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News Summary

Goa: COVID Headlines

25 Sep: Herald. Goa's COVID-19 tally is 30,552 as the State reported 673 new patients with coronavirus infection. The day also reported seven deaths …  click here
24 Sep: Dhaka Tribune. By Vivek Menezes. India has given up: White flags on Covid-19 …  click here
Video: 23 Sep: Goa 365 TV. Govt now decides to expedite Covid management after cases go haywire … click here.

Diverse Business Leaders 2020: Rachel D'Souza-Siebert, Gladiator Consulting

24 Sep: St Louis Business Journal (USA). As founder and principal of Gladiator Consulting, Rachel D’Souza-Siebert, 38, is an expert on community-centered fundraising and helps nonprofit clients offer the opportunity for every St. Louis resident to thrive – regardless of their race or ZIP code. In her spare time, she has engaged in civil, education, arts, health and systems change organizations throughout the region… She says, “I identify as a South-Asian American woman. My parents were born in Goa, India, and immigrated in the 1970s to the United States, where they became naturalized citizens. I find myself holding a unique perspective as a non-Black woman of color in St. Louis, where our community often adheres to a Black/White binary. I am the proud mother of two multi-ethnic children …  For further details click here
For the Gladiator Counselling website,  click here
Video: Daily Motion. Rachel D'Souza-Siebert's Heart Story click here.

Videos: Both UK Goan Conservative MPs create waves today

24 Sep: The Guardian. The attorney general, Suella Braverman, has come under fire for calling a fellow female MP “emotional” after she questioned her support for the government’s bid to break international law. The term, often considered a misogynistic trope in an exchange, drew sharp criticism from the shadow justice secretary and several in the legal profession… Braverman said: “I prefer to take a less emotional approach than the honourable lady.” She then questioned Reeves’ patriotism, saying opposing the internal market bill “does a grave disservice to [the UK’s] interests”, and declared herself to be “extremely proud to support” the bill. Her putdown to Reeves sent social media into a spin…  For further details click here
24 Sep: Dorset Eye. Attorney General Suella Braverman tells Commons that not breaking the law is unpatriotic …  click here
24 Sep: LBC Radio. Iain Dale. Cross Question: Laurence Fox, Claire Coutinho MP, Eve Pollard, Jack Dromey MP click here.

Canada: 12th person comes forward in Peterborough massage therapist sexual assault case

20 Sep: A Peterborough masseuse now faces a total of 13 charges of sexual assault. According to court records, Gerard Rodrigues was arrested and charged again with sexual assault on Sept. 10 after a woman alleged being sexually assaulted by the massage therapist. This is the 12 person to come forward after an investigation was launched by the Peterborough Police Service in Dec. 2019. Police started looking into the accused after a woman reported she had been sexually assaulted during a massage at a Peterborough spa on Dec. 9, 2019. Following Rodrigues’s arrest, a male came forwarded and reported to police that he was sexually and physically assaulted. Since January, 10 more people have reported being sexually assault by the masseuse, police say… The 61-year-old returns to court in October…  For further details click here
9 Jan: Goan Voice. Gerard Rodrigues, Massage therapist faces new sexual assault charge …  click here

One-third of children in UK 'have heard racist comments at school'

22 Sep: The Guardian. Almost a third of children have heard racist comments at school, according to research by an anti-bullying campaign that suggests they are most likely to have experienced racism by about the age of 13. A poll of 1,000 six to 15-year-olds found that while, overall, about 32% children had heard someone be racist at school, this figure rose to more than half – 52% – among 13-year-olds. The findings came as children across the UK are settling back into an uncertain school year following an extended absence as a result of months of closures during the coronavirus outbreak. More than a third – 33% – said they were more worried than usual about returning to class. The research aims to shed light on the true extent of racism and bullying in schools, and to raise awareness among both pupils and their parents. It was commissioned by The Diana Award, a youth charity named for the former Princess of Wales, and the Nationwide building society… 653 words.  For further details click here
23 Sep: Metro (UK). Racism in schools has 'increased during lockdown' …  click here

UK: ‘Second Covid spike will hit Asians again’

24 Sep: Eastern Eye (UK). Doctors in the UK have warned of the impact a second coronavirus wave would have on the BAME community, claiming the population “remains at higher risk of serious ill health and dying from Covid-19.” Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the British Medical Association (BMA), expressed his concerns about the potential impact on the ethnic minority community, as he urged “protective measures to be implemented immediately”. His comments come amid fears of a second spike of the Covid-19 virus within the UK, as cases continue to rise across the country… Dr Nagpaul, who has been vocal on the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on ethnic minority groups, told Eastern Eye he was “concerned” by the risks relat­ing to the BAME community… Analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said Bangladeshis and Pakistanis are 1.8 times as likely to die from the virus and Indians are around 1.5 times as likely to succumb… Last week, a BMA source con­firmed that they knew of at least 31 BAME doctors who had died from Covid-19… 995 words.  For further details click here

Bollywood Drug Case: Who is Deepika Padukone and why is she trending?

22 Sep: The Sun (UK). Deepika Padukone is a popular Indian actress who is reportedly under investigation by Indian officials who are investigating an alleged Bollywood drug ring. The 34-year-old actress, born in Denmark, is currently shooting a movie in the state of Goa… Deepika has been trending online as drug authorities in India investigate a drug case in Bollywood following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June, which was ruled a suicide. In July, the Narcotics Control Bureau filed reports against Rajput’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, and four others after they reportedly found the two were supplied drugs…. India TV reports that in leaked WhatsApp chats, Deepika allegedly asked her manager for “hash." …  For further details click here
25 Sep: Herald. Narcotics Control Bureau cuts short Bollywood’s Goa party. Some of Bollywood’s A listers were on extended stays in Goa for work and relaxation. The summons revealed how Bollywood’s biggies left town for the twin reasons of the Corona frustration and the heat and controversy generated after the Sushant Singh Rajput death investigations …  click here
Video: 24 Sep: Goa 365 TV. Sushant investigation stings Goa again- this time through Deepika … click here.

