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News Summary

London: Linda's Journey: 10 Of London's Best Food Pop-Ups

27 Jan: The Handbook (UK), 10 Of London's Best Food Pop-Ups … Great Gun Social: Another venue shining light on innovative flavours and talented pop-up chefs is Great Gun Social. It’s here that you’ll find a flurry of changing food offerings and pop-up kitchens bringing with them innovative flavour combinations to the forefront of their cooking. This month Linda’s Journey has been filling the kitchen with fresh Goan cuisine from bacalahao bolhinos (salted cod, garlic, parsley and fritters), to rich sprouted mung bean curries. Jan 7 – 30. Where: 96 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 0EF…  click here
London Post. Linda De Melo learned her trade in a five starred hotel in Goa 15 years ago, before moving to Dubai, where she trained under Michelin starred chefs in one of the finest seafood restaurants in the UAE.From there, her culinary journey took her to Bermuda and finally back to Goa before returning to London, where her pop-up dining experience has taken the capital by storm…  click here
For Linda’s Journey Facebook page, click here.

Slow Joe and a Wonderful Accident

27 Jan: Money Life. Cédric de la Chapelle, a guitarist from the France, whilst looking for a place to stay at Calangute bumped into Joseph Manuel Da Rocha, a frail 64-years-old man, who made ends meet by brokering hotel rooms to tourists… Captivated by the old man’s voice, Cédric recorded him singing a cappella. Back in France he formed a group called “Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident.” … “It was only in 2009 that we were able to bring Joe to France for our first concert,” says Cédric … Born on 22 March 1943, in Mumbai, Joseph Manuel Da Rocha lived the life of a waster, a wandering poet, living on the margins of society, smoking, drinking and doing drugs… Their very successful first concert hit the headlines in France. In no time, they were the darling of the media, as both concert spectators and critics took to the music and the story of this cute, but frail, old man, with that deep, gravelly voice, booming over a mix of slow rock, spiced with blues and jazz riffs… In 2011, Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident released their first album Sunny Side Up … In 2014, a second album, Lost for Love, was released … By early 2016, Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident had performed at over 250 concerts. In May 2016 Slow Joe had a fatal heart attack and the third album Let Me Be Gone was released posthumously and has since risen to the top of the French charts… 895 words  For further details click here
Video: Let Me Be Gone by Slow Joe …  click here
For links to Slow Joe’s Wikipedia profile, videos, etc., click here.

High Court comes down heavily on Custodian of Enemy Property

28 Jan: The Goan. Many a Goan whose properties were declared as enemy property by the Custodian of Enemy Property on the premise the owners were residents of Pakistan, can look forward to getting their properties back if one goes by the recent Judgement of the High Court. Two Salcete residents have already got a big relief from the High Court … Revenue authorities in the know informed that dozens of properties in both the North and South Goa districts were declared as enemy properties by the Custodian of Enemy Property and the owners or their heirs may get relief if they knock the doors of the High Court going by the recent court order …  For further details click here
Govt of India. List of Enemy Properties in South Goa …  click here

Hundreds protest India’s treatment of Kashmir in London

27 Jan: The Independent (UK). Hundreds have gathered at the Indian High Commission office in London to protest the nation’s treatment of Kashmir following a similar event last year which led to the arrests of four people. |Crowds waving the green and yellow striped flags of Kashmir and raising signs with “end Indian occupation” amassed across the street from the nation’s London embassy in a march that coincides with India’s Republic day – a national holiday marking the establishment of Delhi’s constitution…  For further details click here
Video: 27 Jan: India Today. Pro-Pak Groups Storm Indian High Commission In London On R-Day…  click here
Video: 26 Jan: Urban Pictures UK. Thousands protest outside Indian High Commission in London on Republic Day … click here.

Ribandar’s Acacio gets State award for music

27 Jan: Herald. Ribandar-based Acacio Tavares was conferred the Goa State Cultural Award in Western Music at Kala Academy. For Acacio what began as a hobby during leisure time strumming his guitar later on turned to be his profession. ‘Purple Rain’ led by Acacio has played in various States in India and abroad… Acacio is also an avid football enthusiast and organised the ‘Bala Bala Football Tournament’ for the villagers of Ribandar from 1982 to 1995…  For further details click here
8 Dec. 2019: Herald. Acacio Tavares – Ribandar’s Man of the Moment …  click here
For the Purple Rain website, click here.

Goa Budget: CM launches website for public suggestions

27 Jan: PTI. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday launched a website to invite suggestions from the public for the state Budget for fiscal 2020-21. The Budget would be presented during the Assembly session to be held from February 3-7. "Taking a step towards participative and transparent governance, launched a web portal to invite suggestions and ideas for Goa Budget 2020-21. I urge everyone to participate in this endeavour by registering your valuable ideas and suggestions," he tweeted…  For further details click here
To make you suggestion, closing day 31 Jan. 2020,  click here

Sweet taste of Goan jiggery

27 Jan: Navhind Times. The remote, interiors of Goa is where some of the past lifestyle can be seen. Residents from villages in the hinterland especially from the tribal community are still continuing with making sugarcane jaggery in the traditional way… Quepem taluka is busy in production of jaggery. Elderly people in the village say that 15-20 years back every household used to cultivate sugarcane and produce jaggery. Today however few families are still continuing the business. The process of jaggery production is very interesting and is no less than any art. Knowledge of making such sugarcane jaggery will not be found in books, but is inherited from one generation to the next…  For further details click here

Boutique bolthole in Goa

25 Jan: The Daily Telegraph (UK). MansionHaus Goa will open this month in a 19th-century mansion in the rural village of Anjuna, as a nine-suite hotel with multiple pools. Part hotel, part private club for local creatives, it will host a year-round programme of speakers and events…
For the MansionHaus website,  For further details click here



