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Death: Lionel Soares
29 Jul: Brampton, Toronto, Canada. LIONEL SOARES. Born 1986. Formerly of Clark Street, Saddar, Karachi. Son of Lynn and Charmine Soares. Passed away suddenly. Visitation: Fri, 1 Aug 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Brampton Funeral Home & Cemetery, 10061 Chinguacousy Road, Brampton, Funeral: Sat, 2 Aug 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM. St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church, 115 Vodden St. E, Brampton. [Info: Pompie Gois]. For photos and bio, click here.

News Summary

East meets EastEnders at Goan Festival in Cranford

30 Jul: Get West London. By Robert Cumber. The UK Goan Festival London was held at Cranford Community College on Sunday, July 27. Former EastEnder Jan Graveson was among the star turns as more than 8,000 people gathered for a major Goan festival in Cranford. She was joined at the festival, which has been running for more than 20 years, by acts including Raising Steam and DJs Kim and Jerzzy. Screams from thrill-seekers on fairground rides mingled with the aromas of traditional Goan cuisine wafting through the air at the event, which has been at its current venue for the last four years. MP Keith Vaz was among the crowds at the event, which began with a huge open-air mass. Ravi Vaz, president of the Goan Association (UK) which organised the festival, said it was a huge success and would be back next year… 7 photos.  click here

There is no escaping racism in India
31 Jul: Gulf News (UAE). It is an ugly, inexorable truth that Indians are guilty of racism. Though providentially not all of them, but sadly far too many of them — who distressingly reveal such traits more often than one had thought. Racism, prejudice and xenophobia are rampant in India. It is a strange mixture of prejudice, ignorance and centuries-old discriminatory practices, when communities kept to themselves based on regional taboos… Last year, when two women of Chinese descent from Singapore were molested in Goa, the police delayed the registration of their complaint with the excuse that they thought the women were from the Northeast … 949 words.  click here

Upscale Indians Dominate Vacation-Home Market in Goa

31 Jul: New York Times. By Rebecca Bundhun. Home sales are booming in the coastal state of Goa, a former Portuguese colony that long has been a popular spot for vacation homes among well-heeled foreigners. But now that the regional authorities are clamping down on foreign ownership they say should never have been allowed in the first place, the overwhelming majority of buyers are residents of Mumbai or New Delhi, looking for a respite from those crowded metropolises… “People are fond of Goa because of the beaches, the sun, the lifestyle, the holiday atmosphere, lots of party places, lounges, bars, discothèques,” said John Britto, director of the Acron Group, one of state’s best known upmarket developers… 786 words.  click here

'Old fears' of cultural polarisation rising in Goa
31 Jul: Business Standard. While apologizing for his "India is already a Hindu Nation" and "I am a Christian-Hindu" comments, Goa Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza did not necessarily admit to any wrongdoing… the editor of "O Herald O" Sujay Gupta wrote that "old fears" were returning to haunt Goa's Catholics, who account for 26 percent of the population…  click here

Video: Francis deSouza: Genomic sequencing could help cure cancer

19 Jun: Gigacom. Illumina’s president Francis deSouza, a leader in genomic sequencing, examines the data issues that come up when recording every letter in a person’s DNA. The field of genomics is on the precipice of bringing real, tangible benefits to people worldwide, but we need to figure out how to handle all the data it produces, said Francis deSouza, president of Illumina, at Gigaom’s Structure conference in San Francisco. DeSouza pointed out cancer as a problem area where genomic research could lead to big jumps in treatment efficacy…  click here
Francis is the son of Domingos DeSouza and Elpiniki Papacostandinour a Greek national, grandson of A. B Desouza (Parra) and Rosa Viegas e Souza (Anjuna). For a Goan Voice profile of him,  click here
For a Wikipedia profile of Francis deSouza, click here.

Dual citizenship: 'FIR against cops for not filing FIR'
31 Jul: Times of India. A judicial magistrate first class court at Panaji has directed the North Goa superintendent of police to register an FIR against three crime branch officials for not registering an FIR against two MLAs and two police officials in connection with the alleged dual citizenship case. On October 23, 2013, the JMFC court had directed the crime branch police inspector to register FIRs against MLAs Glenn Ticlo and Caetano Caitu Silva, superintendent of police Jose Allen De Sa and police inspector Edwin Colaco on an application made by social activist Kashinath Shetye. Shetye had alleged that the MLAs and police officials had acquired Portuguese nationality…  click here

Sabrina De Sousa: Whistle blower

30 Jul: Vice News. … Ex-CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa spent nearly a decade trying to go through proper channels to expose the wrongful rendition and torture of a radical Muslim cleric — actions for which she says she was scapegoated — has her doubts. “Based on my experience, there is no system for whistleblowers in this country to raise their concerns or disclose wrongdoing," De Sousa tells VICE News. "Absolutely none…. A collaborative process exists between all agencies to cover up abuses." …  click here
For the Sabrina De Sousa Wikipedia profile,  click here
For the Sabrina De Sousa Twitter site, click here.

