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Goa’s Nude Hippies Give Way to India’s Yuppies
17 Feb: New York Times. Page A6. When hippies traveled overland from Europe to India decades ago, Goa was often the final stop on the trail, welcoming to its beaches Westerners who wanted to drop out in a place where living was cheap, drugs plentiful and swimming nude the norm… Today, Goa’s renegade lifestyle attracts an entirely new type of traveler — young Indians who are flocking here not to find themselves, as the hippies once did, but to celebrate their bachelorette parties or dance atop bars… “Goa is not Goa,” said David D’Souza, the owner of Tito’s, which started as a beach hut restaurant built by his father in 1971, and is now a throbbing open-air nightclub. “It’s India now.” … Today, there are tensions between the Goan merchants and those who have come from across India to capitalize on the tourist rush… 1567 words. Click here.


News Summary

I dream of a world without caste, discrimination: Irom Sharmila

16 Feb: The Quint. Manipur's legendary human rights activist Irom Sharmila, who continued a fast-unto-death protest for 16 years demanding repeal of an Act, on Friday said she dreams of a world without caste, discrimination and dictatorship. "I want to leave for my children a world without caste, discrimination, and dictatorship, and where all people would have equal status," Sharmila told media persons here at the trailer launch of the docu-feature "The Turning Point" based on her life. The docu-feature is being made primarily for some foreign television channels … The Iron Lady had continued her fast-unto-death for 16 years … She then married Desmond Coutinho and faded from the limelight. Sharmila is now in the family way …  For further details click here
For some Goan Voice links to Desmond Coutinho [ex Zanzibar & London],  click here

Camões’ love affairs and the untold story of Vasco da Gama

16 Feb: Sunday Nation (Kenya). Maria Joao Lopo Carvalho, a Portuguese author, during a discussion of her recent book, Until I Die of Love: The Women Who Camões Loved. Ms Carvalho delved into the life and times of Luis Vaz de Camões at the University of Nairobi … Camoes’ lyrical poem, "Os Lusiadas" connection with Kenya in the poem, is his visit to the coastal towns then, is Vasco da Gama’s lamentations at his troubles in Mombasa, followed by the warm invitation from the King of Malindi to be the guests at his palace… Ms Carvalho spoke about her book … Camoes was serving Portugal in Goa as a soldier and a sailor. So, his turbulent life had given him inspiration to write this marvellous master piece about Vasco da Gama’s trip around the world and about the Portuguese history…  For further details click here

In memory of Manuel dos Reis Grilo

14 Feb: Reconquista (Portugal). Alain Manuel dos Reis Grilo passed away recently. he was born in Portugal in 1940 … Military service was in Goa in 1960 with about three thousand Portuguese soldiers … After six months, following the orders of Nehru, the Indians took over Goa … With this capitulation, they were divided into three prison camps, soldiers, sergeants, and officers. The food was terrible, in the first months they ate only grain infested with weevil … One day, comrades tried unsuccessfully to escape in garbage trucks … Indian officials ordered them to be shot but the Military Chaplain - Father Santos offered his life in exchange for clemency for all Portuguese soldiers. This attitude sensitized the Indian military superior and the lives were spared … After six months of captivity, through the International Red Cross, they left Goa on airplanes bound for Karachi and from there by ship to Portugal … 1262 words.  For further details click here
For the Portuguese original,  click here

Amnesty India staff complain of harassment and discrimination

15 Feb: The Guardian (UK). Prominent Indian rights activists have withdrawn their support for Amnesty India amid allegations of caste discrimination and harassment within the organisation, the Guardian has learned. The allegations include claims that staff were humiliated, ill-treated and discriminated against because of their caste, a system of social hierarchy among Hindus. A further 32 Indian lawyers and civil rights campaigners have written to Amnesty International’s secretary general in London to demand an independent investigation into the claims from staff members… Amnesty India (AI) said it is “deeply troubled” about the claims made by two senior campaigners and has launched an investigation, chaired by an independent expert…  For further details click here

Goan girl’s guide to Goan food in Mumbai

16 Feb: The Asian Age. By Joanna Lobo. It is the new flavour of the season and is an experience that is now possible to avail with a few city restaurants doing their bit to provide a feel and a taste of Goan cuisine: 1: Gables … four-seater restaurant … Glamour Building, Colaba. 2: Snowflake … The day’s specials, a stock list of about 10 dishes, can be found scrawled on a whiteboard in the corner… 1st Dhobitalao Lane … 3: Soul Fry … also serves as good matchmaking venues! Festivities apart, Meldan D’Cunha, the affable owner the place, loves experimenting with food…. Silver Craft, Bandra (W) … 4: Sushegad Gomantak … everyone comes here for the fish – eaten fried or in a curry… crab thali featuring one huge crab in a spicy red curry. 5: Shiv Sagar Coperative Housing Society, Mahim (W) … 6: New Martin Hotel … Their specialty is beef steak, cooked until tender and served with generous helpings of onions and potatoes. 11, Glamour House, Apollo Bandar, Colaba … 7: Fresh Catch … Best known for its butter garlic crab … 144/C, Diamond Court Chawl, Mahim (w), 8: Mangoes … hearty Goan fare, Malad (W) 9: Porto & Poie … poee, brought in from Goa every day… Juhu. 8: O Pedro … kalchi koddi … Unit No 2, BKC … 1312 words  For further details click here

Savia Viegas: Vignettes from Goa

16 Feb: Navhind Times. Song Sung Blue’, a novel by Savia Viegas, is interspersed with love and tragedy, sexuality and caste. Set in her village of Carmona, it has 100 graphic illustrations that make you contemplate about Goa at the time of the Portuguese leaving the state… Viegas’ speciality has always been that of using social undercurrents and issues that are generally hidden, to form the basis of a story in Goa, a Goa which has undergone change and continues to be changing – showing the impact of change through modernisation, of the mindset et al. In 2011, after her book ‘Let me tell you about Quinta’ was published she had nothing to work on. Being the 50th year of Goa’s liberation, she toyed briefly with the idea of working on a life sketch of a woman who was as old as the liberated state.  For further details click here

"The girl does not have half of the face” Russian couple get into a motorcycle accident in Goa

