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News Summary

London & Swindon: Screenings of Nachom-Ia Kumpasar

Sat./Sun. 19 – 20 Sep. Harrow, London on Saturday, 19th Sep. at 5 pm. and Sunday, 20th Sep. at 1.30pm. Goan Folklore Productions presents “Nachom-Ia Kumpasar” a Bardroy Barretto film. A tribute to the unsung musicians of Goa. The much talked about Goan Movie, will be screened in the UK. Safari Cinema, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2TU. For tickets and information contact:- Amelia ~ 07956 43665, Nina ~ 020 8767 0663, Mark ~ 07535 931677, Caitan ~ 07882 009063, Peter ~ 07417 494316, Fr Lucas ~ 07523 453631, Gregg ~ 07931 753653.
Swindon Sun. 13 Sep. Sat 10 Oct. & Sun. 25 Oct. – The Arts Centre, Devizes Rd. Swindon, SN1 4BJ. Three shows each day, 11.00am, 3.00 pm and 7.00pm. For tickets and information contact Tutush ~ 07854 011148, Cipin ~ 07727 617537, Pedro ~ 07448 711797 or Zic ~07776 844817.  click here
For a trailer of the film, 6m. 19s.  click here

Katie D’Souza: Real mums bare it well

1 Sep: The Sun (UK). Six new mums have stripped off to reveal their post-baby bodies. The mothers, who have children ranging from just three weeks to a year old, wanted to show how real women look after giving birth … Make-up artist Katie D’Souza, from Romford, Essex, is mum to year-old Penelope. She says: When I see pictures of celebrity mums they make me feel inferior. I am already saving up for a boob job because I have lost all volume and gone from a 34E to a 30D… I’m a single mum, and I find it hard to get out of the door to do anything… I am all for looking amazing after a baby, but in reality the majority of women don’t. We should celebrate our bodies as they are…  click here
For the Katie D’Souza Facebook page,  click here
For her Twitter page, click here.

Micah Fernandes: Making a splash in Kenya, and the world

1 Sep: Today (Singapore). There is no doubt that Kenya is king in the world of marathon running … But the country could soon be known for its pool exploits, with swimmers such as Rebecca Kamau and Micah Fernandes aiming to make a splash on the world stage. Both teenagers were in town last week as part of the 14-member Kenyan swim team competing at the 5th FINA World Junior Championships… Fernandes who trains at the University of Pretoria in South Africa said, “The facilities were better in South Africa and the coaching was also an important reason why I moved abroad to train. But there are still many who continue training in Kenya and it’s tough for them at times.” …  click here
Micah Fernandes is ex Nairobi, Kenya. He is the son of Feo and Shamla Fernandes, brother of Maya. For a photo of the family,  click here
For the Micah Fernandes Facebook page, click here.

Teotonio R. de Souza: Freedom of expression or license to abuse?

1 Sep: Herald. … In our digital age and banalization of e- mails, the freedom of expression permits some vicious characters to troll their selected targets with unsolicited mail containing defamatory contents, which they copy to dozens or more other e- mail users who are expected to take cognizance of such unsolicited information and get influenced negatively about the main target of trolling. A year ago I was victim of a Swindon- based Goan shippy… Unfortunately for him, The UK cybercrime police acted quickly on my complaint and the troller left me in peace… Teotonio R. de Souza - Founder- Director of the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, 1979- 1994. 958 words.  click here

Mixed marriages challenge Asian families

31 Aug: National Catholic Reporter. The growing phenomenon of Catholics marrying outside the faith and the challenges that it poses to the church in Asia -- especially in countries like India, where Christians are a minority -- was the subject of discussion at a recent gathering of Asian moral theologians. Fr. Michael Peters, an Indian moral theologian who studied mixed marriages in several archdioceses in southern India between 2005 and 2010, said his survey revealed "a clear indication" that such marriages are steadily growing in the country. In light of this trend, the church is rethinking its earlier rigid stand against marrying outside the church and is open to serving couples in this situation, Peters found, but significant challenges remain… 1078 words.  click here

Protesters demand end to violence against Christians in India

31 Aug: UCAN. Some 7,000 Christians of different denominations gathered in the national capital New Delhi to protest against the increasing violence and hate campaigns against the community across India. Christians, including nuns and priests, from Delhi and the neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh took part in the Aug. 30 protest near parliament. Protesters demanded that the federal government issue instructions to state governments to obey the national policy of protecting religious and ethnic minorities from violence…  click here

“Sheena Bora was the daughter and sister of Indrani Mukerjea”

1 Sep: Bristol Post (UK). An Indian media executive who lives in Bristol with her husband has been arrested in Mumbai on suspicion of murdering her younger sister - who police only found out later was her daughter as well. Indrani Mukerjea is accused, along with her ex-husband and driver, of strangling daughter Sheena Bora to death in April 2012, it was reported. Indrani is married to Peter Mukerjea, a retired chief executive of STAR India, one of Rupert Murdoch's networks. The couple had a luxury apartment in Sneyd Park in Bristol, where they retired to in 2009. Mr Mukerjea is not accused of any wrongdoing.  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of the Sheena Bora case,  click here

Video: Did India village council really order rape of two sisters?

1 Sep: BBC. More than 100,000 people have signed a petition by Amnesty International after allegations that a village council in India ordered that two women be raped as punishment because their brother eloped with an upper caste woman. It has even led to calls by British MPs for action. But local police and officials say no such order was given. The BBC's Sanjoy Majumder travelled to Baghpat in northern India to investigate…  click here

Strict Parenting: Not Just A South Asian Thing

1 Sep: Most American-born South Asians would agree that strict parenting is embedded in our culture. From early curfews, to study hours, to monitoring prospective suitors (and in some cases, even selecting them), being a brown in a progressive country like America can be especially hard … Indeed, strict parenting is not only found in the South Asian culture, it is incredibly widespread. Immigrants hailing from countries like China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Kenya and Nigeria, all tend to raise their American children under a strict set of household rules…  click here

Auction: An 18th century Indo-Portuguese carved ivory figure of the Virgin Mary

2 Sep: Gorringes, Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom, BN7 2PD. Lot 8 - An 18th century Indo-Portuguese carved ivory figure of the Virgin Mary, probably Goa, c.1740-50, standing with flowing robes with pierced gilt borders, 11.5in. Estimate: 1,000 GBP - 1,500 GBP.  click here



Death: Jerry Peres

30 Aug: Mahim, Mumbai. GERVAZIO NORBERT PERES (JERRY). Ex Assagao, Goa. Born 1938. Son of late Joaquim/late Amelia. Son-in-law of late Fredie/late Ema Doulton. Most beloved husband of Marie Lourdes. Everloving Father/Father-in-law of Maureen, Melanie/Sunil Sharma & late Grenville. Doting grandfather of Mikhail, Anush and Anayka. Brother/Brother-in-law of late Cajy/Phil, Leo/Lorna and Lira/Anthony Alemao The mortal remains will be brought to the residence, 1st September, 2015, at 1.00 p.m., for funeral rites, followed by cremation, at St. Inez, Crematorium, Panjim, at 4.00 p.m.

