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Death and Funeral notice: Ida Moraes. Goa. Ex-Nairobi

15 May. Ida Moraes died peacefully. Born in Goa, she lived her early life in Nairobi, before moving to the UK. Daughter of the late Antonio Francisco and Auta Collaço, and sister of the late Sophia Fernandes. Wife of the late Simon Moraes. Treasured and profoundly missed mother to Francis and Yolanda. Loving Aunt to Hilary, Maria, the late Anthony, Elizabeth, Gregory, Ronald and Bernadet. The funeral will take place on Tuesday 4 June at 12pm at St. Mary's Catholic Church, 70 Wellesley Road, CR0 2AR. Light refreshments will be served. Service will be streamed on - Followed by a burial at Sutton Cemetery, A17 Alcorn Close, SM3 9PX. Parking available at Whitgift Centre Car Park, 2 N End, Croydon CR9 1SB. For condolences and funeral attendance RSVP to:

News Summary

Announcement: Michelle Mendonca Bambawale in conversation with Selma Carvalho
30 May. Michelle Mendonca Bambawale author of the well-received book "Becoming Goan" published by Penguim India will be in conversation with Selma Carvalho author of several books on the Goan diaspora. Discussions will focus on issues of Goan identity and the challenges facing Goa. Event will take place at Nehru Centre London, 8 South Audley Street London W1K 1HF on 30 May. Doors open at 6pm. Event starts at 6:45pm. To read about the book.  click here

Portuguese ambassador to India reflects on Portuguese Carnation Revolution
19 May. Sunday Guardian. The Carnation Revolution brought to an end decades of Salazar's dictatorship. Portugal’s ambassador to India, João Manuel Mendes Ribeiro de Almeida, shares a personal reflection on the country’s revolutionary era. Recalling his youth, he describes the contagious joy within his family, despite their political differences. Through his words, Ambassador Almeida dispels the misconception that only leftists opposed the dictatorship, highlighting a collective yearning for change. “I was quite young at that time,” the ambassador recalls, “I only remember the contagious joy of my family, especially on my mother’s side, as my father’s family was more conservative. However, they also fought against the dictatorship. In Portugal, everyone fought against the dictatorship.”  click here

LemFi Financial Services available from Canada, UK to India
23 May. Goa Chronicle. LemFi, a leading fintech platform transforming financial services for immigrants, today announced that its international payment services are now available from Canada and the United Kingdom to India and will be available from the US to India later this year. LemFi offers instant international transfers at the best exchange rates with zero fees on transfers or account maintenance. “We are very excited to launch the new India service which will enable the Indian diaspora in the US, UK and Canada to send instant remittances to their loved ones back home with zero transfer fees and unbeatable exchange rates,” said Philip Daniel, Head of Global Expansion & India, LemFi.  For further details click here

Goa's automated coconut plucking device gets patent
24 May. Times of India. A device named 'Cocobot' designed specifically to assist with coconut harvesting in Goa, is now patented. The device is the brain-child of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research which collaborated with Goa University on this project. Not only are traditional padkars disappearing but the occupation is a hazardous one. Cocobot can be remotely controlled, and it is equipped with and robotic arm and a camera-eye.  click here

New visa rules for Dubai
24 May. The Goan. Dubai has instituted new visa rules which require applicants to show proof of address, a return ticket and AED 3000 in cash or credit. This is to ensure travellers are capable of fending for themselves while in Dubai. Several people who have failed to comply have found themselves denied boarding at Indian airports or refused entry upon arrival in Dubai.  click here

Pope clears way for young boy to become saint
23 May. BBC UK. A London-born teenager - whose proficiency at spreading the teachings of the Catholic church online led to him being called "God's influencer" - is set to become a saint. Carlo Acutis died in 2006, at the age of 15, meaning he would be the first millennial - a person born in the early 1980s to late 1990s - to be canonised. It follows Pope Francis attributing a second miracle to him. It involved the healing of university student in Florence who had bleeding on the brain after suffering head trauma.  For further details click here

Environmental Watch: Objection to lantern festival near turtle nesting
23 May. One India. In a recent development, the proposed Lantern Festival, also known as Glow Fest, scheduled for May 25 at Morjim Beach in North Goa, has faced opposition from both the state forest and tourism departments. Morjim Beach, recognized as a crucial turtle nesting site, is under scrutiny due to concerns over the potential ecological impact of the festival. The event, organized by private entities, promises an evening of lantern lighting, live music, dance performances, and various activities which can potentially upset the delicate balance of the nesting phase. The State Tourism Department has stated the festival was planned without relevant permissions and anything that upsets the delicate ecological balance of the site will not be permitted.  click here


