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News Summary

The San Joao Festival Goa

24 Jun: CNBC tv. June 24 is the Sao Joao Festival - the feast of St John, the Baptist, one of the most important Christian festivals in the state. On this day, everyone in Goa wears a kopel (crown) and jumps into water. A well. A lake. A river. A quickly-dug waterhole. A plastic pool. Everyone splashing around. Some with feni in hand, others retrieving gifts thrown into the well… This unique Goan festival is celebrated across the state but nothing beats the celebrations at Siolim where Sao Joao has been celebrated for more than 200 years. People start milling around the Siolim Church for the boat-tableaux competition. Traditionally, people used Sangodd, a decorated floating platform made by tying two boats or banana tree trunks together which are then put into nearby streams to float. Now, the Sangodd is more enchanting…  click here
Video: Goa 365tv. Sao Joao celebrated throughout the state with splashes … 9m. 48s.  click here

Video: Nora Fatehi, the Moroccan-Canadian dancer in the sizzling belly dance in Goa

18 Jun: Zee News. Bollywood actress-model Nora Fatehi, who has a huge fan following on social media recently shared another gem of a video on her Instagram and we bet that is going to make you hit the dance floor for sure. Nora, who is known for her exceptional dancing skills displayed a power cracker dance act in her new video. She danced to a Moroccan song titled 'Ghazali' and Saad Lamjarred. She grooved in typical Moroccan dance form 'Chaabi' with a mix of Afro and freestyle Bollywood. She shared a sneak peek of her dance video on Instagram thanking the kids of St Catherine orphanage in Mumbai who are featured in the song. She also thanked the Goa tourists for being a cool sport! … 2m. 21s.  For further details click here

Football's old order

24 Jun: Times of India. Brahmanand Shankhwalkar and his seven brothers fell in love with football though most Hindus didn’t take to the sport as much as their Christian brethren… Football embraces all and has no religion. But you cannot ignore the fact that in Goa the bulk of the players were mainly Catholic… The role of the Catholic Church in the development of the sport also cannot be ignored. British missionary Fr William Robert Lyons had brought le jogo bonito (the beautiful game) to Goa, where he fetched up to recuperate, introducing football to a school he founded at Siolim in 1883. The game slowly spread to other Goan villages, mainly through the exertions of the Catholic clergy, with several clubs springing up in the villages… Across Goa, wherever you see a Church, chances are that a football ground will be in the vicinity… 779 words.  For further details click here

Irish partner of tragic Liga Skromane reveals

film to be made about her brutal murder 24 Jun: Irish Mirror. The brutal murder of a woman who travelled to India for a yoga retreat is set to be made into a film, her partner has revealed. Director Viju Varma will tell the tragic story of Latvian national Liga Skromane, who was resident in Ireland for five years before she disappeared while abroad… The 33-year-old vanished on March 14. Her decapitated body was found hanging from a tree in a remote mangrove swamp on April 20 and an autopsy ruled she had been strangled. Her partner, Andrew Jordan revealed the details … He said Liga’s case was “far from isolated” as he travelled to support the mother of Irish backpacker Danielle McLaughlin in Goa where a man is on trial for her murder… Linking the cases of Danielle and Liga, he claimed the authorities “sacrifice and suppress justice” to show India is safe for visitors…  For further details click here

President of Seychelles appreciates history during visit to Old Goa

24 Jun: Times of India. President of the Republic of Seychelles, Danny Faure visited the world heritage site of Old Goa on Sunday morning. On a two day state visit to Goa, Faure, along with a high level delegation, was taken on a tour of the 16th century Church of St Francis of Assisi, the Archaeological Museum as well as the Basilica of Bom Jesus where the mortal remains of the missionary St Francis Xavier are enshrined in a mausoleum. “So much history! Congratulations for preserving so that humanity continues to know our past and better appreciate our future,” Faure wrote in the visitor’s book of the Archaeological Museum…  For further details click here
23 Jun: Times of India. Panaji-Seychelles twinning deal today …  click here
24 Jun: Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles. President Faure continues State Visit in Goa … click here.

Vehicle population rises by 130% in Goa

24 Jun: Navhind Times. The number of vehicle population has increased by 130 per cent in the last 10 years in the state, putting tremendous pressure on the existing infrastructure. The latest figures of the transport department have said that as against 623,229 public and private vehicles registered in 2007-08, the number of vehicles has surged to 1,435,278 as on May 2018 … With the rising purchasing power, everybody wants to own a vehicle. This present growth rate in vehicle ownership may lead to a vehicle implosion in the next few months, wherein every Goan will own a vehicle …  For further details click here

Nutritious local produce on the Goan monsoon platter

24 Jun: Times of India. Drenched in the rains, Goa’s verdant countryside is sprouting a veritable assortment of foods unique to this season. Markets and highways dotted with locals selling indigenous greens are not only indicative of this abundance, but the variety specific to each area. Take for instance, tender bamboo shoots (‘kom’ or ‘kil’l’)… Wild amaranthus (‘kudduki bhaji’), ‘alu’ and ‘tero’ feature among these lesser-known plants… mushroom (‘almi’), has found favour .. the local cucumber (pipri variety) … khazan lands are perfect breeding grounds for crabs (‘kul’leo’) and prawns (‘potik’ … tiger prawns abound in the khazans … the ‘sangtam’ (cat fish), which breed at the mouth of sweet water rivulets. … red eels (‘tambde balle’) surface during the monsoon … snails (‘konge’) emerge from sweetwater paddy fields …  For further details click here

Ikea finally set to open first store in India – but holds the meatballs

24 Jun: The Guardian (UK). Ikea is set to open its first store and restaurant in India after years of trying but arguably its most famous item is off the menu – Swedish meatballs. Ikea, the world’s biggest furniture retailer, will next month cut the ribbon on a massive 37,000 square metre outlet in the southern city of Hyderabad, complete with a 1,000-seater cafeteria. The restaurant will be Ikea’s largest and will cater to local tastes, with religious sensitivities in India dictating that beef and pork, staples of Swedish meatballs, will not be served. “There will be chicken meatballs and vegetarian balls,” Patrik Antoni, Ikea’s deputy country manager for India, said. “Fifty percent of the food will be Swedish inspired, salmon and shrimp dishes and so on. We’ll also have quite a few Indian dishes like dal makhani, biryani, samosas,” he added…  For further details click here


News Summary

Natasha Pereira: One is the magic number. She has only ever kissed ONE man …

22 Jun: The Sun (UK). The average woman will snog 22 frogs before finding her prince, but these ladies have only ever kissed one man… Engineer Natasha Pereira, 32, lives in Luton, Bedfordshire, with her husband Johnson, 35, who is a dentist. Natasha Pereira has only ever kissed her husband Johnson. Being brought up in India, views towards dating were very different. “None of my teenage girlfriends were kissing boys – it was not done. Even today in India public displays of affection are frowned upon. The idea of ‘dating’ did not exist, even though I am a Christian and I was brought up in what is a very liberal family for India. When I moved to this country in my early 20s I was astonished at how teenagers seem free to kiss and even sleep with each other whenever they want. My husband was the first man I properly kissed, and that did not happen until we were engaged. We are very happily married and it was a love match, not an arranged marriage. We were neighbours growing up, and we share so many cultural and social experiences. I do not feel that you miss out if you do not go around kissing lots of men…  For further details click here