East Indians: A rich legacy!
30 Jul: Afternoon Voice (Mumbai). The East Indians are a community of Roman Catholics who are the original people of Mumbai. Their music, dance and cuisine are appreciated all over the world. Like the Goans and the Mangaloreans, they are a fun lot too … The mother-tongue of the East Indians is Marathi, but it is quite different from that of the local Maharashtrian community. It is a blend of pure Marathi, Portuguese and English… Since the East Indians did not want the British Colonial government to confuse them with the Goans, Mangaloreans and other Christian settlers in the region, they decided to adopt a name that would make them stand out as a separate Christian identity…  click here

Goa’s request for ‘Special Status’ rejected

31 Jul: Herald. Throughout the day it rained and poured in Salcete. But that paled into insignificance of a gentle drizzle compared to the storm that hit the area when news came that the Centre had rejected Goa’s emotive demand of giving it a Special Status to preserve its identity, culture and land. It triggered an outrage here, the epicentre of the agitation in support of the long standing demand – with reactions ranging from calls for the resignation of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and his cabinet colleague, Alina Saldanha and a plea to Goans to brace up for a sustained struggle to achieve the demand…  click here
Video: Centre rejects Goa's demand of special status. 30 July: Prudent Media English Prime News. Centre rejects Goa's demand of special status,  click here

Don’t go to Iraq, Goa panel tells job seekers
30 Jul: Indo-Asian News Service. Goa’s Commission for Non Resident Indian (NRI) Affairs on Wednesday advised Goan youngsters against pursuing overseas jobs based in Iraq. A statement issued by NRI Affairs Director U.D. Kamat said the advisory had been issued on the basis of enquiries made with the Indian embassy in Baghdad… Forty-six Indian nurses, trapped due to the ongoing conflict in Iraq, were rescued and brought back to India recently. The NRI commission set up by the Goa government looks after the affairs of Goa’s expat community…  click here

Jade Jagger: The Grand Jagger Experience

31 Jul: Herald. Jade Jagger who has her boutique in Goa, delivered her baby boy Ray, a month after her first born Assisi gave birth to daughter Ezra Key. Mick Jagger, lead vocalist and a founder member of the Rolling Stones has an expanding family tree … Jade Jagger spends her winters in Goa at Ashvem, where she runs her boutique ‘Jade Jagger’. Open from December to mid-April, the store, from where she retails her new jewellery line and clothes collection, is her getaway from the busy life of fame… Calling Goa the perfect “home from home”, she enjoys spending time at her store … She first came to Goa at the age of 18 when she rented a house in Moira …  click here
For a recent Harper’s Bazaar feature on Jade Jagger’s house in Goa,  click here

What's so special about room no. 110?
30 Jul: Times of India. Not sure if it's the sun, sea or the sand, but Goa is the one place where countless writers and directors head to, to finish their scripts in peace. Case in point, the Sur La Mer hotel in Morjim … While popularity of the place has grown through word of mouth, the celebrity clientele has even led to Sur La Mer being featured in films. The interesting thing is that all these people always stay in the same room (no. 110) …  click here


Neil: 7th Aug.

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TRAVEL/COMEDY: An Idiot Abroad - India. Sky 2. Friday 1st Aug. 00.00 to 01.00. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send their friend Karl Pilkington overseas to see the Seven Wonders of the World. Karl arrives in India, where he checks out the Taj Mahal to find out what all the fuss is about

COOKERY: Rick Stein's India. BBC 2. Saturday 2nd Aug. 12:00 to 13:00. Rick Stein arrives in Tamil Nadu. Here, he learns the art of temple cooking and perfects the knack of eating with his hands. He then lands Kerala where he cooks a traditional Keralan pork curry.

