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Goan Voice Newsletter: Tuesday 20 Jun. 2017


Death: Cardinal Ivan Dias

19 Jun: Rome. CARDINAL IVAN DIAS, Born April 14, 1936, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, and Archbishop Emeritus of Bombay.
Wikipedia: Ivan Dias was born in Bandra, a suburb of Bombay, to Carlo Nazaro Dias (d. 1953) and Maria Martins Dias (d. 1991), both Goans. Cardinal Ivan Dias' ancestral village is Velsao in Salcete, Goa …  For further details click here

News Summary

Hard Brexit Tory Group Choose Suella Fernandes As New Leader

19 Jun: Huffington Post (UK). Tory MP Suella Fernandes has taken over as the unofficial head of a group of Brexit-backing MPs with the power to take down the Prime Minister. The Fareham MP is now chairperson of the European Research Group [ERG] after her predecessor Steve Baker was made a minister in the Brexit Department. Fernandes, an ally of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, will now be responsible for organising the more than 80 MPs which make up the ERG – who plot their tactics via a WhatsApp group… The group supports the Government’s current position on Brexit - namely that the UK should leave the Single Market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice… In an interview with HuffPost UK shortly after she was elected, Fernandes raised concerns about the scale of immigration to Britain … Fernandes is the daughter of immigrants, with her father coming to the UK from Kenya in the 1960s and her mother migrating to the UK from Mauritius to work as a nurse in the NHS... 729 words.  click here

Brother of murdered teen Scarlett Keeling 'took fatal overdose after years of blaming himself' for her death

19 June: Daily Mirror (UK). A mum has claimed her son took a fatal overdose after failing to come to terms with his sister's murder in India nine years before… The 28-year-old was found dead after taking an overdose of morphine … In a statement, psychiatric nurse Susie Theobald told the inquest Halloran had been deeply affected by the death of his sister. She said: "He had a significant life event trauma when his sister was sexually assaulted and murdered in 2008." His mum said: "He was very close to Scarlett. He couldn't have done anything and was not to blame at all, but he didn't accept that… She said she was still involved in an ongoing battle to get justice for her daughter. Placido Carvalho, 49, and Samson D'Souza, 37 were charged with killing Scarlett but acquitted in 2016… A hearing to decide on whether to allow the evidence to be heard again started on Monday on the same day of the inquest. Ms MacKeown added: "I don't have faith in the justice system because they have never done a full investigation." 979 words.  click here

Cassandra Mascarenhas of Ontario is one of the University of Maine field hockey signees

16 Jun: Bangor Daily News (USA). A trio of Maine natives will join Cassandra Mascarenhas of Ontario in Orono on Coach Josette Babineau’s field hockey squad… Mascarenhas comes to UMaine via Loyola Catholic High School, GOA Reds Field Hockey Club, Mississauga Field Hockey Club and Team Ontario. Mascarenhas captained the Reds team from 2014-17 and Mississauga from 2010-14. She got the high school team at Loyola off the ground in 2013 and earned MVP honors as a junior and a senior. Mascarenhas also claimed Provincial gold medals in the U16 and U18 ranks and was MVP of the Ontario Winter Games in 2012..,.  click here

Dr Oscar Rebello: Kalzantlyan: What's your beef ???

19 Jun: Goa News. By Dr Oscar Rebello (photo). I'll try to now navigate through the latest assault on our Goan sensibilities BEEF!! … if a cow is holy to a Hindu, it is holy. We can't question the belief of a Hindu. But when a Hindu vigilante lynches a Muslim cattle trader we must intervene loudly… Any form of bigotry by any organised religion and specifically religious heads must be well-taken-head on. No compromise… I strongly believe that a robust democracy and fearless, unbiased institutions of justice and a fiercely independent Press, however flawed, are the best antidotes to religious and race bigotry … From cow vigilantism to idiotic censorship rules... from the hounding of the opposition to the crawling of the media... the writing on the wall is clear… We owe it to our kids to stem the slide. 1091 words  click here

Oiling the wheels: Goa pushes to reform its much-reviled taxi services

19 Jun: Scroll. By Pamela D’Mello. Ever since an online campaign called the Taxi Revolution in Goa launched its Facebook page in April, it has been flooded with demands for the state’s inefficient cab service to be regulated. As visitors to the state well know, taxis in Goa are plagued by arbitrary rates. Customers have to pay return fare even if they take a one-way journey… The Taxi Revolution is among the various groups that has been urging the government to allow app-based taxi services such as Uber and Ola to operate in the state – a move that the powerful taxi unions have blocked so far. In 2014, they even went on strike to protest a proposal to license app-based cabs… Indiscriminate granting of permits each year has led to oversaturation, with more drivers chasing fewer tourists… 1216 words.  click here

Threatened elsewhere, birds enjoy Goan hospitality

19 Jun: Times of India. While many bird species may have been listed in the threatened category due to their global population dynamics and other parameters of endangerment, Goa's rich avifauna often boasts of good populations of these species in its habitats. "Most of these threatened bird species can be found in good numbers in Goa," said Pronoy Baidya, vice president, Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN). Intensive bird surveys, especially in wildlife sanctuaries and well frequented wetlands by state birders in the past five years, have helped gather a wealth of data on birds… 528 words.  click here

Return flights from Berlin to Goa for 394€ (£346)

19 Jun: Cheap Flights Lab. We’ve found cheap return flights from Berlin to Goa (India) for 394€ (442USD – 346GBP)! Search for your travel dates in September – October 2017. Here are some example dates for you: Sep 4 – 17; Sep 11 – 18; Sep 17 – 25 [Flying Brussels Airlines and Jet Airways]  click here

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