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Goan Voice Newsletter: Tuesday 27 Apr. 2021


Funeral: CAROL DORA FERNANDES, Markham, Canada [ex U.K. and Nakuru, Kenya]

Our beloved mother, wife and sister tragically passed peacefully at home in Markham, Ontario, Canada on April 23, 2021. Born in Nakuru, Kenya on October 5, 1957. Daughter of late Basil Fernandes and late Lizzie Fernandes [ex U.K. and Nakuru, Kenya]. Survived by her husband, Francis [ex U.K. & Nairobi, Kenya] and sons, Mark, Brian and Brendan [Toronto, Canada] and brother, Mark [Banstead, UK]. Carol will be dearly missed by her family, numerous cousins and friends spread across the world but cherished forever in our hearts. May her soul Rest in Peace. Thank you all for your kind messages, it has meant a lot to each of us. Stay safe. In lieu of flowers, the family would prefer donations to  For further details click here
Livestream at noon EDT; 17:00 UK on Tuesday April 27, 2021. For photo, condolences and  For further details click here
For the Webcast, click here.

News Summary

Goa: COVID News In Brief

27 Apr: Navhind Times. Goa on Monday recorded the highest ever one-day tally of new COVID-19 cases, as 2,321 fresh cases of COVID-19 were detected, taking the tally of active cases above 15,000-mark… Till date 1,055 patients have succumbed to the dreaded virus including 38 in the last 24 hours…  click here
26 Feb: PTI. Goa: CM, health minister differ over need for lockdown. More than economic activities, the lives of the people matter to us, Rane said. On Saturday, during an address to the people of the state, Chief Minister Sawant had said, “A complete lockdown is not a solution for the prevailing situation. We have seen how the economy crumbled after the lockdown last year…  click here
Bing: Goa: Vaccine Doses administered 304,009. Fully vaccinated: 4.06%. Received at least one dose: 15.68%. Doses per 100 people: 19.74 … click here.

Covid: UK Indian diaspora raised more than £100,000 within hours

26 Apr: Times of India. The UK Indian diaspora raised more than £100,000 (Rs 1 crore) within hours to help India win its deadly Covid-19 battle. A GoFundMe appeal set up by Amit Kachroo and two others to supply India with oxygen concentrators had by Sunday night reached £1,00,000 from just 1,800 donors… In the Facebook group, Indians in London, many PIOs worried sick about loved ones back in India, shared contact numbers of UK courier companies and companies selling oxygen concentrators in the UK including links to supplies on Amazon and discussed how to put them together in one container and ship them to India all at once within days…  click here
For the GoFundMe Appeal Page,  click here

On The Road With: Line of Duty’s Craig Parkinson on his favourite foodie travel finds

26 Apr: Metro (UK). Actor Craig Parkinson in a blue shirt, in front of a background of a colourful Spice market… He says, “I was very lucky to be filming a movie in Goa in January one year. They said, ‘Do you want a hotel or would you like to stay in a hut on the beach with electricity and a shower?’ I chose the latter. Every morning I’d open the door and just run into the sea. It was the best start to any day ever – sometimes you take jobs for the experiences. Because I love cooking I managed to find out when the next spice market was. At home we buy little pots of spice. Over there it’s carrier bags full to the brim. I got all these Kashmiri chillis, turmeric, cinnamon… I had to buy another suitcase to fit them in…  click here
Craig Parkinson was acting in “Jet Trash” shot in Goa. To watch the movie,  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Craig Parkinson, click here.

Supreme Court Committee: Railway's track doubling in Goa-K'taka not justified

26 Apr: IANS. The Supreme Court's Central Empowered Committee (CEC), which had been appointed to examine three inter-state projects along the Goa-Karnataka border, has recommended a host of alterations to the ongoing road, rail and power projects, while also singling out South Western Railway's track doubling project from Castle Rock in Karnataka to Tinaighat in Goa, saying there is no justification for the expansion…  click here
27 Apr: Herald. CEC come to the rescue of Mollem Forest …  click here
26 Apr: Times of India. What happened to protestors in Goa? Save Mollem Forest … click here.

The Hypersensitive Indian Is the Bane of India

25 Apr: The Wire. By Ram Kelkar. A unique aspect of the Indian psyche is that we are quick to find faults and share our superior and ancient gyaan with the rest of the world on all and sundry matters. And yet woe betide any negative comments in the Western press or media, or heaven forbid from an NRI … The hypersensitivity is exhibited at interpersonal levels in interactions with Indians, especially when anyone of Indian origin or descent dares to comment and critique India and Indian policies… Any post by non-resident Indians and others of Indian origin that is viewed as being even mildly critical of India, whether it is factual or just a joke, is met with virulent attacks that accuse the poster of making a “mockery of India”. The comments are labelled as distasteful or offensive, and the NRI is deemed to be a turncoat and India-hater… It’s time for the ‘Hypersensitive Indian’ to retire. 1232 words.  click here

Russians in Goa describe coronavirus in India: "Zombie State"

26 Apr: MK (Russia). … We compared the attitude of the Indians themselves and the Russian Goans who have remained in the southern Indian state of Goa since the beginning of the pandemic… Among the Russians who are stuck there from the very beginning of the pandemic is the Russian world champion in pankration (fighting without rules) Pavel Boloyangov. He says, “My friend (photo) cannot come to me from South Goa, they forbade teachers to move even within the state… People they sit on the beach and either pray or meditate. They do not want to be vaccinated… in Goa this year, trash cans appeared only thanks to me, the Indians did not even know what it was… 1057 words  click here
For a profile of Pavel Boloyangov with links to martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more,  click here
26 Apr: Tourprom (Russia). In which countries can you sunbathe naked or topless? … India is a "red zone", it is forbidden to sunbathe topless or nude. However, in some resorts, in Goa, morals are clearly freer… click here.

Goa Nights in Macau, run by an Indian

brother-sister duo, has made it to the 51 to 100 list of Asia's 50 Best Bars 26 Apr: Outlook. Goa Nights was the 1st craft cocktail bar (non-hotel) in Macau and also to win Bar Awards, HK & Macau edition in 2019, got recognized by Tattler Asia. As “Best Restaurant 2021” and now has entered the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list. Entrepreneur brother and sister, Gagan and Shilpa Sethi conceptualized Goa Nights in 2017 and got into operations in 2018. Gagan thought of the need to start a craft cocktail bar / modern Indian cuisine in Macau as they were none in Macau outside the hotel and hence the birth of Goa Nights…  click here

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