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Death: Baltu Mendes

17 Jan: Calgary, Canada. BALTU MENDES. Ex Catholic Colony No.1, Karachi. Son of late Pat Mendes. He is survived by his wife Colleen and three sons, brother Mickey and sisters Annie Rodrigues in Karachi, Marie Rocha in Calgary. [Info: Pompie Gois]

News Summary

Ex-CIA agent who is set to be extradited to Italy begs Trump to step in and save her from prison

17 Jan: Daily Mail (UK). Sabrina De Sousa, 60, is scheduled to be extradited from Portugal today… 1230 word + Comments  For further details click here
Former CIA rendition agent issues plea to Donald Trump as she faces jail in Italy… 17 Jan: Daily Telegraph (UK).  click here
Ex-CIA agent who reached out to Trump prepares for extradition … 17 Jan: New York Post. “Portuguese attorney to me ‘keep your suitcase packed.’ Have no idea what one packs..!” ex-spook Sabrina De Sousa tweeted from Portugal on the day she expected to be taken to Italy… click here.

India's African-origin Siddi tribe continue

18 Jan: Kyodo News (Tokyo). (Tokyo). "I was born in India. This is the place where I belong, but my ancestors came from Africa," said Shehnaz Rustom … African by origin but Indian by nationality, Siddis have made themselves an influential part of the state… Members are descended from Bantu peoples from sub-Saharan Africa. Their settlement did not occur by choice but by the force of Portuguese who brought them to India between the 16th and 19th centuries… Today, the number of ethnic Africans is on the rise in India, existing mainly in the states of Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Hyderabad… the Siddis have managed to preserve their musical and dance traditions of their ancestors over the centuries since arriving in India contributes to their being regarded as a "lost" tribe of Africa. 694 words.  For further details click here
Video: Siddis: In It For The Long Run | Unique Stories from India…  click here

Healthcare system to be in spotlight

18 Jan: Times of India. Leading experts, policy makers and renowned personalities will gather in Goa for the second edition of Difficult Dialogues to be held at International Centre Goa from February 10 to February 12. The forum, to be held in partnership with UCL (University College London), will focus on the question, 'Is India's Health a Grand Challenge?'… Noted journalist Siddharth Varadarajan and acclaimed actor Kabir Bedi will also be in attendance at a number of panel discussions…  For further details click here
For the 'Is India's Health a Grand Challenge?’ website,  click here

The Mumbai Classic That 'New York Times' Calls One Of The Best Dishes Of 2016

16 Jan: Huffington Post. Long before the name Kejriwal became inseparable from the Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi's current chief minister, it was linked to a certain mouth-watering chilli cheese and fried egg sandwich, revered by Mumbai's food lovers. Like all iconic dishes, Eggs Kejriwal has a captivating story behind it… Now, a version of the iconic dish served at the New York restaurant, Paowalla, has been shortlisted among the top ten dishes in the city by the New York Times … Mumbai-born chef Floyd Cardoz, who owns Paowalla, first introduced the dish in his restaurant, The Bombay Canteen in 2014. Its popularity prompted Cardoz to introduce Egg Kejriwal at his New York City restaurant, Paowalla, in 2016, where it has been again adapted to the local palate…  For further details click here
Video: Indian Breakfast Idea | How to Make Eggs Kejriwal… 5m. 51s.  click here

"Sex does not have to be toxic"

18 Jan: Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Germany). Silke Vogel is a freelance web designer and works all over the world. She runs a webshop, where she sells wooden dildos and vegan hand-and-footcuffs.. She talks about her independent life and work as well as the ecotourism of sex toys… Q: As a freelancing medi-designer, you are working in Goa where others are on holiday. How did you get this idea?... A: If you do not spend too much money: yes. With 900 euros per month I live well. I do not stay in star hotels, but mostly by Airbnb. In Goa, for example, I lived in a wooden hut for backpackers on the beach… 658 words.  For further details click here
For the Silke Vogel website,  click here

Goa assembly polls: Battle goes online

18 Jan: Times of India. Days after VJ Raghu campaigned for the Aam Admi Party (AAP) in Goa, he has become a major cause for a war of words between AAP and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters online. While those backing BJP are sharing a video of Raghu being cornered by a student's arguments, AAP supporters are sharing a clipping of Raghu clarifying that the video is using information selectively… BJP Goa IT cell incharge Kuncalienkar says, "While social media is definitely a direct tool to reach out to people, it is also true that some nefarious elements misuse the same to spread hatred and false news.” …  For further details click here

Poll ‘Wise’ Foreigners

18 Jan: Herald. Dozens of foreigners are operating their respective trades mostly associated to tourism industry on Goa’s coast including shops, general trading, catering, hotels, restaurants, touring, clubbing, cafes, music etc. A lot of foreigner girls are yoga instructors and into the travel guiding. Travel through the North Goa coastal belt has discovered that the foreigners who are operating businesses and here for long time are known to all political parties and their own local leaders… “We have seen people going to MLA for any petty work and that the way we got to know about them. In our country this hardly happens, politicians here are easily available” one of the British national said… 457 words.  For further details click here


FILM: Slumdog Millionaire. Film4. Mon. 23rd Jan. 21:00 to 23:25. Dev Patel is the boy from the slums whose life story leads to the jackpot question on India's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Vibrant, Oscar-winning drama from Danny Boyle. Stars Frieda Pinto.

