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News Summary

Goa Through the Eyes of the British

15 Aug: Herald. By Selma Carvalho. One of the more interesting perspectives on Goa has been left for us through letters written by Lieutenant-Colonel Bremner who was the British Consul for Goa between 1940 and 1943 ...Bremner arrived at Mormugao on 19 November, 1940. With him was his wife Anne. They drove from Belgaum to Goa. To Anne, the villages ‘looked dilapidated … small smoky huts between coconut palms and banyan trees.’ Thin pariah dogs barked at them, men wore just loincloth and women, ‘grubby cotton saris’; children ran around naked… 911 words.  click here

Portugal: António Costa: Meeting marked with India

15 Aug: Diário de Notícias (Portugal). Prime Minister António Costa writes on Portugal-India relations on the day that marks the 71st anniversary of that country's independence… “My official visit to India in January 2017 was therefore a re-encounter with my origins. But it was also an opportunity to get to know India with an encounter with the world and with modernity… Portugal and India are two economies that want to go through the twenty-first century together… In 2017, Portuguese exports to India grew by 50% and Indian exports to Portugal by 25%, well above the 8% increase in our imports and exports to and from the rest of the world… In order to deepen these relations, we now also have the support of Portugal-India Business Hub … 1200 words + comments  For further details click here
Narendra Modi tweeted: I thank Mr. António Costa, the Prime Minister of Portugal for penning a wonderful article on the occasion of India's Independence Day, in one of Portugal's leading newspapers…  click here

NRIs have contributed to country's growth, says Mauvin Godinho

16 Aug: Navhind Times. Taking a dig at the former chief minister Pratapsingh Rane for remarks on the Goans working abroad, the Panchayati Raj Minister Mauvin Godinho, on Wednesday, said that there is something called dignity of labour, and it would not be justifiable to condemn the menial jobs. Godinho was speaking after unfurling the Tricolour to mark the 72nd Independence Day celebration,.. He said that NRIs have contributed to the growth of India, including Goa, by giving us valuable foreign exchange. "These people should not be criticised as toilet cleaners. It is very sad reflection of a mindset. We have to condemn the statement made by former chief minister Rane in all possible terms and we have to respect these people," he said…  For further details click here

Indians remit huge volumes of currency as rupee crashes

14 Aug: Gulf News (Dubai). The historic crash of the Indian rupee may not bode well for Indians living in India, however it is a blessing in disguise for most expatriates who are remitting huge amounts home… Dr Swapnil Nagvekar, a Dubai-based radiologist: “This is good news for expatriates. I have invested in real estate in Goa and will be remitting a big amount soon.” Mahesh Simepuraskar, (photo) a financial executive in a Dubai-based company “I feel lucky as I was planning the first grand birthday celebrations of my son back home in Calangute, Goa which would have cost me at least Rs 500,000-600,000. In addition, I am also buying a house in Mapusa area of Goa. This crash has meant a saving of Rs50- 60,0000 and made it more comfortable for me to meet both these expenses,” said Simepuraskar, who remitted Dh30,000 to India on Monday…  For further details click here

Health dept adds 15 more bikes to ambulance fleet

15 Aug: Times of India. The directorate of health services on Tuesday added 15 first responder ambulances to its existing fleet, thus taking the total number of vehicles to 35.Equipped with a medicine box and a small oxygen cylinder, the ambulances will be stationed at strategic locations across the state. Most of those employed to ride ambulance bikes are graduates from Maharashtra. An official said they recruited riders from outside Goa, as very few local youths came forward to take up the opportunity…  For further details click here

Two Samosa Costs Rs. 212 at Goa Airport!

15 Aug. Lately LY. A user shared a photo of a plate of samosas which cost Rs. 212 at Goa Airport. Yes, the bill is right attached with the plate of samosa for you to believe. Where Mumbaikars enjoy Rs. 10 or Rs. 12 (maximum) for one spicy round on the streets, it’s all-time favourite destination, Goa Airport costs an unbelievable price for the customers. The post naturally triggered a string of arguments on Reddit. Half of the users went on naming it ‘one ugly samosa’; while others endorsed to believe that we are out of choice when we are hungry at the airport …  For further details click here
7 Aug: Times of India. New firm takes over catering services at Dabolim airport …  click here

Till death us do part?

16 Aug: Pick Me Up! (UK). Louise Wargnier, 44, from Nottingham, was off on her dream honeymoon, but what happened next was a nightmare … My big day in Goa, India, in December 2016, after months of planning, was finally here. I was about to marry the love of my life in a tropical paradise! The ceremony went smoothly … Afterwards, we strolled to the beach for a big party by the sea… Staying in Goa for Christmas, we lapped up the winter sun, the kids splashed in the sea. Bliss... We’d booked an internal flight with Jet Airways to Jaipur, for a week-long honeymoon with the kids in tow… We thundered down the runway… Suddenly, there was a huge crashing sound. The plane shook and began to bounce… Fear ripped through the plane and everyone began to scream… the plane jolted forwards and spun 360 degrees, veering off the runway, before coming to a stop… We were emotional wrecks, shaking with shock … We were emotional wrecks, too, shaking with shock… With no apology about the crash, Jet Airways offered us a complimentary flight. But all of us were still too scared to fly… It ruined what should have been a wonderful memory of our wedding and our honeymoon and it will haunt our nightmares forever.  For further details click here

Russia asks businessmen not to fly charter flights to Goa

15 Aug: RIA Novosti. The Federal Agency for Tourism recalled that foreigners with non-tourist visas are not allowed to fly to India by charter. According to the agency, there have been more cases of arriving in Goa by charter flights of Russian citizens with business and other (non-tourist) visas. According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Republic of India on November 12, 2015, foreign citizens with visas other than tourist are prohibited from entering the territory of the state by charter flights," Rosturizm writes. Foreigners who ignore this rule must be returned to the country of departure by the same airline…  For further details click here


DOCUMENTARY: Indian Rave. BBC Radio 4 (Freeview 704). Sat. 18th Aug. 15:30 to 16:00. Told in immersive binaural stereo, Indian Rave charts the story of a vibrant open-air party in Mumbai, where tales of contemporary India converge - from the rise of the nation's first global superstar DJ, to the varied lives of his young fans.

FILM: West is West. BBC 2. Sat. 18th Aug. 23:15 to 00:50. Culture-clash comedy drama set in 1976, the sequel to hit play and film East Is East. Sulky, Salford-born teenager Sajid, transported to rural Pakistan with his father, is an alien amidst this other family. However, dad 'George' is almost equally troubled by what their visit stirs up. Director: Andy DeEmmony. Starring: Aqib Khan, Om Puri, Linda Bassett, Robert Pugh, Thomas Russell, Jimi Mistry

DOCUMENTARY: Searching for Mum: Sri Lanka. BBC 2. Mon. 20th Aug. 23:15 to 00:15. Series 1, episode 1. Following two women, who were both adopted as babies, as they return to Sri Lanka to try and find their birth families. They are searching not just for their relatives, but also for a lost identity. Thurs. 23rd Aug. 21:00 to 22:00. Searching for Mum: India. Series 1, episode 2. Following two women who were adopted from Kolkata, returning to find their birth mothers. What they discover will affect them for the rest of their lives.

SITCOM: Goodness Gracious Me - India Special 2015. BBC 2. Tues. 21st Aug. 22:00 to 22:30. One-off special of the groundbreaking British-Asian sketch show. Meera Syal, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Nina Wadia, Kulvinder Ghir and Dave Lamb are back together for this special India-themed episode. Featuring new sketches, including twists on old favourites, such as the origins of the Kapoors (pronounced Cooper) and the Competitive Goddesses, as well as a visit to the World War I trenches with Captain Brownadder and original plans for the Taj Mahal. With special guest Art Malik.

SITCOM: Fags, Mags and Bags. BBC Radio 4 (Freeview 704). Wed. 22nd Aug. 11:30 to 12:00. 2: The Rubington's Doobrery 9000. Sitcom set in a Scots-Asian corner shop, written by and starring Sanjeev Kohli and Donald Mcleary. Malcolm gets jealous after Ramesh flirts with the cash and carry promotions lady. Episode 2 of 4.

