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Note: The announcement will be posted on the website, asap.

Goan Voice running costs are funded by Death & Funeral announcement. The service
provided is two tiered:

The FREE service is limited to a single entry Death OR Funeral announcement, 1000
characters text, no photograph, no hyperlinks and no entry in Forthcoming Funerals
section. It is restricted to deaths of Goans who have lived abroad. The entry
must include overseas connections and email address for Condolences. It is useful
for the announcement to year and place of birth.

The PAID service (50) includes both Death & Funeral announcements with
a photograph, hyperlinks, entry in the Forthcoming Funerals section. The submission
must include an email address for Condolences. It is useful for the announcement
to include overseas connections and year of birth. A draft of the entry will be
sent for approval prior to publication. Included in the cost is also a post-funeral
message of Thanks.

Eulogies, Life stories and multiple (max 4) photographs can be published as a
Special Goan Voice Supplement at a cost of 100. Max. no of words: 1500.

Until further notice payment by credit card Or PayPal to

Photographs and messages to be sent directly to the interim Editor, Selma Carvalho

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and funded by donations and sponsorship from the world-wide Goan Community and friends of Goa.