Death: Nelson Rodrigues
29 Aug: Toronto. NELSON JOSEPH RODRIGUES. Born 1947. Ex Moshi, Tanzania & Tivim, Goa. Died after a brief battle with cancer, at the Guelph General Hospital. Loving brother of Bernard (Georgina) and Isabella (late Terry). Loving son of the late Augustine and Maxie Rodrigues. Predeceased by his brother Mathew. Nelson will be sadly missed by his sister-in-law Maureen, nieces and nephews, Mark (Elke) and Michelle (Cedric), Charmaine (Kevin) and Ryan (Meghan) and Shane and Lyndon. Also missed by his grandnieces and nephews, Joshua and Sarah, Adelaide and Noah, Rebecca, Jeremy, Ashley and Benjamin. Family and friends will be received at The Simple Alternative Funeral Centre, 1535 South Gateway Rd., Mississauga, 905-602-1580, on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 from 6-9 p.m. Mass and celebration of his life will be held at Nativity of Our Lord, 480 Rathburn Rd., Etobicoke, on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. Interment to follow at Assumption Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, offering of masses or donations to the Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated.  For further details click here

News Summary

Video: Ravi Vaz: UK Goan Festival Post-mortem

31 Aug: Menino Fernandes. We decided to have a brief chat with Ravi Vaz as the audio on the actual date of the Goan festival had failed. Ravi Vaz explains the challenges he and his team faced. He said that turnout was approximately 10,000. There was a large turnout of the under 16’s who came in free and the Festival Sponsors were given free tickets which they distributed. The venue close to Heathrow has worked well, attracting visitors from USA and Canada. This year there were large contingents from Scotland and Southampton. Next year the Goan Association will be celebrating its Golden Anniversary and the Festival will be an even bigger event… 15m. 50s.  click here

Mopa raises its ugly head again

31 Aug: Herald. By Vito Gomes. Once again we have the ugly head of the Mopa airport raising itself when the Chief Minister of Goa announced that it was going to be the new cargo airport for the state. This reminds us that we have not yet resolved the issue. And I wonder why after all these years we cannot resolve it? Several commissions and committees appointed by the Centre have time and again submitted reports confirming the inadequate safety and financial sustainability of Mopa… I would invite the Chief Minister to have a public debate once and for all on this topic and explain to the people of Goa why we need a new airport at all! Goa can use the Rs 3000 crores on other things like better housing, educational and health facilities and waste management which will truly benefit all. 939 words.  click here
2014. Forbes: Vito Gomes - Top Indian leaders in the Arab World. Vito Gomes has always been an aviation enthusiast …  click here

Indian woman sentenced to rape for brother's actions speaks out

31 Aug: Daily Mail. 'I can't sleep, I'm very scared… loving someone isn't wrong': One of two Indian sisters sentenced to rape after 'untouchable' brother ran off with a married woman from a higher caste reveals their terrifying ordeal ‘How will we ever return home or to our village? If we ever return they will harm us or rape us. If not today then in the future… 2184 words + photos + comments.  click here

Pramod Muthalik can't go to Goa, says Supreme Court

31 Aug: India Today. The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a plea filed by controversial Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik against an order restraining him from going to BJP-ruled Goa for six months. "Who has given you the right to be the moral police?" the apex court asked as it restrained the right-wing leader. Last month, authorities in North Goa and South Goa districts renewed the ban on Muthalik's entry…Muthalik, infamous for his hate speeches, first shot to notoriety nearly a decade ago after beating up patrons of a Mangalore pub… he publicly announced that he would try to curb the pub culture in Goa and try and establish Hindu culture in the state…  click here

The Hotel Report: Ahilya By The Sea Is 'The' Place to Stay in Goa

31 Aug: Conde Nast Traveler. Ahilya by the Sea is the talked-about property of the moment in India, spread across two converted Portuguese-colonial mansions at the southernmost edge of Coco Beach in Goa. Formerly the private estate of the prominent local Trinidades family, it functioned briefly as a basic guesthouse before being closed last year and reimagined as a full-service boutique hotel, its seven suites awash in the owners’ art collection and provincial hardwood antiques… The name, and much of the buzz factor, comes from the involvement of Richard Holkar— a long-time Trinidades family friend …  click here

India faith census spurs debate
31 Aug: Financial Times (UK). Since India’s anti-colonial struggle, right-wing Hindu ideologues have depicted Islam and Christianity as “alien faiths” whose adherents are more loyal to distant holy lands than to India, revered by Hindu nationalists as their own sacred motherland. And few were surprised that the return to power of Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata party — which is rooted in the Hindu nationalist movement — was accompanied by an initial resurgence in noisy rhetoric about the threat to India’s Hindu majority from a Muslim “population explosion” and Christian missionaries converting hordes of Hindus to their faith. But last week, demographic myths were confronted by hard numbers …  click here

Foreign Exchange dealers adapt, survive in off-season
31 Aug: Times of India. Dealers in foreign exchange, who do roaring business during the charter tourism season from October to May, are left idling away their time off-season… Many such shops also double-up as internet cafes and travel agencies, besides also offering services like photo copying. While precise number of forex dealers is not available, it is estimated that there are around 50 in the Calangute-Candolim area with annual contracts. These dealers receive 2% of the transaction amount as commission, according to a source…  click here

Goa to request U.S. court for statement of former Louis Berger official
31 Aug: The Hindu. The Union Home Ministry has cleared issue of letters rogatory to a U.S. court to take the statement of a former top executive of Louis Berger who reportedly said the company had bribed Goa politicians to win a major water and sewerage project. The Goa government can now make a formal request to a New Jersey court to obtain the statement of James McClung, former senior vice-president of the company… Last month, Mr. McClung reportedly said before the New Jersey court that the company bribed Goan politicians and officials in 2010 to seal a multi-billion-dollar management project …  click here