DOCUMENTARY: My Asian Family - The Musical. BBC 4. Wed. 22nd Aug. 22:00 to 23:00. A spectacle of song and dance, exploring one Asian family and the life they made for themselves in Leicester. In the early 1970s, the president of Uganda, Idi Amin, expelled the Ugandan Asians from the country. Ten members of the Thakrar family came to the UK and moved to Leicester, where they have since grown into a family of 90, spanning three generations. Old and young sing about the family's story, the changes between each generation and the lives they lead now.

DOCUMENTARY: 400 Years - Britain and India. Together TV (Freeview 63). Fri. 24th Aug. 22:00 to 22:30. Britain and India where in very different places 400 years ago and the interactions between both countries throughout those four centuries have come to shape our world today in more ways than on.(1/2) Part 2: 22:30 to 23:00. Britain and India where in very different places 400 years ago and the interactions between both countries throughout those four centuries have come to shape our world today in more ways than on.(2/2).


News Summary

FEMNET Issue 68 out now

Aug 2018. In this issue, FemNet is In Conversation With Selma Carvalho, the London based and internationally acclaimed author. We congratulate Jessica Faleiro on the release of her latest book, Dr Subodh Kerkar on having one of his photos selected as an exhibit at the prestigious Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London and Deane de Menezes on receiving the Queen’s Young Leaders Award at Buckingham Palace. On the related subject of books and reading, Lucy Haynes waxes lyrical about the pleasures of reading in bed and Renuka Mendes writes about the convenience of audio books. Do look through “Letters of Note” a fascinating collection of letters written by men and women down the ages. Chari Kingsbury shares with us the roller coaster of feelings and emotions she experienced as her daughter prepared to walk down the aisle, Sr Thecla Pereira salutes all those who influence positive change and Roann Mendric gets poetical about the monsoons. Finally, Marjorie O’Connell gives us her tried and tested recipe for the perfect carrot cake. Enjoy the Issue! For the Editors: Betty Pires, Renuka Mendes and Joan Shenoy.  click here

Church magazine throws light into abuses, discrimination faced by nuns in India

14 Aug: The Week. Even as the Catholic Church is under fire owing to the recent scandal involving a bishop who allegedly abused a nun, a leading catholic magazine came out with a scathing editorial, throwing light on the prevalent misogyny in the Catholic institutions and the many troubles faced by nuns. Indian Currents, an English weekly under the patronage of the Capuchins published a collection of articles, including a stinging editorial, about the life of nuns, the subjugation and abuse faced by them and how they are forced into silence. The articles point out that nuns are "treated as subordinates and handmaidens"… The editorial column of Indian Currents reveals how the nuns are bereft of basic amenities like sanitary pads… The editorial goes on to point out how nuns working abroad do not get enough holidays to visit their family members… In another article published in the same magazine, Indian Currents, the writer reveals how many nuns are also deprived of basic pay and access to mobile phones and e-mails…  click here
For the full text of various related articles in this (Vol. 30, no. 33, 19 August 2018) issue of Indian Currents,  click here
14 Aug: Gulf News. Kerala nun abuse case: High drama as police finally question bishop… click here.

UK border controls exploited by computer firms using 'gaping loophole'

14 Aug: Daily Express (UK). Multi-national companies use rules for allowing transfers of employees between sites in different countries to recruit cheap labour from overseas. British-born computing graduates and information technology professionals are losing opportunities for work as a result of the loophole, according to the report from Migration Watch… Under the loophole, firms obtain a contract to deliver a project or support services to a UK body, then bring staff from the company's home country to carry out the work. Such firms were typically based in India, the report said…  For further details click here
14 Aug: The Hindu. U.K. anti-immigration lobby slams Indian IT firms … click here.

Rupee crashes to all-time low

14 Aug. Herald. The rupee today crashed by a mammoth 110 paise - its biggest single-day fall in five years - to end at a lifetime low of 69.93 as the US dollar gained rapid strength … This is the biggest single day fall for the rupee in the past five years… The rupee also ended lower against British pound, euro and Japanese yen … The rupee had opened strong by 41 paise at 68.42 against the US dollar in early trade today. However, it soon reversed the gains and plunged to an early low of 69.62 in line with weakening domestic equities. It remained under intense pressure later in the day and eventually took a deep slide to end at a lifetime low of 69.93, revealing a steep loss of 110 paise, or 1.60 per cent. The Financial Benchmarks India (FBIL), meanwhile, fixed the reference rate for the dollar at 69.4685 and for the euro at 79.1876 … In the cross-currency trade, the rupee retreated sharply against the pound sterling to end at 89.13 per pound from 87.86 …  For further details click here
For the latest Rupee exchange rates,  click here
Pound to Rupee today and forecast for 2018 and 2019 … click here.

Lisbon: India celebrates independence with a cultural festival in Belém

14 Aug: Diário de Notícias (Portugal). Flavors, fragrances and sounds from India will arrive on Wednesday in Lisbon, a cultural festival that marks the country's 71 years of independence, the Indian ambassador in Portugal said… The event will take place in the Vasco da Gama Garden in Belém between 11:00 and 20:00. Nandini Singla [photo] said that, for the first time, the celebration is open to the public …  For further details click here
14 Aug: Diário de Notícias (Portugal). All Indian students know Portugal and Vasco da Gama. To celebrate the 71 years of India's independence the Indian embassy in Portugal is hosting an Indian Festival. Ambassador K. Nandini Singla (photo) comments … "For the first time, we are celebrating India's Independence Day with a 'Festival of India', an event that offers the Portuguese people the flavors of India, their colors, art and culture… It seeks to bring India closer to the Portuguese … I hope the Portuguese will visit the Indian Festival and try the xacuti, vindaloo and bebinca of Goa … we invite you to purchase clothing, jewelery, handicrafts, scarves, spices … 1743 words + comments.  click here
14 Aug: Time Out (Lisbon). Indian festival: there is handicraft, music, dance and gastronomy in Belém … click here.

Special court ends 50-year-old water dispute between Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra

15 Aug: Xinhua News Agency (China). A specially designated court in India on Tuesday resolved a 50-year-old water dispute among three southern states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra, officials said. The Mahadayi Water Dispute Tribunal, which was set by the federal government to hear tussle among the states and allocate water among them, delivered its final verdict on Tuesday allowing 134,000 million cubic (TMC) feet of water to Karnataka, 24 TMC feet of water to Goa and 1.33 TMC feet of water to Maharashtra… The dispute over sharing of water from Mahadayi or Mandovi river has escalated in the recent years. The Mahadayi river basin drains an area of 2,032 square km, of which 375 square km lies in Karnataka, 77 square km in Maharashtra and the remaining 1,580 square km in Goa…  For further details click here
14 Aug: Free Press Journal. Mhadei verdict: BJP claims ‘victory’, Congress dubs ruling “unfortunate” …  click here
Video: 14 Aug: Prudent Media. Goa reacts to Mhadei water verdict. There have been different reactions through various platforms… 9m.03s click here.