16 Feb: UFA1 (Russia). A young man named Rais was riding a bike in Goa and crashed into a truck. The girl received the worst injuries, now she is in a coma. Rais came to his senses after the accident… Next week I'll fly to him in Goa,” said Denis, a friend of the victim. “I'll tell you briefly how Rais crashed. He was riding a bike with his girlfriend. The girl is still in a coma, she does not have half a face. Rais barely got out of the coma. But he does not remember who he is…” Both have clavicle fractures, the girl, according to a friend, is literally “without half of her face”. Relatives say that Rais lived in Goa for a while. Shortly before the tragedy, a young man wrote in his Instagram: “It feels like a whole, traveling on a bike in India for such distances is not particularly stressful, refueling, ATMs, services, shops are every 10–20 km. The traffic is not so dense, and the Hindu driving style is predictable, beep and drive where necessary”  For further details click here
For the Russian original,  click here



Death: Mark Rodrigues

14 Feb: Mississauga, Canada. MARK VISITATION RODRIGUES. Ex Bandra, Mumbai. Born: 02/07/1960. Beloved Husband of Anita Rodrigues; Father of Dean; Loving son of late Johnny/Rocy Rodrigues: Brother/Brother-in-law of Diogo/Theresa (Old-Goa), Jennifer/Warren & Cornelius. Funeral Services will be in Mississauga, Canada. click here.

Death: Florinda Po
13 Feb: Montreal. FLORINDA PO. Aged 97. (Formerly of Dundas Street, Saddar, Karachi). Beloved wife of Dominic (deceased). Mother to Rita (Thomas), William (Waleska) and Cajetan. Grandmother to six grandchildren and Great grandmother to three grand children. Visitations will be held at Magnus Poirier Funeral Complex, 222 Des Laurentides Blvd, Laval, on Friday, February 22, 2019 from 2 to 5 p.m. and from 6 to 9 p.m. A funeral service will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 10 a.m. St-Isaac Jogues Church, 1335 Chabanel East, Montreal. [Info: Pompie Gois]. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Mary Leonora Foundation directly through the following link: click here.

News Summary

Portugal: Nelson de Souza is the new Minister of Planning

15 Feb: Diario de Noticias (Portugal). There are 3 new ministers in government… Nelson de Souza, current Secretary of State for Development and Cohesion, is the new Minister of Planning … António Costa, Prime Minister, is preparing to remodel the government … Nelson de Souza's name will sound strange to a large part of the general public, more for the absence of airtime from a man who is not a politician by profession than from lack of experience and credit… He born in Goa in 1954. He came to Portugal with his family at the age of seven, when his father, a journalist, went to work for TAP's press office. Childhood was spent in the Ajuda area… In the biography on the official website of the Government, Nelson de Souza is considered as "a profound knower of the Portuguese business community, as well as the national and European programs to support business and the economy." …  For further details click here
For the Portuguese original,  click here

e-visa validity for tourist and business goes up from 60 days to 1 year

15 Feb: Hindustan Times. In an effort to increase the number of foreign tourists and facilitate the process of e-visa, the government has decided to increase the validity of e-tourist and e- business visas from 60 days to one year with multiple entries… It has also been decided to remove the restriction that a foreigner can be allowed e visa for a maximum of three times in a calendar year … According to the latest statistics available on the website of tourism ministry, during January-November 2018, a total of 20,61,511 tourist arrived on e-Tourist Visa as compared to 14,56,615 during January-November 2017, registering a growth of 41.5%... In case of nationals of US, UK, Japan and Canada, continuous stay during each visit should not exceed 180 days. In all cases no registration will be required… The e-visa was scheme launched in November 2014 with 43 countries and is now open to foreign tourists of 166 countries. Besides tourist and business e-visas, there are three more categories including medical, medical attendant and conference.  For further details click here
15 Feb: Press Information Bureau, Government of India … Government liberalizes the e-Visa regime making it more tourist friendly  click here

Lancelot Ribeiro: the anatomy of three paintings

15 Feb: Art Info (UK). By Marsha Ribeiro. Three paintings by painter Lancelot Ribeiro (1933–2010) have entered London's Burgh House and Hampstead Museum collection. The first, a miniature 'oil and PVA' townscape (1964), has been acquired for the House with Art Fund support… Alongside the acquisition of two watercolours, these three pieces are distinctive and individual in style, and provide an insight into Ribeiro's experimental play with materials and study of technique… Ribeiro's earliest work, dating from the late 1950s, drew from the unique imprint that Old Portuguese Goa – with its rich Roman Catholic heritage – had left on his artistic consciousness… With a move into an attic flat near London's Hampstead Heath in 1980, working small-scale seemed, at least initially, to be the only viable option… The three paintings are currently on display at the Burgh House and Hampstead Museum in the Christopher Wade room… 997 words.  For further details click here
For information on Lancelot Ribeiro,  click here

Francis Newton Souza's 1948 painting to go under the hammer in New York on March 18

16 Mar: Business Standard. Modern Indian artist Francis Newton Souza’s 1948 painting “Golgotha in Goa” will go under the hammer at Sotheby’s upcoming Modern & Contemporary South Asian Art auction in New York on March 18. The artwork which will be on view at The Leela Palace here on Friday and Saturday, is estimated at ~1.78-2.49 crores (approx). Painted at the time when Goa was still under Portuguese rule, the work demonstrates the profound influence of Catholicism on Souza’s personal and artistic development… According to the auction house, Souza retained the painting in his personal collection until just a few years before his passing. It was acquired from the artist by a fellow Goan private collector who cherished it as long as he lived…  For further details click here

Goa: This bar in Baga is an ode to old Bombay

15 Feb: Architectural Goa. While Mumbai has its fair share of Goan gastronomy hotspots like O Pedro and Goa Portuguesa, it’s nice to see India’s beach capital return the favour with an eatery that celebrates the street food of amchi Mumbai with its latest opening, Old Bombay… Old Bombay restaurant is the kind of kitchen any Indian tourist in Goa would want to head to, after a week of bingeing on Portuguese, Saraswat Brahmin or Kunbi tribal cuisine. The menu is dominated by Mumbai staples like cutting chai, vada pav and chaat, wholesome Sindhi, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Parsi dishes, and of course, Goan accompaniments… The watering hole is right on the Baga-Arpora Road ...  For further details click here