National Games in Goa from November 5-19 next year
1 Sep: Times Of India. Goa has told the Indian Olympic Association they are ready to host the 36th National Games 2016 from November 5 to 19 but also left the national body guessing. The IOA had warned Goa they are in danger of losing the Games, if they did not provide satisfactory replies about infrastructure delay, slow preparations and a decision by the sports ministry to charge participation fee of Rs 500 per day per athlete and officials. IOA had given Goa time till August 31 and the Goa Olympic Association ensured they met the deadline after several last-day talks with chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar…  click here


News Summary

Video: Mississauga: Sonia Shirsat with Goa Amigos at Desi Bar & Grill

29-30 Aug: John De Souza. Sonia Shirsat sings with The Goa Amigos at the Desi Bar & Grill, Mississauga, 28th Aug 2015 Part 1. 29m. 15s. Part 2. 23m. 35s.  click here

Paid to poo: Combating open defecation in India

30 Aug: BBC. Using a toilet is something most people take for granted - but about 1.1 billion people around the world defecate in the open because they do not have access to proper sanitation. Now a scheme in India is aiming to instil better toilet habits in children by "paying them to poo"… Now a state council in the Gujarati city of Ahmedabad has come up with a scheme where children are being paid to use public toilets. Campaigners hope it will improve the situation in a country where diseases such as diarrhoea kill about 200,000 children every year… 889 words.  click here

Meeting over meals: Sun, sand and spreads

30 Aug: Mint. For most people, any mention of Goa conjures up visions of a party capital—or holiday central. Yet this sunny state is the base for many a technology start-up and home-grown venture. Professionals here can enjoy the best of both worlds—weekdays at work and weekends by the beach… Goa has many cafés and all-day eateries … Bodega … Ruta’s World Café … Urban Café … The Black Sheep Bistro … 1692 words + photos.  click here

The 26 most luxurious spas around the world

30 Aug: Business Insider (Australia). Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then. We rounded up some of the best spas around the world, from Switzerland to Barbados… India is the birthplace of Ayurvedic massage, so naturally it's home to a number of great spas. The Sereno Spa at the palace-like Park Hyatt in Goa offers aromatherapy, energy healing, and yoga…  click here
For the Serano Spa website,  click here

Floyd Cardoz: ‘If you travel abroad, Indian cuisine sucks’

30 Aug: Times of India. Floyd Cardoz of the Lower Parel restaurant, Bombay Canteen says, "India is a huge food country. But we still look outside rather than inward. If you travel abroad, Indian cuisine sucks. It's the same damn mix everywhere you go - chicken tikka masala, cheese kulcha, naan." There is enormous inspiration to be found in the unassuming dishes cooked in home kitchens, or the kheema pao and anda bhurji at thelas, he said... the New York-based chef stirs up memories of lazy Sunday lunches; methi thepla tacos plied with Goan pulled pork; a mustard-spiked chicken curry served in a stainless steel dabba, just like mummy might have packed it … At his Mumbai restaurant he serves the stuffed mackerel from Goa, the shrimp biryani from south India, the poha from Maharashtra …  click here

Indians in UK plan grand reception for Modi
30 Aug: Times of India. Narendra Modi will visit the UK for the first time as prime minister in November and the Indian community in the country is planning a major reception for him at the iconic Wembley Stadium here. Over 70,000 people are expected to turn out at the invitation-only event being organised by the Europe India Forum (EIF) at one of Europe's largest football stadiums on November 13, the organisers said….  click here

Over 10 quacks, fake doctors in State: HRGA
30 Aug: Herald. The Human Rights Grievances Association and Bailancho Ekvott on Saturday criticised the failure of the Law Enforcement System to keep the quacks and fake doctors at bay….  click here
Probe quack doctor case, NGO tells cops … 31 Aug: Times of India.  click here

People are watching BJP’s U-turn on casinos: Congress
30 Aug: Times of India. Terming it as another U-turn by the Bharatiya Janata Party government over the relocation of casinos from River Mandovi, Congress party on Saturday criticized the state government's decision to extend the deadline for casino operators to relocate from River Mandovi, till March 31, 2016. Congress spokesperson Yatish Naik said that state government has deviated from their own deadline to shift casinos from River Mandovi. "People are observing all the U-turns," Naik added …  click here

People need to be sensitive to issues of soldiers: Parrikar
30 Aug: Herald. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar called for people in Goa to be sensitive to issues of soldiers and to use the occasion to remember the troubles the soldiers go through to protect the country… Also speaking at the event Speaker Rajendra Arlekar said the feeling of patriotism was lacking in Goa owing to the Portuguese that existed in the past…  click here
30 Aug: Navhind Times. Parrikar slams people opposed to Navy’s control of Dabolim airport …  click here
1 June 2013: The Hindu. [The U Turn] Manohar Parrikar suggests shifting Navy to Mopa … click here.



Death: Dr Justin Fernandes

29 Aug: Germany. DR. (MED.) JUSTINIANO FERNANDES (JUSTIN) Ex Merces, Goa. Loving husband of Maria (Ria) Muller e Fernandes. Father of Matthias & Dr Marcel/Dr. Brigit. Doting grandfather of Vincent and Severin. Brother of late Vasco, late Isac, Antonio (Tony)/Ivy, Christin /Valent.

Death: Eva D'Souza

25 Aug: Rialto, California. EVA MARIA D'SOUZA. Born in Byculla, Bombay. Ex Burma & Calcutta. Wife of the late Edwin D'Souza (Grindlay's Bank) beloved mother of Richard (Riverside County Office of Education) and Edward (Rialto USD). Eva was an educator for over 40 years teaching at Methodist English High School (Rangoon, Burma) and later at St Xavier's Collegiate School (Calcutta, India). She was strong in her Catholic faith. Viewing, mass, and burial will be at the same location at Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary, 3510 E. Washington St., Colton, CA on Wednesday, September 2nd. Public viewing will start at 9:15 a.m., followed promptly at 10:00 the Catholic mass at All Souls Mausoleum Chapel, and interment at Our Lady Queen of Peace Cemetery.  For further details click here

Death: Llewelyn D’Souza
Montreal. LLEWELYN MAX D’SOUZA. Formerly resided in block “D", Misquita Garden, Karachi. Son of late Max and Marjorie (Montreal), brother of Robert, Allan and Susy. Nephew of George, Hilary, Willy and Late Anne Rodrigues (Maureen & Allen Marrolly’s of Montreal mum), The funeral will be held on Monday August 31st 2015 at Resurrection of Our Lord Church, 34 - 34th Avenue, Lachine. Quebec @ 4.00pm. In lieu of flowers donations to the Children's Wish Foundation would be appreciated. [Info Pompie Gois].

