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Maria Gonsalves: In Commemoration of her 80th Birthday

MARIA IZAURA CEZARINA GONSALVES née Serraõ. 26 November 1934 ~ 6 February 2012. (Ex-Mombasa; born Santa Cruz, Goa). Beloved wife of the late Constancio Gonsalves (Ex-Mombasa; born Navelim-Goa, 27 February 1918 - 20 February 2004). Beloved mother of Monica, Agnelo, Angelo, Perpetua, Anna, Assis, Alfred, Flavia and Attley.
We hold you close within our hearts,
And there you shall remain,
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again.
The Annual Memorial Mass will be held on February 14, 2015 at 12 noon, at St John Vianney Catholic Church, 386 West Green Road, Haringey, N15 3QL. Friends and family, please note this date in your calendars. Details to follow nearer the time.
Enquiries to

News Summary

30 Nov. to 7 Dec. East African Goans in Goa

Sun. 30 Nov. from 12 noon at Calamari, Candolim. - East African Goans informal lunch
Fri 5 Dec: 11:00 to 11:30. The International Centre, Donna Paula, Goa. Goa Arts + Literary Festival 2014 is pleased to host a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Kenya's Republic (and Goan contributions thereof) on December 5 at 11AM. Eddie Fernandes and Luis de Assis Correia will be in attendance. Dr. Teresa Albuquerque and Fitz de Souza have both been contacted in the hope they will attend. Come, remember and honour the Goan chapter of modern Kenya's history! Admission to this event is free and open to the public. Free registration at
Sun 7 Dec. 12 noon. The International Centre, Donna Paula, Goa Book Launch of 'A Railway Runs Through: Goans of British East Africa,1865-1980' by Selma Carvalho, author of 'Into the Diaspora Wilderness'. Admission to these events is free and open to the public.
Please alert your friends in Goa to these events. Enquiries to tel 909 666 3431 or

California: Burlingame's new Rasa in Berkeley!
24 Nov: San Jose Mercury News. Ajay Walia’s new, upscale Rasa Contemporary Indian in Burlingame showcases the cuisine of southern India, particularly the coastal state of Goa, with sustainable, organic ingredients… Entrees include spice-encrusted Black Cod Pollichathu, cooked in a banana leaf, and traditional Goan favorites such as Medu Vada Sambhar, lentil beignets in a vegetable stew. Open for lunch, brunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday. 209 Park Road, Burlingame …  click here
For the Rasa Indian website,  click here

Acknowledging Goa’s unsung film personalities

26 Nov: Herald. In a first of its kind venture, a panel highlighting a ‘Galaxy of Goan Stars’, at the Inox Courtyard, acknowledges the immense contribution of some of Goa’s film personalities to Indian Cinema. An initiative of IFFI Art Director, Sushant Tari, it is a tribute to these unsung film heroes … “I am a Goan and it pained me to see that people do not know how many Goans have contributed to the Indian film industries” … The focus of Tari’s selection has been film personalities of the yesteryears. “These people worked in the pre-liberation era when moving from Goa to Bombay was not an easy task. But they made a name for themselves,” avers Tari…  click here

‘Non-Goans may have to pay at govt hospitals’
26 Nov: Times of India. The government may consider charging people from outside Goa who come to government hospitals only for treatment, deputy chief minister and new health minister Francis D'Souza said on Tuesday…  click here
Video: People with more than 5 years' stay in Goa not to be charged at GMC … Navhind multimedia.  click here

TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice All-Inclusive Resorts

26 Nov: The Star (Malaya). … It is based on the offering of a host of lavish amenities including luxurious pools, fine restaurants, and thrilling activities. Great to recharge over the year-end… Heritage Village Club, Cansaulim, Goa is India’s first all-inclusive boutique resort.. The resort has 97 rooms and is also only a five-minute walk to Goa’s Arossim Beach. “Overall this is a lovely and lively place to visit any time of the year. This is the best all-inclusive boutique resort,” commented a Trip Advisor reviewer.  click here
For the Trip advisor Heritage Village Club reviews,  click here

Bandra: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ dipped in a bit of bottle masala
24 Nov: Times of India. Finding a story, rounding up the cast, chasing after that flaky sponsor ("He's Mangi, men."), and even selling tickets down Hill Road, dressed up as a sanna, fugia, and bottle masala—putting up a play for a certain Bandra festival had been a tough job indeed… Written and directed by a team, including Carl and Carson Mendes, Denzil Smith, Keith D'Souza and Rafael Pereira, the play regaled the audience with jokes about the neighbourhood's quirks, the unending Goan-Mangalorean battles, its music and food, and memorable characters… It centered on the early 1970s and was the story of Grandpa Pinto who checks himself into an old-age home with his records as he cannot cope with the way his beloved neighbourhood is changing.  click here

Of a stinking reality, laid-back locals and movie buff

25 Nov: Hindustan Times …The smell of rotten fish has become synonymous with old Goa. After every high tide, the people wait for the next one and in between they try their best to survive the deadly stench. The owners of old French style cottages, full of palm and coconut trees, look funny with a handkerchief wrapped around their faces. It must have been a tough task to live with the stinking reality of their otherwise beautiful city… Despite being one of the preferred hangout destinations in India, Panaji remains a sleepy and lazy city. People do look forward to doing business with foreigners but they don't want to spoil their evenings in chasing potential clients.  click here

N Goa district hospital’s health deteriorating
25 Nov: Times of India. Just three years after it was commissioned, the health of the North Goa district hospital at Mapusa is deteriorating with a shortage of staff and absence of some facilities. Important services like an intensive care unit, dialysis unit, laundry and washing of linen, separate kitchen and incinerator are yet to be provided at this state-of-the-art 350-bed hospital…  click here

Food Stories: Mutton Vindaloo

25 Nov: Dawn (Pakistan). It was the rollicking 60s, a time where Karachi was considered the Paris of the East, and as a fresh graduate from IBA my father went to visit a friend at the Metropole Hotel for dinner. The menu had a dish called ‘Mutton Vindaloo’, my dad ordered it, thinking it was some exotic dish… Lizzie Collingham says in her book, Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors, Vindaloo is normally regarded as subcontinental curry, but fairly speaking it is a Goan adaptation of the Portuguese dish Carne de vinha d'alhos, or meat [soaked] and cooked in wine vinegar and garlic; and the term Vindaloo is simply a garbled pronunciation of vinho e alhos…  click here

Weekly Weather & Exchange Rates
26 Nov: Goa Met.. Weather: Max = 33.9. Min = 19.3. Humidity = 80%.
For the Meteorological Office (UK) Five day forecast for Goa, click here.
Exchange rates (Xcom): £ = 97.06; $ = 61.84; $Can = 54.88; Euro = 77.12.


