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Death: Noel D’Souza

31 Oct. Chicago, USA. NOEL SEBASTIAN D'SOUZA (ex London and Nairobi). Passed away peacefully at his home. Loving son of the late JB & late Flory D'Souza. Beloved brother of Jeanette, Carlos (Kalleen) and Rowena (Alf) and his nephews Darryl and Shaun, nieces Keeya and Cassie. Noel's funeral was held on the 10th Nov 2016 in Chicago, followed by a cremation. His ashes will be buried in the UK. Condolences to

News Summary

Eugene Correia: Diaspora political vortex

5 Dec: Herald. By Eugene Correia. Goans who left Goa for foreign countries, particularly so the exodus to England, are targeted for accused of betraying their land. Those who have chosen to stay in Goa instead of discarding the Indian passport for the Portuguese one often deride those who have obtained the passports of our once colonial masters. The measure of Goans now settled in England will perhaps be seen in latter years, as the children of the Goan diaspora grow up and stake their claims in the new land of their parents’ adoption… However, no Goan has achieved big political success in countries like Australia, Canada and the United States… 1062 words.  For further details click here

Litfest to spotlight Goan diaspora works

7 Dec: Times of India. The Goa Arts and Literary Festival (GALF) will be held from December 8 to 11 at International Centre Goa, Dona Paula, and will highlight writers and poets from a wide range of languages … Three acclaimed writers from the Goan diaspora will attend the festival to launch their books; Roanna Gonsalves, author of 'Permanent Resident', Cyprian Fernandes, writer of 'Yesterday in Paradise' and Ryan Lobo, who has penned 'Mr Iyer Goes to War'…  For further details click here
‘Goa Arts and Literary Festival a good strategy for future of Goa’ … 7 Dec: Times of India. Born in Goa, former secretary of state for culture, Portugal, Jorge Barretto Xavier will inaugurate GALF on Thursday. He will also give a keynote address on the power of speech and its importance. "Goa can be defined as a territory of plural presentations and not only tourism. The festival is a very good strategy for the future of the state." he said…  click here
For a profile of Jorge Barretto Xavier, click here.

Will India get away with its anti-Christian crackdown?

6 Dec: Crux. Compassion has been effectively blacklisted by the Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, placed on a “watch list” that cancels its permission to transfer funds into the country without prior permission of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It’s not the only NGO to feel the sting of government disapproval. Others include Mercy Corps, the National Endowment for Democracy and George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. To some extent, all this is the result of a rising tide of Indian nationalism fueled by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, which sometimes translates into suspiciousness of outside influences of any sort… 1022 words.  For further details click here
7 Dec: Zee News. American lawmakers defend Christian NGOs operating in India, want curbs lifted …  click here

Move to address concerns of Indian expats over old notes, says envoy to Oman

3 Dec: Times of Oman. Concerns of Non-Resident Indians’ over demonetisation will be addressed, as the Indian government has set up a panel to look into to the issues and find a solution, the Indian ambassador to Oman has said. “We have requested the government to issue an advisory for NRIs regarding demonetisation,” Indra Mani Pandey, Indian’s ambassador to Oman said … The only way NRIs can deposit or exchange currency is either by travelling to India or authorising someone in writing to deposit the notes into their Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) account, provided they are able to send the money back home or it is in India… An NRI also needs to keep in mind that he is not allowed to take more than Rs25,000 in cash outside India, under the Foreign Exchange Management Act. The deadlines and rules are the same for residents and NRIs. There is no limit on the amount one can deposit. But, if the deposit exceeds Rs 2.5 lakh, the NRI may face an inquiry about the source of the money, regardless of whether he files a tax return in India or abroad…  For further details click here
Cash woes for locals and tourists alike in Pernem … 6 Dec: Times of India.  click here

Portugal: APE award to the work of Paulo Varela Gomes

6 Dec: Noticias ao Minuto (Portugal). The Grand Prix of Romance and Novel of the Portuguese Association of Writers (APE) / 2016, unanimously attributed to the book 'Once upon a time in Goa', by Paulo Varela Gomes, who died last April, is delivered today to the widow … 'Once upon a time in Goa', published in February 2015 by Ink-of-China, is "a fun: a fiction constructed from fragments of many things that Paulo Varela Gomes knows about India, and a few others that Preferred not to know, to be able to imagine, "reads Ivan Nunes' preface to the novel…  For further details click here

A troupe from Mauritius to revive a folk dance that originated in Konkan

5 Dec: Mid-Day. Back in the nineteenth century, over 3.5 million Indians were shipped off to various colonies of the European powers as labour on sugarcane fields. These included a few workmen from the Konkan region, who migrated to Mauritius. In an attempt to keep their tradition alive, they would perform Jhakri, a folk dance originating in the coastal belt of Maharashtra…  For further details click here

Auction: Corpus Christi

10 Dec: Zezula, Brno, Czech Republic. 18th century. Expressive wood carving, anatomical disproportions, Loin cloth decorated with light monochrome and bronze, polychrome remains underneath. Height: 71 cm, width: 50.5 cm. With hook. Condition B/C. Missing crown of thorns, faded surface, loosened polychrome in places, broken off wrist… Reserve price: 7,500 CZK [Approx 234.30 GBP]  For further details click here


DOCUMENTARY: Black is the New Black. Episode 1. BBC 2. Sun. 11th Dec. 23:05 to 23:35. Exceptional figures from politics, business, sport, culture, religion and science share their insights into being black and British today, how they got where they are and their thoughts on what the future holds. A tribute to the dedication of immigrant parents, who imparted important lessons about working hard and rising above racism, the first episode explores both arriving and growing up in Britain.
Episode 2: BBC 2. Sun. 11th Dec. 23:35 to 00:05. Moving beyond family, school days, building confidence, 'playing the game', and negotiating the working world.
Episode 3: BBC 2. Mon. 12th Dec. 23:15 to 23:45. How the path to the top in the UK if you are black is fraught with challenges.
Episode 4: BBC 2. Mon. 12th Dec. 23:45 to 00:15. We forecast to the future of Black Britain and what that looks like for our younger cast, for our dual-heritage talent and for those whose children are the future of the country.

