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News Summary

Casa de Goa in Portugal to report their concerns to CM Manohar Parrikar

25 Jun: Times of India. Concerned about the future of Goa, president of the Lisbon-based association, Casa de Goa, Edgar Valles (phoo) will be presenting the report of the recently held conference on 'Sustainable development in Goa in the 21st century' to chief minister Manohar Parrikar. Papers were presented on various issues plaguing the state, including the people's struggle to save Goa's environment from destruction, uprooting of trees, destruction of mangroves, flattening of sand dunes, filling up of khazan lands and preservation of Goan identity… The conference was one of the first initiatives of the association to reach out to the state and was inaugurated by Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Costa…  For further details click here

From Socorro, Goan expats set to take local fests abroad

25 Jun: Times of India. The community-based festivals organized in Socorro, Bardez, with no chief guest, sponsors, plastic, prizes or alcohol has caught the imagination of leaders of the Goan community abroad who were stunned to witness a successful celebration of Sao Joao themed as the 'Ponsachem Fest' (Feast of Jackfruits) held in the village on Saturday. Community leaders from Goan associations in Australia, Canada and Dubai and Kuwait who were present at Socorro, said that they liked the idea and decided to try to have the same in their respective countries… “We are thinking of the future and it is important to share with them the skills and recipes to keep our traditions going," said Marius Fernandes (photo), festival organizer…  For further details click here

A fight to eliminate addiction in Goa

25 Jun: Navhind Times. It is not uncommon to catch a youth between ages 15 and 25 consuming drugs. While some are introduced to drugs at parties, others experiment out of sheer curiosity and get trapped into the deadly world of addiction. Many organisations have joined hands to fight against the demand and supply of drugs in the state. June 26 is the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, NT Network digs deeper into the drug scene in Goa and suggests ways to help people come out of the messy world of addiction … 2410 words.  For further details click here

A guide for raising kids in the West

25 Jun: MidDay. What is it like to raise two Indian kids in the West? Two years ago, former Mumbai journalist Vinati Sukhdev, now settled in London, first began asking this question to herself. With two grown-up daughters, it seemed like a defining point in Sukhdev's life to look back at how difficult parenting had been. Her new book East or West: An NRI Mother's Manual On How To Bring Up Desi Children Overseas (Westland) was born out of these ruminations. The book that deals with a range of NRI problems, including food, peer pressure, racism, marrying foreigners, explores how parents who were born Indian, deal with their NRI children on whom 'Indianness' is thrust…  For further details click here
The book released on 27 Jun 2017. To order a copy (Rs 187) from Amazon,  click here

The Body part snatchers

24 Jun: Winnipeg Free Press (Canada). St. Francis Xavier’s toe. In the 16th century, St. Francis Xavier was a famed Roman Catholic missionary celebrated for his evangelist work in India … History and legend say that, in 1554, 14 months after his death, the disinterred body of St. Francis, supposedly in a perfect state of preservation, arrived in Goa, India, where the corpse was put on display for veneration… a Portuguese woman, Dona Isabel Carom, is said to have bitten off the small toe from the right foot in an offbeat bid to preserve it as a personal relic… Chimes in the website of Time magazine: "Allegedly, the toe gushed blood, and she was caught when people followed the grisly trail to her home. Today, St. Francis Xavier’s toe is on display in a silver reliquary in a cathedral in Goa." In 2009, according to the Times of India, the legendary toe — now in the possession of the family of the Count of Nova Goa — was put on public display in Lisbon, Portugal. Other parts of St. Francis Xavier, who was canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622, are also on display. The body is in a church in Goa, while his right forearm was detached and sent to Rome, and a diamond-encrusted fingernail is supposedly on display in a village in Goa. You might say that’s him all over…  click here

Shedding its past poor image, pork slowly gaining popularity in India

23 Jun: Economic Times. About a year back, Eknath Chakurkar, a principal scientist at the Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute in Goa, which is part of the Indian Council for Agricultural Research, released a paper advocating a pork revolution in India. Dr Chakurkar noted the rising demand for processed pork products like sausages and bacon, and also how raising pigs neatly supplemented other agricultural activities: "A major advantage of pig farming is that they can be fed on fibrous low-quality agro byproducts and material that are not suitable for human consumption." … the pig which has always had a marginal, even rather shunned status in Indian culture, might be becoming more acceptable…  For further details click here

Forthcoming Auctions: Veritas, Lisbon, 27 June: 7 Goan antiquess

Lot 286 Child Jesus Saviour of the World (photo) Ivory Indo-Portuguese sculpture Child Jesus Estimate: 20,000 - 30,000 EUR. Lot 291 Image: A lying Child Jesus Ivory Indo-Portuguese sculpture representing lying Child Jesus Late 17th, early 18th century (small defects and restorations... Estimate: 5,000 - 8,000 EUR. Lot 292: Our Lady of the Conception Ivory Indo-Portuguese sculpture Estimate: 1,000 - 1,500 EUR. Lot 293 Our Lady of the Conception Ivory Indo-Portuguese sculpture with traces of polychromy Our Lady Estimate: 1,000 - 1,500 EUR. Lot 294 Our Lady with the Child Estimate: 220 - 300 EUR. Lot 295 Image: Our Lady of the Conception Ivory Estimate: 1,000 - 1,500 EUR. Lot 298: Christ Ivory Indo-Portuguese sculpture representing crucified Christ Ebony cross. Estimate: 6,000 - 8,000  click here



