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News Summary

East African Goans: Tales of the tailor

13 Nov: Herald. By Radharao Gracias (photo). In 1962 Kenya won its first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Perth when Seraphino Antao of emerged tops in the 100 and 220 yards race ... it was for the first time that all Goans and in particular the Goan Institute, acknowledged the hero as our own. Goans even in East Africa carried their prejudices and membership of the Goan Institute was restricted to the elite. … Anton Gloria Gomes came to Uganda in 1905 and with his brother started a tailoring business and designed the gomesi which is the de-facto national dress of women in Uganda…. who discovered Tanzanite? Well, a Goan tailor, after all. Manuel de Souza moved from to Tanganyika at the age of 20 … Thus, the Goan has given Kenya its first athletic gold, Uganda its national dress and Tanzania has given the world a glittering gem. Today their descendants are found the world over, well qualified, well settled. And honored members of every Goan Institute! (Radharao F. Gracias is a senior Trial Court Advocate, a former Independent MLA and a political activist) 963 words.  For further details click here

In India, a long-awaited #MeToo moment gathers steam

10 Nov: The Globe and Mail (BC Edition). Across social-media platforms, women in the country are finding the courage to tell their stories … Back in 2014, Joanna Lobo, a young features writer at DNA newspaper in Mumbai, faced harassment from a senior editor, C.P. Surendran. Ms. Lobo had made a verbal complaint to her organization’s internal committee against sexist, misogynistic behaviour, but instead of an investigation, she had become an office punchline. Her confidential complaint was circulated and co-workers began openly teasing her about it. “I was in tears that day … of anger, not grief,” Ms. Lobo said. She quit the newspaper soon after. But last month, when several other women publicly denounced Mr. Surendran’s behaviour in various workplaces, Ms. Lobo felt compelled to add her voice. Eleven women in all have accused him of harassment…  For further details click here
The City Story: Joanna Lobo is an independent journalist who likes writing about things that make her life worthwhile - food, travel, her Goan heritage, and strong, independent women… For some of her articles,  click here

Ottawa in talks with Pakistan about bringing Christian woman freed from death row to Canada

20 Nov: National Post (Canada). Canada is in negotiations to grant asylum to Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Catholic who was acquitted of blasphemy charges after spending eight years on death row. Bibi has faced death threats and violent protests since her release. A national poll revealed that ten million Pakistanis would be willing to kill her themselves after she was accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad… Speaking in Paris, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that his government was looking into bringing her into Canada…  For further details click here
7 Nov: National Post. Father Raymond J. de Souza: Canada can and should save this woman's life …  click here

Goans eating burgers fearing formalin-laced fish: BJP MLA

13 Nov: CanIndia News (Canada) . Goans have stopped eating their regular meals and have switched from fish to burgers, KFC or Shawarma due to an ongoing formalin scare, Deputy Speaker and ruling BJP MLA Michael Lobo said on Tuesday. Lobo has demanded partial relaxation of the six-month ban on import of fish by traders who do not comply with new Food and Drugs and Administration norms. He says the ongoing controversy over the use of formalin, a carcinogenic chemical used to preserve cadavers, to preserve fish imported into Goa from neighbouring states, was unnecessarily fuelled by the social media…  For further details click here
13 Nov: Goa Spotlight. No ban on fish compliant with safety guidelines … click here.

World marine species face great threat, which should not be allowed in Goa’s waters

13 Nov: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. They say you only realise what you had when it’s gone. But the crushing tragedy of our information-saturated 21st century is much worse. We know exactly the value of what we have, but still throw it away, heedlessly and forever. Could things possibly turn out different for the newly accounted treasure-houses that have been discovered under the surfaces of Goa’s rivers? Two consecutive surveys by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in the giant Zuari and the relatively diminutive Tiracol have revealed that an extraordinary biodiversity bonanza of global significance is still hanging on in the state’s inland waters, despite all odds. We know it is there. What happens next is yet to be determined…  For further details click here

Briton dies from rabies after being bitten by cat on holiday

13 Nov: Blasting News. Britain has taken the case of the death of a person from rabies seriously. He contracted the disease while on a holiday in Morocco… A woman in her late 50s contracted the disease when she went to India where her son’s pet dog bit her. She developed the symptoms a few months after she returned home to Dartford in Kent … Another woman from Manchester also died from rabies. She had visited India and a dog bit her in a resort in Goa.  For further details click here
29 Nov 2012: The Mirror (UK). 'It was just a slight nick': Britain's first rabies death for seven years after gran bitten by puppy. Sharanjit Ubhi, of Dartford, Kent, the first Brit killed by the disease in seven years, forgot about the nip from her brother’s dog in but fell ill three months later… The last known rabies fatality occurred in England in 2005, when a woman from Manchester died after being bitten by a dog in Goa, India…  click here
26 July 2005.Daily Telegraph (UK), Rabies kills Goa holiday woman … click here.

UK tourists give stray dogs a new leash of life

13 Nov: Times of India. On the Salcete coastal belt, a trio of British tourists has given the word ‘SOS’ a whole new meaning. Adding the word ‘monsoon’ to SOS, the tourists’ have named their mission ‘Monsoon Save Our Strays’. Moved by the plight of beach dogs during the monsoon in South Goa, Sandra, Gary Lane and his wife Janey started feeding hundreds of strays. While Sandra covers the beaches of Carmona and Varca, Gary and Janey take care of the strays at Benaulim and Sernabatim beaches. Gary said that once the shacks start operations, the tourists stop feeding the strays as the canines get plenty of food from the shacks… The British trio says they undertake ‘Mission SOS’ with funds from their own pockets besides depending on contributions from other tourists …  For further details click here

Latest technology can help improve Goa’s tourism scene

13 Nov: Herald. The latest technology such as geo maps and interactive apps can greatly enhance tourism in Goa,' remarked Ameya Abhyankar, (IAS) IP Secretary, Government of Goa. He was speaking at a panel discussion on 'How technology is influencing the entertainment industry, which was held at 91Springboard, a coworking space, in Panjim on Friday. Abhyankar felt that educating the local businesses of the benefits of new technology was the key…  For further details click here
12 Nov: Herald. More Wealth In Tourism Than In Mining … By Nandkumar M Kamat.  click here


News Summary

Canada: Dragon’s Den star raises US$70-million for startup that finances e-commerce retailers

12 Nov: Globe & Mail (Canada). Michele Romanow’s business idea was help e-commerce businesses appeals with temporarily underwriting their online advertising in exchange for a cut of revenues. After doing about 10 such deals with her life partner, Andrew D’Souza, the two successful serial entrepreneurs had a business idea of their own to pitch. On Monday, their three-year-old Toronto company, Clear Finance Technology Corp. (operating as Clearbanc) is set to announce it has raised US$70-million to offer a new financing alternative for young e-commerce businesses… Clearbanc fronts companies' online advertising on Google and Facebook in exchange for a small percentage of revenues …  For further details click here
Video: Canadian Business. Andrew D’Souza on how Clearbanc is delivering financial services to freelancers … 2m.10s.  click here
Andrew D'Souza was born in Mumbai in 1985, the son of Yvette and Dinesh D’Souza of (with Saligao roots). The family emigrated to US in 1988 and to Canada in 1991. They live in Mississauga. For his Linkedin profile, click here.

