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News Summary

Indian bishops condemn Hindu leader’s statement

27 Apr: Vatican Radio. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) has condemned a “highly provocative” statement of ‎a leader of a Hindu nationalist organization that encourages attacks on churches and said such ‎statements and the escalated violence indicate a “sinister pattern.” In a statement, the Indian bishops ‎have taken a strong exception to the “irresponsible statement” of Munna Kumar Shukla, General ‎Secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, who is reported to have said that attacking a ‎church is not illegal and wanted government awards for those who attack churches…  click here
Indian Christians suspect boy arrested in church attack is 'red herring' 27 Apr: UCA News. Police have arrested one man in connection with a Catholic church attack... But the official claim that the motive was personal and not related to religion has drawn ire from the Christian community and a call for an independent probe. A Muslim youth named Haider was arrested on April 24 for attacking the St Mary’s Church in Agra district in the early hours of April 16; officials say he was under the influence of drugs…  click here

Jerome Mendes: The intercontinental entrepreneur

26 Apr: Times of India. Jerome Mendes, whose base is the popular Leonoras' Restaurant at Verna, has his fingers in many entrepreneurial pies, both in Goa and the United Kingdom. If his business inclinations in the state lean towards the food and beverage (F&B) and Konkani film industries, he takes a particular interest in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in the UK. As a result, his intercontinental trips are more of a necessity than a luxury. "It's my responsibility to see that all my businesses run smoothly, right?" he quips… He worked in Kenya up until it was liberated from the British rule…  click here

Pacheco: Arguments in Aires’ intervention petition heard

28 Apr: Herald. The District and Sessions Court South Goa heard arguments on the intervention petition filed by Adv Aires Rodrigues (photo) in the criminal revision petition of the Government of Goa, in the case of Nuvem MLA Francisco (Mickky) Pacheco… The prosecution also claimed that a third party has no rights to file such an application in the Criminal Revision Petition filed by the State…  click here
Goa court seeks update on absconding ex-Minister Pacheco. 27 Apr: PTI. Goa Police today said they have been unable to trace absconding former Minister Fransisco Miccky Pacheco who has been convicted in an assault case and faces arrest as a local court sought update on the case…  click here
Court order on search warrant at defence min’s house on May 2. 28 Apr. Times of India… click here.

Goa in talks with chartered flight operators to boost traffic

27 Apr: PTI. Goa Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar said the state government is in talks with chartered flight operators to boost the sluggish traffic. The state has witnessed 40 per cent decrease in the chartered flight arrivals -- which mainly bring tourists from Russia and East Europe -- this tourist season… Goa government has also requested the Civil Aviation Ministry and the Airports Authority of India to provide the chartered flights parking facility at Dabolim airport, which would lead to these operators flying to Goa weekly or even twice a week, the Minister said… In 2013-14, Goa received 1,128 charters bringing in 2,61,452 tourists, whereas in 2014-2015, (up to April 3, 2015) 813 charters came with 1,54,047 tourists.  click here

Video: Fred de Sam Lazaro: Human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead in Karachi

24 Apr: PBS Newshour (USA). Pakistan’s largest city has a well-earned reputation for terrorism and violence, but until the day it claimed her own life, Sabeen Mahmud was determined to show that there’s much more to Karachi. During a visit last month, she told me she was determined not to let fear paralyze the vibrant life that came naturally in a once thriving cosmopolitan city now wrecked by sectarian and ethnic tension. Her coffee shop and performance space, T2F (The Second Floor), was designed to bring people together — for music, dance, art exhibitions and dialog, sometimes over divisive issues… 1m.55s.  click here
Fred De Sam Lazaro was born in Bangalore and his parents are from Margao and Mapuca. He immigrated to the US with his mother in 1975. He now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. For a profile of him,  click here

Making It in (Right-Wing) America: Dinesh D’Souza and the shame of immigrant self-hatred

I have two shameful family secrets. The first is that when I was growing up, almost all gatherings of my extended clan would include buckets and buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, a staple of our diet. The second and more serious source of self-mortification is that some of my kin—almost all of whom hail from rural India—sometimes vent anti-black racism… South Asian immigrants vent anti-black racism and this is one of the more unwholesome manifestations of assimilation. If blacks are near the bottom of the perceived racial hierarchy across North America, some enterprising immigrants find it useful to step on blacks as a way of climbing higher. Racism among South Asians has some peculiar qualities; it’s not so much hatred of the other but the hatred of the almost-the-same, akin to a sibling rivalry … 1631 words.  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Dinesh D’Souza,  click here

Goa is an emerging destination for medical tourism’

27 Apr: Navhind Times. Manipal Hospital, Goa (photo) last week marked the first anniversary of its fully updated facilities. Dr Ajay Bakshi managing director and CEO spoke about his plans to take the hospital chain forward in India and abroad… “Our goal for 2015 is to take the hospital closer to the local community, be fully used and frequented by locals… In Goa, with the numbers of foreign tourists coming in, we believe that the hospital can easily take it (medical tourism) up to 10-15 per cent of the total revenue … We are very gung-ho on Goa’s prospects because it has several factors going for it. Location and the state’s reputation as an international tourist hotspot are the biggest factors in favour of it. We want to encourage people from all over the country to come to Goa for treatment. The hospital has the best of equipment and is focused on local people as well as medical tourists.  click here
25 Apr: Navhind Times. Goa may take five years to become full-fledged medical tourism destination … said Dr Ajay Bakshi, CEO and managing director, Manipal Health Enterprises…  click here
27 Apr. IANS. Sun, sand, surgery: Goa gearing up for medical tourism … click here.

Builder must give written possession notice to buyer
27 Apr: Times of India. There are certain statutory obligations as well as contractual obligations on a builder. Case study: Collin and Cheryl Paes had booked a villa at Navelim in Goa in a complex known as D'Silva Residency to be developed by M/s. Homemakers. According to the sale deed dated 13.10.2008, a total amount of Rs.40 lakhs had to be paid for the construction and sale of the villa admeasuring 210 sq.metres … The Paes couple claimed that they paid Rs.63,11,870 as demanded by the builder citing inflation, rise in construction cost, and improvements made in the villa. Yet, the builder also kept on extending the date of possession…  click here

Three Goan girl footballers evacuated from Nepal
27 Apr: IANS. Three young Goan footballers, who were part of an Indian Under-14 girls' team on tour in Kathmandu, have been rescued and are likely to arrive in Goa late on Monday. The three footballers -- Ashika Gadekar (goalkeeper), Sushmita Jadhav (forward) and Soumya Mukund (forward) -- were evacuated by a National Disaster Response Force team, which is engaged in rescue efforts in Nepal, devastated by a powerful earthquake on Saturday… The Goan trio had left for Nepal last month along with the rest of the team to participate in an Asian Football Confederation tournament at the Dasarath stadium in Kathmandu…  click here

10 of the best beaches … that you’ve probably never heard of
27 Apr: The Guardian (UK). These beaches with their gorgeous waters and picture-perfect shorelines will have you dreaming of holiday escapes … Redi, Maharashtra, India. Plenty of people search out Goa’s secret beaches; what many don’t realise is that arguably the best one is just over the border, in Maharashtra. Redi, aka Paradise Beach, has a great deal of natural beauty: a small lagoon, a sandy peninsula, a ruined fort. What’s more, aside from a few coconut and water vendors, it’s pretty much deserted. For these reasons, those in the know have been packing a picnic and a few beers and crossing the Tiracol river for some time…  click here


News Summary

Goa's ageing population becoming cause for concern

26 Apr: IANS. Holiday destination Goa, that is increasingly drawing retirees, is just "one or two" generations away from being a haven for geriatrics, top medical professionals warn. Dropping fertility rates and the mortality odometer swinging opposite, its young workforce migrating away from its shores and the increasing trend of the state being a top destination for the country's retired and elderly appear to be only contributing to Goa's aging population… "Goa is such a peaceful state that elderly people from all over India want to come to Goa and settle” … With population trends suggesting Goa's rapid march towards an era of geriatry, facilities like the Manipal Hospital is already gearing up for the demand by promoting home care services in Goa, the first of its kind in the state…  click here