SPECIAL INTEREST: The Conversation. BBC World Service Radio. Mon. 12th Dec.19:32 to 20:00. Kim Chakanetsa presents a conversation between two women from different cultures about their paths to success.

DRAMA: Bettina Gracias - From Bangalore with Love. BBC Radio 4 Extra. Tues. 13th Dec. 11:15 to 12:00 & 21.00 to 22.00. After encountering Parv on the internet and secretly meeting him in London, Nisha goes home but finds that things have changed. Stars Nina Wadia.

DOCUMENTARY: The Birth of Empire: The East India Company. Episode 1. Yesterday (Freeview19). Tues. 13th Dec. 19:00 to 20:00. Dan Snow turns his attention to Britain's colonial past in this two-part documentary on the East India Company and how this once-tiny business spawned an empire.

HISTORY DOCUMENTARY: Commonwealth on Film. BBC 4. Wed. 14th Dec. 19:30 to 20:00. Work. Episode 1. A look at how film-makers over the decades have captured the rich diversity of the Commonwealth and the work that people do, from Trinidad to Australia, Kenya to Barbados, Canada, India and beyond. Episode 1.

DOCUMENTARY: A Beginner's Guide to India. BBC Radio 4. Thurs. 15th Dec. 18:30 to 19:00. Episode 1: Women. Mumbai-based comedian Aditi Mittal presents a guide to her home country. Aditi looks at the options open to women in modern India. From sports stars to Bollywood actresses, from business leaders to politics, Aditi explores the gap between how India talks about and treats its women.

FILM: Mumbai Meri Jaan. Channel 4. Friday 16th Dec. 01:30 to 03:50. Nishikant Kamat's drama is based on the real-life events that took place on 11 July 2006, when a series of bombs exploded on Mumbai's trains, killing 209 people and injuring 700. The narrative explores the story of five people whose lives are directly and indirectly affected by the bombing.


News Summary

Conrad de Souza Jailed for Posing as Doctor Admits Fresh Bid to Fool NHS

6 Dec: Press Association. A fraudster jailed for posing as a doctor for nearly a decade has admitted again trying to lie his way into NHS roles after his release. Conrad de Souza, 57, made false representations to a host of NHS services about his qualifications, employment and previous convictions while trying to land top jobs, NHS Protect said… he pleaded guilty to six counts of fraud by false representations at Croydon Crown Court, according to NHS Protect… De Souza was previously sentenced to two years and three months imprisonment for falsifying a parental test to avoid paying child maintenance and for dishonestly purporting to be a doctor…De Souza will be sentenced on January 12 2017… 327 words.  For further details click here
25 Oct. 2011: Daily Mail. Conrad Luis De Souza, 53, who pretended to be a doctor faked a paternity test after his lover Silke Luetzelschwab became pregnant so that he could deny he was the father…He had sent a DNA sample from his unwitting father Faustino … Investigations revealed that De Souza was in fact married and that he was not a qualified doctor … He had been schooled in Tanzania, where he was born… De Souza of Beckenham, south east London, began a 27-month jail term. He also said his wife Roopina Coutinho, 41, left him because of the affair. 944 words + 4 photos + comments.  click here

Reverence wanes in Goa's churches

5 Dec: Herald (Malaysia). By Bosco de Souza Eremita. The former Portuguese colony and now Indian state of Goa’s historical churches are turning into tourist sites rather than places of devotion, with visitors vying to pose for selfies rather than praying … domestic tourists, especially from northern India were more carefree in their clothing compared to foreign visitors… Some Goans from overseas attend Mass wearing T-shirts, shorts and sneakers, arguing that God does not care about dress but only people's hearts…  For further details click here

Savings of Goans used to develop other states

5 Dec: Times of India. Sating that banks in Goa hold around 6 lakh crores as deposits and that only one-third of that amount is provided back to the people as loans, general secretary of the All India Bank Employee Association, C H Venkatachalam, said that the state deserves more money for it to develop. Speaking at the Goa Bank Employees' Association's 18th conference, Venkatachalam said, "Government banks should give more loans to Goa as the people should benefit from their money. The money is going somewhere else for the development of some other states"…

Aiming for plastic success

5 Dec: Navhind Times. With just one month to go for the government’s dream of cashless economy in Goa, a check out of the ground situation, by Shoma Patnaik … Goa has taken on the goal of being a model cashless state from December 30 2016 onwards. Towards this several measures have been initiated. Camps are being held by bank officials to create awareness and government departments are designing systems to go cashless. E-wallet providers are urged to tie-up with local companies so that mobile wallets can be accepted as another mode of cashless payments… ‘Cashless’ Goa a tale of putting the cart before the horse. 3 Dec: Herald. Infrastructure for seamless connectivity not ready …  For further details click here

Desmond Coutinho: Irom Sharmila prepares for life in politics

3 Dec: Irom Sharmila and her newly-formed People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance will contest the upcoming Manipur Assembly elections but they are under no delusion that they will sweep the polls… Sharmila gets a little defensive and almost retreats into herself when I ask if her relationship with Desmond Coutinho influenced her decisions. Coutinho, a British citizen of Indian origin, is one of the reasons for her drifting away from many of her former supporters. They suspect him to be a saboteur of the struggle, and of having a hand in Sharmila’s change of stance. Sharmila leans back a little and coldly says, “He will remain in my life. He had a heart attack recently, and now lives in Ireland in a seaside cottage, with few possessions, besides a motorboat that he loves…  For further details click here

