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Goan Voice Newsletter: Wednesday 15 Sep. 2021

News Summary

Crystelle Pereira: Great British Bake Off 2021 contestant

14 Sep: Channel 4 – The Great British Bake Off. Series 12. A dozen amateur bakers are put to work. Crystelle [Pereira] Age 26. Quadrilingual Crystelle is a baker who brings her wonderfully diverse heritage – born in northwest London to Kenyan born, Portuguese-Goan parents – to the flavours in her baking. The youngest of three daughters, she was also the chief-taster as she helped her mother prepare their family meals. When she travels with friends, it’s her job to make a list of the best restaurants and bakeries in the cities they visit. She began baking seriously only three years ago and loves fusing spices from the places she’s visited into her bakes – a fougasse infused with turmeric, curry powder and spring onion is a firm favourite. Crystelle is also an enthusiastic singer, having kept herself busy over lockdown with her online choir. The televised schedule is on Channel 4, Tuesdays, 8 pm. Crystelle’s first appearance will be on 21 Sep.  click here
Crystelle is the daughter of Elaine [nee De Souza, ex Mombasa] and Derrick Pereira [of Help A Poor Child, Dark Star ex Mombasa]; sister of Chanelle and Corelle; grand-daughter of late Gregory & late Sybil De Souza, Julie & late Reggie Pereira]. For Google links to Crystelle Pereira with text, photos and videos,  click here
For the Help A Poor Child website with photographs of Crystelle, Corelle, Chanelle and Derrick Pereira see
For updates, photos and behind the scenes footage of Crystelle's progress check her Instagram page and on her Facebook page

The Strange Stories Behind 10 Historical Body Parts

14 Sep: Mental Floss. From Napoleon's penis to Galileo's finger, the body parts of historical figures are steeped in legend. … 4. Francis Xavier's Toe. The Catholic Church remembers 16th-century saint Francis Xavier mainly for his missionary efforts and his help in founding the Jesuit order… Like the remains of certain saints who came before and after him, Xavier’s body was said to be incorrupt. In other words, it hadn’t decayed at all. Worshipers flocked to see it for themselves, and one person got more than just a good look. A Portuguese woman reportedly bent down and bit Xavier’s right pinky toe clean off his foot. It supposedly spurted blood, which was more evidence that the body was still in perfect condition. Well, except for the missing toe. According to Thomas J. Craughwell’s 2011 book Saints Preserved, the toe has been passed down through the woman’s family for the last several centuries…  click here
For the Video version – segment at 6m. 12s to 7m. 16s, click here.

India’s Supreme Court to hear plea against curbs on foreign funding

14 Sep: UCAN. Catholic Church is one of the beneficiaries of contributions from foreign sources for its charity works. India’s top court has agreed to examine amendments made to a federal law that regulates foreign funding into the country after non-government organizations (NGOs) argued the changes hampered charity work… the amendments had severely restricted the use of foreign funds to serve the poor and needy. This coupled with an official government diktat to open bank accounts in the designated branch of an Indian multinational public sector bank in New Delhi latest by June 30, 2021, had posed further difficulties for them, the petitioners said… There are around 23,000 NGOs in the country that receive foreign donations. Ordering them to open accounts in the main branch of a particular bank in New Delhi was not only at variance with standard norms applied to other fields but is also cumbersome and discomforting … the amendments had virtually clipped the wings of many NGOs that contributed immensely to social welfare…  click here

Video: Newcomer John Fernandez gears up for Kenya National Rally sixth leg in Ramisi

14 Sep: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Newcomer John Fernandes says the mixed fortunes he has experienced in his first two Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) events in Voi and Machakos have revealed the challenges he is facing in his rookie season. Fernandes will be tackling his third career contest in Ramisi in South Coast this Saturday. He will be navigated by Nique Rattos in an ex-Daren Miranda 2.5L Subaru Impreza 2WD car… The race is organized by the Mombasa Motor Club (MMC)… Fernandez and Rattos, who are part of Team Goa have been preparing their car at the Pac Express Workshop in Westlands, Nairobi… Rattos has sounded quite enthusiastic about Ramisi …  click here

Siddhi Naik death case back with police for probe

15 Sep: Herald. The medical board of Goa Medical College (GMC), Bambolim, constituted to review the Siddhi Naik death case, submitted its report suggesting that the police must investigate the manner of death. The medical board committee was constituted last week to revisit the medical findings in the girl’s death, following a complaint by the victim’s father suspecting foul play. … After the uproar on not having preserved the viscera, the demand for a second opinion by a panel of senior doctors was made. Also the victim’s father filed a complaint of murder at Calangute police station on September 2. However, the police officials were not available for more details despite frantic efforts…  click here
15 Sep: The Goan. The mystery of the death of Siddhi Naik is getting deeper as there has been no clue regarding the actual ‘reason’ or ‘motive’ that may have led to her death, and so far, only the cause of death has been known, which is drowning… the police officer should investigate the manner of death, whether suicidal, accidental or homicidal a senior doctor said, adding, “We have done our job, let police do theirs.” The report has not ruled out foul play, nor has pointed to it… “Usually, viscera is preserved in case of deaths of foreigners, as they are sexually active at a young age,” informed the source…  click here
15 Sep: Herald. When a father who has lost his daughter decides to fight for justice, no police force can escape from doing its duty … click here.

The “shadow pandemic” of domestic violence

14 Sep: British Medical Journal. Covid restrictions have led to a notable increase in domestic violence worldwide. Mahima Jain reports on the situation in India … Since the pandemic began, reports of domestic violence have soared, prompting the United Nations to call for urgent action against what it calls “the shadow pandemic.” … There is always a long queue of women outside the local government hospital complaining of the same issue: vaginal discharge … A 2005 study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology of 2494 women from Goa noted that those who experienced verbal abuse, sexual violence, and concerns regarding their partner’s extramarital relationships were more likely to present with abnormal vaginal discharge… Grassroots organisations are now paying more attention to domestic violence. Sangath, a Goa based non-profit group and the Mumbai-based Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes are working with patients and local government to ensure provision of healthcare to those experiencing abuse …1669 words.  click here
For the full text of the 2005 Goa study,  click here

Ghana: Making liquor out of cashew fruit juice is a 500-year-old tradition in India - Video

14 Sep: Pulse (Ghana). Feni is a rare liquor made from cashew fruit, and it's produced only in Goa, India. While some brands are pushing to take feni to the mainstream, this family has survived by hand-making small batches and selling locally…9m. 22s.  click here

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