40% decline in arrival of foreign charter tourists

27 Apr: Times of India. While the state's tourism season 2014-15 that is coming to a close, saw a 40% decline in the arrival of charter tourists, the steady flow of domestic and free independent travellers (FITs) has kept the industry kicking. But the domestic tourists and FITs put together could not make up fully for the drop in charter tourists. Goa received 441,543 (March-end 2015) international tourists as against 5 lakh tourists in the previous season. Till March-end, the state received 28 lakh domestic tourists as against 35 lakh in the previous season… charter tourists generally have a longer stay - mostly, eight-ten days, which is not the case with FITs or domestic tourists. Their stay is stretched to three-four days at the most…  click here

Goa - Child Trafficking and Child Abuse

26 Apr: Aangirfan. On 16 April 2015, the Goa police "rescued a number of young boys from Timothy Geddes", believed to be a former UK primary school music teacher… The Goa police have impounded Geddes' passport, but he has not been detained so far. In early January 2015, in Goa's capital Panjim, locals grew suspicious when they started spotting young, unknown children moving around in the area. The boys told the police that there were more boys at a palatial house in Bambolim …  click here

Patricia J Pereira-Sethi: An Outsider’s View

26 Apr: Navhind Times. Just when Goa was beginning to weigh heavily on my mind: the pervasive and ever-smelling garbage, the hungry strays yelping wretchedly at night, an internet cable speed slower than molasses, the electricity forever on the blink, the perfunctory digging up of every decent road available with no formal explanation whatsoever, nor the possibility of a prompt completion date in sight, my husband’s relatives arrived from the North to put the local panorama in perspective… They raved and ranted about the state’s beauty, insisting that the northern hills from whence they came ran a poor second to the splendour of our state… 970 words.  click here
3 May: Viva Goa. Profile of Patricia J Pereira-Sethi, the Ex United Nations Bureau Chief for Newsweek …  click here

When the nightingale met the musician and Loutolim loved it

26 Apr: Herald. The nightingale came to Loutolim last week. But that’s what everyone knows. For two days, Lorna, graceful and ageing but with her voice that goes back to twenty years and never ages, spent time in Loutolim, a village never really on her map. What they don’t, is the time she spent soaking in the village, its sights and sounds and its people …She sang Pisso, Sorgar Rajeant, Bebdo, Tuzo Mog, Noxibak Roddta, Calangute and of course Nachom-Ia Kumpasar, which she sang twice …  click here

When the pen is mightier than the word

26 Apr: Herald. If the upward graph of English writing in Goa is anything to go by, then the term ‘explosion of writing’ is right in keeping with the current trend on the Goan literary circuit. Early this April, Valmiki Faleiro’s ‘Soaring Spirit’, Menino Peres ’Mass Communication in Goa’, Themis D’Silva’s ‘Unravelling History’ and a tribute to Professor Lucio Rodrigues’ ‘Abolim’ were released, almost simultaneously. Another interesting and emerging trend is the focus on Goa-centric themes. “This is a healthy and positive sign,” observes publisher Fredrick Noronha, who started his publishing house Goa, 1556 in 1997…  click here

This food is neither authentic nor Goan

26 Apr: Herald. It is perhaps beyond dispute that it is almost impossible to find authentic Goan food in most of the shacks along the northern or the southern beach belt. Although the state has modified itself, by having more pure vegetarian (and even Jain) restaurants to suit the needs of the domestic tourists that seem to dominate in numbers alone, it is nothing short of a shame that a visitor or a local cannot stuff themselves with mackerel in a recheado preparation or the good-ole' Chicken Cafreal at a beachside shack. What is surprising is that along with their non-Goan counterparts, even the Goan shack owners appear to be fine with the given and disputedly sorry situation and don't see the need to change it…  click here

Pacheco case: lawyer says victim under pressure

27 Apr: The Hindu. The Margao Sessions Court will on Monday hear an application by lawyer Aires Rodrigues (photo) for impleading himself in the Goa government’s criminal revision petition against a search warrant issued by a judicial magistrate for the former Minister, Mickky Pacheco, at the official residence of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in New Delhi… In yet another twist to the case, Mr. Rodrigues filed a complaint on Sunday at the city police station against Pacheco, his former assistant Lyndon Monteiro, Mr. Parrikar and the Chief Electrical Engineer, Goa, accusing them of pressuring junior engineer Kapil Natekar to compound the offences in a 2006 assault case, in which Pacheco was sentenced to six months in jail. Mr. Rodrigues said he had a genuine reason to believe that Mr. Natekar was being mentally pressured and criminally intimidated…  click here

Nadia Rodrigues: Altar Girl

26 Apr: Times of India. By Lisa Monteiro. Nadia Rodrigues wakes up at the crack of dawn each day and sets out to a different church in Tiswadi. She attends the first Konkani mass and hymnal in hand joins in the melodious singing. She proceeds to closely study the altars and interact with the parish priest, gathering whatever wealth of information about the church that she possibly can. A history of art heritage and cultural tourism student from the University of Coimbra, Rodrigues yearned to know more about Goa. The almost 50 years of dictatorial regime in Portugal that ended in 1974 meant that Rodrigues was taught the bare minimum about the state through her school and college curriculum. She decided to do her own study and when The Tokyo Foundation Sylff offered her a scholarship to carry out research in any part of South Asia, she chose Goa without batting an eyelid…  click here
For the Nadia Rodrigues Linkedin profile.  click here

Debate: It’s up to the Defence Minister to save Dabolim

26 Apr: Herald. Hello and welcome to a very important debate on Herald. This debate essentially is on the land which is required for the Dabolim airport and for its various purposes… This debate has also been sparked off by the Defence Minister’s recent promise of giving parcels of defence land in Panjim to ensure that parking spaces are cleared up. But, having said that, there is a larger issue of parking in Dabolim, which is extremely critical. There are two aspects to it: one is land which is needed for parking - land which was ostensibly lost when a big parcel of land was denotified to one Bernard Costa… The other issue is also the expansion of the airport itself for various facilities…  click here

The Silence of the Lambs

26 Apr: Herald. Where are the politically angry voices of Salcete? The three independent MLA’s voted to power in the hype of a fresh non corrupt leadership have been acolytes of the BJP. This has been a blow to the trust of the people. The silence of Avertano Furtado, Benjamin Silva and Caitu Silva and Mickky Pacheco as the BJP in Delhi and in Goa continue to make anti-minority statements and take anti-minority decisions, has turned hope to irritation and now anger. Karsten Miranda maps the rising discontent …  click here

Dr Vikram Patel: The well-being warrior

26 Apr: The Hindu. Psychiatrist Dr Vikram Patel featured in this year’s Time’s Most Influential list. Dubbed the “Well-being Warrior” by the magazine, he is now counting on the next 365 days to get the most visibility for his crusade — mental health for all, made possible by all… Dr Patel, who today nods at this description, however, did not start off knowing that he would be spending his life helping people through the discipline of psychiatry. Growing up in Mumbai, he wanted to be a chef. It was only on the insistence of his family to steer towards the medical profession that he chose psychiatry — “a mix of medicine and society”…  click here

Five cops injured in trying to stop bullfight, 3 scribes in melee

26 Apr: Herald. Five policemen and three photojournalists of various publications were injured when the police tried to stop a bullfight at Davondem-Fatorda, on Saturday. The spectators started pelting stones at the police when the police tried to stop the bullfight and chase away the bystanders. Some of the spectators charged at one photojournalist Sagun Gawade and allegedly hit him on the head with a stone. They also snatched and smashed his camera worth Rs 70,000…  click here
Video: Goan Bull fight.  click here