MUSIC: Kan D Man and DJ Limelight. BBC Radio Asian Network. Saturday 2nd Aug. 21:00 to 00:00. Fresh street beats and rap talent. Kan D Man and DJ Limelight provide you with two dance floors and are joined by Miss India Scotland Rameet Kaur, who is also a singer.

TALK SHOW: Thinking Allowed. BBC Radio 4. Monday 4th Aug. 00:15 to 00:45. Race and consumption - Laurie Taylor explores the ways in which racial meaning is produced in everyday contemporary culture.

FILM: Angels and Demons 5* (Freeview 30). Monday 4th Aug. 21:00 to 23:50. Thriller based on Dan Brown's novel about an expert in religion, who is called on by the Vatican when the Illuminati, an ancient anti-Catholic organisation, hatch a revenge plot to destroy the church. Follow-up to The Da Vinci Code. 2009, 12, 3 Star.

HISTORY DOCUMENTARY: The World's War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire. BBC 2. Wednesday 6th Aug. 21:00 to 22:00. Martial Races. Episode 1. David Olusoga challenges our perceptions of the First World War with the stories of the millions of Indian, African and Asian troops and ancillaries who fought and died alongside white European troops on the western front and elsewhere.

DRAMA: Recent Events at Collington House. BBC Radio 4. Thursday 7th Aug. 14:15 to 15:00. New head teacher Roz Taylor, eager to be inclusive and accommodate all faiths and cultures, finds herself increasingly at odds with one of the parent governors. With Heather Crany, Neil D'Souza, Sam Dastor.


News Summary

UK Goan Festival, 2014: Some short video clips

Neit - 7th Aug

djsam4life: 1 clip. Click here.
Charlie. 1 clip. Click here.
Lester Gomes: 2 clips. Click here.
Viriato Audio Visual: 3 clips. Click here.
Osi3: 14 clips: Click here.

Won't tolerate moral policing, no plans to disallow bikinis on beaches: Parrikar
30 Jul: PTI. Weeks after his minister kicked up a row with his comment that bikinis should be banned, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today said the government's policy on dress code at beaches remains unchanged and that any moral policing in the tourist destination would not be tolerated… "We will take action against those who are indulging in the moral policing. If anyone tries to harass a lady, I will take action. We will not tolerate anyone who is trying to force how to behave," Parrikar said in an indirect reference to Sri Ram Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik…  click here

Bertram de Souza: Pope’s edict affects local Mafia boss

27 Jul: The Vindicator (Youngstown, Ohio). By Bertram de Souza. An edict from Pope Francis is significant for the Mahoning Valley (Ohio), which has yet to shed its reputation as a haven for the Mafia. Last month, the pope made the following declaration: “Those who go down the evil path, as the Mafiosi do, are not in communion with God. They are excommunicated.” … Which brings us to the Mahoning Valley. Although the mob no longer is actively involved in murder and mayhem, and even though Strollo is officially designated a federal government informant and witness (snitch), he and others who took the blood oath remain Mafioso …  click here
Bertram de Souza was born in Kampala, the son of the late Damascene and late Amy de Souza, brother of Herman (Ottawa) and Annabelle (UK). For a profile of him that appeared in the American Journalism Review,  click here

Swindon: Gaza charity night exceeds all hopes
29 Jul: Swindon Advertiser. When the Gaza Girl Group organised a fundraiser for the Middle East conflict’s victims they never expected to raise enough to pay for three ambulances. But on Friday night at Broad-green Community Centre that is exactly what the group of nine women did when they raised more than £3,000 for the humanitarian aid effort… Dina Amawi called upon some of her friends to help support the victims of war and arranged for an evening of stalls, actvities and a three-course meal for an entry price of just £5… She said, “What was overwhelming is just how many people came from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. Goans, Somalis, Polish – everyone came and it really showed that this isn’t just a cause for Muslims…”  click here

Portal to map danger zones for women

30 Jul: Herald. At a time when the State is facing security issues for women, a portal started by a group of entrepreneurs over 18 months ago, in Goa, is documenting zones in their respective jurisdictions where women could be vulnerable. The website’s main objective is to create awareness on street harassment and abuse, … Since its launch on December 26, 2012 the team has collected over 2800 stories from over 50 cities in the country… In Goa, the team claims to have initiated a direct link with Goa police…  click here
To access the site,  click here