News Summary

Amancio D’Silva: With A Little Help From Friends

29 Aug: Hindustan Times. Hum Dono, is an album by a jazz quartet led by the guitarist Amancio D’Silva and the Jamaican-born saxophonist, Joe Harriott… It was originally released in 1969 and re-released more recently … D’Silva got turned on to jazz in the 1940s by listening to American jazz guitarists on the radio in India and later played in jazz bands in Bombay. He then moved to London where he did menial work while playing in small jazz clubs. Soon he got a break and a recording contract and collaborated with other musicians… D’Silva’s Ballad For Goa kicks off – a brooding beginning of guitar, bass and chants that soon turns into a sax-led upbeat bebop exploration… I went to YouTube. And found a few tracks – A Street in Bombay from the album Konkan Dance; Ganges from the album Integration; and a track called Eastern Dawn. Fabulous, all of them…  click here
For some You Tube recordings of Amancio D’Silva,  click here
For the Wikipedia profile of Amancio D’Silva, click here.

Video: Husband, Wife, Girlfriend & lots of drama at Goa airport

28 Aug: NewsOnline. A man was caught on camera assaulting his wife after she found him cheating with another woman. The video shows a nasty brawl between them, which culminates in the husband slapping and kicking the woman. The incident reportedly unfolded at an airport in Goa. The video shows a couple, who are accosted by another woman, claiming to be the man's wife. While the man does not dispute the claim he is far from being defensive or apologetic. He refuses to go with his wife, who in a fit of temper slaps the woman, she calls his mistress. The husband is enraged and slaps his wife and even kicks her in the stomach. Onlookers mostly taxi drivers, who are quietly watching the drama till then, intervene and restrain the husband, cautioning him.  click here

Ian McEwan: Fishing in Goa

29 Aug: Toronto Star. (Travel. Page T4). My wife and I were visiting our daughter and her family in Goa in April 2003. We had a condo near the beach at Baga and spent a lot of time at the beach. At night, we would watch the sunset. This night I was waiting, camera in hand for the sunset. Then the fishermen appeared — out for the nightly catch. Magical! At the link select "continue to use"  click here

A Familiarization Trip to Goa: Beyond Booze, Beaches and Bikes

27 Aug: Recently, we went on a FAM trip to Goa. To those who don’t know, fam trip refers to familiarization trip, which is organized to give you a snapshot of the region. While we have always maintained that Goa has much more to it than just beaches and parties, we believe even more so after the trip we took, organized by Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). Our outing was spread across 3-days, starting on August 22, which is celebrated as Bonderam Festival on the quaint Divar Island in Goa. Well, you can read all the details of our FAM trip to Goa … 1318 words + photos.  click here

Bath 23-year-old Kendal West heads to India to volunteer at orphanage

29 Aug: A young Bath woman is heading off to India to volunteer at an orphanage in Goa for three months. Kendal West responded to a call from a local charity, the Goa Anglican Centre, which is funding the trip with a £2,000 bursary… Kendal will be doing everyday chores at the children's home, such as washing, cleaning and cooking. But she also hopes to run some art therapy workshops, and will make a video to help promote the work of the Goa Anglican Centre, She leaves for India on Wednesday September 2 with a group of other volunteers from the charity…  click here

Let’s party!!! Maybe not

30 Aug: Herald. If one observes the current nightlife scene in Goa, it may seem like the number of locals frequenting nightclubs on a regular basis is on the decline with locals moving towards other forms of entertainment… The nightlife industry in Goa has developed over time and has undergone a lot of changes… Has the change also led to monotony? Has partying at nightclubs become a mundane affair for the locals? Is clubbing in Goa moving away from being a source of entertainment for the locals? …  click here

Shashi Tharoor: Why India needs a new debate on caste quotas
29 Aug: BBC. Caste-related violence involving an influential community in India's Gujarat state left eight people dead earlier this week. The Patel community is demanding quotas in educational institutions and government jobs. Politician and writer Shashi Tharoor explains why India needs a new debate on affirmative action… 1117 words.  click here

Lates & Breaks
29 Aug. Daily Star (UK). Goa: Go from Birmingham on Wednesday and get seven nights B&B at the four-star Ocean Palms Beach Resort in Calangute for £583. See or ring 0208 705 0107.
29 Aug: The Sun (UK) Journey to the Far East on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas for £1,249pp. Fly to Dubai on October 21 and stay for two nights then sail for 11 nights to Goa and Cochin in India, Penang and Port Klang in Malaysia and arrive in Singapore for two-nights hotel stay before flying home. See or call 0800 953 4963.

Recipe: Goan fish curry
30 Aug: New Zealand Herald. Sunday Magazine. By Sam Mannering. I love the flavours in this curry. In Goa, in the west of India, they embrace flavours such as fresh chilli, coconut, gutsy spices and, of course, what they can reap from the sea. There are endless similar variations in this region, with prawns, whole fish, and other flavours such as tamarind, curry leaves and fenugreek. So experiment a little according to what you prefer. Fresh coconut isn't always readily available, but at a pinch you can get away with dried coconut strands. Any firm white fish that holds its form will do – I like monkfish. Add a little coconut milk in lieu of water for a richer curry…  click here

Goa gets its own World Trade Centre
30 Aug: Times of India. Marking a new chapter in the thrust towards trade investment and industrial growth, Goa is now home to a World Trade Centre (WTC), connecting the western region to the network of 330 WTCs across 100 countries. "The WTC will help facilitate commerce and business in Goa and link Goa to the global market," chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar said while inaugurating the WTC office at the EDC building in Panaji… The Goa centre will lead a shipping delegation to Antwerp, Belgium, later this year to understand how the shipping sector in Goa can be diversified and efficiently utilized…  click here



Goa: DKA condolence meet in memory of journalist Joel D’Souza

28 Aug: Daiji World. Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) will organize a condolence meeting in memory of well-known Konknni personality Joel D’Souza whose sudden death on August 5 shocked his countless friends and associates in the media. The meeting which will be presided over by DKA President Premanand A Lotlikar will be held on Monday August 31 at the academy’s Reginald Fernandes Conference Hall at 4.30 pm…. Popular and pro-active on the internet, he made it his mission to capture the myriad facets of Goa’s art and culture on his camera, his constant companion, and shared the same with the Goan diaspora and the world as well… click here.

