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Goans facing Terrorism Charges at the Old Bailey

25 Apr: BBC. Dominic Martins, Roque Fernandes and Abdurahman Kanyare who are facing terrorism charges in the Old Bailey trial. Click here.

Father Raymond De Souza at the Vatican.
29 Apr: The Mirror (UK). Headline: Pope's surprise meeting with PM's wife. Excerpts: Cherie Blair had a surprise 10-minute private audience with the Pope … Father Raymond De Souza, also at the summit, said: "Mrs Blair gave a very interesting speech on what it was like being a parent and the problems that parents face. "She said that she had had 22 years of joyful and sometimes less joyful experiences of trying to be a good parent. "She also spoke of the threats that the youth of today face from the loss of faith and the problems we face in the world today." Click here.

Conrad de Souza on buying a violin online
30 Apr: The Sunday Times (UK). Excerpts: Conrad de Souza,52, writes: "My 13-year-old son is a keen violinist. He recently started to play more seriously, so I decided to buy a high-end violin that would last all his life. With the help of Google and eBay I found a Romanian supplier whose in-struments are made from the same timber as the original Stradivarius violin . All in, I paid about Pounds 700 - a saving of Pounds 800. My son's teacher can't stop raving about it." 248 words. Click here.

Joseph Pereira Donates New Window to Church

2 May: Local London. Joseph Pereira died suddenly on his 77th birthday at the end of March, 10 days after the window was installed but before he could see it in St John Vianney RC Church, Heathfield Road, Bexleyheath. Mr Pereira, of Robina Close, was a regular member at the church and told parish priest Father Michael Jones he would like to donate a window in honour of his family. Delia Whitbread was commissioned to create the windows.

Former car salesman Mr Pereira was born in Goa in India and moved to Kenya to work in Mombasa before coming to England. Many friends and relatives from Goa and Kenya attended his funeral at St John Vianney. The window can be viewed by arrangement with the church. Click here.

AVC Union - 25th Anniversary Grand Dinner/Dance - 13th May 2006.
AVC Union, London is pleased to advise that all reservations to their Silver Jubilee Celebrations on 13th May 2006 were fully taken up in mid-March 2006. The president and committee of the Union thanks all members and guests for their overwhelming support and looks forward to welcoming those who will be attending on the day. As a gentle reminder, all members and guests attending are kindly requested to arrive at the Renaissance hotel lobby by 6:00 PM on 13th May.


3 May: Navelim, Goa. ANDREW RODRIGUES (Ex East Africa). Husband of Emilia. Father of Robino/Filomena, Zino (UK), Marvino/Candy, Valini/Agustinho

1 May: Cuncolim, Goa. FAUSTINO ALMEIDA. Husband of Lima. Father of Lira, Livia/Subhash (Canada), Lawrie/Iona, Lorna/Shridhar (Canada), Lemy/Colleen (Canada).

29 Apr: Nairobi, Kenya: FRANCISCO JACOB FERNANDES (JACOBINHO); Husband of Pascoela. Father of Primrose, Petunia, Feodor and Flavius. Brother of Mary/late Curcino Britto and James/Velsa. Son of late Augusto/late Amelia.

28 Apr: Carmona, Goa. OLAVO VIEGAS. Husband of Queenie Father of Duncan and Dwayne.Brother of Oscar/Goretti, Osvi/Maria, Osmond/Mary (UK), Terezinha/late A Joao and Anthony.


Overland Journeys: The Hippie Trail
29 Apr. The Independent (UK). … The first mass independent travel trend in Asia was the hippie trail of the 1960s and 1970s, which led, in an abstract way, from Western Europe to Kathmandu or Goa. If you want to follow it today, go by train. The website advises that it will take several weeks …Click here.

A Hol Lot Cheaper
29 Apr: The Mirror (UK). Holidaymakers are finding that their money goes further outside the Euro-zone … Thomas Cook says its most popular destination is Goa, where an average meal can cost less than £5 a head … Click here.

My holidays:Tamzin Outhwaite
30 Apr: The Sunday Times (UK). Travel is my favourite subject. I spend all my money on it. If I weren’t an actress, I’d like to be a travel writer … There are some beautiful beaches in Goa, but the cities are something else — everybody beeping, cutting each other up, with little rickshaws weaving in and out, dogs running around. And, of course, the poverty. India’s tough on your heart, full stop. In fact, I don’t go to India on holiday any more … Click here.


Goa Govt. urged to keep check on foreigners buying land
4 May: Navhind Times. The state Nationalist Youth Congress (NYC) president, Mr Rajan Ghate has urged the state government to take cognisance of the fact the foreigners are buying land and ancestral houses in Goa at exorbitant prices … The purchase of land by foreigners is causing an artificial price rise and this is affecting local people who want to purchase land for housing purpose. Click here.