FILM: East is East. Film4. Tues. 24th Jan. 21:00 to 22:55. Damien O'Donnell's multi-award-winning comedy stars the late Om Puri as George Khan, a Pakistani immigrant who, along with his wife Ella, is trying to run his fish-and-chip shop while coping with their seven children, ranging from the devout Maneer to the wayward Tariq, in 1970s Salford. Shown in tribute to Om Puri, who died on 6 January 2017.

FILM: Safari. Film4. Wed. 25th Jan. 13:05 to 15:00. Victor Mature and Janet Leigh star in early James Bond director Terence Young's thriller, which is set in Kenya during the 1950s Mau Mau Uprising
FILM: The Warrior. Film4. Thurs. 26th Jan. 01:55 to 03:45. Asif Kapadia's double-Bafta-winning debut film stars Irfan Khan as Lafcadia, a warlord's warrior in ancient India. Sent to massacre a village that's fallen behind in their taxes, he suffers a crisis of conscience and, laying down his sword, sets off to the Himalayas in search of peace. But the vengeful warlord sends enforcers on the trail of his renegade warrior, who must once again face violence.

DOCUMENTARY: The Cult Next Door. BBC 2. Thurs. 26th Jan. 21:00 to 22:00. The extraordinary story of a strange cult, which came to light in 2013 when a sensational news story broke about three women emerging from a small flat in Brixton in south London after decades in captivity following its leader Aravindan Balakrishnan, a student of Indian origin. The film documents how this left-wing collective evolved into a bizarre pseudo-religious cult, where members were controlled, threatened and brainwashed so that they were too terrified to leave.

FILM: Nutan Season: Bandini. Channel 4. Fri. 27th Jan. 01:40 to 03:30. The penultimate film in Channel 4's four-part tribute to the much-loved actress Nutan. Set during the British Raj of the 1930s and based on the memoirs of a jail superintendent, it tells the story of the imprisoned Kalyani, as she recollects in flashback the events in Bengal that drove her to murdering the wife of her lover, the freedom fighter Bikash Ghosh

COOKERY: Royal Recipes. BBC 1. Fri. 27th Jan. 15:45 to 16:30. India and Empire. Historian Dr Annie Gray visits Osborne House on the Isle of Wight where Queen Victoria, Empress of India, showcased her grand passion for the raj, and even hired her own Indian chefs. Plus Britain's first Indian Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar cooks a dish fit for an Indian president and a British queen.



Death: Tony Da Cruz
13 Jan 2017: Leicester, UK. ANTONIO DA CRUZ. Aged 84. Originated from Goa, but worked in Kenya & Leicester. The Da Cruz family are deeply saddened to announce the death of our beloved husband, father and grandfather who died peacefully. Funeral details to follow. Condolences to or Tel 0116 2663912.

News Summary

Video: Sabrina De Sousa, Ex-CIA officer faces extradition, seeks Trump's help

17 Jan: Fox News (USA). A former CIA officer facing jail time in Italy over her alleged role in the kidnapping of a suspected terrorist nearly 14 years ago called on President-elect Donald Trump Monday to "stop this precedent of U.S. diplomats [and] U.S. military and intelligence officers being convicted by foreign courts." Sabrina De Sousa, who is due to be extradited to Italy from Portugal Tuesday to begin serving her six-year sentence, told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that the Obama administration has been no help to her bid to fight the extradition… 5m. 17s.  For further details click here
17 Jan: New York Post. Ex-CIA agent ‘optimistic’ Trump will save her from extradition…  click here
For Sabrina De Sousa’s Twitter feed, click here.

India: ATM withdrawal limit enhanced from Rs 4500 to Rs 10,000 per day

17 Jan: Indian Express. The Reserve Bank of India on Monday enhanced the withdrawal limit from ATM from Rs 4500 to Rs 10,000 per day, per card. Also the limit on withdrawal from current accounts has been enhanced from current limit of Rs 50,000 per week to Rs 1 lakh per week. However, the overall weekly withdrawal limit of 24,000 rupees per card remains unchanged, it said in a release...  For further details click here
15 Jan: Indian Express. Changing old notes proving hard hurdle to cross for NRIs, foreign returns…  click here
Wikipedia: 2016 Indian banknote demonetisation… click here.

Priests cannot canvas for polls: Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao

16 Jan: Times of India. Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao on Sunday frowned upon individual church leaders openly canvassing for a party or candidate for the assembly polls scheduled for February 4… He said, "The Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP) will soon issue guidelines (to the faithful on how to exercise their franchise during the upcoming polls)." On whether priests could openly canvass for a party or candidate of their preference, Ferrao replied, "He cannot do so. If you are aware, please inform me." …  For further details click here

Goa's Saligao Garbage Treatment Plant begins generating power

17 Jan: Economic Times. Seven months after being set up, the garbage treatment plant on the Calangute-Saligao plateau has started generating electricity for captive use and has proposed to sell the surplus to the state power grid… the plant has been generating 4,000 units of electricity every day… The plant treated huge amounts of garbage during Christmas and New Year which was collected from different beaches … 471 words.  For further details click here
17 Jan: Navhind Times. Goa to get power from waste treatment plant…  click here

Congress takes Goa casinos hostage for political leverage

17 Jan: Calvin Ayre. By Leonard Postrado. The fate of Goa gambling industry now lies in between the clutches of Indian politicians who are now using the issue to gain political leverage. Business Today reported that both the Indian Congress and Indian political parties have threatened to ban casinos in Goa, as they accused operators of cheating the state government of Rs 45,000 crore ($6.62 billion) in tax revenues. The threat comes at a time when Goa casino continues to reel from the recent demonetization of INR 1000 (USD 14.8) and INR 500 (USD 7.32). Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November made the move in a bid to slam down hard on the country’s black money…  For further details click here