Death: Edwin D'Souza

23 Jun: EDWIN FRANCIS D'SOUZA. Born: 13.01.1964. Nairobi – Goa – Kuwait. Husband of Mita D'Souza. Father of Lawrence & Jayden D'Souza. Brother of Merlyn Sirur (Corlim) and Oswald D'Souza (Siolim). Funeral details to follow.  For further details click here

News Summary

Canada: People in Goa mark Saint Jean-Baptiste Day with traditional well-jumping

23 Jun: CBC News (Montreal). With numerous celebrations planned for the province's Fête nationale on June 24, something Quebecers are yet to incorporate into their annual celebrations is well-jumping. This is just one of the many festivities that the state of Goa in India has preserved for over 150 years as it joins Quebec in celebrating Saint Jean-Baptiste Day or, as it is known in Goa, the feast of Sao Joao… "We have Hindus and Muslims partaking in this event as well as foreigners that come to Goa," Blanche Da Costa, President of the Quebec Goan Association … The festivities of Sao Joao usually include youths of the village going from door-to-door in the procession, collecting fruits and a bottle of feni—a strong homemade cashew liquor. Their heads are embellished with kopels or crowns that are made with fresh flowers, fruits, and palm leaves… Blanche and her husband Antonio Da Costa and musician Kninoshka Ribeiro (photo) offered All in a Weekend's listeners a medley of songs popular during the Sao Joao feast … 703 words.  For further details click here
Audio: Listen to a traditional song of a Sao Joao feast … 1m. 01s.  click here

Marsha Pinto: The power of quiet

24 Jun: The Goan. By Christine Machado. In a world which favours the loud and outspoken, New York based Marsha Pinto, 21, who is of Goan origin and runs the organisation Softest Voices, urges people to give the quiet ones a chance… "In North America, schools have a participation grade whereby students are judged by how many times they speak up in class. Those who speak up more get higher grades," explains Marsha, adding that her teachers would lower her grades because she didn't participate enough… Motivated by her own experience, Marsha was moved to help other introverts like her and thus founded the organisation Softest Voices to amplify the quiet voices that often go unheard and also to dispel the misconception that being quiet is a negative … 960 words.  For further details click here
15 May 2014. Goan Voice. Marsha Pinto: Marsha is the daughter of Otilia and Melvyn, is based in Markham, Toronto and was born in Panjim, Goa…  click here

Portuguese PM treats Modi with special Gujarati veg lunch

Video: 24 Jun: Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who has his origin in Goa, today sprang a surprise for Narendra Modi when he hosted a special Gujarati vegetarian lunch for him that included dishes like 'Aakhu Saak' and 'Mango Shrikhand'… The other items on the menu included 'Saag Kofta', 'Rajma aur Makai', 'Tarkha Daal', 'Kesar Rice', 'Parantha', 'Rotli', 'Papad', and Gulab Jamun and other sweets. Modi is the first Indian prime minister in Portugal for a bilateral visit…  For further details click here
Video: 24 Jun: PM Modi In Lisbon at the Joint Press Statement with PM of Portugal António Costa in Portugal … 27m. 56s.  click here
24 Jun: Deccan Herald. Modi presents OCI card to Portugal's Indian-origin PM Costa … click here.

Designer Wendell Rodricks and partner to convert their Goa home to a museum of culture and love

24 Jun: Hindustan Times. … The house is a grand old house with a story of its own… They would spend 23 years in the house … Then, early this year, the couple moved out… The Moda Goa museum is not just a project. It is the culmination of an enduring partnership that began as a blind date...and has stood the test of time… Casa Bonne Aubaine, Colvale, Goa, is the new home where Wendell and Jerome have moved to make way for the Moda Goa Museum … Wendell is completely carried away by the dream of the Museum… 1605 words.  For further details click here

Video: Mapusa municipal chairperson says difficult to keep track of how vegetables are cleaned

23 Jun: Goa 365. Mapusa Municipal Council will install CCTV cameras in the town’s market to keep a watch on illegalities allegedly carried out by the vendors. The move follows a WhatsApp video that went viral showing a migrant vegetable vendor allegedly washing coriander stalks in sewage water at a nearby drain. He then took the coriander to the vegetable market for sale. 1m, 27s.  For further details click here

The Wrong Kind of Cricket Test

24 Jun: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. Back in 1990, the nativist British politician Norman Tebbit, suggested that sections of the UK's population were insufficiently patriotic. He pointed out that the India, Pakistan and West Indies cricket teams were enthusiastically supported by migrants from those countries, even when they played England. He believed this demonstrated disloyalty, which could be potentially dangerous, saying that a large proportion of Britain's Asian population fail to pass the cricket test…. When Pakistan proceeded to thrash India in the recent tournament final, the police in India arrested 19 people for celebrating the results, levelling the astonishing charge of sedition (which carries the penalty of life imprisonment)… It has been obvious for some time that India's internal dialogue has become thoroughly addled by farcical notions about nationalism… Would-be Indian Tebbits should get the message. Cricket provides no loyalty test. 762 words.  For further details click here

Portugal: Monte Horeb restaurant has reopened and now serves Goan and Russian food

23 Jun: Gazeta Caldas (Portugal). It is on a cliff in Nadadouro (near the place where the Manor of Peace worked) that reopened doors the restaurant Monte Horeb. Those responsible are Narana [ex President Casa de Goa, Lisbon] and Smitá Coissoró (photo0, father and daughter who reopened this establishment that ran between 2003 and 2009. The menu contains Goan, Russian and Portuguese dishes …  For further details click here
For the English version of the restaurant website,  click here


