, warmth and of affection. Trying to celebrate this uniquely Goan phenomenon, Balcao — the exhibition at Dhoomimal Gallery [New Delhi] showcases the strong Portuguese influence on Goan culture. The exhibition aims at presenting the capital with a window into Goan culture and way of life through the works of Goan artists and selective pieces by F. N. Souza…  click here

Why a Modi win in India will become a headache for Canada
14 Apr: The Globe and Mail (Canada). … For the last 12 years, Mr. Modi has been denied a visa to Canada. Ottawa has justified the ban by relying on a provision in Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that bars suspected human rights abusers. In 2002, as chief minister of Gujarat – an Indian state of more than 60 million inhabitants – Mr. Modi was in power during religious riots in which 1,000 people were killed, mostly Muslims. Though the Supreme Court of India eventually cleared Mr. Modi of any wrongdoing, his fervent Hindu nationalism and alleged support of what many see as anti-Muslim pogroms poisons his foreign relations. For more than a decade, Mr. Modi has been totally unwelcome. In fact, he’s been shunned by several other Western countries, including the United States ...  click here



Death: Emeliana Diniz
10 April: Norbury, London. EMELIANA DINIZ. Aged 87; ex-Nairobi. Wife of the late Miguel Joao Diniz. Mother to Margarida, Remy, Vigilia and Rosinha. Mother-in-law to Mario, Wanda, Michael and the late Vincent. Granny to Natasha, Martin, Leanne, Louisa, Laeticia, Natalie, Matthew, Danzel and Emma. Great-Granny to Maya, Peter and Elijiah. Funeral service to be arranged. Condolences to:  email

News Summary

Rock on: Goa - the third best beach party spot on the planet

15 Apr: USA Today. Matador Network's new travel guide, 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die, features hilarious-yet-useful advice, stunning photography and plenty of fun destination ideas. But the section on beaches stands out. As the book's editor, David Miller, says, "There's an innate sensuality to being in the sun, being by the water. Of wearing less (no?) clothes. Swimming, surfing, diving. Eating local food." … so raise your glass and take a tour of the 15 best beaches for a rockin' good time: 1. Tel Aviv, Israel … 2. Cape Town, South Africa … 3. Goa, India: At the end of India's infamous Hippie Trail lies Goa, a beachside perch that's somehow home to both mellow yogic living and night-long debauchery. Spend your days perfecting your warrior pose, looking out over the ocean, and your nights raging at Silent Noise. Pull on a wireless headset and see what the crowd is tuning into…  click here

Kitesurfing makes waves on Goa's seas
15 Apr: Times of India. It's two in the afternoon and blazing hot. The blinding white sand and sparkling waters off Morjim beach are dotted with patches of neon that seem to have a life of their own. From afar, they look like giant psychedelic butterflies, but a closer look will show you a group of athletic men riding the waves on surfboards and performing extraordinary jumps and somersaults-all while harnessed to a powerful synthetic kite. Meet Goa's kitesurfing community-a group that eats, sleeps and breathes the extreme sport that combines the thrills of surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one…  click here

Mumbai: A stretch that smells of history at every step

15 Apr: Indian Express. Whiff of freshly factory baked Wibs bread, sight of fresh catch sold by Koli fisherwomen, buildings with Chinese names, details of historical families etched on the walls of a Catholic church, Goan music in the background and elderly Muslim men enjoying a cup of tea at an Irani cafe – all on one stretch. Walking from Dockyard railway station to Mazagaon Pier leaves you stumbling on pieces of history…  click here

Goa warned: Good times are over
15 Apr: Travel Mole (UK). India's good-time state of Goa has been warned that it must change its ways to remain competitive. Francisco de Braganca, president of the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa, said the "golden age of tourism" in Goa was over and the destination needed to take a new direction. In the sixties, Goa was best know as a hippie destination for Europe's flower children, and while a few have clung on to that lifestyle, Russian tourists have arrived in numbers and are now Goa's biggest market. "Goa's good times are over," said de Braganca, speaking at the launch of the Goa International Travel Market…  click here