Dialysis specialist moves court to keep out of Goa ‘kidney racket’ accused medic

16 Jan: Herald. In a significant reflection of the manner in which health services function in Goa, Dr Venkatesh, who provides dialysis services at 2 Government Hospitals in South Goa, successfully with zero mortality since 2003, has asked the Governor, the Human Rights Commission, the State health department to stop. the health department from selecting a tainted and indicted doctor to run dialysis services in Goa through a tender process…  click here

Weekly Weather & Exchange Rates
18 Jan: Goa Met.. Weather: Max = 33.0. Min = 20.3. Humidity = 91%. Rainfall NIL
For the Meteorological Office (UK) Five day forecast for Goa, click here.
Exchange rates (Xcom): £ = 84.13; $ = 67.93; $Can = 52.00; Euro = ; $Aus= 51.24.



Death: Sripad Bandodkar

15 Jan: DT News (Bahrain). Bahrain expat dies in accident. SRIPAD PRASAD BANDODKAR (28) who died in the accident was a Retail Sales Executive with First Motors, Hyundai Bahrain. He was riding a bike when a SUV hit him after cutting a red signal. He was born and brought up in Bahrain itself … The family roots are from Goa. The family has decided to take his body for final rites to his hometown…  For further details click here

News Summary

Canada: How technology entrepreneur Andrew D’Souza invests his own money

15 Jan: The Globe and Mail. Andrew D’Souza’s entrepreneurial journey started when he was 10 years old and convinced his local newspaper, The Mississauga News, to start delivery in his neighbourhood – and put him in charge of the route… After studying engineering at the University of Waterloo, Mr. D’Souza, 31, worked in a number of technology roles before becoming the co-founder and chief executive of Clearbanc, a financial services startup for freelancers and entrepreneurs… 691 words  For further details click here
Video: Canadian Business. Andrew D’Souza on how Clearbanc is delivering financial services to freelancers … 2m.10s.  click here
Andrew D'Souza was born in Mumbai in 1985, the son of Yvette and Dinesh D’Souza of (with Saligao roots). The family emigrated to US in 1988 and to Canada in 1991. They live in Mississauga. For his Linkedin profile, click here.

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Poll Results: BJP to secure thumping majority, AAP comes a close second.

16 June: India Today. With Assembly elections just round the corner, things in Goa seem to be heating up significantly. Thinks tanks and organisations have rushed ahead and conducted surveys to predict a possible victor. The elections in the state will happen on the 4th of February while the results will be declared on the 11th of March, 2017… The three parties have been campaigning actively in the state. While some pre-poll surveys predict a BJP victory, others favour the AAP. Take a look at what major opinion polls predict … 896 words  For further details click here

No relief in rising prices for the average Goan

16 Jan: Navhind Times. … If there is one complain of the average Goan that remains unaddressed, it is soaring prices of essentials and food items. From the housewife to the government servant, and the poor worker to the upper middle class, everybody is troubled by rising prices… Prices in Goa are higher because of tourism. It is a very difficult situation for the poor migrants who come to work here … 1423 words.  For further details click here

Goa's regional plan continues to be in planning mode for 20 years

16 Jan: Economic Times. By Paul Fernandes. The state government’s grandiose exercise for a suitable Regional Plan (RP) has been virtually in a “draft” stage for almost 20 years, as it has failed to notify a complete land use document adhering to all requirements. With the state headed for another election, the BJP government managed to finalize only rectified plans of Satari, Pernem and Canacona at the fag end of its five-year term. Earlier, the Congress government had notified an all-taluka RP 2021 in December 2011, but activists and stakeholders had criticized it as an error-ridden plan with controversial projects and one that also did not incorporate their key inputs… 690 words.  For further details click here

Honest govt can run nation’s economy on Goa’s tourism: Delhi tourism minister

16 Jan: The Goan. Opposing the perception that banning casinos can ruin Goa’s economy, Delhi’s Tourism Minister, Kapil Mishra (photo) on Sunday said a well-intended and honest government can run the entire country’s economy on Goa’s tourism. For that to happen, he said that whole perspective of Goa’s tourism will have to be changed and the focus should revolve on what Goa has to offer on Goa’s culture and natural beauty. “If we can have a well-intended and honest government, Goa alone can run the entire country’s economy only on tourism,” Mishra said…  For further details click here

The HOT List

16 Jan: Metro (London). Make every breath you take a deep one. You heard it here first: breathing is in vogue this year. Well, doing it properly, in any case. A new retreat has launched in Goa that will show you how correct breathing down to your lower belly, for instance can soothe anxiety and other unhealthy emotions. The five-day workshop is led by Nicola Price in her lush Mandrem forest home. You will stay in local homestays and beach huts for around £7 to £42 per night and, when it's all over, you can nip to nearby Arambol for a taste of Goa's famous nightlife. £450, excl flights, Jan 29-Feb 3 and Mar 13-17.  For further details click here

Fort Kochi police in Goa to trace absconding UK man

16 Jan: Times of India. Following the complaint of a Kollam native that her husband, a British national, has absconded with their 5-year-old son, a team of Fort Kochi police have arrived in Goa to trace the man and the kid. The divorce proceedings of Anna Mathews and James Robert Edward Pierce started in 2012 and court has granted the mother the permanent custody of the child and visitation rights to the father. Last year, James was granted interim custody of the child for six days till December 31. However, James and son Samuel Charles Robert Pierce have gone untraceable till date. Anna has lodged a complaint with the police…  For further details click here