Death: Jules Lobo. ex-Dar-es-Salaam, ex Luton, Beds.)
23 Dec. 2019. Luton, UK. JULES FRANCIS LOBO (ex-Dar-es-Salaam, ex Luton, Beds.). He was the son of Victor Lobo (Pilerne) & Elveyn DSouza (Velsao) both ex-Zanzibar and ex Dar. Jules was born April 1929 in Zanzibar, graduated from Nair Dental College ,Bombay and Univ.of Edinburgh where he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. He then practised dentistry in Dar-es-Salaam from 1954 to 1962 from where he emigrated to Luton, England and practised in Luton until 2004.The funeral was held at the Church of the Holy Family, Luton and he was interred at the Vale Cemetery in Luton on 17th January 2020. He is survived by his wife Veda ( nee Rosario), sons Dr. Allan Lobo (Sheffield ) grandsons William & Oliver , Glenn Lobo( Osteopath ) and grand-daughters Bethany & Jessica and elder brothers Fr. Phillip Lobo ( retired ), Fr Emilio Lobo ( retired ). Condolences to Glenn Lobo

News Summary

Video: UK: Indian diaspora marches against Citizenship Act in central London

26 Jan: Ruptly tv. Hundreds of protesters marched through central London on Saturday, in solidarity with demonstrators opposed to India's new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Demonstrators, many from London's Indian Muslim community, were filmed marching with placards bearing the words "United against fascism in India" and "Keep calm and protect minorities." Protesters held a rally on Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street, before marching to the High Commission of India.  For further details click here
26 Jan: Geo tv. Indian expats protest Modi's fascist policies in London  click here
Indian Govt slams anti-CAA resolution in EU. 26 Jan: Times of India. In a strong response to EU Parliament's draft resolution against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the government on Sunday ... click here.

Video: Goa tableau at the 71st Republic Day Parade

26 Jan: The theme of tableau of Goa for Republic Day 2020 was seashore and showcased seashore, biodiversity and livelihoods of people of the state on January 26. The highlight of the Goa tableau was two young artistes - Shanaya Dessai, aged 5, and Tanish Naik, aged 3 - who performed live on the tableau… 0m. 59s.  For further details click here

France: Partnership agreement between the Campus Mondial De La Mer and the Indian Institute of Technology of Goa

26 Jan: Le Telegramme (France). At the Hôtel de Métropole in Brest, a partnership agreement was signed between the Indian Institute of Technology in Goa (India) and nine partners from the World Sea Campus. It formalizes bilateral cooperation in the field of higher education and research in the field of marine science and technology. Barada Mishra, from the Indian Institute of Technology in Goa, and Michel Gourtay, vice-president of Brest Métropole (photo) …  For further details click here

Captive Goan seamen back home, narrate their ordeal

26 Jan: The Goan. The three Goan seamen, who were released by the hijackers at Nigeria on Sunday last called on the family members of deceased seamen from Ambelim, Brito D’Silva, who died in captivity as the trio reached home on Saturday. After handing over Brito’s belongings, including two bags and a cross to the relatives, the three seamen are believed to have narrated their ordeal, right from the time, they were held hostage on December 15, till their release on January 18. The trio is believed to have confirmed the company’s claim that Brito was taken ill from the mother ship and had not been keeping well since the time they were all held hostage. It was pointed out that the pirates had arranged to put Brito on drips for a day on December 21 before he is believed to have finally breathed his last two days later … The pirates later told the seamen that they buried Brito’s body after performing the last rites…  For further details click here

Putting Goa on the global fashion map

26 Feb: The Goan. Young and dynamic, she is all set to conquer new horizons in her home state Goa. Passionately driving the Goan fashion brand with a vision to expand its horizons further in various other parallels of the fashion retail segment, designer Schulen Fernandes gives a fresh and contemporary look and feel to her creations. .. Schulen, who spent her life in Mumbai, finally returned to her roots in Goa with plans to take the fashion segment in the state to next level… She met her mentor from fashion school and India’s design guru, Wendell Rodricks in Mumbai and signing an internship with him, she came to Goa as his design assistant in 2000… In August 2016 when she presented her first collection ‘Trapezoid’ under the label at Lakmé Fashion Week, taking over as design head for the brand… Schulen wants to promote the brand in both segments – luxury as well regular, affordable and accessible to all…  For further details click here
Video: Schulen Fernandes for Wendell Rodricks presents "White Carpet" with Liva …  click here
The Art of Schulen Fernandes. Interview by Selma Carvalho … click here.

Lessons in free-spiritedness

26 Jan: The Tribune. By Ira Pande. The old Portuguese Goa is slowly fading, but the legacy of music and food remains … It isn’t just the warm and balmy weather, but the laidback attitude of the Goans that’s certain tension buster. No wonder just about anyone who can afford has a place here. If you are a well-heeled person, you either get yourself a villa in Goa or a cottage in the hills … The range of food is astonishing … The old Portuguese Goa is slowly fading and there are few who can speak Portuguese now, but the legacy of music and food remains… Goa is still, in some sense, the ‘phoren’ part of India… every February when the famous Goa Carnival is celebrated with song, dance and good food and wine. Floats depicting scenes from life and clowns and jugglers wind down merrily to end up at huge street parties…  click here

Empathise with Nirbhaya's mother: Britisher whose daughter was sexually abused to death in Goa

26 Jan: New Indian Express. Britisher Fiona Mackeown, whose teenage daughter was sexually abused before her death in Goa in 2008, on Sunday said she shared the pain of the mother of late Nirbhaya whose rapists are awaiting gallows in the 2012 case. Eleven years after Mackeown's daughter Scarlett Eden Keeling was found dead at Anjuna beach in Goa in February 2008, the Bombay High Court in 2019 convicted local resident Samsun D'Souza and sentenced him to imprisonment for ten years… Fiona is in Goa along with her other daughter, Isisi Celeste Storm, who was just 11 when Scarlett was killed… Mackeown, who visited the Anjuna beach along with her lawyer on Sunday, said her daughter Isisi was feeling little "insecure and apprehensive" in Goa. She is also supporting the cause of Irish woman Andrea Brannigam, whose daughter Danielle McLaughing was killed in south Goa in the year 2017.  For further details click here

Dominatrix gives up whipping men for £250 an hour - to help them quit sex addiction

25 Jan: The People (UK). Francesca Freeman would inflict pain on doctors, bankers and lawyers earning up to £3,000 a week but having tormented more than 1,000 willing men, she has become a sex therapist… “Leaving the industry was an easy decision and I cried with disgust at the end of my last session,” she says. She sold all her possessions and spent a month at a retreat in South Goa, India, learning meditation, yoga and ­healthier ways to combat trauma. Back in the UK she moved to a rented two-bed bungalow, converted a room into a ­studio and set up life coaching ­business Mind Body Men…  For further details click here
Francesca Freeman was at the Kashish Yoga centre, Palolem, Goa.  click here