Bringing back the games of yore

15 Feb: Herald. Soul Travelling, an organisation that specialises in city walks in Goa, in association with Dattaprasad Shetkar, is organising Games of Goa, a two-day extravaganza of traditional Goan games. The festival is set to be held on February 23 and 24, 2019 at SAG grounds in Campal- Panjim. The event will have over 15-18 games, both indoor and outdoor, that were played in different parts of Goa. The venue will have dedicated spaces for each game. The volunteers aided by printed displays and ‘how to play the game’ videos, will help visitors learn and play games such as Logorio/ Lobyo/ Nokoryo ,Taablaam/ Taabul Fale, Gud Fale/ Gajre, Tiktem, Waagaani, Koinde Baal (gillidanda), Bodyaani (Goan hopscotch), BaDyaani (sticks), Vhiraani (broomsticks), GunDyaani/ Faatraani/ Jhirkyo, Mithaa Khel / Mith Fale, Khaambyaani (pillars), Biyaani (cashew nuts), Kovchyaani (bangle pieces), SuNe aani HaaD (Dog and bone), VeTaani, Ringaani, Combya Zhuz (cock fight), etc…  For further details click here
15 Feb: Navhind Times. Reviving Goan games …  click here

University of West London retains Zest Quest Asia crown

14Feb: The Caterer (UK). For the second year running, students at the University of West London have been crowned Zest Quest Asia champions. The results were announced at the Zest Quest Asia Gala Dinner and Awards Night on 8 February at the Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. The final cook-off was held earlier in the day at the hotel’s Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen … Judges were unanimously impressed by the team’s South Indian/Goan menu: a starter of South Indian ulundu vadai with Jerusalem artichoke; a main of British partridge Goan cafreal made with fresh mint and coriander; and a dessert of bebinca and parsnip serradura…  For further details click here

What to wear in Goa

15 Feb: Conde Nast Traveller. Christian Dior tulle blouse, £8,300 (photo)… Dolce & Gabbana round pink and gold sunglasses with metal trim, £260 … Solid & Striped 'The Rachel' gold bikini top and bottoms, £60 each … Rosantica x Peter Pilotto bubble bag, £850 ... Tod’s suede and feather sandals available in black and burgundy, £550 ...  For further details click here


News Summary

UK New Event Announcement: Goan Easter Dine and Dance

Sun. 21 Apr. A&G Event Experts, the Premier Events Management Company With Ria Money Transfer Specialists to India are organising a Goan Easter Dine and Dance on 21st April 2019 from 1830hrs to 2300hrs at Pope John Centre Hall, behind Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church, Heston Road- TW5 0RL.Simple Minds will perform on the day Tickets are at reasonable rates £15.00 per head including Goan snacks and Goan buffet dinner. To book please contact Gabriel 07424318717/ Antonio 07780797967/ Brian: 074050227575 , Franco: 07578371960. Dress: Formal. Rights of Admission reserved. A&G have complete Goan Party/Wedding Special Packages with great venues including a super yacht, an island, plush hotels all with authentic Goan and other cuisines, entertainment and tailor-made packages you require. For the flyer, click here.

Goa: Former Deputy CM Francis D’Souza dies after long battle with cancer at 64

14 Feb: Scroll. Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Goa Francis D’Souza died after a prolonged battle with cancer on Thursday. He was 64. D’Souza was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Goa after undergoing surgery for cancer in the United States of America. Ailing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar expressed his sorrow over D’Souza’s death. “Extremely pained to hear about the demise of my dear childhood friend, colleague and former deputy Chief Minister of Goa Francis D’Souza,” Parrikar tweeted… In September, Parrikar dropped D’Souza and Power Minister Pandurang Madkaikar from his Cabinet citing their ill health. Madkaikar had suffered a stroke…  For further details click here
Editorial: Herald. 14 Feb: The genteel gentleman quietly walks away. For years he was the Catholic face of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Goa, he was the man who stood by the party even when it did not give him his due …  click here
Video: 14 Feb: Goa 365 tv. BJP MLA Francis D’Souza expires, holiday on Fri, funeral on Sat … click here.

India’s Jet Airways reveals $1.2bn rescue plan to keep flying

14 Feb: Financial Times (UK). Jet Airways reported its fourth consecutive quarterly loss as the board of the struggling Indian carrier approved a $1.2bn rescue package plan to shore up its finances and keep its planes in the air. In a stock exchange announcement on Thursday, Jet announced a draft plan that would see lenders, led by the State Bank of India, convert debt into equity and make them the largest shareholders. The plan estimates a funding gap of approximately Rs85bn ($1.2bn), which is to be met by a mix of new equity, debt restructuring and sale-or-leaseback of aircraft, said the statement… Pressure has been piling on Jet to cobble together a bailout package since it stopped paying staff last year…  For further details click here

Four in five Vatican priests are gay, book claims

13 Feb: The Guardian (UK). Some of the most senior clerics in the Roman Catholic church who have vociferously attacked homosexuality are themselves gay, according to a book to be published next week. Eighty per cent of priests working at the Vatican are gay, although not necessarily sexually active, it is claimed in the book, In the Closet of the Vatican. The 570-page book, which the French journalist and author Frédéric Martel spent four years researching, is a “startling account of corruption and hypocrisy at the heart of the Vatican”, according to its British publisher Bloomsbury. It is being published in eight languages across 20 countries next Wednesday, coinciding with the opening day of a conference at the Vatican on sexual abuse, to which bishops from all over the world have been summoned...  For further details click here
Video: The Sun (UK). Top Catholic bishops who attack homosexuality are MORE likely to be gay, explosive new book claims ….  click here

The evergreen romantics

14 Feb: Herald. Love was always in the air, in the good ole days … February 14 was just another day- of love and romance. Not packaged, not marketed but as special as any other day. Café speaks to the evergreen romantics. Dr Vasco D' Silva (74) and Classy D' Silva (78) of Dona Paula: We met frequently as we were neighbors in the same Village of Velim, and since we had a few common relatives, we met during hose family occasions… Sarto Almeida (94) and Therese Almeida (78) of Seraulim: Our story is not fairytale, but what could be more perfect than knowing each other so well? Valentine's Day has had no significance in my life, there was never any special practices connected to it and it grew in significance in the late eighties when commercial interests took over… Professor Antonio Peregrino da Costa (around 80), Panjim: Valenine’s Day is beautiful celebration, maybe it has been commercialized in the modern world, but feel of it still remains… Amit Majumdar (80) and Nilima Majumdar (79), Porvorim: Most surprisingly and rarely heard of, we met as pen friends 60 years ago. We have now been married for 54  For further details click here
Video: 14 Feb: HCN. Valentine's day celebrated at Grace old age home … 2m. 59s.  click here