Auction: Ebony Corpus Christi

20 Jan: Lawrences, Crewkerne, Somerset. Lot 2443: EBONY CORPUS CHRISTI, possibly Goan, probably 19th century, height 52cm. Auctioneer's estimate: 80 GBP - 120 GBP  For further details click here



Death: Esmeralda (Esmu) Cardozo nee Vaz

13 Jan: Freiburg Germany. ESMERALDA (ESMU) CARDOZO. Aged 91; ex-Tanga, Arusha, and Toronto. Wife of the late Clement Cardozo Esmu was the mother of Maria Lourdes/Reiner Kremp and Mericia/Franck Mathot and a doting grandmother to her grandchildren, Stephane and Ariane. She was sister to late Ludger, Divina Pereira(London), Sr. Marie Stella (Kerala), Jessie DaCosta (Toronto), Phllu Belsito(London) , Olga Mistry(London), Cecilia Vaz (Toronto). For funeral details watch this space. [Info: Stephen DeSouza]. Condolences to: or

News Summary

Book Review: Goan Pioneers of East Africa

09 Jan. British Empire Commonwealth website. Stephen Luscombe reviews Selma's Carvalho's book 'Goan Pioneers of East Africa' and plays a glowing tribute to the East African Goan community. He writes, 'One more reason to like this book is the fact that Selma Carvalho is a historian who does not paper over embarrassing or difficult issues. She raises all sorts of uncomfortable questions throughout the book. She does not see the Goan community as a homogenous mass but sees it as a vibrant community with divergent aspirations, made up of individuals who experienced differing levels of success and failure. She makes it clear that there were clear hierarchies within the Goan community which often aped British ideas on class and social stratification a little too efficiently for their own good... It is the story of everyday men and women who just happened to come from a particular culture and found themselves trying to make their lives successful with the opportunities that came their way. In short, it is an everyman's story." 1814 words.  For further details click here
To order the book,  click here

Ashley Tellis: From a Bombay boy to Trump’s probable pick for US ambassador to India

11 Jan: Hindustan Times. According to reports, Mumbai-born Ashley Tellis has been picked up by President-elect Donald Trump to be the next US ambassador to India. Friends and teachers of Mumbai-born strategic expert Ashley J Tellis, reported to be US president-elect Donald Trump’s pick as the next ambassador to India, remember him as an exceptional student who was even asked by his teachers to stand in for them…Tellis completed both his bachelor’s and master’s from St Xavier’s College… 978 words.  For further details click here
3 Dec. 2008. Ashley Tellis writes, “My father was a Dalit from Maharashtra, a bonded slave on the streets of Bombay who was adopted by my maternal grandparents, Roman Catholic once-upon-a-time Brahmins. My mother was a schizophrenic who not supposed to marry at all and was technically his sister … This followed me through the implicitly caste-ridden, racist, prejudiced world of Goan Catholics in which I grew up in Bombay …  click here
Videos: Carnegie Endowment. Ashley J. Tellis videos … click here.

Montreal: Julian Menezes to receive $40,000 for racial profiling

13 Jan: Montreal Gazette. The Quebec Human Rights Commission has awarded McGill lecturer Julian Menezes $40,000 after investigating his complaint that he was roughed up and taken on a "starlight tour" by notorious Montreal police officer Stéfanie Trudeau in 2012. … The HRC cites her for racial profiling, recommending that she personally pay Menezes $10,000, while her partner, officer Constantinos Samaras, pays him $5,000 … According to Menezes, she handcuffed him, threw him in the back of the squad car, called him a “F-ing Indian” …  For further details click here
18 Oct. 2012: Video: Goan Voice. Julian Menezes, alleged victim of Montreal police officer, speaks out …  click here
13 Jan: iheart radio (Montreal). Montreal man racially profiled in abusive arrest by Officer 728 awarded $40K click here.

The wanton destruction of Panaji’s iconic Azad Maidan

15 Jan: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. One glance at Panaji's iconic Azad Maidan is enough to see everything that has gone terribly wrong with Goa. The famous grounds - as old as the capital city itself - lies torn to pieces... Worst by far, the beautiful, ethereal neo-classical monument at centre - sacred resting place for Goa's seminal nationalist - is dominated by a freakishly large, extraordinarily ill-conceived toilet. It's not only Azad Maidan being flushed but also democracy itself along with every standard of urban development… 804 words.  click here
Panjim – A tale of a lost city. 15 Jan: Herald. By Joe D’Souza. … Being the capital city wherein I reside and know it the best for the last 50 years, I will speak my heart out. The avid readers of this new paper, as well as others, in the print media from Goa, know fully well about “the changing face of Panjim not for the better but for the worse”; over the last three decades from my writings on this issue… 1257 words.  click here
Video: 15 Jan: JoeGoaUK. 2m 42s. click here.

