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Note: The announcement will be posted on the website, asap.

If you have a problem in sending /verifying text and/or photo please send the info directly to

COVID-19 Update: The 50 charge will cover the death announcement with photo now AND free Funeral / Memorial / Reception details later with photo. The free service will cover text only of the death announcement and no updates.

Goan Voice UK provides a free service of announcing deaths and funerals but donations are welcome. However, a photograph to accompany the notice can be added - cost of text & photo is 50. Once the text has been submitted, amendments cost 20 each time.

Please note that the free service is restricted only to Goans who have died abroad or lived for substantial period overseas. It does not include hyper links or entry in the Forthcoming Funerals Section

The 50 charge will normally include: Map with hyperlinks to venues and email; enlarged photograph and entry in the Forthcoming funerals section

Please include an email address for Condolences failing which there is a surcharge of 30 as people write to Editor requesting messages to be forwarded.

Your telephone number is requested for verification purposes and will not be published unless specifically requested by you.

Other messages such as thanking those attending, death anniversaries, masses etc. are charged - currently 30 per message. Supplements carrying photographs and eulogies start at 100.

Payment can be made later but please confirm the date by which it will be made. The options for payment are:
1. By credit card or PayPal. Use the PayPal link at (top right corner)
2. By credit transfer. Bank: Barclays. Account: The Goan Voice UK. Sort Code: 20-10-62. Account 80105082. Please also forward the proof of transfer by email to
3. By cheque made payable to Goan Voice UK. Please post to Eddie Fernandes, 5 Queen Mothers Drive, Denham Garden Village, Uxbridge, UB9 5GA.

A suggestion: If you are considering asking for donations to charity in lieu of flowers, you may wish to consider a UK Goan cause such as the Goan Welfare Society Fund,

Eddie Fernandes
Editor, Goan Voice UK
5 Queen Mothers Drive,
Denham Garden Village

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