Goa faces a spike in crime after opening to tourists

23 Sep: Tourprom (Russia). The resumption of tourism brought the Indian resort of Goa not only advantages, but also a violent increase in crime. Moreover, we note that we are talking only about the original, resumption of domestic tourism - the borders of India for foreign tourists are still closed… Counterfeit money, drug parties, prostitution - this is not a complete list of crimes that have flooded the famous Indian resort, and which are massively recorded by the police. “These issues were discussed during the presentation of the official document on the restoration of tourism to the government,”- said the former president of the Goa Travel and Tourism Association (TTAG) Savio Messias … 807 words.  For further details click here
For the Russian original,  click here
24 Sep: Herald. Destination Goa attracting tourists with criminal tendencies? … click here.



Mozambique: Sílvia Bragança passed away, but the “Dream of the Moon” lives on

23 Sep: Club of Mozambique. Poet, writer, painter and teacher Sílvia Bragança died in Goa on Monday at the age of 83, as she was preparing to return to Mozambique… Sílvia Bragança was born on October 13, 1937, in Goa, India, and did major work in Mozambique… She married Mozambican journalist-academic and widely regarded diplomat Aquino de Bragança in September of 1984 after their chance meeting in Lisbon a year earlier. Aquino died in the same plane crash that killed Samora Machel in October 19 1986, in Mbuzini, South Africa… Mass will be celebrated in the Church of Polana, in the city of Maputo at 6:00 p.m. this Wednesday, in tribute to her life….  For further details click here
For the Herald Death Notice, click here.

News Summary

Goa: COVID Headlines

24 Sep: Navhind Times. Goa reported 536 COVID-19 positive cases on Wednesday, thereby taking a tally of confirmed positive cases linked to the dreaded infection to 29,879… A toll of deaths linked to COVID-10 has mounted to 376 after eight fresh fatalities were registered in the last 24 hours…  For further details click here
23 Sep: Times of India. Tele counselling for kids in distress. “Not all children understand Covid and concepts like social distancing. Some are being neglected with the family testing positive … …  click here
23 Sep: Times of India. Goa’s Covid cases may peak in October, says expert click here.

When Britain says Deu Borem Korum to its COVID warriors

24 Sep: Herald. In March Indians came out on their balconies and applauded the efforts of the frontline novel coronavirus warriors. Later hospitals in Goa were showered with rose petals, but in UK, a railway company thought up a unique means of thanking the COVID warriors that involved the use of 116 languages, one of them being our own Konkani…The design features the ideas of three teenagers from across GWR network, who entered a competition on the railway’s social media channels to design a train livery… Pictures of the train with the Deu Borem Korum have surfaced on social media sites, with Konkani speakers taking pride in this…  For further details click here
Video: Design a livery competition winner …  click here

British tourist’s alleged rapist escapes Goa jail again

23 Sep: The Times (UK). By Hugh Tomlinson. A man accused of raping a British tourist in the Indian holiday state of Goa has escaped from jail for the second time. Ramchandran Yellappa, 32, vanished from Goa’s central jail yesterday morning after claiming he needed to visit the prison pharmacy. Officers have found no trace of the fugitive on security footage, admitting they have no idea how he escaped. Mr Yellappa was accused of the rape and robbery of a 48-year-old British woman in December 2018, one of a series of violent attacks on foreign women that have marred the reputation of Goa as a tourist destination… Goa police have been accused of bungling investigations into attacks on foreigners, failing to secure crime scenes and allowing suspects to remain at large with physical and forensic evidence destroyed… India’s byzantine legal system has also been blamed for allowing criminals to escape punishment because trials drag on for years. Danielle McLaughlin, a 28-year-old Irish woman, was raped and murdered near Palolem in 2017 but her family has been told that the trial, which began in 2018, could last five years or more… 492 words.  For further details click here
Video: 23 Sep: Goa 365 TV. Colvale Jail officials hand in gloves with criminals … 3m. 31s.  click here
Video: Prudent Media. Ramchandra Yallappa's escape from Colvale jail exposes mismanagement of security in jail click here.

Goa: Eight local superfoods set for mega cultivation boost

23 Sep: Times of India. Goa’s agriculture department has embarked upon an ambitious project of promoting indigenous “super foods” of Goa. Eight crops having highly nutritive value and native to the state have been identified to be promoted for cultivation under the project. Director of agriculture Nevil Alfonso said that amla (gooseberry), suran (elephant foot yam), drumsticks, katte konngam, a type of sweet potato, ragi or nachnne (millets), colocasia root locally known as maddi, jackfruit and Korgut variety of rice have been identified as the superfoods. Promoting cultivation of these crops and providing training and technology dissemination to farmers and self-help groups (SHG) of remote areas of the state is the primary responsibility of the KVK under the project, the groundwork for which has already begun…  For further details click here

What kind of Citizen’s Dividend from Goa mining would promote intergenerational justice?

23 Sep: Basic Income Earth Network (UK). Goa Foundation and the Goenchi Mati Movement advocate for a fair mining and intergenerational equity model … They develop a vision of maintaining the wealth coming from selling inherited minerals to serve the broader community and not just the privileged few. One of their proposals is citizens’ dividend, which, they argue, will “create a strong bond between the citizen and their commons“. According to the calculation mentioned by the Research Director of Goa Foundation, Rahul Basu, every citizen in Goa would receive a commons dividend of thousand rupees a month if the fund were managed according to their proposals. I outline how this proposal may be enhanced by deepening the commons as a philosophy and governance model, which is already incorporated in their blueprint… 1563 words.  For further details click here

Goa: Sergey Khakimov taught the children of Russian-speaking tourists for four months

23 Sep: 59 (Russia). Sergei Khakimov, a journalist from Perm, lived for four months in northern Goa, in Arambol - or, as locals call it because of the number of Russian tourists, Arambolsk. At a school for children of longsteers (or, in a simple way, winterers), he taught seven subjects: mathematics, algebra, geometry, physics, history, social studies and Russian literature for four grades - from the fifth to the eighth. We met and talked about the peculiarities of such teaching, about how education “on the road” differs from ordinary lessons in a Russian school, and how these children surprised Sergei… 1947 words.  For further details click here
For the Russian original,  click here


COOKERY: Rick Stein's Seafood Odyssey. Food Network (Freeview 41). Sat. 26th Sept. 16:30 to 17:00. India and Cornwall. The chef reproduces popular local fish dishes in Goa, and there is a visit to the kitchen of a Cornish restaurant.