Carlos Cordeiro and India’s World Cup Dreams

23 Jun: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. This year, a surreal moment intruded into India’s monotonously regular bouts of national depression, self-loathing, and regret that arrive in tandem with every Olympics and football World Cup. At these grand international galas, we are forced to confront the reality of abysmal failure that has entrenched over generations… This is accustomed humiliation, but suddenly there also emerged an unlikely glimpse of the extraordinary. Sixtytwoyear-old Carlos Cordeiro of Goa and now the US, triumphantly led the winning North American bid to host the World Cup in 2026. Cordeiro belongs to Saligao (his mother is from Colombia), and went to school in Mumbai before losing his father in an auto accident, and migrating to the US at the age of 15… Listening to this passionate Goan man with a football plant, and his hands already on a World Cup, the disgraceful record of Indian football administration comes into sharp contrast…  For further details click here

Five women from Jesuit school gang-raped in India

22 Jun: UCA News. Five women were abducted from a Jesuit-managed school and gang-raped in a forest near the Khunti area of India's Jharkhand state, police said. Unidentified men on six motorcycles took away the women on the afternoon of June 20 while they were performing a play about social awareness, said A.V. Homkar, the area's senior police official… Jesuit Father Xavier Soreng, a social activist in state capital Ranchi, said the crime was reported to police only on June 21 morning as the victims were frightened because the attackers had threatened to kill them if they went to police. He said the attackers beat up the women and took them away at gunpoint … a medical board formed to help the investigation has confirmed all five abducted women were raped… Catholic Bishops' Conference of India secretary-general Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas has rushed to the area to help the local church deal with the situation.  For further details click here
22 Jun: Daily Mail (UK). Five women working for a Christian missionary aid charity are kidnapped and gang-raped as they performed a street play in India …  click here
23 Jun: CNN. 2 arrested in gang rape of anti-trafficking activists in India; police hunt for others … click here.

Betalbatim gangrape: Cops await lab report

24 Jun: Times of India. Investigation into the gangrape of a 20-year-old girl at Betalbatim is almost complete and the police are awaiting the forensic laboratory report from Hyderabad to file a chargesheet. Colva police inspector Filomeno Costa said that all the statements have been recorded and the chargesheet will be filed within a fortnight once the analysis is received. A 2018 ordinance makes it mandatory for the police to complete the investigation into rape cases within a period of two months… The trio were frequent visitors to Goa …  For further details click here
23 Jun: The Goan. Betalbatim rape case: Victim girl, boyfriend identify trio …  click here

Honouring Our Elders

24 Jun: Navhind Tines. By Patricia Pereira Sethi. A group of American psychiatrists recently enumerated ways in which to appreciate and recognise our ageing population. Here are some of their suggestions : *Ask for advice… *Call them… *Discuss the family heritage, history and traditions with them… *Dining together… *Spend quality time with them … *Reiterate constantly how much you appreciate and respect them … *Hug and kiss them when you meet them…. *Volunteer at a senior centre. 981 words.  For further details click here

Vatican replaces Kerala cardinal as head of archdiocese amid allegations about illegal land sale

23 Jun: Scroll. The Vatican on Friday announced the appointment of a new apostolic administrator for the Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese to replace Cardinal George Alencherry, who has been accused of approving an illegal land deal in Kerala… On March 12, the Kochi Police filed a case against Cardinal George Alencherry and three others, almost a week after a resident accused the cleric of approving the sale of church property below market value. On May 22, the Kerala High Court dismissed a case against Alencherry … Priests Joshy Puthuva and Sebastian Vadakkumpadan, and middleman Saju Varghese, have been accused of criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust and cheating in connection with the deal. The agreement included the sale of three acres of land in Kochi by the Ernakulam archdiocese in 2016 to repay a Rs 60-crore bank loan it had taken to build a medical college. The church has so far received only Rs 9.13 crore… people claim that the plot was actually worth at least Rs 80 crore…  click here
23 Jun: Crux. Documents detail Vatican crackdown in troubled Indian archdiocese …  click here

Former Tourism Minister Parulekar to face land grab case before court

23 Jun: Times of India. In a setback to former tourism minister Dilip Parulekar in the alleged grabbing of a comunidade plot, the high court on Friday upheld the sessions court order issuing criminal process against him for cheating, criminal conspiracy and facilitating the offence… The sessions court had passed the order based on a complaint filed by social activist Aires Rodrigues. He alleged that in 2012, the comunidade granted possession of encroached area admeasuring 599 sqm to the former minister for a small amount of Rs 3,41,320 when the value of the plot of land was more than a crore…  For further details click here
Video: 22 Jun: Goa 365 tv. Serula communidade land case: Ex-Min Parulekar to face trial … 2m. 19s.  click here

‘Luxury cruise liner is fastest growing segment of hospitality’

22 Jun: Navhind Times. The luxury cruise liner industry is the fastest growing segment of the hospitality industry, informed the management of the American College of Culinary and Language Arts (ACCLA), during their visit to Goa to discuss the opportunities available for openings in cruise liners… According to ACCLA, about 30 to 40 percent of workers on foreign cruise liners are Indian and about 60 per cent of the Indian workforce comes from Goa…  For further details click here
23 Jun: Herald. Dramatic drop in Goans joining cruise liners … Despite the huge contribution from the state in the recent years the number has reduced as Goans have also taken the UK route for better job prospects …  click here



Death: Felix Lobo - London & formerly Coventry (Ex-Kampala, Uganda)

7 June 2018. London. FELIX LOBO. Born: 23 March 1944. Formerly Kampala and Coventry. Beloved brother of Anthony (London), Michael and wife Rosy (Canada), Stella (London), Juanita and husband German Pereira (London). Loving Uncle to his nephews and nieces. Felix passed away in the presence of family members on 7th June 2018. He will be greatly missed by the family and his many friends.
The funeral will take place on Friday, 6th July at 12.00 noon at Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church, 15 The Green, Heston Road, Heston, Middlesex, TW5 0RL, followed by a cremation service at 1.40 pm at South West Middlesex Crematorium, Hounslow Road, Hanworth, TW13 5JH. Thereafter a reception at Heston Catholic Social Club, Eton Avenue, Hounslow TW5 0HB located to the rear of the church where the service was held. The family request no flowers, but perhaps instead a donation to Dementia UK or Macmillan Cancer Support. For your convenience, there will be a box at the back of the Church for cards and donations (in sealed envelopes please) or alternatively donations can be made via For condolences and other information, contact