Goa on the Jazz Circuit, come December

14 Aug: Herald. The Jazz India Circuit International Festival Goa is an experimental, up-tempo, funky celebration of jazz juxtaposed with diverse genres like punk, funk hip-hop, R&B and other forms of music. On their maiden tour in India, two-time Grammy-nominated Australian soul quartet Hiatus Kaiyote are set to headline the JIC International Festival Goa along with Indian and international jazz powerhouses like keyboardist Jerome Klein from Luxembourg, Goan drumming legend Lester Godinho, one of Europe’s most exciting jazz groups OZMA, Indian guitar prodigy Rhythm Shaw and his band Orjazzmic, French Afrofunk ensemble Supergombo and finally WorldService Project, leading specialists of British ‘punk-jazz’ and arguably one of the finest and most exported live acts in Europe… The Jazz India Circuit International Festival Goa will take place at the International Centre Goa (ICG), Dona Paula on December 1 and 2, 2018. Further details and tickets available at  For further details click here

Goa police monitoring social media for posts promoting rave parties: Report

14 Aug: Money Control. A special branch of Goa police has begun monitoring social media in order to detect posts that may necessitate action, to prevent law and order situations, according to a report by The Times of India … "We are in the process of buying new software so it becomes easy for the police to keep a track of what’s happening on social media," the officer added. Goa police, in an attempt to pre-empt mob lynching cases in the state, has also formed a special task force …  For further details click here



Death Ferdie Rodrigues

11 Aug: London. FERDINAND “FERDIE” RODRIGUES. Aged 84, (born 10.12.1933, Jinja, Uganda), passed away peacefully with his family at his side. Beloved husband of Blanche, loving father of Desmond (deceased), Susan, Malcolm/Mavis, Celia/Gerry, doting grandfather of Patrick, Jessica, Jake, Emily, Liam, Amaaya and Joshua. He held various positions at the Entebbe Goan Institute, including President and Vice President, and was also President of the UK Goan Association. A keen sportsman at heart, he was the Uganda National Darts Champion and a mountaineer. Ferdie was appointed as Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great by Pope Paul VI; awarded the Uganda Independence Medal by the Queen Elizabeth II and a Republic Medal by the Uganda Government. Funeral details to follow. Condolences to

Death: Verona Pereira
10 Aug: Montreal. VERONA PEREIRA. Born 8 May 1932. She was a member of St. Lawrence’s Parish, Karachi until she moved to Canada. She was preceded in death by her parents Porfirio Pereira & Rosie (nee Mascarenhas), sisters late Cecilia (late Germano) Ferreira, late Othilia (late Terence) D'Souza, Annette (John) Pereira brothers Gerard (Julia) Pereira & Archbishop Simeon Pereira Survived by her sisters Marina, Bernice Pereira, Nieces/nephews Jeanette (Anthony) Fernandez, Noel (Bodena) Ferreira Julian (Heather) Pereira, Marianne, Terence and Karen, Robert and Janet, Kathryn D'Souza. Jeanette Fernandez Event: Memorial, Good Shepherd Church, 8/20/2018 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM & Interment, Paroisse St-Joseph d'Orléans 8/20/2018 12:30 PM - 12:45 PM. [Info Zelia de Sa Miranda] For more information click here.

News Summary

British Asians more socially conservative than rest of UK, survey suggests

13 Aug: BBC. British Asians are more socially conservative - and more optimistic - than the wider UK population, a ComRes survey for the Asian Network suggests. The survey found that more than half (54%) of British Asians had "toned down" their Asian identity to "fit in". More than 2,000 British Asians responded to the poll as part of the BBC's Big British Asian Summer. A similar number of UK citizens responded to the same questions to generate a reflection of the views of the wider population. Of the 2,026 respondents to the British Asian survey, 1,197 were born in the UK. The survey will be discussed on a special live debate show on the Asian Network, on 14 August from 22:00 BST - midnight. According to the surveys, just 5% of UK-wide respondents would be offended if a relative had sex before marriage - while more than a third (34%) of British Asians would be… 1083 words.  For further details click here
Audio: BBC. Are British Asians old fashioned when it comes to sex and marriage? …  click here
To listen to Asian Network programme live, click here.

Goa's capital, known for its quality of life, ranks 90 on livability index

14 Aug: Times of India. The state capital narrowly missed becoming one of the worst cities in the country to live in. Panaji was ranked 90 out of the 111 cities in the country that participated in the ease of livability survey by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. As ironic as it may sound, the Goa government has been highlighting the quality of life that the state offers, as it seeks investment from industries and IT startups. Panaji scored a disappointing 27.84, a far cry from Pune which scored 58.11 to top the rankings. The capital was let down on the parameters for health, housing, economy and employment. “The rapid pace of urbanization and the increased number of urban dwellers could exacerbate existing challenges like pollution, overcrowding, rising crime levels, poor access to water supply and sanitation facilities, and congestion,  For further details click here

‘GOAMILES’ hits a roadblock

13 Aug: Navhind Times. Several taxi operators from Vasco, who had registered themselves under the newly-launched ‘GOAMILES’ app, on Sunday threatened to withdraw their membership as “the promise of providing counter at the Dabolim airport is proving to be false”. Reacting to the cabbies’ threat to come out of the app, Goa Tourism Development Corporation maintained that there will be no impact of the threat as an additional fleet of 200 taxis have been roped in, which will join the service on Monday. The taxi operators, who are demanding hike in fares, accused their union leader of cheating them…  For further details click here

Goa Real Estate: Recovery for some, slowdown for others

13 Aug: The Goan. The phase between November 2016 and March 2018 was one of the toughest for the real-estate sector over the years. The slowdown started with demonetisation, which was followed by the roll-out of Goods-and-Services-Tax (GST) and the implementation of Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) … In the last 3-4 months, the real-estate sector has posed some sort of recovery. However, the revival is limited to few big builders, as most small builders are still struggling with slowdown… A number of sources said that even though full recovery has not yet taken place in the real-estate sector, but the builders are using the recent positive run for exhausting their unsold inventories …  For further details click here

Starfish hold key to treating blood clots

13 Aug: Times of India. Starfish are predominantly found between September and December along Goa’s coast. Marine biologists have now discovered that these delicate starfish could hold the key to treat deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, a common and potentially life threatening condition that affects thousands of patients in India and globally. “We observed the potential of the body fluid of these species (known as the coelomic fluid) to treat thrombosis, a cardiovascular disease which is a leading cause of death world-wide,” says Mansi Baveja, a PhD scholar with the BITS Pilani biological sciences department. Thrombosis is a cardiovascular condition wherein blood clots appear within the blood vessels and travel via the blood circulation to other parts of the body. It can completely stop the blood flow through arteries or veins and eventually cause death…  For further details click here

Ikea finally opens in India, minus the meatballs

13 Aug: Financial Times (UK). … Ikea finally opened its long-awaited first store in India, in the southern city of Hyderabad, a dozen years after it first applied for permission to enter a market that still tantalises foreign companies with its promise… Ikea has also tweaked its offerings to appeal to local sensibilities. Instead of Swedish meatballs, diners at the new store’s 1,000-seat restaurant can partake of chicken or veggie balls, dal and rice, or biriyani… Customers on the first day seemed pleased… But, as companies like Cairn, Vodafone and others can attest, creating a successful business is still no guarantee of a happy ending for foreign companies in India, where unpredictable policy changes have caused major headaches … Ikea and its Indian fans must hope the company’s promise to provide attractive, affordable home furnishings isn’t hit by rising tariff walls…  For further details click here
Video: 11 Aug: BBC. How Ikea plans to woo India...  click here

Brigadiers, London: ‘You’ll smell of roasted

spices, garlic and happiness’ – restaurant review 12 Aug: The Observer (UK). Brigadiers: 1-5 Bloomberg Arcade, London. Meal for two, including drinks and service £70-£110. Brigadiers, which pulls on the Anglo-Indian sporting references of Gymkhana, is one of the first restaurants to open within the dead-eyed Bloomberg arcade in the City … The beer snacks include ox cheek vindaloo samosas and red chilli and lemon crisps… Main courses are huge and meaty… If I can find five friends, they’ll even do me a wood-roasted Goan suckling pig for £70 a head, which sounds like a night out I’d enjoy very much…  For further details click here
11 Aug: Evening Standard (London). Sunday lunch in London: The best alternative restaurants … A newcomer to London’s Indian food scene, City restaurant Brigadiers is spicing up Sundays with a south Asian take on the roast dinner. With three courses available for £30, the barbecue menu features a choice between wood roasted Goan pork, dry tandoori masala steak, a butter masala rotisserie chicken and more…  click here



Death: Raul Monteiro

6 Aug: Edgware, London. RAUL WILLIAM MONTEIRO. Ex Nairobi. Passed away peacefully at home. Beloved husband of Melba, nee Viegas. Loving father/father-in-law of Marisa/Malcolm. Doting grandfather of Ava. Brother of Reggie and Renato and the late Ernest. A keen sportsman at heart whose passion was hockey, Raul cherished special memories of his time at Dr Ribeiro Goan School and the Goan Institute, Nairobi. Funeral Mass on Friday, 24th August 2018 at St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, 5 Garratt Road, Edgware, HA8 9AN at 10.00 am. Burial at Mill Hill Cemetery, 89 Milespit Hill, NW7 2RR. Thereafter, a reception at St Anthony's Parish Centre hall (next to the church). If attending, please let us know. Condolences /RSVP to