COOKERY: Gordon's Great Escape. Food Network (Freeview 41). Sun. 27th Sept. 21:00 to 22:00. In the second programme, Gordon Ramsay heads off the tourist trail into the north-east of India, where he examines some of the country's best-kept culinary secrets. He encounters a tribe of meat enthusiasts in Nagaland, searches for the perfect Assamese dish, and sets up a food stall in Calcutta to promote the delicacies he has discovered on his trip.

COOKERY: Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation. Food Network (Freeview 41). Mon. 28th Sept. 15:30 to 16:00. State of the Nation. Series 1, episode 1. She samples street food in Southall, tastes British Chip Shop Curry Sauce and cooks Chicken Tikka Masala.

DRAMA: Honour. ITV. Mon. 28th to Tues. 29th Sept. 21:00 to 22:00. When Banaz Mahmod's boyfriend reports her missing, DCI Caroline Goode discovers the missing 20-year-old had been to the police five times to report threats to life, even presenting a list of people wanting to kill her for shaming her family. Fact-based drama, starring Keeley Hawes, Rhianne Barreto [who is the daughter of Ramsey Barreto and Tracey Hughes. For a profile of her see ]

COOKERY: Parveen's Indian Kitchen. ITV Tues. 29th Sept. 03:00 to 03:50. Episode 10. Parveen Ashraf prepares spiced scrambled eggs and chai, a quick saag aloo, and homemade naans. Plus, a visit to a Parsi cafe in a former motorcycle garage in Mumbai, and an introduction to a traditional festive dessert. Parveen also visits London-based restaurant Gujarati Rasoi, where chef Urvesh Parvais is whipping up some tasty treats.

DRAMA: The Indian Doctor. BBC One..Tues. 29th Sept to Fri. 2nd Oct. 13:45 to 14:30. Drama following high-flying Indian graduate Dr Prem Sharma and his wife Kamini, who, wooed by dreams of riches and glamour, move to the UK, only to find themselves living in a small Welsh mining town. Starring Sanjeev Bhaskar and Ayesha Dharker. Episodes 1- 5.

FILM: Manthan. Channel 4. Wed. 30th Sept. 01:30 to 03:45. A team of engineers arrive in a small town to help set up a milk co-op - but are stunned to meet with unexpectedly strong resistance from the residents. Human drama, the second of two films being shown as a tribute to actress Smita Patel, who died in 1986 at the age of 33. Also starring Girish Karnad, Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah. In Hindi with English subtitles. Director: Shyam Benegal


News Summary

Goa: COVID Headlines

23 Sep: Navhind Times. The state, on Tuesday, reported 590 new COVID-19 cases… the number of confirmed COVID-19 positive cases in the state stands at 29,343 … With eight deaths reported in the last 24 hours, the death count linked to COVID-19 has reached 368…  For further details click here
22 Sep: Mid Day. Goa to revise home isolation protocol, fees for COVID-19 treatment. Goa currently has around 5,667 active Covid-19 cases, from which a large number of patients have opted for treatment in home isolation …  click here
23 Sep: Navhind Times. Veteran actress Ashalata Wabgaonkar passes away. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Opposition leader Digambar Kamat condoled the death of veteran Goan actress Ashalata Wabgaonkar, who died early Tuesday morning … The actress had tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to the private hospital on September 17 … click here.

Selma Carvalho: A pandemic of loneliness.

22 Sep: Herald. What the pandemic, in all its devastating cruelty, unveiled for us was the vulnerability of old people—as the virus ravaged entire populations, the grim reaper visited most frequently those who sat in care homes coughing up sputum, and even as the knowledge spread that they were most likely to succumb, no one hurried them to safety. They died as they had lived in old age, shunted away from their loved ones, alone and lonely. As the world distorted—shielding, working from home, connecting only by Zoom, conversing by Facebook and Twitter, suddenly our future lives and the utter alienation of the individual became all too clear. Even when we did go out, it was only to encounter a faceless anonymity, an unsmiling world hiding behind a mask. The most basic of human intimacies—a smile—was now denied to us… 932 words.  For further details click here

R. Benedito Ferrão: In Goa, Disease, Discrimination and COVID-19 in the Afterlife of AIDS6

6 Sep: The Wire. … In the realm of contagious diseases, stigma proliferates infectiously… medical professionals, and even flight crew, have been ostracised in various Indian cities because of the belief that they might expose others to the virus, given the nature of their work… Reporting on the 25th anniversary of his death in May 2017, Livemint recalled the circumstances in which AIDS activist Dominic D’Souza discovered he was HIV-positive after a routine blood donation … In March 2020, the very first COVID-19 cases were detected in Goa. The three diagnosed with the infection had returned to the state from visits abroad and were quarantined. One of them chose to make his identity public … Edgar Julian Remedios “surprised many” in early April when he “authored a testimonial of his whirlwind journey from Houston to Amsterdam to Cairo to Mumbai and Goa over the last month on his Facebook account and decided to tear to shreds, the shroud of stigma which patients afflicted by the dreaded virus tend to cower under,” as an article in the Hindustan Times put it. It also posits that Remedios, unlike other patients, “was willing to expose his identity…” 2510 words.  For further details click here
For a profile of R. Benedito Ferrão  click here

