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Goan Voice Newsletter: Monday 06 Jul. 2020


Death: Robert Francis De Souza. Ex Mombasa & Anjuna

4 Jul: Toronto. ROBERT FRANCIS De SOUZA. Born 7 June 1948. Beloved Husband of Eva Nunes (De Souza) / late Charlotte. Son of late Brazinho / late Maria Magdalena D'Souza. Father of Jason/Jillian. Brother of late Jos/late Sybil, Amy/late Procopio. Eddie/Stasia, late Doris/late Alaric, Annie/ Maxy & late Hubert/late Faustine and Grandchildren. Loving uncle to his all Nephews and Nieces. Passed away peacefully.

Death: Roque Dourado. Ex Karachi
4 Jul: Toronto. ROQUE DOURADO Born 1925. Formerly of Vincent Street, off Frere Street, Saddar, Karachi). Survived by his beloved wife Florie Dourado and Three Children Anna Claire spouse late Anthony Goveas, Margaret Dourado and spouse Alex Francis, Theresa and Spouse Terrence Clifton and Son Tony and spouse Christine Dourado. Grand children Allister, Adrian, Amanda, Aaron, Stephanie, Melissa, Samara, Jenny, Clive, Justin and Jason.

News Summary

Goa: Covid Headlines

5 Jul: Republic World. 77 Cases, 1 Death On Sunday In Goa. Goa's COVID-19 figures are as follows: Positive cases: 1761, new cases: 77, deaths: 07, discharged: 936, active cases 818, Samples tested till date: 75,791…  click here
5 Jul: India YV News. Pascoal D'Souza (photo), Goa councillor dies of coronavirus infection. Pascoal D'Souza, who did not belong to any political party, tested positive for coronavirus last month following which he was admitted to Margao-based ESI Hospital, a specially designated facility for Covid-19 patients…  click here
5 Jul: The Statesman. Stop visiting friends, says Goa CM amid Covid-19 spike … click here.

Video: London: Police smash window of Ryan Colaço’s car on way home from TV interview about police racism

4 Jul: The Guardian (UK). When an officer smashed in the window of Ryan Colaço’s car, after he was wrongly accused of concealing drugs, they did not know he was driving home from a TV interview in which he told of institutional racism in the police after being stopped and searched the week before. In the original incident, in Northumberland Park, north London, at 11am on 23 May … Colaço, 30, was forced into handcuffs, video footage shows … Colaço, whose job involves helping to find locations for films, said he had been searched about 20 times, but did not have a criminal record… On 29 May, driving home from an interview with Channel 4 after his video of the first incident gained attention on social media, he was stopped again at about 4.30pm, near Cannon Street station in central London… footage shows his window was smashed in… Officers hauled him from his car and forced him to the ground, hitting his head against the ground before he was thrown face-first against a wall, Colaço said, causing him severe headaches. He was handcuffed, drug-tested, taken to the station and strip-searched before spending hours in a cell before being released about 12 hours later, with nothing having been found... 909 words. [Alert from Savio Ferreira D’Cunha]  click here
Ryan was born in Nairobi, the son of Constâncio Antônio Colaço and Pascoela Estefânia Menezes and moved to North London in 1995 at age 5. He traces his Goan roots to Mungul / Margão, For the YouTube Ryan Channel with full videos of the 23 May and 29 May incidents,  click here
For Ryan's Facebook site: ; Linkedin: ; Twitter: [Viral with + 293,000 views]; Instagram: ; TikTok: ; Snapchat: @Ryan_Colaco

Leicester Clothing Factory: ‘They make huge profits and pay us peanuts’