In Memoriam: John Ferreira

Died April 26th, 2014. JOHN FERREIRA. “Those who have given of themselves to others are forever within the hearts of those they have touched.”
A tribute of love from his loving wife Gloria and sons Olavo, Clive, Patrick, Keith, Jude and families.
Jesus said : I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me although he be dead, shall live. John 11.25

News Summary

Rescue operation unearths child trafficking racket

26 Apr: Herald. The rescue of underprivileged juvenile boys from Kolhapur has exposed a child trafficking syndicate allegedly involving a British national, who unlawfully shifted gullible children to an unregistered shelter home at St Cruz. What’s shocking is that Panjim police let 55-year-old Timothy Geddes (photo) go scot free, though he was caught red-handed loitering with two boys in the capital, on March 16 and subsequently confessed to not possessing any documents which could prove their legal transfer to Goa. Eventually, four more boys were rescued from the home, among whom four are aged between 8 and years and two others are aged between 18 and 19 years. The conduct of local police has irked child rights activists who suspect paedophilia and questions are being raised on the Panjim police’s act of attempting to soften the case against the foreigner. …  click here
6 boys rescued from house rented by Brit … 26 Apr: Times of India….  click here
Kolhapur police register FIR, arrest 'trafficker-kidnapper' 26 Apr: DNA. After dna front-paged the disturbing story of how minor kids (between 9-14) from Kolhapur were illegally taken across the state border and kept with a foreigner in Goa, local police swung into action registering an FIR and arresting Emmanuel Gaikwad who 'trafficked' the children to Goa in July 2011… click here.

Cognizant CEO Francisco D’Souza earned $11 million in 2014

24 Apr: Economic Times. Francisco D'Souza, chief executive of US-based Cognizant Technology Solutions, took home a pay package of about $11 million in 2014, the same as in the previous year, following a muted performance that forced the company to hand out lower bonuses to top executives across the organisation… D'Souza, who has been with the company since its inception, holds about 1.38 million shares in Cognizant…  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Francisco D’Souza,  click here

New Event Announcement

Sun: 24 May. Margao Union UK will celebrate the Feast of the Patron of Margao, “ THE HOLY SPIRIT “ at St. John’s Hall, Bourne Hill, Palmers Green, N13 4DA - Mass at 12.30pm followed by a get-together. Music “NITELIFE”. Price including Snacks and Buffet £ 10.00. For details contact: Camilo- 020 8801 3637, Bella - 020 8372 1253/ 07949 233307, Rosalind- 020 8767 8652 & Xavy – 020 8803 5146/07507 950455. For the flyer,  click here

Indian Summer... Goa

25 Apr: Irish Independent. There’s more to India’s smallest state than sun, sea and sand. Margaret Scully goes beyond the beaches in glorious Goa … The tropical holiday state is famous for its stunning beaches — stretching from Arambol to Palolem — but there’s a lot more to it than sun, sea and sand. Venturing inland reveals a whole other world of beautiful scenery and culture. The road from Palolem to Old Goa gets off to a hilly (and nutty) start. Driver Jairam is pointing out the cashew plantations, where the local tipple ‘feni’ is made. As we motor through lush green scenery, he overtakes big trucks reeking of fish, and whole families riding on single small motorbikes. Indian road rules apply in Goa, which means no indicators and plenty of horn blowing. Cows amble anywhere they please. No one pays any notice…  click here

Amchem Noxib actress Rita Lobo feels flattered with accolades

25 Apr: Times of India. A 17-year-old teenager when she first acted in the super hit Konkani movie 'Amchem Noxib', Rita Lobo (now Landers) is now a 71-year-old senior citizen who is extremely flattered with all the accolades that she has received from her fans, including the Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) "Lifetime Contribution to Konkani Cinema Awards 2015" on Friday at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. In a candid chat with TOI, Rita divulged that she had initially refused the offer made to her to act in this movie by the film's producer Frank Fernand and director A Salam since being born in Mangalore on January 2, 1944, the Goan Konkani dialect vastly differed with that she spoke. It was the director who taught her Konkani as she did her scenes, she confides.  click here

Jersey cows 'may be beef source' in India's Maharashtra state

24 Apr: BBC. Jersey cows have been suggested as an alternative to India's locally-bred cattle as a food source for Muslims. It comes after new laws banning the killing of cattle and sale and consumption of beef were introduced in Maharashtra state last month. According to reports, the All India Milli Council, which represents Muslims, suggested the Channel Island dairy cow could be an alternative. But, the Indian government said every cow was sacred whatever its breed…  click here

Konkani film MMS to make its international debut

25 Apr: Herald. Making waves in its home state with 25 screenings so far, the much-talked about Konkani Film ‘MMS’ will now take its movie magic around India, the Middle East and Canada. The movie also owes it success to the three men behind it – Joywin Fernandes (Producer), Jerryton Dias (Director) and Savio Rodrigues (Distributor) … “It’s the first full-length Konkani feature film which is wholly created in Goa. A whodunit, the special effects are different and again a first time for a Konkani film. The storyline, which addresses both good and bad issues about modern day technology and how it is driving the social media, is making an impact on both kids and parents. A lot of people are curious about it. The movie has been attracting an almost full-house audience from the moment it hit the screens,” states Savio… “By September we will have four or six screenings in Canada, four in Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait respectively and two each in Doha and Muscat…
Video: Trailer of MMS,  click here

Nigel Farage: Indian and Australian

immigrants better than eastern Europeans 22 Apr: The Guardian. Nigel Farage has said he would prefer immigrants from India and Australia to eastern Europeans, despite previously claiming that his party would not want to discriminate against new arrivals by nationality. The Ukip leader indicated that he would prefer immigration from countries he said had the most similar cultures to the UK as he was grilled about his approach to immigration during the latest BBC Leader interview …  click here
Cut aid to foreign 'freaks' says Ukip candidate during school election debate. 25 Apr: Salisbury Journal. Salisbury’s Ukip parliamentary candidate described Russian, Indian and Chinese people as "freaks" in an attack on foreign aid at the Bishop Wordsworth's School hustings on Friday night…  click here

India restricts US charity Ford Foundation's funding
24 Apr: AFP. India has cracked down on the Ford Foundation, saying the US charity can no longer give money to local organisations without government permission, an official said Friday drawing expressions of concern from Washington. A home ministry order says the foundation has been placed on a "watch list" to ensure funds are used for "bona fide welfare activities without compromising on concerns of national interest and security"…  click here

Football: Gunners, Red Devils set to parade legends in Goa
State associations of Mumbai and Goa have been asked to start preparations to host Arsenal FC and Manchester United legends, which will include the likes of Thierry Henry, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville. Indo Global Foundation have asked the Western India Football Association (WIFA) and Goa Football Association (GFA) to make elaborate arrangements for two Masters Cup matches involving a clash between former players of English Premier League giants Manchester United and Arsenal… During their stay in India, the legends have also been asked to get involved in grassroot activities in Goa and Mumbai…  click here

Goa CM: Unfair to target Parrikar over absconding ex-Minister
25 Apr: PTI. Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar today said it was unfair to accuse Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar of harbouring controversial politician Fransisco Miccky Pacheco, who is on the run to avoid arrest in an assault case, and claimed it was a move to defame him. "To defame the Defence Minister in such a way is unfair. It has created embarrassment across the nation," he told reporters … Social activist and lawyer Aires Rodrigues had filed a petition in the lower court claiming Pacheco was seen at 10, Akbar Road, the official bungalow of Parrikar, a former Goa Chief Minister…  click here

Bishops seek end to provocative remarks against Christians
24 Apr: PTI. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of India today demanded that the Central and state governments initiate swift action to end "inflammatory and provocative statements" against Christians and alleged attacks on them and other minorities to ensure communal harmony. The Standing Committee Meeting of CBCI attended by 40 members, including cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops, here said that in recent times there had been an "escalation" of violence against Christians and other minorities together with "highly unwarranted" statements…  click here