Sorrowing Goenkarponn seeks a new lease of life

15 Jan: Herald. By Alexandre Moniz Barbosa … The queues outside the offices of the Portuguese Consulate General begin before dawn and grow in length as the sun rises. Documents in hand, people from across Goa make their way to Panjim, with the hope that their carefully assembled documentation will be accepted by the Portuguese Consulate General and given time they will become citizens of Portugal… A Goan has the unique possibility of having never stepped out of the State yet, acquiring the citizenship of a foreign nation, in this case of Portugal which was once the coloniser. How does that augur for the fight to retain Goan identity? … 1290 words.  For further details click here

Goa: India's tropical beach paradise

13 Jan: Vagabond (Sweden). By Per J Andersson. Goa is not only a destination for sun worshipers. There is also sea kayaking, art museums, spice plantations, jungles, gourmet cuisine, yoga places and not least exciting colonial history… Time has stood still since the Indian government expropriated the Braganza house and rubber and coconut plantation… Auria Braganza Pereira (photo) says, “They took everything and we received no compensation whatsoever …” Calangute beach was the first in Goa to be exploited for tourism, it is packed with Indian tourists who swim with clothes on, drink beer out of bottles and burying each other in the sand… 3107 words + photos.  For further details click here

Karan Thapar: Why I spend every New Year in Britain

15 Jan: Navhind Times. By Karan Thapar. For over 30 years I’ve made a point of celebrating the new year in London. When asked why I do this I’ve replied, tongue-in-cheek, because I believe it’s important to start the year in a civilised country! Initially I meant that as a joke but over time I’ve come to realise it’s uncannily close to the truth. Today I have no doubt of that and want to share with you why I’ve come to this conclusion… 580 words.  For further details click here

'A canned David Guetta show results in brickbats for the organizers, not the authorities'

14 Jan: Daily News & Analysis. DJ David Guetta had his Bangalore show Hyderabad show cancelled at the last minute … an industry insider laments corruption and red-tapism that surrounds the process of procuring permission… The event franchise has been plagued by controversies since Sunburn was shifted from its parent location of Vagator beach, Goa, to Pune... This helplessness, the source confesses, was on account of extreme corruption on part of the Goa police authorities. "It had come to the point where people were happy to cough up money for the police taking bribes outside the venue to gain last minute entry," said the source, adding that local hoodlums in Goa had also added to the chaotic situation …  For further details click here
For a Wikipedia profile of David Guetta,  click here


News Summary

Indian Government issues new tamper-proof PAN cards

14 Jan: Business Standard. The Indian Government is issuing newly designed PAN (Permanent Account Number) cards that have added security features to make them tamper-proof and with contents written in both Hindi and English, a senior Income-Tax Department official said on Friday. The distribution of new-look PAN cards started on January 1. The cards are being issued to new applicants but existing cardholders can also apply for them… The Government has added a new feature to the card, known as Quick Response Code, which will help in verification process. PAN cards are mandatory for any transaction above Rs 2 lakh and used for other purposes like opening a bank account and as an identity proof. There are currently more than 25 crore PAN card holders in the country…  For further details click here
Video: New PAN Card design with Aadhaar No, with effective from 01-01-2017. 0m. 59s.  click here

Goans in Portugal: Maria Virginia Bras Gomes and Maria de Lourdes Sousa

11 Jan: Jornal de Notícias – TSF. (Portugal). TSF tells the story of two Goanas who have lived for decades with their hearts between Portugal and Goa. Maria Virginia Bras Gomes and Maria de Lourdes Sousa. Both were born in Goa before the Indian annexation in 1961. Both came to Portugal and developed their personal and professional life here. They only have Portuguese nationality, but every year they return to Goa, especially on vacation, to see family and friends. Virginia and Lourdes are just two of the 20,000 Goans who, according to the Casa de Goa, live in Portugal. And they have a bit of their hearts on both sides… Text + Audio 2m. 09s.  For further details click here
For the Portuguese original,  click here
13 Jan: Expresso (Portugal). When António Costa's father sent a bottle of Old Parr to Goa ... click here.

Swindon: Burglars target Asian families' gold

14 Jan: Swindon Advertiser. Targeted burglaries on Asian families for high value gold is on the rise according to police. In the last 12 months in Wiltshire, a total of 47 incidents have been recorded in the county – with three people being arrested in the last six months for burglary offences. A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “In Wiltshire, 21 of the 47 burglaries have happened in the last six months … we issued advice to people to keep their valuables in a safe…  For further details click here

Football: Zico and FC Goa part ways after three seasons

14 Jan: Times of India. The Indian Super League club FC Goa and its head coach for the past three seasons, Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Zico), have mutually decided not to extend the contract. "Keeping the logistical challenges of the upcoming season in mind, the two parties amicably came to this decision," an official press release said. In its immediate next step, the club is in the process of appointing a Technical Director, who has the relevant coaching experience and scouting knowledge within the Indian footballing ecosystem…  For further details click here

10 exotic holiday homes you can buy for the same price as the average property in Wales

14 Jan: Wales Online. The average property in Wales costs around £147,065. For that price you could snap up a modern studio apartment in the French Riviera, a luxurious two bedroom house in Bali or even a three bedroom villa in Goa. … 3. Goa. Three bedroom villa. Guide Price: £149,000. Nestled in a quiet valley in Nuvem, South Goa, this property is located in the Dreamwoods residential resort… Key features include a garden, garage, pool, spa, gym and 24 hour security. Amenities on site include a fully equipped health club, children's play area, jogging track, children's play area, amphitheatre and convenience store…  For further details click here
For more details of Ralph Sousa’s Dreamwoods resort,  click here