News Summary

Mombasa Born Joe Gonsalves was a ‘Superb Athlete and Soccer Star’

23 Jun: Coastweek (Mombasa). Joe Gonsalves was a brilliant young soccer player and exceptional athlete in Mombasa at a time when the Kenya coastal capital was blessed with some of the greatest Goan sporting heroes of our time, writes Cyprian Fernandes … He would have played in the English Premier League, or at least had a shot at it, after soccer coach Ray Batchelor arranged for Joe to trial with a premier club. However, being the only boy in the family, his father asked Joe to put his family first and put an end to the idea of going to the UK. Two great English players, Sir Stanley Mathews and Len Shackleton were very impressed with Joe after conducting various soccer clinics in Mombasa… 1729 words.  click here
For the Joe Gonsalves death notice,  click here

Beef Ban is a purely a political move says Goans

23 Jun: Times of India. … Last week the cherubic Sadhvi Saraswati drew national headlines for declaring, "I would recommend the government of India that those who consider it as a status symbol to eat the meat of one's own mother should be hanged in public…” At some point in the future, there's little doubt India's hastily enacted "cow protection" laws will be removed as unconstitutional. In the meanwhile, they threaten to reduce many parts of the country to lawlessness. And perhaps even more damagingly, the current round of frantic cow politics also exposes emerging India to immense international ridicule…  For further details click here

Collectors to start inviting claims over dual citizenship

23 Jun: Times of India. The long wait to resolve doubts about dual nationality has come to an end as the district collectors have decided to invite claims and objections from those who have acquired Portuguese nationality or registered their births in Portugal. Sources said claims and objections have to be filed within three months. People who want to file cases against those who have acquired Portuguese nationality but haven't disclosed the same can also approach the collectors, sources said…  For further details click here

Fernão Lopes: The greatest survival story of all time

24 Jun: The Spectator (UK). By Sara Wheeler. The Other Exile: The Remarkable Story of Fernão Lopes, the Island of St Helena and a Paradise Lost A.R. Azzam. Icon, pp.340, £14.99. This is the story of a 16th-century Portuguese knight and mariner who survived alone on a lump of volcanic rock in the South Atlantic for 26 years. The island was St Helena, and Fernão Lopes is the ‘other exile’ of the book’s title, in contrast to Napoleon, who pitched up 300 years later. But Lopes’s lonely sojourn was self-imposed… Under the command of Afonso de Albuquerque, Lopes marched through the gates of Goa … Then, mirabile dictu, Lopes walked for eight days to the neighbouring sultanate of Bijapur and converted to Islam … Albuquerque ordered his henchmen to chop off Lopes’s nose, ears, right hand and left thumb. In 1516 our mutilated hero received a royal pardon and jumped ship at St Helena … 813 words.  For further details click here

Goa gears up for Sao Joao festivities

23 Jun: India Today. With the onset of monsoon, Goa is getting ready to celebrate its rain festival Sao Joao tomorrow during which people take a dip in water bodies, especially wells, as a symbol of baptism and cleansing. The festival is dedicated to Catholic saint John de Baptist. Various activities are planned across the state with the main attraction being a float parade at Siolim which attracts thousands of locals and tourists… Scoring on the festivities, Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has hosted various festivities on the cruise ship Santa Monica…  For further details click here

Mumbai to get Goa-style beach shacks?

20 Jun: Conde Nast Traveller. The beaches of Mumbai could look like some of those in Goa, with shacks, showers and seafood. Or that’s what Maharashtra’s tourism authorities would like us to believe. The state is planning to replicate Goa’s famous beach-shack culture, hoping tourists will bite… These shacks will likely serve seafood and soft drinks, though there’s no guarantee that alcohol will be on the menu. In addition, the shacks will have basic amenities such as showers, toilets, changing rooms, beach-safety equipment and first-aid kits…  For further details click here

Auction: Goan Cabinet

25 Jun: Lots Road Auctions, London SW10. Lot 720: Goan Cabinet. Antique rustic Provincial teak with two bent ironwork panelled doors and open panelled sides, 182cm H x 99cm W x 46cm D.Auctioneer's estimate: 350 GBP - 450 GBP  For further details click here



Death: Assis Lopes

5 Jun. Toronto. INACIO ANTONIO FRANCISCO DE ASSIS LOPES. Aged 95. Ex Chinchinim, Goa and Nairobi. Assis was the beloved husband of Hipolita, dear father to Melvyn/Cidalia and Ernestina, loving grandpa to Christian, Julian, Ariana. Rafael and Mateo. He was the son of the late Ten. Pedro Antonio Lopes and late Catarina Almeida and brother to the late Dr. Carlos Manuel/late Aspulqueta, late Fr. Paulino Lopes. Antonieta / late Dr. lnacio Jose da Silva, late Mira / late Antonio Jose Caldeira and uncle to numerous nephews and nieces. He died peacefully after a full and well lived life of 95 years. He will be missed by all. There will be a Eucharistic celebration for the soul of our beloved Assis on Saturday, June 24" at Our Lady of Hope Church, Chinchinim at 8.00 a.m, offered by his family.