Fish prices soar across Goa as import ban kicks in today

12 Nov: Times of India. With fish imports falling drastically over the last few days, Goans have started to witness increase in prices of their much-loved staple food. Prices of fish shot up in the markets over the past few days. Common fish varieties like mackerel were sold at Rs 100 for three compared to Rs 100 for five around a week ago. High-value fish like pomfret were sold at rates between Rs 800-Rs 1,000 per kg compared to Rs 500 last week. The fish ban has set alarm bells ringing in the state’s hospitality industry, with various stakeholders calling the FDA’s move as ‘ridiculous’ and a ‘major irritant’… Tourism minister Manohar Azgaonkar on Sunday said that the government should ban the export of fish too, so that there is no shortage of the staple for locals…  For further details click here
12 Nov: Times of India. Tourism industry fears ban will hit business …  click here

If You Can Drink A Lot & Hold Your Pee, This Alcohol-Drinking Competition In Goa Is For You

12 Oct: India Times. Goa is all about beaches, seafood, lazing around and boozing to your heart's content. So, if you're the kind of person who can drink without rushing to the washroom after every drink, an ‘All Goa Alcohol Drinking Competition’ is happening in Goa on December 19. The competition allows people to drink unlimited alcohol, but if you pee, you're out of the contest. The entry fee is Rs 500 per head and re-entry is Rs 400 per head. The venue of the competition is- Kolia Xeth Orulem, Vasco. The winner of the show will be will be decided on the basis of how much alcohol you drink within a time-frame and the quality of alcohol consumed. The winner of the competition will get free stock worth Rs 20K IMFL (Indian-Made Foreign Liquor), the second prize will be free stock worth Rs 10K IMFL, the third prize will be free stock worth Rs 5K and 20 consolation prizes will be one bottle each of VAT69.  For further details click here

Video: Beachfront Hotel Hunt Goa India

11 Nov: Harald Baldr. There are a wide variety of beach front hotels and guest houses on Goa's famous Arambol beach. In this video we check out three budget hotel rooms all located directly on the beach. As far as price is concerned I've never seen better value for money when it comes to beach front hotel rooms than in Goa. In fact I'll go as far as to say that the rooms are almost free. At least they feel like it… [Link by Roland Francis via GoaNet]  click here
For other video clips by including “Indian Street Food Goa Beach”, “$12 Hotel Goa Beach India”, “$15 Hotel Goa Beach India”, clips shot in Mumbai and other parts of India,  click here
See also Nile Brothers Goa videos, click here.

Cause of Dmitry Galkin’s death in Goa a mystery

12 Nov: Lipetsk Media (Russia). The cause of the death of the Dmitry Galkin, 31, in North Goa is still unknown. He was found dead in a guesthouse in Arambol. His friends and relatives were taken by surprise with the news of his death because even a week before his death they communicated with him before his phone went silent … Dmitry Galkin flew to India on October 16, 2018 and, in his own words, planned to stay in Goa until April 2019. The young man came as an independent traveler. Upon arrival, he rented accommodation in Arambol and a motorcycle… For Dmitry, this trip to India was not the first… Dmitry Galkin readily shared information about his life on his Facebook page … Dmitriy did not leave his room for several days, which was very strange even for the owner of the house, who was afraid for his Russian guest, the woman said… In his audio messages Dmitry also refers to the lack of money. Whether the death of a 31-year-old Dmitry Galkin was criminal in nature or death occurred for other reasons, will be known only after the autopsy...  For further details click here
For the 9 Nov. Goan Voice report of the death of Dmitry Galkin,  click here

Video: Football: Cops assault Family, Goa Congress asks Fans to Boycott Next Home Match

12 Nov: Sports Keeda. FC Goa are mired in a controversy once again this season as a video has emerged showing the police manhandling a family at the Fatorda Stadium recently. After the fall-out over the incident, Goa state Congress has asked the supporters to boycott the next home game, against Bengaluru FC, on Nov 22. A fan named Lester D’Souza and his parents Seby and Tina were, allegedly, physically assaulted by police personnel after the match between FC Goa and Delhi Dynamos on November 8. Many present at the scene deemed the attack as 'brutal' and 'unfortunate.' The assault is said to have culminated due to an altercation between the police and the D’Souza's when the latter were clicking pictures in the stadium. Lester landed a punch on one of the personnel after he saw the man pushing and shoving his mother. The arrest received great condemnation and Goans blamed the Police for complete misuse of power and authority. Tina and Seby D’Souza soon were granted bail the following morning …  For further details click here
Video: 11 Nov: Goa 365 tv. FC Goa fan assault, arrest: Story goes viral, condemnations pour in ...  click here
Video: 12 Nov: Goa 365 tv. Now AAP demands inquiry, strict action on fan assault … click here.

Nationalism a driving force behind fake news in India, research shows

12 Nov: BBC. A rising tide of nationalism in India is driving ordinary citizens to spread fake news, according to BBC research. The research found that facts were less important to some than the emotional desire to bolster national identity. Social media analysis suggested that right-wing networks are much more organised than on the left, pushing nationalistic fake stories further. There was also an overlap of fake news sources on Twitter and support networks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi… The research, commissioned by the BBC World Service and published today, forms part of "Beyond Fake News" - a series across TV, radio and digital that aims to investigate how disinformation and fake news are affecting people around the world…  For further details click here
Facebook video: BBC News India - Tony Hall - Beyond Fake News panel …  click here

Why is Senior Living Still 'Coming of Age' in India?