Mumbai: Goan song and dance

14 Jan: The Hindu. On Saturday evening, strains of ‘Ghe ghe ghe ghe re, ghe re Sahiba’ and other Konkani melodies will be heard at the ‘Musical Fiesta Nite 2017’. The event, a Konkani music evening, has been organised by the Goa Outreach Association that appropriately abbreviates to G.O.A. The legendary Lorna Cordeiro will sing traditional tunes, and Allan Vaz and Oluv Rodriguez will render contemporary songs. Younger singers Shunaina Baptista and Ancy Gonsalves will add to the magic, and veteran Rita Rose, wife of Alfred Rose, will make a guest appearance. Sebastian A. Sequeira, president of G.O.A, says, “The association was formed 55 years ago to spread Goan culture in Mumbai…  For further details click here
14 Jan: Mid-Day. Goa on a song …  click here

Text + Video: Russian tourist may lose hand after being attacked by a jellyfish in Goa

13 Jan: Life (Russia). On the first day of her vacation to Goa, Galina Svidersky was attacked by a huge jellyfish. Amputation of the hand may be the result … She went swimming and was caught by a wave and swept five metres into the sea. She felt a sharp pain in the arm and leg and saw a huge jellyfish with a long tail. “It felt horrible, like boiled oil being poured on you”, says Galina…  For further details click here

Recipe: Goanese Shrimp Curry (Sembharachi Kodi)

14 Jan: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Adapted from Saveur magazine, this recipe tastes like a tropical escape. For a milder heat, remove the seeds and pith from the chile peppers before adding to the pot. Gatherings: Rich flavors of India wake up winter tastebuds. Recipe tested by Ashleigh Spitza. Makes 6 servings …373 words  For further details click here
11 Jan: Daily Mirror (UK). Goan Prawn Curry …  click here

Holy Cow

13 Jan: Sierra Vista Herald (Sierra, Arizona). By Jason G. Lane. I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year's in Goa, India… the Basilica of Bom Jesus."Bom" was crowded with Christmas visitors and people were corralled through each part of the building. There was only enough space to walk single-file between the structure that held the Saint's body and the walls of the room in which it was kept … The second place I visited was Shri Mangeshi Temple. It is the home to many Hindu idols representing different Hindu gods and goddesses. We visited another Hindu temple called Maruti Temple… The most memorable experience was the morning of New Year's Day…. We sawa small parade of three. The shahnai player was followed by huge bull decked out with multiple colored pieces of cloth and little bells and tassels. Behind them was the drummer. They were walking around wishing everyone a happy new year… 703 words.  For further details click here



Death: Allen Lobo
7 Jan: Montreal. ALLEN CHAD LOBO Aged 76. Passed away peacefully, with family at the Royal Vic Hospital. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan on May 17, 1940, to Robert Lobo and Agnes Braganza, (elder siblings - Hughie, Brendan {dec} and Nella). He obtained a degree in Engineering from The Imperial College of Science & Technology in London, England in 1965 before immigrating to Canada in 1967. He worked as a Civil Engineer at the Port of Montreal for 33 years. He is survived by his wife Shirley and children Bobby (Kandace) and Betty (Rob) and his grand-daughter Lux. He also leaves behind many loved family members and friends. Visitations will be at Urgel Bougie (1559 Montarville Blvd, St-Bruno J3V3T8) on Fri Jan 13, from 6-9 PM. Funeral will be held at St-Augustine's Church (1741 Roberval Street, St-Bruno J3V2K8) Sat Jan 14 at 11:00. Please join family thereafter, at a reception in CELEBRATION of his life. In lieu of flowers, the family will collect all donations and make a contribution to the Montreal SPCA in his name.  For further details click here

News Summary

UK Event Highlight: Fr Agnelo Birth Anniversary Mass

Sun 22 Jan. 2pm. Fr Agnelo Birth Anniversary Mass to be held at St John Fisher Church 207 Cannon Hill Lane London SW20 7DB. Please encourage your family and friends to come along and join us to pray for the beatification of Fr Agnelo. As in previous years we are asking all to come along with some food and drink for general sharing in the hall next door to the Church after Mass. Contact 07944 692920 for any further details.  For further details click here

Eve D'Souza: Behold, the faces behind your favourite TV show

13 Jan: Daily Nation (Kenya). As viewers, we only see the good-looking, immaculately dressed men and women who present the news and host shows, never the hard, hard work and time that goes into producing these shows… Eve D’Souza appears in Auntie Boss: Airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NTV. Q: You started as a radio presenter and ended up as a TV producer, how did that transition happen? A: Whilst on Radio, a producer on KTN, Lucy Mwangi, reached out to me to ask whether I’d audition to host a kid’s show called Triple Challenge … 624 words.  click here
For the Goan Voice Eve D’Souza supplement,  click here
Video: Entrepreneur Eve D'Souza on Overcoming Rape, Anger & Fear … 12m. 39s. Click here.
Video: For a sample Auntie Boss programme, 26m. 05s. Click here.

Bogus doctor: Conrad de Souza jailed for lying again

12 Jan: BBC. A fraudster has been sent to prison for trying to lie his way back into the NHS. Conrad de Souza, 57, of Fulham, admitted he lied about his qualifications again. He was sentenced to 17 months in prison after pleading guilty to six charges of fraud in December 2016. De Souza, who never completed medical school, was previously jailed in 2011 for claiming he was a doctor to get clinical strategy roles. He was caught for the second time following a special investigation by the fraud team at NHS Protect… He had enrolled at the University of London medical school in 1980 but never graduated… De Souza was jailed for more than two-and-a-half years in 2011. 256 words.  For further details click here
12 Jan: Crown Prosecution Service. Conman jailed for second time over medical qualification lies … 418 words.  click here