News Summary

Borges in Nairobi meeting acknowledges children as agents of change
14 May. Herald. Peter F. Borges, chairperson of Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights and the Founder of the Human Touch Foundation, speaking at the recent 2024 UN Civil Society Conference at Nairobi, Kenya, stressed the importance of children as agents of change, and the role they play in widening multiculturism and diversity. The event aimed to advance the Summit of the Future, shaping an inclusive, sustainable, and secure future for all.  For further details click here

Incidents of stray dogs attacking beach-goers on the rise
23 May. Telegraph India. Two foreign nationals - a woman from Russia and Canada each - were bitten by stray dogs in two separate incidents on Benaulim beach in April, while actor Rayya Labib sustained bruises after she was chased by stray dogs last week at Colva beach. In a separate incident a 24-year-old woman was attacked on Benaulim beach last week, and recused by foreign tourists.  click here

Rock carvings discovered in Goa are neolithic
23 May. Organiser. Understanding the rich history of a place like Goa is a fascinating journey, particularly when delving into its prehistoric roots. Mauxi (Mhaus) village in the Sattari taluka has shed light on rock carvings relating to the neolithic period. One striking carving depicts a trident associated with the iron age, pointing to the site's continued use through various historical periods. The presence of the Dhawad community lends another layer to the mystery although later settlers displaced this community.  click here

Simiao Effect: Goa's new auxiliary bishop

20 May. The Goan. The appointment of Father Simiao Fernandes as Goa's new auxiliary bishop has ignited fresh hope in the people of Goa. Although we learn nothing about Father Simiao in this article, the writer who is a parish priest seems confident that a new glorious spiritual future awaits the Goan Catholic with Father Fernandes as auxiliary bishop.  For further details click here

When things get funny on Goan beaches
22 May. Gomantak Times. Despite pleas by Goan life guards to keep out of dangerous waters, some tourist refuse to play safe. Of the many outrageous excuses given by tourists some of the funniest ones are that they are national-level swimmers or professional divers. Swimmers stress their pool experience which life guards insist is entirely different to conditions at sea. The message from life guards is keep out of dangerous waters and stop putting lives at risk.  click here

UK Goan Oral History to be part of Remaking Britain Project
23 May. Project Southasian Britain. Clips from the oral history project titled 'Oral Histories of British-Goans' undertaken between 2011-2014 and headed by Selma Carvalho will be part of a larger project titled 'Remaking Britain: South Asian Connections and Networks 1830s to the present.' More about this project can be found here.  For further details click here

Goa: Six flights diverted as lightening damages runway
23 May. India TV News. The Manohar International Airport (Mopa) in north Goa diverted six flights to nearby destinations after runway edge lights were damaged following a lightning strike on May 22. The damaged lights have now been replaced in order to resume normal operations.  click here


News Summary

Woman charged with hate-crime for calling Suella Braveman a coconut
22 May. The Independent UK. A British-Asian woman who carried a placard depicting prime minister Rishi Sunak and former home secretary Suella Braverman as coconuts has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence. Terms like “coconuts”, “Bounty” and “coon” have been used as insults within Black and Asian communities to describe other people from minoritised communities who are perceived as being sympathetic with white supremacist agendas – implying that the person is brown on the outside but Eurocentric on the inside.  click here

A tour of Goa's latin quarter Fontainhas
22 May. Mosesjsaldanha. A visual video tour of Goa's famous latin quarter Fontainhas overlooking the Mandovi river. This guided walk around the neighbourhood gives you the run-down on all the local hotspots and eateries and its unique architecture frozen in time. Video approx. 21 min.  For further details click here

NGO raises alarm over women's safety
22 May. Herald. In a recent statement issued by NGO Bailancho Ekvott, concerns regarding the safety of women in Goa have been brought to the forefront. Despite the hype of a "safe city," incidents of harassment, stalking, and assault persist. The NGO highlighted a distressing incident that occurred on a public bus, a space that should ensure safety for all commuters, where a working woman was stalked and inappropriately touched by a man on the bus, which escalated into a physical assault when she raised the alarm.  For further details click here