News Summary

Portugal: Joao Araujo: An expert of "high calibre " with a “tongue-in-the-cheek” style

24 Nov: Publico (Portugal). José Sócrates, Prime Minister of Portugal from 2005 to 2011 was arrested in Lisbon on 21 Nov 2014, accused of corruption, tax evasion, and money laundering. His lawyer is Joao Araujo, a native of Goa, 65, described as a lawyer of "excellence and feedback," but with a "gozão style." … Araújo graduated at the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, also works alone, sharing the facilities with a colleague …  click here
João Araújo, the loner who does not like talking … 24 Nov: Expresso (Portugal).  click here
Social networks have fun with the lawyer José Sócrates 24 Nov: Observador (Portugal). click here.

Eau de toilet: Joys of stumbling onto Indian style loos in foreign realms
25 Nov: Times of India. By Radhika Vaz. Having lived in New York for a very long time I am sometimes accused of having changed, that I am not as ‘Indian’ as I used to be. And I admit I have changed, just not that much. Last week I flew from New Delhi to New York via Kuwait…  click here

Portugal: António Costa, a politician beyond skin color

Antonio & Orlando

24 Nov: Publico. Pages 10 – 12. Is the election of the new leader of the PS Party and prime minister candidate a victory over the barrier of racism? Experts say not. He is a descendant of Goan Brahmin Catholics … In 1976 when his mother took him to his new school, the attendant uttered the phrase, "Oh, he’s black!" … António Costa was born in Lisbon on July 17, 1961, son of the journalist Maria Antonia Palla and Orlando da Costa writer… Today, as in his teens, António Costa is comfortable with the color of his skin… His racial origin is news in India but not in Portugal … "In India it is news because there is now a new attitude towards Goans in general who they considered as being on the side of the Colonialists," says António Costa …  click here

João Afonso: Blood
24 Nov: Jornal Cultura (Angola). Edited in January 2014, Blood is the latest work of singer João Afonso, where he travels to Goa by navigating in the words of Mia Couto and Jose Agualusa… Dense and deep but not boring, are sounds that make us travel, with "very strong images of the Portuguese diaspora: Goa, Porto Amboim, the road hot ... In addition to the universal themes, the young Angolan singer, plays the music with a special sensuality …  click here
Music Video: João Afonso - Morrer Em Zanzibar …  click here

Goan High School Mombasa: Class of '64 - Goa reunion

From Dr Jawaharlal Henriques: This December, Class of '64 celebrates 50 years since their graduation from Sacred Heart High School (formerly Goan High School) Mombasa, Kenya. To mark this milestone, the Goa based past pupils will be hosting a series of events in the week 7th to 13th December. They will be joined by classmates from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Oman. Unique to these celebrations will be the presence of three teachers from the school. A souvenir and a collection of short stories by the alumni spread across the globe will be released by the Chief Guest, Professor Suresh Amonkar (also a teacher) at the event on the 10th. Dec. For the Facebook site,  click here
Enquiries to Yvette Rozario,

Animated TV series to be made on Mario Miranda's cartoons
24 Nov: Press Trust of India. The renowned works of eminent cartoonist late Mario Miranda will now be developed into an animation series to be aired on television. Mumbai-based Esham Studio has purchased the rights of few of the well-known works of Miranda like 'Ferry Across Zuari,' 'Carreira' and 'Welcome to Goa, which would be adapted into an animation series. "The script writer is a Goan named Shripad Pai who has seen the era which is depicted in Miranda's cartoons," Milind Kuri, who would be directing the series, told PTI… Miranda, an internationally acclaimed cartoonist, was known his works which also depicted the laid-back life of Goa. He died at his native place in Goa in 2011 at the age of 85.  click here

The real purpose of the Exposition

24 Nov: Times of India. By Aleixo Menezes. The primary purpose of the Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St Francis Xavier is to strengthen/deepen the devotees faith in Jesus Christ … One of Francis Xavier's major concerns when he landed on the shores of Goa was the renewal of faith of Portuguese Christians who were living a very decadent and immoral family life; and of the Portuguese soldiers and the fidalgos who were involved in social evils and atrocities against locals… No doubt many people, even Catholics, will turn the visit to Old Goa into a picnic or a shopping trip. For the business people, it will be a money-making event… The writer is the rector, Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol.  click here
96,210 devotees venerate relics on first day of novena … 25 Nov: Times of India.  click here

Goa's liberation movement to be adapted for silver screen
24 Nov: Business Standard. A French filmmaker has decided to reproduce Goa's liberation history in a movie which will portray the psyche of Portuguese soldiers who surrendered to the Indian Army. The film, titled 'da Goa', will chronicle incidents of the fag end of the 450-year-old colonial rule in the western Indian state which was liberated on December 19, 1961. "The movie is a statement against the then dictatorial rule by Antonio de Oliveira Salazar who was later defeated through peaceful protests which were inspired by non-violence movement of Mahatma Gandhi," French producer Luc Bossi told PTI … The movie, based on the real-life story of a soldier, will have a mix of Portuguese, English and Konkani languages and would be directed by Jaime Mateus Tique, the 42-year-old filmmaker said… The film, with a budget of USD two million, is expected to go on floor in October, next year.  click here