News Summary

Goanet attains adulthood

28 Aug: Goa Streets. By Frederick Noronha. Oldest Goan online social media experiment turns 21. Herman Carneiro (photo), then a 17-year-old lad, now an eligible, engineer-cum-doctor of 38, reminded us that Goanet completed 21 years of its existence on August 25, just a few days back. Ex-Kenya Herman founded this cybernet when he was at the North Eastern University in Boston. It’s not possible to be a neutral journo here. As a close supporter of the project, I’ve been involved with it for 20+ of its 21 years. Working with Herman and team has been a pleasure. Few can work for that long without squabbles and fallouts… 903 words.  click here
Herman Carneiro, (born 25 Aug. 1976, Nairobi) is the son of the late Jules and Hilda Carneiro. For the Wikipedia profile of GoaNet,  click here

Global Goans keep spreading their wings

29 Aug: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes (photo). Last month, the Migration Observatory of Oxford University released a new study revealing that over 20,000 UK residents were India-born Goans who carried Portuguese passports … Edgar Valles, the lawyer who presides over the Casa de Goa in Lisbon complained to a Macau newspaper "it disgusts me" more requirements have not been placed on citizenship—like knowledge of Portuguese language and history… Of course, the main reason Goans are acquiring Portuguese passports but heading straight to the UK is that their new "mother country" is mired in economic crisis … living in the tiny Comoros Islands, is Dr Godfrey Coutinho, whom I read about in the excellent diaspora website Goan Voice ( …  click here

Sequel to Konkani film ‘Home Sweet Home’ to go on floors soon

28 Aug: Indian Express. The makers of Konkani movie “Home Sweet Home” have announced a sequel to the film, which will start its shoot in December this year. The movie, which was released last year, is still running in various theatres across the state. “Home Sweet Home” makes a statement on the current affairs of Goa, a small state which is losing its land to non-Goans. “The film appealed to all the Goan audience across the world,” Swapnil Shetkar, the film’s producer and director, said … The theme of the sequel will be the alleged scams unleashed by politicians in the state… The spin-off, to be shot in Goa and Mumbai, is expected to hit theatres next year.  click here
For the Home Sweet Home 4m. 19s. trailer  click here

Going shopping in Mapuca

28 Aug: Bella Online. By Marianne de Nazareth (photo)- BellaOnline's Romantic Getaways Editor. I had not been to Mapuca to shop, my almost ritual enjoyment, everytime we come to Goa. It is almost the end of the week and our time here and imagine, I had not gone to Mapuca to shop?! … We went straight to the woman who sells the kind of kurtis I like to wear to college. In Bangalore they cost upwards of 600 but I get them for Rs 200 each in Goa, made of the softest cotton fabric that I like against my skin… The over flowing fruit stalls beckon .. Masalas are next on my list and we head for Vitals, famous for all the Costas products… I settle for a fresh lime soda and some boiled egg croquets. I tell the man who is waiter and owner in one, that we have come there for over 50 years and he smiles. The bill is only Rs 80, I can't believe it. Some things in Goa remain the same…  click here
For a profile of Marianne de Nazareth,  click here

Mandovi In Danger

28 Aug: Goa Streets. The burning of a State-run Kadamba Transport Corporation bus at 5:30 am on 26 August in Hubli has jerked Goans from their slumber over the burning issue, just across their border… Goa’s neighbouring state, Karnataka, seeks to divert 7000 million cubic feet (7 TMC) of water from the Mhadei stream which flows into Goa as the River Mandovi. They plan to achieve this by the construction of an underground canal (that runs to over 5 kilometres) which will carry the water from the Mhadei reservoir (which will be created after they dam the Mhadei) to be poured into the Malaprabha river, which flows eastwards… They also claim that Goa is simply wasting precious freshwater by allowing it to flow directly into the sea…  click here
28 Aug: India Today. Mahadayi river dispute: Karnataka and Goa headed for a major clash …  click here

Richard Holkar opens a new beach house hotel in Goa

28 Aug: FT (UK). Richard Holkar, owner of the brilliant 18th-century Ahilya Fort (; from £370) in Madhya Pradesh, has partnered with a local family to remake their stunning beach house as a counterpoint to the fort’s bucolic inland setting. Right on Coco Beach, Ahilya by the Sea (from £215; pictured), has eight suites spread across two Portuguese-colonial villas, awash with hand-painted tiles, hand laid stones and heirloom textiles; crowds are replaced by quiet villages to explore and fisherman to watch in tranquillity from the elegant lap pools abutting the beach wall…  click here
For the Goa Ahilya by the Sea website,  click here

Sarah Todd plans to open a restaurant in Goa

28 Aug: Economic Times. Remember Australian model Sarah Todd, who won the hearts of viewers on MasterChef Australia last year with her aloo gobhi? Todd is set to take her love for India to the next level by opening a restaurant in Goa. Since she loves working with desi spices and cuisines, crafting a menu for Indian taste buds will not be alien to her. The restaurant in Goa will be in partnership with Ashish Kapur of Moods Hospitality … The menu, we hear, will draw inspiration from modern Australian cuisine, with a hint of Asian influence… Photo.  click here
Video: Masters of Food and Wine Dinner with Sarah Todd at Park Hyatt, Goa …  click here

Kenya: Da Gama Rose enjoined in class action suit against banks
28 Aug: Business Daily (Nairobi). Businessman Horatius Da Gama Rose has been enjoined in a class action suit in which hundreds of bank clients are seeking compensation for interest rates charged on loans without the Finance minister’s approval. Da Gama Rose, who is at the centre of a separate suit fighting to retain ownership of the controversial 134-acre Karen land valued at an estimated Sh8 billion, hopes to use the suit to rescue two of his companies that were placed under receivership by Bank of Baroda in 2008… The suit was filed by Rose Florence Wanjiru in 2003…  click here
19 Oct. 2014.. The Standard (Kenya). Da Gama Rose's links to the rich and mighty …  click here

Indian sisters sentenced to be raped then paraded naked as punishment …
28 Aug: Daily Mail (UK). A pair of sisters, one of whom is only 15, are to be raped as punishment for their brother running away with a married woman in rural India. The teenager and her elder sister Meenakshi Kumari, who is 23, will also be paraded through the streets naked with blackened faces, according to an unelected all-male village council. The barbaric punishment has been handed down in Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh, around 30 miles north of New Delhi… Text + Photos + Comments  click here

