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UK: Roscoe Fernandes: Lawyer of the week
17 Apr. The Times (UK). Roscoe Fernandes, a senior solicitor at Freeth Cartwright LLP, the Nottingham firm, acted for Anna Coulombeau, who won one of the first tribunal cases involving adoption rights. Excerpts from the interview: What was your worst day as a lawyer? Probably being told early on as a trainee that it may be wise for me to consider Plan B, which was to become a restaurateur … Who has been the most influential person in your life? A close family friend who suddenly passed away in 2001 just before my graduation from the University of Nottingham … For text of the Times article, 461 words, click here.
See also: WebIT. Landmark Ruling In First Ever Adoption Leave Dismissal Case. For details click here.
Roscoe Fernandes was born in Reading, UK in 1980, the son of Manuel Douglas Ignatius Fernandes and Priscilla Augusta Ora Fernandes who were both born in Zanzibar. He is the brother of Daniel and Tracy who were born in Brighton. He traces his Goan roots to Nuvem (mother) and Raia (father). Roscoe studied at Reading School and the University of Nottingham, and currently resides in Nottingham. His hobbies are Badminton, walking, cinema, theatre, dining out. For a profile of him click here.

Kenya: Pio Gama Pinto: True nationalist who died young
19 Apr. The Nation. Excerpts: Great men, they say, die young. And they include a Kenyan citizen of Asian origin, Pio Gama Pinto, who died at the age of only 38, some 42 years ago, the victim of an assassin’s bullet ... As we mark his death anniversary, we remember Pinto as a rare breed of politician, who fought for independence using the power of the pen as a journalist as well as playing a critical role in practical politics ... Pinto was born in 1927 to a Goan family in Nairobi ... In those early days, Pinto was greatly involved in the Goan National Congress, which fought against the Portuguese colonialism.... In 1963, he was elected to the Kenya Parliament to represent Parklands constituency ... Pinto was killed on February 24, 1965, outside his Parklands estate home in Nairobi but the real killers remain unknown in one of independent Kenya’s major political murders. Will his killers ever be known? click here.

Ian D'Sa: Loaded with talent
19 Apr: Courier Mail, Australia. Canadian punk rockers Billy Talent took things a little slower when they landed a record contract and said goodbye to regular employment.
"It felt really good just to quit our day jobs," bassist Ian D'Sa remembers ... Before Billy Talent took off, D'Sa was a successful animator, working on the children's series Angela Anaconda, which he was blown away to find out was still screening in Australia ... the band actually met at a high school talent show 14 years ago ... D'Sa says he owes a lot of his own artistic nature to his Indian parents, who spoke of seeing Beatle George Harrison and Ravi Shankar wandering the streets of their home town of Goa, India, when they were young. "They pushed music on me at a very early age. They let us rehearse in the basement for almost eight years. My mom would have Bible studies upstairs while we were thrashing around downstairs." Billy Talent play The Arena on Tuesday. Click here.

UK: Conrad Lobo: A great sense of community at Queensgate, Croydon
19 Apr. Surrey Mirror. A sense of community topped the priority list for homebuyer, Conrad Lobo, his wife Susan and baby Craig - and they found exactly what they were looking for Queensgate, at the former Queen's Hospital site in Croydon ... Conrad was delighted to find Queensgate whilst surfing on the internet. "Queensgate has everything a young family needs. There is an excellent, safe, well-lit communal play area for the children, which helps ensure peace of mind for parents. A wide range of houses and apartments, with a mix of people, including families, creates a great sense of community and we believe that this is important, particularly for children growing up," Conrad comments. 310 words.

Tony Fernandes: First Asian low cost carrier heading to UK
20 Apr: Telegraph. (UK). When, in 2000, Tony Fernandes set his heart on creating a budget airline he emailed easyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou asking if they could meet but Stelios - today a friend - was too busy. Now Fernandes, 42, a former executive at Virgin Group and Warner Music, is hailed as Asia's Stelios. His low-cost short-haul carrier, Malaysia-based AirAsia, is among the fastest growing in the world, having gone from carrying 200,000 passengers in 2001 to an expected 18m this year, and with a target of 50m by 2013 ... "We are looking at operating Malaysia-UK services by September 2008 at the latest, and the first quarter of 2008 at the earliest," he said ... One former airline executive said: "He's canny, and can be pretty stubborn. Knowing nothing about the airline industry when he started out led him to try things others wouldn't. That's given him a lot of confidence that he can succeed." For photo and text 846 words, click here.
For the GVUK Tony Fernandes supplement click here.