James Fernandes: Seven-year-old from Northampton is now closer to walking unaided

24 Nov. Northampton Chronicle (UK). Seven-year-old Cavan Kirkham-MacCallum from Northampton is an operation closer to walking unaided, six years after doctors suggested he may need to have all four limbs amputated… the family were put in touch with Mr James Fernandes, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Sheffield Children’s Hospital… Cavan’s mother, Bernadette says: “Mr Fernandes is the best in the country at what he does and there is no one that can match his knowledge and experience. Cavan has a great relationship with him and he trusts him completely.” …  click here
For a profile of James Fernandes,  click here

Navy has land for golf courses, not for airport expansion: Congress
24 Nov: Business Standard. If the Indian Navy has surplus land to build golf courses, it can certainly offer some land critical for the extension and upgradation of the Dabolim airport, state Congress president Luizinho Faleiro said Monday, adding to the controversy over building a second airport in Goa. Addressing a press conference here, the newly-appointed state Congress chief said the Indian Navy was being unreasonable in allotting 12.5 acres of land for Goa's only airport…  click here

IFFI: The not over

25 Nov: Herald. There’s a mad rush to catch good films at the 45th International Film Festival of India. Though everyone knows which film they would like to see, many are left out in the cold as the theatres are filled to capacity …  click here
At Goa film festival: queues, skipping dinner, brawls (and cinema) 24 Nov: Every day thousands of delegates, journalists and invited guests have been forgoing meals, lining up for films at least an hour in advance, haranguing student volunteers into opening the gates of the venues earlier than stipulated, getting into minor fights over people trying to jump the queue …  click here
Poor Micromanaging at IFFI 25 Nov: Navhind Times. Is the International Film Festival of India one of the worst run film festivals internationally? Perhaps not. But it must surely be somewhere right at the bottom of the heap… click here.

Omsk – Goa Charter flights cancelled
24 Nov: Class Omsk. "Pegas Touristik” has cancelled charters from Omsk to Goa due to low demand according to Association of Tour Operators….  click here



Death: Prof. Eusebio Rodrigues

13 Nov: Bethesda, MD, USA. EUSEBIO LEO RODRIGUES. Aged 87, A Fulbright scholar and native of Goa, Dr. Rodrigues earned M.A.'s in English at Columbia University and the University of Bristol, followed by a Ph.D. in English at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a professor of contemporary American literature at Georgetown University for 26 years. He authored two books, including Love and Samsara, a historical novel set in Goa. Preceded in death by his wife, Elizabeth, he was the beloved husband of 47 years of Merlyn Rodrigues; loving father of Esme Abed in and Ushas Rodrigues, and devoted grandfather of Roshni, Shanti, and Ariana Abedin, and Cara, Anna, and Ethan Flath. A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at St. Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church, 9601 Old Georgetown Rd. Bethesda, MD on Wednesday, December 3 at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Dr. Rodrigues' name to Georgetown University. For the obituary, photos and full details, click here.

News Summary

Video: St Francis Xavier Exposition 2014 Full Inaugural Mass.

22 Nov: InGoaNews. 1h. 54m. 16s. Video: Sacred relics of St Francis Xavier carried in procession. 23 Nov. The Daily Telegraph (UK).  click here
Church Bans Using Smartphones, Cameras During Veneration… 24 Nov: Times of India.  click here

Kevin D’Souza: Police defend operation that ended with police shooting
22 Nov: Citizens Voice (USA) … It is not the first time a controlled drug buy has taken an unexpected turn in the Wilkes-Barre area. On Jan. 10, 2006, Joshua Bradshaw, then 16, fatally stabbed Kevin D’Souza, a 25-year-old confidential informant for the Luzerne County Drug Task Force. D’Souza was stabbed more than 20 times during a controlled drug buy near the Sherman Hills apartment complex in Wilkes-Barre. Police said drug task force members lost sight of D’Souza when he and Bradshaw walked to a secluded location. Police searched the apartment complex and surrounding area immediately after they discovered D’Souza had been stabbed but were not able to locate Bradshaw. He was caught in Philadelphia and later sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison…  click here
For a report and photos of the case,  click here

Running twins are doubly fast

22 Nov: Brampton Guardian. Jonathan DeSouza is a bit taller and has longer hair than his older-by-one-minute identical twin brother Joshua. But one thing the twins from Brampton have in common is that they like to run and they run very well. The two, who are just a couple of months into high school at St. Marguerite d’Youville Secondary School, have been earning a lot of praise for their success on the cross country circuit… The two, who are the only children of Savio and Arlene have been running since they were in Grade 4 and have really showed a lot of improvement since joining the Huskies earlier this year… They share similar goals of earning a scholarship, and hoping to run in the Olympics… /  click here

It’s MI CASA SU CASA in Batim
23 Nov: Times of India. … 26-year-old David Nathaniel Menezes has decided to convert a part of Casa Menezes in Batim into a home-stay "for guests who want a traditional Goan experience with modern amenities". All lit up, the yellow, three-and-a-half centuries-old heritage home is difficult to miss. You walk through the courtyard, unique to a Christian household, surrounded by bedrooms—12 of them… There's the pick of vegetarian or non-vegetarian breakfast, and meals will be provided, for a fee, if ordered in advance… David also hopes his project will inspire other heritage home owners…  click here

Now, taxi owners in Pernem complain about tour operators

24 Nov: Times of India. Taxi operators from Morjim, Ashvem, Mandrem and Arambol are facing a threat from tour operators and travel agencies operating in these villages. Taxi operators claim that these tour operators offer taxis to tourists who want to travel from the towns to villages and back, thus stealing away any corresponding benefits of tourism to the locals… The clash between the local taxi operators, foreigners in tourist taxi business and the travel agencies is the long- pending issue in Morjim which is yet to be resolved…  click here