News Summary

Protesters march against CAA on London streets

25 Jan: PTI. Thousands of students, activists and representatives from several Indian diaspora and human rights organisations gathered opposite Downing Street in London to protest against India's new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The rally, organised by student groups and Indian outfits in the UK, marched around a mile down the streets to gather outside the Indian High Commission in London. The protesters carried placards reading Protect the Constitution, Stop Dividing India, United Against Racism in India and No Citizenship on the Basis of Religion. The CAA came into force in India last December amid protests in India and around the world… The Indian High Commission in London has raised serious concerns for the safety of the mission and its staff and Indian High Commissioner Ruchi Ghanashyam had even taken up the matter with UK Home Secretary Priti Patel…  click here
Video: 25 Jan: CAA Protest London…  click here
25 Jan: Geo tv. India fails to get Republic Day protest banned in London … click here.

Journalist Faye D'Souza Dropped from Lecture Series in Goa Due to Anti-CAA Stand

25 Jan: News 18. Journalist Faye D'Souza has been dropped from the list of speakers at a lecture series sponsored by the Goa government because of her stand against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, a minister said on Saturday. D'Souza, a well-known TV journalist, was among the speakers at the DD Kosambi Festival of Ideas organised by the Goa Art and Culture Department. Art and Culture Minister Govind Gawade told reporters that her name was omitted due to her anti-CAA stand. "She was shortlisted but we were told she speaks against the CAA. We wanted to avoid mess and chaos around the event," the minister said. The lecture series would be held from January 27 to 30 at the Kala Academy in Panaji. Gawade, however, denied that instructions to drop D'Souza from the speakers' list came from the office of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. D'Souza was supposed to speak on January 29…  For further details click here
Video: 19 Jan. Kommune India. "Uncle, Are You With Us?" - Faye D'Souza | Spoken Fest Mumbai 2020. This is her story urging everyone who has been silent about the realities that grasp our nation currently to show up and speak up…  click here
Wikipedia: Faye D'Souza is an Indian journalist and a television news anchor. She worked as the executive editor of Mirror Now, which is owned by The Times Group She rose to fame with the show The Urban Debate on Mirror Now, where she anchored on subjects of corruption, communal violence and independent press… click here.

ED sends fresh summons to Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes

25 Jan: New Indian Express. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued fresh summons to senior executives of Air Asia airlines, including its CEO Tony Fernandes for questioning next month in a money laundering case after they did not turn up on January 20. “We have issued fresh summons. He can appear between February 5 to February 10,” a senior ED official confirmed… The airline has denied any wrongdoing and was not immediately available for comments. Fernandes and other top managers of Air Asia are also being investigated by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on charges of criminal conspiracy under the Prevention of Corruption Act…  For further details click here
25 Jan: P Gurus. Forensic Audit Report shows money flown to Dubai based terrorist …  click here

Ugandan woman arrested in Goa for killing local resident

25 Jan: PTI. A 22-year-old woman from Woman from Uganda was arrested on Saturday for allegedly killing a man at Baga beach, police said. Minamu Hafusa was held from Anjuna area after the body of local resident Zeferino Barretto was found on Friday, an official said. "The accused is from Uganda and is here on a tourist visa. We have arrested her for killing Barretto," Calungute police inspector Nolasco Raposo said. Another official said Barretto was bludgeoned to death and Hafusa was held as a probe found the deceased was last seen with her.  click here
25 Mar 2019: Times of India. Ugandan national Minamu Hafusa booked for overstaying …  click here
26 Jan: The Goan. Timely tip-off from Anjuna house owner helps cops nab Baga murder accused … click here.

Goa: Two Women Held For Creating Ruckus At Police Station

25 Jan: Republic World. Two women, including a teacher, were arrested for allegedly creating a ruckus at Ponda police station in an inebriated condition, police said on Saturday. The police on Friday arrested Nikita Sukur Valadaris (23), a teacher, and Ashnavi Jaydev Kandolkar for assaulting government servants on duty, a police spokesman said. The incident occurred at Marcel village, when the accused fell off their scooter, which they were riding in an inebriated state, he said. "The women were helped by an elderly man, who advised them to take care, following which they entered into an argument with him," he said. When a passerby alerted the police, the duo was taken to Ponda police station where they allegedly continued hurling abuses and pushing the on-duty policemen, the spokesman said…  click here
Video 2 women attack Police  click here

UK: Are millennials killing off the curry house?

24 Jan: Daily Mail (UK). Curry houses have long been a mainstay of the British culinary landscape but are facing a period of 'unprecedented decline' thanks to the changing tastes of younger diners looking for 'lighter' options, a Michelin-starred chef explained… These younger diners are seeking out more authentic dining options, like Bombay Cafe Dishoom … the journey of serving real Indian food in Britain really restarted with the creation of the Bombay Brasserie serving the diverse cuisines of Bombay city – street food, Parsi, Goan, seafood as well as the Gujarati thali… 2900 words.  For further details click here

Texas: Vixen’s Wedding takes its guests on a flavorful Goan exploration

24 Jan: Austin American-Statesman. By Matthew Odam. When you hear that Vixen’s Wedding specializes in Goan cuisine, you might think that a culinary moment had arrived without you realizing it. That maybe Goan was the latest “it” global cuisine on the U.S. dining scene … chef Todd Duplechan worked for Floyd Cardoz at New York Tabla restaurant … Due to religious and cultural traditions, you won’t find beef and pork on most Indian menus, but steak at Vixen’s Wedding, has Wagyu zabuton ($42)… the biggest crowd-pleaser is the chocolate cake ($9). Layered with thin sheets of dosa, which make it look akin to the traditional Goan dessert called bebinca, the sumptuous cake is draped in drizzles of hibiscus jam and topped with passion fruit sorbet ($9). I’m not sure if that’s how they do it in Goa, but it’s how they do it in Austin, and I’m not mad at it… 1334 words.  For further details click here
For the Vixen’s Wedding website with menu,  click here
Video: Best New Restaurants … click here.



