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News Summary

‘If someone dies abroad, there’s no help –that’s wrong!’ Danielle McLaughlin’s mother

24 Apr: Extra (Ireland). Danielle McLaughlin’s mother has spoken out about the treatment of bereaved families in Ireland… She said that she hasn’t received a cent from the State to help with her case… Hoping to travel to India to confront her daughter’s suspected killer if he is found guilty, she wrote to the Irish government for help. She received a response that there was no funds available … she was frustrated that she has to raise all the funds herself to fight for her daughter… Ms Brannigan said they managed to get enough money together to pay a lawyer at the trial. However, they still need to pay him a daily rate and must raise more funds to ensure that Danielle’s voice is heart in the courtroom in India … ‘There is a lot of stress on me. If I have no money, I’ll have no lawyer, and I need a lawyer…  click here
25 Apr: Herald. MacLaughlin case: Court bars media from publishing witnesses' names … Judge II Sayonara Teles Laad said that the witnesses are being threatened … Hence, she directed the journalists not to mention names of the witnesses or report what evidence they depose in the court… The next hearing is on May 3 …  click here
24 Apr: Irish Post. Irishman hits out at claims wife died by suicide in India … click here.

Advertisement: Experienced restaurant and retail staff required

We are currently looking for enthusiastic Waiters, Waitresses and retail staff to join our organic food cafes and shops in the UK with very good working conditions alongside a group of cosmopolitan staff. You will have worked in either food, restaurant, café or hotel environments before and enjoy delivering great customer service. Good rates of pay and career progression. An EU Passport is required. Please contact Robert at Daylesford for more information on
For the Daylesford website visit

India's death penalty for rapists of young girls could push them to kill

24 Apr: The Guardian. On Saturday India’s government approved the death penalty for convicted rapists of girls under the age of 12, amid a groundswell of public outrage following the gang-rape and murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl … However, the hastily issued executive order is facing criticism from activists and politicians, who say the death penalty, usually meted out for severe crimes in India, will not be a deterrent to child rapists without an overhaul of the criminal justice system… According to the National Crime Records Bureau data from 2016, in 94.6% of cases, the perpetrator is known to the victim – usually a brother, father or someone from the family’s social circle. Reporting rape in India’s patriarchal family structure is often fraught with victim shaming and further alienation. Child rights activists fear the introduction of the death penalty will make families more likely to cover up sexual crimes, and that rapists might kill their victims to avoid detection…  For further details click here
24 Apr: Human Rights Watch. India: Reject Ordinance on Death Penalty for Rape …  click here
Video: 23 Apr. itv (UK). Young girls forced to learn self defence as number of India rape cases continue to rise … click here.

Goa’s disaster management is a disaster

24 Apr: The Goan. More than five months after the Government promised to review its disaster preparedness and draft a new set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the wake of the storm surges that damaged shacks and other infrastructure on the beach, very little has moved on that front with the Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte saying the tender for a company to draw up the plans would be issued soon. The Revenue Department, the offices of the two district collectors is responsible for the preparing disaster management plans for the two districts. The high energy surges and swell waves that have seen water levels rise along the coastline has rekindled the debate over Goa’s preparedness to face any eventuality especially if disaster comes from the sea …  click here

Discover why Goa is the new favourite destination for entrepreneurs at the Goa Startup and Innovation Day

24 Apr: Your Story. The Government of Goa is organising the Goa Startup and Innovation Day on April 27 and 28, 2018 at Goa. The event will see over 100 people from the industry coming together. You can look forward to significant keynotes, gripping fireside chats, lively panel sessions, and insightful mentor hours through the day… Since this is an invite-only event, do register here for your invite… The government also plans to set up state-of-the-art, fully equipped, plug-and-play innovation and incubation centres, which would translate to a minimum of 2 lakh sq. ft of additional office space for the startups and lead to further job creation and generation. “We want to create a startup culture where the youth become job givers, and not job seekers,” said Rohan Khaunte, Goa’s Minister for Revenue, IT and Labour & Employment… Link includes Rohan Khaunte video …  For further details click here

Street food major causes of illness in India: Goa minister

24 Apr: CanIndia News (Canada). Street food is a major cause for sickness in India, Goa’s Urban Development Minister Francis D’Souza said on Tuesday, promising a crackdown on illegally operating street food carts in urban areas. “Street food is a cause of major illnesses and that is causing a problem all over the world. It is not only (in) India. (In) India it is more so because we are totally dependent on street food,” he said…  For further details click here
24 Apr: Asian Voice (UK). Three quarters of UK Asians unaware ethnic background increases their risk of stroke …  click here

Why Goans Love To Invite Misery

23 Apr: Navhind Times. Once again, greed for fast money has brought misery to an unknown number of Goans in the scam masterminded by Sydney Lemos who was recently jailed for proven economic offences in Dubai. Goans in Dubai and in Goa, lured by Lemos to increase their income incredibly within the shortest possible time, became victims of his trap. It is a pity Goans refuse to learn a lesson... It is time Goans stopped investing in schemes that offer higher returns in the shortest possible time. They should know that it is beyond the capacity of anyone who is doing ethical business to give the 100 or 200 per cent returns on any investment in a few years…  For further details click here

Kicking cop of Sanguem, gives friend of drowning victim the “boot”

25 Apr: Herald. The video of PSI Sudin Redkar allegedly using abusive language and kicking a youth, which went viral on social media, has evoked mixed reactions from the people with some demanding the cop’s suspension. As soon as the locals learnt that a youth got drowned in the Selaulim waters on Monday, they immediately rushed to the site and informed the police and fire brigade personnel. In the meantime, a team of the police officials led by PSI Redkar reached the site and using abusive language and kicked a youth…  For further details click here
For the video clip,  click here


News Summary

Where have all the young men of Goa gone?