Death: Alwyn Pinto

19 Jun: Middlesbrough, UK. ALWYN W. M. PINTO. Aged 78 years, passed away peacefully. He is survived by his wife Dr. Tara Pinto, children Jasmine & Dr Ashwin Pinto, and grandchildren. Funeral services will be held on Friday, June 23rd, 2017 at 3:45pm in Middlesbrough

News Summary

Goan Chaplaincy Day 2017

Sat 22 Jul. Goan Chaplaincy Day 2017. The Concelebrated Thanksgiving Holy Mass will commence at 1pm on Saturday 22nd July 2017 at St Anselm’s Church, Southall UB2 4BE. Fr. Lucas as Main Celebrant. Dine and Dance to follow at 3pm at the Villiers High School Hall, Southall UB1 3BT. Scintillating Music from String Along and Chico. Tickets: Adults £12, Children 5 to 12 years £6. Contact: Fr Patrick: 07424 427698 / Josephine Fernandes (North London): 07957 148406 / Nina Pinto: 020 8767 0663 / Debbie Fernandes (Cranford): 07896 007011 / Joe Fernandes: 07764 659305 / Wilson Fernandes (Southall): 07417 434187 / Jennifer Da Silva: 07712273024 / John Rodrigues (Hounslow): 07723 486707 / Wembley – Mary Xavier: 07440025962 / Charles Dias: 07809 552654. For the flyer with full details, click here.

Sadhvi Saraswati: “Goans must understand they live in Hindustan and not Portugal, I stand by my statements on hanging beef eaters”

22 Jun: IndiaScribes. Sadhvi Saraswati President of the Sanatan Dharma Prachar Seva Samiti added fuel to the fire raging in Goa over her comments on eating beef by saying she firmly stands by her comments and views on the issue. The Sadhvi also said her organisation is insisting on the Goa government to “ban” beef in the state. Speaking to, the Sadhvi said: “I firmly stand by my comments made in my speech. Cow slaughter is banned in India and the cow is a revered, holy animal. Cow is our mother. How can anyone even think of killing and eating your own mother. Goans must understand that they live in Hindustan and not Portugal. They must respect the sentiments of the majority of Indian Hindus… I reiterate that beef eaters and those who support cow slaughter must be hanged to death …”  For further details click here

Canada: Racist rant signifies nothing

22 Jun: Toronto Star. Max Desouza of Toronto write, “Are we blowing this incident out of proportion? Is the social media gone berserk, where even a private conversation between a patient’s mother and a hospital staff member makes news? I am not condoning the lady’s remarks, but looking at the broader picture of our world today, which is ravaged by violence and hatred, Canada stands out as an oasis of peace and cultural harmony. Multiculturalism is alive and well, despite some hiccups along the way, and, together with our health-care system, is the envy of the world”.  click here
21 Jun: Toronto Star. Mississauga woman’s demand for English-speaking doctor spoke volumes: Paradkar. While the woman’s demand for a “white doctor” has got the most attention, it’s her insistence on one who speaks English — in a clinic where everybody clearly speaks it — that is interesting. By Shree Paradkar, Columnist … The woman captured on a video that was viewed thousands of times on Tuesday, making obnoxious demands in a Mississauga clinic, also has her stereotypes mixed up… Video 4m. 12s.  click here
Incorrect link to Max Desouza removed

Video: Portuguese minister snubs EU hardliners & calls for GOOD Brexit deal despite 'weak' May

22 Jun: Daily Express. Portugal’s Foreign Minister has snubbed the EU’s hardline Europhiles as he insisted the UK could reach a “balanced” agreement with the bloc despite Theresa May’s “weakened” position. Augusto Santos Silva expressed his sympathies with Theresa May’s shock result with his own administration forming a minority government. Appearing on the BBC’s Newsnight, he then said he was “confident” a fair deal would be reached with the EU and the UK’s interests being “convergent”… The comments also come after Chancellor Philip Hammond appeared to tone down the UK’s Brexit demands this week. He denied Britain wanted to "shut down" immigration, vowed to respect EU customs union rules for a period after Brexit and rejected calls for a hard border…  For further details click here
22 Jun: Newsweek. Why Did Brexit Happen? Hatred Of Immigrants Drove British Vote, Study Says …  click here

Enjoy traditional Portuguese fare at this Mumbai eatery

22 Jun: MidDay (Mumbai). By Joanna Lobo. Inspired by the revelry around Porto's patron saint, São João's feast, a SoBo eatery will host a food fest that celebrates Goa's popular poee and traditional Portuguese fare … dishes such as Salada De Presunto Com Figos (Rs 290), Torrandas de Camarao (Rs 290), prawn toasts, Fofos (Rs 190), Madeiran Poncha, Portuguese Mule, Chorizo Poee (Rs 190), Camarao de Caldinha (Rs 330), and Caldeirada (Rs390)… We end the meal with Bebinca and Dodol (both Rs 160) … 717 words.  For further details click here

Brits’ favourite holiday destination for 2017 revealed

22 Jun: Daily Star (UK). Forget sunny Spain, us Brits are venturing much further afield this summer… When it comes to European destinations, Cyprus has seen a 16.3% increase in visitors from the UK … Phuket in Thailand is officially Brits’ favourite holiday spot this summer … Mauritius followed as a close second, followed by Goa in India, the Maldives and Bali…  For further details click here

Forthcoming Events

Sun 25 Jun: Benaulim Association UK invites you to celebrate the feast of their Patron St John the Baptist at Woodside High School Hall, White Hart Lane, Wood Green N22. Holy Mass will start promptly at 12.30pm, followed by dancing to the sounds of 'SHADES' Tickets which include delicious snacks and a meal costs £10 for members and £12 for guests. Children 6 TO 15 years £5 and FREE for 5 and under. Please book early to avoid any disappointment. For further details and tickets please call Jack on 0208 903 9017, Mary 0208 803 9752, Filu 020 7625 4728 Josephine 0208 352 8355/07957148406. For the flyer, click here.