In Siolim, thieves steal, party and leave
30 Jul: Times of India. Robbers in Siolim broke into a house, stole items and even partied with the food they found in the house… The lone occupant of the house, a widow, Philo Franco, 56, was away spending the night at her in-laws house, when thieves broke into her house on Sunday night at Igrez Vaddo by breaking the door… The robbers feasted on chocolates, cakes and a watermelon that they found in the house. While leaving, they took away gold ornaments, lamps, clothes, bags, towels and linen…  click here

Executive finds that service is her calling

29 Jul: Charlotte Observer (North Carolina). DeAnne Bennett quit her job in Charlotte in 2010 and decided to volunteer with a ministry that helped girls who had been forced into the sex-slave trade and children living in slums ... She met Helena Coelho (photo) in Goa who had moved there from Brazil 20 years ago and founded Bright Lights School, a preschool program that prepares homeless and impoverished children for primary school… Bennett moved back to Charlotte and opened her own nonprofit, Rippled Purpose … It works with Helena Coelho to provide funding for educational programs in Goa and Bangalore…  click here
For the Bright Lights website,  click here

‘Anti-black magic bill not necessary in Goa’
30 Jul: Times of India. Claiming that an anti-black magic bill would force the devout population to give up their religious rituals and practices, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) recently submitted an appeal to Goa chief minister-cum-law minister Manohar Parrikar urging him not to pass the bill…  click here

Paul Greengrass: “I loved every minute of shooting in Goa”

29 Jul: Times of India. British film-maker Paul Greengrass, who has helmed the famous Bourne film franchise and shot some scenes for the Bourne series in India, has fond memories of the trip, and the film-maker says he’d love to be back to capture more on his lens. “We shot a few scenes in Goa for the film. I loved every minute of ­shooting there. The people were great, the weather was great and the overall experience, was like, you know, great. I’d love to shoot in India, again. It has some beautiful landscapes,” …  click here
The Bourne Supremacy, starring Matt Damon (photo) was released in 2004. For a video clip of the Goa car chase  click here

8 months on, widow waits for hubby’s body from Goa
30 Jul: The Pioneer (Calcutta). In September 2013, Jashobanta Dehury had gone to Goa in search of a job but he fell sick there and died. The Goa police have asked his wife to come over to Goa to identify the body. For poor Pyasa, it was not possible to move to Goa with her three little children (of 7, 5 and 2 years). As she has no proof of her husband’s death, she is still deprived of all Government-sponsored benefits including widow pension… every year thousand of youths are travelling to Goa in search of jobs, and many of them are dying there. But neither their family members are getting the dead bodies nor any benefits…  click here
Police rescue 36 more Goa-bound youths. 30 Jul: The Pioneer (Calcutta). The Sundargarh Police rescued another batch of 36 youths in the Sabdega area of Sundargarh district on Tuesday while they were going to Goa to work as labourers. However, the cops failed get hold of any broker during the rescue operation…  click here

Sudden interest in Vasco da Gama's tomb sees hordes of Asians head to Portugal

29 Jul: Times of India. A world heritage monument in Portugal has seen a massive spike in visitors from Asia, thanks to an immaculate tomb within it, of one of the world's greatest explorers. The world renowned Jeronimos Monastery has recorded "an exponential" increase in people visiting it, mainly from countries like India, Japan and Thailand - thanks to it being explorer Vasco da Gama's final resting place. Filomena Matos from the monastery's education department said they have been witnessing a steady increase in the number of visitors from Goa … Tourist records show that in 2012, over 15,000 Indians visited Portugal and spent nearly 2 million euros…  click here

Weekly Weather & Exchange Rates
Date: Goa Met.. Weather: Max = 30.3 . Min = 25.3. Humidity = 93%. Rainfall: 2mm
For the Meteorological Office (UK) Five day forecast for Goa, click here.
Exchange rates (Xcom): £ = 102.06; $ = 60.26; $Can = 55.50 ; Euro = 60.78; $Aus= 56.51.