Tony Fernandes: The Vatican is 'full of energy'

4 Dec: The Star (Malaysia). AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes on Saturday described the Vatican as "full of energy." On his first ever visit to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, Fernandes posted on Instagram with him inside the Vatican. "At the Vatican. An amazing historical and full of energy environment," he captioned. Earlier in the week, Fernandes said he was looking forward to his meeting with Pope Francis, asking Facebook followers for ideas on what he should say or ask His Holiness. Though he did not explain the reason for the scheduled meeting, Fernandes said the encounter would be a personal highlight for him…  For further details click here

Free Internet data, talk time for Goa youth

4 Dec: PTI. In line with the central government's Digital India initiative, the Goa Government will on Monday launch its ambitious scheme providing limited free talktime and Internet data to the youth in the state… the state will provide 100 minutes talk time and 3 GB Internet data free with a SIM card (every month) for youth aged between 16-30 years," said Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar. He said the government has tied up with private mobile services provider Vodafone for the scheme which will benefit nearly 1.25 lakh youth.  For further details click here

Weekly Weather & Exchange Rates
6 Dec: Goa Met.. Weather: Max = 34.5. Min = 23,5. Humidity = 87%. Rainfall: NIL mm
For the Meteorological Office (UK) Five day forecast for Goa, click here.
Exchange rates (Xcom): £ = 85.84; $ = 67.74 $Can = 50.97 ; Euro = 72.60; Aus = 50.51.



Acknowledgement Re Mabel Moniz

On behalf of recently deceased MABEL MONIZ, her children Pam, Maureen, Caje and their families would like to thank you all for the overwhelming expression of sympathy by phone calls and emails as well as masses offered and attendance at her funeral on 25/11/16. It is not possible to thank each one individually, so please accept this announcement in the newsletter.

News Summary

Christmas Dine & Dance

Mon. 26 Dec. 6 pm to midnight. Grace Promoters Annual Christmas Dine & Dance. Live band, Lucky Raffle, Beauty Contest, Exquisite Goan cuisine and a fully licensed bar. Tickets: £12/- (adults) and £8/- (children below 12years). Venue: Oakington Manor Primary School, Oakington Manor Drive, Wembley HA9 6NF. Dress Code: Strictly Formal. For tickets and queries contact: Valerian – 07803368484; John – 07466630979; Dominic (Indiana) – 07440485347; Felix- 07426725552. Email: For the flyer,  For further details click here

Canada: Mike De Souza vs National Post

1 Dec: The National NewsMedia Council has dismissed a complaint from Michael De Souza about an opinion article in the Financial Post that contained what he called “deceptive, defamatory and misleading information”about his work as an investigative journalist…  For further details click here
For the Linkedin Profile of Mike De Souza (Ex-Kenya),  click here
For a video clip of a Mike de Souza report, click here.

Return of the absentee voter: Global Goans now have the right to vote in Goa

4 Dec: Herald. … On November 18, one lone Xaxtikar decided to take the matters into his own hands. Simao Xavier Silva aka Simon D’Silva, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee’s (GPCC) NRI Global Cell Chairman moved the Supreme Court of India seeking “Direction/Order to the Union of India for granting online/postal ballot voting rights to Non-Residents Goans/Indians who are staying overseas”. The Apex Court not only admitted the Writ Petition, but also issued a notice to the Union of India to respond in eight weeks time. Though the next hearing may be happening almost at the same time as Goa goes to polls, Goa Congress’ calculated gamble may set the tone for a stronger Goan role in the future Governments of Goa and even India…  For further details click here

Reita Faria walks down memory lane in Goa

4 Dec: Times of India. By Lisa Monteiro. No Asian country had won the Miss World title until 1966, when Reita Faria, a final year medical student and 5'8" beauty, changed India's fate forever at the 16th edition of the international pageant… Faria whose father, John, hailed from Thivim and mother, Antoinette, from St Cruz has returned to Goa with her husband, David Powell, for a short trip down memory lane… Looking back, she says she wasn't training for the pageant that she entered as a joke… Back home in Dublin, she leads an active life today, painting, sowing, gardening and cooking everything from sorpotel to apple pies; that is when she's not caring for her five grandchildren or playing golf. "I don't even look in the mirror today and generally never wear make up in Ireland." …  For further details click here

Chicken sashimi and real vindaloo

4 Dec: The Independent on Sunday (UK). Eating your way around a country is a peculiarly illuminating way of understanding a culture… I’ve chosen six big hitters that are perhaps the most misunderstood, and tell you where to eat them… A real vindaloo in Goa … This Goan dish is actually a vinegary concoction with pork and ginger that has little in common with its balls-to-the-wall British cousin… Head to any of the seaside restaurants around Little Vagator beach in north Goa, where they serve up their addictively sour pork vindaloos – utterly unlike any other Indian dish – for just a couple of quid. If you’re feeling particularly brave, wash it down with feni – the region’s greasy homebrew hooch, available in cashew and coconut flavours…  For further details click here
Video: 24 Nov: BBC: Curry classic: Michelin star for vindaloo 2m. 16s.  click here

Video: Go Goa gone: Is the dream of cashless state really feasible or just an inconvenience?