UK: Sat. 1 Jul: Aldona Association (London) would like to invite you to celebrate our 41st Feast of Saint Thomas at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Holy Mass starting promptly at 3pm, followed by Social with 'Live' Music from 'HARMONICS'. Tickets (include Snacks & Meal): Members £13, Guests £15, Children (6-11 years) £6, Children (Under 5) Free. For further details, please contact: Vanessa Fernandes - 07743 689251; Ristell Fernandes - 07859 293780; Julia Pinto - 07834 990737; Michelle DeSouza - 07713 449906; Gary Coutinho - 07958 435147 or Lourenco Fernandes - 07886 904253. For the flyer, click here.

Sat 22 Jul. Goan Chaplaincy Day 2017. The Concelebrated Thanksgiving Holy Mass will commence at 1pm on Saturday 22nd July 2017 at St Anselm’s Church, Southall UB2 4BE. Fr. Lucas as Main Celebrant. Dine and Dance to follow at 3pm at the Villiers High School Hall, Southall UB1 3BT. Scintillating Music from String Along and Chico. Tickets: Adults £12, Children 5 to 12 years £6. Contact: Fr Patrick: 07424 427698 / Josephine Fernandes (North London): 07957 148406 / Nina Pinto: 020 8767 0663 / Debbie Fernandes (Cranford): 07896 007011 / Joe Fernandes: 07764 659305 / Wilson Fernandes (Southall): 07417 434187 / Jennifer Da Silva: 07712273024 / John Rodrigues (Hounslow): 07723 486707 / Wembley – Mary Xavier: 07440025962 / Charles Dias: 07809 552654. For the flyer with full details, click here.

Sun. 23 Jul: From 2pm. Tivim Association 40th Anniversary Celebrations at St Boniface Church, Hallmitcham Road London SW17 9PG. Band; Treble Makers. Licensed Bar; Mervs Mobile Bar. Catering; Shirleys Kitchen. For Tickets and Enquiries please contact Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 8771 4457; Helen De Souza 020 8304 5585; Ingrid De Souza 020 8905 3872; Roland De Souza 020 7485 7878; Fiona Lobo 020 8656 3317; Elu Pires 020 8654 1281. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 6 Aug: G.O.A. Annual Festival. VENUE: Cranford Community College, High Street, Cranford, Hounslow, TW5 9PD. Commencing with Holy Mass at 11.00 a.m. followed by an open air festival of music, entertainment and dance. Details from Ravi Vaz on 07909 927539 / Juliette DeMenezes-D'Costa on 07958 537314 / Bosco Saldanha on 0208 684 4474 or email For the flyer with additional details, click here.

For Later Events See


News Summary

UK Event Highlight

Sun. 6 Aug: G.O.A. Annual Festival. VENUE: Cranford Community College, High Street, Cranford, Hounslow, TW5 9PD. Commencing with Holy Mass at 11.00 a.m. followed by an open air festival of music, entertainment and dance. Details from Ravi Vaz on 07909 927539 / Juliette DeMenezes-D'Costa on 07958 537314 / Bosco Saldanha on 0208 684 4474 or email For the flyer with additional details,  For further details click here

New UK visa bill to hit Goans, EU citizens

21 Jun: Hindustan Times. The Theresa May government on Wednesday unveiled plans for a new immigration bill that will end unrestricted entry of EU citizens after Brexit, which will also affect Goans with Portuguese passports, though no cut-off date was mentioned. Details of the bill were announced after the Queen’s Speech that marked the state opening of the new Parliament after the June 8 election. Free movement of citizens within the 28-member European Union was part of the obligation of being a member of the grouping. Large-scale immigration from within the EU – particularly after 2004 – was one of the key drivers for the June 2016 referendum vote to leave the bloc. There remains much uncertainty over the continued stay of EU citizens – including thousands of Goans – in the UK as well as British citizens in EU countries… 420 words.  click here
21 Jun: Daily Mail (UK). Brexit laws will END free movement … A landmark new law ending the free movement of people will come into force after Brexit in proposals unveiled in the Queen's Speech… The Bill will allow ministers to tear up EU laws which allow free movement and introduce tougher measures which will subject nationals from the bloc to the same migration checks as people from elsewhere in the world. Announcing it, the Queen said: ‘A Bill will be introduced to repeal the European Communities Act and provide certainty for individuals and businesses. ‘This will be complimented by legislation to ensure that the United Kingdom makes a success of Brexit, establishing new policies on immigration, international sanctions, nuclear safeguards, agriculture and fisheries.’ …  click here

Goa Government plans special zones for late night parties

21 Jun: Herald. With opposition to late night parties from local residents, the State government has proposed special zones to hold late night music festivals where people will not be affected. “ The State government has proposed to identify special zones for conduct of late night music festivals which will not inconvenience the locals and such festivals are proposed to be held upholding all rules and laws of the land,” Tourism Minister Manohar Azgaonkar said. While Azgaonkar had recently indicated the desire to bring back electronic dance music festivals to Goa, his ministerial colleague, Water Resources Minister Vinod Palyekar had demanded a complete ban on such parties. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had thereafter reiterated on the ban on parties after 10 pm…  click here

Latest, low-cost technologies making India medical tourism hub: Experts

21 Jun: Business Standard. Latest medical technologies in Indian hospitals at a lower cost is majorly contributing towards the country emerging as the premier medical tourism hub of the world, said health experts on Wednesday. They said that treatment provided in India from accredited facilities at par with any developed country in the world but at a much cheaper cost, thus making giving medical tourism a competitive advantage over others. According to experts, the digitisation in the health industry will also make the flow of foreign patients easier in the upcoming time…  For further details click here