Stunning first-ever lantern festival in Goa
21 May. Curlytales. The first ever lantern festival will take place in Goa on May 25 from 6:30 PM at the Goafornia Beach Lounge, Morjim. The lantern lighting will be at the beachfront.Imagine how beautiful the sky would look with hundreds of lanterns floating in it at this unique festival! Bookings can be made online.  For further details click here

Goan names, surnames and their implications
22 May. Herald. Goan names from ancient times seem to have originated from the names of Gods or Goddesses of Hindu pantheon and surnames according to the caste systems prevailing at the time as well as from the Ganvkari system of each village as Shirodkars, Panvelkars, Salgaonkars, etc, also according to professions as Kansar [blacksmith], Tarkar [the canoeist who was ferrying people from one side of the river to another], Chamar [cobbler], etc. Some years after Portuguese arrived in Goa, they changed the surnames of Goans as Kamat into Camotim, Parab into Porobo, Vagh to Vaga, etc. Those who were baptised as Christians after giving up their earlier names and surnames received their names from the Saints  For further details click here

Breathtaking villa in Goa with lush courtyard
21 May. Architectural Digest. Inspired by 16th-century Indo-Portuguese design, this 5-bedroom villa in Goa blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. The idea of interior-exterior design is perhaps best exemplified by a beautiful Goan indoor courtyard at the very centre of the villa, and the hallway alongside it. The entrance to the home opens into a striking white foyer complete with classic rattan furniture and bohemian decor, including handwoven Sabai grass baskets that double as wall art. Beautiful pictures included of the villa.  For further details click here



Death: Ida Moraes. UK, Ex-Nairobi

15 May. Ida Moraes died peacefully. Born in Goa, she lived her early life in Nairobi, before moving to the UK. Daughter of the late Antonio Francisco and Auta Collaço, and sister of the late Sophia Fernandes. Wife of the late Simon Moraes. Treasured and profoundly missed mother to Francis and Yolanda. Loving Aunt to Hilary, Maria, the late Anthony, Elizabeth, Gregory, Ronald and Bernadet. Funeral arrangements will be posted later. For condolences and funeral attendance RSVP to:

News Summary

Revolutionary Goans Party
21 May. India Today. The Revolutionary Goans Party (RGP) is a significant regional political force in Goa, aiming to restore the state's lost pride and glory. Registered in January 2022, it originated from a non-political group formed in 2017 to advocate for the rights of native Goans. Led by Mr. Manoj, also known as Tukaram Bharat Parab, a 37-year-old MSC graduate, the party has a strong focus on addressing issues relevant to native Goans, such as land rights, job opportunities, infrastructure, corruption, and law enforcement.A key aspect of the RGP's platform is its advocacy for the rights of Persons of Goan Origin (POGO), offering specific promises such as 100% government and semi-government jobs, 100% housing board project access, 80% private sector job reservation, and other benefits related to government schemes, loans, and business licenses.  For further details click here

‘Festa das provisões’ celebrated in Margao
21 May. Herald. An old tradition going back to Portuguese times also known as puramentasos fest, the act of preparing for the monsoon season ahead required people to buy in bulk all that would be needed and store it. The feast in Margao was traditionally celebrated by the president of the Confraria de Deus Espírito Santo established in 1663, a fraternity comprising of the Catholic Brahmin community.  click here

33 Percent start-ups in Goa by women
21 May. Times of India. Women have played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and growth in the Goan economy. According to the department of information, 33% of the 225 registered start-ups are by women, much higher than the national average of 18%. A staggering total of 76 start-ups by women points to the great strides made by women in information and technology.  click here

With no marshals it's a free-for-all on Goan roads
21 May. Herald. Even as Smart City works in Panjim have made the life of its residents miserable, the State’s capital city’s woes continues unabated. The Panjim Traffic Cell of Goa Police is now grappling with staff shortages and to rub salt to the wounds, the agencies carrying out works have failed to deploy marshals at the sites. Traffic jams have become a regular feature, mostly witnessed on D B Marg near Campal ground, especially in the evening. When contacted, senior officers of the traffic cell admitted that there is a shortage of staff but they termed it as a routine affair dealt with on a regular basis.  click here

400 year-old Chapel House restored to its original charms
19 May. Architectural Digest. When owner Jaydev Mody, a leading businessman, found an old villa in Goa in a quaint fishing village, he decided to convert it into a holiday home. Fondly known as ‘The Chapel House’, it is spread over 12,000 square feet on a three-acre land. Now consisting of seven bedrooms, an internal courtyard, lawns, a swimming pool and a helipad, the home provides the perfect respite from the hectic city life, transporting the residents to an oasis of tranquillity. Includes beautiful pictures of the house.  For further details click here