2 Dec: India Today. With a population of mere 15 lakh people, Goa is all set to be India's first cashless state by December 31, 2016… From fish vendors to butcher shops, now mobile will become a 'bank' for the people in Goa. If a person has registered his/her mobile under UPI (central government unified payment interference), he/she can make payments even if he/she does not have a smartphone… For a population of 15 lakh, the state has a record of 22 lakh bank accounts which makes it easier for the government to impose the cashless transactions as many people in Goa already use debit/credit cards for payments… Watch: How turning Goa into a cashless state will help PM Modi's dream of a cashless nation.  For further details click here

Goa Literature: Reclaiming Camoes

4 Dec: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. Back in 1980, a mob of former freedom fighters attacked the statue of Luis de Camoes in Old Goa. They believed the endlessly celebrated Portuguese poet insulted Indians in his famous Lusiads. In fact, the 16th century writer had not used the slurs he was accused of. Landeg White, brilliant poet, and author of stunning 21st century translations of Camoes into English, is in Goa for next week’s Goa Arts and Literature Festival … Via White’s translations, Camoes suddenly startles and delights… 782 words.  For further details click here

Keeping alive Indo-Portuguese links in Goa

4 Dec: Herald. By Fernando Monte da Silva. Groups that promote the links between Goa and Portugal include the Fundação Oriente, Instituto Camões, Indo-Portuguese Friendship Society, Communicare Trust and Semana da Cultura Indo-Portuguesa… By and large, a massive chunk of this cultural preservation comes at the hands of one of Goa’s largest movements on the Portuguese front, the Semana da Cultura Indo-Portuguesa… The question that remains is how long these institutions will be able to sustain this support, and more importantly, whether the individuals that they aim to help through their initiatives will fully avail of all that they offer.922 words.  For further details click here

Goa’s and Konkani’s very own lyrical legacy

4 Dec: Times of India. By Newton Sequeira. Accompanied by melancholic guitar and a troupe of men and women gently swaying to soul-stirring lyrics, the mando conjures up images of Goa’s long and often bitter-sweet history. But, the charming musical form, which immortalized the joys and sorrows of Goa’s glory and colonial angst, is fighting for relevance today. In an age where almost anything passes off as lyrics, the depth and richness of the mando tradition is nothing short of poignant and regal. Though the first mando is said to have been penned down in the 1840s, the origin of mandde the plural form of mandogoes way beyond that decade, with some even drawing a parallel with the Portuguese cancioneiros…  For further details click here


News Summary

Story of murder threat for Kenya journalist published after 30 Years

3 Dec: Coastweek (Mombasa). "There is a bullet that has been reserved for the centre of his forehead. Take him away from Kenya, quickly, please get out quickly," said a visitor to the office of Rufina Fernandes, the wife of Kenyan journalist Cyprian Fernandes. This happened in 1974 when Fernandes was probing the land deals and corruption by powerful leaders and got caught in the crossfire of top Kenyan ministers vying succeed President Jomo Kenyatta. He waited over 30 years to write his story - ‘Yesterday in Paradise 1950 - 1974’ (Balboa)… Revolving around Kenya’s miniscule Goan community of that era that provided top sportsmen and journalists, Fernandes has not lost the knack of digging up the scandals even after leaving Kenya… Although this tale is very community centric, it holds interest due to its colourful language, its drama, its fight against prejudice and, above all, its human interest… 742 words.  For further details click here

Spare Catholic community from political interference: Bishop

4 Dec: Times of India. Secretary general of CBCI, Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, gave a message to politicians of all shades not to interfere with the works undertaken by the Catholic community as enshrined in the Constitution of India. Before final blessings for the feast mass, the bishop said, “… there are many ministers. Our CM is here, many members of several political parties are also here. As a secretary of CBCI, I’ve a simple request to you. The Catholic community is a peace-loving community… Please don’t interfere in our education, activities and work. This is our request (to you) whichever political party you belong to.”  For further details click here

Goa police file chargesheet against singer Remo Fernandes for verbally abusing a minor girl

3 Dec: Scroll. The Goa police have filed a chargesheet against singer Remo Fernandes in connection with a verbal abuse case involving a minor girl, reported PTI… The case is related to a road accident where a minor girl was injured by a car driven by the singer’s son near Old Goa Church complex, and later verbally abused by the Fernandes at a Panaji hospital where she was admitted for treatment…  For further details click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Remo Fernandes,  click here

Elena Fernandes shot for prominent Indian designers in London!

1 Dec. Dunkhun. Supermodel-actress Elena Fernandes had recently been to London to shoot an exclusive photo-feature for the city’s most popular fashion boutique, Aashni & Co that house beautiful and exclusive creations by prominent Indian designers. The Notting Hill-based store, Ashni & Co has emerged as one of London’s most sought after destinations for luxury Indian fashion. The gorgeous actress is seen (in the pictures) sporting luxury creations by prominent Indian designers including Varun Bahl, Sabyasachi and Gaurav Gupta.  For further details click here

Indian football has forgotten Neville D’Souza's family, laments 80-year wife

2 Dec: Oneindia News. On the every first day of the month, an 80-year-old lady is seen standing in the long queue in front of a State Bank of India (SBI) branch office in Byculla in Mumbai. She goes to the bank to withdraw the interest money from her late husband's fixed deposit. Seven years ago, for once only her husband was given a paltry amount of money as an honour by the Union sports ministry and he had made it a fixed deposit in the bank looking forward to the future of his wife. Indian football has forgotten Neville D’Souza, laments 80-year wife. Neville D'Souza may be a forgotten hero today. But he was one of the most glamorous footballers between 1950s and 1960s. He was the only Indian striker to have scored a hat-trick in Melbourne Olympics in 1956…  For further details click here
For the Neville D’Souza Wikipedia profile,  click here

Devotees in Goa attend feast of Saint Francis Xavier

4 Dec: Business Standard. Hundreds of devotees on Saturday attended the feast mass of Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552) in Goa state to commemorate his 466th death anniversary. The nine-day feast started with mass prayers which began as early as 4 a.m. Goans, irrespective of caste and faith, converged at Basilica of Bom Jesus, which houses St. Xavier's body, in Old Goa…  For further details click here

‘Living Christian life is not easy in India’

