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Jerome and Anastasia Mendes

Jerome Mendes ( was born in Goa in 1940 and lived in Nairobi from 1945 to 1973. After that he emigrated to the UK where he now lives.

Jerome went to school at St Theresa’s, Nairobi and later Dr Ribeiro’s. He could not complete his education due to family reasons and joined James Finlay as a junior clerk, rising to the position of Personal Assistant to the General Manager. He was transferred to the London offices of the Company in 1973. Five years later he decided to set up his own business because he felt that there were no prospects within the firm.

After 25 years in business he now owns retail shops in South East, South West and North West London employing more than 40 staff including his wife, son and daughter. Besides this he also runs a wholesale Company supplying products like Salonpas, Dentemp and false Fingernails to the retail trade. For the ethnic market his Company supplies Human Hair, Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs.

His wife, Anastasia Leonora was born in Nairobi and studied at St.Theresa's School. She met Jerome when she was working for DT Dobbie the Mercedes Company and incidentally handed over the keys of his first Mercedes to President Jomo Kenyatta when she was 16. She has supported Jerome in all his ventures. When they came to the UK in 1973 she joined a shop called Partytime as an assistant. The shop specialised in supplying party equipment. Later she bought the shop and ran it till she was struck down with Cancer. Without Anastasia at the helm, the business started to deteriorate. Her daughter Sharon was still at University but after she graduated she joined her mother and now runs the shop on her own with a staff of 5. The business has now turned into a Party and Afro Cosmetic shop in Tooting called Juliets.

Anastasia has fought her illness with the will to live and helps her husband to carry on with his work. She has given all her help for him to write his book "Cancer the Enemy Within” and has since then had her spleen removed and recently a hernia. But she carries on doing the household chores without excuses.

When Jerome first arrived in the UK he and his brothers formed the Wonder Club, which organized many social functions like dances, concerts, Konkani films, trips abroad etc. He was the first Goan to bring Konkani films to England and exhibit them to Goans in England, France and Germany. He brought Alfred Rose and Rita Rose to the UK for a Konkani Theatre and produced an LP called Londoncho Mog with English musicians. He then moved to Goa where he built a Restaurant called Leonoras based on a typical English Pub. After his wife was diagnosed with Cancer 10 years ago he wrote a book “Cancer the Enemy Within.” He has now decided to so some charitable work and is building Saint Anthony’s Hospital and Residential Home for Retired People in Verna. You can visit the website at He also formed the Road Accident Victim Trust in Goa to educate and help road users in Goa because of the number of accidents.

Jerome Mendes has had some failures but like all entrepreneurs he works hard to achieve his goals.

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You can e-mail Jerome Mendes at Write to him if you would like to have a copy of his book “Cancer the Enemy Within”

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