Top five places to shop in Goa

14 Feb: Tentaran. Many of us think that Goa is just to chill out on beaches with nothing much for shopping. And if you think the same, then you it all wrong. Goa is not only a place about boho vibes, hippie culture and serene beaches. This place is very much for shopaholics… Goa offers amazing flea markets and night bazaars with peeping voices that feature so much to buy with amazing colours where bargaining is full on, given the wide range of products and prices. From clothing to junk jewellery, and footwear, from shell and bamboo work to terracotta and brassware, from ‘feni’ and ‘bebinca’ to ‘cashew nuts’ and ‘Goan sausages’, you will find it all here…. 1: Anjuna Flea Market … 2: Mapusa Market … 3: Mackie’s Night Bazaar … 4: Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar … 5: Panjim Market …  For further details click here

Will solar power be a Goa in India’s smallest state?

14 Feb: PV Magazine. Goa, India’s smallest state, has notified its Solar Energy Policy and set a target of 150 MW of PV capacity by 2022. Under the policy, which will span the next seven years, the government will provide a 50% subsidy – including 30% from federal funds – for the capital cost of projects; a benchmark cost from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy; or a figure arrived at through tendering by the Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA). According to the policy, solar power producers will have to participate in reverse bidding for installations classed in four capacity brackets: 100-1,000 kW; 1-5 MW; 5-10 MW; and 10 MW and larger…  For further details click here

UK Forthcoming Events

Sunday, 3 March 2019 - Mungul Union (UK) celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Woodside High School Hall (ex-White Hart Lane School Hall), White Hart Lane, London N22 5QJ. Mass at 12.30pm followed by a social gathering. Music by "RAINBOW'S END” For tickets and details, contact: Natalie Fernandes (020 8352 8355); Lucas Fernandes (07957148406); Rosy D'Silva (07815835820); and Rosalind Rebello (020 8767 8652). Tickets will not be sold at the door. For the flyer, click here

Sun. 21 Apr. A&G Event Experts, the Premier Events Management Company With Ria Money Transfer Specialists to India are organising a Goan Easter Dine and Dance on 21st April 2019 from 1830hrs to 2300hrs at Pope John Centre Hall, behind Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church, Heston Road- TW5 0RL.Simple Minds will perform on the day Tickets are at reasonable rates £15.00 per head including Goan snacks and Goan buffet dinner. To book please contact Gabriel 07424318717/ Antonio 07780797967/ Brian: 074050227575 , Franco: 07578371960. Dress: Formal. Rights of Admission reserved. A&G have complete Goan Party/Wedding Special Packages with great venues including a super yacht, an island, plush hotels all with authentic Goan and other cuisines, entertainment and tailor-made packages you require. For the flyer, click here.



Death: Martha Rattos
13 Feb: London. MARTHA RATTOS. (ex-Zanzibar) passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was the wife of the late Timothy Rattos and mother of Ophelia and Sylvia/Malcolm Payne. Martha will be greatly missed by all her nieces and nephews including her grandsons, Samuel and Daniel Payne. She was the eldest sister of the late Joseph(Sunny)/Theresa Mascarenhas (Dar-es-salaam), late Alick/Christina Mascarenhas(Toronto), Salis/Bella Mascarenhas(Mumbai, India) and Alban/Lira Mascarenhas (Toronto). Funeral details to follow. [Info: Stephen de Souza, Mississauga]

News Summary

Finding Father: A Norwegian-Goan Story

13 Feb: Joao Roque Literary Journal. By Selma Carvalho. Where do stories start, then? In the bends of history or in our own recognition of a starting point. Perhaps this story pivots on these lines written by Marit Walle, Figueiredo’s Norwegian mother, in 1963, just before getting married to his Goan father, Xavier Hugo Figueiredo. She wrote, ‘Yes, I am getting a strange sort of husband indeed. Hugo is: an Indian, a Portuguese citizen, British protected with a British passport, born in Africa – pff- and he’s going to get married to a Norwegian. I just hope our children won’t ask where their father comes from …’ From this point of dislocation, the story of four generations, several homelands, and intermarriages unfolds…  click here
14 Feb: Herald. {A shorter version of the book review]  click here
To buy a copy of A Stranger At My Table (DoppelHouse Press, 2019), click here.

Goa may partially refund visa fees to foreign tourists

14 Feb: Herald. In a bid to encourage a larger number of foreign tourists to visit Goa, the State government is toying with the idea of partially refunding visa fees to the overseas visitors. A high-level meeting called of tourism stakeholders and experts, chaired by Tourism Minister Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar, discussed the decrease in tourist arrivals this season. Stakeholders opined that high visa prices, formalin-in-fish are major issues that led to the downfall of tourism this season… On taxis he said there are many complaints of overcharging…  For further details click here
14 Feb: Herald. Editorial: Refunding visa fees may not be the solution …  click here
Video: HCN. Tourism Minister Meeting … click here.

Viva Goa Indian Cuisine: Hotspot for Spicy Food in San Francisco

12 Feb: Eater (San Francisco). The south Indian state of Goa was once a Portuguese colony, and its cuisine represents a blending of the area’s colonial past with its incredible access to seafood and love for spices. At Viva Goa, you can explore the unique combination of Hindu and Catholic cuisines through the lens of coastal India. Try the lamb Xacutti (a complex curry with white sesame seeds, coconut, and chilis), ambot tik (literally “sour hot,” a tangy, spicy curry usually made with prawns or fish), and vindaloo, one of the most iconic Goan curries. Vindaloo gets its name from the Portuguese dish carne de vinha d’alhos — meat in wine vinegar and garlic…  For further details click here
Viva Goa Indian Cuisine Website: Nicholas Fernandes and Joseph Alvares were born and raised in Goa and came to the United States over a decade ago, they had a common dream of starting a Goan restaurant in this part of the world. In 2010 they collaborated and started Viva Goa, a restaurant with the distinct culinary traditions of Goa.  click here
Yelp. For some restaurant reviews, click here.