4 Dec: Navhind Times. Living a Christian life is not easy in this country and it has been difficult to carry out our activities, said auxiliary bishop of Ranchi Theodore Mascarenhas, who is also general secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. Speaking as the main celebrant of the High Mass of the St Francis Xavier’s feast at Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa, on Saturday, he said that Christians are facing challenges and are “persevering faithfully until the end”… After attending the masses one could purchase many items and eatables like chonnem (grams), khajem (Goan sweet), chourico-pao (Goan sausage) and other items.  For further details click here

Terror Guests Have A Home In Goa

3 Dec: Herald. For years they have been birds of passage, albeit deadly birds, using Goa as a base. Terrorists and gangsters have used our land to either plot terror activities elsewhere, or simply as a hideout. But with the re-arrest of Khalistan Liberation Force Chief Harminder Singh Mintoo (photo) after his daring escape from Nabha jail in Punjab, we now know that he lived here for 18 years with his family. Basuri Desai looks at the manifest of terror kingpins who made Goa home …
And all of them were ‘friendly’ neighbourhood tenants 3 Dec: Herald. By Basuri Desai. Virtually every terror kingpin or ganglord managed to rent apartments or homes, mainly in the tourist heavy northern belt, to remain incognito and without too many questions being asked. Even the much needed tenant verification wasn’t done in many cases reports on landlords, who trusted the ganglords …
‘Thanks to the public no terror activities have taken place in the State’. 3 Dec: Herald. Denying that Goa is a safe hideout for terrorists and criminals, Deputy Inspector General of Police Vimal Gupta tells Vibha Verma that Goa Police is as good as any other elite force in the country, but admits that the alertness and strong community feeling in Goa makes carrying out terror attacks in the State difficult.  For further details click here



Funeral Announcement: Sharon Alvares

9 Nov: Swindon, UK. SHARON ALVARES. Born 1986. Ex Bogmalo, Goa. Victim of the tragic Swindon fire. Beloved wife of Blaise (Sanito) Alvares, & Loving mother of Baby Brooke Alvares (Swindon, UK). Daughter of : Jeanette & Marcos Soares. (Graceland, Porvorim- Manama Bahrain,) Daughter-in-law of: Dumiana & Genovivo Alvares & Sister- in-law of Charlotte Alvares (Bogmalo). Loving sister of : Sheldon & Shilton Soares (Porvorim). Funeral cortege will leave her residence on 4th December 2016 at 4.30 p.m. to Ss. Cosme & Damiao Church, Bogmalo. for Eucharistic celebration fo

Death: Maria Colaco
29 Nov: New Brunswick, U.S.A. MARIA ANGELA ALVARES e COLAC0. Born: 14.11.1944, ex Panjim, Goa. Wife of Jose Adolfo Colaco (Chocho). Daughter of late Domingos X. Alvares & late Guilhermia Alvares. Mother of Antonio (Tonito) / Minu (U.S.A.) Allwyn Kathy (U.S.A). Sister / sister-in-law of Antonio / Irene Alvares. Peter Alvares. Fatima / Peter Almeida (Australia). Prior to moving to the U.S., Maria spent 20 years as a beloved teacher in Goa. Buried on 2 Dec. in U.S.A. at Immaculate Conception RC Church, Spotswood. Interment will follow in Holy Cross Burial Park, South Brunswick.  For further details click here

News Summary

Swindon: Platini Mascarenhas named Heritage Chef of the Year

2 Dec: Swindon Advertiser, By Sue Smith. Swindon-based chef, Platini Mascarenhas, has been named Heritage Chef of the Year 2016 by catering and hospitality provider BaxterStorey … The competition extends to chefs from across the UK and Ireland … Platini is sous chef for BaxterStorey in Swindon which runs the in-house restaurant at Nationwide Building Society’s head office. "His winning dish – a combination of rechado spiced lamb, moong dal, potato and pea cake, gobi kempu and tamarind sauce … Platini was presented with his award by special guest and world famous chef Pierre Koffmann. Having started at the Nationwide location ten years ago as kitchen porter, Platini has risen through the ranks to his current role…  For further details click here
From his Facebook page: Studied Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management at IIAS Goa center. Went to Gauncar higher secondary school. From Chandor, Goa …  click here

Floyd Cardoz: Waffles from dosa batter

2 Dec: Business Standard, Chef Floyd Cardoz speaks to Avantika Bhuyan about what inspires his quirky recipes … The morning sounds used to be interspersed with the horns of the paowalla who used to come to the door with freshly baked bread,” he reminisces. It is to celebrate such warm, personal stories that he recently opened Paowalla in New York’s chic SoHo neighbourhood. The modern Indian restaurant, the architectural style of which reinterprets old materials, typical to Goan homes, with new design aspects, is reflective of Cardoz’s ...  For further details click here

Hong Kong-based Goan racer bags two podiums in Zhuhai

30 Nov: The Goan. Hong Kong-based Goan, Brad Dias in his first Asian Renault Outing clinched two podiums in Class B Category at Zhuhai,China’s southern Guangdong province, on the border with Macau, recently. The Indian started the weekend in the BlackArts Racing car with 17th and 16th places overall, while fourth and third in Class B in the two practice sessions… the 19-year-old Brad has been racing for quite some time and has successfully managed to continue pursuing his passion. “I am practicing daily since I am serious about racing. I plan to continue racing till I am fit. Racing keeps me motivated to stay fit and helps me in flying,” said the Goan native…  For further details click here
For the Brad Dias website,  click here

Things to do in Goa for bachelors

1 Dec: India com. Here are five things you can do with your guy gang in Goa… Try water sports … Find a nude beach … Go for a beach party … Get a body massage … Hike up to Chapora Fort …  For further details click here
2 Dec. Best places to visit in Goa for honeymoon … Ashwem Beach … Casino Pride 2 … Beach restaurant Goa … Agonda Beach … Baga Beach … Chapora Fort … Palolem Beach …  click here
30 Nov: Places to visit in Goa in December. Heading to Goa this December? Don't miss going to these 8 places… Chapora Fort … Baga Beach … Se Cathedral … Anjuna Beach … Fontainhas … Divar Island … Tropical Spice Plantation … Palolem Beach … trip-planning … click here.

