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Goan Voice Newsletter: Sunday 14 Jun. 2020

News Summary

Covid: Goa: News In Brief

14 Jun: Navhind Times. Record 60 new COVID-19 cases detected in Goa. Till date, Goa has seen 523 confirmed cases of COVID-19 of which 453 are active, while 70 patients have recovered from the disease…  click here
14 Jun: Navhind Times. Lockdown in villages over fear of COVID. Agarwada-Chopdem to remain shut for a week … Palyem village had also decided to observe a lockdown … Merces village panchayat has resolved y to lock down for six days Aldona has decided to go in for a complete lockdown for a period of three days, while the neighbouring village panchayat of Nachinola has also decided to observe lockdown for a week…  click here
13 Jun: Hindustan Times. 24 staffers of Goa health centre test positive for Covid-19, facility closed. The staffers were deployed in Mangor Hill, a congested locality in the port town of Vasco, before it was designated as Goa’s first Covid-19 containment zone on June 1… click here.

Goa's pride in singing our hymn and giving us another minister

13 Jun: Diario de Noticias (Portugal). By Leonidio Paulo Ferreira. On June 10th I saw the Portuguese Embassy in New Delhi put on Facebook the Goan singer, Nádia Rebelo (photo) singing the anthem of Portugal. The next day I read f the appointment of João Leão to Minister of Finance. In addition to Prime Minister António Costa, there was another Goan in the Portuguese government: Nelson De Souza, Minister of planning… In Goa, Portuguese is still spoken in older generations and there is a revival of interest in the language among the younger ones, people like Nádia Rebelo, who is a fadist. And the relationship remains intimate… 994 words.  click here
Video: 9 Jun: Instituto Camões Nova Deli. Nádia Rebelo sings the Portuguese National Anthem …  click here
13 Jun: Sol (Portugal), João Leão, discreet successor of Goan origin. He is 46 years old, has Goan origins, just like the prime minister and Nelson Souza. And he likes to read biographies. His father is Manuel Cláudio Fernandes, but he did not give his son João the family name. He replaces it with his father's first name. And the now Finance Minister, Mário Centeno's successor, was therefore called João Leão, in honor of his grandfather, Leão Fernandes, a professor still remembered today in Panjim, Goa… 1538 words. click here.

UK News In Brief

13 Jun: Hindustan Times. Keith Vaz formed a cordon on Saturday around Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Leicester. Clashes mar London protests near covered Gandhi, Churchill statues. Flares and bottles were hurled at the police in the square where the statues of Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were boarded up…  click here
13 Jun: BBC. Coronavirus: Leaked BAME report shows virus recommendations. The government is facing pressure to publish recommendations to protect black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people from Covid-19. A leaked draft of a second report from Public Health England says that racism, stigma, occupational risk and social inequality may exacerbate the risk. The report calls for the provision of adequate protective equipment and better risk assessments. And it says recovery strategies must include action on reducing inequality…. Public Health England said the recommendations would be published next week at the same time that the work is submitted to ministers.  click here
10 Jun: BBC. Coronavirus: Single people can stay the night with loved ones, PM says. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that, from Saturday, single adults can spend the night at another house in a "support bubble". The change aims to help combat loneliness and that people are being trusted to observe the rules… click here.

Fifty Shades of Black

12 Jun: The Statesman. Vinati Sukhdev. As I write this, there are thousands of protestors right outside my work-from-home desk – in London’s Hyde Park … They are expressing their grief and anger at the horrific killing of George Floyd. I wonder whether there are any British Indians in that crowd. If I were to hazard a guess, probably very few. As Indians living in the UK, we are clearly a non-white race living in a white country … we are a Kashmiri family and very light skinned by Indian standards … After a lifetime of being called “white” in India, arriving in UK I suddenly realised that I am not! In fact, when I was writing my book about bringing up children outside India, I decided to write a whole chapter about racism … Yes, it is indeed a touchy subject which some NRIs do not acknowledge, while others think applies to ‘’other Indians” and not to them… So why don’t most NRIs acknowledge racism? Part of it is the immigrant personality. Like all risk-takers, they are genetically predisposed to think in positive terms. Their decision to leave their mother country has to be ratified by the greater economic well-being of the family and the superior education of their children … Last to get served in a restaurant? Could be a coincidence. Children having trouble making friends in school? Maybe they are shy. The list of excuses is long and endless. Racism is firmly brushed under the carpet in most NRI households… 1898 words.  click here
Vinati Sukhdev lives in London and is the author of East or West: An NRI mother’s manual on how to bring up desi children overseas.  click here
Video: ITV Gold. Author Vinati Sukhdev … click here.