24 Apr: Herald. Believe it or not, the urge to acquire a Portuguese passport and earn in British Pounds has not just taken Goans to London in search of work but has left villages bereft of males, with mostly girls shouldering the man’s responsibility. This stark reality came to light when residents of Merces approached the organisers of a 3-day fete to inform them to cancel competitions which were to be organised during the church fete scheduled from April 26… A villager who has three sons working in London said, “It is a frightful scenario but with my sons working aboard they are in a position to repair our ancestral house. When they were in Goa they were just loitering around but at least by going abroad they have improved themselves.” …  click here

Goan Overseas Association of Toronto Closes the Market

23 Apr: Business Insider. Board Members and Executives of the Goan Overseas Association (G.O.A.) of Toronto, joined Selwyn Collaco, Chief Data Officer, TMX Group and President, G.O.A. Toronto, to close the market to celebrate 48 years as an organization. Established in 1970, G.O.A. Toronto is a non-profit organization that actively maintains its mandate to service the community through charitable, social, cultural, athletic, and educational activities…  For further details click here
Video: Goan Overseas Association of Toronto closes Toronto Stock Exchange, April 20, 2018 … 0m.30s.  click here

Finally, Bismarque Dias to be laid to rest

24 Apr: The Goan. The Family of Fr Bismarque has announced that they will proceed with his burial, even as they have vowed to continue to find answers to the unanswered questions regarding his death. In a statement to the media, Mario Dias, the brother of Bismarque said that in view of the fact that the High Court ordered two-member panel of doctors (that included one recommended by the family) decided that except for a radiology test, no further testing on the body can be done (given the condition of the body because of the time that has elapsed). “We shall proceed (with the burial) as soon as we receive the radiology and other medical test reports (not yet provided to us but we are informed that it has been done). We may lay his earthly remains to rest but our fight for justice continues,” Dias said…  For further details click here
Editorial: 24 Apr: Herald. To his land he will return, to the land Bismarque died for …  click here
Video: 24 Apr: Goa 365. Fr Bismarque will finally be buried; Is there more truth to come out? … click here.

History of Attacks on Christians by the Right Wing in India

23 Apr: News Click. BJP MP Bharat Singh claimed on Saturday that Christian missionaries are a threat to the unity and integrity of the country. “ …missionaries are a threat to the unity of the country,” Singh said while addressing the reporters in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh … Let us take a look at how BJP and its affiliates have treated the Christians in the past…  For further details click here
22 Apr: Herald. Christian missionaries a threat to unity of the country: BJP’s Ballia MP …  click here

“President's Rule & Elections Imminent in Goa”

21 Apr: Goa News. By Prabhakar Timble (photo). After the unofficial and unsanctioned exit of Manohar Parrikar from the chair of the chief minister of Goa State, it’s a subject of debate whether the current dispensation of a three-ministerial conglomerate as a replacement for the chief ministerial rights, powers, privileges and duties is constitutionally tenable. The second is the enigma surrounding the elusive hospitalization of the chief minister in USA with not a single medical bulletin providing valid and tangible information for over sixty days. There was a hullabaloo from BJP political brigade of the right to privacy of an individual when the first ripples of sickness of the chief minister brushed the people of Goa. But, right to privacy is not the right to hide from public vital information of public men. The BJP has disregarded this due to the shortcomings in working out alternatives and the current power equations engulfing the present alliance architecture.  For further details click here

Church exhorts laity to fight for Goa’s identity

23 Apr: The Goan. The civil society and the church in Goa are pulling out all the stops to garner support against government’s recent controversial decisions on revival of the RP-2021 and bringing villages under the PDA. On Sunday, announcements were made in churches and chapels across Bardez urging parishioners to participate in the Margao meeting on Friday in large numbers to “protest and protect Goa and its identity”. “Our politicians do whatever they want. Have we given them the right to bring back the RP-2021? People had raised several questions against RP-2021 and that is why it was kept in abeyance,” said Mapusa Parish Priest, Fr Dennis Fernandes. Urging the parishioners to participate at the Lohia Maidan meeting on Friday, he said it was a fight to protect Goa for future generations.  For further details click here
Video: 23 Apr: Prudent Media. Goan Churches have now backed opposition to PDA and Regional Plan 2021… However, PWD minister Sudin Dhavlikar said that PDA and RP-2021 are important for state development and agitation is justified if there is anything wrong…  click here

Int’l body to help animal husbandry dept start Plans on for stray dog sterilisation drive in state

23 Apr: Times of India. The department of animal husbandry and veterinary services has been approached by Worldwide Veterinary Service — the sister concern of Mission Rabies — to start a stray dog sterilisation drive for the state, sources said. This comes after Mission Rabies’ three-year long efforts have brought them closer to achieving their target of rabies-free Goa this year. However, the challenge now is to maintain the same rabies-free standard for years from now, prompting the Worldwide Veterinary Service to step in...  For further details click here

Viewpoint: The pitfalls of India's biometric ID scheme

23 Apr: BBC. More than a billion Indians now have the biometric-based 12-digit personal identification number called Aadhaar, which means foundation in Hindi. What started as a voluntary programme to tackle benefit fraud has now grown into the world's most ambitious, and controversial, digital identity programme… If Aadhaar is such a wonderful technology platform, why are the most technologically advanced countries not scrambling to adopt it or similar structures for their people? In many of the other highly-developed societies in Europe and North America using single number identity systems for everything is simply not a good idea… In the case of Aadhaar, we have seen no adoption of traditional security measures well regarded in the industry to fix exploits, bugs or vulnerabilities… India's Supreme Court is currently hearing a batch of petitions challenging Aadhaar… 1021 words.  For further details click here


News Summary

The sausage empire strikes back

22 Apr: The Sunday Telegraph (UK). By Keith Miller. On holiday in Goa recently, we were delighted to learn that they have sausages there… we came home resolved to keep the sights, sounds and flavours of that enchanting place at least faintly aglow in our senses … back at home, we didn't know a really good Goan restaurant. Eventually the internet led us to Olde Goa on the long main drag in Norbury … It shares its premises and website with owner Savio Azaredo's principal business, Naked Spice, which sells Goan ingredients to wholesale and retail clients. Azaredo's busy peripatetic life - he also does pop-ups and cookery demonstrations around the UK - means the restaurant keeps irregular hours, and you're advised to call first… Azaredo himself, who runs the restaurant either solo or along with his wife and mother-in-law, was on hand for food briefings… Our dinner was absolutely everything we'd been hoping for and more. I can't wait to go back… Azaredo an immensely charming and capable man … 1042 words.  For further details click here
For the Olde Goa website,  click here

Richard Zimler on the Inquisition in Goa

22 Apr: Visăo Online (Portugal). Born in 1956 in New York, Richard Zimler has lived in Porto since 1990 … He wrote about Goa in the ‘Guardian of the Dawn’ in 2006 … The Inquisition was exported to Goa. It began in 1560, on the initiative of St. Francis Xavier … His perspective was that many converted Hindus and some Jews were still practicing the traditional religion. It was probably the hardest Inquisition. First, because of the prison conditions, which were deplorable. Second, and this is my theory, because there was no tradition in the East to convert people… when the Hindus were converted to Christianity, I do not believe they understood what that meant. They could believe in Jesus Christ, but they also believed in Ganesha and reincarnation. But the Inquisition did not allow this possibility. When people think of Goa, they think of a fabulous, rich, exotic colony with spices, gold, fabrics ... Just as there are sick people who deny the existence of the Holocaust, there are sick people in Goa who deny the existence of the Inquisition. They do not admit that there were tens of thousands of Hindus converted by force and tortured, hundreds burned alive ... It is a very black story … 2473 words. For a machine translation,  click here
For the Portuguese original,  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Richard Zimler, click here.