Former Cognizant CEO D’Souza setting up $1bn private equity fund

22 Sep: The Times of India. Former Cognizant CEO, Francisco D’Souza, has started a new innings. Together with others, D’Souza is setting up a $1 billion US-based private equity fund called Recognize. He is said to have already raised a couple of hundred million dollars. The rest of the fund-raising is underway. Sources told TOI that D’Souza’s team has big names from the US private equity and tech spaces. Recognize will invest in niche tech assets and has technologists with deep domain expertise both in services and software. It is looking at M&As as part of its investment playbook, sources said… D'Souza was enormously successful as CEO of Cognizant, growing the company tenfold from $1.4 billion in 2006, just before he took over, to $16 billion in 2018, when he stepped down. The company was the toast of Wall Street for its scorching growth rates… 522 words.  For further details click here
Wikipedia: Francisco was born in Nairobi, Kenya as the son of Placido D'Souza—an Indian Foreign Services officer and diplomat— and Sushila …  click here
Video: Celebrating 25 Years | Francisco D'Souza | Cognizant … 2m. 54s. click here.

Stranded Goans return home from London, many fly out

22 Sep: Times of India. International flights under the air bubble arrangement continued to bring home stranded Indians while also allowing several Indians to return to the United Kingdom for studies and work. Early on Monday morning, an Air India flight with 159 passengers landed at Goa International Airport. The flight from London under India’s air bubble arrangement with UK brought in 156 adults and three infants. The flight is the 16th Vande Bharat flight to Goa. The flight departed an hour later with 139 passengers for London, including many Goans who returned to continue their studies or report to work in the UK. All passengers flying out of Goa underwent thermal screening while international passengers arriving at Goa had to undergo a rapid antigen Covid test and submit a self-declaration form. As per norms, international passengers have to undergo 14 days home quarantine even if they negative…  For further details click here

Man accused of raping British national escapes from Goa jail

22 Sep: The Week. A 32-year-old man accused of raping a British woman escaped from the Central Jail in Goa on Tuesday, police said. Ramchandran Chennadayellappa, a native of Tamil Nadu, was facing trial for allegedly raping the woman at Canacona in December 2018. The accused had earlier also escaped from the prison in July 2019 and was rearrested by the police in Tamil Nadu,..  For further details click here
21 Dec. 2018. Goan Voice. Daily Mail (UK): British woman, 48, attacked as she walked towards Palolem beach at about 3am. She was forced to a paddy field and hit in the eye before being raped and robbed. The attack comes 19 months after Irish backpacker Danielle McLaughlin, 28, was raped and murdered in a desolate area of the same town in Goa …  click here
Video: 22 Sep: Goa 365 tv. Colvale jail … click here.

Goa: 3 foreigners among 5 held for ATM skimming racket

23 Sep: Herald. North Goa Police arrested three Bulgarian nationals among five men of an international ATM skimming racket, responsible for the theft of several lakhs of rupees. On Tuesday, Panjim and Porvorim police teams, acting on intelligence inputs about unauthorised ATM card transactions, raided a resort at Vagator and seized 382 magnetic cards, laptops and skimming devices. Police said that local intelligence and analysis of nearby CCTV footage helped them zero in on Steven Lazarov, Husein and Radaslov, all of Bulgaria, involved in carrying out skimming of ATM cards at different places across Goa… Information shared with Herald reveals that more members of the criminal ring operate from Europe … Another accused, also a foreign national, is on the run and a manhunt has been launched to track his whereabouts…  For further details click here
17 Sep: Times of India. Court allows 2 foreigners accused of theft to travel. A Mapusa court has granted permission to two Bulgarian nationals, arrested for alleged theft of customer’s data at an ATM, to leave India and visit Bulgaria for three months. The accused told the court that they have to take care of aged parents and attend to their businesses which are suffering losses. The two accused— Ivo Petrov Metchenov and Milen Ivanov Davranski—were arrested in January for allegedly installing a skimming device in a Bank of India ATM in Mapusa…  click here

Film: Queer 2020 shorts mean quality and good cinema

22 Sep: O Turismo. (Portugal). Suneil Sanzgiri directed “At Home But Not At Home” reveals the story of the expulsion of the Portuguese from Goa in 1961. And the story that follows is revealed by interviews, images of drones. The director uses distance methods to question identity, the construction of memory and anti-colonial solidarity between continents. American artist, researcher and filmmaker of Indian origin, Suneil Sanzgiri investigates how systems of oppression are informed and reinforced by the concepts of trauma, history and memory. His experimental videos, essays, animations and installations raise questions about culture, identity, heritage and diaspora in relation to structural violence…  For further details click here
For a video trailer, story behind the film, credits screenings, etc. check out Suneil Sanzgiri’s website,  click here


News Summary

Goa: COVID Headlines

22 Sep: Herald. Nine succumbed to COVID-19 infection on Monday, taking the total mortality count to 360 mark. The day also saw more 324 people getting infected. Since January 29, Goa has reported 28, 753 confirmed coronavirus cases …  click here
21 Sep: The Independent (UK). The UK poaching nurses from countries struggling to cope with coronavirus is unethical. The cunning plan is to recruit nurses from countries like India – nations that need all the help they can get in tackling Covid-19 …  click here
21 Sep: The Independent (UK). India records nearly 87,000 new virus cases. India has recorded nearly 87,000 new cases of the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, with another 1,130 deaths … click here.