Jet Airways planes grounded by lessors as liquidity crisis deepens

12 Feb: Financial Times (UK). Jet Airways has been forced to ground four aircraft after failing to pay lessors in a sign of the deepening crisis at India’s troubled airline amid flailing rescue plans… Jet, which has about 124 aircraft in its fleet, has been in a financial crisis since August last year, when it began delaying salary payments to employees. On January 1, the carrier defaulted on repayments to a bank consortium led by the State Bank of India. Hit by high oil prices, a weak rupee and fierce competition, as of the end of March last year, Jet’s liabilities stood at Rs200.9bn ($2.8bn) against assets of Rs129.6bn.. Jet is the latest in a growing line of floundering Indian carriers. SpiceJet almost collapsed in 2014, just two years after Kingfisher Airlines crumbled under a mountain of debt…  For further details click here

Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) Bill; What you need to know

13 Feb: Gulf News. The Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) Bill has been in the works for some time … The Bill proposes a law that will ensure mandatory registration of all NRI marriages within 30 days of the marriage - whether the location of the wedding be in India or abroad… The Bill seeks to provide safeguards to Indian women who are trapped in fraudulent marriages with NRIs… proof of non-compliance can lead to the passport of the NRI husband being impounded or revoked… It further provides for attachment of the properties …  For further details click here

India: Church rift over Catholic stance on political situation

12 Feb: Business Standard. The Catholic Bishops Confernece of India (CBCI) council for Laity has launched a nationwide drive to formulate a Catholic stance on the current political situation in the country ahead of the general election, a move disputed by CBCI sources, saying the council of Laity is "not a representative of the Catholic body." However, the council for Laity will organize a series of events in the run-up to the general election to raise issues within the community such as attack on churches, growing danger of communalism and challenges to Catholic faith in India.  For further details click here

Three women on one musical quest

13 Feb: Herald. Noted pianist Marialena Fernandes along with Amina Vamosi and Ieva Pranskute, together known as Amitri, will be performing ‘The Quest for Passion’ – a musical event of Western classical music presented by Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts… Born in Mumbai and presently based in Vienna, Austria, Marialena has been a recognised and distinguished pianist on the international scene… Ieva Pranskutė from Vilnius, Lithuania started playing the violin at the age of five… Amina Anna Vámosi is a 24-year-old Hungarian flautist who began her music education at the age of seven… ‘The Quest for Passion’ will take place at Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts on February 15, 6:30 pm onwards.  For further details click here
For Marialena’s website,  click here

COOKERY: Parveen's Indian Kitchen. itv Thames Valley (North)(Freeview 3). Sun. 17th Feb. 09:30 to 10:30. Parveen showcases a vegetarian and vegan family favourite recipe - tarka daal. She also demonstrates her simple technique of making chappatis at home.

DRAMA: Bhaji on the Beach. London Live. Monday 18th Feb. 00:00 to 02:00. A group of women of Indian descent take a trip together from their home in Birmingham, England to the beach resort of Blackpool, where they discover they have more in common than they thought. (1996). Director: Gurinder Chadha (1993, 15, 3 Star)

DOCUMENTARY: Who Should We Let in? Ian Hislop on the First Great Immigration Row. BBC 4. Tues. 19th Feb. 21:00 to 22:00. Documentary exploring the history of Britain's conflicted attitudes towards immigration.

SITCOM: Goodness Gracious Me. BBC Radio 4 Extra. Tuesday 19th Feb. 23:30 to 00:00. The Marriage Emporium running low on Indian brides - and `Fifty Ways To Leave Your Mother". Stars Nina Wadia. From July 1997. Starring: Meera Syal, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Nina Wadia, Kulvinder Ghir

DOCUMENTARY: A Very British Country House. more4 (Freeview 14). Wed. 20th Feb. 22:00 to 23:05. It's the height of the English social season and an influx of international high society guests have arrived, taking advantage of Cliveden's proximity to Henley and Ascot. Wedding co-ordinator Lydia is tasked with the biggest event of her career, a two day Anglo-Indian wedding. The bridal couple have booked Cliveden exclusively and the bride has requested staff wear traditional Indian dress.

DOCUMENTARY: Bats, Balls and Bradford Girls. BBC 1 London. Thurs. 21st Feb. 23:45 to 00:30. Documentary following an all-Asian girls' cricket team over the summer holidays as they train for their last tournament together before going their separate ways. Starring: Gussy Sakula-Barry, Liesel Evans

DOCUMENTARY: The Real Marigold Hotel. BBC 1 London. Fri. 22nd Feb. 23:55 to 00:55. Documentary in which eight famous senior citizens travel to India to try and work out if their retirement would be better spent there. Inspired by the film 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' but otherwise unrelated.


News Summary

Scott de Lima: My Million Pound Menu. First Broadcast 12 Feb. 8 pm on BBC 2

12 Feb: BBC iplayer. Fred Sirieix oversees a battle for investment between three restaurateurs who think their take on flavoursome ‘grab-and-go’ food will secure them the chance for big-money backing to open on the high street. This time, those pitching include ex-couple Scott de Lima, 29, and Lacey Miles, 28, who think their idea for giant Taiwanese bao buns, filled with fusion American fillings, Tiger Bites, is worth £575k. Scott and Lacey started dating in 2012, but broke up at the start of this year. With Tiger Bites already underway they have stayed civil and quickly developed a working relationship to keep the dream alive. They are now asking for £575k to open their first restaurant and take their signature Kung Fu Panda Baos, available in fried chicken and vegan options, to the UK high street… Duration 59 mins. First shown 8pm 12 Feb 2019, Available for 29 days
[Scott is the son of Chris da Lima (ex Kisumu) and Marian nee Dias (ex Nakuru) see them at 30m. 54s and and 48m. 03s. into the programme, grandson of the late Francis da Lima MBE and late Ancy da Lima, and late P.M. Dias & late Lucy Dias].  click here
12 Feb: Evening Standard (London). Tiger Bites: Where to find the Taiwanese street food in London …  click here