Moira - culturally speaking!
25 Apr: Herald. A legendary village of the wise fools and ‘Mundollchim kellim’ (bananas), Moira has been home to a number of notable individuals particularly Dr Jack de Sequeira, Teotonio De Souza and Loretta D’Souza to name a few. Over the years, however, the village has been attracting a creative commune of people – artists, designers, photographers, writers – from all over India and even abroad to her folds. Her charm apparently lies in her peaceful and scenic environs, far from the madding crowd …  click here

Calangute attempts an ambitious return to 60s
25 Apr: Times of India. If there ever was such a thing as the 'great Goan picnic', it was during the 'Simla Beat Contest' on Calangute beach in the 1960s and early '70s… Joseph Sequeira, the Calangute panchayat member who thought of reviving the beat show tradition, remembers people coming in specially-hired buses from distant places and staying for days in rented rooms… The Simla Beat Contest later became the Four Square Beat Show and eventually faded away by the late 1970's…  click here


News Summary

UK: Suella Fernandes: Anger as campaign poster is targeted by graffiti vandals

23 Apr: Portsmouth News (UK). A campaign poster for a Tory candidate has had the words ‘millionaire barrister – no thanks’ scrawled on to it. The billboard is promoting the Fareham candidate Suella Fernandes, who hopes to take over from MP Mark Hoban at the election next month… It comes after Ms Fernandes was criticised by Ukip’s local candidate, Tom Davies. He said that he was ‘saddened’ to think that the Tories had picked Ms Fernandes ‘probably down to gender and ethnicity rather than her actual abilities’. The 34-year-old is a barrister who was born in London – her mother is originally from Mauritius and her father is from Kenya… Ms Fernandes said she was ‘deeply upset’ by the lies being spread about her… 417 words.  click here

Goa police rescue 11 care-home kids from Briton

25 Apr: Daily News & Analysis. The Goa police have rescued 11 children in the age group of 9-11 from the "care" of UK national Timothy Geddes. All these boys are from Kolhapur. These children were rescued on April 16 and are now in the custody of two NGO-run care homes… they came under the custody of Geddes in Goa from July 2014 onwards… Till Saturday, even the parents of the 11 children did not know about their wards' whereabouts … Though the Goa police have impounded Geddes' passport, he has not been detained so far… the children lived in a posh Bambolim house (photo) … Every room had wall-to-wall carpeting, gigantic TV screens and every bedroom had home theatre systems, apart from jacuzzis and tubs … The police are now exploring the paedophile angle based on descriptions of intimate interactions the children are providing … 930 words  click here

UK: Event Announcement

Sun: 3 May. Saligão Association (UK) would like to invite all its members and friends to celebrate the feast of Mãe de Deus at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Holy Mass celebrated by Bishop Paul Hendriks, will start promptly at 12.00 pm followed by the social event. Tickets include a meal and snacks: Members £13, Guests pound;15, Teens (11-17) £10.00, Children (2-10) £5.00. For tickets, call Sergio Coelho 0208 543 4681 amended or Marlene Vaz 020 8669 5838. For the flyer,  click here

Canada: Jordan de Souza: Choral society maestro bids farewell

23 Apr: Ottawa Citizen. Jordan de Souza certainly knows how to say a musical goodbye. On the stage of Southam Hall on Monday, the 26-year-old maestro will conduct the spectacular Verdi Requiem … The Montreal-based De Souza has been artistic director and principal conductor of the Ottawa choir since 2012… he is stepping down because his conducting schedule has become too busy and far flung, taking him across Canada and to Europe and the U.S. … he’ll be a musical rover, living wherever his music engagements take him. To top that, this summer he will marry soprano Jana Miller, who will travel with him, whenever she’s not performing… 904 words.  click here
1 Jan 2010. Goan Voice. One to Watch is not a bad title for Jordan de Souza… De Souza at 19 became the youngest player to be granted a fellowship from the Royal Canadian College of Organists, and with the highest marks… Scion of a musical family in Mississauga - his mother was a concert pianist in India and most of his six brothers are musicians - de Souza attended St. Michael's Choir School in Toronto … 353 words.  click here
For the Jordan De Souza website, click here.

Pacheco case: Activist now files police case against Manohar Parrikar

23 Apr: IBN. Social activist and lawyer Aires Rodrigues (photo), whose petition led to a court in Panaji to issue warrant for search of the official residence of Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, on Friday filed a police case against the former Goa chief minister for "harbouring" the absconding state minister Fransisco Miccky Pacheco. In a complaint filed with Colva police station under section 216 of IPC, Rodrigues said, "as per reliable information, the accused (Pacheco) is holed up at 10, Akbar Road (Delhi) and was being sheltered by Parrikar in his official bungalow." …  click here

In U.K. Election, British Indian Votes Are Crucial

24 Apr: The Wall Street Journal (Europe). … Minorities are a growing part of the 45 million-odd British voter base. In some neighborhoods, they could be a deciding factor for which party wins votes… Around 1.4 million people of Indian origin live in the U.K., according to the most-recent census conducted in 2011… British Indians, along with other minority communities in the U.K., have historically voted for the Labour party. In 2010, for instance, 61% of the Indian-origin votes went to Labour candidates in the general election… This year, the party has fielded 52 black and minority ethnic candidates, including 16 former members of Parliament standing for re-election … The Conservative party is fielding the highest-ever number of minority candidates in its history, at 45 candidates. This does not include 11 ethnic origin ministers who were serving in Parliament before election campaigning began … 689 words.  click here

Gay, Indian and Proud

24 Apr: Goa Streets. Just for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a young lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender man or woman in Goa. “Sometimes it is difficult to be just oneself whether around family members or in a circle of friends or at workplace. The ridicule never stops,” says Sandeep, a college student from Santa Cruz (I’m not using his real name or that of several others in this story to protect privacy)… Here in easy-going, fun-loving Goa, attitudes toward homosexuality are perhaps more relaxed than in much of the rest of India. And yet gays describe lives filled with hardship, cruelty and rejection…  click here

Selma Carvalho: Soaring Spirits – Book Review

24 Apr: Goa Streets. A review of the book 'Soaring Spirits: 450 years of Margao’s Espirito Santo Church.' Brave is perhaps a strange word to use when describing a book whose primary focus is the history of a church. But in the perilous times we live in, when Christians are so easily vilified, Faleiro writes with the defiance of a matador. He does not flinch from stating that the arrival of Christianity displaced indigenous Hindu settlements...By the turn of the 18th century, Margao had been thoroughly gentrified; the inhabitants of the largo, a curious mix of influential indigenous Goans, mestis (bi-racial) and descendentes (those who claim Portuguese ancestry)... The people they disenfranchised, and whose histories are beyond the purview of this book, were the sudhir mundkars .  click here

Why this silence, ask Christians

23 Apr: The Hindu, The government’s “silence” on the attacks on churches and Christian institutions in Agra and elsewhere in the country came in for sharp criticism at a dharna organised by the Uttar Pradesh Masihi Association here on Thursday. Christian leaders expressed anguish at the “consistent” and “selective” attacks. The unwillingness of the police to register first information reports left the community worried, they said…  click here

Video: Missionary schools, hospitals closed to protest attacks

23 Apr: WebIndia. Missionary schools and hospitals attached to them here and in ten districts were closed on Thursday to protest the repeated attacks on the Christian community and the recent vandalism at a church in Agra. Missionary office bearers said that despite an assurance by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, attacks have not stopped across the country leaving the community vulnerable. The Christian community also held a silent meeting earlier in the day and warned of intensifying the stir if adequate security was not provided to them and Christian properties…  click here