Urak: A Drink for Goa’s Hot Summer Nights and Torrential Rains

20 Jun: Roads & Kingdom (New York). By Sonia Filinto. It was hot and humid. The monsoon season was still a few weeks away; just the right weather for downing a few pegs of urak. Feni might be the more famous Goan brew, distilled from the cashew apple, but urak—the fruit’s first distillate—is the drink of choice for Goans in the summer months. Urak is distilled only from March to May, the cashew fruit-bearing season. It also has a short shelf life of four to five months. It has a fruity and mildly pungent aroma and flavor; it’s certainly an acquired taste. But it’s light and refreshing, and the cashew apple season coincides with the weather heating up, so it’s like the stars align to give Goans a drink to beat the heat. One hot summer evening, a friend plugged in to the local bar scene suggested Joseph Bar (photo). It’s an old hole-in-the-wall tavern in Fontainhas, the Latin Quarter in Goa’s capital, Panaji. Space is restricted, with patrons spilling into the narrow lane outside. The urak is excellent, so no one complains…  For further details click here
For the Linkedin profile of Sonia Filinto,  click here

Goa set to target Europe in shift in tourism policy

21 Jun: Times of India. Tourism minister Manohar 'Babu' Azgaonkar said that Goa's marketing strategy will be changed to boost tourist arrivals from traditional European markets. Tourism stakeholders also feel that it's high time Goa tourism overhaul its marketing techniques to make the destination more competitive. The just-concluded charter tourist season ended on a happy note with a rise in charter arrivals.. Except for the UK, Russia, Ukraine and Finland, Goa did not receive charters from other European destinations such as Germany or any other Scandinavian countries … While UK has shown signs of growth during the last two seasons, similar improvement is not seen in other markets of Europe…  For further details click here
21 Jun: Times of India. After three years, German charters likely to revisit Goa …  click here


DOCUMENTARY: It Was Alright in the 1970's. more4 (Freeview 14). Sat. 24th June. 22:00 to 23:00. Narrator Matt Lucas looks back once more at the 1970s. The theme this time is Living Dangerously when it was still perfectly legal for a husband to beat his wife, and a parent or teacher to beat a child. Meanwhile, mainstream comedians were perfectly comfortable making jokes about domestic violence.

TRAVEL: Great Canal Journeys. Channel 4. Sun. 25th June. 20:00 to 21:00. India (Part 2 of 2). In this episode, Tim West and Prunella Scales leave behind the safe confines of the canals as they head out into the rarely navigated Brahmaputra river in the far north east of India. They follow an old route from the tea trade; meet a community of monks; and hitch a ride on an elephant.

DOCUMENTARY: Dispatches. Channel 4. Mon. 26th June. 20:00 to 20:30. Brexit - How to Get a British Passport. A year on from the referendum the Brexit talks are just starting. Top of the agenda will be the status of three million Europeans living here. Many of them and their children were born in the UK or have lived here most of their lives. You may have thought that being born here would immediately guarantee them a British passport, but that's not the case. For Dispatches, Datshiane Navanayagam investigates just how hard it can be to get a British passport and the real impact that the lack of a passport has on many people's lives. Navanayagam reveals that there are already 120,000 children and young people born or raised in the UK who think that they are British but will not automatically gain citizenship. She reveals some of the huge costs involved in applying for citizenship, examines how the Home Office assesses claims and asks whether Brexit will make the situation worse.

DRAMA: Broken. BBC 1. Tues. 27th June. 21:00 to 22:00. Drama series starring Sean Bean as a Catholic priest presiding over a large parish in northern England. Interacting with his parishioners, through a series of unfortunate events, he has to consider what impact his spiritual workings has on them. Series 1 episode 5. DRAMA: Broken. BBC 1. Tues. 27th June. 21:00 to 22:00. Drama series starring Sean Bean as a Catholic priest presiding over a large parish in northern England. Interacting with his parishioners, through a series of unfortunate events, he has to consider what impact his spiritual workings has on them. Series 1 episode 5. Previous issues available for a month on bbc i-player:

NATURE: Tweet of the Day. BBC Radio 4. Wed. 28th June. 05:58 to 06:00. Conversational voices of those who listen to and are inspired by birds. Ring-Necked Parakeet: London chef and restaurant owner Cyrus Todiwala recalls a once familiar sound to him in India, now heard near his London home, the ring-necked parakeet.


News Summary

Patricia J Pereira-Sethi: Seven statesmen

8 June 2017. Viva Goa magazine. Former Newsweek United Nations Bureau Chief, Patricia Pereira Sethi, looks back at the 7 most interesting world leaders she interviewed during her career … “The number of exclusive interviews in my repertoire totalled more than 45 heads of state during my career, a record number for any journalist” … The seven featured interviews are: 1: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, President, Bangladesh, My first interview with a head of state … When he and his family were slaughtered in cold blood I was extremely disturbed… 2: Fidel Castro, President, Cuba. He had refused to talk to the press for more than five years so I moved like a player on a chessboard, making contact with the Cuban ambassador to the UN, the Cuban emissary in Washington, the vice president and the foreign minister, other Latin ambassadors and leaders and his sister-in-law … 3: Indira Gandhi, Prime minister, India who treated me with great cordiality from the first moment we met … 4: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Prime minister, Pakistan … The Pakistanis are specialists in public relations! … 5: General Augusto Pinochet, President, Chile who truly believed he was God’s knight in shining armour! … 6: Pham Van Dong, Prime minister, Vietnam, a hardened dyed-in-the-wool Communist, but the gentility and elasticity he displayed during our meeting belied his hard-line doctrinal tendencies… 7: Babrak Karmal, President, Afghanistan who I bullied into permitting me to visit the troubled Panjshir region, a major coup in journalism because it was the first time an outsider was allowed into an Afghan battle zone … 3516 words.  For further details click here
Video: Media 2014: Women Rising? Sagarika Ghose & Priya Ramani in conversation with Patricia J Pereira-Sethi …  click here

