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We love each other
Joseph & Gracie Sequeira
By: Craig Taylor
Source : Saturday August 16, 2003

Joseph: We were married in Goa in 1933, and this year I will be 97. We're getting older; my wife holds on to me now. In church, when we go to the altar, I hold her hand. Six years ago, I learned to cook because my wife was ill. Now it's my pastime. This country is very different from Kenya, where we lived for many years. Here, you can get wonderful okra and coconut milk to bring flavour to the dishes.
Gracie: Mostly he cooks chicken, but he does very nice vegetables. We like our community. When we go to church, there is always a bench in the second row reserved for us. And in the afternoons we play a game of rummy. We pass the time very nicely

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