A Secret Ingredient That Makes Goan Food Taste So Good

23 Apr: NDTV. Sweet things in life are always welcome; it's a little mix of sourness that makes it an exciting, joyous ride. If there is a match made in heaven, I think it would definitely include 'sweet and sour'. The two distinct flavour profiles in the culinary world have contributed to creating some of the most spectacular dishes of all time. While there are various ingredients that are used to build on these flavours, there's a particular one that has always caught my fancy - vinegar, the souring agent…  click here



Death: Belarmina Vas

19 Apr: Bexleyheath, UK. BELARMINA VAS. Aged 88. Ex Entebbe Uganda. Passed away peacefully. Cherished and loved wife of the late Jose Vas. Loving mother to Ronney (Kate), Lorraine (Danny), Gerson (Flavia), and Sharon (Trevor). Will be missed by her 9 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Sister to the late Julie, late Filu, Lucy, late Joe and late Olga. The funeral will be on the 8th May 2015, mass at 11:30am at St. Thomas More RC Church, 420a Long Lane, Bexleyheath, DA7 5JW. Burial at Hillview Cemetry, Wickham Street, Welling, DA16 3NL. Reception at St Thomas More RC Church Hall. For those who wish, in lieu of flowers, donations will be collected for Alzheimer’s Society & Kidney Research UK. Friends may call at P.L. Mulligan, Bexleyheath, to pay final respects to Bella. Please call them on 020 8304 6196 to arrange a convenient date and time. Condolences to

News Summary

Goan photographer bags 2nd place in world’s biggest event

24 Apr: Herald. Goan photographer Nadia Dias was awarded the second prize at the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA) - the world’s largest photography competition - in London on Thursday night. She won in the professional travel category for her series ‘Colours of the slum’, which was selected from a record-breaking 173,444 images from 171 countries. As the second prize winner, she will have her series displayed at the 2015 SWPA Exhibition at Somerset House, London, and the photographs will be published in the 2015 edition of the awards’ book. She was born in Goa in 1984 …  click here
The Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition runs in London, 24th Apr 2015 to 10 May. Details at  click here
Nadia Dias is based in Paris. For her website with samples of her work, click here.

Canada: LandSolutions Appoints Hector Jacques To Advisory Board

22 Apr: The Daily Oil Bulletin. LandSolutions Appoints Richard Pinder, Hector Jacques To Advisory Board. Hector Jacques joins the board with extensive experience in professional services, as founding partner of the environmental engineering firm Jacques Whitford. Under his guidance as CEO, the firm grew to 45 offices across North America and internationally with more than 1,700 highly trained professionals worldwide. Jacques is an officer of the Order of Canada, and holds an M.Eng, D.Comm, P.Eng, FEIC, and D.Law (Hon.)…  click here
LandSolution: Hector J Jacques, O.C., M.Eng. D.Comm. (Hon), P.Eng. FEIC, D. Law (hon). Mr. Jacques is a charismatic leader with a passion for helping companies achieve best-in-class people, services and products. He is a visionary with a hands-on approach to delivering his ideas. Mr. Jacques shares our values and commitment to attracting, retaining and supporting top talent to continue to differentiate our business as we move into the next phase of our strategic plan…  click here
Hector Jacques was raised in Goa. His parents came from Divar. Grandfather was the late Cosme Mathias Menezes, the founder of the CMM organisation. For a Goan Voice profile of him, click here.

"You Are Criminals, Get Out"

22 Apr: Outlook. We want to encourage tourism, but Indian Immigration is sometimes heartless and ridiculous. My wife and I got home on March 31, 2015, after a truly wonderful two-week cruise on which my wife had been invited to lecture. We started in Singapore, went on to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and ended in Mumbai. In each port of call, irrespective of country, immigration was seamless, with the authorities coming on board early, stamping the passports of all the 300 passengers and the ship delivering ones landing card to one's cabin, (as one ate breakfast). Effortless, easy, allowing one to go ashore at will, in any country visited, with only the ship's ID card. The only downside was when we reached India. It is hard to understand, let alone explain, where our wonderful country is going. To say, we are a ridiculous country, is of course, simplistic…  click here

Extremist Hindus break into India Catholic schools, demand closure

23 Apr: Ecumenical News. Police in Hazaribagh City have arrested 16 people in connection with the attacks, described by Christian leaders as proof that Hindu extremists are striving to rid Jharkhand state of missionary-run schools. Deputy superintendent Arvind Kumar Singh identified suspects as members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student wing of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)… The students stormed the Holy Cross School and St. Xavier School during the attacks, which took place one after the other…  click here
Christians, Muslims and Sikhs come together, hold protest. 23 Apr: Indian Express. In a rare display of solidarity, leaders from Christian, Muslim and the Sikh communities in Lucknow came together on Thursday to protest against the recent surge in attacks against minority communities across the country. Over a hundred Christian schools in 10 districts around Lucknow remained closed on Thursday, apart from OPDs of a few hospitals — including Fatima and St Joseph — in a protest called by Uttar Pradesh Masihi Association (UPMA) following vandalism at a church in Agra last week…  click here

Air tax cut: 20 of the best long-haul holidays for 2015/16
22 Apr: The Daily Telegraph (UK). With the cost of long-haul family holidays about to fall, Sophie Butler picks 20 of the best options … 4. Eco retreat in northern Goa: The long palm-lined white-sand beaches on India’s west coast are another excellent destination for good-value winter sun. The Yab Yum Resort offers grass-roofed “domes” sleeping up to four. There’s a children’s paddling pool, toys and yoga classes for parents. From around £1,230 for December departures (book accommodation through and see for flight options)…  click here

Hearing on search warrant for Parrikar's residence adjourned
23 Apr: IANS. A court in Goa on Thursday adjourned till April 27 the hearing related to the stay on a warrant issued by a trial court to search the official residence of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in New Delhi for a convicted former Goa minister who has been missing for over a fortnight… Judge Sawaikar adjourned the hearing on Thursday, after the petitioner, lawyer-activist Aires Rodrigues informed the court in writing that he had information that Pacheco was "hiding at 10 Akbar Road". When the hearing resumes on April 27, the court is expected to hear arguments from the prosecution, which had sought stay on the search warrant …  click here
'Missing ex-Goa minister may have gone abroad' 23 Apr: IANS. A day after a trial court issued a warrant to search Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar's official residence in Delhi for "missing" convicted ex-Goa minister Francisco Pacheco, Art and Culture Minister Dayanand Mandrekar on Thursday suggested that Pacheco may have slipped outside Goa or escaped abroad…  click here
Searching Parrikar’s house will embarrass nation’ 24 Apr: PTI. … Additional Public Prosecutor Mahesh Amonkar, appearing on behalf of the state told the court that “such a warrant would be embarrassment to the Defence Minister, the Prime Minister and the nation.” … click here.

Portugal, Goa politicos to kick start ties
24 Apr: Times of India. Parliamentarians from Portugal and members of the legislative assembly in Goa will battle it out on the football pitch at Fatorda stadium in Margao next week in a friendly match expected to strengthen ties between Portugal and Goa. The Portuguese delegation consisting of parliamentarians from the Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Party along with staff from the Portuguese parliament will be visiting the state on April 28 and will participate in a series of football and basketball matches at Fatorda stadium and Don Bosco Oratory, Panaji…  click here

UK Forthcoming Events

Sat. 2nd May. Cortalim Union (UK) celebrates the feast of St Philip & St James at St Anne's School, 6 Oakthorpe Road, London N13 5TY. Holy Mass at 2.00 pm followed by social with music by 'Mercury Blues'. Tickets (including snacks & meal) -Adults £12.00 till 12th April 2015, thereafter £15.00, Children £7.00 (3-10 years). For tickets and details, please contact:- Georgina Gomes - Tel no: 07974 289640, Tino Goes - Tel no: 07821 900490, Ligor D'Mello - Tel no: 07821 645317, Laurent Gomes - Tel no: 07440 710743, Agnelo D'Mello - Tel no: 07925 602691. For the flyer, click here.