India to tighten foreign funding, social workers upset

21 Sep: UCA News. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has introduced a bill in India's parliament to tighten the rules of overseas funding in a move that could adversely affect thousands of social workers including Catholic organizations. The government led by the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sept. 20 proposed certain amendments to the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FRCA), which critics say aims to help the government tightly monitor organizations and silence criticism. The amendment proposes to decrease an organization's administrative expenses from foreign funding to 20 percent from 50 percent. It also proposes to link leaders of all organizations to their biometric identity cards called Aadhaar. The proposal also wants to empower the government to stop the utilization of foreign funds by an organization by ordering a "summary enquiry." Opposition lawmakers and social workers see the move as a major step to crush dissent and give government unbridled powers to harass certain voluntary organizations in a country where religious minorities continue to complain of being sidelined …  For further details click here

Non-Muslims to play international cricket for Pakistan

21 Sep: The News International (Pakistan). In its short history of under seventy years as a Test-playing nation Pakistan has been represented in international matches by seven non-Muslim cricketers; five Christians and two Hindus. Six of them played Test matches for Pakistan while one represented the country in ODI's alone… Wallis Mathias (photo) was the first non-Muslim to play a Test for Pakistan. Coming from Goan ancestry his father was an employee at the Karachi Gymkhana… Wallis died in 1994 of a brain hemorrhage at the age of just 59…. Antao D'Souza was another cricketer of Goan descent… D'Souza played 6 Tests and migrated to Canada in 1999 along with his wife and four children… 1501 words  For further details click here

Reunion: The chapel open to the four winds

21 Sep: Le Journal de l'Île de la Réunion. At the corner of Montreuil and Beaumont streets is a ruined chapel. It was built between 1860 and 1865 to accommodate committed Christians of Indian origin. The Kartye Lib-MPOI association is fighting for its restoration … the chapel, built … l to offer a place of worship to the first Indian and Christian hires… The first Christian community in India dates back to the first century after Jesus Christ. The apostle Thomas would have dragged his sandals to Goa and then through the present-day provinces of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. His work of evangelization would have ended in Chennai where he was assassinated… after the abolition of slavery the French were obliged to provide the means of worship to the subjects of the British crown … The Jesuits subsequently took over, with Western rites and the chapel was open to the employees of various communities… 665 words  click here
For the French original,  click here

Gogol ‘enemy property’ structures under scanner

21 Sep: Times of India. Strange as it is, over 40 apartments and 30 shops across seven buildings, besides 19 residential bungalows and several commercial houses, have come up on the nearly 15,000 sq m of land at Gogol, Margao, identified as ‘enemy property’ by the government of India. The Gogol land is among the 263 such enemy properties located across the state and nearly 16,000 across India… In 2017, the home ministry had forwarded a list of enemy properties to both of Goa’s district collectors, directing them to collect lease rent from their occupants… In case of the Gogol property the original owner of the land granted power of attorney to a Goan in 1971. Based on this power of attorney, the enemy property was sold to gullible parties. A deed of sale of the land was found to be registered in 1986 … Neither the original land owner nor the power of attorney holder, nor their heirs can be traced …  For further details click here
7 Jan. 2018. Times of India. With 263, Goa fourth on list of 'enemy properties' …  click here
10 Sep: Herald. ‘Enemy property’ residents object to survey of structures … click here.

Tourists unlock crime as Goa opens borders for them

21 Sep: Herald. In the barely two and half months that Goa has opened its borders for visitors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in a move meant to revitalise the dwindling tourism industry, the State has been stunned by visitors who used this opportunity to indulge in unlawful activities, acts that led to further blot the image of Brand Goa. From rave parties, to gambling to counterfeit notes, the crimes shocked Goa, but didn’t entirely surprise stakeholders in the tourism industry. Travel and Tourism Association of Goa’s (TTAG) past president Savio Messias said, “Crimes, cheating, touting, prostitution, drugs all come along with the development of tourism. It is the duty of the government to regulate and control crime as these issues bring a bad name to Goa. These were some issues discussed during the presentation of white paper to the government.”  For further details click here

Plogging their way to a cleaner Goa

21 Sep: Times of India. To mark Unlock 4.0 and on the occasion of International Coastal Clean-Up Day, The Rise Nation Trust along with the Goan Seamen Association of India, cleaned the Agonda beach stretch on Saturday and collected over 100 bags of garbage. “Since we are already in Unlock 4.0, we decided it would be a great way to start by organising a beach cleaning activity. We reached out to the Seamen Association and over 40 members showed up. We wanted the cleanup drive to be fun, so we tried to introduce plogging,” says Varun Carvalho, of The Rise Nation Trust. The craze of plogging is relatively new in Goa, which involves jogging and picking up the trash on its way…  For further details click here

CBI reminds CFSL to submit its report in Felix Dahl case

21 Sep: Times of India. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has written to the central forensic science laboratory (CFSL), Delhi, to submit its report in the case of Swedish national Felix Dahl’s death in Goa. The CSFL report — pending for over a year — will indicate whether the death was due to homicide, murder, or accident… On June 24 last year, CFSL reconstructed the crime scene at the spot in Canacona where Dahl, 22, was found dead on January 28, 2015. The Swedish national had come to Goa in October 2014 on a holiday, and was last seen at a restaurant in Patnem. His body was found on a quiet gravel road 200m from the restaurant by a local at 5.30am. Last month, Dahl’s mother, Minna Pirhonen, wrote to CBI seeking an update on the investigation… Sources said the CBI investigation revealed that Dahl was assaulted, which resulted in his death…  For further details click here


News Summary

Goa: COVID Headlines

21 Sep: Navhind Times. Goa on Sunday recorded 407 new cases of the deadly coronavirus, taking the confirmed cases to 28,429 .. The bulletin released by the directorate of health services said the coronavirus pandemic claimed nine more lives in the last 24 hours, taking the COVID fatality count to 351 in Goa…  click here
20 Sep: Times of India. 12-yr-old boy with leukemia is state’s youngest Covid-19 death …  click here
20 Sep: Times of India. Around a third of all Catholic churches in Goa have reopened — strictly for their parishioners — after following strict protocol and obtaining special permission to do so from the archbishop’s house. From replacing wooden benches with plastic chairs that are easier to sanitise, allotting seat numbers to parishioners, covering statues to prevent kissing, and asking the entire ward to stay away if a neighbour has tested Covid positive, Churches are going all out to ensure the faithful are not put at risk. Groups of volunteers, too, have been activated at these churches to ensure that all protocols are followed… click here.