How Indian diaspora has turned into Modi's security blanket

22 Apr: Daily O. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the sixteenth prime minister of India, since 2014 has a security blanket called the Indian diaspora. This blanket has been a few years in the making… In the catchy sounding "Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath" at Westminster's Central Hall in London, UK, with thousands of protesters outside, and a captivated echo chamber of a few hundred inside, a prime minister who has not held a single press conference in his four-year-old tenure, held forth with all his trademark bombast and melodrama, answering scripted inoffensive, non-confrontational questions … When was the last time the PM was subjected to some real grilling in front of non partisan journalists? … But beyond the bovine adulation of the gushing NRI and the cosy echo chamber that dulls the growing protests back home, other voices are slowly coming to the fore that should remind us that all is not well… 1459 words.  click here

In Goa, with 322 cases in last 4 years and 7 rapes per month, conviction rate is just hardly 1.86%

23 Apr: Herald. With 322 rapes registered in the last four years, what has come as a shocker is that the conviction rate in Goa has been a paltry 1.86 per cent in the same period. The cases pending trials is more than half which stand at 55.2 per cent. There have been acquittals in 11.8 per cent cases and 20 per cent cases are still under investigation… Many opine that poor investigations by police and lack of evidence and witnesses turning hostile are the reasons for the above percentile…  For further details click here

From the archive: on the hippy trail

22 Apr: The Observer (UK). The Observer Magazine travelled to India in August 1971 to chart the rise of the hippy trail, which had grown from a few inquisitive stragglers to a fully fledged community of 5,000 largely bearded members… What do these long-haired wastrels do all day? ‘The hippies in Goa sleep, cook, talk (mainly about who sent hash), listen to music, read, swim, make love, roam around and visit friends. The climax of the day is the communal smoking of marijuana, a ritual which starts in the evening and goes on late at night, so that most of the colony members get up late in the day.’ …  For further details click here

It’s looking up for women’s football in Goa

23 Apr: Times of India. Women’s football in Goa is gaining due importance in the state ever since the Goa Football Association (GFA) introduced the Women’s Football League this season. For years, the young girls didn’t have a platform to showcase their talent and Goa hardly produced internationals. But things are slowly changing and lately, in a move to support and promote women’s football, the Goa Sevens Premier League (GSPL) announced the Sevens Women’s Festival from April 28 to May 17 to be held at the Ambelim Sports Complex. It will be held simultaneously with the second edition of the men’s league…  For further details click here

Refreshing Niro to Heady Feni

22 Apr: Times of India. Hot summer days call for cooling drinks. In Goa, people have been beating the heat with the refreshing, non-alcoholic drink called niro or nira. This simple, unassuming drink is nothing but the last extract of the cashew apple pulp and is a thin clear liquid with none of the acidic properties of the primary extract of the fruit…  For further details click here

Why it's time to discover the hidden gems of Goa

21 Apr: Daily Mail (UK). You've visited the cities of Europe, you've discovered the beaches of Asia but... where to next? Rather than the packages of the past, we're all looking to truly get away from it all on our holidays - and that means avoiding tourist traps as much as the mosquitoes. So, if you're looking for a different adventure in 2018 and are craving local cuisines, stunning scenery and a treasure trove of hidden gems, get yourself to Goa … Here's why it's time to discover the secluded side of India's western sunshine state... Do go chasing waterfalls … Eat like a local … Fall for the ancient caves … Spot dolphins from a secluded beach … Flock to a sanctuary … Epic views worth forting for … Pamper yourself... the natural way …  For further details click here
Video: 21 Apr: Why it's time to discover the hidden gems of gorgeous Goa … 5m. 57s.  click here



Death: Emeciana Mascarenhas
28 Mar: Swindon, UK. EMECIANA MASCARENHAS. Ex Ponda, Goa. Wife of late John Braganca, mother/mother-in-law of Feroz / Vanessa. Fiona / Freddy, Socorro, Aparna / Roger. Grandmother of Skyla, Asher. Kylan. Funeral cortege will leave her residence 23 Apr. at 3.30 PM to St. Anne's Church Ponda for Eucharistic Celebration followed by burial. Photo. click here.

News Summary

Goan Farmers’ Market - For homegrown produce

21 Apr: The Goan. It’s a Sunday afternoon at Daddy’s Home uphill at Fatorda where rows of vehicles parked outside on the narrow, zigzag roads crowd the area. As you make entry through the compound, a heap of organic, homemade compost greets you… As you walk further farmers and vendors with local vegetables and fruits, eggs, tender coconuts, boiled rice, spices, turmeric an chili powder, coconut oil, coconut jaggery, salt, cashew nuts, alsande, vinegar, homemade wine and honey are seen busy marketing their products. Then there are pickles and jams, seeds, green salads and sprouts along with flowers like orchids, various types of plants, seeds, soil and pots. Some decorate their tables with homemade Goan sweets like Bebinca, Pinagra, Dosh and cakes - all mouth-watering delicacies. This is the scene at Goan Farmers’ Market organised at Daddy’s Home on Sunday recently …  For further details click here

India to introduce death penalty for child rapists

21 Apr: The Guardian (UK). India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will introduce the death penalty for rapists of girls under 12 years old, following an outcry over the latest sexual assaults to shock the country. Modi convened an emergency cabinet meeting on Saturday to approve an executive order, or ordinance, that will amend India’s criminal law. The order will also force police to complete rape investigations within two months and extend maximum sentences for the rape of girls under 16 and women. Using the order allows Modi to bypass parliament. It only needs to be signed by the Indian president to take effect. Modi had come under pressure after two high-profile cases where senior officials in his rightwing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) were accused of rape or of trying to prevent police investigations… Modi failed to address either attack for several days, fuelling public anger…  For further details click here
Editorial: 22 Apr: Herald. Let’s save some candles for 322 rape victims in Goa, in the last 4 years …  click here
22 Apr: Navhind Times. 4-month-old infant raped, killed in Indore … click here.