News Summary

UK: Papal award for JoJo Mascarenhas

20 Jun: Shropshire Star (UK). He worked tirelessly for more than three decades helping at a Shropshire church, and now Joseph Mascarenhas has been recognised by the Pope… The 67-year-old has been given the Benemerenti medal after 33 years of fundraising and support at St Mary’s Church in Shifnal. As well as the gold medal, he was also given a scroll and jacket lapel pin. On the scroll, written in Latin, are the words: “Francis, Supreme Pontiff, has graciously decided to select a gold medal as an award for Mr Joseph Mascarenhas as proof of his outstanding Christian service and to grant him the right to wear it as a personal decoration… The Benemerenti Medal began as an award for military merit in the 18th century. In 1925 it was altered to a mark of recognition to people in service of the church lay and clergy…327 words.  For further details click here
Joseph Mascarenhas, known by friends as JoJo (ex Mombasa) is the husband of Jennifer, father of Margaret, and brother of Lambert, Sybil, Mina, Benny and Angela. Email congratulations to:

Goan music hits the streets of London

23 Jun: Herald. When a Goan boy, who is popular in Panjim and hails from Sangolda, took a spontaneous decision to sing on the streets, at a corner on Bankside, London, he impressed the audience that happened to be there and soon had a crowd. There were people taking videos of Levis Mendonca crooning some of their favourite songs and it was a moment he will always remember… The fact that it happened near the riverside reminded him of Goa as well. Levis, who studied at St Xavier’s College, Mapusa, is currently working with the National Health Service (NHS) and plays music over the weekends as a duo with his wife, Kirsten, and also with his band Treble Makers… Levis has become a hit in the party circuit in the United Kingdom, especially among the Goan community…. “One of my first solo gigs was performing at the UK-Goa Day in 2015, from then on, it was no looking back. Seeing over 10,000 Goans dance to the music we love was pure happiness,” he says… 1084 words.  For further details click here
Video: UK Goan Festival London 2016 – Levis Mendonca …  click here

Sex tourists, drug abuse make Goa India’s 'Pattaya’

22 Jun: La Croix International. By Bosco de Souza Eremita. The influx of domestic tourists to Goa has more than doubled in five years and is taking its toll on the culture of this former Portuguese colony, activists say. With more visitors seeking sex, drugs and booze in this western state it is inviting a backlash from locals who have grown tired of seeing their homes trashed and their women molested." Just as Pattaya is known for its sex tourism and Macau for its casinos, India has chosen Goa as its sexual playground," said Agnel Lobo, a Goan living in Calangute … some 680,000 foreigners visited recently, showing 100 percent growth since 2000 … Western women can also find male gigolos to rent in Goa … 1187 words.  click here
21 Jun: Woman (Russia). Love in Goa! Posting from Marya: Hello! I met my love while on vacation in Goa. I'm 26, he's quite a boy - 20 years old. We fell in love sharply, brightly, as always happens in holiday romances. He offered to marry me so I returned to Goa and for 2 weeks we lived together. Everything was perfect and I learnt that he will be able to marry only after the marriage of his sister in 3-5 years ... When I had to leave Goa he asked for some money. I'm hurt since it looks like he's a gigolo … 378 words + comments.  click here

Goans with Portuguese passports to benefit from UK plan for EU citizens post Brexit

22 Jun: Hindustan Times. Thousands of Goans with Portuguese passports who moved to the United Kingdom in recent years will be able to stay permanently under post-Brexit plans for EU citizens announced by the Theresa May government on Thursday… Announcing plans for the settlement scheme in the House of Commons, immigration minister Caroline Nokes said applicants will only need to complete three key steps — prove their identity, show that they live in the UK, and declare they have no serious criminal convictions. Two types of status will be granted to Goan-origin Portuguese and other EU citizens: Settled status for those who have lived in the UK for five years or more, and pre-settled status for those who have been in the UK less than five years… Trials of the UK scheme are due to begin in June, with people allowed to start registering in the autumn. The scheme will run through the two-year transition period after Brexit day and beyond, up to June 2021…  For further details click here

The explosive film lifting the lid on sex trafficking between India and LA

21 Jun: The Guardian (UK). Love Sonia is the shocking tale of a young woman caught up in the global sex trade. Its director and stars, including Demi Moore and Freida Pinto, on the true stories that inspired it … Love Sonia is the story of a teenage girl who travels to Mumbai to find her sister, whom their father, a farmer, has sold to a brothel to settle his debts. In the process, Sonia is herself forced into sex work. She is beaten, raped and smuggled to the other side of the world. It is a harrowing story, lifting the lid on urban poverty and grim exploitation. It is also based on real incidents which gives the drama an authentic, unforced power … In the film, Sonia is taken from India to Hong Kong, then to Los Angeles, where she is made to work as an escort for white Americans … 1796 words.  For further details click here
Love Sonia opens this year’s London Indian film festival showing Saturday 23 June 2018 20:15 at NFT3. Sold Out.  click here

Indian diaspora heading to Canada for permanent residency

20 Jun: Asian Voice UK). Canada has emerged as a coveted destination for India’s diaspora. Indians are appearing to grab Canada’s Express Entry programme which invites top-ranked candidates - under the country’s point based immigration system - to take up permanent residency. Express Entry is Canada’s flagship programme for key economic migration. Under it, of the 86,022 invitations sent in 2017, nearly 42% (or 36,310) were to those holding an Indian citizenship. The total number of invitations sent in 2017 was more than double of the previous year - 33,782. In 2016, the number of invites sent to those having Indian citizenship was merely 11,037, showing an increase by more than 200%...  For further details click here

Goa vacationers get held for hours, money seized

21 Jun: Derby Journal. Some 17 Goa-bound tourists, including 11 foreigners, had a harrowing experience after they were caught for carrying cash more than what‘s prescribed during times… The incident took place on Saturday, and came to light when the victims approached a Hubballi court on Monday, seeking release of their car and cash… Sonal Pahwa, director of a Delhi-based medical tourism company, was taking 17 tourists, including 11 from Oman, Iran, Iraq to Goa in cars… one person was carrying Rs 97,000 for the entire team of 17 tourists. He wasn‘t aware that citizens weren‘t allowed to carry more than Rs 50,000 during elections without documents… A woman tourist alleged that some police personnel were “staring at” her at the station… Deputy commissioner SB Bommanahalli promised to look into their complaints…  For further details click here