Need pact to bring foreign flights to Goa
20 May. Times of India. Limits imposed by bilateral agreements between India and other countries are proving to be a hindrance to additional flights being approved to fly to Goa. A few airlines are keen to fly to Goa but bilateral arrangements are an issue, said industry insider. Officials said they are making every effort to make Goa a 'a very prominent destination.'  For further details click here


News Summary

Uncertainty over OCI registrations
20 May. Herald. Senior members of Goan society expressed their views on the ongoing controversy regarding OCI registrations. Senior advocate Radharao Gracias felt that there should be a scrutiny on the Passport Officer’s powers, which he says is the crux of the issue. “The Passport Officer has no power to determine whether an Indian has acquired foreign citizenship,” said Adv Gracias. Adv Aires Rodrigues from Ribandar, hopes that this issue will be brought to its logical conclusion soon. He urged the State government to work with the Government of India to resolve the dilemma faced by those seeking an OCI card after being issued a ‘Revocation Certificate’ of their Indian passport. Adv Rodrigues pointed out that the long-standing demand for dual nationality by the Indian diaspora remains unresolved, and opined that the recent statement by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar that the issue is under consideration is encouraging.  For further details click here

Man accused of murder tried to start prison riot
20 May. Irish Mirror. Danielle, 28, from Buncrana, Co Donegal, was found dead in the country in a secluded spot popular with holidaymakers, on March 14, 2017. The night before she was found dead, Danielle had attended a Holi party near Canacona beach in the south of Goa. Local man, Vikat Bhagat, has been charged with the rape and murder of Danielle. He has been in custody since 2017 and his trial has been ongoing for over six-and-a-half years, making it one of the longest murder trials in the world. Last Friday, when Colvale jail Superintendent Shankar Gaonkar and staff were transferring Bhagat to another section of the prison, he allegedly called other inmates and tried to block a gate.  For further details click here

Questions Asked and Answered about tax returns for foreign returnees
20 May. Navhind. Questions raised about whether someone returning from abroad and settling in Goa should mandatorily file their tax returns.  For further details click here



Death: Themistocles (Themis) D'Silva. Arossim, Goa/USA
13 May. Themistocles D'Silva, born 1932, son of Justino and Juanita D'Silva, devoted husband of Rose Marie, loving father of Marisa Whitesell, Kareena, (Chapel Hill), Carl/Joni (USA), Marc/Chinar (Portugal). Themistocles was a well loved writer and author of books which documented the village Arossim.

News Summary

Goans seeking OCI may have to wait a while
18 May. Gomantak Times. Amidst the on-going furore of the OCI status of Goans with Portuguese passports and the discovery of a corrigendum in the Ministry of External Affairs memorandum which initially at least cleared the road blocks for the smooth processing of OCIs, the murmuring in the corridors of power is that every effort is being made to push through the applications of OCI claimaints.  click here
18 May. Aiz News. Aldona Congress MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira has said that the Union government can avoid contempt of court by tendering an unconditional apology to the High Court on the corrigendum issued on the Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) issue and set out the circumstances on how this came to be issued.  click here

Goa: Rescued Kenyan Women trafficked into sex work
19 May. Times of India. Anjuna police rescued a Kenyan woman who was trafficked into the sex trade after being lured to Goa with promises of a job in hospitality. Immediately after she landed in Bangalore, the agent took her passport and forced her into sex work. Goa police acting on a complaint busted the sex-ring.  click here
20 May. Herald. Newton Muthuri Kimani, a Kenyan national arrested for alleged international prostitution racket at Siolim, transferred approximately Rs 21 crore outside the country through hawala transactions. Newton’s role in the international sex racket started in 2019 after the main accused Dorcast Maria brought victims from Kenya on the pretext of providing a job in the hospitality sector in Goa and forced them into prostitution activities.  click here

He'll make UK Goans feel secure: Swindon Mayor Shaikh
19 May. Times of India. Imtiyaz Shaikh became the first mayor of Swindon of Indian origin. Shaikh, who is 43, emigrated to the UK in 2005 for a better future. The eldest of four children, his family in the port town of Vasco in Goa, are sure his win will make life for UK Goans that much more secure. Shaikh's wife Adorabelle is also a councillor in the Swindon borough.  click here