Indians travelling abroad face demonetisation wall: Debit card use overseas seems to have cap too

3 Dec: Scroll. Journalist and photographer Vivek Menezes was in Bangladesh for a literature festival … He had decided to rely on his international debit card but the machine declined his card. Puzzled, Menezes went to another store in the same complex, where he also found his card declined… He later realised that the cap on withdrawals that had been applied to all Indian debit cards … Photographer Dayanita Singh was also caught unawares while in London the week after the declaration of demonetisation. She was able to withdraw only 20 pounds each day for the rest of her trip, which she said, was “barely enough for a coffee and sandwich … The Reserve Bank of India had no explanation for the problem …  For further details click here

Hate crimes in Britain ‘linked to Brexit campaign’

1 Dec: Eastern Eye (UK). Hate crimes in the wake of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union frequently took inspiration from the campaign to leave the bloc, according to a study released yesterday. Police recorded a spike in hate crimes in the days following Britain’s June 23 referendum to leave the EU, after a campaign which drew heavily on public concerns around immigration. An Institute of Race Relations analysis of 134 racist incidents reported in the media in the month after the vote has found 51 of these either specifically referred to the referendum or messages used during the campaign…  For further details click here

India’s currency reform was botched in execution

3 Dec: The Economist (UK). India is not the first country to introduce abrupt, drastic reform of its currency. But the precedents are not encouraging… The plan has laudable aims…  For further details click here
The dire consequences of India’s demonetisation initiative. 3 Dec: The Economist (UK). … However clever the plan looked on paper, it is both extraordinarily blunt and risky. Demonetisation will probably make only limited strides in shrinking the black economy while affecting all of India’s 1.3bn citizens, the poorest most of all.  click here

‘Sun’beams of a dreamy kind

2 Dec: Asian Age. This couple’s villa in Goa recently won Asia’s Most Romantic Retreat... Summertime, a villa nestled in the verdant hills just outside the buzz of Calangute, Goa, is quite literally the “sun” total of their owners, Hans Tuinman and Sucheta Potnis’ musings. The villa recently won Asia’s Most Romantic Retreat by the World Boutique Awards 2016, and it’s clear to see why. The Dutchman who together with wife Sucheta built this haven, has birds dropping in for a sip of water and koi’s swimming unfettered… The awards that were held in London on November 9 saw Hans’ brother from Holland receive it ,,, 850 words.  For further details click here
The Summertime website is at  click here


News Summary

Femnet Nov. 2016

From Betsy Pinto-Nunes: Here we are now with the penultimate issue of FEMNET 2016. The Issue starts with a beautiful paean on Childrens Day. We then have a lovely poem on the first signs of snow heralding in the next article the ‘most wonderful time of the year’. We move on to discuss the interesting issue of being considered ‘significant’ or ‘insignificant’. Tribute is paid to the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom and who still continue serving in peace-keeping missions in various parts of the world. The next two poems help usher in the start of the Festive Season. And, finally, a poetic tribute to Man’s Best Friend. Looking forward to receiving your contributions in time to make our December Issue truly Festive.  For further details click here

A Memoir of Goa through time

2 Dec: Herald. Fundação Oriente and Goa 1556 hosted the book launch of the book by Fernando Jorge Colaco (Photo) ‘December 18- 19, 1961: Before, During & After – Memoir of a 20th Century Goan Voyager’ The book was released by former Union Minister Eduardo Faleiro… From the author’s childhood, this book takes one to his Lyceum years on Goa, the life of Goan students in Portugal in the 1950s and his early career in Portugal. The chapters in the book throw light on the author’s journey from growing up in Goa and Mozambique, his career, Operation Vijay vs Plano Sentinela, a 24- hour ultimatum to the Judiciary,..  For further details click here

Goa and the Annexation by India

2 Dec: Diario de Noticias (Portugal). Regarding the PM's upcoming visit to India, it may be worth mentioning facts that relate to Portugal. In 1961, after failed attempts at negotiation, Goa was annexed by India. Given the pacifism, the action took great care to minimize the effects and attract the citizens to accept the fait accompli; Measures were taken to ensure that the population was respected in its identity and culture and could see rapid benefits of annexation. Within the usual line of work, a study of the economic situation of Goa was carried out, with the survey of what existed and how much there was to do to recover the arrears and give minimal conditions of well-being to the population… From there came a plan with priorities for the leaders: improvement of the infrastructures; Creation of a sanitation network, nonexistent; Supply of electricity, almost nonexistent; Much more education, access to health, culture, jobs, nonexistent outside agriculture; Improvement of agriculture, industry and services ...647 words.  For further details click here

Christians in India: Are Believers Safer Under Modi's Gov't or Facing Increased Persecution?

28 Nov: Christian Post. As the number of Christians in India continues to rise, there have been diverging opinions on whether the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is standing by as radical Hindus attack believers, or whether it is listening to their concerns and working alongside Christians to help the poor and the deprived. Several reports in the past few years have highlighted the stories of Christians in villages across India who are being attacked by Hindu radicals for their faith, especially those who have recently converted to Christianity…  For further details click here

Goa Minister’s Offensive Comment About Women Triggers Controversy

2 Dec: The Quint. Goa's Art and Culture Minister Dayanand Mandrekar's (photo) statement on Wednesday – that women are so immersed in TV serials that they forget to make tea or enquire about their husbands, who return weary from work – has triggered controversy. He was speaking at an awards function organised by the state Arts and Culture Ministry, in Panaji… He said, “ Today, she is so immersed in the TV, that the fact that her husband has arrived home and has changed clothes does not matter to her. She is not even in the frame of mind to ask him whether he would like to have a cup of tea or not…  For further details click here