No proof against suspects in Felix Dahl's murder: Prosecution

22 Jun: Times of India. Defending the investigation carried out by Canacona police in the alleged murder of Swedish national Felix Dahl, prosecution told the high court on Thursday that there was no evidence against the suspects in the case. The prosecution was countering allegations of shoddy police investigation made by Dahl’s mother Minna Pirhonen, who has sought transfer of the case to the CBI. Arguing that there were no major injuries on Dahl’s body, public prosecutor S Rivonkar argued, “There were five injuries on his head which were perforated, irregular in nature with no linear fractures, which would have been the case if he had been assaulted.” The injuries were circumstantial, caused because he fell down, Rivonkar said… Stating there was no financial motive to kill the 22-year-old foreign national as his bank balance was not much, Rivonkar refuted the claim that huge sums were withdrawn from Dahl’s bank account prior to his death. Only petty cash was withdrawn, he said. Referring to Dahl’s friends, the public prosecutor said they have been cooperating with the investigation and that small deviations in their statement was not indicative of their involvement in the crime…  For further details click here
23 Jun: Herald. Verdict reserved on Felix Dahl ‘murder’ case transfer to CBI … The High Court of Bombay at Goa has reserved the order in the Swedish tourist Felix Dahl’s alleged murder case after concluding hearing arguments on Friday. The order is will likely be pronounced next week but the division bench has not set a date …  click here

Starting up in Goa? Get help with your startup certification application

22Jun: Your Story. Momentum has accelerated to make Goa one of the most preferred startup destinations of India and one of the Top 25 startup destinations of Asia by 2025. Goa also plans to host at least 100 successful startups from Goa in the next five years… A Startup Promotion Cell was formed as a nodal agency, along with infrastructure for incubators and accelerators… It is now hosting a session for the startups who applied on the portal for the certification to avail the benefits… When: 10 AM to 12 PM on June 23rd, 2018 (Saturday) …  For further details click here


News Summary

Advertisement: Goa House For Sale

North Goa. Sangolda Village. Bella Vista Vaddo. Portuguese house located in large plot size 2700 sq. m. Located between CHOGM road and main highway. Road access to both within 5 minutes. Secluded. Clear title. Plot suitable to build additional homes. British expat. Only serious buyers. Please contact 07561 132 1187

Hartman de Souza: As a Goan boy growing up in Kenya in the 1950s, I saw football change and history being made

21 Jun: Scroll. By Hartman de Souza. I knew there was something called the World Cup courtesy an eccentric mother who kick-started a thick scrap book dedicated to football, to get me to start reading the newspaper. I was ten years old, and lived in Mombasa … I kept that scrapbook going with anything and everything to do with football … The executive committee of the library and reading room at the Goan Institute, Mombasa, for instance, was never to find out who mysteriously cut out articles and news reports on football from all the papers … In 1963 ended I was uprooted from Mombasa and moved to a small town called Embu … A few years before Kenya got its independence [in 1964], at a time when many Goans still thought of themselves as ‘Portuguese’ subjects and not ‘Indians’ there were about six to eight teams in the First Division league in Mombasa. Matches were played at the Municipal Stadium in Mombasa. It had a football ground that to any ten-year-old appeared as beautiful as the lush baize of a billiard table… Hartman de Souza was born in Nairobi, Kenya. Living as a child in Lamu, Eldoret, Nanyuki, Embu and Mombasa, he finished school in Nairobi, before moving with his parents to India in 1967, where he lived in Goa and completed his post- graduate studies… 7554 words.  For further details click here
Hartman De Souza is the husband of Ujwala; son of the late Peter and late Dora De Souza; brother of Cheryl  click here
For a selection of Google references to Hartman de Souza, click here.

Brexit: Three 'simple' requirements for EU citizens to stay in UK

21 Jun: BBC. EU citizens will have to answer three "simple" questions online if they want to continue living in the UK after Brexit, the home secretary has said. Sajid Javid said the government's "default" position would be to grant, not refuse, settled status. People will be asked to prove their ID, whether they have criminal convictions and whether they live in the UK. Their answers will be checked against government databases and a decision given "very quickly", said Mr Javid… The Home Office said the criminal record checks would be about "serious and persistent criminality, not parking fines"… The £170m scheme will be compulsory for all EU citizens living in the UK - the government expects a total of 3.5 million applications. EU citizens and family members who have been in the UK for five years by the end of 2020 will be able to apply for "settled status", meaning they are free to go on living and working in the UK indefinitely. Those who have arrived by December 31, 2020, but do not have five years' residence, can seek to stay until they have, at which point they can seek settled status …  For further details click here

Injuries on Felix Dahl’s body not explained by police: Mother

21 Jun: Times of India. Pointing out at “unexplained” injuries on the body of Swedish national Felix Dahl who was found dead in Goa in 2015, the lawyer representing the deceased’s mother on Wednesday raised questions before the high court of Goa as to how Cancona police initially registered it as a case of unnatural… Dahl’s mother Minna Pirhonen has approached the court seeking transfer of the case from Goa Police to the Central Bureau of Investigation due to shoddy investigation. During the hearing of the case, advocate Shikha Sethia, who appeared for Pirhonen, said that there were injuries on his head and the explanation given by the police that he had an accidental fall is not acceptable considering the circumstances in which he died…  For further details click here

Goan activist Claude Alvares summoned by police

The Goa Police summoned activist Claude Alvares on Wednesday in connection with an FIR filed against him in May. Alvares moved for an anticipatory bail by afternoon. “We have summoned him for locking the main door of the department’s head office,” said Police Inspector Siddhant Shirodkar. “We are probing the charges as there is an FIR filed by the office of Mines and Geology.” On May 12, Alvares symbolically locked the offices of the State Mines and Geology department and handed the keys to the state police. The office was fully functioning and had employees working inside the premises…  For further details click here

How Goa celebrated International Yoga Day

21 Jun: Times of India. Hundreds of school children, Indian Naval officers, bureaucrats and locals took part in the International Day of Yoga celebrations at Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium in Bambolim last morning. The event organised by the Government of Goa was inaugurated by Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha.  For further details click here
Video: 21 Jun: Goa 365tv. Goa celebrates 4th international Yoga Day …  click here
21 Jun: Times of India. Alcohol to drugs, kicking the habit with yoga … click here.