Death: Fr Joachim D’Mello, S.J.

21 Jan: Barbados, Guyana. FR JOACHIM MARIAN D’MELLO, S.J. Born 1952. Former Principal (1997 – 2002) Loyola High School, Margao.  For further details click here
23 Jan: Stabroek News (Guyana). Fr. Joachim was `a priest for all’… People will remember him as a ‘priest for all’ or ‘a jolly-good priest’. He served as priest in the Rupununi for several years where he started honey-culture and carpentry. He encouraged the people in Lethem to do the same. This was his unforgettable contribution besides being an inspirational pastor…  For further details click here
Facebook: It is with great sadness that we learnt of the sudden passing of Fr. Joaquin De Mello SJ, today … click here.

Death: Diouguin Fernandes. Ex- Eldoret Kenya
28 Dec: London, UK. DIOUGUIN FERNANDES. Born 8th November 1953. Ex- Eldoret Kenya. He was the Son of the late Peter and late Esperanza Fernandes. The loving Brother to late Tony / Ruth, Frank / Philumena Fernandes. Uncle to Wayne, Karl, Ruby / Wayne & Roy Fernandes. Grand Uncle to Ryan, Issac and Serena Fernandes. The funeral is on Wednesday 29th January 2020 at 9.15am, At All Saints Church, 531 Kenton Rd, Harrow HA3 0UL. Condolence messages can be sent to: Email: or

News Summary

London: March against fascism in India! Stand with the resistance!

Sat Jan 25 CAA Protest from 01:00 pm at Richmond Terrace, London, SW1A 2, United Kingdom …  For further details click here
Video: 24 Jan: Goa 365 tv. Church rally against CAA pulls huge crowd …  click here
25 Jan: Herald. Margao meeting witnesses a sea of protestors against CAA. The anti-CAA/NRC/NPR meeting held at the iconic Lohia Maidan in Margao, on Friday, witnessed a sea of people from all walks of life. The huge crowd showed unanimity to oppose the Act as well as the NRC/NPR and to disobey any attempt of the Government asking for papers to prove citizenship. Fr Savio Fernandes of the Council for Social Justice and Peace, Dr Oscar Rebello, Prabhakar Timble, Damodar Mauzo, Muzaffar Shaikh, Devasurabhi Yaduvanshi and several others spoke at the meeting. The meeting was also attended by MLAs Luizinho Faleiro, Churchill Alemao, Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, Vijai Sardesai, Digambar Kamat and former MLA Jose Philip D'Souza… click here.

Zeferino Barretto Barreto 'killed with stone' by a foreigner woman?

25 Jan: Herald. Zeferino Barretto, a 45-year-old resident of Aldona, was killed when his head was reportedly smashed with a stone. Police are on the lookout for a female foreigner who was last seen with the victim… he was working as a waiter at a hotel in Guirim… the incident took place around 3 am in the wee hours of Friday, when Barreto reportedly met the foreigner at Baga. Reports indicate that Barreto and the female foreigner had an altercation regarding payment of money which the Aldona resident owed to the foreigner. Sources said that both were involved in selling drugs and the foreigner reportedly smashed Barretto’s head with a stone during the altercation which resulted into his instant death… It is learnt the body was found at an isolated place, some 100 metres away from the main road.  click here
25 Jan: Times of India. Aldona man found dead in Calangute …  click here

Goan Greats

23 Jan: The New European (UK). Goan musicians have been highly influential on the musical life of Bombay, the Portuguese colony’s Catholic missionary schools long offering a high standard of musical education. Many travelled the 350 miles north up the coast to Bombay seeking their fortune in the big city, and the central Sonapur neighbourhood became a Goan enclave. Trumpeters Frank Fernand, Mickey Correa and Chic Chocolate, brassman Chris Perry, singer Lorna Cordeiro and influential film arranger Anthony Gonsalves all hailed from Goa…  For further details click here

Tales of taxi trauma continue, as clarity on fares still eludes all

24 Jan: Herald. When it comes to the prices charged by taxis in Goa, users—tourists and locals alike—tend to have mild heart attacks. Unlike metros and larger towns in India, taxis in Goa—except for the state-run, app-based service, GoaMiles—do not base their fares on a meter reading. In fact most don’t even have a meter in their vehicle even though it is a compulsory requirement for permit renewal. Those who do have one tend to tell their customers it doesn’t work… the fares to be notified in a fortnight were passed by the government in June last year but were pending the installation of digital meters which in turn was delayed by issues in the tendering process and “some technical difficulty”… “The fares have been calculated based on wages of drivers, fuel price and cost of vehicle,” says the official… Generally taxis in Goa charge double the Govt rate to allow the driver to return to base … 1087 words.  For further details click here
24 Jan: Herald. Transport Dept. ultimatum: Install digital fare meters or face licence cancellation …  click here
25 Jan: Herald. Editorial: Finally, a fair fare for taxi rides? … click here.

Frederika Menezes: Words of Inspiration

24 Jan: Navhind Times. Frederika Menezes is an inspiration to many, though she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she has not let her diagnosis define her life. She is known for her literary works such as her book 'Unforgotten'; 'The portrait', which is a collection of poem; 'The Pepperns and Wars of the Mind,' a fantasy novel and so on. She discovered her passion for writing when she was still in school and hasn't stopped since. "I first began writing while in class eight. I was 13 and it was an English class project," she says… She describes her childhood as a happy one… Menezes is also an advocate for the differently-abled and she says people's attitude towards the differently-abled need a check …  For further details click here

Student delegation from Portugal experience Goa

23 Jan: Herald. Students and faculty from the Portugal based institute ‘Curso Profissional de Técnico de Turismo, visited Goa’s leading hospitality institute V M Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) as part of an educational tour focused on the exchange of culture and knowledge between the two nations. The institute has an existing collaboration with Turismo de Portugal, resulting from an MoU signed between the two countries …  For further details click here
23 Jun: Times of India. Portuguese students experience Goan hospitality …  click here