Madrid: Ignatius from Goa at Hotel Covid

Ignatius on right

21 Sep: El Periódico Extremadura (Spain). A refugee shelter run by the Red Cross in Madrid has already a hundred infected with Covid. On 11 August the first Covid case was detected in the hostel … a week later there were 7 then 20, and soon 50; now over 100. It is a cheap hostel charging 16.90 euros per night, with 300 beds rented by the Red Cross for people who have come to Spain asking for asylum, with guests from Goa, Yemen, Syria, Colombia, Venezuela, Algeria ... "We are tired," says Igan [Ignatius], an Indian from Goa, who in the photo shares the railing with Ibrahim. And he asks from behind his black mask, "Do you know where there is work?... 928 words  click here
For the Spanish original,  click here

International flights: Eligibility rules for travelling to US, UK, Canada, 10 other countries

20 Sep: Mint. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has released fresh guidelines and eligibility rules for those travelling to and from India to US, UK, Canada, other countries. India currently has air transport bubbles with 13 countries amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, while more such agreements are on the pipeline. “Transport Bubbles" or “Air Travel Arrangements" are temporary arrangements between two countries aimed at restarting commercial passenger services when regular international flights are suspended as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are reciprocal in nature, meaning airlines from both countries enjoy similar benefits. The details of such arrangements are as follows: 1. Afghanistan … 2. Bahrain … 3. Canada … 4. France … 5. Germany … 6. Iraq … 7. Japan … 8. Maldives … 9.Nigeria … 10. Qatar … 11.United Arab Emirates (UAE) … 12.United Kingdom (UK) … 13.United States of America (USA) … 1411 words.  For further details click here
20 Sep: Mint. A COVID guide to flying through an exasperating jumble of rules. Air travel during these Covid times is deeply worrying for Indians. All airline websites have a must-read page about rules announced by the state you are travelling to—from downloading that state’s app (many states have their own apps) to quarantine regulations. Plus, there are Union government rules—you need to have Aarogya Setu showing a green signal, you have to have baggage tags printed out and stuck on your luggage, and elderly citizens—above 65—are advised not to travel unless it’s an emergency…  click here

Tourism minister insists on registration of hotels with tourism dept

21 Sep: Navhind Times. Deputy Chief Minister and Tourism Minister Manohar 'Babu' Ajgaonkar on Sunday stated that citizens as well as small hotels letting their premises to tourists have to compulsorily register with the tourism department. "No compromise would be made in view of the security issues of the state and the nation at large," he added. Minister for Science and Technology Michael Lobo had recently stated that the government has agreed to allow hotels not to register with the tourism department, in the event of taking online bookings directly through travel portals. Lobo has cited that such an assurance had come from none other than Chief Minister Pramod Sawant himself… Taking a direct confrontational stand against Lobo, the Tourism Minister said that some quarters had demanded that the hotels be allowed to sell rooms without registration through online portal directly, but this cannot be allowed in the present circumstances…  For further details click here
20 Sep: Times of India. Science and technology minister Michael Lobo on Friday said that chief minister Pramod Sawant has agreed to allow hotels not registered with the tourism department to start taking online bookings directly through travel portals…  click here

Turning crisis into an opportunity Goa’s young and new fish sellers lead the way

20 Sep: Herald. At a time when cash is hard to come by, youth from Goa have taken to selling fish and to their surprise, are discovering that all is not lost, as they once feared when they had lost their ‘white collar’ jobs or were unable to get a one. Herald looks at some of these inspiring stories … The story about Edward, a 25-year old youth who has returned from London and lives in Old Goa, and his friend, is similar to the story of many in the State. It was in the first week of February, this year, that Edward had gone to the UK to start his new job at the airport Lounge. However, it was just a month that he had started to work and the airport was shut down in view of the worldwide COVID pandemic. Helpless, he returned back to his motherland in June, with no income in hand … Edward has a Maruti Omni … We both together earn around Rs 7,000-Rs 8,500 daily by selling fish … 3297 words.  For further details click here

Goa needs good tourists. How about Goans themselves?

20 Sep: Herald. London may be a very attractive place for Goans to visit. They can meet with relatives and soak in the culture. The virus however has put paid to such plans? The borders are not so easy to cross and the increasing number of cases due to the virus does not make it safe to travel. Perhaps the time has come for Goans to get to know their own state better. A popular Vietnamese communist politician once said “You can spend your whole life traveling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can create it in your backyard.” … The time perhaps is ideal for Goans to learn more about their own backyard. This virus may have given the state an unprecedented opportunity. Perhaps this could be the start of a change in the way tourism is conducted. 854 words  For further details click here

Dialogues in designs

21 Sep: New Indian Express. Body-positive activist, model-cum-actor Mallika Angela Chaudhuri is a textbook optimist … A magnificent Kalamkari peacock tattoo in rich imperial blue, green and red hues stretching from Mallika’s right shoulder to her left ankle; her body suffused with soft light and a calm and confident reflection of herself in a mirror, are what meets our eye, as we scroll through the photographs on her Instagram page. Recalling how the peacock serendipitously strutted into her life, Mallika narrates, “In 2019, after a year of enduring a heartbreak, a spiralling mental health condition and whatnot, I received a respite in the form of the Goa Tattoo Festival. As a tattoo artist, this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass… In the backdrop of glistening beaches, crashing waves and shimmering sand at the quaint Anjuna, while getting her body tattooed for 60-odd hours, three days, with 19 needles, Mallika went through an ethereal experience… Mallika’s Instagram page is @iammallikaangela 1128 words.  For further details click here
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Remembering September 21, 1890

20 Sep: Herald. This date hundred and thirty years ago was written in blood of our brothers, whose only crime was to assert their civic rights. There was an election to the civic body of Salcete on that day. One of the booths was at the Municipality building of Margão, now tottering in full view of the self-respectful ‘marganenses’ of today passing by, forgetful of their history. .. Elections having been introduced into the system, political parties sprang up to contest them… When 21st September 1890, the D-Day, dawned, the candidates and voters with hordes of their supporters, many of them intoxicated for the purpose and armed with sticks and stones, turned up at the Holy Spirit Square… When the crowd turned uncontrollable, the Commander ordered his troops to fire, as a result of which some twenty (or twenty three, according to some) were massacred...  For further details click here