State prays for footfalls to feed coffers
21 Nov: Times of India. The Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St Francis Xavier will commence on Saturday with the state hoping it will help to improve the condition of its coffers… Expecting the Exposition to give a big boost to pilgrimage tourism, Ralph de Souza, spokesperson, Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG), said Goa will definitely be able to get the benefits of the spinoff of the Exposition… Industrialist Atul Pai Kane, terming the event "religious tourism", said he knows of people coming to Goa from Canada and the United States just for the Exposition…  click here

Video: Opening Ceremony - International Film Festival of India

23 Nov: IFFI. 4h. 58m. 18s.  click here
The Goan face of Iffi decoration. 23 Nov: Times of India,  click here
Can shoot in India all day long: Canadian producer. 22 Nov: IANS. Canadian producer David Miller has made films in India and is set to make more as he loves shooting in the country, and can do it all day long… Miller will be back next year to India to work on a film that revolves around electronic dance music (EDM). "It will be a commercial film around EDM. Sunburn (EDM festival) is big here. The movie is called 'Electronic Wonderland'. I will come back next year to shoot in Goa," he revealed… click here.

Citizens should take "Clean India" campaign seriously: Goa Guv
23 Nov: Business Standard. Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plans of development, Goa Governor Mridula Sinha today said citizens should take up "Clean India" campaign seriously for better health, peace of mind and pollution free environment… She said the nation is progressing and developing in all directions, and "we all should actively be involved in this process of change".  click here



Death: Alexandrina Rodrigues
12 Nov 2014: Mitcham, Surrey, UK. ALEXANDRINA CLARA RODRIGUES. Passed away peacefully (Aged 79: Born in Candolim, Goa). Beloved wife of Joao Camilo Rodrigues. Loving mother of John & Francis, mother-in-law of Caroline & Marushka, grandmother of Jenifer, Christina, Melanie and Andrea. The funeral service will be held on Friday 28 Nov. at 11.30 am at St Peter & Paul Catholic Church, 1 Cranmer Road, Mitcham CR4 4LD, and burial at London Rd Cemetery Figs Marsh, London Rd, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2JB. Condolences to  email

Death: Marianne Fernandes

22 Nov: Siolim, Goa: MARIANNE A FERNANDES (PATROCINE), Ex Cortalim, Goa. Born 1940. Wife of late Caitan J Fernandes (UK), Mother of Manuel (Rudolf), Inacio (Ansu) and Lawrence (Sandy); Mother-in-law of Laura, Aurita and Clare; Grandmother of Abigail, Amanda, Malitta, Christopher, Susan and Riona. Funeral cortege will leave her residence on 23rd November at 4.30 pm to Our Lady of Seas Church, Oxel, Siolim, for Eucharistic celebration followed by burial. click here.

Death: Carol Rodrigues
22 Nov: Toronto. CAROL ANN (DSOUZA) RODRIGUES. Born 1947. Formerly lived in Block 'A' FCCHS, Karachi. Mother of Francesca and (Jonathan) Gougeon, Judell Ann (Craig) Soulsby .She will be missed by her grandchildren Aidan and Dominque Gougeon and Carys Ann and Ciaran Soulsby. Beloved daughter of Late Mr & Mrs (S.P). Martin Dsouza Sister of Deborah (Patrick) Liew,(Malaysia) Wendy and (John) Millard, and Martin Jude and nieces Michelle, Kimberley and Taylor. Carol is resting at Marshall Funeral Home,10366 Yonge St, Richmond Hill Ont. Viewing Monday 4.00 pm -9.00 pm. Funeral and Mass on Wednesday November 26th at 11.00 am St Mary Immaculate Church,10295 Yonge St. Richmond Hill. Internment at Holy Cross Cemetery-8361 Yonge St. Thorn hill, Ont. [Info Pompie Gois].  For further details click here

News Summary

Pilgrims flock to Goa to see Saint Francis Xavier remains

22 Nov: BBC. Thousands of Catholic pilgrims are converging on Goa in west India to see the relics of Saint Francis Xavier. The remains of the 16th Century Spanish missionary are usually kept in a casket at the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Once every 10 years they are put on public display, and on Saturday the casket was brought out in procession and taken to the nearby Se Cathedral… Brooke Harrods, a visitor from the US, said she had made the trip because the saint was "an embodiment of peace," adding: "You can really feel that energy here today"…. Text + photos. Click here.
Pilgrims progress, but its politicians and VIPs first. 23 Nov: Times of India. Click here.
Smartphones bring out the 'paparazzi' in pilgrims. 23 Nov. Times of India. Click here.
Mumbaikars heading to Goa for St Francis Xavier exposition… 21 Nov: Mid-Day. 1556 words + photos. Click here.
ANI Video: 2m. 07s. Click here.
JoeGoaUk Videos. Click here.

G.O.A. (U.K.) Ltd : Sports Announcement.
Table Tennis Men's Singles League
Entries are invited to participate in the Table Tennis Men's Singles League. The League organised by the GOA (UK) Ltd will commence in December 2014 and will end in March 2015. It will be based on a Home & Away basis. For more details and entry forms please contact.
Richard Fernandes: Tel No 07711401157 email
Vince Fernandes: Tel no 0208 764 8780 email

UK: New Event Announcement: Children's Christmas Tree Party

Sat. 13 Dec from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Saligao Association and St. Diogo's Association Joint Children's Christmas Tree Party to be held at the Sacred Heart Hall, Edge Hill, Wimbledon, London SW 19 4LU. Join us with your family and friends to share in the spirit of Christmas. Tea party, carol singing, fancy dress competition, so hurry and get your tickets. Tickets for children £10.00 (up to 11 years) which will include a gift. Parents, Grandparents, family and friends £7.00. Includes snacks, a meal and tea/coffee. No bar, so please bring your own drinks. For tickets please contact Marlene Vaz on 0208 669 5838 and Jane Gracias on 0208 543 5454. For the flyer,  click here

