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Dr Jayant Vaidya
Biographical Details

Jayant Vaidya’s ancestral home is in Keri, Ponda, Goa. He attended Mushtifund School, Peoples’s High School, Dhempe College and Goa Medical College.

His father, Dr Sharad Vaidya, was a renowned cancer surgeon who built the only cancer hospital in Goa - sponsored by charity. He was known for his of tireless campaign to reduce the incidence of smoking related diseases in Goa and in advocating stringent laws against tobacco.

The Vaidya family has been practising medicine for 300 years hence the name Vaidya. Jayant’s great grand uncle was Dr. Dada Vaidya (road in Panaji and statue in Ponda in his honour). His mother is a doctor too who stimulated and encouraged him to follow a medical career.

Jayant did his postgraduate studies at Tata Hospital, Bombay, specialising in Cancer Surgery (surgical Oncology)

For a comprehensive listing of Degrees, Research, publications etc. see . Dr Vaidya can be contacted at

Some published works of general interest.:
1. Video of breast cancer operation (not for the squeamish!) click here.
2. Lancet. Oncology.Newsdesk. 19 April 2001. Page 252
3. Time June 10, 2002. Cover Story: The New Thinking on Breast Cancer.
4. Readers Digest October 2003. Cover: Breast Cancer – New Hopes, New Cures.

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