Quite a feet: Local spirit
29 Apr. Chemist & Druggist. Avicenna members received an insight into the making of the local spirit, feni, during the buying group's annual conference in Goa last weekend. The lethal local liquor is made by crushing jack fruit, which also yield cashew nuts. [sic!] The juice is then collected and boiled in a large pot to form a clear spirit of undefined strength. The final ABV was thoroughly investigated by pharmacists and journalists alike during the event in India.

Goa Murder: Appeal Hearing Due
3 May: BBC News. Adrian Duggan from south Wales who was jailed for life in Goa for murdering his girlfriend is to have his appeal heard next month, it has emerged. He was found guilty last year of killing Catherine Campbell, 43, from Taunton, Somerset, on Christmas Day 2003 in Goa. A court in India found Duggan had stabbed Ms Campbell with a pair of scissors following an argument. Click here.

Video: Goa, India's Cultural Crossroads
3 May: National Geographic News. The state of Goa on India's southwestern coast is home to one of the world's most unique confluences of cultures . Learn more about Goa's distinctive history, and tour the modern-day sights that capture its colorful past. Click here.


Work on a six-lane road expressway from the north to the south of Goa is to begin shortly. While the new road, close to the Konkan Railway track will help speed traffic, there is bound to be considerable disruption for some communities. Do see Goanet how it will affect a number of villages where GV(UK) readers hail from.

An interesting discussion has emerged on the presence of Jewish communities in Goa/India. Also, news has emerged of excavations which indicates the existence of human habitation on the west coast in Goa since pre-historic times.

A Fruit Fest will be held in Goa from 5 to 7 May, 2000. Do get to know about the origins of the exotic fruits which will be on display, in Miguel Braganza's absorbing account of the work of the Botanical Society of Goa.

The growth of Dubai as a holiday and residential location has been well-presented worldwide on TV. However, do read about the low-paid Asian workers there. A recent report informs us that "in order to shape the city's ambitious economic vision, armies of Asian construction workers live and work in conditions that have been criticised by international human rights organisations as being tantamount to slavery."

Finally, whether one is for or against reservations like jobs and education etc for disadvantaged groups, find out about the current furore on this issue in Goa/India.

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Thurs. 11/5: Channel 4: 12.10am (65mins) Indian Finishing School
Will staying with local families improve yobbish behaviour?


Sun. 7/5: BBC Radio 4: 6.05pm (30mins) Something Understood
Care not Cure. Mark Tully explores the intimate relationship between “care and cure” that lies at the heart of the hospice movement. He talks to one of the founders of Delhi’s first home-based palliative care service and discovers that even when medical prognosis is bleak, with compassionate sensitive care many patients experience profound levels of healing.

Fri. 12/5: BBC Radio 4: 2.15pm (45mins) Afternoon Play: Migrant Memory
An autobiographical play by Samina Baig following her journey to the heart of grief, searching through her memories to give a moving account of life and death in migrant Britain.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 7 May. G.O.A. RUBY GOAN NOSTALGIA - Cultural Show at Archbishop Lanfranc School at 3pm (gates will open at 2pm). Tickets: £5 adults, £2 children 8-13yrs. Food & drink will be on sale. Contact: Alfred Rebello 020 – 8337 8022

Sun. 14 May. G.O.A. RUBY SINGLES CARROM TOURNAMENT at HSBC Sports Club, Lennard Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1QW. Contact: Richard Fernandes 020 - 8300 5347

Sun. 21 May. G.O.A. RUBY THANKSGIVING MASS at 2.30pm at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, followed by a Cocktail Reception in the Amigo Hall. For catering purposes, entrance to Reception by ticket only. Members – Free, Guests - £2. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457 or any member of the Social Committee

Sun. 28 May. Cortalim Union celebrate the Feast of Saints of Philip and James, and the May Queen at the Irish Centre, Pretoria Road, London N17. Mass at 12.30pm followed by a social to 10pm. Music by Nite Life. Tickets: adults £10 (inc meal and a complimentary drink) 11-18 years £5 (inc. meal and a complimentery drink) and 2-10 year olds (meal only) £2.50, call Maria-0208-803-5146,

Mon. 29 May. G.O.A.Ruby Outdoor Sports Festival. (incorporating Junior Football Tournament and Volleyball) at HSBC Sports Club, Lennard Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1QW. Teams from Goan Organisations welcome. Contact: Richard Fernandes 020 – 8300 5347, Vincent Fernandes 020 - 8764 8780 / 020 - 8251 2737, Ian Remedios 020 - 8658 7769, Lloyd Lobo 020 - 8856 6018, Plino Martins 020 – 8657 8951

Sat. 3 Jun. G.O.A. Ruby Anniversary Ball at Wandsworth Civic Suite from 7.00 pm. Musical entertainment by Calibre and Say One Do One. Further details from - Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457 or any member of the Social Committee

Sun 18 Jun. Siolim Union (London) celebrates the feast of St. Anthony of Padua at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. Commences with Holy Mass at 12 noon followed by dancing to the music of Maz & Co. For tickets and further information please contact Eugene Fernandes on 0208 2400818, Edwin Athayde on 0208 6795514 or Derick Fernandes on 0208 3951084.


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