Australia: Noel D’Souza: Former mayor in the race

12 Feb: Southern Courier (Australia). Former mayor of Randwick Noel D’Souza has entered the State Election mix as a candidate for Maroubra. Mr D’Souza, who was elected a Labor mayor of Randwick in 2015 but later became an independent, acknowledges he faces a tough battle to unseat Opposition Leader Michael Daley in the safe Labor seat. But he accused Mr Daley of being “missing in action” on many local issues and rates himself a definite chance… He was elected as a Labor mayor but stood down from the party in May 2017 after failing to support the caucus-endorsed candidate at the 2015 and 2016 council elections. Facing expulsion from the party, he declared he would leave “on his own terms”…  For further details click here
Mumbai-born Noel, son of a printer, immigrated to Australia at the age of 10 becoming Randwick City’s 83rd and first Indian mayor … click here  click here

Crucial meet today on decline of tourism

13 Feb: Navhind Times. Repeated complaints from tourism stakeholders in the state as regards the decline of tourism in Goa and the collapse of administration in the tourism department have forced Tourism Minister Manohar ‘Babu’ Ajgaonkar to convene an urgent meeting with these stakeholders on Wednesday at the Secretariat. The meeting, which is expected to witness ‘fireworks’, will be attended by the representatives of the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa, Small and Medium Hoteliers Association of Goa and other tourism-related organisations, besides officials of the tourism department and members of state-level marketing and promotion committee of the department… The agenda of the meeting includes discussion on various issues such as the alleged total collapse of administration in the tourism department, the consumption of alcoholic drinks on beaches in spite of the enactment of a legislation banning the same, and complaints from the TTAG on the reluctance of the Tourism Minister to meet its members…  For further details click here

Gulf Voice of Goa

11 Feb: Arab Times. Kuwait is set to host the first Gulf Voice of Goa – Konkani singing competition at Khaldiya University Auditorium on Feb 22. The competition, open for Gulf residents of Goan origin aged 16 and above, will be organized by Goan Cultural Centre, Kuwait… The event is supported by well-known Goan NRIs in the Gulf – Carmo Santos, Agnello Fernandes and Bosco Leitao (Kuwait), Simon D’Silva (Doha, Qatar), Gabriel Crasto and Francis Correia (Bahrain), Gabby de Chandor (Dubai), Anthony Lourenco (Muscat) and Joe Fernandes (Saudi Arabia)…  For further details click here
For the Gulf Voice of Goa website,  click here

PUBG: Does Goa need to be concerned about this “dangerous” online game

12 Feb: Herald. Information Technology Minister, Rohan Khaunte, last weekend, urged the Chief Minister to administrate a law to restrict children from playing the game PUBG, as it has affected the minds of youngsters. Many believe that the game has caused less concentration in studies, and unfocused on the important things in life. None the less, family and relationships have been put at stake… Many players of PUBG have admitted that the game makes them feel connected and brave; while that is only in the game, they have lost a lot of friends in the living world.  For further details click here
12 Feb: Herald. What is PUBG? Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) developed in 2017 as an online multiplayer battle royal game -only game that requires a constant connection to the internet. Each server can include up to 99 players…  click here

Clean & Green: New E-Cycle Start-Up To Help Us Enjoy Goa Like Never Before

12 Feb: The Better India. B:Live, a venture by Arcis Clean Energy, is the brainchild of Samarth Kholkar and Sandeep Mukherjee who wanted to bring about a new wave of sustainable mobility in India and they started with Goa… B:Live uses e-vehicles to conduct tours in, currently, four places in Goa. The vehicle is an electric bike and is just like a regular cycle, which you can ride on roads, streets, mountains, and beaches… The minimum age requirement to access the vehicles is 12. These vehicles are also equipped with GPS trackers and electronic disc brakes. On an average, a tour which lasts for between 2-3 hours, will cost you anywhere between Rs 1500 to Rs 2000…  For further details click here
Details about the duration of the tour, difficulty level, and map that needs to be followed are all mentioned on the website,  click here

Local entrepreneur roots for extra virgin coconut oil

11 Feb: Navhind Times. In 2016 after finishing a training course, Praful Paunikar, Yogesh Paunikar and Aulia Carol set out to visit remote villages in the state where they spoke to elders in the hope of understanding the recipe for traditional Goan extra virgin coconut oil and its benefits. What they found was four traditional methods of making the product. Combining traditional wisdom and modern research findings, they developed a unique formula to make their own version of the oil. To be able to maintain the desired quality, it was critical to get the right type of organic Goan coconuts which for them was a major challenge… the coconut manufactured by them has zero preservatives and is growing in popularity … they have till date catered to and delivered 500 litres or 2,000 bottles to customers within a span of just six months ,,, Many companies tend to market regular coconut oil which is derived from dried coconut as virgin oil which is a deception as extra virgin oil is actually extracted from fresh ripened coconut… The product name, Rootree also had to go through a verification phase that finally included attaining registered trademark…  For further details click here

After 25 yrs, Finnair to stop flying to Goa

12 Feb: Times of India. Goa tourism is set to lose another traditional market next month. Finnair’s move to discontinue its Goa operations from the next season comes after 25 years of flying to the state and will further diminish the number of Scandinavian tourists. It brought two flights a week during season. More than a year ago, Finnair has converted its charter operations into scheduled flights, but a charter operator would book 90 seats per flight to Goa. Chief operating officer at Sita Travel, Ernest Dias, who handled the larger segment of charters to Goa, on Monday said, “Finnair is not coming to Goa from the next season as the charter operator has decided to pull out. Goa is losing out because other destinations are offering better packages.” This is the second setback to the Goan tourism market after 2014-15, when Germany’s Condor, one of the first airlines to start charter operations to the state, discontinued operations citing high cost of operations…  For further details click here


News Summary

Unchained melody: How Luis Dias is bridging social barriers with his music and lyrics

6 Feb: Indian Express. … For any Goan Christian who grows up in Goa, music becomes an integral part of their lives. Add to that the fact that in Dr Dias' hometown, the chapel was a stone throw away. He started very young, when it comes to music, but life had different plans and he shifted to the UK for further studies and started working there… He came back to Goa and started Child's Play Foundation in 2009. The motive was simple, teaching underprivileged children music. "And this year and time is extremely auspicious for me because we complete our ten year anniversary," informs Dr Dias. The project has reached as many as 350 children… "The support comes in from not just Goa, but all parts of the world and is certainly much stronger now," admits Dr Dias, a fact that makes us very happy…  For further details click here
For more about Luis Dias,  click here
10 Feb: Navhind Times. By Luis Dias. I was born in Berlin, have lived a decade in and around London, and have been able to visit so many major cities around the world, but the metropolis that really sets my pulse racing is still Mumbai … click here.