Film Review: Jet Trash

2 Dec: The Times (UK). Jet Trash is affable, mildly distracting, gap-year porn masquerading as a proper grown-up thriller. It is set on and around the blissed-out beaches of stoner’s paradise Goa … Yes, we can believe that Lee (Robert Sheehan) and Sol (Osy Ikhile) are British-based twentysomething buddies who’ve come to Goa to smoke marijuana, meet girls and play occasional cricket games with the locals … Lee and Sol are also on the run from a nasty sex-trade mob boss, Marlowe (Craig Parkinson), who may at any minute bring his own bloodthirsty brand of gun-toting mayhem to their shores … Still, the beaches look nice. 15, 85min  click here
The film releases in the UK on 9th Dec. Video: Jet Trash - Official Trailer 1m:46s  click here
Robert Sheehan Exclusive - Jet Trash (our most bizarre interview ever) 21m:22s click here.

A rendezvous with art by the Mandovi

1 Dec: Hans India. River Mandovi, the extraordinary water body that runs across nearly half of Goa and is often called the lifeline of the State, is all set to the perfect backdrop to the country’s first interdisciplinary arts festival – ‘Serendipity’, which will be from December 16 to 23. The banks of Mandovi will transform into an alluring setup to host seven quintessential venues namely The Adil Shah Palace, Jardim Garcia d’Orta, the Promenade, Old GMC Complex &Courtyard, Kala Academy, Bandodkar Ground and SAG Ground. Audiences will get a chance to engage with the arts in beautiful, carefully designed and often, unconventional, settings…  For further details click here

Mormugao port to receive tourists coming with e-Visa

2 Dec: Navhind Times. Five seaports - Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Goa (Mormugao) and Mangalore - will receive tourists coming with e-Visa in addition of 16 airports where the facility is available. As part of a new liberalised visa policy, the government has also decided that business visitors and those coming for medical emergency will be issued visa within 48-hours of application. Separate immigration counters will be set up in all 16 major airports and the five seaports to facilitate medical tourists coming to India on e-Visa, a home ministry official said… India will also allow tourists coming under the e-Visa to stay up to 60 days instead of 30 days now…  For further details click here


News Summary

Mumbai-Goa ship services may resume soon

1 Dec: Mumbai Mirror. Nearly 26 years after its last voyage, plans are once again afoot to resume ship services between Mumbai and Goa early next year. The service is expected to start by end of March or April next year … The service will start from Ferry Wharf or Bhaucha Dhakka in Mumbai and will have stoppages at Dighi in Raigad district, Dabhol and Jaigad in Ratnagiri district, Vijay Durg and Malvan and finally Panjim in Goa… due to an exceptional growth in the number of passengers, there is a demand for Mumbai-Goa regular ship service, not only from tourists, but also from regular passengers who want a safe, fast and economical option for travel …  For further details click here

With love from Portugal to Goa

1 Dec: Navhind Times. Goa, being a Portuguese colony for almost 450 years, has a rich history in both culture and cuisine. To appreciate the rich cultural flavours, the Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguesa (Goa) will be organising an evening of Portuguese cuisine and music – ‘Noite de Gastronomia e Musica’. As the title suggests, the evening will include an extravagant selection of traditional Portuguese cuisine crafted by chefs Andre Freire and Bernardo Agrela along with Goan chef Rahul Gomes Pereira. Chefs Andre and Bernardo who are from Lisbon, Portugal, aim to offer the people of Goa an extraordinary culinary experience by providing them with the best traditional Portuguese delicacies…  For further details click here

Fr Agnelo de Souza: Ode to an inspirational & exemplary priest

1 Dec: Times of India. By Gary Azavedo. English musical ‘Dreams Don’t Die’ pays rich tribute to one of Goa’s saintly sons — Venerable Fr Agnelo de Souza, besides narrating the history of the Society of the Missionaries of St Francis Xavier, now called as Society of Pilar. Produced by the Pilar Theological College, the play is performed by Pilar seminarians and students of Fr Agnel College of Arts and Commerce, Pilar…  For further details click here

Shack operations delayed by another week

1 Dec: Navhind Times. Government officials led by tourism department on Tuesday started the process of joint inspection to check for compliance of the location and position of the shacks and other conditions pertaining to their erection. The inspection will continue for next three days. However, the decision to grant licence to operate shacks will be given by tourism department on a case-to-case basis, if the conditions set by GCZMA and GSPCB are complied with. The whole process will take at least a week…  For further details click here

Brian Ross: Chance for brighter life

1 Dec: City North News, (Brisbane, Aus.). Brian Ross, 35, does not remembe­r the moment he was robbed of the life he was meant to lead… The one-time marine technician, who was deployed to Iraq, made a stopover in India. At a bar in the western state of Goa, Mr Ross lit a cigar, inhaled and fell head first into an abyss. Someone had spiked the cigar with narcotic china white – methylfentanyl. So traumatic was the injury done to his brain, Mr Ross is unable to do the simplest things. He now lives at the newly-built Youngcare Share House in Wooloowin, which has given him “a new lease on life”…  For further details click here

Fashion Essentials: What To Wear On A Holiday In Goa

30 Nov: Cox & Kings. No other destination spells cool better than Goa. Here you can create your own style, based on your fashion sensibilities and comfort level. Be it hip evening wear or chic casuals for the day — you can play around with accessories, footwear and apparel to create that perfect Goa look! Apart from the right holiday spirit to soak in the sun and the easy relaxation that only Goa offers, there are a few things you absolutely must pack. These 10 Goa veterans speak about essential items which can make or break a beach holiday… 1489 words.  For further details click here