News Summary

Videos: UK Goan Festival July 2014

28 Jul: Raymond Carvalho. Goan Association (UK) in conjunction with Goan Organisations presents UK GOAN FESTIVAL. A fantastic day - Warm and Sunny. Enjoy the Video. Share with friends and family. [The photograph is from the closing scenes of the video and show Ravi and Keith Vaz dancing Gangnam Style]. 37m. 16s.  click here
MeninodeValpoi. Goan Festival 2014 at Cranford Community College, Hounslow. Produced by Menino Fernandes. Edited by Niz Goenkar. Cameraman Milton Fernandes. [Photo is from the closing scenes of the video and shows Menino interviewing Ravi Vaz about his views on this year’s Festival]. 57m. 34s.  click here

Christian women entitled to maintenance: Goa High Court
28 Jul: Gomantak Times. By Nisser Dias. The High Court bench in Goa, in a recent judgement, has come to the rescue of Christian women by clearing the misconception that in cases of annulment of marriage by the Church, women will not be entitled to seek maintenance from their estranged or divorced husbands. The case pertains to a couple who were married for a year and then separated when their marriage was granted annulment by the Church. Subsequently, the woman approached the Court and sought monetary compensation by way of maintenance of Rs. 12,000 per month…  click here

UK: Forthcoming Event: Summer Sizzler

Sun. 17 Aug. Goan Welfare Society Summer Sizzler at the Harrow Leisure Centre, Christchurch Avenue, Harrow HA3 5BD from 1.30pm to 9pm. Music by the fabulous Raising Steam and DJ Kim. All proceeds to the Goan Welfare Society (Registered Charity No. 280542). Tickets: £ 15 each to include three course meal. Children under 10 - £8. Contact: Norma Menezes 020 8771 4457, Nina Pinto 020 8767 0663, Ravi Vaz 07909 927539, Paul/Chloe De Mendonca 020 8384 0272, Alfred/Anita Rebello 020 8337 8022, Dexter Botelho 07855 434300. For the flyer,  click here

'Invisible Currents' aims to educate about the 'drug bug'
29 Jul: Times of India. There are many untold stories that sadly depict how drugs have managed to creep into Goan homes and like a parasite eat of the families it has ruined… Sushila Fonseca’s latest book, 'Invisible Currents'- is a fictional novel that is meant to unravel the stigma associated with discussing drug abuse in Goa… She admits that she made a deliberate decision to let go of her inhibitions and educate herself about the dark underbelly of the drug networking scene in Goa…  click here
29 Jul: IANS. Educational pressures, fear of failure, emotional problems and social inequalities were pushing a growing number of students in Goa towards substance abuse, gambling and even suicides …  click here

Eve D’Souza jets back to Nairobi from Ibiza in Style

28 Jul: Ghafla (Kenya). Two of Kenya’s most famous faces, businessman and club owner Amor Thige and radio and television personality, Eve D’ Souza, were amongst the star-studded guest-list of CÎROC Blue Stone, an unparalleled luxury celebration hosted at the legendary Nikki Beach in the global party capital, Ibiza, Spain, recently… “Every element of the CÎROC experience was truly excellent, from the superb clubbing to the gorgeous Ibizan scenery and the fabulous food. Above all, it was great to see African talent represented on a global stage, where it belongs,” says Eve D’Souza …  click here
Eve D'Souza Is Living "La Vida Loca" Out In Ibiza! (Photos).  click here
For the Goan Voice Eve D’Souza supplement, click here.

Video: Dinesh D'Souza vs. Richard Dreyfuss on Immigration, "America"
28 Jul: Fox News. Dinesh D'Souza and award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss square off in a debate on the state of immigration in America hosted by Mike Huckabee. 11m. 43s.  click here

Sketching history of Bandra’s culturally diverse structures

28 Jul: Hindustan Times. Documenting the structures of Bandra, both old and new, in the form of sketches, text and quotes, a book, Bandra by Hand was released on Sunday at Bandra Gymkhana. Bandra by Hand offers Mumbaiites an insight into the culturally diverse buildings of the area, such as Bandra station, Mount Mary church and old schools… Written and published by architect and first-time author, Savio Lobo (photo), the 200-page blackand-white book, contains sketches of 100 buildings, including churches, bungalows and modern buildings in Bandra, which Lobo sketched on site over a period of one year… Gina Lobo, the author’s wife, has designed the graphics for the book
29 Jul: Mumbai Mirror. New book outlines Bandra’s cultural heritage by hand, in black and white …  click here

Mumbai men robbed while being taken to 'sex disco'
29 Jul: Times of India. Rahul Sahani, a resident of Mumbai, has lodged a complaint that late on Saturday some unknown persons on the pretext of taking him and his friends to a 'sex disco' took them to an isolated place in Parra where five more persons joined the gang and assaulted Rahul and his friends with slaps and kicks and took away their mobile phones, gold chains and other valuables, all worth Rs 2,75,000…  click here