12 Nov: BBN Times. Senior living essentially refers to homes that cater to adults aged 55+ who are looking to live independently in a peer environment. Seniors who gravitate towards such housing options tend to have no major health issues and are active enough to more or less take care of themselves. Such projects usually provide a variety of facilities for recreation and socializing, including a clubhouse, health club or gym, facility management services, squarely focused on the needs of the elderly… The senior living sector in India is still at a very nascent stage and not many developers have tried to explore this opportunity to its full potential …  For further details click here


News Summary

One Year Ago — Former CIA Sabrina de Sousa to do community service for cleric kidnap

10 Nov: Intel Today. “I spoke briefly to Sabrina De Sousa this morning. It would seem that most have forgotten her case already. Sabrina De Sousa will be teaching English twice a week to minors living in state care… I asked Sabrina how she feels about doing community service and teaching English to these kids” Her answer was magnificent! “Regarding working with children, as a mother I look forward to it. They are orphans… Something I saw everyday on the streets in India. It was sad. Poor kids.” + Fox News Video ...  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Sabrina de Sousa,  click here
Sabrina is the daughter of late Julia (died 4 Dec 2016) and the late (died 18 Oct 2005) Amancio Francisco Xavier de Sousa - also known as "Chico"; granddaughter of Francisco Xavier de Sousa and Julia Menezes; niece of Professor Aires de Sousa, (1905-1980).For the late Julia de Sousa photo and death notice, click here.

How love and a taste of honey brought one Indian woman’s 16-year hunger strike to an end

11 Nov: The Observer (UK). On a cloudy morning in August 2016, in Imphal, the capital of the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, the world’s longest hunger strike was over. Irom Sharmila had eaten for the first time in nearly 16 years… At the peak of her powers, Sharmila was being sought out by Nobel laureates and diplomats. She was called the Iron Lady of Manipur. She was miserable. Early in 2007, a British-Indian named Desmond Coutinho arrived in the country. His mother had just died from cancer, and the west Londoner was questioning his life… So a friend suggested Coutinho, now 55, follow in the footsteps of generations of listless westerners and go to India to find himself… There he saw a newspaper story about a hunger striker in Manipur… So Coutinho started sending her letters … he was smitten by Sharmila … she said that she would marry Coutinho and continue her struggle by running for Manipur’s parliament… Today, Sharmila lives in an apartment on the outskirts of Bangalore. She and Coutinho recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary … 2703 words + photos  For further details click here
Video: Indian Express. Irom Sharmila Ties The Knot With Desmond Coutinho … 3m.03s.  click here
Times of India. Desmond was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania, where his uncle, Wolf J Dourado, served as attorney general and his father was a chief town planner … click here.

BOGOF: Grand African and Indian Ocean Voyage

11 Nov: Radio Times Travel. Cruise on the Marco Polo, a Cruise Maritime ship. Itinerary: Bristol, Lisbon, Casablanca, Cape Verde, St Helena, Walvis Bay, Luderitz, Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Richards Bay, Reunion, Mauritius, Mayotte, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Seychelles, Praslin, Maldives, Colombo, Cochin, Goa, Mumbai, Oman, Safaga, Petra, Suez Canal, Ashdod, Malta, Gibraltar, La Coruna, Cobh, Bristol. 79 days. Buy one get one free until 3rd Dec plus save an extra 5% if you book today! …  click here
For more details and pricing visit the Cruise Maritime site  click here

Unknown State Of Children In Goa’s Childcare Homes

10 Nov: Navhind Times. Who are the 2,500 children living in the 78 childcare institutions in Goa? The High Court has directed the chief secretary to investigate how so many children were allowed to be housed in the childcare institutions without any government certification that they needed care. The picture that emerges is of an ‘extremely serious state of affairs’ in the childcare institutions, the judges said. None of the children have been identified as a ‘child in need of care and protection’ as required under the Juvenile Justice Act. The state child welfare committee has to certify such a child, but there is no committee certification in the case of any child. The court has asked the Chief Secretary to investigate if the childcare institutions were engaged in any illegal and unauthorised activities… The people running the childcare institutions must be taken to task for keeping 2500-odd children without any orders for caretaking by the child welfare committee… 790 words.  For further details click here

In Lush, Prosperous Goa, The Growth Of Luxury Hotels Is Sparking Conflict

10 Nov: Bloomberg. “Our village is the size of a coconut shell, how can it take five big resorts?” asks former sailor Anthony D’Silva of Arossim in south Goa… The number of major hotels and resorts has increased by 170 percent from 42 in 2008 to 113 in 2018, according to the state department of tourism. In comparison, budget hotels grew 100 percent from 2,142 in 2008 to 4,286 in 2018… By October 2018, nearly 200 hectares of land or as much as 374 football fields, was involved in seven tourism-related conflicts, affecting about 3,100 people in Goa, according to data collected by Land Conflict Watch, a network of researchers that maps and collects data about ongoing land conflicts in India… 2569 words + photos  For further details click here

‘A majority of LGBTQs in Goa are still underground’

11 Nov: Times of India. In what could be considered as the first white paper on LGBTQ livelihood in Goa, the non-profit organisation, Goa Livelihoods Forum (GLF), has mapped the community in Goa in a detailed report. What started as an initiative to record the employment status of the community and explore opportunities that can help sustain their livelihood, brought to fore several other issues that plague members of the community. “The total number of LGBTQs in Goa is a few thousands, but a lot of them are underground. About 80-85% of them suffer discrimination in Goa,” GLF mentor Charudutt Panigrahi told STOI. Panigrahi presented the paper at the ‘Freedom is in the Air’ event held at the Museum of Goa (MOG) on Saturday…  For further details click here
11 Nov: The Goan. Colours of freedom in the skies …  click here
10 Nov: The Hindu. Not a rainbow story for LGBTQ community in Goa … click here.

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj has a bizarre beef advice for Goa CM Manohar Parrikar

11 Nov: Swami Chakrapani Maharaj has reportedly said a ban on beef must be imposed in Goa immediately, adding that the ban will have a positive impact on the health of the ailing Chief Minister. 62-year-old Parrikar has been resting at his residence since October 14 when he returned to Goa after being discharged from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. The unusual demand comes after news that CM Manohar Parrikar has not been doing too well health wise… This is not the first time Swami Chakrapani has made a controversial statement. During the Kerala floods this year, Chakrapani made a statement connecting the consumption of beef and the devastating floods…  For further details click here

Goa: Policy paralysis

12 Nov: India Today. Goa is in a state of economic and political paralysis with virtually no decisions being taken since Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar started treatment for pancreatic cancer in February. Parrikar’s own charges, home, finance, industry and education, have been the worst hit. The severe nature of the crisis became public recently when the state investment promotion board (IPB) had to withdraw its claim (announced on October 17) that it had cleared eight proposals connected to industries and hotels worth Rs 200 crore… That the state’s economy is in free fall is evident, collections of GST and excise duty have fallen by 20 per cent. The finance ministry has announced a 25 per cent budget cut for all departments as there is a big shortfall in revenue generation…  click here


News Summary

Video: Exposed! Formalin laced fish transported by luxury buses to Goa?