Death: Mary Soares

10 Aug: Mombasa. Mary Margaret Soares. Daughter of Pedro Caitano and Libania Angelica Soares. Sister to Anthony, Edward, Leandro, Cosmos and Joan Soares. Aunty to David Soares (Msa). Requeim Mass on Tuesday 14th August 2018 at the Holy Ghost Cathedral Mombasa at 3.00pm Followed by Burial at Mbaraki Cemetery[info: Maureen De Souza}

News Summary

Rane: I have said nothing derogatory about Goans

12 Aug: Navhind Times. Breaking his silence and refuting the allegations levelled against him by Goans abroad and also his own party men on ‘London remark’, Pratapsingh Rane, senior Congress leader and Poriem MLA, on Saturday said that he has said nothing derogatory about Goans and dubbed the outburst against him as an attempt to malign his image. “This is wrong, they are trying to malign me for no reason, I have not said anything derogatory against Goans or anyone. I meant to say that Goans irrespective of where they work they should have better quality jobs and I deny having said what they are attributing to me,” said Rane … It has been alleged that during the recently-concluded monsoon session of the assembly Rane had said ‘Goans who work in London do toilet cleaning jobs.’…  For further details click here

The Wandering Goan

12 Aug: Navhind Times. By Frederick Noronha. Our honourable legislators, on one of those rare days when the Goa assembly meets, raked up a storm last week. At its centre was a comment about Goans migrating abroad in big numbers, and then ending up in menial jobs in places like London. Cleaning toilets’ was the term used by former chief minister Pratapsing Rane … What was probably meant as an argument to rally support for mining, ended up as a huge debate on Goan migration. Radharao Gracias, the maverick former legislator and lawyer, known as much for his wit as his acerbic tongue, responded by pointing out to the significantly large number of Goan world-class achievers who had reached the helm of many fields. Advocate Gracias’ list (somehow listing only Catholic names) countered the impression that Goan migration is necessarily low-end… Various governments, regardless of the party in power at Panaji, have failed to do anything of worth for the significantly large expat Goan population … 1010 words.  For further details click here

Taxi App: It is all very emotional …

12 Aug: Herald. Sanjay Naik President the United Taxi-men Union, Dabolim Airport and Nilesh Cabral Chairman GTDC articulated their positions to the Herald about their respective stances and the reasons for it… NAIK: “Let me clear this first, we are not against the Goa Miles app and I say whoever wants join that taxi app are free to join. Our main concern is the parking space at the airport. For the past 5 years we have been demanding with the government to allot parking space to our taxis but nothing was done and now suddenly Goa Miles taxis have been allotted 7 parking slots. We are not against the app.,,” CABRAL: I do not know as to why they are objecting to the Goa Miles app. First they opposed the Ola and Uber because they claimed it would eat into their revenue, we understood. Today the government has specially designed the app and I am facing the flack for no reason. I have done it for them because it is an aggregator for them to come free on board. We are not charging them. When we are not charging then I do not know what problem they have and who is instigating them. Goa Miles is intellectual property of Goa Tourism …  For further details click here

Guitar hero plays at charity gig for family of Danielle McLaughlin

12 Aig: Sunday Mirror (UK). Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal jets into Ireland this month to play a charity gig for the family of murder victim Danielle McLaughlin… The Irish woman, 28, was raped and killed while on a dream holiday in Goa last year. She had gone to learn yoga with the intention of teaching it in Canada… A 24-year-old local man is currently on trial for the brutal killing. To raise funds for her family, Bumblefoot will appear with Donegal band The Midnight Preachers at a charity gig in the Plaza in Buncrana on Saturday, August 25. The entire proceeds of the event will go to the legal costs of Danielle’s family… Tickets for the fundraiser gig are priced €10 on the door.,,  For further details click here
To make donations  click here

Cliszma DaCosta: Step up and dance!

12 Aug: The Goan. Her passion for dance and movements led gifted Cliszma DaCosta on a journey of life from the safe zone of her home in Goa to Mumbai and then to UK as a Zumba instructor and dance therapist… Cliszma Aniuska DaCosta is a multifaceted movement professional in Goa who wears many hats at just 25 … In Goa, Zumba is very popular with a network (ZIN) of 113 plus Zumba instructors however, so far Cliszma is the only Pound instructor or Pro in Goa, certified from Scotland, UK … Seeking new learning made her travel to UK to continue her learning in dance therapy. In London, she made a journey to Scotland to get herself a certified as a Pound Pro. … “Going hungry taught me to respect food, going homeless thought me to value my home. Today what I am, is because of my struggles and my victories…  For further details click here
Video: Cliszma's Fitness Squad … 3m 54s  click here

Sergio Santimano: I want to tell a story of my ancestry, Goa and India

12 Aug: A resident of Sweden, born In Portugal but with his roots in Goa, Sergio Santimano is a photo-journalist par extraordinaire. While the vivacious 62-year-old admits to feeling Portuguese born in the colonial times, his Indianess in his outlook and belongingness to the place he considers second home has ingrained a resolve to give it back to the country and State of his origin through a story related in pictures. In a freewheeling interview with this daily, he speaks with a glint in his eye on nurturing a dream of bringing a window to the world to look into his ancestry and his people of Goa and other parts of India at large…  For further details click here

In 4 hours, cops book 315 for drunk driving

12 Aug: Navhind Times. Within four hours of commencing a joint drive on Friday, Goa police booked 315 cases of drunk driving/riding in the state. The joint drive was conducted by traffic police and district police. According to police, a number of fatal road accidents are occurring in the state and drunk driving is one of the causes. A special drive was carried out across the state from 7 pm to 11 pm on Friday at 100 different locations across the state. Police said that in spite of creating awareness about the drive and giving it sufficient publicity, 315 riders/drivers were found under the influence of alcohol. In future, more of such drives with an element of surprise regarding date, time and place will be conducted regularly, police said…  For further details click here
Video: 11 Aug: Navhind Times. Drinking & driving crackdown: too little too late …  click here

A master’s journey: Vamona Navelcar with his artwork

12 Aug: New Indian Express. By Anne Ketteringham. After a gap of nearly 20 years, Renascenca, a monthly radio show in Portuguese, was back on the airwaves (AIR FM Rainbow) this year, focusing on rediscovering India’s Portuguese connect. In its sixth episode last week, the artist interviewed was Vamona Ananta Sinai Navelcar, who is regarded as ‘Goa’s state treasure’. After all, who can be a better person to recall memories of this former Portuguese colony than one whose work spans decades. He has lived in three continents—Goa (Asia) where he was born, Africa where his skills developed, and Portugal (Europe) where he studied…  For further details click here
Marius Fernandes wrote: “I am working with Steve White to celebrate Navelcarin the UK. Next year, we will be having an exhibition in the UK, sometime in April or May, to mark the 50th anniversary of Vamona Navelcar’s first solo exhibition in London …  click here
For some of Navelcar’s works, video clips etc. … click here.

Give it a GOA!