New book on F. N. Souza
19 May. The Print. A new book on F. N. Souza titled 'F. N. Souza: The Archetypal Artist,' is a collection of 21 articles or essays combining research in art history, Eastern-Western philosophy, classical literature, Jungian analysis, psychology, anthropology, religion and theatre, in which author Janeita Singh seeks answers to cultural constructs of life, body and sexuality. She writes, “Souza’s vision and body of work necessarily reminds us over and over of what we have lost (a healthy outlook to body and sexuality, the repercussions) and how we can stake claim to it again.”  click here
19 May. Grosvenor Gallery. To celebrate the centenary of Francis Newton Souza, Grosvenor Gallery are holding an exhibition of his paintings at Burgh House in Hampstead from 18 - 23 June 2024. The show will include important works by the Artist, all painted during his time living and working in Hampstead.  click here

Sun, Sand & Celebrities: Featuring Solomon Souza
18 May. Gomantak Times. In an interview with Solomon Souza, the grandson of famed modernist artist F. N. Souza, he talks about the past of both his famous grandparents. F. N. Souza being the foremost artist of the 20th century and his grandmother Lisolette, a holocaust survivor and an actress. Solomon Souza having this rich inheritance and his own natural talent is ready to take on the world. Approx. 14 min.  For further details click here

We Found Paradise in India
19 May. Our Tiny Adventure. Vlogger gives a run-down of Goa activities, and cultural and beach attractions. Approx. 16 min.  click here



Death: Ida De Souza, UK. Ex Nairobi
19 April: Ida De Souza passed away peacefully in Morden, Surrey. Beloved daughter of late Nicolau and Bernadina Da Cruz. Cherished mother of Anneliese and sister of late Tony, Mary, Alex/Lourdes, Elsie/Felix, Greta/late Tony. Aunty/great aunty to Jason, Karen/Stephane, Jonathan/Lorena, Nicholas, Andrew and Liane. Reyès, Mateo, Cristiano and Charlene. Private family funeral.

News Summary

India Food tour that made me reconnect with my ancestry
18 May. The Times. Sarah Rodrigues writes, I was reluctant but excited to join a group of eight strangers on an Intrepid Travel Real Food adventure, which started in Delhi and ended 15 days later in Goa...Most of our transfers would be by road, except for an overnight sleeper train from Udaipur to Mumbai and a flight from Mumbai to Goa...what I experienced there goes far beyond my own identity-driven pond-dipping into inscrutable pasts, and explains the country’s enduring appeal for travellers. Sarah Rodrigues is a Sydney-born journalist now living in London. Her great-grandfather was a Goan.  click here

Tivim Dine-n-Dance in England
17 May. The Goan. Former students of St. Anne's High School in Tivim held a dine-n-dance event in England to raise funds for the school extension project, dubbed the Jubilee Memorial Block. The main sponsor of the dance was CBK Freights Private Ltd.  For further details click here

Aussie Goan to contest Federal Elections

17 May. The Goan. Leon Rebello, an Australian of Goan-origin will stand on the Liberal National Party ticket in the upcoming Australian Federal Election. Leon's father was head of the Indian Technical Institute (ITI) in Sada-Marmagoa, while his mother Liddy worked in the private sector. Announcing their decision on social media, the LNP, said, Leon has skills to ensure the Southern Gold Coast is well represented in the Federal Parliament.  click here

Can OCI status curtail constitutional rights?
18 May. The Goan. A petition filed by one Radikha Thappetta with the Supreme court of India, will determine whether OCI status curtains constitutional rights. Under the present status, while OCI holders can avail of most rights bestowed on Indian citizens, certain other rights pertaining to voting etc are withheld.  click here

Allegations of pesticide in Indian spices
17 May. Daily Mail UK. The UK watchdog has tightened its scrutiny of Indian spice imports amid allegations there has been a pesticide contamination. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has applied for extra controls on all spices imported from India because of safety concerns over the cancer-causing pesticide, ethylene oxide. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, aniseed, fennel, coriander, ginger, saffron and turmeric will now be subject to an increase in border control scrutiny.  click here

Sale of F. N. Souza Paintings
18 May. Plankas Auctioneers. A number of F. N. Souza painting lots have come up for sale, included among them are works he undertook while living in Hampstead Heath, depicting his signature lonely houses with lights within and masked men.  For further details click here

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