10 Nov: InGoaNews. Six boxes of fish found in interstate bus at Panaji. They were later handed over to the Old Goa police station. In a similar incident the day before, wholesalers said they seized fish that was brought in via buses, at Margao…  For further details click here
10 Nov: NDTV. Amid Formalin Scare, Goa Bans Import Of Fish For 6 Months …  click here
10 Nov: Indian Express. [Goa is not unique in seeking to ban the use of formalin. How is the rest of India dealing with the crises in their own States?] click here.

Goa Tourism masterplan ignores tourists and their safety: Foreign tourists

10 Nov: Times of India. Instead of attracting more tourists to the state, as outlined by the Goa tourism masterplan, Goa should focus on the crucial aspect of safety of tourists, especially foreigners, said relatives of foreign tourists who lost their lives in Goa. Unsolved murders and lethargic investigations gave Goa the appearance of a “very risky and dangerous destination” said Felix Dahl's mother Minna Pirhonen. Dahl was murdered at Patnem, Goa in 2015 and Goa Police has failed to provide credible answers to his kin. Pirhonen has written an open letter to the department of tourism where she has outlined three steps that the Goa government can take to make Goa a safe destination for tourists…  click here
11 Nov: Herald. “Goa today seems a risky and dangerous destination” A letter by Minna Pirhonen and Sanna Pirhonen Cutter along with families who have lost loved ones in Goa highlight the dangers to travellers visiting the state and what ought to be done to make it safer …  click here
11 Nov. Herald. Some things never change. It took four years for the Goa Government and the consultant, KPMG, to prepare the Goa draft Tourism Policy… click here.

Celebrity traveller: Michel Roux

10 Nov: Daily Express (UK). MICHEL Roux Jr, 55, is a two Michelin-star chef at London’s Le Gavroche and is regularly on TV. He and wife Giselle live in London.
Q: YOUR WORST HOLIDAY? A: A few years ago, on a trip to India, we stayed in quite a plush hotel in Goa. I took a dip in the very nice swimming pool only to discover there were a couple of rats swimming in the pool with me. Needless to say we left and have never returned to that hotel again.
Q: WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO REVISIT? A: Goa, without rats. I would love to see more of India as I love the people, food and culture. I would like to visit South America. I want to explore …  For further details click here
For a Wikipedia profile of him,  click here

Sail and feast: the 15 best cruises for foodies

10 Nov: The Times (UK). … 14 Flavours of Goa: Learn the art of bargaining on a chef’s tour to the markets and bazaars of Goa on this Arabian and India voyage with Celebrity Cruises. During a stop at Goa’s capital, Panjim, guests can sample exotic flavours at a spice shop, hone their haggling skills and join locals in the market. Lunch is at one of the city’s fish restaurants, while ingredients collected during the day will be used in the evening meal on board. Details: A 14-night round-trip sailing from Abu Dhabi, which includes calls at Dubai, Muscat and Cochin, departs on March 4. It costs from £2,299pp, including flights and a drinks package. The Panjim excursion costs from £163pp  For further details click here
For full details of the cruise … “Day 10: Docked at 07:30 on March 13, 2019. Goa, Mormugao: How can you resist a place whose local motto is "Sossegade", which translates to: "take it easy"? Goa is home to high-end restaurants, picture-perfect beaches and fabulous shopping.  click here

Literate Goa ignorant of rights of elderly parents

10 Nov: Herald. Despite ranking among the top literate States in the country, the Goa government has conceded the State lacks awareness concerning the maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 with Salcette taluka topping the list of abusers of the elderly with seven cases reported under the Act last year … The Act mandates that parents of working children should be taken care of. The Act is also applicable for relatives who share the property… The Act speaks at length about taking care of parents and senior citizens, constitution of Maintenance Tribunal, establishment of old age homes, medical support to senior citizens, preference to senior citizens across different sectors like hospitals, banks, bus service, etc; and various other schemes for the elderly group. Goa has around 10 old age homes run by the Provedoria Institute; another 30 such homes are being operated by NGOs … the government has also been disbursing free wheel chairs, hearing aids and other appliances to needy senior citizens across the State …  For further details click here
10 Nov: The Goan. Despite law in force, elderly unaware of their rights …  click here
11 Nov: Times of India. State to get three more citizen service centres. To enable citizens who cannot use Goa online or other online government websites, a physical single window has been set up by the government … click here.

A Goan slice of life

10 Nov: Mid-Day. Time passes by in a languid manner across the 60-odd pages of The Mystery of The Missing Crown: A Goa Story [Published by Good Earth, Price Rs 450], a new book for children. The story is set in Rachol, a laidback village. The locals there are God-fearing and the church is the fulcrum of their social lives. But one day, a young boy makes a terrible error of judgment and the plot revolves around how — after spending 50 years in Portugal to escape the ignominy — he returns to atone for his mistake… what makes the book endearing is the manner in which Sharon Fernandes, the author, paints a bucolic image of a sun-kissed village where the remnants of its Portuguese past are visible in a seminary…  For further details click here
4 Nov: Navhind Times. Uncovering Rachol’s secret …  click here
For the Linkedin profile of Sharon Fernandes, click here.

Tarun Tahiliani on Ahilia Homes and his house of glass

9 Nov: The Hindu. Tarun Tahiliani designs interiors and events … With Ahilia Homes, his new brand that extends his language to living spaces, he is now splitting time between Delhi and Goa, developing luxury residences… “I built my first home in Goa over 15 years back … At the Salvador Villa, the design is led by indoor water features and Mangalorean roofs is a project [three houses on 21,000 sq ft of land] in Socorro … at the Glass Villa in Nachinola, we have taken design to another level. It is envisioned like a Goan house with a courtyard, but [with double-height ceilings and two levels] the proportions are dramatic and modern… Goa is the number one location where people want to have a house. Goa used to be a winter destination; now it functions all year round… when I am in Goa I am very efficient — I can do five to six sites… I’m working on a hotel, in the Goa Modern style with beautifully detailed rooms and lotus-filled pavilions that will open soon… 1000 words.  For further details click here
Video: Goa Extraordinary Glass Villa In Nachinola. Rs150,000,000 (approx. $2m) … 1m. 15s.  click here
For the Tarun Tahiliani Wikipedia profile, click here.