Sunset Years, with sons settled abroad

22 Jan: Deccan Herald. According to a Ministry of External Affairs report, there are 31 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs and PIOs) residing outside India. Every one of these NRIs with elderly parents back home in India is aware of that familiar feeling of constant worry lurking at the back of their minds, added to a lingering sense of guilt for having left them behind … Many NRI children do invite their parents overseas, but most of the time to end up doing housework, baby-sit, or to assist with the delivery of grandchildren…  For further details click here



Death: Perseveranda “Percy” Santana (nee Pinto) D’Souza. Ex Nairobi, Entebbe & Calgary

12 January 2020. Victoria, BC, Canada. PERSEVERANDA “PERCY” SANTANA (NEE PINTO) D’SOUZA. Born Nairobi, Kenya, ex Entebbe, Uganda, Calgary, AB, Canada. Predeceased by her husband: late Honorato D'Souza of Calgary (ex Entebbe "Friends Store”), son: late Morris D’Souza, Calgary, AB, and daughter: late Marina Stewart, Victoria, BC. Mother of Myrtle (Palmiro) Silveira, Sherwood Park, AB, Milton (Margo) D’Souza, Victoria, BC and Mavis D’Souza, Calgary, AB. Son-in-law David Stewart Victoria, BC. Grandmother of Dominic (Lisa) Silveira, Mario Silveira, Michelle Stewart, Melissa D’souza and Melanie D’souza. Great grandmother of Jordan Silveira, Marcus Silveira and Makaio D’souza. Sister of Ida (late Marshall) Gomes - Australia, Maxy (late Blasio) D’Souza-UK. late Luiza & Gervase de Souza), Late Seby/Heltrude Pinto, Late Manu/Grace Pinto all of Mombasa, Kenya. Funeral arrangements for Holy Mass and Internment in Calgary. [Info: Caetano de Menezes] Condolences to

News Summary

Meet Our New Sponsor: Visit Africa Safaris

Visit Africa Limited is a long established company of 36 years based in Nairobi, catering for visitors from all over the world. A lot of East African Goans have travelled on safari with them over the years, going the extra mile down memory lane, visiting all the old places that bring recollections for those who left years ago. The company is a family run business managed by Heather-Gail de Souza (photo), has been hands on in the business for over 10 years, working side by side under her late father, Lewis de Souza's wings. Having completed her Master’s degree at the University of Surrey, UK, she has worked in various countries including the Middle East and United Kingdom for 14 years before joining the family business. The late Lewis de Souza who passed away in April 2019 was born in Nairobi and raised on the fringes of Kenya's Tsavo West National Park (fondly called the "the heart of wildlife" by wildlife lovers) in Kibwezi. In April 1984 Visit Africa Ltd was incorporated with Lewis's daughter, Heather. For a video link, click here. For the Company website, click here To contact Heather-Gail, email: Mobile: +254 725860439

Modi has nothing to fear from a papal visit

23 Jan: The Catholic Herald (UK). It is more than 20 years since a pope set foot in India. In 1999, an ailing Pope John Paul II made what reporters called a “tense” visit to the capital, New Delhi. The 79-year-old pontiff made a strong defence of religious freedom during his 62-hour trip… Back then nationalists were not the dominant force they are today. Now that the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party is firmly in power, it is in no hurry for another papal visit. And yet the Holy See came quite close to securing an invitation in 2017. The plan was for Pope Francis to travel to India that November, but the Pope was forced to drop India from his schedule. The Indian Church was unable to offer a convincing explanation for the change of plan, beyond suggesting that it had been difficult to schedule a visit because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hectic diary… Modi has nothing to fear from welcoming the Pope…  For further details click here

Pousadas de Portugal continues to look at Goa as part of the internationalization process

22 Jan: Diario De Noticias. (Portugal) Without giving up on betting on Goa, Pousadas de Portugal head this year to the historic center of Porto and Vila Real de Santo António… The profile of tourists looking for these spaces "remains stable". But there has been a certain stagnation in the demand for English and German customers, while the number of American and Spanish guests grows … The intention to expand the Pousadas network to Goa, India, is not new. In March 2018, the president of Pousadas de Portugal visited that region in the scope of international expansion. However, almost two years later there is still no green light. "Pousadas continue to consider India, and particularly Goa, as one of the locations under analysis. However, despite the contacts developed in the meantime with several official entities, there has not yet been any concrete investment option." …  For further details click here
Wikipedia: Under an internationalization plan, the PPG wants to open Pousadas in all the locations that the Portuguese once ruled: Asia (Goa, Macau and even East Timor) …  click here
For the Pousadas de Portugal website, click here.

AirAsia’s Fernandes Fails To Show in India for Corruption Probe

22 Jan: AIN. AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes has failed to turn up for questioning in India before the country’s Directorate of Enforcement to address allegations of the Malaysian LCC’s attempt to manipulate government policies in contravention of the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Foreign Exchange Management Act… Fernandes faces arrest and unspecified penalties if found culpable…  For further details click here
23 Jan: Business Standard. Delhi High Court directs ED to file status report in Air Asia money laundering case. … The ED has alleged that the AirAsia Group CEO lobbied with government servants for clearances, removal of existing 5/20 aviation rule and change in regulatory policies. Under the 5/20 rule, a company needs a minimum of five years of flying experience and is also required to have 20 aircraft in its possession in order to become eligible for the licence…  click here

8 surprising things you need to know about Goa, India

23 Jan: Travel Binger (New York). By Jimmy Im. Every year, 2.5 million travelers (about 400,000 foreigners) visit Goa—India’s most famous beach destination… In fact, after returning to Goa after 10 years, I never once hit the beach and didn’t run out of things to do. But plenty has changed… 8 surprising things about Goa: 1. The best restaurants are not on the beach… I loved Nostalgia, a family-run boho-eclectic restaurant deep in the jungle… 2. This incredible museum is an Airbnb. Figueiredo Mansion … 3. Taj Fort Aguada Resort is home to an important fort… 4. Goan cuisine is spicy and unique with heavy Portuguese influence… 5. There’s a feni cellar in the middle of nowhere… 6. Massages are cheap! … 7. Goa is a state… 8. There’s a UNESCO World Heritage Zone… 1813 words.  click here

Clarice Vaz: This Sentinel Of Saligao, Is Really On Song

23 Jan: Herald. Every aspect of the life in Saligao, which can be found on any material about the village, will have the fingerprints of Clarice Vaz, a proud Saligaocar and motivating force behind uniting the people of the village, especially the women. Vaz has helped revive the village communities to create their very own weekly market on Tuesdays at the Saligao Institute. Her next big project is her exhibition of recent art, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ which will run till January 26 and the release of her book, ‘A Song for Saligao’… 686 words.  For further details click here
23 Jan: Navhind Times. To infinity and beyond. ‘Beyond the Horizon’, an exhibition of recent works by artist, activist, and writer, Clarice Vaz is being organised by Xavier Centre for Historical Research and Goa Heritage Action Group… 1111 words.  click here
To order a copy of ‘A Song for Saligao’ by Clarice Vaz from Amazon, click here.