12 Aug: Irish Mail on Sunday. By Rachel Johnson, … We would balance out a deluxe night or two with a sand-in-yourtoes beach shack. We would meet up with friends and take two of our kidults (they will come on holiday with you, but only if you arrange it and pay for everything)… we have finally arrived in Goa. Mr Cruz from the Vivenda Dos Palhacos, a boutique hotel on Majorda beach, is waiting. He threads us through a swarm of tuk-tuks, buses, scooters and children going to school, all the while honking on his horn and answering his mobile… Mr Cruz takes us to Patnem, the hippy hideout where yoga is king. .. Still, at only €28 per hutch per night, it seems ungracious to complain. After three days of yoga, swimming and feasting on the local fish, we feel we've begun to earn our Indian spurs.,, 1051 words.  For further details click here
12 Aug: Daily Mail (UK). By Rachel Johnson: “I do apologise for my brother Boris... he didn't go NEARLY far enough! …  click here



Death: Matty Fernandes

9 Aug: Mississauga, Canada. MATILDES "MATTY" MAXIMIANA FERNANDES [ex Dar-es-salaam] passed away peacefully at Mississauga Trillium Hospital, in her 91st year. Matty will be reunited with her husband of 69 years, the late Joaquim. Loving mother of Cresy (Hubert). Cherished grandmother of Dana (Ashton) & Beverly (Philip). Proud great-grandmother of Emma, William, Alexander, & Izaiah. Pre-deceased by her brothers and sister, Joe (late Sabina), Gonsalo (late Anne), Rosy (late Joseph), Arsen (Gladys), Paul (Philomena) and Zeno. Survived by her sister in England, Olga (late Joseph). Matty will be sadly missed by her many in-laws and nieces and nephews.
Visitation will be held at the Highland Funeral Home -Scarborough Chapel (3280 Sheppard Ave. E., Sheppard Ave. E, east of Warden Ave.) on Monday, August 13th, 2018 from 3-7pm. A funeral mass will be celebrated on Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 at St. Aidan's Roman Catholic Church (3051 Finch Ave. E.., Finch Ave. E, east of Warden Ave.) at 10:30 am, with a burial to follow at Highland Memorial Gardens (33 Memory Gardens Ln, off Don Mills Rd., south of Steeles Ave. E.). [Info: Alcino Rodrigues] Condolences to

News Summary

We need to understand why youth want to leave: Eduardo Faleiro

12 Aug: Herald. While refusing to condemn or ridicule the statement made by his colleague Pratapsing Rane, former Minister for External Affairs Eduardo Faleiro the government needs to give employment opportunities to stop this exodus. “I know there are huge queues outside the Portuguese consulate every day. I am one of the person’s responsible for getting the Portuguese consulate in Goa. But we have to understand why do people want to leave by surrendering their passports?” Faleiro told Herald with a sip of hot morning coffee at his old Portuguese house in Raia. Faleiro said he does not know what Rane meant by his statement…  For further details click here
12 Aug: Herald. Rane will clarify position soon. Taking cognizance of the upheaval caused by party MLA Pratapsing Rane’s statement in the assembly about Goans washing toilets, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar  click here

Stray Thoughts By Rajan Narayan

11 Aug: Goan Observer. At long last there was a glimmer of hope that Goans and tourists will be liberated from the taxi mafia … there was a rage among Goans over the remark of former Chief Minister Pratapsingh Raoji Rane that Goans abroad were all cleaning toilets. Goans not only work as housekeeping staff, but also own airlines like Air Asia, and are chief executives at leading firms ... the release of the citizens registered in Assam has raised concern over the fate of Goan Portuguese passport holders in the UK … Portuguese passport holders in the UK were asked to register for work permits …  For further details click here

Gandhi vs Rane on toilet cleaners

11 Aug: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. Mahatma Gandhi believed everyone benefits from cleaning toilets, and routinely did so himself… Pratapsingh Rane was only nine years old when Gandhi was assassinated. But Goa’s veteran Congressman surely knows that his party’s greatest leader would have been angry and ashamed about his derisive comments in the legislative assembly earlier this week, about “toilet cleaners” in London who dare to express opinions about what is going on at home. The slur came across worse in Konkani, with the outrage compounded by legislators pounding desks and hooting in approval… In a way, it’s unfair to single out the 79-year-old, six-time chief minister of Goa for unguardedly saying what all his colleagues believe. Rane’s comments succinctly reflect a flourishing set of prejudices that are deeply rooted in the muck of politics in India’s smallest state…  For further details click here
11 Aug: Herald. Editorial. Time’s up, Mr Rane! You just lost Goa’s respect …  click here

Special task force to avert lynching formed

11 Aug: Times of India. The Goa police has constituted a special task force (STF) to gather intelligence and track rumours or unverified news that could lead to lynching to pre-empt incidents of mob lynching in the state. The STF is headed by superintendent of police crime branch. A senior police officer said as of now no lynching incidents have occurred in the state. “The STF shall gather intelligence about people who are likely to commit such crimes or are involved in spreading hate speeches, provocative statements and fake news,” SP (headquarters) S M Prabhudesai said…  For further details click here

GTDC tries to allay doubts about taxi app

11 Aug: Times of India. Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) on Friday sought to allay fears about the newly-launched GoaMiles apps-based taxi service. While admitting that any new service faces challenges and teething problems, the corporation said these would be resolved over a period of time… chairman Nilesh Cabral said, “The app-based taxi service is working as per government-approved rates,” adding that the rates are on the website. Pointing out that the fares under GoaMiles are more reasonable than the current, “unorganized” taxi rates, Cabral said that with this new system, there is no need for negotiation and arm-twisting…  For further details click here
11 Aug. Times of India. Tourism body terms CRT’s allegations against GoaMiles as ‘baseless’. GTDC on Friday objected to the allegations made by the Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT) against the newly launched app-based taxi service GoaMiles.  click here

Fish tales from Mandovi in Goa

11 Aug: Manorama. By the banks of the Mandovi a middle-aged woman in a sari is fishing, knee deep in water. She scoops the net occasionally and dips it down in a slightly different spot. After each such step, the woman looks around, apparently trying to locate a better plunge… Rani is a one-person army… Mandovi has a riverside Friendship Association of Malayalis… A young Virkam suddenly gets to the shore with mud crab, eager to sell them. If sold alive and without its legs broken, he can fetch as high as Rs 1,100 … The market wakes up at 6 am, when it largely sports the mackerel fish … There’s the 'chonak' too which sells for Rs 600 a kg… >Much like the Goan air, its people are somewhat languid, yet easy-going. For them, every moment of life is a celebration. At a lazy evening hour, inside the Maria restaurant, owner Sebio Rodrigues has pulled the shutter half down and blocked the entrance with two chairs, lest someone should disturb his peace…  For further details click here

Ditch Goa and visit Gokarna

11 Aug: International Business Times. As summers come to an end, Goa is getting ready to host lakhs of tourists who visit the small beach city to have a leisure time with their friends. Goa has been one of the most popular travel destinations in India. The place attracts millions from across the country, as well as the world, every year. However, Goa has also been facing a problem of plenty. The crowded streets and sea-shores rob the tourists of some luxury time they seek. So, what can one do? It's simple; opt for another place, and what can be a better alternative to Goa if not Gokarna? There's one thing that Gokarna guarantees; some alone time… Cosy hotels and homestays … Pocket-friendly … Traditional food experience …  For further details click here

Goa Goa, the novelty of fashion in London

11 Aug: Il Resto del Carlino (Italy). A great Italian pride has landed in London to win a major prize: the Goa Goa fashion brand now goes across the border and gets to conquer the hearts of London. The spring-summer 2019 collection, presented in one of the 'Pure' events in London, won the award for the best this year. A great satisfaction for Chiara Pavanello and her husband Marco Santato … The motto of the spring season in 2019 will cover the harmony that must always exist and in compliance with and enhancement of every woman. The adventure of Chiara Pavanello began in 2011 after a past as a globetrotter … GoaGoa, the name pays tribute to the land where she lived for many years…  For further details click here
For the Chiara Pavanello GoaGoa story in English,  click here
For the GoaGoa website, click here.


News Summary

I am Goan

10 Aug: Herald. By Radharao Gracias. I am Goan. You find me here, there, everywhere. In London or Swindon. In Lisbon or Melbourne. In Mississauga or Mississippi. No borders confine me. No occupation confounds me. I am called, by many names … My name Antonio da Costa from Margao, I am Goan!... My name is Keith Vaz … Sunith Rodrigues … Julio Ribeiro … Charles Correia … Ivan Menezes … Francisco D’Souza, … Tony Fernandes … Karl Rodrigues … Reita Faria … Dinesh D’Souza … Fitz deSouza … Anthony Joseph Zuzarte … Pio Gama Pinto … Aquino de Braganca … Leander Paes … Kenneth Pereira … Zeno Rodrigues … Siona Fernandes … Troy D’Costa … I work at Heathrow Airport… I have been brought up, by my church, to believe in the dignity of labour… You may call me, by any name. I am Goan! … What is Pratapsingh Raoji Rane’s contribution to alleviate the unemployment problem? (Radharao Gracias is a senior Trial Court Advocate, a former Independent MLA and a political activist)  click here
Video: 10 Aug: HCN. Congress apologizes for Pratapsingh Rane's "toilet" remark … The Goa Mahila Congress says it is deeply hurt and pained by the toilet remark made by Senior Congress leader Pratap Singh Rane & apologized to expat Goans & their dependents.  click here
11 Aug: Herald. 50% villagers in Sr Rane’s constituency defecate in the open… click here.