News Summary

Goa: COVID Headlines

20 Sep: Navhind Times. With 643 more persons testing positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, the confirmed cases of the infection in Goa have now crossed the 28,000-mark. Eight fatalities in the last 24 hours …  For further details click here
19 Sep: Times of India. Goa worst hit in cases/m … Goa and Puducherry are actually worse affected with one having the highest cases per million population and the other the highest deaths per million from the pandemic. Goa has so far reported 17,392 cases per million, and Puducherry is at second place with 14,097, followed by Delhi (11,770) …  click here
19 Sep: Goa News. Suppressing ‘true’ figures of Covid isn’t in public interest: Gujarat HC; Is Goa Govt listening? click here.

Goa and its music of another era

20 Sep: Navhind Times. By Frederick Noronha. Joaquim Correia, Portuguese author has attempted to tell the story of Goan music, across some smallish (about a century) but vastly differing periods. His book is titled 'A última dança em Goa'. And is about "popular music in the last years of the Estado da India Portuguesa". Books on Western music in Goa are quite a few, in fact… Correia's 208-page large sized book is an interesting collation of people, groups, musical trends, and remembrances that is sure to bring back memories. With typical Luso thoroughness when it comes to documentation, he has built a scrap-book of facts that we in Goa have failed to do. The lavishly-illustrated black-and-white book is divided into three parts - one each on the musical scene in Goa till 1961, music in the diaspora and traditional music in Goa and Portugal, and "the new tempo" in Goa after that landmark year of 1961… 1106 words.  For further details click here
16 Jun. 2018. Goan Voice Newsletter. The sound of music and an era gone by. Joaquim Correia’s latest book has already evoked a good response from not only Goans living in Goa, but the Goan diaspora…  click here
Video: A Última Dança em Goa: a Portuguese look at Goan music (2018) … click here.

All accused in 2009 Margao blast acquitted by High Court

20 Sep: Herald. The High Court on Saturday acquitted all accused in the 2009 Margao bomb blast case, which killed two persons. In doing so the court upheld the Special Court order acquitting the accused. The order passed Justice M S Jawalkae and Justice M S Sonak, said that the prosecution failed to provide evidence against the accused in the court. The court observed that the proved circumstances, however, are not at all sufficient to convict the accused persons. The court said that based upon the fact that the explosion with IED (improvised explosive device) did take place on October 16, 2009 at the spot hardly 400 metres away from the venue of the narkasur effigy competition …  For further details click here

Congress wants crackdown on Goa's illegal hotels, guesthouses

19 Sep: Times of India. The state government needs to take strong steps to crack down on touts and unauthorised homestays and hotels in the state which could hurt Goa’s tourism sector, said opposition leader Digambar Kamat. Pointing out that hoteliers who comply with all norms and pay taxes find it difficult to compete with unregistered guest houses and hotels, Kamat said that the steps need to be taken to bring in transparency in the tourism sector… Tourism minister Manohar Agjaonkar recently said that almost 1.60 crore tourist stayed in Goa illegally in the last season…  For further details click here
20 Sep: Herald. Promotion of illegal hotels, homestays will destroy tourism industry: Kamat …  click here

Home birth in Goa: A Russian experience

19 Sep: Tula Press. Elena Anikanova, a native of Tula, refused to give birth in the hospital in favor of her family. And all this happened in Goa. The mother of a three-month-old baby told about her experience … “My husband and I wanted a child, and our plans were very quickly realized… I decided to stay in Goa during the pandemic…In the end, home birth cost me 60 thousand rubles… under the windows of our house there was a car during childbirth, so that at any time you could get to the hospital. But in the end everything went so well … Reception cost around 700 rubles … an ultrasound scan cost 800 rubles, and each doctor's appointment costs 500 rubles. Childbirth in a local hospital starts at 90,000 rubles… And when I arrived in Goa, I realized that this is the best option for life in comparison with other countries that I have visited. Life is quite cheap here, the flight from here to Russia is not so long and not so expensive: only 6.5 hours. Before the pandemic, tickets could be bought from six thousand rubles. And also local fruits, the ocean, a large Russian community, a special atmosphere… [1 Ruble = approx 1 Rupee]. 916 words +photos  For further details click here
For the Russian original,  click here

Video: The crazy journey of Elisabeth Rammacher

17 Sep: SR Television (Germany). From Baltersweiler to Munich. From Munich to the Bhagwan Ashram in India. From India to St. Wendel. From St. Wendel to Amsterdam and then? She opened a pizza stand at a flea market in the former hippie paradise Goa. Elisabeth Rammacher always followed her nose and it led her from one adventure to the next. Come with us on the crazy journey of Elisabeth Rammacher … Duration: 00:10:02.  For further details click here

Recipe of the Week: Goan Prawn Curry

19 Sep: Daily Record (Scotland). By Justin Maule Owner and chef of Wild Fig in East Kilbride. This week I have made a curry inspired by the multitude of seafood dishes to be found on the west coast of India. Goa has always had access to a plentiful bounty of fresh fish, its Arabian Sea coastline offers a rich and varied catch. Crabs, lobster, mussels and pomfret are cooked in a variety of dishes using the other main ingredients of Goan cuisine – tamarind, cashew nuts, coconut milk and, of course, rice. Red Goan chillies are well known for their flavour and heat, in fact a lot of Goan cookery uses an abundance of fiery chillies, for rich flavours with heady spicing… This prawn curry doesn’t have the same heat as vindaloo but you can add as many chillies as you wish depending on taste….  For further details click here



Funeral: Jasmine Fernandes (London) ex Dar es Salaam & St Mary’s Convent, Goa

Funeral Monday 21 September 2020 11.00 GMT. In order to access the live streaming please follow this link We do advise testing the link prior to the service or go directly to the church website and click watch live mass For those who are unable to watch the live streaming please contact Jos via email for details of the recorded service.