Toronto: Noel Fernandes: Mad as hell consumer earn some satisfaction
21 Apr: The Toronto Star. What made Noel Fernandes mad was a natural gas contract that was rolled over for a year without his consent. "The gas bill for November was $331.20," Fernandes said. "We are seniors on fixed incomes and this is a lot of money." On Dec. 6, he cancelled the contract and paid a penalty of $127.68. He asked for help getting his money back. Joshua Orzech, a Direct Energy spokesperson agreed to cancel the contract and waive the early termination charges. 259 words. Click here.

Susie Coelho: Fear not, says style diva, just create
21: Apr Arizona Republic. Susie Coelho prides herself on setting her own style. So it's not surprising her Secrets of a Style Diva (Cool Springs Press, 2006, $24.99) would follow a different path from other decorating books. Coelho's book leads readers through a process designed to help them develop their creative instincts, so they can develop their own style, rather than emulate someone else's. Coelho, known to TV viewers through her appearances on HGTV's Surprise Gardener and Outer Spaces, NBC's Today show and ABC's The View encourages readers to learn from their surroundings and experiences and lose their fear of trying. Click here.

Video clip in colour: Seraphino Antao strikes gold at Perth (1962).
22 Apr: Toronto Star. Canadian sprinter Harry Jerome set a total of seven world records. The following excerpt from his biography deals with the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia … At the gun [in the final], Kenya’s Seraphino Antao, a runner Jerome had beaten three times that year, was first out of the blocks. Something seemed to happen to Harry at the 50-yard mark – he quit running and crossed the tape in a slow trot. For text of article click here.
For the GVUK Seraphino Antao supplement click here.
For the British Pathe colour newsreel of the race go to the link below and select View here at the link: click here.
For links to 10 other video clips showing Seraphino Antao in action, click here.

Tony D'Souza: Man of the world
22 Apr: St. Petersburg Times {Florida). Amid the homey clatter of a sunny diner, Tony D'Souza brims with tales of adventure. He has a knack for launching himself into the unknown and coming back with a really good story. His first novel, Whiteman, is about an American relief worker in a remote village in Ivory Coast. D'Souza was a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote village there … D'Souza has already finished a second novel, to be published next year. The Konkans is based on the history of his father's family in Goa, in western India. 724 words.
19 Apr: The New York Public Library announced the finalists for its Young Lions Fiction Award, which honors authors under the age of 35 who are making an impact on today's culture and society … one of the five finalists for this year is Tony D'Souza for Whiteman …. Photo and more details of Tony at

UK: Maxford Coutinho: New citizens are made welcome
23 Apr: The Journal (Newcastle). A warm welcome awaits the 50 to 60 people who take part each month in the citizenship ceremonies at Newcastle Civic Centre … Maxford Coutinho, a plastic surgeon at the RVI made the ceremony into a family affair along with wife Hazel and children Nicolline, six and Kraig, five. Maxford has been a plastic surgeon for 14 years and lived in Goa for eight years before moving to the UK. He said: "We've lived all around the country, but I really like Newcastle. It's a very friendly up and coming place with lots of opportunities. There's also a real sense of rightness and fairness."

Montreal: Errol Xavier Lobo: Canadian rhapsody
23 Apr: The Times of India. US has traditionally been the first choice for many Indian students but Canada is now keen to showcase its education system to the world and may soon become the new 'land of plenty' for international students … Said Errol Xavier Lobo, graduate recruitment advisor, John Molson School of Business, Concordian University, Montreal: "Canada is a safe country and there is no racial tension. People are warm and welcoming, which is why on completing my MBA I decided to stay back and work." Click here.

NZ: Brian Pereira: HCL growing rapidly
23 Apr: Dominion Post (NZ). Indian outsourcing giant HCL Technologies has been growing rapidly in New Zealand Brian Pereira, managing director of HCL in New Zealand and Australia, says the company already employs 80 staff in New Zealand. These are a mix of staff brought in from HCL's development centres in India, the United States, Britain and Ireland, and some local recruits. 451 words.

NZ: Roy Fernandes: Rent meters keep ticking …
24 Apr: New Zealand Herald. Roy Fernandes, an Auckland sales manager, thought he had found paradise when he visited Auckland in 2002. Five years later, he is stuck in the rent trap, searching for a house to buy but unable to find the bliss he expected when he farewelled London … They are paying $300 rent a week at Herald Island but are stunned at house prices. Auckland's average house price jumped by $60,000 in one month or almost $2000 a day. Click here.

Toronto: Franciscan friar arrested on child-porn charges
24 Apr: The Globe and Mail. Brother Adley Lobo, 24, a Franciscan friar faces multiple child-pornography charges after Toronto police raided a Roman Catholic church in Scarborough after he became the subject of an undercover police investigation into individuals suspected of downloading child pornography from the Internet … Brother Lobo is originally from Bombay but has lived in Toronto for about 10 years … For at least the past seven years, he had been doing various jobs at St. Lawrence Martyr Church … Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Janet Sullivan of the Sex Crimes Unit at 416-808-7707, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or online at For text, 303 words, Click here.
For a photograph of him click here.