France: Montmerac knits over 100 small yellow pullovers for children in Goa

10 Nov. La Charente Libre (France). "We exceeded knitting a hundred small yellow pullovers, says Patricia Beaumont, but we continue our effort". On the table in the hall of Lamérac council she displays her harvest to friends … “Children from 3 to 6 years old at the day care centre Shishu Bhavan, a kindergarten that welcomes underprivileged kids in the state of Goa" … She spends her summer vacation in Goa. "I was struck by these children begging on the beaches”, she admits. Last year, I visited the school and I decided to help them". She called on social networks in the UK, France, and others to assist. Contact or tel. 05 45 98 69 82. 10 photos.  For further details click here
For the Shishu Bhavan Facebook page,  click here



Death: John Pereira
8 Nov: London. JOHN JOSEPH PEREIRA. Born 1943. Ex CHORAO. Goa. Most beloved son of late Loyola/late Herminia Pereira, Brother/Brother-in-law of Margaret/Ubaldo Goveia (U.K), Minguel Jose/late Serafina Pereira (Ex-Oman). Loving uncle of Gavin, Glenda & Savio. Passed away suddenly. For a photo, click here.

News Summary

UK: New Event Announcement

Wed. 26 Dec: A&G Event Experts, The Premier Hospitality Events Management Company is organising The Boxing Day Dine and Dance on Wednesday 26 December 2018 from 1400 hrs to 2100hrs at Pope John Centre Hall, behind Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church, Heston Road, TW5 0RL. Allwyn-High Level will perform on the day. Tickets are at reasonable rates £14.00 per head. To book them please contact Gabriel 07424318717/ or Antonio 07780797967 Dress Smart/Formal (strictly no jeans or trainers). Rights of Admission reserved. The Company also has complete Goan Party/Wedding Special Packages starting at £50.00 per head and £60.00 per head with drinks at great venues. This packages includes Snacks and Dinner, Top Goan band, Decor, Hall and the MC, The key is booking early because the best venues get sold out. 2019/2020 we have still some of the top ones available. For the 26 Dec. event flyer, click here.

Canada: Brampton school employee facing sex assault charges

8 Nov: City News (Toronto). A 53-year-old Markham man is facing several sexual assault charges related to an incident in Brampton. Peel Regional Police say a 20-year-old man from Brampton came forward on Tuesday and reported four separate sex assaults that took place between the end of September and up to November 5, 2018. The alleged assaults took place at an educational institution in the area of Queen Street East and Kennedy Road South in Brampton… Russell Lobo has been arrested and charged with four counts of sexual assault. Lobo is the Director of Admissions at triOS College in Brampton. A statement from the school says he’s been placed on leave for the duration of the investigation… Investigators believe there could be other victims and are urging anyone with information to come forward.  For further details click here
Linkedin: Russell Lobo was educated at University of Mumbai, 1984 – 1987 …  click here

A better life outside India

9 Nov: Mint. You’ve probably been part of a wishful drawing room conversation discussing how the time may have come to leave India and seek a better life elsewhere … It’s no wonder that 17 million people opted out of India just last year … While the US, UK, Canada and Australia have been favourite migration options for Indians for as long as I can remember, countries such as Belgium, Sweden and Norway are making it to our list too … In January, my neighbours Astrid and Dilan, both 32, will leave for Gothenburg, Sweden, where Dilan has found a job as a project manager. They’ve been thinking of moving for the last three-four years, largely because of health and safety reasons and because of an increasing awareness of their religious minority status… Astrid says tracking India’s rape culture has terrified her so much she has stopped her newspaper subscription… “We are Catholics and both of us feel like foreigners in our own country. I feel like we are fish out of the water unless we are with our own Mangalorean or Goan community.” …  For further details click here

Angriya: India’s first luxury cruise ship from Mumbai to Goa

6 Nov: Herald. India’s first domestic luxury cruises set sail from Mumbai to Goa and from Goa to Mumbai last month, covering the journey in 14-hours and giving the passengers a lively and relaxing stay … Luggage Allowance … Frequency and Port of Embarkation … The Route … Luxurious and Memorable Stay …  For further details click here
Video: Goa to Mumbai Cruise | With Full Room Tour | Interesting Facts & Tips … 20m. 0s.  click here
For the Angriya Cruises website, click here.

Confusion, chaos amidst report of Centre’s ‘rejection’ on Ordinance to resume mining

9 Nov: Herald. The unconfirmed reports in a national daily of Centre rejecting proposal for issuing ordinance for resumption of mining in Goa sent the stakeholders as well as the politicians into a tizzy. The Financial Express, quoting sources, said that the Centre was not keen on issuing ordinance to resume mining operations in the State… South Goa MP Adv Narendra Savoikar appealed to the stakeholders not to panic or lose hopes … Power Minister Nilesh Cabral, who spearheaded the agitation as well as delegation to Delhi, said that there was no confirmation on this…  For further details click here
Video: 9 Nov: Goa 365. Goa Govt planning fresh delegations to Delhi by next week on mining …  click here

Experts see red over Goa’s proposed tourism policy

9 Nov: The Hindu. Call it a ‘top-down master plan’ prepared by foreign consultant KPMG, without any discussion with the people. The Goa government’s draft tourism policy and tourism master plan came in for severe criticism from different stakeholders and civil society activists at an interactive session convened here by the Centre for Responsible Tourism, a Church-affiliated body, on Wednesday… This draft is very amateurish and purely academic in nature," said Goa University scientist and social activist Nandkumar Kamat … Mr. Valmiki Naik of Aam Aadmi Party said that the proposed master plan has very little of statistics and gives too much of importance to casinos…  For further details click here
The policy has been uploaded on the tourism department’s website and is open for suggestions from stakeholders and public… To view the draft plan check the right hand box at the website,  click here
Oct 2018: Business Goa. Goa’s tourism story needs a spruce-up … click here.