Football: FC Goa prevail over Chennaiyin FC 5:4

1 Dec: Indian Express. Young Indian player Sahil Tavora (photo) struck twice, including a last-gasped stunner, as FC Goa beat last edition champions Chennaiyin FC 5-4 in Indian Super League’s highest scoring nail-biting match in Goa… Coming as substitute at the start of the second half, Tavora had scored his first goal of the match in the 68th minute. Goa’s other goals came from Rafael Coelho (6th and 76th) and Joffre Gonzalez (21st). Jerry Lalrinzuala (4th) Dudu Omagbemi (28th) and John Arne Riise (88th) scored for Chennaiyin while Goa player Gregory Arnolin conceded an own goal. Goa, coached by legendary Brazillian footballer Zico, ended their campaign on a high but they still finished at the bottom of the league table with 14 points from 14 matches (4 wins, 2 draws, 8 losses).  click here
Video Highlights. 13m. 39s.  click here

UK: Forthcoming Events

Sat. 3 Dec: G.O.A Golden Jubilee St Francis Xavier Feast. Venue: La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls School Atkins Rd, Clapham Park SW12 0AB. Mass at 5:30 p.m. followed by Reception with Music and DancingAdult Ticket includes 3-course Meal: Members: £5.00 Non Members: £10.00. Child Ticket includes Meal and Party Bag: £2.50. For further details please contact: Chloé De-Mendonça 020 8384 0272, Marilou De Souza 020 8677 0390, Lynsey Martins 020 8657 8951 or E-mail

Sun. 4 Dec: North London Goans will celebrate their 36th Anniversary Feast of St. Francis Xavier. On Sunday 4th December at Woodside High School Hall White Hart Lane, Wood Green, London N22 5QJ. Holy Mass at 12.30 pm Prompt (Healing Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Sharju Varkey) Followed by a social gathering with Excellent live Bands: BREAKTHRU. Ticket Including snacks & meal: Adults £10.00, Children 11 to 16 yrs. £6 and below 10 yrs. free. For tickets please contact any of the following. Tony Gomes 0208 2451364, Frank Mendes 0208 8881400, Seby D'Silva 0208 2455463, John Fernandes 0208 8814579, Bernadette Dias 0208 3619417, Joe Telles 0208 4431014 and Tony Rebello 0208 8077324. For the flyer, click here.

Sun 4 Dec. East London and Essex Goans Invites you to St Francis Xavier’s Feast. Mass at 12pm followed by social until 8pm at Fords Sports Club, (Entrance between houses 170-172), Aldborough Road South, Newbury Park, Essex IG3 8HG. Tickets: Members - £13; Guests - £15; Children (aged 5-16) - £5. Under 4 years – Free. Catering by Maggie's Kitchen. Music by Chico's Band. Dress Code: Strictly Formal. Licensed Bar at reduced rates. All tickets purchased after 20 November 2016 will be £18 – so book early! For more information contact: Raymond Carvalho (President) 07963950814. Gerry Ferrao (Treasurer) 020 8220 6956 Joyce Travasso (Social Secretary) 020 8478 8815 Audrey Lewis (Comm. Member) 020 8514 2784; Louisa Travasso (Comm. Member) 020 8252 6063; Savio D’Souza (Comm. Member) 07918693920; Joe Travasso (Comm. Member) 020 8252 6063. Send cheques payable to ‘East London & Essex Goans’ and a SAE to: Raymond Carvalho, 170 South Park Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2XR or Joyce Travasso, 22 Meath Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1JA. For the flyer, click here.

Sat. 10 Dec: G.O.A Golden Jubilee Christmas Party. Venue: Sacred Heart Church, Edge Hill, Wimbledon SW19 4LU at 2:30 p.m. We invite groups to participate in Carol Singing and performances. Highlights: visit from Father Christmas, music and games. Child Ticket includes includes a Meal, Christmas Present and Party Bag Members £6.00 Non Members £9.00. Adult Ticket includes a glass of Mulled Wine and Mince Pie £1. For further details please contact: Chloé De-Mendonça 020 8384 0272, Marilou De Souza 020 8677 0390, Lynsey Martins 020 8657 8951 or E-mail

Sat. 31 Dec: MIDDLESEX GOANS UK will celebrate their 7th Annual New Year's Eve Dance on 31st December 2016 from 7.40pm to 12.45am, at Our Lady of the Visitation Church Hall, 358 Greenford Road, Greenford, Middlesex, London UB6 9AN. Dancing with Super Goan Band BREAKTHRU & DJ Aaron. Your mood setter Antonio Fernandes. Dress Code: Formal/Smart, No Jeans or Trainers. Ticket include Snacks. Adults £15.00 and Children £5 below 5 Years. Interested please call Carlos 0208 6218433 or Francisco 0208 3574281. For the flyer, click here.

Sat. 31 Dec. The Goan Loop (UK) presents New Year's Eve Dance at St George's Church Hall, Corner Woodford Avenue East Bound & Gants Hill Crescent, Gants Hill, Ilford Essex IG4 5EZ. 15 mins drive on the A406 from Edmonton/Southgate/Enfield/Walthamstow. 123 bus from Wood Green to Gant Hill Tube. Doors open from 7.15pm till late. Keeping you dancing, singing and partying into the New Year will be …***Nite Life*** music for all ages. Tickets booked B4 20th Dec 2016 are £14.00 Children under 12 years free. Thereafter all tickets will be £20.00 Book early! For Tickets & further info call: East London - Louie 0795 633 5864, Cassy 0798 627 8422. Lucinda 07510395868 Maria 0750 795 0455. Food & Snacks on sale! Bring your own drinks & enjoy responsibly. Lots of Spot and Novelty prizes on the night to be won…. Dress to impress...Glitzy and Glamorous...Strictly No jeans or trainers. For the flyer, click here.

Sat. 7th Jan: G.O.A Goan Extravaganza. For further details please contact: Chloé De-Mendonça on 020 8384 0272 For Later Events See

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