Exential scam: greed for money has landed many Goans in debt

21 Apr: Navhind Times. The greed for money has resulted in many Goans losing their hard-earned money in the $200 million Exential scam, which was unearthed in Dubai leading to Sydney Lemos, a Goan, being sentenced along with his senior accounts specialist, Ryan de Souza, to more than 500 years in prison by a Dubai court. Lemos (37) and de Souza (25) have been convicted of duping thousands of investors in a Ponzi scheme that offered investors 120 per cent annual returns on a minimum investment of $20,000. Many Goans, who have lost their money in the scheme are now facing huge debts and struggling to repay the money they had borrowed…  For further details click here
21 Apr: Navhind Times. Sydney or no Sydney, FC Bardez to continue its journey in Goa …  click here

Goa casinos could be shipped out to airport entertainment zone

21 Apr: Casino Review (UK). A minister in the Indian state of Goa has detailed new plans for the region’s licensed casinos to be based in a demarcated gambling zone near the airport, prompting concerns that operators could be forced to relocate from their current resort sites. In a parliamentary address made at the end of February, public works minister Ramkrishna Dhavalikar set out proposals for opening a special ‘entertainment zone’ in the region, which would be based next to a new airport in the village of Mopa and would host all of the state’s casinos. The under-construction airport is not expected to open until 2020, and it is unclear what the current timescale is for the opening of the new gambling zone – or what deadline the region’s casinos would be given for moving their sites…  For further details click here
21 Apr: The Hindu. Goa onshore casino operators demand licence fee reduction …  click here

Draft coastal development rules draw mixed reactions

21 Apr: Herald. The draft coastal development rules might have brought cheer to beach shack operators, but apprehensions are being raised concerning the protection of the State’s already fragile beaches. … The No Development Buffer zone is reduced to 50 meters from the existing 200 metres of the High Tide Line … Environmentalist and former National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) scientist Antonio Mascarenhas slammed the draft rules terming it a document without scientific validity. “The draft gives blanket permission to the shacks to come closer to the sea. The beaches have anyway got a commercial pinch and the presence of temporary structures has largely affected the frontal dunes. It could prove detrimental to the ecology,” he said speaking to Herald… But, other stakeholders have welcomed it, and that includes some shack operators who have expressed relief over the rules. “It is good for tourism,” said Inacio, a shack operator form Bogmalo…  For further details click here
21 Apr: Times of India. Draft CRZ rules open up coast for economic activity …  click here
22 Apr: The Goan. CRZ draft notification under fire from NGOs and civil society … click here.

Martin's Corner: The little store that became a local legend

21 Apr: IANS. Martin's didn't begin life as the large 280-seater that it now is, occupying the ancestral home of the owners and spreading out as a stylishly designed expansion into what was originally the front yard. It was, as the name suggests, a humble grocery store at the corner of a home in the sleepy village of Betalbatim … The home belonged to Martin Pereira and his wife, Carafina, still heads the kitchen … She opened a little grocery store and, being a keen cook, started serving a few Goan dishes like sausage bread and sorpotel. "There was just one table," remembers Carafina Pereira… Sometime in 1990, Sachin Tendulkar mentioned on a TV programme that Martin's Corner was one of his favourite restaurants anywhere in the world… The trickle of customers that had become a steady flow suddenly became a deluge… 1322 words.  For further details click here
For the Martins Corner website,  click here
Trip Advisor: +2000 reviews, click here.

Curry without the worry: Authentic Goan pork vindaloo

20 Apr: Daily Mail (UK). By Dan Toombs. Vindaloo has taken on many guises in Britain - but this recipe is the real deal. Vivek Kashiwale, head chef at Mint Leaf Of London restaurant in Dubai, showed me this delicious and authentic recipe, and I’m lucky enough to share it with you. I’ve simplified Vivek’s recipe for you here but the results are still out of this world… Cook’s Tip: Many supermarkets sell mixed garlic and ginger paste, but to make your own, peel equal amounts of garlic and ginger and blend with water – or mix equal amounts of garlic and ginger pastes from jars. The Curry Guy: Easy by Dan Toombs is published by Quadrille, £12.99…  For further details click here

Walk Down Memory Lane Fontainhas

21 Apr: Millennium Post. A visit to Panjim's Fontainhas neighbourhood in Goa is like walking into a picture postcard of an old European city. A heritage walk around the charming districts of Fontainhas and Sao Tomé will have you gawking in awe at its beauty. One of India's most relaxed state capitals, Panaji (Panjim), crowds around the peninsula overlooking the broad Mandovi River, where cruise boats and floating casinos ply the waters, and advertising signs cast neon reflections in the night… 1243 words.  click here



Death: Tim Fernandes

13th Apr. Croydon, UK: TIMOTHY ANTHONY FRANCIS FERNANDES. (a retired teacher formerly from Mombasa Kenya and Arpora, Goa), sadly passed away at Croydon University Hospital. He was 89 years old, and was a devoted husband of 57 years to Graciana Fernandes (formerly from Tanzania via Kenya), and beloved father to his two sons, Kevin and Selwyn. Brother of Phila, late Sylvie and late Lin. He was a larger than life character and will be much missed by all his family and friends. His funeral will be in South Croydon on Fri. 11th May 2018. For further details and condolences, please contact Selwyn by email at

Death: Clara Carrasco
15 Apr: Mississauga, Canada. CLARA CARRASCO. Ex Dodoma and ex Dar es Salaam. Wife of Late Victor Carrasco. Loving Mother, Mother-in-law, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, and friend to many who will be greatly missed and remembered in our hearts forever. Visitation Monday, April 23, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 24, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Catholic Cremation Services Chapel (Assumption Cemetery) 6933 Tomken Rd, Mississauga, ON L5T 1N4. Funeral Service Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. Catholic Cremation Services Chapel (Assumption Cemetery) 6933 Tomken Rd, Mississauga, ON L5T 1N4. Interment St. Mary's Port Credit Catholic Cemetery 2099 Dickson Road, Mississauga, Ontario [Info: Claude Fernandes]. Photo. Messages of condolences may be sent to click here.