The Sydney barista taking Australian coffee culture to tea-loving India

20 Jun: ABC Net (Australia). A Sydney-born barista is on a mission to bring Australian coffee culture to tea-loving India after discovering he cannot get a good cuppa in the country he now calls home. Shannon D'souza's family runs a coffee and tea plantation in India's south-west, employing around 400 people — but the local caffeine hit left a bitter taste in Mr D'souza's mouth. "When I got to India, coffee was something called South Indian filter which is very bitter with a lot of milk and sugar added to drink it," he said. "I couldn't get a decent cup of coffee." Influenced by his time working cafes in upmarket parts of Sydney including Mosman and the Rocks, Mr D'Souza is now running a cafe in Mumbai… He is also hoping to raise the profile of coffee grown in India, with an eye to exporting it back to Australia…  For further details click here

UK Forthcoming Events

Sun 24 Jun. Benaulim Association UK invites you to celebrate the feast of their Patron St John the Baptist at Woodside High School Hall, White Hart Lane, Wood Green N22. Holy Mass will start promptly at 12.30pm, followed by dancing to the sounds of 'SHADES'. Tickets which include delicious snacks and a meal costs £12 for members and £14 for guests. Children 6 TO 15 years £7 and FREE for 5 and under. Please book early to avoid any disappointment. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. For further details and tickets please call Jack on 0208 903 9017, Mary 0208 803 9752, Filu 020 7625 4728 Josephine 0208 352 8355/07957148406. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 1 July. Aldona Association (London) would like to invite you to celebrate our 42nd Feast of Saint Thomas at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Holy Mass starting promptly at 12pm, followed by Social with ‘Live’ Music from the UK’s No.1 Goan Band ‘Shades’ plus our very own DJ Richiee. Tickets (include Snacks & Meal): Members £13, Guests £15, Children (6-11 years) £6, Children (Under 5) Free. Book early to avoid disappointment – Tickets will not be sold at the door. For tickets and further details, please email: or call Gary Coutinho: 07958 435147 or Michelle DeSouza: 07713 449906; For the flyer, click here.

Sun 8 Jul: G.O.A. Golf Open 2018 Batchworth Park Golf Club - More info to follow - Contact Ravi Vaz 07909927539 Sun. 29 Jul: 2.00pm & 6.00pm. Goan Folklore Productions presents a Bardroy Barretto film "NACHOM-IA KUMPASAR". A tribute to the unsung musicians of Goa, The much talked about Goan Movie, Winner of 34 National & International Awards will be screened at Villiers High School, Boyd Avenue, Southall, UB1 3BT. Book your tickets without delay. For tickets: HOUNSLOW - Freddy 07438 284636. WEMBLEY: Mark de Araujo ~ 07535 931677; Seby~07405107613. HAYES: Fredy 07929 369188. SOUTHALL: Peter de Merces 07417 494316; Simon Gonsalves 07417 437462; Theodor 07811 113119. GREENFORD: Grina~07846 657791. HARROW: Gregg Carvalho 07931 753653 or For the flyer, click here.

Sun 5 Aug. The UK Goan Festival London 2018, Cranford Community College, High Street, Cranford, Hounslow, TW5 9PD, From 11am to 8pm. Contact Ravi Vaz 07909927539 or Bella Fernandes 07949233307. For the flyer, click here

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Death: Eldrich Sequeira

17 Jun: Mapusa. ELDRICH SEQUEIRA. Born 17 06-1961. (President de Souza Group). Passed away peacefully. Beloved husband of Yvonne & loving father to Alexander. Son of the Late Salvador (Salu) & Megzincia Sequeira (ex Jinja, Uganda) of Mapusa (Disticar). He will be lovingly remembered by his siblings Benjamin/Estrella, Franklin, Cynthia/Michael (Australia). Norbert/Rayna (Canada) and Shirley/Denis (Canada). Also adoringly remembered by his nephews and nieces Ryan, Thomas, Chelsea, Natasha and Natalie. Funeral cortege will leave from his residence Casa Disticar, Feira Alta Mapusa on Saturday June 23rd, 2018 at 3.30 pm for Mass at St Jerome's Church, Mapusa followed by burial. click here.

News Summary

Murumbi’s Legacy Part One: From Eldama Ravine to London

20 Jun: The Star (Kenya). … Today, Murumbi stands as a symbol of what Kenya could have become, and still could be. As the son of a Goan father and a Maasai mother, he disdained prejudice of any kind… starting today, are three adaptations of chapters from Joseph Murumbi: A Legacy of Integrity, to be launched on Friday, 22 June… Joseph Murumbi’s father, Peter Zuzarte, came from an old landed family in Goa but after emigrating to Kenya became a trader. His mother was a remarkable linguist who spoke a dozen languages including English. The two met in Eldama Ravine, where Murumbi was born in 1911. The couple eventually separated, by which time Murumbi was studying in a Jesuit-run school in India. He returned to Kenya as a young man in 1933. At the urging of his father, who said the African people needed his skills more than the Asian people, Murumbi renounced his Asian identity and became identified as a Maasai. His mixed background never seems to have caused him political problems; he was elected to Parliament in 1963 from a mixed-race constituency in Nairobi… Joseph Murumbi: A Legacy of Integrity will be launched as part of the Samosa Festival in Nairobi on Friday, 22 June … It will retail at Sh1,200 after 11 July … 2099 words.  For further details click here

Goa’s shuttered mines highlight India growth dilemma

21 Jun: Financial Tmes (UK). Forty kilometres inland from the south Goa beaches beloved of European backpackers, lies the Codli iron ore mine: two yawning grey-ochre pits that were, until recently, among India’s most lucrative mineral resources. But now the mine — controlled by London-listed Vedanta Resources — has the feel of a site being reclaimed by nature … Codli is the biggest of several dozen Goa iron ore mines that halted production in March after India’s supreme court ordered an industry shutdown in the state. The judges accused Goa’s government of “patently illegal” behaviour in its renewal of mining leases three years before — issued for token payments from miners who had repeatedly broken environmental regulations… 1045 words.  For further details click here

More info: Young father, 31, died after choking on a piece of meat in Goa

20 Jun: Daily Mail (UK). A ‘heartbroken’ family has paid tribute to a devoted father who died after choking on a small cube of meat while holidaying in Goa. An inquest was told that Daniel Scott, of Joiners Court, Kent, was just a few days into his dream family holiday to Goa when he died… his family are still fighting for some of his organs to be returned to the UK from India… A post mortem report found that Daniel had choked on a piece of meat and his cause of death was confirmed by Dr Andre Fernandes… Daniel's family is still pushing for some of his organs to be returned to the UK from India. They were removed during the post-mortem examination … they have been told the process may take up to three years but they are working with the British Embassy to speed it up… 1084 words + comments  For further details click here

Expo shows kids’ support to Qatar at The Torch Doha

20 Jun: The Peninsula. A photography exhibition with a unique concept will take place at The Torch Doha in which Bosco Menezes, a prolific photojournalist, will showcase a compilation of portraits, mainly of children expressing their support to the Amir during the blockade. Marking one year from the start of the blockade, Qatar has witnessed an unprecedented support from its citizens, locals and expatriates alike… Bosco Menezes, hailing from Goa, India, grew up as a permanent resident of Qatar. With over 20 years of experience in the marketing and media field, Bosco is a communications professional with a keen eye on photography. He recently launched his own brand of photojournalism / social media activation / photography called Big B fotografi (#bigbfotografi)  For further details click here

Aldona resident held for duping 50 young overseas job seekers

20 Jun: The Goan. The Margao police on Tuesday nabbed a resident of Aldona for allegedly duping around 50 youngsters to the tune of Rs 15 lakh under the pretext of promising overseas jobs at Canada, USA and Singapore. Accused Arthur Kennedy Lourenco has been booked for cheating under the IPC and under the provisions of the Emigration Act. .. the accused induced 50 victims to pay an amount of Rs 67,000 each on the pretext of providing them jobs in USA, Canada and Singapore…  For further details click here
Video: 20 Jun: Goa 365tv. Man held for cheating 50 with jobs abroad … 1m. 57s.  click here