Ghumot to be declared Goa's heritage musical instrument

11 Feb: The Quint. Ghumot, an indigenous earthen drum which was once banned due to the use of monitor lizard skin in its making, will soon be notified as a "heritage instrument of Goa", Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude told reporters here on Monday… Traditionally, ghumot is fashioned as a designed clay pot, with the skin of the monitor lizard stretched taut across the pot's mouth, forming a drumhead… However, recently there has been a rise in interest in the musical instrument after its makers started replacing monitor lizard skin with the skin of a she-goat. A ghumot was presented as a gift from Goa to Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who is of Goan origin, in 2017 by an official delegation from the former Portuguese colony…  For further details click here
Video: The mando... and the ghumot …  click here

Arkia to launch Israel – Goa flight

11 Feb: Globes (Israel). Israeli airline Arkia Airlines Ltd. today announced that it would introduce flights to two destinations in India: Goa and Cochin … Arkia will operate the new flights from September 2019 using recently acquired Airbus 321neoLR airliners. Flights will take seven hours and will take place all year round, except for the summer in Israel, which is the monsoon season in India. The flight to Goa will take off on Tuesdays, while there will be two weekly flights to Cochin… The airliners to be used for the flights to India have 220 seats… Sales of tickets for the flights will begin on March 24. Arkia stated that prices would begin at $250 in each direction to and from Cochin and $300 in each direction to and from Goa…  For further details click here
For the Arkia website,  click here

Dr Raghunath Mashelkar: Goa should change and look into the future

11 Feb: Navhind Times. Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, was recently in the state for a brief visit. Multi-faceted and knowledgeable on many subjects, Dr Mashelkar’s achievements and awards are too many to list. He is a Fellow of Royal Society, London and also the holder of a top corporate award. An inspiring personality, he presently juggles various responsibilities. He says, “I think Goa is a place to do business that is consistent with the verdant landscape of the state. We cannot do anything that is environmentally polluting because we have to keep up the image of green Goa… Dr Raghunath Mashelkar was in Goa to attend a meeting of the forthcoming Vibrant Goa Summit. He is the chairman of the advisory committee of Vibrant Goa, a responsibility that he is fulfilling with characteristic enthusiasm and sincerity… 1115 words.  For further details click here

Portugal: Mário Cordeiro: "It's not worth going armed with supermen because we're not"

10 Feb: Jornal i. Mário Cordeiro. the paediatrician has a new book about what stress is doing to families and how to be calmer … I thank my parents and grandparents for teaching me frugality… At one point my father was the only professor of paediatrics in the country… We had a good life and I will not deny it but we had what we needed, no more than we needed. He was a highly Spartan, had come alone from Goa at the age of fourteen, to the house of a Jesuit uncle, very rigid, strict and demanding… 7850 words.  For further details click here
Publico (Portugal). Pages 18 – 23. Dr Mario Cordeiro: Portugal’s most trusted paediatrician. Mario Cordeiro says, “Of my four grandparents, three were Goans. My father was a well-known internationally paediatrician… My father was extremely shy. And my grandfather too. He was a fascinating man, I wrote a book about him. He died when I was eight years old. He came in the early twentieth century to Portugal. His name was Júlio Gonçalves.  click here
Júlio Gonçalves: From Goa to Lisbon By Mario Cordeiro … click here.

No end for Goa’s public transport woes

11 Feb: Times of India. … Here the state has spent $100 million on a spectacular third bridge across the Mandovi, but not a single mention of public transport. The city of Panaji gets more congested by the day, but instead of implementing the kind of smart transit ideas being pursued by Ahmedabad and Pune, the plan is to install pointless 460 “closed-circuit cameras” at the cost of over $40 million. All those problems that could easily be tackled with better public transport? Get used to them. They’re only going to get worse. 674 words.  For further details click here

Ely singers to feature in festival in Goa

11 Feb: Ely Standard (Cambridge, UK). Ely’s award-winning boys’ acappella group – the King’s Barbers – are being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to sing in the south-western Indian state. Music lovers from across the globe are expected to attend the Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival at Unesco Heritage City in Old Goa later this month. Peter North, founder and director of King’s Barbers, said: “The King’s Barbers sing everything from timeless classics to contemporary acappella songs… This visit to India is an amazing opportunity for the boys to meet musicians from other cultures, to sing with them and to immerse themselves in the Indian way of life.” The King’s Barbers are starring in the festival and will also perform at two schools and a children’s hostel during their time there.  For further details click here

Otter, Monkey and Bat Islands—a rendezvous with the best-kept secrets of Goa

10 Feb: Times of India – Travel. The wild side of Goa is not defined by only beaches and nightlife. In fact, there are some secret spots that still remain unexplored, or say are secret. It is also an interesting fact that as more than 50 percent of Goa is blanketed by forest, the existence of rich wildlife cannot be ignored. Also, being one of the major hubs for tourism in the South Asian country, Goa offers a bountiful of seaside activities and sea creatures, which serve as a real treat for the body, mind and soul. So, if you are slightly interested in exploring Goa’s other side, or say peep into the secrets of Goa, these three islands are must-visits: Otter Island … Monkey Island … Bat Island … 755 words.  For further details click here



Death: Moira Dorriane Carrasco

23 Jan. 2019: Sutton, Surrey, UK. MOIRA CARRASCO Born 17-09-1938. Devoted wife of Gilbert Carrasco (ex Uganda), beloved mother of Harriet and loving grandmother to Mia. A service will be held Friday 22nd February 2019 at Randall's Park Crematorium, Randalls Road, Leatherhead KT22 0AG followed by light refreshments at Woodland's Park Hotel, Woodlands Lane, Stoke D'Abernon, Oxshott, Cobham KT11 3QB. Tributes and donations are welcome via and entering Moira Carrasco. Condolences can be sent to

News Summary

Portugal: Marta Dias and Carlos Barreto Xavier invite Ana Laíns to "Bandida" on International Women's Day