Introducing Floyd Cardoz

14 Apr: Daily Meal (USA). In 2011, Cardoz won Bravo’s Top Chef Masters competition, donating his $100,000 grand prize to the Young Scientist Cancer Research Fund at New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine… Q: What's your earliest food memory? A: the meals I remember the most are the ones we had when we were in Goa visiting my grandmother and great-grandmother. Every summer we spent four to six weeks at their home in Goa. We only ate Goan food. Our eggs and chicken were from the yard, the seafood was the freshest, caught that morning. The rice was from our fields and the coconuts used were from our coconut groves. Every meal was cooked in earthen pots over wood fires that went all day long. The mangos and jackfruit were from our yard as was the water from our well. All food waste was fed to our pigs, which were eventually slaughtered for sausages, salted pork, roasts, and stews… The one person who most profoundly affected me (even though I came to that realization recently) was my maternal grandmother, Esme … I am also looking forward to publishing my second book. My love for cooking starts with my family and these recipes will have its origins in what I cook on the weekend at home. 3 pages. 2714 words.  click here

Goa tourism to have website in 5-6 languages
15 Apr: Times of India. After relaunching its website recently, Goa tourism now plans to have it in five or six foreign languages… A tourism official said they intend to set-up the multilingual website in languages like Arabic, German and Russian among others but it will take a while…  click here

Antique Portuguese Furniture

14 Apr: Navhind Times. The world’s hottest market for real Portuguese antique furniture is Goa. Goans who have dumped and burnt their antique furniture years ago are realizing the blunder they have committed. Today, they are trying too hard to regain that lost glory that once gave their sitting-rooms grandeur splendour ambience… Because of our ignorance people are taken on a roadside ride. There are seven antique styles, out of which the two famous are the Euro style which is also the Portuguese style found in Goa and the British style antique furniture found in Mumbai and Belgaum…  click here

The Italian job
14 Apr: Navhind Times. 100 years ago, a wandering Italian family came to Goa carrying with them a secret recipe on how to make ‘Buona Pasta’. Nothing was heard of them after that, until two years ago when a family member found an antique document that described a house in Parra. This set the ball rolling for a Goan-Italian joint venture that led to the birth of ‘Buona Pasta’, a pasta manufacturing unit in Pilerne…  click here



Update: Death: Paulinus Franciscus (Joe) Fernandes

25 Mar: Mumbai, India. PAULINUS FRANCISCUS FERNANDES (Popularly known as JOE ). Aged 84. Ex Kampala, Uganda. Was an Internatiuonal Field Hockey Umpire. Son of late Francisus Fernandes and late Romalina Fernandes. Brother/Sister of late Fanny, late Celto, Michael (U.K), late Renni late Victor, Assumption (India), late Mecredi and late Martha.Uncle of Basil/Jasmina Lobo (Uganda) and daughters Shannon & Mairin Lobo; Uncle of Dolly and Alwyn Lobo (India), Uncle of Maria, Melrose, Manuela and Melroy Fernandes (UK), Uncle of Miriam Menezes (USA) and Francis, Herman and Freddie Fernandes (Sweden) and Cato (USA) . Funeral was held in Mumbai on 26 March in Mumbai. Condolences to  email
News Summary

Siridao chapel could have Jewish history: Historian

14 Apr: Times of India. The quaint architecture of the Jesus of Nazareth chapel at Siridao (photo) has remained shrouded in obscurity, but a few are convinced the unusual dome-shaped structure holds a key to evidence of pre-Portuguese Christianity and a multicultural society in the area… A circular platform on the floor behind the altar and a few other features resemble the setup of a Jewish synagogue. Says Fr Cosme Jose Costa, a historian and a priest from society of Pilar, "Around the circular pattern, there are several holes in the wall, which could have been receptacles for storing the scrolls of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible." … The village itself is now reduced to a deserted place due to large-scale migration…  click here
What statues are they in Siridao? 14 Apr: Times of India. Three unique statues standing at vantage points of Siridao village continue to baffle local residents and visitors curious about their origin and antiquity. The stone-carved statues are remarkably distinctive and, perhaps, unlike any sculptures or figures seen anywhere in Goa…  click here

Chemical fertilizers chasing fish away: NIO director
14 Apr: Times of India. Fish production off India's coastline has been hit because of the over-zealous use of chemical fertilizers by farmers, said SWA Naqvi, director of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO). Listing out the negative influences of the green revolution on India's farming practices, Naqvi said, "As synthetic fertilizer is available cheap, ignorant farmers apply two to three times the required amount to their fields, hoping for a bumper crop. Plants can only absorb a certain amount, and the excess nitrogen gets washed off into water bodies, eventually landing up in the sea," he pointed out…  click here