UK: Football: Swindon & District League
24 Apr: Goan Swindon continue to search for their first points after losing 9-2 at home to Wason and Webb … Click here

Canada: Troy DeSouza: White male, huh? Yeah, you bet
24 Apr: Times Colonist. From Troy DeSouza: Former B.C. federal Liberal party president Jamie Elmhirst lumped me in as a "white male" … Actually, I am a Canadian with a South Asian background … Click here.

NZ: Aaron Rodrigues: Matchmaking doggie style
25 Apr: The Press (Christchurch). a new matchmaking service for dogs and virtually every other kind of domesticated pet is the brainchild of Aaron Rodrigues, a 17-year-old self-styled "student entrepreneur" from Auckland … Rodrigues moved here five years ago with his family from Mumbai, India. 494 words. Click here.

UK: Janet D’Sa: Hate campaign sentence delayed
25 Apr: Croydon Guardian. The sentencing of Janet D'Sa who harassed her neighbours and landlords - accusing them of murder, prostitution and racism, among other things - has been delayed … At a court hearing earlier this month deluded D'Sa was told she faced a spell in jail. But at the courts today magistrates were told more time was needed to prepare psychiatric reports. 124 words. Click here.

UK: HAPC AGM postponed
From Derrick Pereira: Due to the unavailability of several of our members, helpers and supporters, the Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Sunday 29th April 2007, has been rescheduled to Sunday 20th May 2007, 2.00pm. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to make this date. Thank you.


24 Apr: Nairobi. DEREK LISBOA. Husband of Michelle. Father to Jamie. Son of Joaquim and Lilly Lisboa. Brother to Sandra, Christine, Mark and Brian. Funeral on Friday 27th April 2007. Venue: Saint Austin’s Church, Lavington. Viewing of the body 2.00pm. Funeral service at 2.30pm followed by burial at the Langata Cemetery [Info from Goan Welfare Society, Nairobi]

24 Apr. Calangute, Goa. FRANK MENEZES (aged 63, ex-Nairobi). Brother of Melita Figueiredo. Alexandra Cunningham. Tony and Angel Menezes.. Son Abel Menezes of Raia and Olivia Lobo of Verna. Funeral was on 24th Apr. in Calangute.
Frank left Dr. Ribeiro Goan School, Nairobi, in 1959 and worked in Zambia and then England, having trained in accountancy. He went from London to Goa on holiday when he became very ill. Memorial Service in London on Sat. 2 Jun. Condolences and enquiries to Alexandra

24 Apr: Portugal. ADV ANTERIO PEREIRA. Husband of Estefania. Father of Fernanda/Chico, Cintia/Roland, Vanda/Jorge,Carmen/Paulo.

22 Apr. Benaulim, Goa. FERNANDO PERES DA COSTA (aged 72, ex Lufthansa). Relict of Hella. Father of Peter/Luisa and Indra/Pepper Hymans. Brother of Jorge/Cynthia (Australia), Livia/Jorge de Abreu Noronha (Portugal), Carlota/Walter Schatz (Switzerland), Zito/Cecilia (Brazil) and Alvito/Dr. Noella (Australia.). He had been instrumental in pioneering Condor charter flights from Germany to Goa.

21 Apr: Sydney, Aus. RUFINA FERNANDES (born 1944, ex-Nairobi). Wife of Cyprian Fernandes (ex The Nation, Kenya). Mother of Andreeanna, Leon and Carl. Daughter of John Baptist and Anna Christina. Sister to Max, Faby, Delfine, Lolita, Mervyn, Teresa and Adolf. Rufina was a former student of Dr. Ribeiro's Goan School, Nairobi and Mary Hill School in Thika. She proved to be an excellent athlete and hockey player. Singing was her favourite past time and she appeared with quite a few bands in London, England. Fishing, gardening, arts and crafts were her other big passions in life.
Funeral on Fri 27 Apr. at 10:30am at Our Lady of Carmel Church, Smith Street, Wentworthville, NSW. Followed by burial at Pine Grove Memorial Park near Minchinbury on the Great Western Highway.
From St George and Sutherland Shire Leader. 24 Apr: Ruffina Fernandes, wife of former St George and Sutherland Shire Leader editor, Cyprian Fernandes, died last Saturday after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Mrs Fernandes, 63, of Chester Hill, made many friends in the district. She is survived by her husband, daughter Andi and sons Leon and Carl. Click here.
Condolences to

17 Apr. San Antonio, Texas. JOSEPH FERNANDES (Born 1939, ex-Mumbai). Husband of Laurie Packard-Fernandes and father of Kiran Joseph and Sunil Anthony. Son of Curcino and Eugenia Fernandes of Goa. After completing undergraduate and graduate degrees at St. Xavier College in Bombay and teaching over 7 years, he arrived in the U.S. in 1967 as a Fulbright Exchange teacher ... A Mass of the Resurrection will be celebrated for Joseph on Saturday, April 28th at 9:30 a.m. at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, 700 Dewhurst Road, San Antonio, Texas. Obituary, 463 words and photo at the link below. Click here.

