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Goan Voice Newsletter: Sunday 25 Apr. 2021

News Summary

Goa COVID News In Brief

25 Apr: Navhind Times. Breaking all past records, Goa on Saturday recorded 1,540 fresh cases of the coronavirus pandemic at the positivity rate of 39.15 per cent… Goa’s COVID-19 death count mounted to 993, as 17 more patients succumbed to the deadly virus in the last 24 hours…  click here
24 Apr: Goa: Churches suspend funeral Masses. Although no directives from the Archdiocese have been sent to churches, several parishes have stopped services for the public, suspended funeral masses and restricted wedding masses during the second wave of the pandemic… Funeral services will be held directly in the cemetery with 20 people…  click here
24 Apr: Business Standard. Goa CM Pramod Sawant rules out lockdown, says health infra can tackle surge. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Saturday said his government would not impose a lockdown in the state as it would adversely affect the economy… click here.

India’s Covid Nighmare: Second wave is set to kill 5,700 people a DAY in India

24 Apr. Daily Mail (UK). Medics fear Covid-19 infections in India could climb to 500,000 per day before the virus-stricken nation reaches the peak of its second wave - as those who delay oxygen deliveries to New Delhi were today threatened with the death penalty. Another 2,624 deaths and 346,786 cases were reported in India on Saturday, although limited testing means this is likely to significantly underestimate the total. India's current fatality rate per 100,000 cases is 1.14 per cent, meaning if the nation reaches this anticipated peak there is the potential for 5,700 deaths per day… 6092 words + photos + videos + Comments  click here
24 Apr: Indian Express. US, UK, France among others reach out to India in Covid fight. Describing India as a great partner, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the British media: “We're looking at what we can do to help and support the people of India.” He said the help could include providing ventilators or therapeutics.  click here
23 Apr: UCAN. Bishops set prayer day as pandemic deaths spiral in India. Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai has written to bishops asking them to hold a day of prayer and fast on May 7 seeking divine intervention to save the country from the spreading pandemic… click here.

Marius Fernandes: Contemporary ‘festas’, traditional themes

24 Apr: Navhind Times. Goa seems to have got a hardliner brand of being a destination of gaiety, pleasure and festivity. Many are the festivals that are being celebrated with pomp and a healthy inter-communal participation. This has become a boon and a bane for the local Goans… They say you can take a ‘Goan’ out of ‘Goa’, but you cannot take the ‘Goa’ out of a ‘Goan’! Born in Laare, Kenya on May 24, 1959, Mario Fernandes, known as ‘Marius’ due to the nuns recording his name in Italian; and who has earned the honorary title ‘Festakar of Goa’, was to return to Goa in 2000, and revolutionise the very concept of celebrating festivals in a very contemporary way, but keeping the original ethos without alteration…  click here

The Global Legacy of Modernism in Tanzania

24 Apr: Architecture Daily. Tanzania has some highly unique examples of Modernist architecture are found – headed by architects Anthony Almeida and Beda Amuli… Of Goan origin, Anthony Almeida was born in and raised in Tanzania’s commercial hub of Dar es Salaam… Almeida’s “breakthrough” came in 1955 when Almeida got an offer from the Goan community to design a co-educational primary school for 500 students. Approval for the scheme had to come from the British colonial government. The British planning bureaucracy, however, was quite conservative, and Almeida had to defend his ‘very Modern’ and ‘radical’ scheme for the school. Known as St. Xavier’s Primary School, it exemplified Almeida’s climate-responsiveness and modern functionalism, featuring elevated classrooms held up by structural columns and a muted palette of materials … Post-independence in Tanzania saw the design of Anthony Almeida’s own residence in 1963 - an unassuming, muted, structure…  click here
Video: Tanzania’s Modern Architecture …  click here

A tour around Kampala City unearths rich history

25 Apr: Daily Monitor (Uganda) How much do you know about your city? … Gabriel Buule takes us on a trip around Kampala City … We later make our way to Christ the King Church, one of the oldest Catholic parishes in Kampala City located on Colville Street. We are told that the church existed as early as 1900 and was established by a small community of Catholics in Kampala that had come all the way from Goa, Mangalore and South India. The church was built by Father H. Janssen, who was commissioned by Bishop Campling, on October 27, 1929 to do the work with the help of Dutch architects. A total of Shs7,500 was used to construct it and it was opened and blessed on October 26, 1930… we proceed to Watooto church. The most important thing that I get to learn is that Watooto was initially called the Norman Cinema..,.  click here

Casimiro Monteiro: Angoche, the greatest mystery of the colonial war

24 Apr: O Sol (Portugal). A ship found adrift in the waters of the Indian Ocean, 30 miles off the Mozambican coast, without a crew but with a dog and a cat on board, has become an unsolved mystery, despite being investigated by information agencies in several countries. It happened on the night of the 23rd to the 24th of April 1971. 24 people have been missing for 50 years, whether they are alive or if they died, and how they died, it is unknown, also because the bodies were never found… To escape a fire on board did the 23 crew and one passenger throw themselves into the sea and were devoured by sharks? It seems unlikely, but it is what appears in the report signed by the PIDE sub-inspector Casimiro Monteiro, a man of the regime's hand and condemned for posterity as the material killer of Humberto Delgado … As soon as the freighter was recovered by the Portuguese authorities, one of the first people to come on board was Casimiro Monteiro, born in Goa, a sub-inspector of PIDE / DGS, a specialist in explosives and one of the most sinister figures of Salazar's political police … 2068 words.  click here
Wikipedia: Casimiro Monteiro, also known as Agente Monteiro, was a notorious figure in Portuguese Goa …  click here

Super wealthy Indians hired six private jets to fly them to London to beat 'red list' deadline

23 Apr: Daily Mail (UK). At least six private jets flew from India to London with super wealthy families paying more than £100,000 to beat the Covid-19 red list deadline. A fleet of jets flew from Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai into London Luton airport - with one aircraft touching down just 40 minutes before the deadline was imposed… Public Health England (PHE) said on Thursday that 55 cases of the Indian variant were found in the UK in the week to April 14…  click here

The hidden foodie spots you can't miss in Lisbon

23 Apr: Daily Telegraph (UK). How perfect to be introduced to the city’s food scene by one of Lisbon’s finest sons, Nuno Mendes, the celebrated chef and restaurateur behind London’s Viajante, Taberna do Mercado, Mãos and, most recently, the restaurant at the Chiltern Firehouse… Our first stop was Cantinho da Paz (Rua da Paz 4), where the walls are clad in linoleum and the kitchen turns out exemplary Goan food. He explained to me how Portugal’s colonial past created informed culinary cultures around the world, using ingredients from Goa, Portugal, Malaysia and Mozambique rubbing up against local flavours to create hybrids. We ate an example of this as our main course: Balchão de Gambas, a prawn curry based on a Portuguese fish paste… :  click here
10 Jan. 2015: Goan Voice. Nuno Mendes would enjoy a Goan beach picnic with loved ones …  click here
For the Trip Advisor reviews of Cantinho da Paz, click here.

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