Foreigners voice concern over garbage menace in Mandrem

14 Apr: Herald. When 206 people, including 102 foreigners from 14 different countries, voice their concern over garbage in Mandrem, it appears that the local panchayat has not done enough to resolve the problem. “The whole point of our letter to the chief minister is to force the panchayat to take action, because it is the panchayat’s responsibility to keep the streets clean. There are many like- minded foreigners equally disturbed by all unnecessary garbage on the streets,” said David Cleaver, a British national who is spearheading the cleanliness campaign in Mandrem…  click here

Women who have sex before marriage should be hanged, says senior politician in India's Socialist Party
13 Apr: The Telegraph (UK). Mulayam Singh Yadav, the head of India’s Socialist (Samajwadi) Party, said he would get rid of a recently introduced law that handed death sentences to repeat rape offenders, because it was not uncommon “for boys to make mistakes”. He told an election rally that rape happens because women lead men on … His original comments were echoed by the Socialist Party’s Maharashtra unit chief, Abu Azmi, who said that women who have sex outside marriage should be punished by death, even if they are raped…  click here

Roland Francis: Merger and the G.O.A. Toronto - Stray Thoughts of a Toronto Goan

In my last article [Goan Voice, 31 Mar. 2014] I gave an overview of the situation in which the two players viz. the G.O.A. and the Can-orient Christian Association, the two biggest Goan and pseudo-Goan Toronto clubs find themselves. I also briefly mentioned the pitfalls they have to overcome and why they need to merge in the first place besides the obvious compulsions of unity

Anyone going to the G.O.A.'s annual meeting today, would have been disappointed at the brevity of the update of the merger talks. If anybody thought they were well underway, they would have to push the brakes to the floor on their expectations. What has happened so far is at the very preliminary stage. Some meetings have taken place but only at the higher level. The fact that the two lady-Presidents have initiated this, has confirmed my view that they are on the same page. As enthusiastic as the G.O.A.'s top officer may be on this, she has shown neither her determination on this file, nor willingness to indicate the direction of her will. Leaders must not shy away from such firmness unless of course she is yet to play her trump cards.

G.O.A. is competent in placing good structure. Years of successfully completing projects from mere ideas to total fulfillment have taught them quite a few well learnt lessons. They have an efficient team in place as usual, but are hampered by calcified thinking (not age related), by a vocal minority of their membership that dutifully and cleverly never fails to attend important meetings where their opinion counts for more than just their numbers. Canorient probably has such a minority too, but remains mysteriously much more nimble than the G.O.A in most matters, as an organization.

The G.O.A. has set a time table for the merger, as good planning requires. First the formation of a sub-committee entrusted with the study and meetings with the other side, followed by recommendations and town hall and then their result presented to a Special AGM. Then perhaps back to the drawing board and culmination, hopefully getting a rubber stamp at a special meeting or nearest AGM. Their target date is the second quarter of 2015, but in my opinion, they have likely underestimated the contentious issues involved or have underestimated their vocal minority. There is also the possibility that the membership rises as one to oppose the plan. Don't forget most of them have been there for many years, many have volunteered for office way back then and would not relish their handiwork disappearing in a thunderstorm that will bring a new sky. Another possibility, this time a better one, is that Madame President with her trusted executive, in the style of India's famous Maratha queen, Lakshmibai, otherwise known as Jhansi ki Rani (queen of Jhansi) waving a weapon, riding her trusty steed, vanquishing the British in her neck of the woods (the erstwhile Central Provinces), decimates the opposition with fire in her belly or her quiet charm, whichever works best.

Frivolity aside, the G.O.A. is a large stately cruise liner that carries many finicky passengers ready to complain at the slightest inconvenience. It has sailed many seas, a few of them rough but the revolving and always well-appointed officers and crew have been providing its fare paying passengers with a good time whatever the challenge. But legendary liners do not always turn on a dime. And yet the coming challenges require that it does. Perhaps it will make use of modern instrumentation (in this case grasping new ideas quickly) to meet those challenges, but remember while a ship's complement of officers and crew get good wages, the hard working bees and the queen of G.O.A. (not the best of comparisons) get nothing but the goodwill of the community. Goans are a little stingy with that, preferring to judge rather than grant.

Let us for a change, not act true to form when they bring us this merger.

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