Audio recording: James D'Souza as Guest Editor on BBC

10 Jan: BBC Radio5Live. Afternoon Edition. Guest takeover James D'Souza is discussing male fertility. He and his wife have been trying for a baby since 2011. He's asking the question 'are you less of a man if you don't have children?'… The segment lasts an hour and begins at 09.10 into the programme. [Link valid to 4 Feb. 2017]  click here
James D'Souza writes, “…I have a Portuguese surname, my parents were born in East Africa, I originate from India and I was brought up Catholic. I have a Surrey accent, my English is excellent, I get mistaken for a terrorist when I have facial hair, I listen to metal, and I feel I have more in common with Italian Catholics than the way Indians are represented in the media …”  click here

AAP raising funds in UK for Goa polls

13 Jan: Hindustan Times. The Aam Aadmi Party aims to raise Rs 50 lakh through its “Flame of Hope” campaign in Britain. The British unit of the Aam Aadmi Party has so far collected Rs 15 lakh against a target of raising the equivalent of Rs 50 lakh as part of its “Flame of Hope” campaign across the country for the forthcoming assembly elections in Punjab and Goa… The torch campaign will culminate in an event in London on January 22 before leaving for India… The party’s supporters have organised several events, including among the large Goan community in Swindon…
[Ed: When I was approached about supporting an AAP funding appeal from UK Goans, I pointed out that political parties in India are not allowed to accept funds from overseas].  For further details click here
For the Facebook site of AAP (UK)  click here

Applause, cheers welcome Portugal PM at his ancestral home

13 Jan: Herald. Perhaps for the first time after Liberation, Margao’s Rua Abade Faria saw the Portuguese flag and heard cheers of ‘Viva Portugal’ as Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa visited his ancestral house on Thursday… Costa said, “My father lived here in the past and had two brothers. In India there is a tradition to stay in a joint family and my uncle married, came back to Goa and lived here, while my father stayed abroad.” Costa also said his cousin cooks good food and was given a warm welcome by his aunt and cousin…  For further details click here
13 Jan: Navhind Times. Portugal PM visits ancestral house in Margao; meets family, neighbours …  click here
13 Jan: Herald. Goa is a great place to sync our economic relations: Costa … click here.

Supreme Court directs that Vishwajit Rane be tried in threat to kill Aires Rodrigues

13 Jan: Herald. The Supreme Court of India has directed that Congress MLA Vishwajit Rane (photo) face trial in the 2007 threat to kill case, filed by Advocate Aires Rodrigues. Rodrigues had filed a Special Leave Petition before the Supreme Court challenging the High Court decision which had held that the Goa government had no powers to issue a notification making Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code cognizable… Incidentally, Section 506 was made cognizable in 1973 when Pratapsing Rane, father of Vishwajit, was the law minister… Rodrigues had complained that Rane had allegedly threatened to kill him on July 31, 2007 over the phone. The Old Goa Police in their indictment against Rane named nine witnesses including his wife.  For further details click here

Meet Britain’s ‘most politically incorrect restaurant owner’

12 Jan: The Times (UK). Ranald Macdonald’s Boisdale chain celebrates smoking cigars, drinking whisky and eating haggis. So why has he been doing yoga in Goa? He is described admiringly by Tatler as “the most politically incorrect restaurateur in Britain” and is the sort you’d expect to brush his teeth with Laphroaig and eat devilled kidneys for breakfast before ascending the moors to kill something, preferably ruminant… He has just come back from a ten-day yoga retreat in Goa that was vegetarian and where no alcohol was consumed. “On New Year’s Eve I was tucked up in bed by 9.30pm. Lovely.” … Luckily Macdonald’s embracing of underpants and yoga mats does not presage him going all Veganuary on us… 1802 words  For further details click here


News Summary

Pete Hoekstra re Sabrina De Sousa: We can’t let one of our Intelligence Officers wind up in an Italian jail

12 Jan: Fox News. By Pete Hoekstra. … Sabrina De Sousa, reportedly a former CIA case officer in a rendition case of Abu Omar in 2003, may soon find herself serving a four-year sentence in an Italian jail. Convicted in abstentia by Italian courts, De Sousa and other CIA intelligence officers have faced the possibility of imprisonment since 2006. It is a real possibility for her today. De Sousa was detained in Portugal in December 2015 per an extradition request from Italy. In response, the Portuguese courts will seemingly honor the extradition request to send De Sousa to Italy by January 17, 2017 to begin serving her sentence. Mrs. De Sousa and the other Americans, convicted in abstentia by the Italian government, merit the support of the U.S. government. Ms. De Sousa should not be forgotten… Republican Pete Hoekstra is the Shillman senior fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the former chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.  click here
Video: Fox News. What will Trump do? Former CIA officer facing extradition … 6m. 48s.  click here
12 Jan: Fox News. Ex-CIA officer faces imminent extradition to Italy, hopes Trump can help… 1093 words. click here.

PIOs, NRIs feel heat of demonetisation; wait in RBI queues

12 Jan: Deccan Herald. NRIs and People of India Origin (PIO) are now braving long queues to exchange the old Rs 500/1000 notes at 5 designated RBI branches across the country but because of stringent conditions several of them have had to return disappointed … only 5 RBI offices -- in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Nagpur -- are authorised to exchange the currency … a frustrated poor woman, as mark of protest, had become topless in front of RBI regional office in Delhi last week… 772 words. Click here.
Video: Demonetisation blues: Woman goes topless at RBI gate Delhi … Click here.
Demonetisation RBI guidelines for citizens, NRIs. 12 Jan: Navhind Times. … The detailed guidelines on the exchange are available at The public may contact the RBI at +91-22-22660502 and email However, the RBI Panaji does not have this facility and eligible public should not approach RBI Panaji office for exchange of de-monetised notes… Click here.
No note swap: PIOs, OCIs left high & dry. 12 Jan: Times of India. Click here.
No more exchanging of old notes in Goa. 12 Jan: Times of India. Click here.