Goa-Inspired Cooking Gets Its Due in New York City

22 Jan: Food & Wine. (New York). Food from the Indian state of Goa rarely appears in American restaurants, but New York is about to get a lot of it all at once. Starting in February, chef Hussain Shahzad’s acclaimed Goan-inspired restaurant, O Pedro, will travel from Mumbai to New York City, for a four-month stint … Take the Choriz Chilli Taco, one of O Pedro’s most popular items. Goa is the only state in India that makes sausage, Shahzad says, and O Pedro takes chorizo (brought to the region by the Portuguese centuries ago) and piles it onto a chewy taco of thin, pillowy bhakri… Other dishes making it to New York for the first time will be purple potato and kohlrabi danger (seasoned fried patties “inspired by the Hindus of Goa"), pork neck assado (“great marbling, great fat-to-meat ratio, great on the grill”), Alaskan King Crab Kismur (crispy and tossed with chillies, curry leaves, and fresh coconut masala), and some classic Lisboa pastel de nata…  For further details click here

Sun. 26 Jan.  Fundraising Gala Event for English Martyrs Church, Streatham, London, at Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, London SW16  2HY, from 2 pm to 8 pm. Dancing to ‘The Legends’ - a London based band including Maz, Savio, Eddie & Terry. Goan catering and licensed bar. Dress Code: Smart Casual Wear. Tickets include a plate of snacks and a meal. Cost: £15 for Adults and £10 for Children aged 5 to 14 years. Contact: Amanda D’Souza 07843429201;  Bonita Maciel 07536163949;  Darren Botelho 07588074102; Michelle De Souza 07713449906. All proceeds from this event will be going towards the purchase of a boiler for the Church. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 23 Feb.  Mungul Union (UK) celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Woodside High School Hall (ex-White Hart Lane School Hall), White Hart Lane, London N22 5QJ. Mass at 12.30pm. followed by a social gathering. Music by "RAINBOW'S END” For tickets and details, contact: Natalie Fernandes (020 8352 8355); Lucas Fernandes (07957148406); Rosy D'Silva (07815835820); and Rosalind Rebello (07962272285). Tickets will not be sold at the door. For the flyer, click here.




Death: Tony Fernandes. Ex Nairobi

20 Jan. 2020. Melbourne, Australia. JOAO ANTONIO FRANCISCO (TONY) FERNANDES. Born 1946 in Goa. Grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. Son of Marcelino & Liberata Fernandes. Husband to Rosa, children include Richard, Shane & Maryann. Oldest brother to Bernadette (Bernie) and Joaquim (Joe). Moved to Melbourne in March 1983. Grandpa to 5 beautiful kids, known and loved by many in Australia, Canada, India & the UK. His funeral service will be held in Melbourne on the 24 January 2020. Please do not send flowers as Tony wished any offerings should go to finding a cure for cancer. Tony was always fond of the great work which the Cancer council of Victoria (Australia) has done in funding research to combat this terrible disease. Please visit the site at
Details of the service are Please send any messages of condolence to Rosa at

News Summary

Keith Vaz's election to chair of local Labour party mired in controversy

22 Jan: Times of India. Former MP Keith Vaz made a surprising comeback to politics when he was elected as chair of Leicester East constituency Labour party (CLP) last Former MP Keith Vaz made a surprising comeback to politics when he was elected as chair of Leicester East constituency Labour party (CLP) last week. But his position might be short-lived as the election is set to be re-run… Vaz told TOI he is “not re-entering politics. “It’s only for a very short while. They very kindly asked me if I can step in to do this because the previous chairman resigned,” he said. “I have taken over just to stabilise the situation … I am doing it on an interim basis until someone takes over. I don’t want to be an MP again. Thank you very much, I have other things to do.” …  For further details click here

Australia: Esmeralda Rosario: Gran’s deportation order after 12-year visa wait

21 Jan: Daily Mail (Australia). A 98-year-old grandmother could be forced to leave her entire family behind as she faces being deported back to Goa after a 12-year battle for a visa. Esmeralda Rosario came to Australia in 2007 and was put on an indefinite bridging visa in 2008 as the family fought to get her an Aged Parent visa. But after 12 years of waiting the family was told the application was declined because caring for Ms Rosario would 'result in significant cost to the Australian community'. Ms Rosario's granddaughter-in-law Samantha D'Silva started a petition ahead of her court hearing on Tuesday… 987 words + Comments + 5 photos  For further details click here
22 Jan: Macrobusiness. It’s time to abolish costly parental visas. … This family are economic migrants. They chose to come to Australia under their own free will. There should never have been the expectation that they could bring their elderly parent along for the ride at taxpayers’ expense…  click here
Petition: Save my 99 Year old Grandmother from deportation! … click here.

Protest plan at Indian High Commission sparks security fears in UK

18 Jan: Times of India. Indian diplomats and British Indians fear violence and damage to the Indian high commission building in London when up to 5,000 protesters are expected to protest outside it on Sunday 26 Jan, Republic Day. Indian diplomatic sources in London told TOI: “We are worried. They are saying the numbers will be less than 1,000, but we are not so sure.” …  click here
16 Jan: Times of India. England, Germany, Switzerland: Anti-CAA protests break barriers, shake the world. From Cape Town to Munich to Warsaw, the anti-CAA movement has brought together a sizeable community of young Indians abroad. But what is it that connected them? And why now?  click here
22 Jan: BBC. Supreme Court refuses to put controversial law on hold … the Supreme Court hinted that it may refer the law to a larger constitution bench in the future … click here.