Rugby: Davinia Monteiro: Women in Sport Week

19 Jun: Harlequins. To celebrate Women in Sport Week we are taking a closer look at some of the stars of Women’s rugby as Harlequins get set to compete in the upcoming women’s competition which commences in September. First up, members of the front five which features several experienced internationals alongside some up and coming talents… Davinia Monteiro – Hooker. One of the most experienced members of the squad, Davinia's rugby career began playing at Sutton and Epsom RFC at five years old. Next season will be her tenth in the top flight, and her 20th playing season overall. During her England U20s days, she was part of the undefeated side that won the Nations Cup in both 2008 and 2009. She has played 7s for various invitational sides, including the English Universities 7s and the Nomad Barbarians…  click here
Davinia Monteiro is the first player of Goan origin to don the England rugby colours … Her parents, Colin and Delfina [ex Nairobi] are self-employed in the health care industry …

Portuguese Passports: Route consulate’s document checks via Ministry of External Affairs: Government

20 Jun: Times of India. The state government has recommended that all documents submitted to the state registrar's office for verification by consulates be routed through the ministry of external affairs, New Delhi, in keeping with the protocol followed by all foreign countries… The Portuguese consulate used to send birth, death and marriage certificates of Portuguese visa applicants to the office of the state registrar for verification. "The home department (foreigners and citizenship division) has opined that the civil registrar offices should not directly entertain requests from the Portuguese consulate. Instead, the request should be routed through the ministry of external affairs," undersecretary Anju Kerkar responded to the office of the state registrar on June 2… For now, all sub registrars have been directed to submit requests from the Portuguese consulate to the office of the state registrar, who will be forwarding it to the state law department.  For further details click here

Portuguese harassed Goans, show no mercy to them: Goa Minister

20 Jun: The Goan. PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar (photo) on Sunday said the Portuguese harassed Goans so much that no mercy should be showed to them. The minister was speaking during Revolution day programme at Kranti Maidan Ponda. “Portuguese ruled here from 1510 to 1961. During this period, they harassed Goans so much and we should not show mercy to them,” Dhavalikar said  For further details click here

Food truck operators split time in Detroit and Goa

19 Jun: The Detroit News. Matt Daniels and his partner Meghna Shrivastava, spend tourist season cooking in Goa and monsoon season serving up sandwiches in Detroit. Daniels, 38 and Shrivastava, 27, have been slinging sandwiches for two summers now from their Nu Deli food truck in downtown’s Campus Martius Park from April to October when they can’t operate their restaurant, Verandah, in Goa … He and Shrivastava met through mutual friends … Through sheer happenstance, while looking for empty locations in Goa in August, they met a French couple moving back to France looking to sell their fully equipped kitchen and restaurant… Within a day and a half, they purchased the restaurant and that November, they opened Verandah. Surrounded by trees on a hillside, Verandah features a restaurant, a level for hammocks, and Daniels and Shrivastava’s home on top… 1106 words  For further details click here
The Verandah restaurant is in Mandrem, Goa. For the Facebook page,  click here

National Archives of Portugal hands over 'Lisbon to Goa' Correspondence to India

20 Jun: New Indian Express. A unique collection of documents consisting of direct correspondence from Lisbon to Goa and which is an important primary source for the study of the Portuguese expansion in Asia and their trade rivalries with the Arabs have become part of National Archives of India. This has become possible as National Archives of Portugal has handed over to its Indian counterpart digital copies of 62 volumes of the collection known as ‘Moncoes do Reino’ (Monsoon correspondence)… These volumes were originally part of over 456 volumes that cover the period from 1568 to 1914 and form the largest of all record collections in the Goa State Archives… 395 words.  For further details click here

Indian government: pregnant women should shun meat, eggs and lustful thoughts of sex

20 Jun: The Guardian (UK). India’s government is advising pregnant women to avoid all meat, eggs and lustful thoughts. Doctors say the advice is preposterous, and even dangerous, considering India’s already poor record with maternal health. Women are often the last to eat or receive health care in traditionally patriarchal Indian households… The government booklet, titled Mother and Child Care, smacked of religious dogma and ignored widely accepted medical evidence that pregnant women benefit from eating protein-rich meats and can safely engage in sex, doctors said…  For further details click here
19 Jun: BBC. Dried lizard penis being sold online as India tantric root. A joint investigative team from the UK and India say they have uncovered an "international fraud" where dried monitor lizard penises are being passed off as tantric plant roots…  click here

Weekly Weather & Exchange Rates
21 Jun: : Goa Met.. Weather: Max = 32.2. Min = 23.2. Humidity: 92%. Rainfall: 26.4mm
For the Meteorological Office (UK) Five day forecast for Goa, click here.
Exchange rates (Xcom): £ = 81.54; $ = 64.63; $Can = 48.73; Euro = 71.94; $Aus= 48.97.