FC Goa down FC Pune City
22 Nov: Business Standard. FC Goa scored a goal in each half to down a fighting FC Pune City to move to the fourth place in the Indian Super League here today. Goa took the lead early in the fifth minute through Romeo Fernandes and sealed the victory in injury time courtesy substitute Miroslav Slepicka for their win of the tournament. With today's win, Goa has 12 points from 10 matches, the same as Mumbai City and FC Pune City but is fourth on better goal difference… Fernandes was declared the man of the match.  click here
Video: Prudent Media. Match highlights.  click here

Lenny Menezes: Reliving the life of a GOAN

23 Nov: Times of India. Lenny Menezes is the man who first led locals to see what tourism had to offer. He changed the way business is done at Tata Group's Taj Hotels and later Hilton … With a degree from the United States in hand, he joined the Tata administrative services, after being among only three to be plucked from 6,000 applicants… While Menezes’ elder son Vivek is a writer and based in Goa itself, his second, Rohit, is based in the United States, offering his services in restructuring of NGOs in India. Lenny is now grandfather to Vivek's three sons and Rohit's daughter. As his wife Naomi too goes exploring her interest in travelling, Lenny finds time to keep his passion for cooking alive… 852 words.  click here

Cruise liner at Mormugao harbour brings cheer to tourism
22 Nov: Navhind Times. Aidasol, the first cruise liner of this season arrived in the state at berth no-10 of Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) with 2,885 passengers, including 683 crew members on Friday… The coordinator for the cruise vessel at MPT, Jerome Clement said that the MPT is expecting 24 cruise vessels to dock at Mormugao Port during the tourist season, bringing in nearly 30,000 tourists to the state…
Azamara Club Cruises to commence first-ever sailing from India next week 22 Nov: Travel Biz Monitor. Azamara Club Cruises has announced its first-ever sailing from India. The 13-day Spice Route Voyage on Azamara Quest will begin from Mumbai on November 26, 2014, passing Goa, Kochi, Maldives, Colombo, Galle, and Chennai. The cruise will then set sail from Chennai on December 9 for another 13 days of Spice Route – II Voyage across the Bay of Bengal, passing Andaman Islands, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore…  click here

Desmond Coutinho: Who was Irom Sharmila?

22 Nov: Indian Express. The Special Ward in a Manipur hospital is where 42-year-old Irom Sharmila has lived, on hunger strike, for 14 years… She gets letters from her fiancé Desmond Coutinho (photo), a British-Indian of Goan origin. (They fell in love through an exchange of letters.) She says, “He said he will visit me on my birthday, which is March 14.” … Letters from her family and Coutinho, and the many soft toys that he sends her way give her joy. The newest addition to the menagerie is a brown bear. “He told me that he is like a brown bear, so this is to remind me of him,’’ she says with a laugh…  click here
Desmond Coutinho, 51, of Ealing, London, was born in Zanzibar and holds a British passport …  click here
For a Wikipedia profile of Irom Sharmila, click here.

Gulf Goans get NRI commission help
23 Nov: Times of India. Overseas employment has never always been lucrative. Many cases have been reported before the NRI Commission about the repatriation of Goans in distress, facing hardships due to harassment, ill treatment, mental torture, non-payment of salaries, etc. The commission has taken up these cases before the Indian mission in Gulf countries and has been able to get compensation for the victims' families. The NRI commission has been able to get compensation for three families whose relative either died or were retrenched from service in Gulf countries…  click here

Canada needs to send more students abroad, report says

22 Nov: The Globe and Mail. … While the number of international students coming to Canada is rising, only 3 per cent of Canadian students are going abroad on international study programs or exchanges, one of the lowest numbers among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries… Aaron Joshua Pinto (photo), who did two terms at European universities while getting an undergrad degree in international relations and French from the University of Western Ontario, said he needed to explain how the skills he acquired translate to the workplace. “It is simply not enough to seek an international experience – the experience itself can have little value for an employer. [You] must be able to speak about transferable skills,” he said…  click here
For the LinkedIn Profile of Aaron Joshua Pinto,  click here

The Persistence Of The Brahmin
1 Dec: Outlook. For the uninitiated, GSB stands for Gaud Saraswat Brahmin … As a GSB, Rajdeep Sardesai could not conceal his glee when Suresh Prabhu and Manohar Parrikar made it to Modi’s expanded cabinet… Being a proud Goan or Indian is not the same as being a proud GSB. Admission to categories like Goan or Indian is open to all. However, admission to the category Brahmin, that too of a specific jati such as GSB, is foreclosed. Brahmin, more than other jati identities, works on the principle of exclusion. Taking pride in one’s Brahmin jati is the same as believing in the ascending scale of reverence and descending scale of contempt that the caste system espouses…  click here

Sabrina De Sousa V. Central Intelligence Agency et al

19 Nov: Plaintiff: SABRINA DE SOUSA. Defendant: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Case Number: 1:2014cv01951. Court: District Of Columbia District Court. Office: Washington, DC Office …  click here
21 May. 2009: Goan Voice. Sabrina De Sousa is as cool as you'd expect a CIA operative to be in a hot spot... She stills speaks with the lilting accent of Goa where she was raised...  click here
For a Wikipedia profile of Sabrina De Sousa, click here.