19 Apr: Cortalim, Goa. VALERIANO XAVIER. Husband of Leonor Rangel e Xavier. Father of Juliet/Cyril (New Zealand), Odete/Lopingo, Lodovico/Manuel, late Bede/Loretta, Zena/Chris.


Francisco Plazza, (Ribandar) Chimbel, Ilhas, Goa.
For sale last remaining Flat (2nd. Floor): two bedrooms, 103sq. meters, main road frontage at bus stop, 15 minute drive to Panaji, on site parking facility; security gate, ground floor shops. Greenfields at rear , bungalows on either side ; residential area., completion end of May 2007 . SALE PRICE Rs. 18 lakhs
Site contact in Goa: Agnelo mob. No. (0091) 9822 159 548 or
Email : telephone (UK) 020 8372 4481


Goa: Tourists taken for a ride by taxi drivers.
16 Apr: Express Hotelier. A taxi ride of just 30 kilometres from any hotel in Goa to the beach could cost half as much as airfare from Mumbai to Goa. Taxi drivers here are known to fleece unsuspecting tourists stating astounding rates for even a short ride. 309 words. Click here.

The dentist, the tourist and the hotelier
19 Apr: Express TravelWorld. Medical tourism in India but visitors have no time to sample the conventional aspects of tourism. As Dr Wilfred De Souza, minister of tourism in Goa, pointed out there is a need for greater synergy between doctors and tour operators. Click here.

UK: College Lecturer attacked by wild dog in Goa
20 Apr: Braintree and Witham Times. A College lecturer had to pull out of this Sunday's London Marathon after she was mauled by a wild dog in Goa. Michelle Harvey, a childcare lecturer at Braintree College, was attacked during a family holiday during the Easter break. But the determined mother-of-three intends to run the Leicester Marathon later this year, and her students are continuing to raise cash for her chosen charity, St John Ambulance. Mrs Harvey, 42, said she was "really lucky to be alive" after the attack. See next week's Braintree and Witham Times for the full story.

'Building work ruined my holiday'
20 Apr: The Times (UK). Brian Wileman's Goa break with Thomas Cook was spoiled when builders and TV crew took over his hotel. Click here.

The best way to book an air passage to India
21 Apr: The Telegraph (UK). Flights to the subcontinent are going cheap. Here's a guide. As competition between airlines has increased, the cost of getting there is lower than it has ever been. The best deals available through Trailfinders. Other companies to try include Airline Network and Travelbag. Younger travellers might also contact STA. 710 words. Click here.

Karma Enduro
21 Apr: The Telegraph (UK). Karma Enduro takes place in October next year. The event is an endurance rally in India, starting in Goa and ending two weeks and 2,000km later in Cochin. The cars involved are Hindustan Ambassadors…The aim is to raise money for two charities, Adventure Ashram and Rainbow Trust. The entry fee is £4,995 per person, or £8,495 for a pair. The experience includes flights, a new car, full team support and accommodation. For more information, visit  click here.

Finally, a chance to visit India
21 Apr: Peterborough Examiner (Ontario). Local historian Martha Kidd is on a cruise aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 and writes of her visit to Goa. 250 words.

Dirty Weekend in Goa priceless
21 Apr: The Australian - Front page. From a Mastercard advertisement: Around the world no card is more accepted - Indian Travel Guide Rs 510; Silk Sari Rs 2040; Lamb Curry Rs: 35; Dirty Weekend in Goa: Priceless. Around the world no card is more accepted. The Chikhalkala Mud Festival in Goa is just one of he 25 million locations where Mastercard is accepted. Check bottom of the page at the link below. Click here.

Australia: Jacinta d'Souza: Wish you were here
21 Apr: The Sydney Morning Herald. Jacinta d'Souza of Eastlakes writes: We spent a delightful time on our holidays in Goa, India. The beaches with their vast expanses of silver sand and green coconut palms can be a source of inspiration to the poetic soul and relaxation to a tired body.

Court asks Goa govt to remove deck beds on beaches
26 Apr: Navhind Times. The Goa government has been asked to remove all the deck beds across all the beaches in Goa, excess in number, forthwith and report compliance to the court. The court has further directed that the deck beds shall be restricted only to an area immediate to the shack and nowhere else. 249 words. Click here.