News Summary

Elena Fernandes is a supermodel, influencer, and philanthropist

20 Apr. The New Nation. She is half Indian and half South American; her father from Goa and mother from Peru. In between shoots and various projects, Elena resides in London where she was born and raised. With successful modelling career, Elena has made her acting debut in Kapoor and Sons released worldwide in March. Elena has featured in the most internationally renowned magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Harpers Bazaar as well as landing huge advertising campaigns with powerhouses Loreal, Adidas and FILA. Elena pursued an education in Law to degree level at Kings College University of London following ambitions to be a solicitor alongside her successful fashion career.  For further details click here
6 May 2015. Goan Voice reporting on Herald article of 5 May: Model Elena Fernandes, originally from Calangute is the daughter of Mervyn [ex Kenya] and Anita Fernandes, Elena is proud of her Goan heritage…  click here
For more photographs of Elena Fernandes, click here.

UK apologises for torn India flag in anti-Modi protests

20 Apr: BBC. The UK has apologised after the Indian flag in London's Parliament Square was torn down amid protests against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit. Hundreds of people gathered on Wednesday outside Downing Street where Mr Modi met his British counterpart Theresa May. The protests seem to have been sparked by two recent incidents of rape in India that outraged the country… "While people have the right to hold peaceful protests, we are disappointed with the action taken by a small minority in Parliament Square," the UK's Foreign Office said in a statement on Thursday…  For further details click here
Video: CNN. Indian Flag Ripped Apart …  click here

Is the caste system deep-rooted among Christians in India? A Kerala bishop stirs up a hornet’s nest

20 Apr: Scroll. A senior priest from Kerala’s Jacobite Syrian Christian Church recently put the spotlight on the fact that some Christians in the state practice the caste system, when he announced that he would henceforth stay away from traditional family gatherings organised by members of the Church. In Kerala, some financially sound Syrian Christian families organise annual family meetings, which are attended by prominent priests. The bishop of Niranam Diocese, Geevarghese Mor Coorilos, said that these meetings were organised to “proclaim the artificially cultivated upper-caste identity and lineage” and he would not like to be part of this tradition any more. On April 9, Mor Coorilos wrote on his Facebook page: “These people believe that their ancestors were Brahmins converted by St Thomas. They even publish family history books during the get-together. Such baseless upper-caste myths have to be busted. I had attended such events in the past, but not anymore.”  click here

Kegs of sunshine

20 Apr: Mint. The beer business in Goa is undergoing a frothy change, with craft brewers defining how the state looks at bottled beer… Perceived to be a predominantly two-brand state till over a decade ago, with Kingfisher and King’s, Goa grew to welcome international labels like the rest of the country… Budweiser and Tuborg became popular choices. One of Goa’s more definitive beer brands, the nearly 30-year-old King’s underwent a transformation three years ago after it was bought over by Viiking Ventures Pvt Ltd. And given a new name, Goa King’s. “My plan in next two years to make it a global brand and hopefully, reach a target of 10 million cases a year by 2020,” says Sachiin Joshi, chairman of Viiking, in a text message… 1704 words.  For further details click here
20 Apr. News That Just Hit The Street Today: Viiking Ventures UK, the distributor Goa Premium Beer, both owned by Indian playboy Sachiin Joshi, has entered voluntary liquidation with debts of more than £1 million…

Francis D’Souza stays off beaches after run-in with peddler

20 Apr: Times of India. Goa’s sun and sand with its pristine beaches has always lured visitors from near and far. But closer home, a chance encounter with a vendor on Calangute beach, who offered him drugs, made senior minister Francis D’Souza stop going to the beaches 15 years ago. “It was 15 years ago that I went to Calangute beach. The moment I stepped on the beach, a vendor approached and asked me: “What do you want? Do you need drugs? Since then, I have stopped visiting the beaches,” D’Souza said.,, D’Souza, who is a five-term MLA and has been the deputy chief minister during the previous term, said the vendor was not a “native” as no local would have dared to approach an elected representative with an offer to sell drugs…  click here

Love may be blind, but it surely sounds sweet

21 Apr: Herald. Competing with the likes of hit songs like ‘Despacito’ is a new catchy number making a big impact on the Goan music scene – ‘Mog Kudd’ddo’ by Kuwait-based Goan singer, composer and producer Friz Love. He is no newbie to the Goan music scene, having already released a number of songs over the years, and a couple of albums as well – including his recent hit, ‘MhakaKiteakPoddla’, which was released in December 2017 and based on the issue of coal mining in Goa. His new song, ‘MogKudd’ddo’, along with the accompanying music video, has already garnered a lot of attention, having hit more than 50,000 views on YouTube, post its recent release on April 7, 2018…  For further details click here
Video: Mog Kudd’ddo …  click here

Explore Goa through art!

20 Apr: Mid Day. There are two kinds of people who visit Goa - the peace and leisure seekers who soak up the solitude that the place offers, and the 'woohoo' gang who could do with drinking and partying at Mambo's every night. If you belong to the former category and wish to add a different touch to your annual summer Goa trip, sign up for Colour Fiesta Goa, a three-day opportunity to explore the sunshine state through art. Curated by Weekend Art Room, which conducts art workshops for those looking for a breather in Mumbai, the event will combine art lessons with a heritage walk and a day on the beach… The trip will also include a heritage sketch crawl in Fontainhas, the old Latin quarter in Panjim, a heritage area dotted with colourful picture-perfect homes…  click here

Final hearing in Scarlett case commences before HC

20 Apr: Times of India. An appeal filed by CBI against the acquittal of two accused in the Scarlett Keeling case came up for final hearing before the high court of Bombay at Goa on Thursday. The British teenager was found dead on Anjuna beach in February 2007… The next hearing is likely to be held next month. During the hearing, CBI’s senior counsel Ejaz Khan assailed the children’s court’s acquittal order that held that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) did not have jurisdiction to register the first information report (FIR) in Mumbai when the crime took place in Goa. Khan produced various documents before the high court to justify that CBI special crime branch can register a second FIR to continue investigation… The children’s court had acquitted Samson D’Souza and Placido Carvalho on September 23, 2017.  For further details click here



Death: Dr. Francis Rodrigues
17 Apr: Mississauga, Canada. DR. FRANCIS MICHAEL RODRIGUES. Ex Pune, India. Passed away peacefully, at Credit Valley Hospital Mississauga at the age of 87. Devoted husband of 53 years to Dr. Jeanette Rodrigues. A loving father to his three daughters, Dr. Callista Phillips (Trevor), Patricia Fernandes (Eustace), Jean Mascarenhas (Joseph). Cherished by his 4 grandchildren; David, Ruth, Annamarie & Sarah. Dear brother of Queenie Carvalho. Visitation will be held at Glen Oaks Funeral Home, 3164 Ninth Line, Oakville (Ninth Line & Dundas St E) on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. A Funeral Mass will take place on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. at St. John of the Cross Catholic Church. If desired, donations may be made, in lieu of flowers, to TREWO - Roofs Seniors Fund or the Palliative Care Unit at Credit Valley Hospital. For photo and condolences link, click here.