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News Summary

Goa: COVID Headlines

19 Sep: Navhind Times. 8 more lose battle … 596 more test positive for COVID-19 in Goa…  For further details click here
19 Sep: Navhind Times. Goans will get VIP service for COVID treatment, assures Vishwajit …  click here
18 Sep: Daily Telegraph (UK). Indian doctors should be valued like soldiers, medical association says, after 380 die from Covid-19. Healthcare professionals say the Indian Government has failed to protect them … click here.

Editorial: There is no power or point in denying that every pore of Goa is touched by drugs

19 Sep: Herald. By Sujay Gupta. Denial as a defence mechanism has been time tested and used by men, civilizations and governments. Societies too use denial to push back or push away either existential or obvious realities when empirical evidence points otherwise. A similar sort of a process is in motion in Goa’s attitude towards dealing with the deep penetration of what is loosely called the “drug menace”. The menace needs to be broken up into important fragments and each of these fragments needs independent attention. The arrest of Chris Costa from Camurlim (Ambora) in Salcette by the Narcotics Control Bureau in investigations that have sprung from the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has pitchforked the interiors of Goa, away from the beaches and tourist spots, into the radar of a drug probe with international links…1561 words.  For further details click here

Vatican envoy's removal from India brings relief for some Catholics

18 Sep: Catholic Register. Several Catholic groups in India have expressed relief after the Vatican removed its controversial envoy from the country. Pope Francis Aug. 29 suddenly transferred Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro, apostolic nuncio to India and Nepal, to Brazil amid accusations of inaction against allegedly corrupt bishops… Melvin Fernandes had alerted the nuncio about several allegations of clandestine sale of land belonging to the Bombay Archdiocese. He also drew the nuncio's attention to the archdiocese allegedly providing a lawyer to defend a priest in a sodomy case… Virginia Saldanha who has headed women's offices under bishops' conferences in Asia and India, dismisses Diquattro's tenure in India as insignificant. "Since the cases of sex abuse have been tumbling out of the woodwork of the church, we have consistently sent letters to the nuncio, as we failed to get any response from the leaders" of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, she said…  For further details click here

Are unemployed touts taking over tourism, in Goa?

18 Sep: Herald. Tourists are flooding in and the touts are active offering everything under the sun. With the ranks of the unemployed having swelled many could be tempted to take to petty crime. Café spoke to players in the tourism industry many of whom said that the menace of tourism touts and off the books illegal tourism business has been rampant, with authorities turning a blind eye Are unemployed touts taking over tourism, in Goa? …  For further details click here

Tiatrists explore the online route during the pandemic

18 Sep: Times of India. With no tiatr performances due to COVID-19, 59-year-old tiatrist Maria Lourdes Fernandes found a new way to entertain her audience. “I was getting bored at home during the lockdown, so I decided to start my own YouTube channel. Initially I was very scared, so I decided to try out singing a hymn to gauge how the audience will react. I was surprised by the way they appreciated the song, and this gave me the confidence to make more such videos,” she says. With everything moving online post COVID-19, tiatrists in Goa have also decided to take their skills of acting and entertaining online. The lockdown gave tiatrists like Francis de Tuem an opportunity to start his own Youtube channel, where he sings and posts various political songs… Tiatrist Lawry Travasso has been uploading his recorded tiatrs on Youtube for fans to relive the times they would have gone to a hall to watch a play…  For further details click here

In my search for an authentic Indian curry, I misjudged the vindaloo

18 Sep: The Guardian (UK). By Coco Khan. When I was a teenager, we moved to the outskirts of London, and away from the “authentic” Indian takeaways plentiful in my former, ethnically diverse stomping ground. We tried to make it work with our local joint, which catered to more western preferences. To me, the epitome of this was the vindaloo, a dish I never knew anyone Asian to make, favoured by tanked-up lads eating chillis competitively… when a new “authentic” curry house arrived, it dominated the family WhatsApp. I collected the next order and joked with the owner about the cursed vindaloo. “But vindaloo is authentic,” he said, adding that I probably wouldn’t know anyone who cooked vindaloo because it’s from Goa. As Goa was colonised by the Portuguese, there aren’t many Goans in Britain. In the UK, it’s usually Bangladeshi chefs cooking it, adding their flair. But vindaloo in Goa is technically a spin-off of a Portuguese dish anyway…  For further details click here

Goa: German woman found dead by daughter in her flat

18 Sep: Hindustan Times. A German woman was found dead in her flat at Canacona in South Goa. The body of 53-year-old Stephanie Hisser was found only after her daughter flew down to Goa and broke into the apartment after she stopped receiving her calls. Hisser stayed alone in Canacona in South Goa. Her daughter, who had been trying to get in touch with her for the past few weeks, flew down to Goa and reached her flat only to find the door latched from inside… Himani Hessar, 20, came down to Goa as her mother was not responding to her calls,” the Goa Police said in a statement. The daughter told the police that Hisser had been suffering from depression and asthma for the past few years and was under medication. The police have registered the case as an unnatural death and have informed the foreigners’ office…  For further details click here

Adult art classes are helping people look within, see themselves more clearly

18 Sep: Hindustan Times. At Goa-based artist Aru Bose’s Connect classes, participants are taken through various steps of self-discovery. In one of them, participant Anoushka Shah’s love poem to the self, takes the form of a sketch… The classes aim to help people tell their life stories, connect with their body, and perhaps discover some latent talent along the way. Through the various phases of lockdown, these classes have moved online, allowing people to participate in greater privacy. And in anxious times, they’ve proved to be refreshing and therapeutic…. Bose, 31, started her six-week art and expression course via Zoom, to explore with participants the question posed at the start of the story, about the outer self, and how people feel on the inside…  For further details click here

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