Win a pair of return flights to India
Tickets are Jet Airways round trip Economy class London Heathrow-Delhi or London Heathrow-Mumbai.ravel must be completed by 31st October 2007 click here.

UK: Win a Family Safari Holiday to Kenya
Walkers are giving away 2 fabulous Family Safari Holidays to Kenya. For details pick up a leaflet at your local Morrisons store. Entries close 20 May 2007.

Win a holiday to Kenya
The free prize draw closes at 9am Friday 25th May 2007. To enter the competition check the link below. Click here.


Church people predict flawed results in Goa village council elections
19 Apr: UCAN. Catholics in Goa fear the coming village council elections on 5 May will bring unfair results. According to Father Maverick Fernandes, a Goa archdiocesan official, the main reason for the fear is the delimitation, or allotment, of seats. Click here.

Goa Shouts Out: Art Presence
19 Apr. Asian Age. By Pamela D'Mello. Feature article on the current Aparanta exhibition in Goa featuring 265 works of art by 22 artists. Text and 5 illustrations. Click here.
Goa assembly elections on June 2
19 Apr: The Election Commission of India today announced that elections to the 40-member Goa State Assembly would be held on June 2. The term of the present assembly expires on June 11 ... The two major political parties in the state, the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party have been claiming that they would secure majority in the new assembly. Click here.

Treat to Konkani music lovers
20 Apr: Navhind Times. Lawry Travasso’s latest album, ‘Goenche Khuris’ released by CAT Music, Margao, boasts of songs rendered by various directors of Konkani drama. ... Mario Menezes narrates the sad tale of men who slog in the Gulf, while their wives and children make merry at home and Menino de Bandar tells of an unfaithful husband in the song ‘Sukhi Ghorabo.’ Click here.Goa airport to miss modernisation bus for land crunch
20 Apr. Indian Express. …The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has appointed two consultants to assist them in selecting joint-venture partners. Goa is not likely to see any immediate city-side development because of shortage of land. Goa has only 4.63 acres of land available for commercial exploitation.

Goa Property Investment Set To Soar
20 Apr: ClickPress. The Indian paradise of Goa is one of the most promising emerging property markets for investors according to overseas property specialist, David Stanley Redfern Ltd. A sliver of land on India’s western coast, Goa has undergone somewhat of a transformation in recent years, shedding its hedonistic beach party tag in order to attract international investment. Although still a beach haven, property developers are flocking to take advantage of a new wave of overseas interest in the former Portuguese colony. Despitebeing a tiny land of just 3,702 sq kms, capital growth in Goa reached 25% per annum between 2004-2006. This is set to soar by 15-20% in the next five years. Click her.

Canny Irish investors take a punt on India
26 Apr: Irish Times. You've got to hand it to the Irish. No sooner has the word spread about a potential slowdown here at home than scores of buyers are out trawling for the latest property hotspot abroad … Since April 14th, Irish company Larionova has accepted deposits from 280 Irish investors on three off-plans residential schemes - two in Mumbai and one in the holiday resort of Goa … "Everything led me to India," says David Liddy, who is buying two apartments from Larionova. "I sold a house in Ireland, got independent advice from Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers and India kept coming up. 338 words.Click here.

The legend of Dona Paula - truth or tall-tale

20 Apr: Times of India. ... There are a number of legends behind the alleged Dona Paula Sculpture ... But the truth is far from romantic and tragic, "Dona is the title given to married women according to Portuguese customs. And Paula was the wife of Dom Antonio Souto Maior. They were an extremely affluent family and owned all the land in the area ... after her death, the villagers decided to re-name the village as Dona Paula. Click here.

P D Deshprabhu: A great son of Goa
20 Apr: Times of India. Born on June 27, 1910, into the eminent Deshprabhu family of Pernem, Shriram Balkrishna Deshprabhu was perhaps among the first few students who went to the US during the earlier years of the last century. He was sent by the Tatas for higher education in the discipline of anatomical drawing ... Deshprabhu's field of activity and success was in North India and remained unknown in his own birth place, Goa, which he loved immensely. He breathed his last on December 13, 2006. Click here.

IBM opens new centre in Goa
20 Apr: PTI. As part of its expansion plans in the country, IBM India today started its operations in Goa. The company plans to set up 12 new centres in the country by the end of this year, IBM said in a statement. Click here.

A Typical Christian Wedding in Goa
22 Apr: Ohmy News (Korea). By Jenny Coutinho. The gala event will drain a groom's budget. The cost of a wedding for the rich starts at 500,000 rupees (approx. US$12,000) while for the middle class it starts at 200,000 rupees (approx. $4,800). For example, Malwin D’Souza, who works in the Cayman Islands, is getting married to Ashwini Rebello on April 28. He hails form a middle class family. His wedding will cost 300,000 rupees (approx. $7,200). 617 and photographs. Click here.