News Summary

John Lawrence Nazareth: Young Under the Apple Boughs

19 Apr. JRLJ. J. Lawrence Nazareth, son of famed nationalist lawyer J. M. Nazareth, recounts his early days growing up on Forest Road in Nairobi, Kenya. He writes,' my sole link to the “wood-and-iron” house of my birth --- “wood” because that was the material of its construction and “iron” because its roof was made from corrugated sheets of that metal.' Includes rare family pictures. The entire memoir is also hosted by the Joao Roque Literary Journal where a link has been provided. For full text, 2178 words,  For further details click here

How Jordan de Souza went from suburban Toronto to the Komische Oper Berlin

18 Apr: Globe & Mail (Canada). Jordan de Souza bounces up a steep set of stairs to his office at the Komische Oper Berlin … It’s a long way from de Souza’s home turf of Mississauga, the Toronto suburb where he and his seven siblings were raised by music-loving Indian parents. De Souza, who turns 30 this year, is a ball of manic energy; he walks quickly and speaks with an unbridled enthusiasm for work and life, both of which have integrated in a way many classical artists can only dream of... he (along with his six brothers) attended St. Michael’s Choir School, a semi-private institution in Toronto with a core curriculum balanced between academia and music studies… What little amount of time de Souza has off is spent with his baby daughter, singing lullabies and pouring over future planned works. “I don’t work on music; music works on me,” de Souza says … [The viewing of the full article is only available to Globe Unlimited subscribers]. 1323 words.  For further details click here
Q&A | 58 Questions For Jordan de Souza … “My family comes from a beautiful town in India called Goa”  click here
For the Jordan de Souza website, click here.

Goa Man Who Posted Fake News About Parrikar’s Death, Arrested

19 Apr: IANS. The Goa Police Crime Branch on Wednesday arrested a 35-year-old man of Vasco for posting a fake news in Facebook on Tuesday, which claimed that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is currently being treated for advanced pancreatic cancer in the United States, is no more. The Crime Branch sleuths arrested Kenneth Silveira after interrogating him for several hours on Wednesday, 18 April… Silveira’s post, which was uploaded in Facebook on Tuesday, read: “Just got news that Parrikar is no more”. In subsequent messages on his Facebook wall, Silveira accepted that his message was incorrect after other commentators on his wall informed him of the folly, but he did not delete the fake message from his wall… In February, a journalist running a digital messaging service was barred from entering the precincts of Goa Legislative Assembly soon after he disclosed the severity of Parrikar's ailment.,,  click here
Video: Prudent. Silveira gets 2 days police custody …  click here
20 Apr: Goa News. Today Kenneth; tomorrow, Who? By Dr Oscar Rebello. click here.

Kenya Ex-VP Moody Awori's firm shows it owns Karen land

18 Apr: Daily Nation (Kenya). A company associated with former Vice-President Moody Awori on Tuesday produced evidence in the High Court to prove that it owns a Sh8 billion city farm as the lawyer of a dead widow staking a claim to the land pulled out of the case… The plea to adjourn the case was strongly opposed by lawyer Cecil Miller, representing Muchanga Investments Ltd, — whose shareholders are Mr Awori and the late Horatius Da Gama Rose — saying the case has been pending for more than three years. [His son, Dimitri da Gama Rose is shown in photo] …  For further details click here
Karen Land: Da Gama Rose's links to the rich and mighty …  click here

Simon van der Stel 'not 100% white but not black'

19 Apr: George Herald (South Africa). Prof. JPF Moolman writes: Referring to the report in the George Herald of March 29, under the heading, 'Simon van der Stel called first black Governor of South Africa. Although Simon van der Stel (picture) was not entirely white, he was certainly not black. Simon was the eldest son of Adriaen van der Stel and his wife, Maria Lievens. The latter was the daughter of a ship captain, Hendrik Lievens who was married to Monica da Costa, also known as Monica of Goa. Monica was previously a slave of Indian descent… As far as known, all the governors at the Cape who succeeded Simon van der Stel were white. By thus claiming that Simon was "the first black commander of the Cape", there were other "black" governors at the Cape. It is certainly not true! (See South African Biographical Dictionary Part I, p.852).  For further details click here
Wikipedia: Simon van der Stel was the last Commander and first Governor of the Cape Colony, the Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa… His grandmother was a freed Indian slave woman known as Monica of the Coast of Goa, or Monica da Costa… [She was also known as Maai Monica]  click here
Simon’s son was Willem … “as is frequently the case with persons of mixed blood, the throw-back badness occurred in the third generation… he lacked balance and self-control, and the moral sense seems to have been entirely wanting….. His Oriental ostentation displayed itself … His private life was no less reminiscent of his extraction…..(he) displayed all the characteristics of the “Eastern Potentate”… click here.