Evening courts on the horizon in Goa
22 Nov: Times of India. In pursuance of the government's decision to set up evening courts in the state, the law department on Friday notified rules… These courts will function from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and will try all kinds of cases, suits or other proceedings…  click here


News Summary

Far from the beach Two books on the Goan diaspora

22 Nov: Mint. By Vivek Menezes. Fifty years ago, on 12 December 1964, the Republic of Kenya was proclaimed and centrestage were several anti-colonial freedom fighters of Goan origin, Fitz de Souza, Pio Gama Pinto and Joseph Murumbi Zuzarte … How did they find themselves embroiled deep in the most significant moment of Kenya’s modern history? The answer is richly detailed in Selma Carvalho’s A Railway Runs Through: Goans Of British East Africa, 1865-1980, first compiled as part of the “Oral Histories of British-Goans from Colonial East Africa Project” to “record and archive the fast-fading voices of East African Goans who had migrated to Britain in the wake of Africanisation policies and expulsions”…. Bomoicar: Stories Of Bombay Goans, 1920-1980: By Reena Martins, Goa 1556, 154 pages, Rs.200 presents a cultural history that usually falls outside the margins of mainstream narrative…  click here

India to offer online visas to 45 countries
22 Nov: Times of India. India will offer online visa facilities for 45 countries including US, Australia, Germany, Israel, Japan, UAE, Palestine, Jordan, Thailand, Singapore and Russia. The facility will be announced on November 27 by the ministries of home affairs and tourism… Countries that already have visa on arrival and will be able to apply under the electronic travel authorization scheme include Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos and South Korea… The government plans to establish a separate website to extend the facility to foreigners intending to visit India as tourists… The countries that are unlikely to be on the list include Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Afghanistan…  click here

Selma Carvalho: A fragment of Autobiography

22 Nov: The Goan. By Selma Carvalho. On April 12, 1924, a smallish house on the hillocks between Arrarim and Sonarbhat of Saligao, groaned with the misery of Lilia-Maria’s birth pangs, and peeking his head into the world was Francis Newton Souza. Lilia-Maria Cecilia Antunes came from a family hovering between poverty and aspiration … Thanks to Souza’s biography, we remember his father’s family only as ‘chronic drunkards.’ Drunk or not, his grandfather Antonio de Souza was a man of considerable merit … Souza only hints at the abundance of women in childhood… The story goes that in childhood, a bout of smallpox nearly killed Souza, and his mother having propitiated St. Francis Xavier’s goodwill in saving her child, added Francis to his name… To his credit, Souza tried to set the record straight in a 1994 interview admitting that Francis was always on his birth certificate, but by then the public had become so enamoured with the almost biblical image of a desperate child, clinging to his mother, saved by divine intervention, that this clarification gained little traction…  click here

Video: EDM mania hits India
22 Nov: The Guardian (UK). … Many in the Indian music industry attribute the rise of EDM to the success of Goa’s Sunburn festival … Goa, of course, has a long association with dance music, dating back to the trance scene in the late 80s. Sunburn festival boss Shailendra Singh is adamant that EDM will ultimately prove to be a force for good for the Indian music scene. He says, “Just wait for the day when that one Indian DJ creates a global impact. I think the world will freak out.” … Video clip of Sunburn in Goa. 6m. 36s.  click here

R. Benedito Ferrao: Gaitonde between Goa and Guggenheim

22 Nov: The Goan. By R. Benedito Ferrao (photo). Face to face with his work for the first time, I realised that nothing had prepared me for the profound simplicity of the art of Goan painter Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde (1924-2001). Curated by Sandhini Poddar, this first major retrospective of Gaitonde’s oeuvre brings him to world attention, just as one of his pieces sold for the highest amount ever paid for a work of art in India at a Christie’s auction last year. Titled “V. S. Gaitonde: Painting as Process, Painting as Life,” the exhibition at New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum opened in October and will run till February 2015… While little may be known of Gaitonde due to the limited recognition he received in his lifetime and having died in near-obscurity, the exhibition further obfuscates the painter’s origins… It notes his birthplace as Nagpur, Maharashtra, but it also states that he spent part of his childhood in Goa, where his parents were from… Certainly, Gaitonde may have spent most of his lifetime outside Goa and a brief stint in New York, but one wonders how Goa may have influenced his art…  click here

Calvert Gonsalves booked on complaint from ex-governor’s wife
22 Nov: Times of India. Controversies don't seem to leave Colva panchayat member Calvert Gonsalves. Barely 10 days after his house was raided by the anti-corruption branch (ACB) of the vigilance department, the Colva police on Friday booked an offence against him on charges of intending to outrage the modesty of a woman. Gonsalves was booked based on a complaint lodged by the widow of former governor of Goa and Maharashtra, Mohammed Fazal… the incident occurred on October 29. It all began with Gonsalves, who resides next to the complainant's house, allegedly picking a dispute with her over a seemingly petty reason that her dog's loud barking disturbs his peace. Not stopping at that, Gonsalves allegedly abused the complainant with vulgar expletives and obscene gestures, and even threatened her in a language that had sexual overtones, police sources informed…  click here

Video: Kezaia Caldeira: Miss Goa 2014

21 Nov: InGoaNews. 1h.00m.26s.  click here
For the Kezaia Caldeira Facebook site,  click here
For a Planet Goa profile of Kezaia Caldeira, click here.

Don't want Ebola patients in Goa, send them somewhere else: former CM
22 Nov: First Post. Ebola patients should not be allowed to enter Goa and those who succumb to the disease should not be buried in the state, demanded Congressman and former Goa chief minister Ravi Naik… He specifically expressed his opposition to a state government order identifying the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Ponda as a quarantine facility should a person in the state be diagnosed with Ebola…  click here

The man who’s Goan to Portugal

21 Nov: Herald. Bringing to light the trials and tribulations faced by people with the European dream, Aftab Khan Farooqui and his skilled crew have put together a short film that touches upon many things ‘truly Goan’. At this year’s edition of IFFI, a sum total of three films from Goa have been selected to be screened, Farooqui’s creation, ‘Paklo’, ‘Niragas’ by Ashish Nagvenkar, as well as a feature film titled ‘In Search of Mother’ by Ramprasad Adpaikar. Through Paklo’s narrative, the filmmaker has beautifully depicted the ‘issue’ of Portuguese citizenship and Goans asking to have the right to keep dual passports… The short film recounts the travails of a young man raised in a village, whose wish is to leave India and immigrate to Europe…  click here
For the Paklo Facebook page,  click here