Goa Catholics unenthusiastic about archbishop’s call for modest weddings

20 Jun: Scroll. Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao’s pastoral letter to Christians in the archdiocese of Goa and Daman may have made headlines because he made a plea for people to work towards protecting the Constitution, but another request in his annual epistle has got Christians in Goa talking. In the letter Ferrao also called on members of the Catholic Church to tone down ostentatious weddings and hold modest celebrations instead. However, while several Catholics in Goa agree with the import of Ferrao’s suggestion, they argue that the scale of a wedding should be a matter of choice, rather than a diktat… The emergence of Goa as a destination wedding venue in recent years has coincided with a rise in the expenditure on Catholic weddings too. While local celebrations are still modest as compared to the more extravagant destination weddings, those in the wedding industry suggest that even a modest Catholic wedding now costs in the region of Rs 10 lakh…  For further details click here

Goa, Hawaii to become sister states soon: Parrikar

19 Jun: Asia Independent (UK). Panaji, Goa and Hawaii will soon sign a memorandum of understanding making them sister states, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Monday after the Cabinet formally approved the proposal… “(Hawaiian) Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (photo) has a keen interest in Indian culture. She moved a proposal and the Governor supported it,” Parrikar told reporters after a meeting of the state Cabinet… the sister-state relationship could cover exchanges in the fields of culture, education, tourism and others. Parrikar said that during his visit to Hawaii as Defence Minister, he witnessed several similarities shared by the tropical US state and Goa. “If you go to Hawaii and if you wake up in the morning, without knowing where you are, you will think you are in Goa. I have been there for three days. I was surprised to see that it looks exactly like Goa. “Their food habits are also like us, fish, rice and coconut is abundant. It looks like Goa, the two have a lot of similarities and they are interested in having sister-state relationship …  For further details click here
Video: Gabbard wraps up weeks of promoting Hawaii in India. Congresswoman. Tulsi Gabbard has just returned from a very successful tour of India …  click here

SPORT: Natural Born Winners. BBC 2. Sat. 23rd June. 09:00 to 10:00. Giants from the world of athletics, rugby and super biking compete against local champions - and each other - in four challenges across the globe. Donovan Bailey, Gareth Thomas, Iwan Thomas and James Toseland are in India to discover the spiritual world of Kalaripayattu, a fighting system said to be the root of all martial arts. The hot weather and spicy food is a culture shock for former rugby captain Gareth who is used to the Welsh countryside.

DRAMA: Tommies. BBC Radio 4. Sat. 23rd June. 21:00 to 21:45. Drama based on war diaries and eye-witness accounts. 28 October 1914: The first Indian Army soldiers arrive on the battlefields of France.

TRAVEL: Coast. BBC 2. Mon. 25th June. 13:00 to 14:00. The Netherlands. The Bafta winning Coast ventures out to brand new territory, the astonishing man-made shoreline of the Netherlands. Nick Crane discovers how, during World War II, traitors from the British Indian Army took part in the Nazi occupation of the tiny isle of Texel.

NATURE: India's New Worlds. Yesterday (Freeview 19). Mon. 25th June. 14:00 to 15:00. A look at some of India's wildlife that has been brought back from the brink of extinction. Manas National Park was ravaged during civil unrest where poaching was rife. Episode 2.

COOKERY: Food Unwrapped. more4 (Freeview 14). Tues. 26th June. 08:55 to 09:25. Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt uncover more unusual, intriguing and surprising secrets behind the food we eat. At one of Kenya's largest tea plantations, Jimmy discovers that tea comes in multiple grades and flavours, and every batch can be subtly different. So how can the big tea bag manufacturers produce a brew that tastes the same each time?

REALITY SHOW: My Restaurant in India. Home (Freeview 25). Tues. 26th June. 22:30 to 23:00. Sarah Todd continues her attempts to open her first restaurant in Goa, India. The day of the soft launch has arrived, but the restaurant is still under construction.

DOCUMENTARY: The People v the NHS: Who Gets the Drugs?. BBC 2. Wed. 27th June. 21.00 to 22:0. PrEP is a drug that experts believe could end the HIV and AIDS epidemic. But in 2016 the NHS, after 18 months of consultation, made the decision that they could not fund it. One man, Greg Owen, helped stop thousands becoming HIV positive by setting up a website which allowed people to buy generic PrEP from drug manufacturers in India



Death: Anna Paes

15 Jun2 2018: ANNA FRANCISCA PAES. Our beloved mother died peacefully on June 15, 2018, in her 101st year, at the Houses of Providence in Toronto. Loving wife of the late Joao Mariano and daughter of the late Gregory and Marianinha D’Lima of Porvorim, Goa. Beloved mother of Flavia/late Valencio, Rita/Richard, Xavier/Leonora, Sera/Raul, Bosco and Dominic/Kate. Anna was blessed with 11 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren. She loved them all very dearly. Eldest sister to late Joaquim/Maria, Angela/late Edward and Lucy/late Anthony. Anna will be missed by her many nieces and nephews.
Anna was a teacher at the Star of the Sea School in Mombasa, Kenya for many years and will be remembered by the teachers and the many students whom she mentored. She was well known in the Mombasa and Toronto communities for her generous spirit and her love for all who called her a friend or were in need of a helping hand.
Visitation will take place at Highland Funeral Home, 3280 Sheppard Ave East, Scarborough, on Sunday, June 24 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Funeral service will take place at 10:30 am on Monday, June 25 at St Barnabas Catholic Church, 10 Washburn Way, Scarborough, followed by burial and reception at Christ the King Cemetery, 7770 Steeles Ave East, Markham. In lieu of flowers, donations to Fr. Ho Lung’s Missionaries of the Poor would be appreciated. The funds will be sent to support the orphans in Kenya who were always close to Anna’s heart. Address: Missionaries of the Poor, PO Box 20070, Southbrook PO, Maple, Ontario L6A 4M4, Canada. Donations should be specified "In memory of Anna Francisca Paes" for the Brothers of the Kenya Mission. Condolences at click here.

Death: Franco Castello
12 Jun. 2018: Mississauga, Canada. FRANCO CASTELLO. Ex Nairobi. Born September 22, 1933. Died peacefully in his sleep with his children by his side at Brampton Hospital. Beloved husband of the late Flavia Castello. Loving father to Sandra (Kevan), Marianne (Alan). Loving Papa to Roxanne, Dominic & Patrick. Visitation at The Simple Alternative (1535 Gateway Road, Mississauga) on Tuesday, June 19th from 5pm to 9pm. Funeral mass will be held at St. Francis of Assisi (2473 Thorn Lodge Drive, Mississauga) on Wednesday, June 20th at 10 am. May his soul rest in peace. In lieu of flowers, the family asks for donations to be made to The Canadian Lung Association. [Info: Norman DaCosta]. For photo and guestbook, click here.