Mangoes are ripe with sweet possibility

18 Apr: Toronto Star. Letter by Armand Rodrigues, Toronto. Writer Becky Krystal certainly knows the mango. But sadly, other than Chinese, Phillipino and Indian stores, our larger grocery stores generally carry mangoes that are not seasoned and so are not suitable for ripening and eating. Such mangoes only lend themselves to making pickles and chutneys. The uninitiated would do well to know the difference.  For further details click here
16 Apr: By Becky Krystal. How to prep and enjoy a mango, the sunniest fruit in the grocery store …  click here

New film follows UB40 on tour in India

19 Apr: Birmingham Mail (UK). UB40 are to release a fly-on-the-wall film shot in India – but there's a catch if you want to see it. Called simply 'UB40 in India', the footage follows the band during a four-date tour. It includes the busy streets of Bangalore, the beautiful beaches of Goa and the cities of Pune and Mumbai. But, in a new marketing ploy, the 'Brumdog Millionaires' film is only available to watch through UB40’s PledgeMusic album campaign… Running to 68 minutes and directed by founder Robin Campbell’s son Matt Campbell using an iPhone and DSLR camera, fans are warned the film includes ‘explicit language’… "They played gigs all over three to four thousand capacity and a giant one on the beach in Goa.” … link includes a trailer of the film …  For further details click here
Video: Alroy D’Sa: UB40 Can't Help Falling in Love Goa Live 2017 …  click here

UK Forthcoming Events

SOLD OUT! Sun: 29 Apr. Cortalim Union (UK) celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Feast of St Philip & St James at The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon, CR9 3AS. Mass to start promptly at 12.15pm followed by a social gathering. Music by the dynamic band ‘Outbreak', Fantasy Disco featuring ‘DJ Stephanie’ & Our Very Own ‘Druston’. Catering by 'Bernie’s’. Tickets includes Meal and Snacks. Members - £14.00, Non Members - £15.00 (Age 12+/Adults) until 15th April 2018, thereafter £17.00 for all. Children £8.00 (4 -12 years). BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment due to limited tickets - Tickets will not be sold at the door. SOLD OUT!

Sun. 6th May: SALIGAO ASSOCIATION UK cordially invites you to celebrate our Feast of Mae de Deus, to be held at Stanley Park High School, Damson Way, Carshalton, SM5 4NS. Holy Mass will start promptly at 12 noon, followed by a social gathering with great music by "Nite-Life", catering by "Bernie’s" and fully licenced bar run by "Mervins" Tickets (to include a plate of snacks and meal): Adult Members £14, Adult Guests £15, Children (11-15 years) £11, (2-10 years) £6.00. For tickets, please complete the attached Application Form and send to: For more details you can contact: Claire D'Souza at or Erris Fernandes at We look forward to celebrating our feast with you and request you to BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. For the flyer and application form, click here

Sun: 20 May: Margao Union UK invites you to celebrate Feast Of The Holy Spirit at The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy Mitcham Road Croydon, CR9 3AS. Holy Mass at 1245pm followed by dancing to the sound of Stringalong by Inacio. Tickets (Tickets include Snack, meal and dessert) Before 30 April: Adult: £12.00 Children(5 -14): £8. Thereafter all Tickets: £15.00. Contact Bella: 0208 372 1253 or 07949 233307; email: Xavy: 0208 803 5146 or 07507 950455 Rosalind: 0208 767 8652 Camilo: 0208 801 3637 Lucas: 0795 714 8406. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 17 Jun: Siolim Union (London) invites you to celebrate their 38th Anniversary of the Feast of St Anthony of Padua to be held at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Mass at 12 noon prompt, followed by dancing to the fabulous music of 'MAZ & CO'. Tickets: Members £14, Guests £15 include snacks and a Goan meal. Children under 12 years free admission. Licensed Bar available. Dress - Formal (strictly no jeans or trainers). No table reservations allowed. The Managing Committee reserve the right of admission. For tickets please contact: Tony Fernandes 020 85403566, Eugene Fernandes 020 86654773, Loretta Fernandes 020 83309307 or Wendy Fernandes 020 87680545. For the flyer, click here

Sun. 1 July. Aldona Association (London) would like to invite you to celebrate our 42nd Feast of Saint Thomas at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Holy Mass starting promptly at 12pm, followed by Social with ‘Live’ Music from the UK’s No.1 Goan Band ‘Shades’ plus our very own DJ Richiee. Tickets (include Snacks & Meal): Members £13, Guests £15, Children (6-11 years) £6, Children (Under 5) Free. Book early to avoid disappointment – Tickets will not be sold at the door. For tickets and further details, please email: or call Gary Coutinho: 07958 435147 or Michelle DeSouza: 07713 449906; For the flyer, click here.

For Later Events See



Death: Jack Carvalho

26 Mar: London. JACK CARVALHO. Aged 79. Ex Nairobi. Beloved father of Judy (Leonard) deSouza and Jeremy (Alyson) Carvalho and grandfather to Samantha, Jessica, Dylan and Jordan and the late Brendon of Toronto. Jack, who was predeceased by his wife Natty, was a star soccer player for the Nairobi Heroes and the Railway Goan Institute, died after a long illness. A funeral mass for Jack will be held in the U.K. at Our Lady of the Angels Church, Carlton Rd, Erith, Kent DA8 1DN, on 25th April, 2018 at 11 a.m. Condolences to

News Summary

Protesters gather at Parliament over Indian prime minister visit, accusing country of ‘Hindu supremacism’ amid recent murders

18 Apr: Evening Standard (London). Crowds of demonstrators have rallied in central London in protest of a visit by the Indian prime minister who was meeting Theresa May as part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government summit. The protesters claimed India is becoming a "Hindu supremacist place" under the leadership of Narendra Modi, citing rising violence and rapes, as they gathered in Parliament Square on Wednesday… Amrit Wilson, from the South Asia Solidarity Group, said: "We as people of Indian origin in Britain are appalled at the scale of violence Modi's regime has unleashed… A large counter-demonstration of pro-Modi supporters later gathered across the road outside Westminster Abbey at about noon, chanting "We love Modi," and "Modi, saviour of India". The groups were separated by columns of police officers…  click here
18 Apr: The Guardian (UK). India is a ‘republic of fear’. The UK must keep the pressure on Modi By Amrit Wilson …  click here
Video: 18 Apr: British media reaction on protest against PM Modi London Visit 2018 … 4m. 45s. click here.