No duty-free flying out of Goa since June
28 Aug: Times of India. Travellers and vacationers flying out from Goa International Airport, Dabolim, and Calicut International Airport, Kerala, can no longer avail of duty-free alcohol. They have been dismayed to find the duty-free stores shut at both airports… duty-free stores at both airports fear that they may not be able to meet demands of the new tourism season that begins in October… Despite several written and verbal assurances, AAI has failed to grant any further extension to FleminGo and has also failed to award a new contract…  click here

Toby Riccard cleared of harassing Scarlett Keeling's mother
28 Aug: North Devon Journal (UK). A man has admitted harassing staff at a medical centre but been cleared of stalking the mother of Goa murder victim Scarlett Keeling. A judge has ordered a full psychiatric report on Toby Riccard after being told he has a history of problems which led to him making abusive phone calls to a surgery in North Devon. Riccard was cleared of breaching a restraining order by sending a letter to his former landlady Fiona McKeown, who is the mother of 15-year-old schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling, who was murdered while on a family holiday in Goa .. Photos.  click here



Death: Peter Paul De Souza

24 Aug: Millbrae, California. PETER PAUL FORTUNATO DE SOUZA. Born 1936 in Mombasa. Passed away peacefully in his sleep after a long and valiant struggle with numerous health issues. He was a quiet and brave man who has touched many lives with his gentle spirit and positive outlook on life. Peter immigrated to the United States in 1971 and in 1973 began his 28-year career as an electrician for Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Peter is survived by his loving wife, Vivien; devoted children Noel De Souza of San Leandro, Cheryl De Souza-Sanchez of Oakley, Sean De Souza of Millbrae, grandchildren, Dylan, Ryan and Alyssa Sanchez, and Jasmine and Zachary De Souza. He is also survived by his siblings in the United States and England as well as countless nieces and nephews around the world. His generous loving spirit will be missed by all who knew him. Friends and family are invited to a visitation on Sunday, Aug. 30th, from 5-7pm, with a vigil/rosary at 7pm at Holy Angels/Holy Cross Cemetery, 2200 E. 18th St. Antioch, CA. Funeral and burial services will be held privately. Condolences to
For full details click here.

News Summary

Video: UK Goan Association Sports Day

27 Aug: By Raymond Carvalho (photo). The Goan Association Sports Day was held on Sunday 23 Aug. at Croydon Sports Arena. An array of track and field events were scheduled for this sporting day, suitable for all ages, talents and team participation! The rain in the early part of the day failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the participants or spectators. Vince Fernandes and Jason D’Costa led the organising team. 41m. 37s.  click here

High Society: Sheena Bora Murder: Mother charged

27 Aug: Herald. Indrani Mukerjea has been charged with the murder of Sheila Bora in 2012 … Indrani was married to Peter Mukherjea - they have an apartment in Betim, Goa and Peter’s brother, Gautam Mukherjea, is Owner-Editor of the lifestyle monthly magazine Planet Goa. Indrani introduced Sheena in Society as her sister but it is now revealed to be her daughter by a previous marriage… [The police suspect Indrani was upset about Sheena's relationship with her step-brother Rahul, Peter Mukerjea's son from a previous marriage; They also speculate about a property inheritance dispute] …  click here
27 Aug: BBC. India sensational murder grips local media …  click here
For updates, click here.

App to take taxis to tourists

28 Aug: Herald. In an attempt to smoothen the taxi business, which is embroiled in a series of controversies over various irregularities, Tourism Department is launching an app which will help tourists get taxis by clicking on their mobile phones… the app will be launched before October and the taxi owners association has asked to furnish data of all taxis so that every tourist taxi is registered on the app. … the fare charge which is Rs 18 per km will be made compulsory to all tourist taxis. He said that the rate chart will be displayed at all tourist taxi counters, hotels, residencies, resorts …  click here

Goan Girl Scully D’Souza Wins ‘Miss Teen India 2015’

27 Aug: Herald. Some may call it chance, while others, destiny. Whatever the title, ‘it’ surely worked wonders for Scully D’Souza from Sangolda. Her proactive nature and inherent style won her the Miss Teen India 2015 title at a pageant organised by Alee Club in New Delhi. It might have been Scully’s debut into the world of modelling, but the young girl stole the show with her charisma and style… There were over 5,000 contestants in the audition round, vying for the title … she states, “I was studying in Muscat and recently finished my studies in twelfth Commerce scoring 92 per cent, following which I came down to Goa in the month of May. It was in Goa that a friend I should give the pageant a try.” … Scully now has her heart set on winning Femina Miss Goa before heading for an international career…  click here

10 scrumptious Goan desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth in Goa!

27 Aug: I Trip To. Not many people need to be told to sample local drinks in Goa, but many tend to forget the rich and delicious cuisine of Goa. Goan desserts are among the best in the country, especially if you love coconuts. Goa offers a wide variety of desserts to choose from. The Goan cuisine is largely influenced by Saraswat, Konkani, Portuguese, South Indian and British cuisines. If you are heading to Goa, you better not miss on trying these 10 sweets in Goa! Bebinca … Doce … Dodol … Patoleo … Kidyo/Kulkul … Neureos … Kokad … Coconut Ice … Bolinhas … Perad … 450 words..  click here

Government proposes setting up ‘tourist police’ units
26 Aug: Hindustan Times. Setting up units of “Tourist Police” and making provisions for the issuance of “city passes” for travellers in major centres, including Delhi, are among plans that minister of state for tourism, Mahesh Sharma, is keen on implementing within a 90-day time frame… The concept of “city passes” envisages free travel in buses and metros to pass holders, besides concessional tickets for visit to historical sites or museums… “The idea of putting up a “wall of shame” to name and shame people held guilty for dirtying the city has also been put up”, sources said…  click here

It’s official, Panaji to be smart city
28 Aug: Times of India. Goa's capital city was chosen by the Union government as one of the 100 smart cities to be developed in the country … The smart cities mission aims to create walkable localities which will in turn reduce congestion, air pollution and resource depletion and simultaneously boost local economy and ensure security. The concept also aims to preserve and develop open spaces to enhance the quality of life and promote eco-balance…  click here

India: Plea in Supreme Court wants canon law as personal law for Christians
27 Aug: Times of India. Can marriage and divorce of Christians be ordered to be mandatorily regulated by a set of principles commonly known as Canon law? The Supreme Court on Wednesday admitted a petition seeking a direction that orders passed by church or ecclesiastical courts be made legally binding… the petitioner pleaded that many Catholics, who re-married after getting divorce from ecclesiastical courts under Canon law, were facing charges of bigamy as law courts did not recognize the divorce…  click here

