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Goan Voice Newsletter: Monday 23 Sep. 2019


Death: Stella Mendes (aged 87) ex Dar-es-Salaam
11th September. Stella Mendes (aged 87) ex Dar-es-Salaam died peacefully. Beloved wife of the late Eddie Mendes. She will be missed by all her many nieces and nephews, family and friends. Condolences to

In Memoriam: Felicia Filomena Fernandes. Ex Entebbe

22 Sep. 2018. Seattle, USA. FELICIA FILOMENA FERNANDES. Born June, 4, 1921 in Entebbe, Uganda. Survived by her 6 children, Mervyn (Shelley), Leslie (Maureen), Beryl Fernandes, Trevor (Ramona), Hector (Jennifer), and Desmond (Joy); 11 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her loving husband of 63 years, Reginaldo Fernandes.  For further details click here

News Summary

Portugal: Ricardo Costa: "I do not talk politics with my Prime Minister brother"

21 Ser: Observador (Portugal). In an interview, the Director General of Information Impresa remembers the fame of "rich boy" Socrates and says he does not talk about politics for years with his brother, Antonio Costa… He says, “We do not talk politics… he's older, by over seven years, we did not live together because we are children of our father two marriages - but it was a house where he breathed politics. My father was a militant of the PCP to death. He came to Portugal with 17 or 18 years from Goa, shortly after World War II, and joined the PCP shortly after… 6532 words  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Ricardo Costa,  click here

Video: ‘Konkani’ Rocks In Melbourne

22 Sep: Prudent Media Goa. Goans around the world are tied to each other in a bond by Konkani. Melbourne has also seen a similar display at a Konkani musical show. A huge crowd of Konkani lovers and Goans gathered to enjoy Konkani music. Songs displaying current political situation in Goa were also sang during the show. Special videos sent by Franky Fernandes from Melbourne.  click here

Mark Tully was in the house, a vintage throwback to the days of the sahib who made India home

22 Sep: Herald. At 84, one would have thought that Mark Tully, synonymous with the BBC 25 years after he ‘retired’ had walked into the sunset, soaking in real sunsets with his friend, companion and partner Gillian Wright, sipping his beer and looking back at a broadcasting career which made him the “voice of India”. The truth is, that Sir Mark Tully can never sign off, his lilting voice, his ready smile and his endearing but correct hindi, still warms the cockles of many hearts, especially those who witnessed the drafts of history in India first prepared through Tully’s broadcasts in the BBC. So when he was invited to Goa people from all walks of life were thrilled and the response was overwhelming…  click here
22 Sep: Herald. When the Voice of India marked his presence in Goa …  click here
21 Sep: Times of India. Mark Tully interacts with Goan audiences and budding journalists … click here.

Why Goa is lucky for Modi

21 Sep: Navhind Times. Narendra Modi has a tryst with Goa and it has been his “lucky charm”. From being acknowledged as the favourite of the saffron rank and file to being anointed BJP’s Prime Minister pick for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Goa has always been special to him. So on Friday when his government decided to give its fourth booster shot to the economy, it once again chose Goa to announce a raft of far-reaching and bold economic reforms that would steer the country back on the growth path… Modi’s connection to Goa goes way back to April, 2002 … “Goa has a very special place for me. This is the same Goa that allowed me to continue to serve Gujarat in 2002,” Modi had said after being appointed the party’s election panel chief in 2013…  click here

Goa: A diner’s paradise

21 Sep: Business Standard. By Kishore Singh. … Nowhere else, not even in Kerala, or Pondicherry, is the catch as fresh, the curries as redolent with spices and ingredients. Goa is a diner ’s paradise. No restaurant — not even those that cater to the flotsam and jetsam of tourists — is ever really bad. It’s impossible to have a poor meal in the state. And if you just threw up, that’s the excessive beer, or alcohol, not the vindaloo, doing its thing. Time was when you hungered for Goa’s fiery xacutis and balchaos, but with the arrival of a choice of food options that range from regional specialties to fusion experiments, there’s enough and more to keep the palate satisfied …  click here

Where the Indian diaspora’s money is going

19 Sep: Mint. India has the largest diaspora in the world, according to the United Nations’ Migrant Stock 2019 report released on Wednesday. But how and where does this diaspora invest and save money? According to a 2018 World Bank report, India retained its position of receiving the highest remittances last year with NRIs sending as much as $80 billion back to their homeland. The report showed that inward remittances are on a steady rise. In 2017, remittances made for $65.3 billion … Most NRIs tend to use a combination of NRE deposits, mutual funds and real estate (both in India and their current geography of residence) for their investments.  click here

From Underwear to Cars, India’s Economy Is Fraying

21 Sep: New York Times. … Underwear sales are down 50 percent … Car sales plunged 32 percent in August, the largest drop in two decades … Families are even skimping on the 7-cent packets of Parle biscuits that are a staple of India’s morning milk and tea. They are turning instead to even cheaper snacks made by local food vendors … Further darkening India’s outlook is the global economic slowdown, the recent spike in oil prices and the impact of Mr. Trump’s trade battles — including one with India… On Friday, the Indian government, which spent months playing down evidence of a slowdown, finally acknowledged the depth of the problem, announcing a surprise cut in income taxes for all companies and additional incentives for manufacturers… 2149 words.  click here

Frog legs in Goa

22 Sep: The Punch (Nigeria). This French delicacy has been pleasing the Indian palate for long. The Indian bullfrog is a monsoon delicacy in Goa and is famously known as the ‘jumping chicken.’ Although, it is recognised as a threatened species by the government of India, you may find some restaurants still serving it…  click here

Registering private antiques: A Double-edged sword

22 Sep: The Goan. The recent missive from officials of the Goa office of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) requiring registration of private collections of antiquity over a hundred years old has triggered a wave of resentment among locals who question the practicality of implementing the law. Nonetheless, there is a section of heritage lovers and conservationists who are welcoming the move as they claim it will put paid to clandestine and fraudulent trade as well as arrest indiscriminate smuggling of antiques and art treasures beyond the shores of the country…  click here

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