Swindon: First Broadgreen street food festival will serve up treats

18 Apr: Swindon Advertiser. A Goan barbecue, Caribbean curry and Spanish paella made by the man responsible for feeding Michael Jackson on his Bad tour could be coming to Broadgreen. The area is hosting its first ever street food festival in June, with hundreds expected to enjoy the smells and tastes of world cooking. The festival - backed by South Swindon Parish Council - will showcase the cooking from central Swindon's hugely diverse communities... The Broadgreen food festival will be on Saturday, June 16, 11am-4pm.  For further details click here

Citizens made to file ‘false’ affidavits for lost birth records

19 Apr: The Goan. Why are citizens literally forced to swear ‘false affidavits’ stating that their birth records are not found registered in the Salcete sub-registrar office when they are in possession of their original birth documents issued by the very same offices? With the ‘reconstruction’ of birth documents based on prescribed documents virtually put on hold, citizens have been left with no option but to swear false affidavits stating that their births are not found registered in the sub-registrar office when they are in possession of the original documents … When The Goan called up State Registrar Ashutosh Apte to seek an answer on claims made by citizens that they are forced to swear false affidavits when they are in possession of original birth documents, he said the department is not ‘reconstructing’ the documents for want of implementation of the rules in force…  For further details click here

High Court orders radiological examination of Goa priest's body to determine cause of death

18 Apr: India Today. The High Court today ordered the Crime Branch of the Goa Police to conduct a radiological examination of the body of a Christian priest-turned-activist to ascertain the cause of his death, more than two years after he was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Hearing a plea of family members of deceased Fr Bismarque Dias who had challenged the decision of the Crime Branch to close the case, a division bench of justices N M Jamdar and Prithviraj Chavan directed that the radiological examination be conducted on the remains of Dias (51) and a report submitted on April 20…  For further details click here
19 Apr: The Goan. Docs rule out further autopsy on Bismarque's body …  click here
Video: Goa 365tv. HC orders X ray of Fr Bismarque’s body, will the case reopen … click here.

Don’t meddle: Scam victims tell Goa’s minister

18 Apr: Gulf News (UAE). UAE-based Indian victims of the $300 million Exential scam said they are shocked and dismayed to learn that their home country‘s government is looking to secure the release of the very fraudsters who stole their money. Several gathered for an emergency meeting on Saturday after Vinod Palyekar, a minister in the Indian state of Goa, offered to help Exential boss Sydney Lemos, 37, and the firm’s accountant, 25-year-old Ryan D’Souza. Both were handed prison terms of over 500 years each for their role in the sophisticated scam. The duo, originally from Goa, are currently in Dubai jail while Sydney’s wife Valany Cardozo, who was sentenced to the same jail term in absentia, is holed up in western India…  For further details click here
19 Apr: Herald. By opening a new firm, Lemos duo took investment to the next level: Investors …  click here

Is Goa doing enough to preserve its heritage?

18 Apr: Herald. Today, on World Heritage Day, it is a good time to introspect and find out if Goa is doing enough to protect its heritage sites... But is enough being done to protect the heritage sites, some of which are World Heritage Sites, in Goa?  For further details click here
18 Apr: Navhind Times. On World Heritage Day, let us take a look at one man’s effort to preserve Goan heritage through innovation and perseverance. Victor Hugo Gomes (photo) has recently begun working on miniature replicas of his collection at the museum to preserve heritage for a little longer. He shares his vision  click here

Couple left 'stranded in Goa for 48 hours' due to delayed flight

18 Apr: Chronicle. A couple claim their holiday ended in disaster when they were left stranded in Goa for 48 hours - after two hours of fog. Valerie and Alan Bryceland had enjoyed a relaxing two weeks in the Indian sun when they were due to fly back to Manchester on February 22 this year. But they say the return trip descended into chaos when the plane they were due to get on was diverted to Mumbai during two hours of disruption caused by fog. After more than six hours in the airport without food or water, they returned to their hotel for the night only to be woken up at 2am to say they were being transferred to another hotel with no rooms ready for them, the couple say. Valerie and Alan, from Cramlington, had visited Goa for the 12th time … “We were lucky because we had a little bit of money left over but other people didn’t have a penny.” …  For further details click here

FILM: Kahaani 2. Channel 4. Mon. 23rd Apr. 00:50 to 03:00. Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal star in writer-director Sujoy Ghosh's thriller about child abuse, deception and kidnap. Set around single working mum Vidya Sinha who lives in the sleepy town of Chandan Nagar, West Bengal, with her wheelchair-using teenage daughter Mini. In Hindi with English Subtitles, 2016.

DOCUMENTARY: Unreliable Evidence. BBC Radio 4 Longwave. Sat. 21st Apr. 22:15 to 23:00. Clive Anderson presents a series that explores and analyses the legal issues of the day. Asylum: As the number of people in immigration detention increases, Clive Anderson and guests debate if the law is fair to asylum seekers.

DRAMA: The Good Karma Hospital. itv. Sun. 22nd Apr. 21:00 to 22:05. India-based hospital drama series. Ruby and Gabriel intervene in a dispute between two fishermen and Lydia faces a difficult dilemma when her former mentor asks for her help. Later, the team comes together for Ram and Mala's wedding and Ruby and Gabriel have a heart to heart. Last In Series, Series 2, Episode 6.

DOCUMENTARY: Immigration: Rivers of Blood. London Live (Freeview 8). Mon. 23rd Apr. 22:00 to 23:00. 1. Has Brexit unleashed a new wave of intolerance in the UK? 50 years after Enoch Powell gave his incendiary 'Rivers of Blood' anti-immigration speech, journalist Mihir Bose explores if much has changed.

ARTS: Book at Bedtime. BBC Radio 4 (Freeview 704). Mon 23rd Apr - Fri. 27th Apr. 22:45 to 23:00. The One Who Wrote Destiny - Parts 6-10 of 10. Novel by Nikesh Shukla about three generations of the same family, riven by feuds and united by fates and fortunes, who in 1966, move from Kenya to Keighley in Yorkshire. Read by Bhasker Patel, Chetna Pandya, Maya Sondhi, Indira Varma and Taru Devani.

DOCUMENTARY: Gypsies on Benefits and Proud. 5* (Freeview 30). Wed. 25th Apr. 01:05 to 02:05. A one-off special lifting the lid on one of Britain's biggest controversies - immigrants who come to the UK to milk the benefits system. As EU work restrictions are lifted, we track a group of new arrivals from their humble Roma village to the bright lights of London, seeing how easily they get their hands on benefits. And we hear the stories of Roma families who have already established lives in the UK, paid for by British taxpayers.

DOCUMENTARY: Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs itv. Thu 26th Apr. 20:30 to 21:00. Paul O'Grady travels to India to help some of the 400,000 dogs living on the streets of Delhi. In the series opener, Paul meets an abandoned street dog pup with a potentially fatal virus and an adorable golden retriever who will not stop chewing her paw.

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