Season's first charter landing on Oct 3

10 Aug: The Goan. The first charter flight of the upcoming tourist season, which is set to begin in a couple of months, will land in Goa on October 3. Every year charter flights bring foreign tourists in large numbers from countries like UK, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to the shores of Goa… In the last decade or so, Russian tourists have dominated the segment of charter flights in Goa and it seems that this season is not going to be any different… Ernest Dias, chief operating officer, Sita Travels and TCI said, “I am hopeful that we will get more flights from Russia, UK and Ukraine in this season than earlier. We are expecting an additional charter flight from UK this season… British flights will start landing in Goa from November onwards.” …  For further details click here

Commuters annoyed by GoaMiles glitches

10 Aug: Times of India. From a lack of adequate taxis to technical glitches, the GoaMiles app for taxi services in the state has its fair share of teething problems. While app developers continue to find bugs, commuters have their own concerns, the primary grouse being that fares continue to remain on the higher side. The state on Monday launched the mobile taxi app in the hope that it would end the perennial commuting problem that has been the bane of the sunshine tourist state. However, users and netizens have taken to social media to complain that it is nothing but “taxi loot turned online”. “The app was supposed to bring down fares, don’t see that happening…  For further details click here
10 Aug: The Goan. Church body joins chorus against GTDC's Goamiles app …  click here
Video: 10 Aug: Goa 365 TV. Controversy over Goa Miles Taxi App continues … click here.

Rent-a-Cab counter set to take wings at airport

11 Aug: The Goan. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has decided to rope in a Rent-a-Cab service provider to cater to passengers arriving at the Dabolim airport in a move that is expected to further raise the hackles of local taxi associations already restive over GoaMiles, the app-based service launched by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation. The AAI has invited electronic bids from 'companies' for granting a license to operate a counter for renting motor cabs facility at the arrival area of Dabolim's new integrated terminal building. The conditions of the tender are such that local businessmen and taxi owners will find it difficult to participate in the bidding process… The fully air-conditioned new integrated terminal building (NITB) was commissioned in 2013 and has a capacity to handle 2750 passengers at a time. The AAI also has plans to expand the terminal.  For further details click here

Winter sun holidays: the world's most idyllic places to stay

10 Aug: Daily Telegraph (UK). There's something particularly wonderful about escaping to a far-flung place for days filled with sunshine, holiday vibes and relaxation, when back home is still in the depths of a grey winter. Follow our expert guide to find the best hotels for winter sun – which all have a minimum average temperature of 25°C … Goa is India's sunshine state and it's an affordable option for anyone dreaming of a winter holiday with plenty of sun. It's long been the country's answer to Ibiza, but has actually grown up a lot in recent years. Beach shacks by lounge bars proliferate, plus there's been a spate of new boutique hotel openings. Yoga and wellness are still ubiquitous, so it’s a great place for New Year’s resolutions to be made and broken. Head to the northern beaches for more of a party 'scene' and the south for total seclusion. Where to stay: The Leela Goa, Cavelossim … Anahata Retreat, Mandrem …  For further details click here
For the Telegraph review of Anahata Retreat  click here

Sexual violence is the new normal in India – and pornography is to blame

9 Aug: The Guardian. By Mari Marcel Thekaekara. Rapes have become the new normal in my country. So much so that India’s supreme court made headlines itself on Monday, asking: “What is to be done? Girls and women are getting raped left, right and centre.” This is unusual practice for a supreme court anywhere, and underlines the gravity of the situation. Justice Madan Lokur of the supreme court pointed out: “The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data observes that a woman is raped every six hours in India.” Even the highly regarded Tata Institute of Social Sciences, in Mumbai, has reported the abuse of minors and women. It uncovered evidence while conducting a social audit of government shelters earlier this year. A medical report confirmed 34 girls had been sexually abused… India is the most dangerous country for women. It must face reality … How do we protect children and women from predators and harmful porn? … grassroots activists like me are increasingly sick of liberals fighting for freedom to watch violent, sadistic porn… It’s time for the courts and the government to look seriously at how we can clamp down on porn in India…  For further details click here

Trolls demand Muslim Indian actress Sara Khan change religion after posting Goa bikini pictures

9 Aug: Daily Mail (UK). An Indian actress has been attacked by online trolls after she posted pictures of herself wearing a bikini on holiday. Sara Khan, 29, a popular television actress, uploaded snaps of herself taken while on holiday in Goa, India, and Dubai, UAE. Many of her followers praised her appearance, however, Ms Khan, who is a Muslim, was also targeted by some who disagreed with her choice of outfit. Fellow Muslim Instagram users slammed the fact that she posed snaps of herself in a bikini, and told her she should change religion…  For further details click here



Death: Bosco Saldanha

From the Goan Association (UK): We are sad to announce the demise of Mr Bosco Saldanha, Vice President of the Goan Association (UK) who passed away at his residence in Croydon on Saturday morning 4th August 2018. He suffered a massive heart attack triggered by high blood pressure and diabetes. He is survived by Marcia and his children Emily, Maria, Marisa and Jude. Bosco has been a long standing member of the Association and passionate about his work with the community. As a mark of respect and acknowledgement for his good work, we will be dedicating our Sports Day on 26th August 2018 in his memory. I am sure you will join us and keep him and his family in your prayers. Bosco will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by us. Eternal rest grant unto him and may his soul rest in peace. Funeral details to be announced later. On behalf of the family and the Board of Directors Goan Association (UK). Condolence messages to

Death: Blanche (Rocha) D'Souza

7 Aug: Urbana, Illinois, USA. BLANCHE D'SOUZA (nee ROCHA). Aged 88. Born March 11, 1930. Blanche was born in Karachi and spent her adult life in Nairobi, where she was a teacher at St. Teresa's Boys School. She authored a book, "Harnessing the Trade Winds" (2008) about the influence of Indian migration on East Africa. She was preceded in death by her husband, John D'Souza; her parents, Cosmos and Mariquinha Rocha; her sisters, Sylvia D'Souza and Teresa D'Souza; and her son, Louis D'Souza. She is survived by her children, Joseph D'Souza, Marie Weinstein (Michael), Judith Provencher, Jonquil Feldman (Marc), Jacqueline Scott (William), June D'Souza (Mark Meiresonne), Bruce D'Souza, Brett D'Souza (Barbara), Jocelyn D'Souza and Jeryl Fleming (Andrew); her sisters, Antoinette Lobo and Imelda Gonsalves; her brother, Sal Rocha (Effie); her 15 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.
There will be a visitation on Friday, August 10 from 9:30-10:30 am at Owens Funeral Home, 101 N. Elm St, Champaign. A funeral Mass will follow at 11 am at St. Matthew Catholic Church, 1303 Lincolnshire Dr, Champaign. A private family burial will take place at Resurrection Mausoleum in Peoria. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the family for an education fund in Blanche's name; so they may continue to support the education of Mary Gira's children in Kenya, as Blanche did throughout her life. Condolences to
For the Funeral Home announcement, click here.

News Summary

One to One with Keith Vaz: Luis Fonseca

10 Aug: Asian Voice. Luis Fonseca was born in India and has earned his place in history as the first Daman Councillor in the history of Leicester. He is now one of the Councillors of North Evington Ward. He has to balance the needs and interests of his constituents and the Council… Luis is also a Vice-Chair of the Health and Well-Being scrutiny commission and a scrutiny member for the Neighborhood services and community involvement scrutiny commission. Scrutiny is about monitoring and reviewing Council services and decisions of the City Mayor and his cabinet and holds them to account for their decisions. Luis is involved in Licensing too… 743 words.  For further details click here

You crossed the limit of Goa’s TOLERATION, Mr Rane!