Disagreement over procedures leaves 64 Goans stranded in Cayman Islands

14 Jun: Herald. A disagreement between the Indian government and British Airways over the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has left around 300 Indians, including 64 Goans, stranded in the Cayman Islands. They have also been rendered jobless and been left to fend for themselves as there are no return flights back to India. Speaking to Herald from Cayman Island, Sachin Veluskar, originally from Panjim, said the Goans are in a bad condition as they have exhausted all their savings. He added that the Cayman authorities have been very helpful but were unable to help repatriation due to strict SOPs of the Indian government…  click here

India News In Brief

13 Jun: Daily Pioneer. Alan Gemmell appointed new British Deputy High Commissioner for Western India. He has also been appointed Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner (HMTC) for South Asia, a top level post created to reflect the increasing importance of UK-India and South Asia business ties. As Deputy High Commissioner, Gemmell will have responsibility for all aspects of diplomatic engagement in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Goa…  click here
10 Jun: The Guardian. Fugitive Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya applies for UK asylum. Businessman seeks to avoid extradition to India to face allegations of £1bn fraud …  click here
11 Jun: Times of India. India asks UK not to consider any request for asylum by Vijay ... click here.

Everyday Ageism: Christa D'Souza, 60, asks if you find yourself giving the elderly an extra-wide berth since lockdown eased

10 June: Daily Mail (UK). Since lockdown eased, do you find yourself giving the elderly an extra-wide berth? Do you cross the road, and hold your breath for good measure, when anyone with white hair and/or a walking stick approaches you? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. If older people are more susceptible to the virus, and more severely affected by it than young people, then it’s our duty to give them more space. While standing in line at our local Co-op I watched how this unfortunate but inescapable form of everyday ageism gets played out; how mothers shrink into doorways and pull their kids away when a noticeably older person walks by, and yet how they’ll almost brush shoulders with anyone obviously young… I recently turned 60 and consider myself young for my age. Or did.  click here
Christa D’Souza is the daughter of Stanley and Baroness Frances D’Souza. For the account of the extraordinary romance between Stanley and Frances,  click here
After the death of Stanley, Christa visited Mumbai to scatter his ashes there and met her uncles, the Maj Gen Eustace D'Souza and Melville D'Souza. Her account of this visit appeared in the March 2012 issue of Vogue (UK). For some photographs of the visit, click here.

Repatriation News In Brief

13 Jun: Business Line. Covid-19 impact: Seafarers on shore may lose NRI status as crew change drags. Seafarers are staring at a collateral damage as an unending delay in replacing those working overseas on board ships much beyond their original contract tenures due to the pandemic induced restrictions, robs the chances of thousands waiting on shore in India for their next assignment and by default their tax-free status.  click here
12 Jun: Indian Panorama. Air India price gouging? The announcement with customary Indian pomposity of Vande Bharat Mission to repatriate Indians was received with great enthusiasm by everyone looking to return to base. However, a number of hiccups took away the initial cheer of many of them. The chief trouble spot is the fares charged by Air India. It is unforgivable that the Airline, and for that matter, the Civil Aviation ministry, decided to indulge in price gouging at a time when Indians stranded abroad and NRI’s stranded in India were going through harrowing times because of the pandemic.  click here
13 Jun: Times of India. Goans in Maldives arrange own charter back home | Goa ... click here.

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