Discovering an inner hippie
22 Apr: Daily News & Analysis. Journalist Shridevi Keshavan is reincarnated in Goa He writes about The Big Chill music festival, watching artistes like Sheila Chandra, DJ Jose Padilla, Shri and others perform live … small time 'celebs' who were rolling up their own joints self-consciously, looked fake and contrived. I heardone of them say "I just do it once in a while." Yeah right! … Cops made their rounds with an eagle eye that obviously failed to catch what was going on around them. 446 words. Click here.

Mumbai: Sail back to vindaloo land
23 Apr: Indian Express. Caught in a time warp, Mumbai’s quaint little Goan restaurants dish out lip-smacking delicacies. Restaurants featured include City Kitchen in Fort and Snowflakes near Metro. Other restaurants that will sweep you off your feet with its homely ambiance and bona fide Goan fare are C D'Souzas Marosas, Marine Lines and New Martins, Colaba. Click here.

World snooker meet in Goa
24 Apr: The Hindu. The Under-21 World snooker championship will be held in Goa this September. The dates for the 10-day championship will be decided shortly click here.`

Golden jubilee welfare package' fo Goans

24 Apr: The Hindu. Towns and villages in the State to be given a facelift A package of administrative reforms roposed The ruling Congress is set to offer a unique concept of a "Golden jubilee welfare package" for Goans through its manifesto for the coming State Assembly elections. 388 words. Click here.

Vedanta buys Sesa Goa for $981 m
25 Apr: The Hindu. The London-based Vedanta Resources has acquired a 51 per cent controlling stake in Sesa Goa from Mitsui & Co., Japan, for a consideration of $981 million. Click here.

Mining: What China is doing to Goa
25 Apr: Down to Earth. Mining in Goa for iron ore is ripping its forests and devastating its people . The fact isthat Chinese demand for iron ore has increased its price from us $14 per tonne to us $60. This has spurred a black gold rush-mining companies are bidding for areas that were either closed or not opened because they were unprofitable or unviable. 986 words. Click here.

Konkani writer to help consolidate Goa state

26 Apr: NewIndPress. Mahabaleshwar Sail, a noted Konkani fiction writer has
said that he will actively participate in the movement for the merger of Karwar, Joida and Haliyal taluks in Goa State … Every year more than 160 books were published in Konkani. Goa University had published six volumes of an Encyclopedia in Konkani. The University had also introduced Post Graduate courses in Konkani. Phd degrees were also awarded in the language by the University. 257 words.Click here.


UK: Help put Stephen's killers behind bars
19 Apr: Gloucestershire Echo. The sister of murdered holidaymaker Stephen Bennett is hoping British police will fly to India to help with the investigation. Stephen, 40, from Cheltenham, was killed while on holiday in Goa ... Stephen's sister, Amanda Merritt, who lives in Cheltenham, flew back from India last month. She said: "The Indian police rang my mum to say they were going to invite Cheltenham CID out to help. I've been writing to the chief police officer in the case every week since this happened to ask for this ... I'm sceptical of everything the Indian police say, but I'm hopeful that Gloucestershire CID will play a role." A spokesman for Gloucestershire police said: "We haven't received a formal invitation from India's police. If an invitation is received, we would consider whether our attendance would be beneficial to the investigation." 386 words. Click here.

Canada: Kitchener man walks again after back surgery in India
19 Apr. Kitchener-Waterloo Record (Canada). For three years, Jeff Clarke was in a chronic state of pain ... Then one night last November as he was watching TV, he saw a commercial about a Canadian company offering surgery in India ... On Jan. 28, Clark had two titanium rods placed in his lower back, two reconstructed discs made of high-density plastic inserted, as well as screws to hold the discs together, all thanks to an Indian doctor. Today, Clarke walks without a cane or walker. He smiles more and enjoys simple things, he says. Yasmeen Sayeed of Surgical Tourism Canada Inc., said her company is determined to offer Canadian residents an alternative to wait lists.768 words. Click here.

Investors look overseas
19 Apr: The Telegraph. Those willing to take a wild punt should contact Larionovo, the Irish company that is now marketing Indian property after a long running campaign in Dubai. It’s offering apartments in places like Goa for under £30,000 and buyers are being promised rental guarantees of 7 per cent over five years. For the record, the chief economist of India’s international bank, Bank of Baroda, has said that property prices in most parts of India have appreciated by as much as 60 to 100 per cent over the last 12 months. Merrill Lynch recently forecast that Indian real estate will multiply in value from $12 billion to $90 billion by 2015. What’s keeping you?