10 Aug: Herald. As public outrage continues to grow against former Chief Minister Pratapsingh Rane’s “Asli kama karunk amka vospachi naam” about Goans going overseas to clean toilets, public ire seems to be growing against the Congress for having failed to either make Rane apologise or resign… His remarks smacked of “traditional feudal attitude that cares little for the ordinary citizens” observes Prof Teotonio D’Souza, the founder Director of Xavier Centre for Historical Research from Moira who now lives in Lisbon… Roshan Luke Mathias of Revolutionary Goans dissects Rane’s statement made last week as an abuse of the dignity of labour and a deep-seated hatred…  For further details click here
7 Aug: GoaNet. Your Time Is Up Mr Pratapsingh Raoji Rane. By Aires Rodrigues …  click here

Hanson Fernandes who arrived in London from Goa three years ago lands job at Apple

9 Aug: Newham Recorder (London). Former NewVIc (Newham Sixth Form College) student Hanson Fernandes completed a one year foundation level at NewVIc; progressed with distinction to level three business studies; was an executive member of the Student Union; was a peer mentor to level two business students; went on a 10 week volunteering expedition in Nepal; completed his studies with triple distinction (equivalent to 3 x A-levels at A grades) and now has a place at UCL, a Russell Group and top 10 ranked university…. He says, “I arrived in London three years ago. When I came to this country from Goa, I didn’t know anyone here. I came with my brother. I did not come with my parents. I live in a rented two bedroom flat, it was hard finding a college, and I had to work part time to cope with the rent, so I had to quickly learn to adapt to a new country… Just found out I’ve landed a job with Apple! I can’t wait to start! I’m also really looking forward to starting my BSc (Hons) in Information Management for Business at UCL in September…  For further details click here

Ramona Braganza, Celebrity fitness trainer is using exercise to help sex-trafficked women in India

8 Aug: Yahoo. Ramona Braganza who has also trained scores of celebrities — including Dakota Johnson, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson-Ross, and Halle Berry — is of Indian descent, and when she turned 50 in 2013, she was looking for a way to “give back” through what comes most naturally to her: fitness… She was shocked at the sight of Falkland Road, Mumbai, India’s notorious red light district … She set up an organization called 321 Empower to help realize her goal of helping trafficking victims through fitness … For girls who have either worked as prostitutes or who are the children of prostitutes and have been exposed to that milieu, fitness is a great way to work through their experiences… Many remain in the safe house until they are 18, after which they may go on to college or out into the world, equipped with a specific skill set that will enable them to earn a living. Thanks to Braganza — who is hoping to begin a round of fundraising in the U.S. for her organization in November — fitness training is now on the list of possibilities and will, hopefully, open up doors for a new generation of girls… 1256 words.  For further details click here
Ramona traces her Goan roots to Mapusa (father) and Tivim (mother). Her parents emigrated to Canada in the late 60s and now live in Brockville Ontario; her brother is in Nova Scotia. Ramona has a home in Vancouver and commutes between there and Los Angeles. Watch the video of her trip to Goa with her mother. … 2m. 46s.  click here
For her website with bio, press reports, DVD reviews, video clips etc. click here.

Seraphino Antao: Runner Korir urges Kenya to branch out to sprints, field events

9 Aug: A retired Kenyan international athlete on Thursday called on the country's sports authorities to diversify in sprints and field events after Kenya proved its prowess in middle and long-distance events. Barnaba Korir, who represented the athletics-mad East African nation in long distance events, said Kenya has nothing more to prove in the races it has dominated for years … Seraphino Antao is the most celebrated Kenyan sprinter, having won gold medals in several international competitions in the pioneer days, and no other sprinter of worth surfaced until the 1990s …  click here
For links to some Google references to Seraphino Antao,  click here

Sun, sand, sea, and shady taxis: A travel advisory for Goamiles users

9 Aug: Qrius. By Damian D’souza. Goa now has its own taxi service, Goamiles. Here’s some hacks to ensure your experience is as smooth as you hoped that shot of feni would be… you no longer have to pay 2,000 bucks for a cab ride that lasts under 20 minutes, all because you’re a “bhailo bhintakar” (outsider) whom we hate, or a “paklo” (foreigner) whom we adore,.. So before you download the app and end your vacation travel woes, here are a few pointers to ensure your experience in the back of the cab is as smooth as you hoped that shot of feni would be…Get a local to book your cab, nothing turns on a Goan cabbie like a non-Goan accent … Buy some insurance … Pay online … Carry a pair of earphones … 772 words.  For further details click here
9 Aug: Times of India. Taximen, GTDC make peace over Goamiles …  click here
9 Aug: Navhind Times. Now, rickshaws, motorcycle taxi 'pilots' under Goamiles soon ,,, click here.

Video: CM Parrikar Leaves for US, to return by 17 Aug.

9 Aug: Goa 365 TV. The Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar left for the United States for a follow up to his treatment to a pancreas-related illness on Thursday evening. He expected to be back by the 17th of the month. In his absence, the speaker Pramod Sawant will hoist the flag in the capital in Independence day, the 15th of August…  For further details click here

Whip up these Goan desserts!

9 Aug: Indian Express. Introduce your child to these traditional Goan desserts by whipping them up in your kitchen together, courtesy Le Méridien Goa, Calangute… Bebinca also known as Bibik, is a traditional Portuguese dessert, which was introduced in Goa, during the Portuguese rule. The dish is a Christmas special dessert, prepared using fresh coconut milk … Dodol, a sugar palm based confectionery, is one of the oldest indigenous desserts developed in Goa … Serradura, commonly also known as the Sawdust Pudding, is an eggless quick-fix dessert brought to Goa by the Portuguese. Initially, it was a popular high-tea dessert owing to the use of tea-time biscuits in the recipe. But lately, it has turned to be a most favoured dessert after meals as well…  For further details click here

UK Forthcoming Events
Sat 25 Aug. Goan Chaplaincy Celebrations. Join us at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, South London, SE1 7HY to celebrate and thank the Lord for the Goan Chaplaincy Thanksgiving Mass at 14:30. Main Celebrant: Auxiliary Bishop Patrick Lynch SS CC. For the flyer, click here.

Sun 26 Aug. G.O.A. Sports Day, Croydon Sports Arena, Albert Road, London, SE25 4QL, 11am to 5.30pm. Dedicated to the memory of the late Bosco Saldanha. Contact Vince Fernandes 07853132336. For the programme, click here.

Sat 1 Sep. G.O.A. Pilgrimage, The Friars, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7BX, From 11am to 6pm Contact Bella Fernandes 07949233307. For the flyer, click here.

Sat. 15 Sep. Southall: Goan Chaplaincy Celebrations. Mass at 16:00 at St Anselm Church, Southall. Followed by Social at The Dominion Centre, Southall, UB2 4BQ. Rainbows End (band) in attendance. For tickets contact: Jose Mendes 07448045388, Wilson Fernandes 07417434187, Chris Da Costa 07459262679 or Ciana D’Costa 07940289513. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 16 Sep. Hounslow and Cranford: Goan Chaplaincy Celebrations. Mass at 16:00 at SS Michael and Martin Church. Followed by Social at Our Lady of Queen of Apostles Church Hall, Heston. One man band by Alwyn in attendance. For tickets contact: Peter Estrocio 07584676093, Debbie Fernandes 07896007011, John Rodrigues 07723486707, Gabriel Fernandes 07424318717 or Savio Cabral 07405562762. For the flyer, click here.

Sat 22 Sep. Wembley: Goan Chaplaincy Celebrations. Mass at 14:00 followed by Social at Sudbury Primary School. Shades (band) and DJ Richiee in attendance. For tickets contact: Charles Dias 07809552665, Mary Xavier 0744002596, Ivone Fernandes 07448525300 or Fabian Fernandes 07405024117. For the flyer, click here.