Airport operators oppose plan to cut duty-free liquor quota

22 Jan: New Indian Express. A consortium of seven private airport operators has strongly opposed the Commerce and Industry Ministry’s proposed move to reduce the purchase of alcohol at duty-free shops at the arrival area in airports. The move is likely to be included in the union budget to be presented on February 1. If the move is implemented, purchases at duty-free shops will be limited to 1 litre of alcohol only. Currently, each passenger is permitted to buy a carton of 100 cigarettes and 2 litres of alcohol. The move will increase airfare, encourage smuggling, cause job losses and hurt the airport industry, the Association of Private Airport Operators (APAO) said in a release…  For further details click here

Afghan student stabbed near Goa varsity after brawl, 3 held

22 Jan: The Pioneer. A 24-year-old Afghan student of the Goa University was stabbed and injured by some men police said on Tuesday. Three persons have been arrested in connection with the incident which occurred on Monday afternoon in Dona Paula area near the varsity campus … The victim student, Mathihulla Aria, is pursuing M.Com at the varsity's Goa Business School… While Satish Nilkanthe, a resident of Maharashtra, was arrested on Monday, Desmond Fernandes and Suresh Nageri were picked up on Tuesday, said police …  click here
22 Jan: Times of India. Afghan stabbing a hate crime: Foreign students. The Afghan student community in Goa no longer feels safe after a fellow Goa University (GU) student was stabbed by miscreants on Sunday night after an altercation. On Tuesday, they labeled the incident a “hate crime”…  click here

Russian perspective: Employment Opportunities and Cost of Living in Goa

21 Jan: M 24 (Russia). "All day we swam in the pool and drank rum": what Russians earn in Goa. For winterers, the season in Goa lasts from November to April - just at the very time when in Moscow we wrap ourselves with scarves. These people do not like the cold climate and leave for this period in India. Someone continues to be a free artist and works through the Internet, others learn new professions and become local movie stars. We talked with Muscovites, who right now earn their living by coming to work in beach sandals …  click here
21 Jan: The Village (Russia). . Goa is one of the main places of attraction for tourists - both buyers of two-week trips and wintering people. These two groups of travellers usually settle in different parts of the state. Villages like Calangute and Candolim with their hotels by the sea in places resemble Turkish resorts. In Arambol and Mandrem, longstayers rent homes. We learned from Julia, who has been spending six months in Goa for eight years, how life is arranged there and how much you will have to pay for housing, food and transport… Low Spending: 5,000-7,000 Indian rupees per month; Average Spending:15,000 Indian rupees … High Spending: from 40,000 Indian rupees … 2325 words.  click here


GAME SHOW: Beat the Chef. Channel 4. Sat. 25th Jan. 12:55 to 13:25. Leading chef Mark Sergeant takes on an amateur cook as they both serve up Kenyan goat and chips, with the judges comparing the two in a blind tasting. Hosted by Andi Oliver.

ENTERTAINMENT: Masala FM. BBC Radio 4 Extra (Freeview 708). Sat. 25th Jan. 22:30 to 23:00. The station's only attracting Z-list Asian celebrities, but then a leading `royal" phones in. Meera Syal stars. First aired in 1996.

FILM: Out of Africa. 5Select (Freeview 54). Sun. 26th Jan. 12:50 to 15:00. Fact-based romantic drama based on the life of writer Karen Blixen, who, after relocating from Denmark to a farm in Nairobi for a marriage of convenience, embarked on a passionate and ill-fated love affair with an idealistic British adventurer. Starring Meryl Streep, Robert Redford.

ARTS: The Real George Orwell - Essays and Journalism. BBC Radio 4 Extra (Freeview 708). Mon. 27th Jan. 14:45 to 15:00. A Hanging. Episode 1. A selection of the author and journalist's non-fictional pieces, beginning with A Hanging - his account of an execution he attended while serving in the Indian Imperial Police in Burma during the 1920s.

TRAVEL: Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve. BBC 2. Mon. 27th Jan. 16:15 to 17:15Adventurer Simon Reeve sets out to travel around the coastline of the Indian Ocean, journeying by boat, car, train and plane as he takes in 16 countries. . South Africa to Zanzibar. Episode 1. Tue. 28th Jan 16:15 to 17:15. Madagascar to the Seychelles. Episode 2. Wed. 29. Jan. 14:15 to 15: Kenya to Somaliland. Episode 3. Thurs. 30th Jan. 14:15 to 15:15. Oman to the Maldives. Episode 4. Fri. 31st Jan. 14:15 to 15:15. Sri Lanka to Bangladesh. .

DOCUMENTARY: Treasures of the Indus. BBC Four. Tues. 28th Jan. 00:30 to 01:30. The story of the Indian subcontinent told through the treasures of three very different peoples, places and dynasties that have shaped the region.

SPECIAL INTEREST: Short Works. BBC Radio 4 Extra (Freeview 708). Tues. 28th Jan. 14:00 to 14:15. Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf. Episode 2. Lata, from Mumbai and newly-wed, must adjust to her new life in Cardiff. By Susmita Bhattacharya. Read by Aysha Kala.

DOCUMENTARY: Young, Sikh & Extremist. BBC 1. Tues. 28th Jan. 22:35 to 23:20. Journalist Sunny Hundal explores the legacy of his brother Jagraj Singh, who abandoned a Westernised lifestyle in favour of becoming a prominent Sikh leader, whose activisim sparked an unprecedented revival of young people returning to the faith. Following Jagraj's death from cancer, Sunny reflects on their troubled relationship and examines the rise in religious activism in Sikh culture.



Death: John Joseph Pires. Ex Uganda

17 Jan: Parkview Nursing Centre, Hamilton, Ont. Canada. JOHN JOSEPH "JOSE" PIRES Ex Uganda Aged 92. Beloved husband of the late Angela (nee Pegado). Son of the late Antonio Jose Francisco Caetano Pires and the late Ermelinda Esmeralda de Souza Proenca. Brother of Prof Sarto, late Fr Mario and late Avita/ late Luis da Rosa. Loving father of Elma (James), Derek (Chrislyn), Elroy (Judy) and Selwyn (Theresa). Cherished grandfather of Lauren, Alex, Matthew, Tony, Denzel and David.
Visitation at Smith's Funeral Home, 1167 Guelph Line (one stoplight north of QEW), Burlington (905-632-3333) on Saturday, January 25, 2020, starting at noon and followed by a Funeral Service at 1 pm in the Chapel with a reception to follow. Condolences to
For more details, click here.