KTC launches airport bus service
22 Nov: Times of India. Kadamba transport corporation (KTC) has started an AC bus service exclusively for airport passengers on Friday afternoon. The service is on a trial basis for now. KTC chairman and MLA Carlos Almeida said that the bus will leave the airport at 2.15pm every day. Plans are also there to launch a trip from Panaji to the airport. The AC bus can accommodate 44 passengers and Rs 100 will be charged per seat…  click here
Coach from airport to Panjim launched. 22 Nov: Herald. South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar on Friday flagged off the first KTC airconditioned bus service from Dabolim airport to Panjim KTC bus stand…  click here

Video: Lorna

19 Nov: Prudent Media. The Nightingale of Goa: Lorna. Part 1. 13m. 56s.  click here
Part 2: 10m 44s.  click here

A new wave of chef-entrepreneurs throws off the seasonal shackles of dining in Goa
22 Nov: Mint. … Not only does the new wave of chef-entrepreneurs have the confidence of being able to draw in diners round the year, the menus speak of myriad experiences, independent visions and an appreciation of local flavours that goes beyond kingfish rava-fry. Ruta’s, for instance, serves everything from Bangkok Street Style Stir-Fried Chicken to Shepherd’s Pie, and from Hyderabadi Slow-Roasted Beef to Vegetable Thai Curry … The Black Sheep Bistro, locally referred to as BSB—a resto-bar as much known for its creative cocktails as for fine food … One of the hits on the BSB menu has a fish called Diana (or Dayana) encrusted with peanuts and served with an orange butter sauce…  click here


News Summary

Corruption in property- linked Golden Visa scheme hits Portugal

20 Nov: Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme is in the news again, but for wrong reasons this time. Several Portuguese immigration officials are being investigated on suspicion of corrupt sale of visas to wealthy foreigners. Interior minister Miguel Macedo has also resigned, after being reportedly linked to a company identified in the probe. The police have also arrested the head of Portugal’s immigration and border service, Manuel Palos, and have detained 10 other people… The scheme was launched in Portugal in August, 2012. In Spain and Portugal, the minimum investment is €500,000 ($670,000), while it is €300,000 in Cyprus…  click here

It's not just Christians celebrating in India
20 Nov: Dover Express (UK). … The best place in India to enjoy Christmas festivities is Goa. The beaches of Goa are famous for their Christmas carnivals. People across the continents come to Goa for Christmas Eve and welcome the New Year. People are lively and love wining and dining on the beach. The rapturous music in the night can definitely tingle your limbs and get you shaking a leg with your friends in the middle of the street…

Two Kerala-born Indian Catholics to be declared as saints in Vatican

20 Nov: Indian Express. Two Kerala-born Indian Catholics will be declared as Saints in Vatican on November 23. Fr Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Sister Euphrasia, both now in the category of Blessed which is a stage closer to sainthood, would be canonized into the league of saints by Pope Francis in a function at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Clergy and laity from Kerala would join in Vatican to witness the event. Chavara, who lived in the 19th century in Kerala, is reckoned as a social reformer and visionary priest. Chavara was declared as a blessed in 1986 along with sister Alphonsa, who was made a saint in 2008…  click here

4G to flood Goa shortly
21 Nov: Herald. There is good news for smart phone buffs, as slow downloads could be a thing of the past, with 4G services set to soon become a reality in the State. The Goa State Pollution Control Board ( GSPCB) has received nearly 200 applications for installing 4G technology mobile towers of which 30 have already been issued Consent to Operate. The remaining 170 applications are still under consideration. The State already has 750 mobile towers with 1G, 2G and 3G technology…  click here

Fans Mob Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth at Chaotic IFFI Opening

21 Nov: India West. The inaugural function of the 45th International Film Festival of India Nov. 20 was marked by chaos with megastars Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth getting mobbed by fans even as some foreign delegates were seen “scurrying about” to locate their seats…  click here
21 Nov: Navhind Times. Confusion rules at the 45th IFFI inaugural … it turned out to be one of the most badly managed inaugural ceremony in the 10 years that this prestigious film festival is being organised here in Goa…  click here

PIO cards: Lifetime validity to help Goans
21 Nov: Times of India. The Union government has revised the person of Indian origin (PIO) card scheme, which will allow PIO cardholders to stay in India as long as they wish to stay without registration with Foreigners' Regional Registration Offices (FRRO). Ministry of home affairs (MHA), in a letter to the FRRO, Goa, said that PIO cards issued to applicants shall be valid for their lifetime from the date of its issue provided that such applicants have a valid passport…  click here

Indian evisa facility for Russians to be launched next week

20 Nov: Russia & India Report. Russian citizens visiting India for tourism will no longer have to go to an Indian diplomatic mission to get a visa. The evisa initiative promoted by the Indian Government will be launched on November 27, according a PTI report. The facility will be launched by Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma at a function in Delhi, the news agency cited a senior Tourism Ministry official as saying.The list of 28 countries also includes, the US, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, UAE, Ukraine, Jordan, Norway and Israel… …  click here
21 Nov: Khaleej Times (UAE). Indian expats want visa on arrival move reciprocated  click here

WTM 2014: The India Pavilion Perks Up
21 Nov: Travel Biz Monitor. Better quality of visitors made this year’s edition of World Travel Market (WTM) in London worthwhile for Indian participants who exhibited their newfound gusto…In spite of its popularity, Goa Tourism has to work to erase the impression of an unsafe destination in the wake of some sorry incidents in the state. While visitors to the Goa stand were clearly not worried and called the incidents ‘aberrations’, there was a conscious effort by the officials to clear the air. “Questions related to safety do come up,” said Ameya Abhyankar, IAS, Director - Tourism, Government of Goa, adding, "We strive to give a clear picture to the world that safety in Goa is not compromised.” The thrust was to market Goa as a 365-day destination and a place that has much more, besides sun and sea…  click here