Sun 23 Sep. Croydon: Goan Chaplaincy Celebrations. Mass at 13:00 followed by Social at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy School. Big Dream (band) in attendance. For tickets contact: Nina Pinto 020 8767 0663, Inacio Joao 07908409495, Jennifer Da Silva 07712273024, Cyrila Pereira 07763208222 or Joe Fernandes 07764659305. For the flyer, click here.

Sat 29 Sep. GOA UK organising a Goan Nite function at ArchBishop Lanfranc Academy, Croydon. From 6pm to 12am. Price £15 for adults and £9 for children under 12 years. Ticket inclusive of snacks and buffet meal. Music by Chico and DJ Flacid. Dress code Smart casual or any loud colours to resemble Goa and it's Culture and Style. Contact Bella Fernandes 07949233307. For the flyer, click here.

Sat. 29th Sep: Grand Charity Dance in Southall, Middlesex in aid of the less fortunate Goans in Goa. Venue - Villiers High School, Boyd Ave, UB1 3BT, from 7.30 PM onwards. Music to cater for all taste will be provided by the newest cool Band in town WATERFRONT and DJ Shelton from Goa. Entry £10 per head; children 6-11 £5.00, under 5's free. Licensed Bar and Food will be available. Dress: Formal/ smart casual, no jeans. Tickets contact: Carlos Fernandes 07576164005, Liston Rodrigues 07424765111, Greg Fernandes 07913224686; Arthur Carasco 07947118809; Greg De Mello 07886230433; Cristo 07459262679; Peter 02930165925. For the flyer, click here.

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Electrical and Mechanical Engineers required for a fast growing Company in Southampton. Training provided. Choice of shifts. Good prospects. Tel: 023 8023 2153 (extn. 3), Savio Rodrigues. Email:

Tito’s – Where Else?!

Tito’s, Baga, Goa – Founded in 1971 by the late Tito & Lucille De Souza (ex-Mombasa & Nairobi)Nightclubs, restaurants, supermarkets, apartments, signature villas and more

Goan Cuisine

Take home the taste of Goa today! Goan Cuisine are stockists of authentic Goan
chorizo, masalas and pickles. Visit our website at
to see the full range of products. Order your products today. Contact Januarius
Rodrigues, Mob: 07557 523882. Email:

Looking for a Gift idea?

A Railway Runs Through - Goans of British East Africa, 1865 - 1980. By Selma Carvalho.
Order a signed copy delivered to anywhere in the world safely and securely. Buy
using PayPal or debit/credit card.

Villa Calangute

For Private, Spacious, Self-Catered & Luxury villas in Goa just 2-10 minute's
walk to Calangute Beach.

This Space Can be Yours!

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Goan Association (UK)

Tel no. +44 (0) 0794 9233307
Website at:

Goa Holiday Homes

Do you want comprehensive information on Goa, properties for sale, rent, hotels, flights, Goan music, videos, recipes , beaches and a lot more? Visit


Acron, Goa's leading edge developers since 1988 presents eco-friendly apartments and villas

AeroSafaris - Group Tours

2014: Jan/Feb Annual Winter Escape to Goa. Feb: Spectacular South Africa. Mar: Kenya - Tanzania Safari. Sep/Oct Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Visit for more details


Specialists in Safaris to East & South Africa, Tours to India & Sri Lanka: Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, Mountain Gorilla Trekking, Golden Triangle Tours in India, Kerala Backwaters Tours/Cruises. Contact Nick de Mello / Tel: 905-567-0880 / Toll Free: 1-855-567-0880. Email Website:

Department of NRI Affairs, Govt. of Goa

You need to register to access the site. Some of the links: Press Releases; Indian Embassies; Handbook for Non Resident Goans; Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children, Eminent Goans, Konkani Dictionary etc.… Go to

Divine Retreat Centre - Ramsgate, Kent, UK

The famed Potta Centre now has a UK base. Phone: 01843586904 Email: Visit, with Programme of Events, Retreats, healing services, photos, videos and more.

Ed's Bar Services

We cater for all occasions, large or small. Edward Alvares. Personal Licence holder.
Full Licenced Bar. We provide proper glasses every time. For all your requirements contact Edward Alvares. Mob: 07507595603

Go Quick Travel Agents

Package Holidays & Flights Worldwide, including Goa. Excellent rates. Contact
Tony Dantas. 0208 238 9600 / 0208 204 6699
ABTA K9019 ATOL 9347

Goan for Hotel bookings

Choose your Hotel on our website
Competitive rates and allocations for Hotels even during Festive Seasons..!! Book
Early…. You won't be disappointed!! Contact Glenn Rodrigues, Call 07584081756
or email

HoneyBbuzz Music

Music for your occasion. Duo Trio Band Disco. Anniversaries Birthdays Weddings.
English Latin American Konkani Swahili. Contact: James mobile: 07546 999 677 Remos
mobile: 07448 160 917. Email:

International Flights & Holiday Specialist.

Charter Flights to Goa. UK Contact:
Savio Viegas: 020 8432 3266 OR 07926191069, email

London: Olde Goa Restaurant & Food Products

For the Restaurant, visit For food products - Goan Fish Curry, Vindaloo Paste, Rechado Masala, Pickles, Prawn Mole, Goan Vinegar etc. visit Contact Savio Azaredo, 07956206056

Mango Travel by Bobby DeSouza

Goa: Specialist in flights, packages, Cruises & Worldwide destinations. Allow us to make your Flights & Holidays a magical experience. Retail Agents For Atol Holders. Email Tel. 020 3289 5909 Mob 07956816799

Mervs Mobile Bar

We are a Mobile Bar Service to cater for your special events and functions. Visit
us at
Personal Licence Holder. Contact: Mervin Pereira. Mobile: 07940 705714

Muthoot Group UK: Unchanging Values…in Changing Times

For Travel Services, Online Money Transfer ( Foreign Exchange, Gold Loans, contact Muthoot Group (,
established in India since 1887 and IN UK since 2007 with offices in Croydon,
Southall, Wembley and East Ham. Contact Clive Vaz on 020 3130 1774.

Nuage Travel

We offer the full range of travel services, specialising in Goa Flights and Worldwide
Holidays. Special rates for the Exposition. ATOL/IATA. Contact Carl Paes on 0203
411 8677,

OCI Assistance

We provide NRI services including OCI Lifelong Visa to India, Pan Card and other NRI services such as Affidavit drafting, Indian Passport Surrender, Naturalisation certificate, Translation services and Deed Poll. Tel: 0203 105 8162. Email: Website:


Celebrate Life!! Anchor your silver years to “Magical Goa”. Enjoy world class comfort and security.

Shelton Goes Solo

Shelton is a household name in Goa, as a performer and teacher of music. After
decades of performances around the globe he is now in London, set to get your
party rocking.
Tel. +447 49497 8844

South East England: Da Gama Cars

We offer convenient, reliable and luxurious transport for Weddings. For the website,
click here. For the Facebook page, click
. Please feel free to email or call me: Ashley Da Gama,
Mobile: 0745 328 0420

Special fares to Goa

Call Joanita Fernandes 0208 202 0944 or Email:

Spice of Goa Restaurant and Takeaway, Hounslow, London

Open 7 days, 11.00 am to 10.30 pm. Family run restaurant by Peter & Alina Fernandes ex Saligao. Only Goan food served, including Goan Fish Thali. 324 Bath Road, Hounslow, TW4 7HW. Call 07440 184632. For the Facebook page, click here.

A taste of home!

Nestled in the beautiful village of Moira, '7 Short 1 Long' invites you to abandon
the maddening crowds and enjoy a nostalgic Goan experience. For our Facebook page,
click here For a review of the restaurant, click here

Young Goan Violinist

Young Goan Violinist Plays a variety of genres, from Classical to Konkani & Pop to Portuguese. Available for weddings, parties & corporate events. YouTube video, click here. Goan Voice Supplement: Click here. Contact:

Stallions Air

ATOL 9179

Tel: 020 7580 5999 or 0797 9861 455 / 0795 0132 999

Time Travel

Specialising in Flights to GOA and other parts of India. ATOL & IATA Bonded.
Call us 0203 475 3560 or 0208 429 8333

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