Chef shortage hits UK Curry Houses
27 Aug: Asian Lite News, UK curry restaurants are being closed for business at a faster rate than ever before… While the UK’s taste for ethnic cuisine shows little sign of abating, curry restaurants have been found to be suffering from a shortage in staff that, for many businesses in the industry, is proving terminal… Leaders of industry bodies have noted that an ageing generation of highly-skilled chefs is retiring, never to be replaced. Not enough young people are entering the profession, and UK visa requirements are discriminating against chefs who do not reach the right salary bracket to qualify as skilled personnel…  click here

UK Forthcoming Events

Sat. 29 Aug. Wembley . Tiatr: ‘Oxir Rosteanchi Rundhai - Part 2’. Fr Lucas Rodrigues sfx presents the sequel to the spectacular success of the first part to complete the arduous journey embarked upon by the leading character in the play. Oakington Primary School, Wembley, HA9 6NF at 2.00pm. Contacts: Mark: 0753531677; Caetano: 07882009063; Edna: 07590419942. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 30 Aug. Swindon. Tiatr: ‘Oxir Rosteanchi Rundhai - Part 2’. Fr Lucas Rodrigues sfx presents the sequel to the spectacular success of the first part to complete the arduous journey embarked upon by the leading character in the play. Wyvern Theatre, Theatre Square, Swindon, SN1 1QN at 11.30am with the Final Show at 5.30 pm. Contacts: Pilar Fathers 020 8648 2101; Monty 07840 135121; Pedro 07448 791717; Luis (Reading) 07831 160766. For the flyer, click here.

Wed. 2 Sep. - G.O.A. Theatre visit. The Sinatra Show at the London Palladium. Commencing at 15.00 hrs. Tickets at £39.50 (Reduced from £69.50). Only 30 tickets available on a first come first served basis. Contact Bernie Gracias on 0208 723 1322 or Norma Menezes-Rahim on 0208 771 4457. For the flyer, click here.

Sun. 6 Sep, 2pm to 8pm. Late Summer Hop. Enjoy an afternoon out with your friends. At St Boniface Community Centre, next to St Boniface Roman Catholic Church, 185 Mitcham Road, Tooting London SW17 9PG. Tickets: £12 inclusive of Snacks and Hot Buffet. Licenced bar and Catering. Live Band REVIVE in attendance with variety cabaret acts. Famous Traditional Goan Dancers, Swahili and Konkani entertainment. Jive contest with great prizes to be won. For further details please contact: Greg DeMello. Home tel: 0208 567 9155, Mobile: 07886230433 ** Hurry and get your ticket now - it's going to be a great afternoon not to be missed ** For more information visit: For the flyer, click here.

Thur. 10 Sep. - Sun. 13 Sep. Dr. Ribeiro Goan School Alumni (Toronto) extend an open invitation to alumni around the globe, to join us in celebrating our 2015 Reunion in Toronto. The festivities get under way on Thursday morning, Sept 10, with a Golf Tournament, followed by a Meet & Greet in the evening. On Friday, climb on board for a Coach Trip to Niagara Falls/Casino and Wine Tasting. Saturday has been set aside for free time and/or individual classes to hold their own reunions. On Sunday we will remember our dear departed at a Memorial Mass followed by a Reunion Gala. For further details, 2015 Reunion Flyer & Reservation Form, click here.

Sat. 12 Sep: FENNY FEVER's 8th ANNIVERSARY BALL - Dinner & Dance, Woodside High School, White Hart Lane, White Hart Lane, N22 5QJ. From 6pm till Midnight. A Night Suitable for Family & Friends. Cocktail Reception. Dinner served at 7pm by Maggie's Kitchen, Desert, Dance, Live Performances, Choreographed Dance Demo & Top Goan DJs: Fenny Fever's DJ BACKSPIN, DJ REBELLO & PRESS PLAY. Licensed Bar. Dress code: Smart / Formal.Tickets: Adult Early bird: £12 Senior Citizens /Under 16s £8 & Adult Standard £15. Book tickets online: More Info Email: Twitter/Insta @fennyfever / FB - Fenny Fever London. For the Flyer, click here.

Sat. 26 Sep. St Jacinto Feast. At the Cranford Community College, High Street, Cranford, Middlesex TW5 9PD. Celebration of Mass at 3.00 pm sharp, followed by an afternoon of celebration and dancing to the sounds of "PRESS PLAY". Snacks and Lunch will be served. For details and tickets please contact Agnelo: 07958504545; Maria: 02089315185; Clare: 02085782288/; Marisa: 07877775880 or 07568185022; Francis: 01162553772 (Leicester). For the flyer, click here

Sat. 26 Sep. – G.O.A. Senior Citizens Lunch Party –12.15 p.m. St. Andrew’s Church Hall, Quadrant Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 7RD. Three course meal followed by dancing and afternoon tea. Tickets available from Nina Pinto – 0208 767 0663 - Vince Fernandes – 0208 764 8780 | Bosco Saldanha – 0208 684 4474 | Juliette DeMenezes-D’Costa – 0208 765 0258 or via email For the flyer, click here

For Later Events See



Death: Edgar Rodrigues

20 Aug: Bandra. EDGAR CLEMENT RODRIGUES. Born 1939. Ex Tata Tea. Son of Late Nel & Diana (Anjuna, Goa) Loving brother of Yvonne / Osy (Melbourne) Late Derrick/Angela (Perth) beloved Uncle of Neal, Susan, Diane Kyle, Ciancarl & Kesley (Aus). Funeral will leave residence on Friday 28th August 2015 at 3.30 pm for Mass at Theresa's Church, Bandra at 4:00 pm followed by burial at St Andrews Cemetery, Bandra (W).