Indian diocese will not fund defense for bishop accused of rape

7 Nov: Catholic News Agency (USA). The Diocese of Jalandhar will not pay for the criminal defense of its bishop, who is accused of serially raping a religious sister. Bishop Agnelo Gracias, who was appointed Sept. 20 by Pope Francis as interim leader of the Indian diocese, told reporters Nov. 6 that Bishop Franco Mulakkal’s brother has been paying for the bishop’s legal expenses. “His family back home is quite well off. So, no request has come to us from his side,” Gracias said, adding that the diocese would consider providing financial support to Mulakkal’s accuser if she requested it. Mulakkal, who remains head of the Diocese of Jalandhar but was sidelined by the appointment of Gracias, was arrested Sept. 21. He is suspected of having raped a member of the Missionaries of Jesus more than a dozen times during a two year period that began May 5, 2014…  For further details click here

Netflix Sets ‘Typewriter’ as Ghostly Goa-Set Indian Original Series

9 Nov: Variety (Hollywood). Global streaming giant, Netflix has unveiled “Typewriter” as the latest series addition to its growing slate of Indian original content. The series is set in Goa and is about a haunted house and a haunted book that stir the imagination of a group of young, wannabe ghost hunters. When a new family and their attractive daughter move into the haunted home, the crew finds it difficult to balance the demands of school and chores with the renewed urgency of capturing the neighborhood ghost before it is too late…  For further details click here



Funeral: Heru Fernandes

11 Oct: London. MARIA JULIA HEROINA (HERU) FERNANDES. Aged 89. Ex Uganda. Sadly passed away at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London. Wife of the late AP Fernandes and mother to Hilda (deceased), Ruby (& Geoff), Derek and Celia (& Laurence) and loving grandmother to Tommy, she will be greatly missed. The family have requested there be no flowers. For those wishing to donate in lieu of flowers, please send donations to P L Mulligan, Funeral Directors, 268 Broadway, Bexleyheath, DA6 8BE. All donations will go to the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna, Matunga, Mumbai, a charity she supported and that was very close to her heart. The Requiem Mass, will be held on Friday 16th November at 11.30AM at St Thomas More RC Church, 420A Long Lane, Bexleyheath, DA7 5JW. The burial will take place at Brook Street Cemetery, 303 Brook Street, Erith, DA8 1DY. Reception to follow at St Thomas More Church Hall. For condolences, click here.

News Summary

Selma Carvalho: Who speaks for Goa?

8 Nov: Herald. … Called any number of names from anti-nationals to toilet cleaners, the NRI Goan is almost disenfranchised voice… Goa’s political aspirations found a voice in the diaspora, but also it’s literary and artistic… Goans living outside of Goa have shaped the very progressive ideologies that we embrace today and take for granted. Goan communities, particularly in Bombay but elsewhere in Karachi and the frontier towns of East Africa as well, embraced education, welfare and healthcare. They left behind a rich legacy of schools such as St. Xavier’s School and College (Bombay), Dr Ribeiro School (Nairobi) and Norman Godinho School (Kampala) which live on and serve people to this day… This being the great age of Goan public philanthropy, ingrained in diaspora Goans was the egalitarian idea that even the poorest amongst them should have the opportunity for a stellar education… The very idea that NRI Goans should not have a say on matters relating to Goa, is myopic at best, and betrays a complete lack of understanding of how instrumental they have been in shaping Goa’s trajectory of success… 870 words.  For further details click here

Virginia Brás Gomes (Goa, 1951) delivers inaugural speech at the International Congress of Human Rights

8 Nov: Noticias de Alava (Spain). Virginia Brás Gomes inaugurated the International Congress of Human Rights that will be held in Bilbao until tomorrow. Under the title Challenges emerging, the speakers will discuss the evolution of Human Rights in recent decades and analyze the global challenges they face, from the perspective of terrorism, diversity management and refugees. For Brás, president of the Committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the UN and main adviser in social policy in the Ministry of Employment, Solidarity and Social Security of Portugal, "it is fair to say that there has been progress since the Universal Declaration of Rights Humans of 1948, but it is not the progress that we would have liked "… 744 words. For a machine translation of the article into English,  For further details click here
For a summary of her Inaugural speech, in English,  click here
Video: 3 Dec. 2009. Human Right Day 2009 - Virginia Brás Gomes answers to: Why is discrimination an important issue for you personally? In your recent work, what issues of discrimination or actions against discrimination would you consider particularly important or want to draw attention to? click here.

Goa moves to implement law to protect the elderly

8 Nov: Navhind Times. The social welfare department has begun implementing the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 passed by the Parliament and the Goa Rules 2009 in order ensure protection of life and property of senior citizens… the department has worked out a plan to engage all the concerned authorities, including the police and the health department, and will begin later this month an awareness drive for the effective implementation of the law… The law stipulates setting up of old-age homes, enjoining the provision of medical care and protection of life and property of the senior citizens…  For further details click here

Indian women scholars felicitated in the UK

8 Nov: The Goan. British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, announced the second edition of its 70th Anniversary Scholarship programme for Indian Women pursuing a master’s in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in the United Kingdom. The announcement was made at a felicitation ceremony with Prime Minister Theresa May MP United Kingdom for the 104 Indian Women STEM scholars… Patricia Fernandes, British Council scholarship winner from Goa, pursuing Masters in Masters in Computer Science from Northumbria University, Newcastle, said, “The past year has been one of the most fulfilling years of my life… Alan Gemmell, OBE, Director India, British Council said, “Meeting the Prime Minister at her home in 10 Downing Street is an unforgettable day for our scholars…  For further details click here
Video: Student Speak: Patricia Fernandes, Northumbria University, UK … 2m. 47s.  click here

Lisbon: The Festival of India takes place this weekend

7 Nov: Time Out Lisbon. India here so close. Three days in three sites of the city, the festival is divided by the villages. The JiyaFestival of India bet on a tripartite program of music, dance and performances, spread on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in three stages: Casa de Goa, the Museum of the Orient and the Dance Center of Oeiras. A poster that aims to explore the ancient bridges between the culture of the two countries. The festival kicks off at Casa de Goa on Friday, 9th, with a workshop at 7.00pm kuchipudi - one of the eight Indian classical dance forms, a class by Manasa Mohan. At 20.45 there is a talk about Indian culture and its influences in our country with the founder of the festival…  For further details click here
For a machine translation of the article into English,  click here

USA: Three Goan recipes

7 Nov: Martha Stewart (USA). Ground-Lamb and Potato "Chops". The recipe for these delectable potato patties filled with juicy lamb and coated in crisp breadcrumbs comes from Nik Sharma's "Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food." His take on the Goan specialty calls for flavoring the meat with sambal oelek and apple-cider vinegar instead of the traditional spices and coconut vinegar…  click here
7 Nov: Click2Houston. Diwali, India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year started Wednesday and food is always part of the celebration, because the festival of light is also the festival of flavors. Chef Sunil Srivastava, owner of Great W'kana cafe, stopped by our studio with some traditional sweets for Diwali like raw banana, kadhi pakori, prawn curry and a nuts platter. He also shared with us an easy seafood recipe for Goan shrimp curry, a popular dish from the Goa region of India using coconut. Video:  click here
7 Nov: Atlanta Journal And Constitution. Satisfy a hankering for sweet potatoes with these recipes. “Bebinca is the ultimate Goan dessert, an egg and coconut milk pudding, which can be made several different ways,” Sharma writes … click here.