Sun: 3 May. Saligão Association (UK) would like to invite all its members and friends to celebrate the feast of Mãe de Deus at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Holy Mass celebrated by Bishop Paul Hendriks, will start promptly at 12.00 pm followed by the social event. Tickets include a meal and snacks: Members £13, Guests £15, Teens (11-17) £10.00, Children (2-10) £5.00. For tickets, call Sergio Coelho 020 8643 9675 or Marlene Vaz 020 8669 5838. For further details click here

Sun 3rd May: Santa Cruz Goan Association (UK) celebrates the Feast of Holy Cross at Holy Rood Church, Swindon at 3.30pm followed by Dine & Dance from 6pm to 11pm. Featuring live music by Shine Band at Punjabi Sikh Community Hall, Kembrey Street, Swindon, Wiltshire Sn2 8AZ. For tickets and details contact Jose Pereira (07541243010), Hilario Do Rego (07511135841), Agostinho de Braganca (077078931219), Francisco de Araujo (Hachik) (07541224920), Albano Lourenco (07522393807), Mickey Serrao (07448339208). For the flyer, click here.

Sat. 16 May: 4:30pm. Colva Union UK. Notice of Annual General Meeting. Venue: Pope John Centre. Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church, 5 The Green, Heston Road, Heston, Middx TW5 0RL. Agenda: 1.Approve minutes of the last AGM. 2. Approve accounts for last year. 3. Elections of new committee members. 4. Discuss 2015/16 – Calendar of events. 5. Planning of 42nd Anniversary Celebrations. 6. Discuss Christ the King Statue in Colva Goa matters. 7. Any other matters that May Arise. We look forward to villagers of Colva Goa in attending this AGM. To confirm your attendance and also for membership details please contact our President, Gabriel Fernandes at Please also visit our Facebook website: Colvaunionuk Goa. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 24 May. 13.30 hrs . G.O.A. (UK). A Day with Our Lady of Fatima at St. Boniface Catholic Church, 185 Mitcham Road, Tooting, London. SW17 9PG. Holy Mass is being offered for the Goan Community followed by Rosary, Benediction and Consecration to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the presence of one of the four statues of Our Lady of Fatima, blest by Pope Pius X. After the prayer service there will be an opportunity to spend some time in the presence of Our Lady in the Hall where there will also be religious items and refreshments for sale. For further details, please call Juliette on 07958 537314 or email

Sun, 14 June Siolim Union (London) invites you to celebrate the 35th Anniversary Feast of St. Anthony of Padua at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon, Surrey CR9 3AS. Holy Mass at 12.00 noon prompt followed by dancing to the music of 'Maz & Co' and 'Nite Life'. Tickets including snack & Goan meal, Members £13.00 Guests £14.00. For tickets contact Tony Fernandes Tel: 020 8540 3566, Loretta Fernandes Tel: 020 8330 9307 or Wendy Fernandes Tel: 020 8768 0545. For the flyer, click here.

For Later Events See


FILM: Kali Salwaar. Channel 4. Monday 27th Apr. 01.20 - 03.25. A portrait of urban life, the drama tells of the hopefuls who arrive in Mumbai from across small-town India, trying to make their fortune. But they soon discover life is tough in the city and are pushed towards living at the margins of society.

DOCUMENTARY: True Horror with Anthony Head. Discovery History Channel. Tuesday 28th Apr. 23:00 to 00:00
Demons. The Catholic Church still believes in diabolical possession and in exorcisms. Anthony meets the priests that believe in demons, and psychiatrists that don't - who is right?

COOKERY: The Hairy Bikers' Best of British. Good Food. Wednesday 29th Apr. 19:00 to 20:00. Food and the Empire. The Bikers explore the impact Britain's colonial past has on food, from chai in bread and butter pudding to India pale ale in sausage casserole.

TECHNOLOGY: How Do They Do It? Discovery Science. Wednesday 29th Apr. 19:00 to 19:30. How do they craft a classic Indian instrument, the Sitar? How do they make beef biltong? And how do they build monster bulldozers?

TRAVEL: Tough Trains. Travel Channel. Saturday 30th May. 16:00 to 17:00. India's Independence Railroads. Zay Harding takes an epic journey across one of the world's biggest railway networks.

COOKERY: Food. Discovery Science. Thursday 30th Apr. 06:00 to 06:30. Chee Cha Sambur. Discover how an Indian vegetable stew, light and airy crunchy Mexican puffs, a chocolaty cheesy Russian treat, and classic sugary gumdrops get to the masses.

FILM: Pukar . Sony MAX Channel. Friday 1st May. 03:00 to 06:00. A group of revolutionaries are wanted by the Portuguese administration as they are fighting to bring independence to Goa and its territories. Director: Sohrab Modi. Starring: Sohrab Modi, Chandra Mohan, Naseem Banu, Sheela, Sardar Akhtar, Sadik Ali. (1983, Black and White, PG)



Funeral details: Maria D’Cruz

16 Apr: Mississauga, Ont. Canada. MARIA FLORA OPHELIA D’CRUZ. Born: May 25, 1931. Passed away peacefully, at the Mississauga Trillium Hospital. Cherished and loved wife of the late Vincent Xavier D’Cruz. Loving mother to Evelyn, Alan (Helen), Eileen (Errol). Devoted Grandma to Shirley (Houssam) and Alexander. Friends may call at the Turner & Porter "Peel" Chapel, 2180 Hurontario St., Mississauga from 2-4 and 6-9 p.m. on Friday April 24, 2015. Funeral Mass will be held at St. Martha and Mary’s Church 1870 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Mississauga, ON L4X 2S5, on Saturday April 25, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. followed by a reception at the church hall. For those who wish, in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation or the Canadian Diabetes Association. Condolences to be sent to:

Death: Zacarina (Zac) DeCruz

21 Apr: Ruislip, London. ZACARINA (ZAC) DECRUZ. Ex-Reading. UK / ex-Uganda. Loving wife of Ozzie, beloved mother of Carol, Savio/Ann DeCruz, Audra/Anthony Linklater. Daughter of late Mr & Mrs N.A.P. D’Souza (ex-Uganda, Guirim-Goa). Loving sister of Anthony/Vira (Guirim-Goa), late Joaquim (Uganda), late John/Lucy (London), Sheila/Chris Britto (London), Dominic/Philomena and Diego (Guirim-Goa). She will be sadly missed by her 9 grandchildren and her nephews, nieces and friends. Zac died peacefully in London after a long illness. Funeral to be held on 6th May. Donations as an alternative to floral tributes will go to the Renal Unit Hammersmith Hospital/ Diabetes UK which will be very much appreciated. Condolences to or

Death: Lucy Rodrigues

22 Apr: Fremont, California. LUCY JULIE RODRIGUES. Born in 1928 in Goa. Ex: Frere Street, Saddar, Karachi, moving to California in 1990, Lucy’s marriage to the late Eusebius Rodrigues produced two children. Her daughter, Colette, is married to Stephen Castellino and they have two children ( Duncan and Erwin ); and her son, Clement, was married to the late Maria with one daughter ( Annamarie ). Lucy also had two great-grandchildren ( Evan and Leah ) from Duncan and Genie Castellino. Visitation and rosary is Sunday at 3pm at the Chapel of the Angels (Berge, Pappas, Smith), 40842 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA. Tel: 510-656-1226. Funeral service is Monday at 11am at St. Joseph’s Church, Mission San Jose, Fremont, CA. [info: Pompie Gois]