Death: Linda Dias

5 June 2018: Cambridge, UK. ANTONIA ROSALINDA (LINDA) DIAS Born: 26/10/1924. Ex Cavelossim. Beloved wife of late Sebastiao Thomas Dias. Much loved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Funeral service will take place at St. Laurence's Catholic Church, 91 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1XB. On 21 June at 11 a.m. click here.

News Summary

Goan man convicted of sexually grooming two underage girls in UK

19 Jun: Times of India. A Goan man was convicted by the Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to sexually grooming two 12-year-old girls (actually a middle-aged woman volunteer with an Internet vigilante group posing online as two girls) and trying to meet them to commit further sexual offences. The convict, Francisco Pereira, 30, who now lives with his uncle in Southall, hails from Panaji in Goa. Sentencing was adjourned to July 11 and Pereira was released on bail on the condition that he did not apply for any travel documents. He was also put on the sex offenders’ register … In court he listened to the charges being read out to him via a Konkani interpreter as his family watched from the public gallery. Pereira pleaded guilty to two charges of attempting to meet girls under the age of 16 following sexual grooming and two charges of attempting sexual communications with two underage girls. He had pleaded not guilty to the same charges at Uxbridge magistrates’ court in May… 408 words.  For further details click here
Video: Francisco Pereira from Goa arrested in UK for Sex and Grooming …  click here

Foodie's guide to London: where to buy Indian ingredients and produce in the city

19 Jun: London Evening Standard. Where do you go when you want to get your hands on the best, and freshest, ingredients for Indian cooking? Victoria Stewart has the lowdown … Goan Cuisines: We use this online shop for our more Goan specialities on the menu at Kricket in Soho and Brixton. Things like our Goan sausage. He also does great masalas," says Bowlby…  For further details click here
15 Feb, 2017: London Evening Standard. Goan sausage at Kricket Soho …  click here
For the Goan Cuisine online shop, click here.

UK: Daniel Lee Scott 'choked on chunk of meat' in Goa, inquest hears

19 Jun: Kent Online. Mystery surrounds the death of a devoted young dad who reportedly died with food trapped in his throat hours after playing on the beach with his toddler. Daniel Lee Scott, partner Jade and Jack, aged two, had started their luxury holiday in the paradise resort of Goa in India when tragedy struck… Daniel went out saying he would be about an hour, but that was the last time, Jade, 30 saw her partner alive… A post-mortem examination revealed a chunk of meat had been found trapped in his vocal cords, blocking his air passage. The cause of death was asphyxia. His heartbroken family flew his body home where a second investigation was carried out. But the pathologist was unable to reach a definitive conclusion of how he died as vital organs were missing and there were no toxicology reports… assistant coroner Katrina Hepburn said, “Much of the reports are handwritten and I found difficulty in reading some of them." … Daniel’s parents tracked down the roadside spot where he died and the motorcyclist who had found him and called an ambulance twice between 11.40pm and 11.50pm on February 25… He was cremated in Maidstone but his father told the coroner they were upset because many of his organs were still in India. He said: "We want his body parts back, but we have been told this could take up to three years… 693 words.  For further details click here

These are Goa’s street food superstars

19 Jun: Conde Nast Traveller. Here’s are 7 ‘gaddos’ that you must check out for a truly Goan experience: 1: Valanka Fast Food, Benaulim for chauris pao, very tasty ... 2: Sandeep Gaddo, Garcia De Orta, Panjim for ros omelette… 3: The Noronha brothers at the Anjuna Circle for beef croquets and fish … 4: Café Sai Anant, Parra circle junction, Parra for Oyster Xacuti… 5: D’Silva’s Fast Food, Miramar Circle, Panjim for roast beef cutlet pao … 6: Irmao’s, Santa Cruz, Panjim for prawn cutlets and chicken chops … 7: Taste of Goa, Majorda for omelette sorpotel… 1215 words.  For further details click here

Escape from Planet Plastic

19 Jun: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. The monsoon churns the Arabian Sea off Goa, and what comes up is mostly plastic… This isn’t just a problem for India’s smallest state… That grim fate already grips Goa, so gorgeously pristine just a couple of decades ago, now teetering on the brink after abject failure of governance for an entire generation. Every election year there are grand promises made to tackle the garbage problem, and then the problem only gets worse. Plastic bans have been enacted and re-enacted, but never enforced, and so the state is lined from border to border with ever-increasing waste… Just last year on December 19, chief minister Manohar Parrikar declared “from 30 May next year, there will be a complete ban on plastic in the state.” He added another promise, “Goa will be garbage free by this date next year.”  For further details click here

Transport Department cracks whip on illegal hire of vehicles to tourists

20 Jun: Herald. Cracking the whip on the illegal hire of vehicles to tourists, Transport Department has seized around 50 vehicles and suspended the registration of 15 two-wheelers and six cars for four months. The action taken in just one month, will continue. This is the first time that the department has resorted to mass suspension of registrations … Transport Department gave details of a few case, stating that a car owned by a Calangute resident had been hired at the rate of Rs 1,200 per day … Another car owner from Nagoa, admitted hiring the vehicle at the rate of Rs 1,000 per day… a car owner from Arpora admitted hiring the vehicle at Rs 300 per day. The owner of a two-wheeler admitted hiring the bike at Rs 300 per day.  For further details click here

Canada: Real Scoop: Jimi Sandhu behind bars in Goa

18 Jun: Vancouver Sun. In December 2015, Jimi Sandhu testified at an immigration hearing that he had turned over a new leaf, had married and was starting a business in Edmonton. But he was deported a few months later for serious criminality. Now he is in jail in India for allegedly being part of an international ketamine production and smuggling operation. I got details from some Indian news reports and am trying to get more information, which I hope to have in the coming days. For example, I couldn’t confirm Monday than another Canadian arrested, who India is calling Nguyen Manh Cuong, is actually Dhak associate Ken Cuong Manh Nguyen. I believe he likely is, but need more confirmation of that.  For further details click here

Joaquim Correia's book is a musical portrait of the Portuguese presence in India

19 Jun: Notícias ao Minuto (Portugal) The researcher Joaquim Correia proposes to make the "musical portrait" of the last years of the Portuguese presence in India, in his work "Last Dance in Goa", recently published. The author stresses the role of Catholicism in the Goa region, namely Jesuit schools, committed to teaching the Portuguese language through the art of music, and states that the "connection of Catholic Goans to music manifested itself in sounds and instruments distinct from Indian tradition... It was not by chance that so many Goan musicians, mainly jazz musicians, were so important in Dar es Salaam, Karachi and especially Bombay, from the 30's of the twentieth century," argues the author… The book includes an article on the "hippie invasion" and another by Susana Sardo on the "Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians of Goa” … 859 words.  For further details click here
16 Jun: Herald. The sound of music and an era gone by. A book launched in Portugal that talks about Goa’s culture and music has become a hit among the local community …  click here
To buy a copy of the book, click here.