Russia: Police are looking for the relatives of man who died in Goa

8 Nov: Lipetsk Media (Russia). The consulate general in Mumbai, India is looking for relatives of the 31-year-old Dmitry Vladimirovich Galkin, whose body was recently found at the Arambol Guesthouse in Goa. It is known that the man came for a holiday on October 16. Information that the vacationer was killed, was received by the General Consulate from the local police. The Consulate General in Mumbai asks to contact the relatives or friends of the deceased by calling the telephone number listed on their official website.  For further details click here
For a machine translation of the article into English,  click here

UK Forthcoming Events

Sat. 10 Nov: GOA UK - Mass for the Deceased at SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Cranmer Rd, Mitcham CR4 4LD. Mass will start at 1pm sharp. Please bring a picture of your loved one who passed away if you want to pray for his/her Soul. After Mass, Get together at the Parish Hall. Tickets: £7.50 per head, inclusive of a three Course meal and a drink. Contact : Nina Pinto 07930 574653/ 02087670663, Bella Fernandes 07949 233307 or Ravi Vaz 07909 927539

Sun. 18 Nov. Union of Navelim (UK) will be celebrating our 39th Feast at Richard Challoner School, Manor Drive North, New Malden KT3 5PE. Come and join us in celebrating our Feast commencing with Mass at 12:00noon sharp, followed by an afternoon/evening of celebration and dancing to the fabulous music of Rainbow's End. Tickets are inclusive of snacks and a hot meal. Dress Code: Formal/Smart, No Jeans and Trainers. For the flyer with full details, click here.

Sun. 25 Nov: Fr. Agnelo's Day at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy @ 1.30pm. 91st Commemoration Mass. Celebrants: Most Rev. Felipe Neri Ferrao, Archbishop of Goa & Daman and Rt. Rev. Patrick Lynch SSCC, Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark

Sun 2 Dec: East London & Essex Goans invites you to St Francis Xavier’s Feast. Mass at 12 pm followed by social until 8pm. Venue: Fords Sports Club, Aldborough Road South, Newbury Park, Essex IG3 8HG (Entrance between houses 170 and 172). Tickets: Members £14; Guests £16; Children (aged 5-16) £6; Under 4 years Free (No meal) or £6 with meal. Catering by Maggie's Kitchen. Music by Treble Makers Band. Dress Code: Strictly Formal. Licensed Bar at reduced rates. All tickets purchased after 25 November 2018 will be £18 so book early! For more information contact: Raymond Carvalho (President) 07963950814; Audrey Lewis (Comm. Member) 020 8514 2784; Gerry Ferrao (Treasurer) 020 8220 6956; Louisa Travasso (Comm. Member) 020 8252 6063; Joyce Travasso (Social Secretary) 020 8478 8815; Savio D’Souza (Comm. Member) 07918693920; Paul Travasso (Comm. Member) 020 8478 8815. For the flyer, click here

Sun 9 Dec. G.O.A. St Francis Xavier's Feast, The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon, CR9 3AS, 2pm to 8pm, Contact Bella Fernandes 07949233307 or Ravi Vaz 07909927539. For the flyer, click here.

Wed. 26 Dec: A&G Event Experts, The Premier Hospitality Events Management Company is organising The Boxing Day Dine and Dance on Wednesday 26 December 2018 from 1400 hrs to 2100hrs at Pope John Centre Hall, behind Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church, Heston Road, TW5 0RL. Allwyn-High Level will perform on the day. Tickets are at reasonable rates £14.00 per head. To book them please contact Gabriel 07424318717/ or Antonio 07780797967 Dress Smart/Formal (strictly no jeans or trainers). Rights of Admission reserved. The Company also has complete Goan Party/Wedding Special Packages starting at £50.00 per head and £60.00 per head with drinks at great venues. This packages includes Snacks and Dinner, Top Goan band, Decor, Hall and the MC, The key is booking early because the best venues get sold out. 2019/2020 we have still some of the top ones available. For the 26 Dec. event flyer, click here. For Later Events See


News Summary

Centre rejects Goa miners’ demand; no ordinance to resume Goa mining

8 Nov: Financial Express. The Centre has turned down a demand from Goa miners for resumption of the mining activity in the state through an ordinance, a move that could hit the country’s mining output growth. The mining industry in the state provides around 60,000 direct employment and the dependents are many more… The Supreme Court had in February this year quashed the state government’s 2015 order granting ‘second renewal’ of 88 iron ore mining leases in the state… In a letter to the Prime Minister on September 24, Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar requested him to take appropriate steps to bring about necessary changes in the provision of the Mines and Minerals Amendment Act so that the mining in the state can resume at the earliest…  For further details click here

Goa 7-night escape from £369pp

7 Nov: Broadway Travel (UK). The stunning state of Goa in western India is a joy to behold. Known for its white sandy beaches, fishing village and a laid-back lifestyle, Goa is the perfect destination to unwind and recharge the batteries! From £369pp, stay at the Resort Lagoa Azul on a bed and breakfast basis for 7 nights. Included: Return flights from UK airports, Hold baggage, Airline meals, Hotel accommodation, Breakfast, Return shuttle transfers  For further details click here
For Trip Advisor reviews of Resort Lagoa Azul, Arpora,  click here
For other Travelzoo Goa Deals, click here.