News Summary

Mikky Pacheco case: Court issues warrant to search Parrikar's Delhi residence

22 Apr: First Post. … "The order does not mention name of Parrikar but the address is that of his," said social activist and lawyer Aires Rodrigues (photo) who had petitioned the court against delay by police in tracking down Pacheco. The order came after Rodrigues submitted to the court that there was "information" that Pacheco was "hiding" at 10 Akbar Road…  click here
Mickky Pacheco hunt order stayed 23 Apr: Times of India. …By 11pm the JMFC's search warrant order was stayed by the judge of the additional sessions court, Margao … Advocate general Atmaram Nadkarni said, "This is unheard of; it's a completely obnoxious order. The order was issued without production of any hard proof about the hiding place," said Nadkarni… Remarking that "harbouring an offender is a cognizable offence under Section 216 of the IPC", Rodrigues reiterated that "the prosecution and police are colluding with Pacheco instead of diligently executing the arrest warrant and have, in connivance and collusion, been shielding the convict Pacheco in total disrespect and contempt of court"…  click here

Goan-origin Antonio Lopes in fray for Swindon’s council election

23 Apr: Herald. Antonio Lopes, a Goan from Goa-Velha is a candidate for the local council elections in Swindon, UK, for the Liberal Democratic Party. He has been living in England for the last 25 years, the last 10 years of which have been in Swindon with his family … Antonio believes that there are many ways the Council of Swindon can help the Goan community grow even more as there are many resources available through the council which can benefit the community … Antonio has asked the support of all Goans by casting their votes for him on May 7 … a Goan talent hunt contest called, Goan Super Star is being organised on May 12, in Swindon, supported by Antonio Lopes.  click here
Swindon Advertiser: Council elections 2015. Antonio Benjamino Lopes. Antonio Lopes, aged 51, is married with two children and has lived in the Central ward for the last 10 years. Antonio originally comes from Goa and is a leading member of the Swindon Goan Association… He says, “fighting for all our community and all its people and this is why I am standing”  click here

Selma Carvalho: Far away places to call home

21 Apr. Times of India. Selma Carvalho looks at Goan voting patterns in Britain and asks if Goans will vote Labour or Conservative. She writes: There are no statistics to validate a voting pattern for Goans but according to Flavio Gracias, a former long-term President of the Goan Association (UK), traditionally Goans tend to vote Labour. Very few Goans owned businesses when they arrived from East Africa in the ‘sixties, so there was little incentive to vote for business-friendly Conservatives.' 800 words.  click here

UK New Event Announcement: Colva Union UK: AGM

Sat. 16 May: 4:30pm. Colva Union UK. Notice of Annual General Meeting. Venue: Pope John Centre. Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church, 5 The Green, Heston Road, Heston, Middx TW5 0RL. Agenda: 1.Approve minutes of the last AGM. 2. Approve accounts for last year. 3. Elections of new committee members. 4. Discuss 2015/16 – Calendar of events. 5. Planning of 42nd Anniversary Celebrations. 6. Discuss Christ the King Statue in Colva Goa matters. 7. Any other matters that May Arise. We look forward to villagers of Colva Goa in attending this AGM. To confirm your attendance and also for membership details please contact our President, Gabriel Fernandes at Please also visit our Facebook website: Colvaunionuk Goa
Photo shows some of the attendees at the 2014 AGM. For the flyer,  click here

20 years of linking Goa to Portugal

22 Apr: Herald. Playing a stellar role in promoting cultural relations between Portugal and India through a series of activities, the Fundação Oriente now marks their 20th year in India (Goa). Director, Eduardo Kol de Carvalho takes Café down memory lane … When Lisbon opened its museum dedicated to the orient – Fundação Oriente in 1988, Goa was invariably its first choice to set up base in India. On April 19, 1995, this became a reality with the inaugural session of the Delegation of Fundação Oriente in India at its present premises at Fontainhas, Panjim…  click here

Football: Mariano Barreto confirms Ethiopia exit

21 Apr: SuperSport. Ethiopia coach Mariano Barreto has acknowledged the termination of his contract saying it was for the good of both parties. Speaking exclusively to Mariano alluded to the fact that he gave his best and the fact that his family was far away it was hard for him to continue with his tenure. "I can confirm to you that my contract was terminated on mutual consent with the federation. I Think that this the best for both parties because I was alone in Ethiopia and missed my family a lot." …  click here
From Wikipedia: Mariano Barreto was born 18 January 1957 at Ribandar, Goa …  click here

Vikram Patel: ‘I express my activist streak through my work’

23 Apr: Times of India. By Newton Sequeira. Noted psychiatrist Dr Vikram Patel wears lightly the title of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world, something borne by the fact that he chose to forgo a black-tie gala in New York, instead keeping a prior commitment at Sangath in Goa. "I thought it (an email informing him about his inclusion in Time's list) was a spam email and so I sent it to my press office in London and within 10 minutes they got back to me saying that it was for real," Patel tells TOI at his home in Brittona… Despite working in London and staying in Delhi, it is Goa that he calls home…  click here

5 ways to discover Goan food beyond beach shacks

22 Apr: Happy Trips. Had enough of the middling food served at most beach shacks? It's time to discover what Goan food is really about. The region's cuisine is a melange of Konkan, Portuguese and Arabic influences. While Goa's two major communities—Hindus and Catholics—both make liberal use of spices and seafood, Catholics use coconut vinegar, beef and pork—ingredients introduced by the Portuguese. The colonisers also introduced bread-making techniques and foodstuffs brought from other international colonies such as chilli, cashew nut, guava, pineapple, tomato and potato. Their dishes were given local twists: for instance, the spicy vinegar-infused vindaloo is a Goan version of a Portuguese meat stew cooked with garlic and wine (vinho e alhos). Here are five ways to discover how locals use spices and fresh produce to create mouth-watering dishes…  click here

UK: Indian Deputy High Commissioner sees new visa and consular services centre in Cardiff
20 Apr: Wales Online. India’s Deputy High Commissioner has visited Cardiff to see the new visa application centre that has been opened in the capital. Since March applicants for visas have been required to book online before submitting their applications in person at Visa Application Centres. The application centre will also be the place to go for consular services… photos  click here

Goan designer Wendell Rodricks' creation heads to New York
23 Apr: Business Standard. Indian fashion designer Wendell Rodricks' 30 metre net panels, built on a silver lycra swimsuit, has made its way to a New York museum. Valerie Steele, director and author at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and curators Ariele Elia and Elizabeth Way picked out Rodricks' gown constructed on a swimsuit, to be included in the Global Fashion Capitals exhibition that opens in New York on June 3…  click here

Now, NGO threatens to approach Home Minister
21 Apr: Herald. Non-governmental organisation Generation Next, after exposing alleged corruption at the Police Training School (PTS), Valpoi on Monday, threatened to put the matter before the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The warning comes a day after Herald highlighted how police trainees at PTS have to bribe the instructors to avoid harassment…  click here

Cashew Apple Farmers Wake Up to Synthesize Liquor 'Feni'
23 Apr: New Indian express. A tippler, a college student and an adult plagued with mid-life crisis walks into a bar. What do they order? A bottle of Feni. To understand the punch line of this Goan-origin joke, one needs a satirical insight into the coastal state’s attraction as a bachelor paradise, and the knowledge that the liquor brands identified as ‘Feni’, synthesised from cashew apples or coconuts, are exclusive to Goa…  click here

Taking Mumbai Street Food Off the Streets
23 Apr: Wall Street Journal. In London, Dishoom Covent Garden, which is modelled on the traditional cafes of Bombay, recently ranked top in a search for Britain’s best restaurant … It serves vada pav with a sprinkle of red masala to taste and bhel … The latest eatery in Mumbai to bring street food in off the streets is the Bombay Canteen … The menu is designed by Floyd Cardoz … We picked the devilled eggs flavoured with a piquant Goan curry masala ... the pav is scooped out and filled with a broad bean, spinach and Goan chorizo sausage stew… One of our favorites was the Pork Vindaloo Taco…  click here