8 Feb: Descla (Portugal). The Forum Luísa Todi welcomes rages, pains, sweetness and contradictions in a voice that joins fado, and jazz, the clutch of the mestizo stamp to affirm the womanhood. Bandida, by Marta Dias and Carlos Barreto Xavier, invites Ana Laíns, Yuri Daniel and Ruca Rebordão to celebrate the eternal feminine through rebel songs made in Portuguese to sing with tenderness and daring. Marta Dias combines urban, contemporary and telluric elements, knowledge and wisdom, well thought intuitions and sensuality, in balance with contention… Carlos Barreto Xavier was born in Goa, India. Composer, keyboardist and music producer, has a vast work published and develops intense artistic …  For further details click here
Video: Marta Dias & Carlos Barreto Xavier - Canção da Bandida …  click here
Wikipedia: Born in Lisbon , Marta Dias’ father is from São Tomé and Príncipe, the grandfather of Goa and mother is Portuguese click here.

Goan Fadista wins Portuguese hearts

10 Feb: One of Goa’s rising stars, Nadia Rebelo is set to take her journey with music to a scale higher. Nadia speaks about this and shares her recent experiences in Portugal including performing the Fado on the programme “Agora Nós” for the RTP channel. Sitting at a restaurant, the guests are seen shifting in their seats, trying to get a glimpse of the singer. They say one of the simplest and strongest compliments an artiste can receive, is when they perform in front of an audience, who don’t know anything about them, but are left mesmerised with their performance. Like this show, it is quite common for the audience to be impressed with this young Goan singer’s vocal ability and range. Not only has Nadia Rebelo, captivated audiences across the state in the past, be it at a concert, a competition or a cover video on YouTube that goes viral, she recently left quite an impression in Portugal… she even performed the Fado on the programme "Agora Nós" for the RTP channel. 1228 words.  For further details click here
For the Nadia Rebelo website with bio, videos, photos and more,  click here

Kerala nuns’ transfers on hold

10 Feb: The Telegraph. Five nuns of a Kerala convent who had led a public protest against a rape-accused bishop have been allowed to stay back after Bishop Agnelo Gracias, the acting head of their Jalandhar-based congregation put their transfer orders on hold till the case is over… Sister Anupama, one of the five nuns ordered to leave the convent said, “With the blessings of the Lord and everyone’s support, Bishop Agnelo Gracias has written to us allowing us to stay at Kuravilangad convent until the case is over.” Gracias, auxiliary bishop emeritus of Mumbai, holds temporary charge of the Jalandhar-based Missionaries of Jesus Congregation the nuns belong to…  For further details click here
9 Feb: New York Times. Nun’s Rape Case Against Bishop Shakes a Catholic Bastion in India … 2233 words.  click here
19 Feb: The Independent (UK). Indian nun who accused bishop of raping her 13 times says church tried to silence her … click here.

India strives to double air exports including fish and perishables

10 Feb: Turkey Sea News. India's Union Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu says the government is implementing measures to double in a few years exports that are currently valued at US$321 billion. His comments come ahead of the 2020 targeted completion date of the Mopa greenfield airport… He said the policy focuses on five key elements, namely agriculture, horticulture, plantation, fisheries and meat. 'All these are going to be exported. From the current $30 billion, we want to take it to $100 billion. Fisheries can create several lakh jobs in the country,' he added… 'Vegetables, fruits, cashew, fish can be exported from Goa. For that, we have already created a marine export development agency,' he added.  For further details click here

Moulding Goa into an eco-friendly paradise

10 Feb: Herald. Eco Champions for Goa is a social activation platform established six months ago to connect people who are building a sustainable eco system in Goa. One such example, is Ecoposro, Goa’s first zero waste store, who have succeeded in bringing a change in the trend of grocery shopping. Café takes a deeper look at the Eco Champions success and how the Ecoposro initiative by Jonah Fernandes and Eldridge Lobo inspired many… Over the last few months, Eco Champions of Goa has featured inspiring people, one of them being Goa’s first Zero waste store- Ecoposro… ‘Posro’ is a Konkani word denoting ‘a small local shop’… they obtain the raw materials bringing them to the shop in gunny bags, jute sacks and reusable tin containers and delivering them to the customers… 668 words.  For further details click here
Video: Point.Less. EcoPosro: Goa's First Zero Waste Store …  click here

Rosie Harding and Peter Fernandes: Down to Earth

10 Feb: Deccan Chronicle. Australian-Indian couple Rosie Harding and Peter Fernandes, who run a verdant homestead in what is emerging as Goa’s hippest village, Assagao, aspire to make ‘growing your own food’ the norm in homes across the country. The bucolic charm of their humble stead is similar to the quotidian, self-reliant goenkar home that traditionally grows its own food and poultry. Rosie and Peter’s garden of abundance produces a thicket of 250 different species and varieties of fruits, vegetables, perennial crops, calorie crops and herbs under the impartial Goan sun…  For further details click here
Video: Peter Fernandes and Rosie Harding,  click here
10 Feb: Hindustan Times. Meet the people growing food forests in their backyards … click here.

Holiday to Goa

10 Feb: The Sun (UK). Explore Goa with nine nights' B&B at the 3H Santana Beach Resort, from £673pp, including return flights from Heathrow on March 12. See

Kosambi: The Sanskrit and Pali Scholar

10 Feb: Sri Lanka Guardian. One of the greatest intellectuals of India, Acharya Dharmananda Damodar Kosambi (9th October 1876 – 24th June 1947) was a Buddhist, Pali and Sanskrit scholar. The youngest of seven children, Dharmananda Damodar Kosambi was born in Sankhval (or Sancoale) village in the Indian city of Goa in 1876 to Damodar and Anandibai… Kosambi was convinced that Buddha’s philosophy would help him attain fulfilment… In 1901, Kosambi was contacted by Dr James Wood of Harvard University, whom he had met in Mumbai two years earlier. As a renowned scholar of languages, Kosambi also studied Russian and travelled in 1929 to the USSR to teach Pali at Leningrad University… Following the philosophy of Jainism, Kosambi committed to fasting unto death through sallekhana or voluntary fasting. After 30 days of fasting, he passed away on 24th June 1947…  For further details click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Kosambi,  click here

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