Treat to Konkani music lovers
20 Apr: Navhind Times. Lawry Travasso’s latest album, ‘Goenche Khuris’ released by CAT Music, Margao, boasts of songs rendered by various directors of Konkani drama. ... Mario Menezes narrates the sad tale of men who slog in the Gulf, while their wives and children make merry at home and Menino de Bandar tells of an unfaithful husband in the song ‘Sukhi Ghorabo.’ Click here.

Goa airport to miss modernisation bus for land crunch
20 Apr. Indian Express. …The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has appointed two consultants to assist them in selecting joint-venture partners. Goa is not likely to see any immediate city-side development because of shortage of land. Goa has only 4.63 acres of land available for commercial exploitation.

UK: Keith Vaz: Call to join national sari competition
21 Apr. Leicester Mercury. British Asians are being encouraged to enter a national sari design … competition organisers are looking for designs that reflect British Asian life today. Leicester East MP Keith Vaz said: "I'd love to see women wearing saris that reflected the patterns of life in our ethnically diverse city. We see beautiful saris from our Indian heritage - but let's create something new with the rhythms and vibrancy of life here. We've much to be proud of, so let's show the world.” For more information, call 020 8749 9010, or go to: 230 words. Click here.

Ireland: Goan cooking with Namita Panjabi

21 Apr: The Irish Times. Panjabi is a London restaurateur (co-creator of Chutney Mary, Amaya and the refurbished Veeraswamy), and I was standing in her own kitchen for a lesson in Goan cooking, yet as we talked and cooked, the huge diversity of this region's cuisine was revealed and I soon realised we were tiptoeing round the edge. Our squid with coriander and coconut has its origins in Hindu-Goan cooking, while the duck vindaloo is much more Portuguese-Goan … 393 words. Click here.

Hot way to spice up the garden
22 Apr: Gulf News. … Christopher Columbus was one of the first Europeans to discover chillies … Lizzie Collingham, in her book Curry, maintains that the Portuguese transported chilli from Spain to India and cites her evidence that the chilli pepper features heavily in the Goan region of India … Recent studies reveal that hot chillies can have a wide range of benefits from serving to alleviate pain in arthritic patients, to acting effectively against cancer-causing tumours … Chillies also have cardiovascular benefits, weight-loss properties (by inducing thermo-genesis) and lower the risk of diabetes …They also look wonderful in floral arrangements and are magical when used to decorate a Christmas tree. 649 words. Click here.

Mumbai: Sail back to vindaloo land
23 Apr: Indian Express. Caught in a time warp, Mumbai’s quaint little Goan restaurants dish out lip-smacking delicacies. Restaurants featured include City Kitchen in Fort and Snowflakes near Metro. Other restaurants that will sweep you off your feet with its homely ambiance and bona fide Goan fare are C D'Souzas Marosas, Marine Lines and New Martins, Colaba. Click here.

Property: India offers best 'no risk investment'
23 Apr: Assetz Property News Service. ... according to Hena Kishore, a property consultant “India is a very popular holiday destination, people love visiting areas like Mumbai and Goa especially.” … So far, so good, then. A popular destination, offering culture, wildlife, scenery and beaches along with a growing economy sounds like an ideal recipe for success. But is it all too good to be true? Are there not legal pitfalls, loopholes, impossible bureaucracy or other perils waiting to trap investors? click here.


For holiday makers in Goa and who are chess enthusiasts, the All Goa Open Chess Tournament should be a major attraction. This will be held in Assolna starting on April 28, 2007.

A lively discussion has begun on Goanet about the wisdom, or not, of using emails sent privately and intended to be private, being sent to the public domain. This is a contentious and problematic issue and Goan Voice (UK) readers are encouraged to make inputs into this issue.

An excellent short piece about "outsiders" and "insiders" and titled Even the dogs were Xenophobic has been presented by Selma Carvalho. It effectively asks fellow Goans to rethink the increasingly entrenched views and perceptions of those currently in Goa. The following quote provides insights into the article..."forget about "outsiders" and "insiders", the colour of money is always the same. Mint Green. We must be smart and savvy and preserve our dignity whilst doing it, but we can no longer be like barking dogs at strangers purely from an instictive point of view."

Do read an article on A Typical Christian Wedding in Goa. As there is a trend for many from outside Goa to make Goa a wedding destination, do find out about the costs, problems and sentiments associated with such weddings. This article goes much further than the one on this theme, a little while ago on GV (UK).

Finally, after hoping by many that, Domnic Fernandes whould produce a book containing his fascinating articles periodically featured on Goanet, it is a delight to say that, his book--- Domnic's Goa: A Nostalgic Romp Through a Bygone Era, is now available in Goa.