News Summary

UK: Labour MPs Discuss Concerns Against CAA and NRC

21 Jan: The Wire. Labour MPs in the United Kingdom promised to soon table an Early Day Motion in Parliament that will discuss the concerns about India’s Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) that has seen widespread protests across India and also in cities across the world including in the United Kingdom. On Monday afternoon some Labour MPs intently listened to the concerns expressed by some UK Indians … there was concern with how the rights of British citizens holding Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) status would be affected. With the passage of CAA and NRC, the Indian government would also be able to cancel the OCI status should they be displeased with criticism from the diaspora. There are fears that the CAA has very wide provisions that can lead to cancellation of OCI card … 886 words.  For further details click here
21 Jan: Navhind Times. Goa: Church-backed anti-CAA meet on Jan 24 likely to witness huge crowd …  click here
21 Jan: NDTV. "We Could Be Next": Christian Priests Protest Citizenship Act In Kolkata … click here.

Solicitor and her mother avoid jail for stalking Dominic Fernandes, 30-year-old banker after he dumped her

21 Jan: Daily Mail (UK). A solicitor and her mother bombarded an ex-boyfriend with messages and calls as part of a joint stalking campaign, a court has heard. Emma Patel, 30, inundated banker Dominic Fernandes with phone calls after the break-up of their short relationship. She also send his family emails, social media messages and called them between May and August last year. She was then seen outside his family home, and even tracked him down to a rehab retreat in South Africa when he refused to return her calls… Emma Patel was handed an 11-month suspended jail sentence at Isleworth Crown Court after pleading guilty to one charge of harassment by stalking…  For further details click here

Man bites dog: India’s progress in tackling rabies

21 Jan: British Medical Journal. Gowri Yale, a veterinarian with a PhD in rabies epidemiology, was manning a 24 hour rabies hotline in Goa. A man called, saying that his 10 year old son had been bitten by a street dog… The next morning, after reports that the dog had bitten another person, Mission Rabies officials picked it up and euthanised it. A necropsy confirmed rabies… Charities like Mission Rabies are waging a concerted fight against rabies in India that is beginning to show some success…  For further details click here

Travel and Tourism Association of Goa contests dept claims on tourist footfall

21 Jan: Navhind Times. Terming the state tourism department’s statistics on tourist footfalls ‘inaccurate’, Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG), the apex body representing the hotel and travel trade in Goa, has rejected the claims of the tourism department that there is an increase in tourist arrivals by 2.95 per cent in 2018 as compared to the footfalls in 2017. As per the figures of the tourism department, in 2018 a total of 8,015,400 tourists arrived in the state as against 7,785,693 in the year 2017 which includes both domestic and foreign tourists … TTAG president Savio Messias said that Goa doesn’t have a system in place to keep a tab on the number of tourists visiting the state. “There are three international direct flights coming in – Air Arabia, Oman, and Qatar, on these flights you cannot count everyone as tourists. There are a lot of Indians specifically Goans who return to the state. All foreigners coming to Goa are not tourists,” Messias said …  For further details click here

Raising the bar on a tavern trail

19 Jan: Mint. By Joanna Lobo. Titbits about Goa’s famed taverns can be gleaned from Bars of Goa (BOG), an official-sounding Instagram account that is anything but. It is an account started by a group of friends—two years back but gaining traction now—to document Goa’s tavern culture. A tavern is a traditional liquor outlet selling mainly country liquor or IMFL (Indian-made foreign liquor). It was once a regular haunt for gossip and good urrak, and an integral part of the state’s “nightlife" till the 1980s. According to news reports, there are only 160 taverns left in Goa… Food is not too common and there’s often no menu. The staple is chone-bhikna (gram and peanuts), a salad or boiled eggs…  For further details click here
22 Jan: Herald. Portuguese Era Taverns - Dying a slow death? …  click here

A glimpse of Luso Goa

19 Jan: Mint. If a tour of the narrow, winding lanes of Panaji’s Fontainhas leaves you wanting more of visible Portuguese influences, visit the Houses of Goa museum. It showcases artefacts and architectural elements of the Indo-Portuguese style of houses as a way of chronicling and preserving heritage structures against the vagaries of time and modernization. Set up by architect Gerard da Cunha in 1997, the museum is housed in a triangular structure located smack in the middle of a road in Porvorim… Goan homes come alive through photographs chronicling the myriad styles of doors and windows, columns and pillars, arches, verandas and balcaos, or colonnaded porches… the two spaces—one a museum of architecture and the other a celebration of an artist’s vignettes of Goan life—leave the visitor with a great sense of the Portuguese presence in Goa and the way it lingers even today.  For further details click here

India’s brilliant Bombay duck

21 Jan: BBC. Bombay duck isn't a duck at all and is eaten by Parsis and other groups across Mumbai … Like India itself, Parsi cuisine has absorbed the influences of a host of cultures who have made their mark on the subcontinent – the plinth possibly lies in pre-Islamic Iran, but it also draws from the Indian regions of Gujarat, Goa and the Konkan Coast, as well as Britain and even the Netherlands. Geographies and histories peel away with every mouthful of food… The Bombay duck is actually a fish native to the waters in and around Mumbai. Fiendishly ugly, it is gelatinous and pink-skinned with a gaping maw. Moreover, the root of its curious name is a great mystery…  For further details click here

The age of crowdsourced archives

19 Jan: Navhind Times. Online initiatives such as the Indian Memory Project, The Citizen’s Archive of India (CAI) and 1947 Partition Archives, along with Instagram handles – Brown History and Gulf South Asia, SOAS Postcards – present history in an accessible, unacademic form. They combine an ever-increasing interest in personal stories with modern storytelling techniques to document bygone times. In 2016, Mumbai-based Rohan Parikh launched CAI to record and archive personal stories from pre-Independent India, as well as the subsequent formative nation-building years…  click here

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