How John Bercow keeps Keith Vaz's secrets

7 Nov: BBC. John Bercow, speaker of the House of Commons, has invoked "parliamentary privilege" to stop BBC getting information about the behaviour of the MP Keith Vaz. Readers may recall that we have reported extensively on how Mr Vaz's behaviour on committee trips abroad, paid for by the taxpayer, were the scene for some allegations of not following the rules of the House and bullying towards staff. Mr Vaz denies all such actions. But we wished to see what documentation existed from the administration of these trips. We cannot. This is because Mr Bercow has personally intervened and gone out of his way to bar BBC Newsnight programme from asking the Information Commissioner or a judge to review the decision. We will not be able to overturn this decision … The net result is that the Speaker, who denies bullying, has made an order to hide information about the behaviour of his close personal friend, Keith Vaz, a man who also denies bullying - supposedly to protect MPs' freedom of speech. And then he has gone out of his way to use a personal veto to make sure no-one could even consider reviewing that questionable decision… 1044 words.  For further details click here
Video: 2 Aug. 2018. BBC Newsnight. Westminster bullying: Keith Vaz accused of bullying clerks. Jenny McCullough has alleged that Keith Vaz MP said she was a poor clerk because she was not a mother…  click here

Joanna Lobo: Where You Can Taste Wine as Old as Grandma

7 Nov: OZY (Australia). By Joanna Lobo. This Australian cellar lets you sample booze from the year you were born — but only up to age 116. My request to taste the 110-year-old wine stuns the manager, Nigel Thiele — a vintage of this age is the oldest they’ve been asked to open… I take small sips and toast my grandmother across the Indian Ocean. This wine was bottled in 1908, the year my grandmother was born… My grandmother has seen both world wars and India’s and Goa’s independence from British and Portuguese rule, respectively, and she has been fighting diabetes since the age of 18. Her senses are failing now, but she still lights up the room when she laughs. Who better to celebrate? Though she prefers the local feni (a drink common to the state of Goa, where I am from), wine is reserved for special occasions… 777 words.  For further details click here
For other articles about Australian Food and wine,  click here

To curb property frauds, Goa government to use Aadhaar

7 Nov: Canto Caller. Resident as well as non-resident Goans will soon be able to follow their ancestral property and take steps to prevent fraudulent sale of their land once the state government implements an Aadhaar-based system which will send alerts regarding transactions about the linked properties. “Regarding property, we are getting into a service to give Aadhaar-based alerts which is voluntary,” revenue minister Rohan Khaunte said on Monday during the discussion on the demand for grants for departments headed by him. “We expect the property owner to give his phone number and email id and if anyone comes forward to perform a transaction with the land, other than the owner, the owner will get an SMS and email … It is in the interest of Goenkar and those abroad. This will take of all the frauds,” the minister said…  For further details click here

Fashion within your reach

7 Nov: Navhind Times. Goa’s ever growing number of pop up shows has proved that the state is getting more fashion conscious by the day. In this light, Sosa designer boutique is hosting its second pop up fashion extravaganza ‘Flaunt Your Fashion’ Season 2 at the Panjim Community Centre to bridge the gap between the Goan consumer and national level designers. The fashion event will be held on November 10 and 11. “Last year we had a good response and this year we are going bigger and aiming for the better, with the increase in the number of designers and a lot of new names,” says proprietor of Sôsa’s designer boutique, Myra Silveira…  For further details click here

Tiatr: Tachea Huskean Jiye

8 Nov: Navhind Times. Teotonio D’Costa has released his new tiatre ‘Tachea Huskean Jiye’. The narrative of this tiatr examines the collapse in family values, particularly when parents go overseas to earn and leave their children behind in the care of ageing grandparents. Elvira and Minguel are an elderly couple who are still very much in love. One son and his family have settled in the States while the other is busy amassing wealth in London with his wife and two children. The old parents request their son based in London to send his children to Goa for a holiday. The grandchildren Aaron and Liza come for a holiday and Aaron contracts a serious disease and is dying slowly. His parents come to Goa but does it help? …  For further details click here


TALK SHOW: Music Matters. BBC Radio Three (Freeview 703). Sat. 10th Nov. 12:15 to 13:00. Marking the centenary of the Armistice, Tom Service talks to composers who are writing music to commemorate the end of the First World War. Tom discusses the importance of folk songs in the Indian war experience as highlighted in a new book by Santanu Das, 'India, Empire, and First World War Culture'.

NEWS: Radio 4 Appeal. BBC Radio 4 (Freeview 704). Sun. 11th Nov. 07:54 to 07:56. Railway Children. The actor Dev Patel makes the Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of Railway Children (an international children's charity working with street children in India, East Africa and the UK) Registered Charity Number: 1058991, To Give: - Freephone 0800 404 8144 - Freepost BBC Radio 4 Appeal. (That's the whole address. Please do not write anything else on the front of the envelope). Mark the back of the envelope 'Railway Children'. - Cheques should be made payable to 'Railway Children'.

COOKERY: Come Dine with Me. more4 (Freeview 14). Tues. 13th Nov. 15:50 to 16:20. Trainee teacher, club DJ and experimental cook Josh Jones wants to broaden his guests' palettes in Dumfries and Galloway with some Indian food, including lamb passanda and tandoori monkfish. But Tommy Jardine doesn't like fish or spice. Director: Rupert Verrinder

DOCUMENTARY: Why Don't You Speak English? London Live (Freeview 8). Tues. 13th Nov. 22:00 to 23:00. 0. First-generation immigrants are taught English by an ordinary British family, for one week, and in the family's own home. Part 2 of 2.

NATURE: Open Country. BBC Radio 4 (Freeview 704). Thurs. 15th Nov. 15:00 to 15:27. The Suffolk Maharajah. Elveden is a quaint rural Suffolk village with an intriguing history as the last Maharajah of the Sikh Empire was buried here in 1893. For almost two decades the village has attracted coach loads of Sikhs from all over the country and the world flocking to see the graveside of Maharajah Duleep Singh. Bobby Friction visits Elveden for the first time for Open Country to see for himself the graveside on the day that marks 125 years since Duleep Singh died. Bobby finds out more about the Maharaja and travels to the adjoining town of Thetford where the Maharaja has become an important part of the landscape.

NEWS: Immigration: Who Do We Let in? Tonight. itv Thames Valley (North) (Freeview 3). Thurs. 15th Nov. 20:00 to 20:30. With Brexit on the horizon, the Government is proposing to end freedom of movement and prioritise letting in highly skilled workers. Will this create jobs and opportunities for British people? Or could it result in a shortage of workers in industries like healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing? Richard Bacon travels around the country: from his hometown of Mansfield - which had one of the highest leave votes in the country, to the London hospital where NHS staff saved his life, to find out.

SPECIAL INTEREST: Short Works. BBC Radio 4 (Freeview 704). Fri. 16th Nov. 15:45 to 16:00. The Flood. An Indian woman is revisited by an unwelcome ghost as the monsoon season gives way to floods, in a story by an exciting new voice in fiction, Deepa Annapara. Reader: tbc Producer: Justine Willett Writer: Deepa Annapara.

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