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to


Documentary: Victoria's Empire. BBC 1 (1/3. New Series)
Sun. 29th Apr. 20.00 - 21.00. (Repeated Monday 30th. 19.00-20.00) Victoria Wood looks at the legacy of British domination. In Part 1 she explores the British influence in Calcutta and Darjeeling.

Documentary. Dispatches: the Indian Miracle? Channel 4
Mon. 30th Apr. 20.00 - 21.00. A look at India's economic boom which conceals the ugly realities of the elitist caste system and mass suicide by debt-ridden farmers.

Documentary. The British Empire in Colour. History Channel.
Wed. 2nd May. 21.00 - 22.00. India at the height of its splendour and the rising tide of nationalism and pride, towards the end of the Second World War.

Magazine Programme. Chelsea Pensioners: Once a soldier. BBC 4
Thurs. 3rd May. 20:30 – 21:00. The hospital is used as a backdrop to a Bollywood film as part of a fundraising drive.

Magazine Programme. Desi DNA. BBC 2
Thurs. 3rd May. 23:35 – 00:05. The life of Miss Glamour Queen UK and why some Asian playwrights are frustrated by British theatre.

Documentary: Shopkeepers of the Nation (1/2) BBC Radio 4
Fri. 4th May. 23:00 – 23:30. Hardeep Singh Kohli presents a history of the Asian corner shop in Britain; the hard work and sacrifices of the families that run them and why they are so successful.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 28 Apr. 6:00 pm Swindon. Tiatr Tiatr. Wembley Goans UK. AMERICAN GHORKAR. Written & Directed by Menino De Bandar. Artistes From Goa: Rita Rose (Wife Of Late Alfred Rose), Jr Chico, Comedian Ben Evangelisto, Ambe, Bab Andrew, Kenny, Alria, Norman, Osvy, Antonette De Calangute, Joana. Contact Peter: 0792 0816 073.

Sun. 29 Apr. – TIATR, TIATR, Goan Cultural Society proudly presents a Konkani Tiatr “GIRESTKAI” written & directed by Goa’s Radio Star, Anthony Marques, at Archbishop Lanfranc Hall, Micham Road, Croydon at 3.00pm. For details contact:- Nina – 020 8767 0663, Cornelius 020 8681 8716, Bella – 020 8372 1253, & Marques – 01628 783889.

Sat 5 May 3:00pm - 10:00pm. Cortalim Feast of Saints Philip and James at St. Aldhelm's Church Hall, Windmill Road, London N18 1PA. Mass at 3.00pm followed by crowning of the ‘May Queen'! Limited capacity of the hall, all tickets will need to be paid for in advance. The price of tickets including entry, free drink & meal are: Adults-£10. 11-18 years-£5. 2-10 years-£2.50. Call Maria- 0208-803-5146 or Melissa 0208-888-0393.

Sun. 6 May 2.30 pm Wembley: Advait Cultural Centre, Forty Avenue, Wembley HA9 9PE. Tiatr Tiatr. Wembley Goans UK. AMERICAN GHORKAR. Written & Directed by Menino De Bandar. Artistes From Goa: Rita Rose (Wife Of Late Alfred Rose), Jr Chico, Comedian Ben Evangelisto, Ambe, Bab Andrew, Kenny, Alria, Norman, Osvy, Antonette De Calangute, Joana. Contact Tony 020 8795 1121, 0783 463 9420 or Rosy Rod 020 8903 9871.

Sun. 13 May 2,30 pm Croydon. Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road. Tiatr Tiatr. Wembley Goans UK. AMERICAN GHORKAR. Written & Directed by Menino De Bandar. Artistes From Goa: Rita Rose (Wife Of Late Alfred Rose), Jr Chico, Comedian Ben Evangelisto, Ambe, Bab Andrew, Kenny, Alria, Norman, Osvy, Antonette De Calangute, Joana. Contact Nina Pinto 020 8767 0663, E Pinto 020 8304 9089, 0794 1354 756 or Tony 020 8795 1121, 0783 463 9420

Sun. 13 May. G.O.A. Doubles Carrom Tournament at HSBC Sports Club, Beckenham, Kent at 11.30 am. Contact: Richard Fernandes 020 – 8300 5347, Ian Remedios 020 - 8658 7769, Fidelis D'Mello 020 - 8698 9678

Sun. 27 May. G.O.A. May Ball at St Boniface Church Hall, Tooting at 7pm. Music by “Mr Wonderful.” Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 – 8771 4457

Sun. 27 May. Margao Union UK. Feast of the Holy Spirit. St Johns Church Hall, Bourne Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4DA. Beginning with Holy Mass at 2:00 pm followed by Social & Dancing. Music by Nite-Life. For tickets and further info call Lucas 020 8967 7471; Gregg 020 8907 0545; Rosalind 020 8767 8652; Xavier 07787 390 553; Camillo 020 8801 3637.


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