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Warren Noronha
Biographical Details

Warren Noronha was born on 12 August 1975 in Nairobi, Kenya. His parents are Albert and Shelley Noronha (nee George).

For the genealogists, the Goan connection is: Shelley's father, Anthony George, came from Carmona in Salcete and her mother, Milena de Souza from Velsao in Salcete. Albert’s father, Joseph, came from Verem, Bardez and his mother, Mary, (nee Santamaria) from Carmolim, Bardez

In Nairobi, his father worked for Cable and Wireless and later for the Voice of America (American Embassy). He was a member of the Goan Institute and a founder member of the famous sports/social/music group 'The Psychedelics’. He is now a network consultant at the University of Sussex. His mother, Shelley owns a company in Brighton, picture researching educational books for major publishing houses in the UK and US. The family may be contacted at

Warren attended St. Mary's School in Westlands, Nairobi until he was 8. Then with the family which included brothers Neil (born 1977) and Geoffrey (born 1983), he moved to Brighton, England in 1985.

Warren and his brothers attended Cardinal Newman School in Brighton. He won many art awards at school and county level before being admitted to the prestigious St. Martins College, London. His early preferences were for African 'makonde', Indian early paintings and Van Gogh. His graduation collection was one of those chosen to be shown to the Press that year. Directly from College, he was chosen by London-based Italian designer Antonio Berradi to be his Head assistant. After 4 years there, Warren felt confident enough to be able to design under his own label. His first show was heralded by the Press as being the 'next Alexander McQueen' and the future of British Fashion.

His brother, Neil a graduate of Exeter and London colleges, is a Manager at the renowned advertising firm of MC Saatchi in London. His youngest brother, Geoff is at Hertfordshire University studying Music Technology.

Videoclip of Spring/Summer 2002 Show and interview with Noronha (3 minutes):

Photographs of his shows:
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Press Reports
June 27, 1999
Baby and Posh Spice

Meet the new man in Baby Spice's life - trendy clothes designer Warren Noronha. Emma Bunton was introduced to her latest catch by Posh Spice, a long-time fashion fan of 24-year-old Warren. He and Emma, 23, have enjoyed a string of dates since she dumped 19-year-old Damage star Jade Jones last month, the Sunday People can reveal. The pair have met up several times at London's trendy Met Bar - arriving and leaving separately to avoid gossip. But Emma has confided to friends she finds Warren, who works for top British designer Antonio Berradi, "extremely cute" and hopes their romance will progress.

24 Sep. 2000. The Observer. Warren Noronha has gone solo to produce his debut collection. Combining masculine tailoring with feminine draping, Noronha has produced clothes that make women sexy, but with a masculine touch.
4 Oct. 2000. The Independent. London Fashion Week. Young unknown Warren Noronha burst on the scene with a collection that looked as if it had been crafted not by a recent graduate of Central Saint Martin's, but a seasoned designer.
18 Feb. 2001. The Independent. "I'd rather be playing football for a living than doing fashion," says Warren Noronha with all the laddish swagger he can muster. It's rubbish, of course. If Noronha dreams of heading up a premier league team, it's YSL, not Man U. "It's just that I could never see anyone giving me a normal job," he declares, batting his long lashes over his big green eyes, as only a heterosexual man on the brink of fashion stardom can.
23 Feb. 2001. The Independent. Warren Noronha took to the London catwalk for only the second time yesterday and delivered just the kind of hard-edged, glamorous and slick show that is hoped for from this city's young designers. Before starting on his own, Noronha, who is of Goan descent, worked for four years with Antonio Berardi, former star of London and now showing in Milan. This collection established him as a name to watch.

26 Feb, 2001. Vogue. You can't escape the buzz about Warren Noronha this season - and with good reason. He makes a mean dress and this made him one of the hottest tickets this week.

14 Sep. 2001. Vogue. Excitement is rising around the collections of some of London's hottest new designers, due to hit catwalks next week. One whose ticket is being touted as next week's absolute must-have is Goa-born Warren Noronha, who graduated from Central St Martins in 1997.

26 Sep. 2001. Vogue. All the elements were in place for a stonkingly good show from Warren Noronha this season…a whole host of fashion press and buyers were clamouring to see London's most-hyped young lad.

21 Feb. 2002. Financial Times. Warren Noronha, the Goan designer tipped to become a leading British export, transformed that British classic, pinstripes, showing strapless dresses, slim-fit skirts, and draped tops that turned the archetypical masculine fabric into something fluid, feminine.
8 Sep. 2002. The Observer. Young hopeful Warren Noronha has hit lucky with investment from a futures market trader with an interest in fashion. This is a big season for Noronha.

14 Sep. 2002. The Independent. At the other end of the fashion spectrum is Warren Noronha, one of London's most promising talents, who showed his fifth collection last night. Noronha presented the razor-sharp tailoring and sexy draped dresses that are fast becoming his signature. Noronha's take on the jumpsuit - an elongated white cotton shirt and low slung trouser hybrid with a skinny belt wrapped around the hips - was a show stopper.

19 Sep. 2002. The Independent. By Susannah Frankel. I were an It Girl - and why not? - I would head straight for Warren Noronha, purveyor of some of the sexiest dresses the world will ever see.

13 Oct. 2002. The Observer. Warren Noronha was seduced by a scooter last year which now transports him at 20mph on the five-minute journey from his house to the studio.

14 Feb. 2003. The Express. Warren Noronha has a sexy, fluid style that's a favourite of Angelina Jolie's.

4. Sep. 2003. Evening Standard (London). Cover photo on magazine. Feature on London's 100 brightest young things: Warren Noronha, aged 28. After leaving Central Saint Martins in 1997, the striking Goan-Portuguese designer's first collection was an instant hit: sexy, wearable and well-tailored. His client list includes Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Liberty Ross and he's currently working on Cameron Diaz's outfit for next year's Oscars, as well as his next show at London Fashion Week this month.
18 Sep. 2003. Marketing. Motorola has teamed up with fashion designer Warren Noronha to produce a limited-edition camera phone, the V600, targeting fashion-conscious women. The design features herons in flight whose eyes are in-set with crystals.

18 Sep. 2003. The Daily Telegraph. London Fashion Week. Warren Noronha could also cash in on the current demand for high glamour. The evening slots of the final few days of the schedule are always given to the most prestigious designers. This year, the honour is bestowed upon Noronha, who closes Fashion Week next Wednesday.

Warren Noronha: Ready for a fresh challenge.

9 Sep. 2006. Drapers Record (UK). Warren Noronha launched his own collection in 2000, and then disappeared from the fashion radar in 2004 to pursue other avenues in New York. But now he has returned to the UK fashion scene as creative director at contemporary womenswear brand Milla. Excerpts of interview: “We've set up a factory in India, which means new designs can be turned around at speed.” … “I'll wait to establish Milla as a strong brand and then I'll look to relaunch my own label.” …
Q: What was your best fashion moment?
A: Probably seeing my mum and brothers sitting in the front row at my first show.
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