Antonio Costa discussed with Modi the Goa land appropriations

11 Jan: Expresso. The controversial 2014 law that allows for the appropriation of lands of Portuguese and Portuguese-descendants in India was discussed by the two prime ministers. And it was agreed that any disagreements will be handled at the highest diplomatic level … The two leaders agreed that any divergences or other matters of mutual interest will continue to be dealt with through diplomatic channels, in the spirit of the 1974 treaty, which underlies cooperation and friendship between the two countries," read one of Points of the joint declaration, released this week after the meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries…  For further details click here
For the Portuguese original,  click here
For some of the other Portuguese Press reports of Antonio Costa’s visit, click here.

Portuguese PM Costa has a busy day

12 Jan: Herald. Costa, on a two-day visit to Goa, attended a host of events on Wednesday even as he preferred to stay away from the media glare… Meets governor, CM; visits NIO, Fontainhas and Institute Menezes Braganza …
12 Jan: Herald. Proud to visit land of my father: Costa. Calls for deeper ties between Goa and Portugal; says he’s moved by the English translations of his father’s books …
12 Jan: Herald. VMSIIHE, Turismo de Portugal sign MoU. V M Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE), Raia on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Turismo de Portugal …  For further details click here
Take care of Goan diaspora: Parsekar. 12 Jan: Times of India. Chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar requested Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Costa to safeguard the welfare of the Goan diaspora with Portuguese citizenship. "We have a diaspora of 50,000 people, so we have asked him to please take care of them," Parsekar said… Costa acknowledged the presence of thousands of Goan-origin citizens in Portugal. "Portugal is an open community with a large Goan community that is well integrated and welcome but it also means that there is a page of history that we have turned," Costa said …  click here

NRI Commissioner, Wilfred Mesquita, set to quit BJP

12 Jan: Herald. With less than four weeks to the Assembly elections, senior BJP leader, spokesman and former vice president Dr Wilfred Mesquita has knocked on the doors of Prime Minister Narendra Modi deeply upset about “corrupt” practices adopted by the Goa unit. Dr Mesquita, who is the NRI Commissioner of Goa and widely respected in the party, is likely to resign on Thursday (today). In his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, dated January 6, he attacked his party over the entry of former Congress MLAs Mauvin Godinho and Pandurang Madkaikar. According to Mesquita, the entry of the two Congress rebels and ending ties with MGP may prove costly to the BJP in the elections… The letter bomb and his likely resignation are likely to cause a mini political earthquake in the BJP due to the tone and bluntness of his attack on his party. 700 words.  For further details click here
For a profile of Dr Mesquita,  click here

Goa assembly elections: BJP, Congress release first lists of candidates

12 Jan: Indian Express. Ruling BJP and opposition Congress in Goa today released their first lists of candidates for the February 4 Assembly polls, retaining prominent leaders, including Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar and former chief minister Digambar Kamat in their respective line-ups for the battle for the 40-member House. BJP’s list of 29 candidates includes 18 of the party’s 21 sitting legislators … The Congress’ list of 27 candidates is a mix of old and new faces, including six sitting legislators. Congress aspirants who received renomination include Jenifer Monserratte (Taleigao), Chandrakant Kavlekar (Quepem), Pratapsinh Rane (Poriem), Vishwajit Rane (Valpoi) and Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco (Curtorim)… The Aam Aadmi Party, making a serious bid in the coastal state, has already announced its contestants from 36 seats…  For further details click here
12 Jan: Laxmikant Parsekar unlikely to be CM candidate of BJP for Goa …  click here

Goa: Is it safe to venture into the water?

12 Jan: Herald. By Dolcy D’Cruz. Goans love their beaches, so the news that someone was bitten while swimming in the sea came as a wake up call. Are our waters unsafe? An Indian tourist and Clare Arni, a noted photographer from Germany, were recently bitten by some sea creatures. Clare Arni actually had to be administered 28 stitches to sew up the bite wound on her leg… Amrut Singh, president of Animal Rescue Squad, deals with different species of snakes and says, “If the swimmers were bitten by a sea snake, they wouldn’t have received an injury warranting 28 stitches. It must have been a big fish.” … Ankit assures swimmers that they are cared for and safe under the eyes of the lifeguards on the shore …  For further details click here

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Sun 22 Jan. 2pm. Fr Agnelo Birth Anniversary Mass to be held at St John Fisher Church 207 Cannon Hill Lane London SW20 7DB. Please encourage your family and friends to come along and join us to pray for the beatification of Fr Agnelo. As in previous years we are asking all to come along with some food and drink for general sharing in the hall next door to the Church after Mass. Contact 07944 692920 for any further details. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 26 Feb: Mungul Union (UK) celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Woodside High School Hall (ex-white Hart Lane School Hall), White Hart Lane, London N22 5QJ. Mass at 12.30pm followed by a social gathering. Music by "TREBLE MAKERS" and disco by "FENNY FEVER". For tickets and details, contact Rosy D'Silva (020 7041 6072); John Mendes (07446066162); Robert Fernandes (07753831250) and Rosalind Rebello (020 8767 8652). For the flyer, click here.

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