News Summary

Goanet. Femnet. August 2015. Issue 41

Our August Issue is dedicated to friends and the beautiful bond of friendship. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves (well … friends and in-laws!). Luckily, the former come without rulebooks. We can be our own true, crazy weird selves when we are with them and they will celebrate our craziness.We also look at diabetes and its management, the importance of having our girls and daughters in the playgrounds and the effect that play has on their well-being. Let’s not forget, playgrounds are also the places where we form our first friendships. Please join us in committing to a healthier, more active lifestyle and raise your glasses to the people who accept us for who we are.  click here

UK: Forthcoming Event

Sat. 26 Sep. St Jacinto Feast. At the Cranford Community College, High Street, Cranford, Middlesex TW5 9PD. Celebration of Mass at 3.00 pm sharp, followed by an afternoon of celebration and dancing to the sounds of "PRESS PLAY". Snacks and Lunch will be served. For details and tickets please contact Agnelo: 07958504545; Maria: 02089315185; Clare: 02085782288/; Marisa: 07877775880 or 07568185022; Francis: 01162553772 (Leicester). For the flyer, click here

Stephany Dsouza is all about minimal luxury at Lakme Fashion Week

26 Aug: Times of India. Goa-based fashion designer Stephany Dsouza's collection for the Lakme Fashion Week Winter-Festive 2015, is all about minimal understated luxury. It is a refreshing collection with a colour-blocked palette of pastel mint and peach, a splash of vibrant azure, lime and orange contrasted with sandstone beige…  click here

New data disproves allegations of conversions: Indian Christians

26 Aug: UCAN. India’s Christian community has grown more slowly in the last decade than the country’s overall population, according to new government data, disproving allegations that there have been widespread forced Christian conversions… The religion-based data collected for the 2011 decennial national census shows the percentage of Hindus fell marginally while Islam grew faster than any other religion during the 10 years between 2001-2011.There has been no significant change in the proportion of Christians and Jains …  click here

Baath: For the Ultimate Coconut Cake, Look to India

26 Aug: Saveur (USA). Nik Sharma recalls—and recreates—his grandmother's signature Goan coconut cake. “It needs to soak for a long time to get the perfect crumb,” my grandmother used to tell me whenever she poured semolina into fresh coconut milk while preparing baath, a Goan coconut cake that was one of her signature—and one of my favorite—desserts. It’s perhaps the wisest thing she ever taught me…  click here
Recipe: Goan Coconut Cake (Baath) Saveur (USA). A hint of rosewater adds sweet, floral aroma to this moist, dense semolina cake, packed with four types of coconut. Refrigerating overnight gives the semolina time to soak up the sweet coconut liquid, resulting in a softer, more tender crumb…  click here

Frog trade on a high in Canacona despite ban on meat
27 Aug: Herald. A pair of the cooked frog legs is priced from Rs 150 to Rs 200 (As per Size) onwards in restaurants and is available at select joints in Canacona where foreign tourists frequent… The dish is served under the alias of Mountain chicken, jumping chicken or Drums of Heaven for example and people devour the meat at exorbitant prices due to the ban…  click here

A liquor bar for every 214 persons in Goa
26 Aug: Times of India. Protests from women's groups and anti-alcoholics notwithstanding, the number of liquor bars in Goa is growing with the years such that now, there is one liquor bar for every 214 people in a state, considering a population of 15 lakh. According to figures obtained from the excise department, there were 6,919 liquor bars in Goa in 2011-12, but with about 95 new licenses being issued every year, the present number of liquor bars in the state has swelled to 7,208. But excise department sources said that about 100 of these must have closed down. By bar, we mean an outlet for the retail sale of Indian made foreign liquor and country liquor for consumption…  click here

Churchill rightly wonders, why is he different
26 Aug: Herald. … The circumstances surrounding the arrest of Alemao in the dead of the night, his all night grilling in the crime branch, his trip to the GMC and his final arrival at his destination, the police lock up in Panjim was different. It had elements of very high drama and came as the first fresh air of justice, with the new wind expected to sweep the "main conspirator" Digambar Kamat into prison. This is where the script changed…  click here
Churchill terms arrest illegal and mala fide … 26 Aug: Herald.  click here

Ex-Goa Minister Joaquim Alemao Questioned in Illegal Mining Case
26 Aug: Outlook. Former Goa Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao was today questioned by Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Crime Branch in connection with an illegal mining case. Joaquim, whose elder brother and former state Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Churchill Alemao, has been arrested in Louis Berger bribery case, alleged the state government was harassing the Alemao family…  click here
Joaquim could join elder brother Churchill in custody… 27 Aug. Herald.  click here

Louis Berger bribery case: US firm says it will cooperate with Goa Police
26 Aug: Mid-Day. US-based Louis Berger Company today told the Bombay High Court that it will cooperate with the Crime Branch of Goa Police in connection with the bribery case which is currently under investigation. The company had earlier challenged the notice issued by the Crime Branch asking for documents …  click here


FILM: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Channel 4. Sunday 30th August. 21:00 to 23:25. A group of ageing Brits have been seduced by the prospect of spending their retirement in low-cost luxury at a plush Indian hotel they've booked via a brochure. But, arriving at The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in Jaipur, they discover that it is, in fact, a dump. [The screenplay is based on the book by Deborah Moggach and she conceived the idea while on a holiday in Goa] For the trailer, 2m. 31s. click here.

DOCUMENTARY: Treasures of the Indus. BBC 4. Monday 31st August. 21:00 to 22:00. Episode 1. Series telling the story of the Indian sub-continent through the treasures of three very different people, places and dynasties that have shaped the modern Indian world.

TRAVEL: India: Nature's Wonderland. Episode 1. BBC 2. Tuesday 1st September. 21:00 to 22:00. Wildlife expert Liz Bonnin, actor Freida Pinto and mountaineer Jon Gupta reveal the hidden wonders of India's surprising natural world. This is a land where the tea comes with added elephants, gibbons sing to greet the morning, tigers dance and lions roam.

DOCUMENTARY: Exposed. Community Channel (Freeview 63). Tuesday 1st September. 04.00 to 05.00. Roshni - Ray of Light.
Roshni lives in the Land of the Gods known as Dev Bhoomi and has only one dream; to travel to the Land of Illusions, Mumbai city known as Maya Nagari. (Part 1)

DOCUMENTARY: Kolkata with Sue Perkins. BBC 1 London. Wednesday 2nd September. 21:00 to 22:00 Sue Perkins immerses herself in the complex life of Kolkata. In this intricate human habitat, Sue explores the lives of its people, from the 250,000 homeless street kids hustling for a living to the wealthy young entrepreneurs.

TRAVEL: India's Frontier Railways. BBC 4. Wednesday 2nd September. 22:00 to 23:00. Episode 1. The Maitree Express.
Series about the international trains crossing borders in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Maitree Express was the first train to run between India and Bangladesh, 37 years after the war of independence in 1971.

DOCUMENTARY: Love and Betrayal in India. BBC 4. Thursday 3rd September. 21.00 to 22:00. The White Mughal.
Historian William Dalrymple travels to the Deccan Plains of India to explore the remarkable love affair between British diplomat James Achilles Kirkpatrick and Khair un-Nissa, the Muslim princess he married. Through the 18th-century art and architecture of both countries, and in archives across both continents, Dalrymple unearths a story of seduction and betrayal at odds with the conventional boundaries of empire.

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