Newsletter. Issue 2002-02. Jan 11, 2002
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The Goan Association New Year Extravaganza at Wandsworth Town Hall on 5 Jan. was a sell out, with the capacity of the venue being matched. Congratulations to the organisers!

From Eastern Eye, 4 Jan: The New Year message from Ramona Da Gama, the only female owner of a jazz club (See ) is: "we must start focusing on our community."

From John D'Souza, Ready-made sorpotel was in great demand this holiday season in the Toronto area. One prominent distributor sold more than 200 tubs of the delight in 500-gram containers. His suppliers could not make any more--it takes time and care to do it well. If you are a top-notch sorpotel maker please get in touch--we are besieged with requests!

From Allan Mascarenhas, Letter from Dar es Salaam: Mohamed Athumani aka 'Fupi' and Mzee Fupi retired on the 31st December 2001 after having faithfully served the Goan Institute and later the DI for 64 years.

From The Daily Mail Dec. 24, 2001. HEADLINE: Christmas dinner around the world: Cynthia Mascarenhas, 38, is a chef. She is single and lives with her mother Yvonne, 70, a widow, in a four-bedroom house in Ladbroke Grove, West London. Cynthia says: Our Christmas meal is a traditional Goan buffet. There is a Sorpotel curry, which is a definitive Christmas dish made with pork and lambs' liver and thickened with spices, and a chicken curry with Masala paste, coriander, cardamoms and white wine vinegar, so it's hot, sour and spicy. Then there's a fish curry with snapper fish cooked with king prawns, red chilli powder, turmeric, coriander and lemon grass, thickened with coconut milk. The main meat dish is a honey roasted suckling pig stuffed with breadcrumbs, chicken livers, raisins, almonds, pistachios, dried coriander, cumin, cinnamon, chilli, garlic and onion. We balance the rich curries with sweet pilau rice infused with saffron and mixed with caramelised onions, pistachios, raisins and almonds. We also serve a tomato and onion salad and a raita yoghurt mixture made with tomatoes and strewn with sweet paprika, garam masala and cayenne pepper. Steamed rice dumplings called sannas are served for dipping in the curry sauces. Light and fluffy, they're made from ground rice, coconut milk and 'toddy' (a fermented coconut juice), moulded into balls and steamed in banana leaves. For pudding we have bibic, which is a layered coconut custard cake infused with cardamoms, and brightly-coloured marzipan sweets called kuswars. With coffee, we have deep-fried pastries, called newris, made with fresh grated coconut, unrefined sugar, raisins and sesame seeds.
Cynthia Mascarenhas is the daughter of the late (died 1986) Anthony Mascarenhas, the renowned Sunday Times journalist. (See: ). Her father traced his roots to Sangolda and her mother hails from Aldona.


26 Dec. London. ANTHONY FRANCIS JOSEPH CARMO D'SOUZA. Born 1932. Anthony (known as Tony or Bobby) worked in Kenya for the Athi River cement factory and came to England in 1974 where he worked for Bowaters Ltd and then John Lewis. He retired in 1996 just after he lost his wife Winnie. He leaves behind his four children, Caroline & son-in-law John, Christopher & daughter-in-law Eva, Johnny and Brenden and his grandchildren, Eren, Jennifer, Christina, Rachel, Georgina and Daniella. (Info from

30 Dec. Edgware. THOMAS (TIMURU) FERNANDES. (ex. C & W, Zanzibar / Reuters, London). Husband of Janet. Father of Judy/Victor, Caroline. Grandfather of Jonathan. He was a top sportsman in Zanzibar. Funeral Mass on Thurs. 17 Jan. at 10.00 am at St. Anthony's Church, Garrett Road, Edgware, HA8 9AN followed by burial at Hendon Cemetry, Holders Hill, London, NW7. No flowers please - Donations to Cancer Research or Mass card.( Info from )

5 Jan: Candolim: ALBIN MENEZES (BINO). (ex-Mombasa). Brother of Brenda