Death: Cardinal Ivan Dias

19 Jun: Rome. CARDINAL IVAN DIAS, Born April 14, 1936, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, and Archbishop Emeritus of Bombay.
Wikipedia: Ivan Dias was born in Bandra, a suburb of Bombay, to Carlo Nazaro Dias (d. 1953) and Maria Martins Dias (d. 1991), both Goans. Cardinal Ivan Dias' ancestral village is Velsao in Salcete, Goa …  For further details click here

News Summary

Hard Brexit Tory Group Choose Suella Fernandes As New Leader

19 Jun: Huffington Post (UK). Tory MP Suella Fernandes has taken over as the unofficial head of a group of Brexit-backing MPs with the power to take down the Prime Minister. The Fareham MP is now chairperson of the European Research Group [ERG] after her predecessor Steve Baker was made a minister in the Brexit Department. Fernandes, an ally of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, will now be responsible for organising the more than 80 MPs which make up the ERG – who plot their tactics via a WhatsApp group… The group supports the Government’s current position on Brexit - namely that the UK should leave the Single Market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice… In an interview with HuffPost UK shortly after she was elected, Fernandes raised concerns about the scale of immigration to Britain … Fernandes is the daughter of immigrants, with her father coming to the UK from Kenya in the 1960s and her mother migrating to the UK from Mauritius to work as a nurse in the NHS... 729 words.  click here

Brother of murdered teen Scarlett Keeling 'took fatal overdose after years of blaming himself' for her death

19 June: Daily Mirror (UK). A mum has claimed her son took a fatal overdose after failing to come to terms with his sister's murder in India nine years before… The 28-year-old was found dead after taking an overdose of morphine … In a statement, psychiatric nurse Susie Theobald told the inquest Halloran had been deeply affected by the death of his sister. She said: "He had a significant life event trauma when his sister was sexually assaulted and murdered in 2008." His mum said: "He was very close to Scarlett. He couldn't have done anything and was not to blame at all, but he didn't accept that… She said she was still involved in an ongoing battle to get justice for her daughter. Placido Carvalho, 49, and Samson D'Souza, 37 were charged with killing Scarlett but acquitted in 2016… A hearing to decide on whether to allow the evidence to be heard again started on Monday on the same day of the inquest. Ms MacKeown added: "I don't have faith in the justice system because they have never done a full investigation." 979 words.  For further details click here

Cassandra Mascarenhas of Ontario is one of the University of Maine field hockey signees

16 Jun: Bangor Daily News (USA). A trio of Maine natives will join Cassandra Mascarenhas of Ontario in Orono on Coach Josette Babineau’s field hockey squad… Mascarenhas comes to UMaine via Loyola Catholic High School, GOA Reds Field Hockey Club, Mississauga Field Hockey Club and Team Ontario. Mascarenhas captained the Reds team from 2014-17 and Mississauga from 2010-14. She got the high school team at Loyola off the ground in 2013 and earned MVP honors as a junior and a senior. Mascarenhas also claimed Provincial gold medals in the U16 and U18 ranks and was MVP of the Ontario Winter Games in 2012..,.  For further details click here

Dr Oscar Rebello: Kalzantlyan: What's your beef ???

19 Jun: Goa News. By Dr Oscar Rebello (photo). I'll try to now navigate through the latest assault on our Goan sensibilities BEEF!! … if a cow is holy to a Hindu, it is holy. We can't question the belief of a Hindu. But when a Hindu vigilante lynches a Muslim cattle trader we must intervene loudly… Any form of bigotry by any organised religion and specifically religious heads must be well-taken-head on. No compromise… I strongly believe that a robust democracy and fearless, unbiased institutions of justice and a fiercely independent Press, however flawed, are the best antidotes to religious and race bigotry … From cow vigilantism to idiotic censorship rules... from the hounding of the opposition to the crawling of the media... the writing on the wall is clear… We owe it to our kids to stem the slide. 1091 words  For further details click here

Oiling the wheels: Goa pushes to reform its much-reviled taxi services

19 Jun: Scroll. By Pamela D’Mello. Ever since an online campaign called the Taxi Revolution in Goa launched its Facebook page in April, it has been flooded with demands for the state’s inefficient cab service to be regulated. As visitors to the state well know, taxis in Goa are plagued by arbitrary rates. Customers have to pay return fare even if they take a one-way journey… The Taxi Revolution is among the various groups that has been urging the government to allow app-based taxi services such as Uber and Ola to operate in the state – a move that the powerful taxi unions have blocked so far. In 2014, they even went on strike to protest a proposal to license app-based cabs… Indiscriminate granting of permits each year has led to oversaturation, with more drivers chasing fewer tourists… 1216 words.  For further details click here

Threatened elsewhere, birds enjoy Goan hospitality

19 Jun: Times of India. While many bird species may have been listed in the threatened category due to their global population dynamics and other parameters of endangerment, Goa's rich avifauna often boasts of good populations of these species in its habitats. "Most of these threatened bird species can be found in good numbers in Goa," said Pronoy Baidya, vice president, Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN). Intensive bird surveys, especially in wildlife sanctuaries and well frequented wetlands by state birders in the past five years, have helped gather a wealth of data on birds… 528 words.  For further details click here

Return flights from Berlin to Goa for 394€ (£346)

19 Jun: Cheap Flights Lab. We’ve found cheap return flights from Berlin to Goa (India) for 394€ (442USD – 346GBP)! Search for your travel dates in September – October 2017. Here are some example dates for you: Sep 4 – 17; Sep 11 – 18; Sep 17 – 25 [Flying Brussels Airlines and Jet Airways]  For further details click here

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