5 Jul: The Sunday Times. Vidhathri Matety worked undercover at a factory making clothes with almost no protective equipment, and wages as low as £3.50 an hour. “My first full day of work on a dilapidated factory floor at the heart of Leicester’s garment manufacturing district began on Thursday with the vaguest of promises: “Depending on how you work,” the boss informed me, “we’ll decide your pay.” … a foreman took me aside. “You don’t need to drain yourself like this,” he advised me in Hindi. “These motherf***ers know how to exploit people like us. They make profits like hell and pay us in peanuts.” From yet another Indian worker, I learnt that I could expect to be paid £3.50 to £4 an hour. The national minimum wage for those aged 25 and over is £8.72… 999 words.  click here
Video: 5 Jul: BBC. Andrew Marr show: Hancock 'worried' over Leicester clothing factory practices …  click here
5 Jul: Daily Express. 'Stop pussyfooting around!' Leicester authorities urged to get a grip amid lockdown chaos … Click here.
5 Jul: The Sun. Leicester mayor 'was warned clothing factories had no social distancing' over fears poor conditions sparked lockdown … Click here.
5 Jul: The Mail Online. I can tell you exactly why Leicester had to go back into lockdown - sweatshop factories, a failure to social distance and even a fatalistic attitude to death. But, one community leader asks, why didn't the authorities protect us? … Click here.

India targets to launch Covid-19 vaccine by August 15

4 Jul: Mint. India's first indigenous Covid-19 vaccine (BBV152 COVID vaccine) may be launched by August 15. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has written to select medical institutions and hospitals to fast-track clinical trial approvals for the vaccine. The ICMR said that it is envisaged to launch the vaccine for public health use latest by August 15, after completion of all clinical trials, news agency PTI reported … Goa has one of the 12 sites selected for the trial …  click here
5 Jul: Goa News. The Great Indian Vaccine Hoax? The ICMR says it will release the vaccine by 15 August – in exactly 48 days – a timeline unheard of anywhere in the world. The numbers simply do not add up. Are we looking at a scam?  click here
4 Jul: Indian Express. Some hospitals selected for clinical trials caution against ‘impossible’ timeline … click here.

Misc. Headlines

4 Jul: Trak. Air India Reduces Air Fare From US, Canada By Up to 45%; 9 New Flights From Sharjah To India …  click here
5 Jul: Stray dog attacks on rise as pack strikes priest at Baga. A pack of stray dogs attacked a priest in Calangute on Thursday evening. Fr Gregory D’Cruz, attached to Our Lady of Piety chapel in Khobravaddo, Calangute, had gone to neighbouring Baga for an evening walk when he was attacked and bitten by some strays, causing injuries on his rear, sources said. He was rescued by some passers-by and taken to a private hospital in Candolim for treatment…  click here
5 Jul: Navhind Times. The story of Goa’s ‘Bhai’. ‘An Extraordinary Life: A biography of Manohar Parrikar’ penned by veteran journalists Sadguru Patil and Mayabhushan Nagvenkar takes you through the life and times of Goa’s ‘Nayak’. The authors share more with NT … click here.

Fear Is The Key To Village Lockdowns

5 Jul: Herald. It didn’t need the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister or the District Collector to announce lockdowns in many of Goa’s South Goa villages. Taking matters in their own hands, some panchayats in Salcete did a rapid-fire shutdown of their villages. Those who did claim success, but the jury is still out on whether self-imposed voluntary lockdowns work… It’s a south side story all right. With 595 of the 853 COVID cases from South Goa and five of the six deaths, the laid-back South is literally blazing with cases. And hospitals and COVID Centres get filled up and a spate of funerals and cremations has been witnessed; villagers in the interiors of Salcete simply decided to turn in. Get people into homes, shut shops and establishments and bring their villages to a halt. The idea was to protect their villagers from COVID entering…1492 words.  click here

Sports News In Brief

5 Jul: Yolanda D'Souza - The Madonna of Goan football. Also nicknamed 'The hat-trick queen', she was the first woman to score an international hat-trick for India. Growing up in Calangute, little did young Yolanda D'Souza Kammermeier know that she was going to be part of a historic era in Indian women's football in the late 70s and early 80s…  click here
4 Jul: Times of India. ‘Goan physique suits athletics the best’. For the past 10 years, Deckline Leitao has been working with elite sportspersons from various disciplines and one thing has always struck him: the absence of a Goan at the top… The strength and conditioning specialist explains why Goans have failed to make the cut.  click here
4 Jul: Mauricio Afonso: 'Goan football is on the decline'. Former Dempo player and coach Mauricio Afonso expressed his apathy towards Goan footballers owing to lack of representation from the state on the national stage… click here.

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