8 Shocking Foods Indians Eat

21 Nov: NDTV. Indian cuisine is a beautiful blend of our culture and customs. It boasts of curries and spices, robust flavours and a mind blowing variety. You may have not have known but it is also full of surprises. This time around, I decided to take the road less traveled and venture into the unexplored… Frog Legs in Sikkim & Goa. This French delicacy has been pleasing the Indian palate for long. In many parts of India, there is nothing more exotic than battered and fried frog legs. The Lepchas community in Sikkim swears by their medicinal quality to cure various stomach ailments. The Indian bullfrog is also a monsoon delicacy in Goa and is famously known as the 'jumping chicken'. Although, it is recognized as a threatened species by the government of India yet you may find some restaurants serving it.  click here

Recipe: Chicken Vindaloo
20 Nov: Express Tribune (Pakistan). The pride of the Indian city of Goa, this spicy potato and chicken curry will leave you wanting more!... The word ‘Vindaloo’ is derived from the Portuguese word ‘Vinha De Alhos’ which combines the two chief ingredients of the curry: (Vinha) vinegar and (Alhos) garlic. Vindaloo was originally a vinegar and garlic-based water stew concocted by the Portuguese who cooked it with beef or pork…  click here

Kim Kardashian India trip cancelled 'over visa issues'

21 Nov: BBC. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian's India trip has been cancelled over visa issues, according to reports. Kardashian was set to make an appearance on Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother, on Saturday. The organisers of her visit confirmed to the BBC that Kardashian would not come to India, but refused to disclose the exact reason behind cancellation. Kardashian is a household name in the UK and the US, best known for reality shows and a leaked sex tape…  click here

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Sun 23 Nov. Fr. Agnelo's Day commencing with Mass at 1.30pm. at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon.

Sun. 30 Nov. GOA Celebration of the Feast of St Francis Xavier at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Mass at 12.30pm followed by social. Tickets: Members £3.50, Non-members £7. Price includes a three-course meal. Contact: Chloe De Mendonca 020 8384 0272, Nina Pinto 020 8767 0663, Flavio Gracias 020 8723 1322. For the flyer, click here.

Sun 7 Dec: East London & Essex Goans. St Francis Xavier's Feast. Mass at 12:30pm followed by Social until 8pm. Fords Sports Club (entrance between houses 170-172) Aldborough Road South, Newbury Park, Essex IG3 8HG. Music by Maz & Co. Live Band. Licensed Bar at reduced prices (No outside drinks permitted). Tickets: Members - £11; Guests - £13; Children (Aged 5-16) - £6. Includes: Buffet meal & snacks by Maggie's Kitchen. All tickets £15 after 15th Nov. Dress Code: Formal/Smart Casual (Jeans or trainers not permitted). Music by Maz & Co Live Band. Licensed Bar at reduced rates. No outside drinks permitted. Send cheques payable to 'East London & Essex Goans' and SAE to: Joyce Travasso, 22 Meath Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1JA or Raymond Carvalho, 170 South Park Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2XR. For more information contact: Raymond Carvalho (President) 020 7998 6794; Gerry Ferrao (Treasurer) 020 8220 6956; Joyce Travasso (Social Secretary) 020 8478 8815; Committee members: Audrey Lewis: 020 8514 2784; Louisa Travasso 020 8252 6063; Joe Travasso: 020 8252 6063; Paul Travasso: 020 8478 8815; Savio D'Souza: 07918693920. For the flyer, click here.

Sat. 13 Dec from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Saligao Association and St. Diogo's Association Joint Children's Christmas Tree Party to be held at the Sacred Heart Hall, Edge Hill, Wimbledon, London SW 19 4LU. Join us with your family and friends to share in the spirit of Christmas. Tea party, carol singing, fancy dress competition, so hurry and get your tickets. Tickets for children £10.00 (up to 11 years) which will include a gift. Parents, Grandparents, family and friends £7.00. Includes snacks, a meal and tea/coffee. No bar, so please bring your own drinks. For tickets please contact Marlene Vaz on 0208 669 5838 and Jane Gracias on 0208 543 5454.

Wed. 31 Dec: HAPC NEW YEAR'S EVE Gala Ball - Park Inn Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow, Middlesex UB7 0DU. 7.00pm to 2.00am. Hall 1 with full-size dance floor - Live Music by Maz & Co. Hall 2 - DJ Deevine. Licensed Bar and Catering by Royal Food. Tickets: Adults - £30, Children (under 10) - £20. Table & Seat Allocation. Dress Code: Formal. FREE Car Park. Special Discounted Hotel Room Rates for Ticket Holders. For tickets and other information, email or call Chanelle Pereira on 020-8952 8899. For Flyer please click here.

31 Dec: The Goan Loop (UK) presents New Year's Eve Ball, at St George's Church Hall, Corner Woodford Avenue East Bound & Gants Hill Crescent, Gants Hill, Ilford Essex IG4 5EZ. 15 mins drive on the A406 from Edmonton/Southgate/Enfield/Walthamstow Gant Hill Tube. Doors open from 7.15pm till late. Keeping you dancing, singing and partying into the New Year will be Nite Life. All Tickets Booked B4 15th Dec 2014 are £15.00. Children under 10 years free. All tickets after this date are £20.00. No Tickets sold at door - Book early to avoid disappointment! For Tickets & further info call: East London -Louie 0795 633 5864, Janet 0795 073 9788 Cassy 0798 627 8422. North London-Maria 0750 795 0455. Food & Snacks on sale! No rip off bar prices…Bring your own drinks & enjoy responsibly- if possible avoid glass bottles. Lots of Spot and Novelty prizes to be won on the night…Plus raffles without long music break. Dress to Impress...Glitzy and Glamorous...Strictly No jeans or trainers. For the flyer, click here

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