Coconut Vinegar and Goan Food
23 Apr: NDTV. …Goan cuisine is a flavourful exhibition of cultures, with the Portuguese influence evidently taking a strong hold. It is believed that the Portuguese were the ones to have introduced vinegar to the Goans. Till today, you will find a number of dishes being prepared with the souring agent, especially among the Christian community… Toddy vinegar or coconut vinegar goes into making delectable Goan delights like Xacuti and Vindaloo. It is also used in producing an alcoholic drink known as coconut feni. The vinegar is obtained from coconut sap by clipping the stems that contain coconut flowers as well as maturing coconut fruits. The sap is accumulated in large quantities and is allowed to ferment for four to six months…  click here


News Summary

Pablo Bartholomew: The Goa heritage in Lisbon

21 Apr: Jornal I (Portugal). Pablo Bartholomew, the Goan photographer, three times winner of the World Press Photo, is in Portugal to document the Goan community that immigrated in the 60’s and 70’s. At 15, Pablo Bartholomew was expelled from school he attended in New Delhi… Over the next three months he will photograph the Goan community that immigrated to Portugal in 1961 … The project will be developing in Lisbon, a continuation of "The Indian émigrés" series, which began in the United States, is not new… "I started it in 1987”, he says… He has so far covered France and Leicester … 744 words. Text in Portuguese - for a machine translation, click here.
For the Portuguese original, click here.
For the Wikipedia profile of Pablo Bartholomew,  click here
For the Pablo Bartholomew website with samples of his work, click here.

Indian court rules every monkey and dog bite victim must be paid £2,000 compensation

21 Apr: Daily Telegraph (UK). By Dean Nelson. India's so called 'monkey-menace' is set to become a public finance crisis after a high court ruled all victims of simian and canine attacks must be paid £2,000 in compensation – more than two years' wages for millions of Indians. The order was made amid an increase in attacks by monkeys and stray dogs on pedestrians in India's towns and cities … The government's "only obligation is to pick up stray dogs, sterilise them ... they are required to have a dog shelter, but there is a scarcity of space in the hills. It's a national issue, a conflict of interest, between animal rights and human rights, which should prevail?  click here

Indian police arrest 16 after attack on Christian schools

21 Apr: UCAN. Christians see a growing trend of harassment of minority-run institutions in Jharkhand state. In a photo provided by Holy Cross school officials, Sr Clerita De Mello (with folded hands) pleads with activists to leave her office … Police have arrested 16 people after roughly 60 slogan-shouting Hindu hardliners barged into two Catholic schools in eastern India Tuesday. Christian leaders say the attack is evidence of a mounting fundamentalist campaign against missionary-run schools in Jharkhand state… Sr Clerita De Mello, principal of the Holy Cross School, told the attackers carried ABVP flags and also shouted slogans against Christians and missionaries as they surged into her office…  click here

Changes to visa process for applicants travelling to UK for more than 6 months

15 Apr: From today 15 April 2015 Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) for non-EEA nationals travelling to live in the UK for more than six months will begin to be issued to visa applicants in India. The changes will affect those applying to join family in the UK, as well as students and workers applying for a longer stay visa… The change will only affect non-EEA nationals travelling to the UK for more than six months, such as those applying for a Tier 4 student visa, employment visa or to join family in the UK. If you are applying to go on holiday or on a short business or study trip, using a visit visa, you will not need a BRP…  click here

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort launches in Goa

20 Apr: Times of India. Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa, the anticipated Hollywood themed resort located on the Uttorda Beach in South Goa, opened its gate with a celebrity studded affair last week… Spread across 10 acres of land, Planet Hollywood is an upscale property with each room comprising one-of-a-kind Hollywood memorabilia and amenities… 25 photos.  click here

Crisis for India's orphans as adoption rates plummet by 50 per cent

20 Apr: Daily Mail India. Abandoned by their parents and now neglected by governments — there is no end to the suffering of over 50,000 orphans in India. The adoption rate within the country as well as those by foreign nationals in India has gone down by nearly 50 per cent in the last five years… states like Goa have recorded an abysmally low number of child adoption …  click here

SJ Villas Introduces New Luxury Beachhouse in Goa

21 Apr: Superyachts. SJ Villas, who have a dazzling portfolio of properties dotted around the world, have just added another to their roster: a beautiful beachhouse in Goa … the newly built Redi House sleeps eight and is set among traditional village houses with a small path leading directly onto a deserted beach… Goan-based, international interior designer, Alice von Baum, has used locally sourced materials throughout … Prices start from $1,250 per night …  click here

Land grabbing in Britona: Expat
22 Apr: Times of India. Expats might want to constantly keep tabs on their assets in Goa to avoid getting fraudulently stripped of their property. Candolim resident Querobino D'Souza has alleged that some persons has illegally encroached on his ancestral land in Britona and demolished their 350 sqm house to construct a building in the premises. "I have written to the block development officer of the village panchayat of Penha de Franca and have also filed an FIR with the Porvorim police station in this matter," he said. D'Souza, who had been living overseas for nearly 20 years, had moved back to Goa three years ago and has been staying in Candolim since then…  click here

Probe Goa minister swiftly re NRI Suicide: Congress
21 Apr: IANS. The Congress here on Tuesday demanded a priority probe into an SMS circulating in Goa about an unidentified state cabinet minister's alleged involvement in the suicide of an NRI man. According to the widely circulated SMS, a state cabinet minister sexually exploited a woman. On learning about this, the woman's husband, an NRI, allegedly committed suicide…  click here

AirAsia to offer cheap fares from New Delhi
21 Apr: NDTV. No-frills carrier AirAsia India on Monday announced plans to launch flights to the New Delhi, which would serve as its hub for the north India market. The carrier also announced a special scheme for these new routes, offering fares from as low as Rs 1/km… The carrier has offered an all-inclusive fare as low as Rs 1,700 for the New Delhi-Goa sector. The booking for this Rs 1/km offer is open till April 26 and is applicable on travel between May 21, 2015, and May 31, 2016…  click here

Centre to seed fund convention centre in Goa, says Parrikar
21 Apr: PTI. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said here today that the Union government would provide the seed capital to construct a convention centre in Goa. "The state-run Economic Development Corporation (EDC) can be an agency which will control the finance for the project," Parrikar said during his visit to Goa… He said private parties could be roped in to invest in the convention centre which is a Rs 1,000 crore project… the Goa state government has already identified land at Dona Paula to set up the convention centre.  click here

With no fear, this Goan doctor treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone
21 Apr: Times of India. While he was accustomed to unusual assignments since he joined Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF) India, an international medical humanitarian organization in June 2009, a five week stay in Sierra Leone treating Ebola patients will have no parallel for Goan doctor, Alan de Lima Pereira. The 28-year-old doctor, who is an alumnus of Goa medical college (GMC), says though his five-week-long stay in Magburaka serving at MSF's unit for treatment of Ebola patients was most challenging, he didn't regret his decision nor experience an iota of fear, as he served Ebola patients…  click here

Goa’s drug pie sliced up between foreign, local gangs
22 Apr: Times of India. Bollywood flicks featuring Goa's drug scene often show a single don running a state-wide cartel. In reality, the drug business in Goa is sliced up and run by small gangs, including those comprising of and run by foreigners. Several Russians, Israelis and Nigerians are heavily involved in the drug business in India's smallest state. Sources reveal that there are also individual players who are British, French, Italian, Portuguese and from other European countries. Some have been visiting the state for over two decades and have their fixed international and local clientele…1178 words.  click here

Weekly Weather & Exchange Rates
22 Apr: Goa Met.. Weather: Max = 34.5. Min = 27.4. Rainfall: NIL
For the Meteorological Office (UK) Five day forecast for Goa, click here.
Exchange rates (Xcom): £ = 94.13; $ = 62.92; $Can =51.44; Euro = 67.67; $Aus= 48.97.

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