News Summary

Dr Anthony Paes: NHS at 70: why South Asian doctors became the ‘lifeblood’ of the health service

18 Jun: I News (UK). South Asian doctors in particular have been recognised for their contribution with one historian going so far as to say they were the “lifeblood” of the health service in its early years and prevented a recruitment crisis… Dr Pande decided to become a GP in 1975, starting his new career in a family-run surgery at the home of Dr Anthony Paes, a Goan doctor who had married a Welsh lady, Dilys. “It was an open surgery which meant you could just turn up without an appointment and wait to see a doctor. We worked out of the family home with Anthony in charge, his wife doing the paperwork and their eldest daughter working as the receptionist.” Dr Shiv Pande photographed at the family surgery where he worked shortly after arriving in the UK from India ,…  For further details click here

Editorial: Walk the Talk, Goa…the Revolution is within

18 Jun: Herald. … The annual Goa Revolution Day celebration in the state has been reduced to the level of a state-sponsored mime, an official dakhovok even nattoc… Fighting against a tyrannical Goa Government that comes up with scores of scams and draconian orders every day ranging from hounding activists to flagging illegalities in the name of development to robbing the state of its image of a friendly, safe and content state… Goa cannot and should not forget the fact that a day before the Liberation Day anniversary, a lively and lovely daughter of humankind - Scarlett Keeling too would have celebrated another birthday. The same Goa Government neither could protect her and many other foreign nationals including Danielle McLaughlin, Felix Dahl, Caitanya Lila Holt, Denyse Sweeney nor get them justice…  For further details click here

Konkan activist takes up aboriginals’ cause in Australia

18 Jun: Steel Guru. Economic Times reported that tribal rights and social activist Dr Vaishali Patil is back from Australia where she was one of the international campaigners who guided the aboriginal community in its fight against Adani group’s mining project in Queensland. Konkan-based Patil had been to Australia in April last year as well after the community invited her to take up their cause… Ms Patil told Mumbai Mirror that “I went to participate in the ‘Stop Adani’ movement in Australia and share my ideas about the fight against the mining giant. The coal will be supplied to India, but it is of very low quality.” …  For further details click here

Fight against colonial rule in Goa yet not over: Manohar Parrikar

18 Jun: Money Control. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, in his first public address after returning from the US, today said the fight against colonial power in the state was yet not over… "The struggle which began 72 years back (in 1946) resulted in the liberation of Goa in 1961 but I feel the fight is yet to get over," Parrikar said addressing people at the Azad Maidan here. He was referring to the issue of problems faced by people living in the evacuee properties at Mayem village in the state… Mayem, a village with around 30,000 population has been declared as an evacuee property, owned by Portuguese nationals who left the place and settled in Portugal after the state's liberation in 1961. The Goans, living as tenants on the property, have been fighting for their rights. Freedom fighter Chandrakant Pednekar also called for the need to free the land in Mayem village for the ownership of Portuguese people…  For further details click here

Police begin patrolling beaches in North Goa

18 Jun: Navhind Times. The police in North Goa have begun patrolling the beaches on motorcycles from Monday while the South Goa police have already started it. … The police in North Goa will cover Arambol-Morjim beach stretch, Vagator-Anjuna beach stretch, Baga-Calangute beach stretch, Sinquerim beach stretch and also Miramar-Dona Paula beach stretch. The police personnel on motorcycles will patrol the beaches till midnight, the police said adding that four motorcycles have been assigned for the task…  For further details click here

WATCH: Chilling video footage shows youth swept to death by a massive wave at a Goa beach

18 Jun: Times Now. Beach holiday turned tragic for a group of youngsters when receding waves swept a youngster at a beach in Goa. Bone-chilling footage of the incident has emerged showing three youngsters walking along a rocky patch on a Goa beach. The approximately four-minute footage shows a massive wave approaching the group. While one of the members is filming the incident, two are pushed ashore by the wave. A fourth friend, pulled by the receding wave, is seen trapped between the rocks and later seen disappearing. According to security officials, the group was warned not to venture near the sea due to rough weather and monsoon. They, however, ignored the warnings and decided to take a walk along the rocky patch… The incident comes just days after a tragedy struck a family of 14 on June 11, when the Akola natives lost three of their relatives at Calangute beach…  For further details click here

Goa to Mumbai: Head to the coveted House of Lloyd for a seafood binge

18 Jun: Architecture & Design. Juhu just became home to House of Lloyd—and gathering from its successful innings in its parent Goa outlet, might become Mumbai’s next big thing. Surely, when authentic Goan cuisine, sensational cocktails, peppy music, and a crisp outdoorsy design come together, the result will be a winner? … House of Lloyd, the coveted Goan eatery’s first Mumbai outpost is perched above Juhu’s Grandmama’s Cafe, and replaces Porto and Poie…  For further details click here

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Department of NRI Affairs, Govt. of Goa

You need to register to access the site. Some of the links: Press Releases; Indian Embassies; Handbook for Non Resident Goans; Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children, Eminent Goans, Konkani Dictionary etc.… Go to

Divine Retreat Centre - Ramsgate, Kent, UK

The famed Potta Centre now has a UK base. Phone: 01843586904 Email: Visit, with Programme of Events, Retreats, healing services, photos, videos and more.

Ed's Bar Services

We cater for all occasions, large or small. Edward Alvares. Personal Licence holder.
Full Licenced Bar. We provide proper glasses every time. For all your requirements contact Edward Alvares. Mob: 07507595603

Go Quick Travel Agents

Package Holidays & Flights Worldwide, including Goa. Excellent rates. Contact
Tony Dantas. 0208 238 9600 / 0208 204 6699
ABTA K9019 ATOL 9347

Goan for Hotel bookings

Choose your Hotel on our website
Competitive rates and allocations for Hotels even during Festive Seasons..!! Book
Early…. You won't be disappointed!! Contact Glenn Rodrigues, Call 07584081756
or email

HoneyBbuzz Music

Music for your occasion. Duo Trio Band Disco. Anniversaries Birthdays Weddings.
English Latin American Konkani Swahili. Contact: James mobile: 07546 999 677 Remos
mobile: 07448 160 917. Email:

International Flights & Holiday Specialist.

Charter Flights to Goa. UK Contact:
Savio Viegas: 020 8432 3266 OR 07926191069, email

London: Olde Goa Restaurant & Food Products

For the Restaurant, visit For food products - Goan Fish Curry, Vindaloo Paste, Rechado Masala, Pickles, Prawn Mole, Goan Vinegar etc. visit Contact Savio Azaredo, 07956206056

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