Goa to boost wedding tourism with Goa Wedding Show

28 Jul: Travel Trends Today. Realising the potential that the destination wedding market holds, and in a bid to strengthen the state’s presence in the segment, Goa Tourism has decided to host its first ‘Goa Wedding Show’ on 16 and 17 August 2014 at The Grand Ballroom, Delhi… Exhibitors will include wedding planners, hotels, event managers, vendors, fashion designers, spas, travel agencies, hotels, photographers/videographers, hair and make-up artists and artist managers…  click here

Filter rogue whistle-blowers, Parrikar asks media
28 Jul: IANS. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar Monday asked the media to filter out rogue whistle-blowers from stories, while warning of a probe and legislation against activists and NGOs indulging in blackmail… Parrikar said the media should block the name of rogue activists … Parrikar also promised action against Kashinath Shetye, a whistle-blowing electricity department employee …  click here

Smartphone that costs just £26 launched In India

28 Jul: Daily Mail (UK). With a touchscreen display, internet connection, front and rear camera lens and dual phone number function, a new handset costing just £26 is set to take the mobile market by storm. Launched last month the Indian-made Karbonn A50S hopes to rival market leaders at a fraction of the cost… bargain hungry Britons can buy the handset online and have it sent on to the UK. The mobile can be used on most UK networks with a pay-as-you-go Sim card… Britons wishing to buy a Karbonn A50S must first register with an Indian courier firm that provides a local postal address or ask a friend or relative in India to let them use their address… because the phone is so cheap there is no import duty to pay. 945 words + comments.  click here

Top Indian educationalist accused of racism over portrayal of criminal ‘negroes’
27 Jul: Daily Telegraph (UK). A leading Hindu educationalist supported by India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi has been accused of racism over his portrayal of ‘negroes’ as violent, half-baked criminals in school text books. In a series of books approved for schools ‘negroes’ and the British are compared to shoes, described as ‘undercooked rotis’ compared to Indians. In one excerpt a 'negro' is portrayed as a violent criminal to be thrashed and tied up like cattle… A young Nigerian man was hacked to death in Goa last year by a mob and several African women were molested by an Indian residents’ group led by Delhi’s law minister earlier this year…  click here



Death and Funeral details: Gregory De Souza

24 Jul: London. GREGORY De SOUZA. Aged 89. [ex-Customs Mombasa, Kenya & ex-Bandra, Bombay] Passed away at home. Beloved Husband of the late Sybil. Loving Father of Joan Robertson (Kenneth) Elaine Pereira (Derrick) and Trevor De Souza (Caroline). Proud and cherished Grandfather of Scott, Graham, Chanelle, Corelle, Crystelle, Danielle and Adam. Much loved brother of Nancy (late Augustine), Joe (Hilda), Jane (Alcino) and Ted (Margaret). He will be greatly missed by all. Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Monday, August 11, 2014 at 10 a.m. at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, 5 Garratt Road, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 9AN. In lieu of flowers, donations to HELP A POOR CHILD Charity would be appreciated by the family. Burial at The Harrow Weald Cemetery, Clamp Hill, Stanmore, HA7 3JS. For condolences  email

News Summary

UK Goan Festival 2014 Sees A Huge Crowd

28 Jul: Niz Goenkar. The Goan Festival 2014 at the Cranford Community College ground, Hounslow, began with the Holy Mass at 11:00 am. It was declared open by GOA President Ravi Vaz (photo) just after the Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Lucas Rodrigues of the Pilar Society… From Swindon itself there were more than 10 coaches … The crowd this year has been estimated to be more than 20,000… It was well organised by the G.O.A. and they took pains to see that the visitors were comfortable… The only disappointing part was there were fewer stalls this year and there were long queues to get to the food … The entertainment went well… [Video coverage of the event will be featured in Goan Voice tomorrow]. 585 words.  click here
For the Goan Voice album of 14 photographs,  click here

Toronto: Jackie DeSouza: Mayor Rob Ford apologizes
27 Jul: CBC News. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has apologized for the confrontations with LGBT rights supporters a day after his annual festival… City spokesperson Jackie DeSouza told CBC News after Ford Fest that there were no violations of the conditions of the park permit … Mayoral candidate Sarah Thompson arrived at Ford Fest on a horse. She was asked to remove the horse from the park because it was in violation of city bylaws, DeSouza said. “She complied as soon as she was warned,” DeSouza told CBC News… [Link to CBC video by Steven D'Souza].  click here
For a Goan Voice profile of Jackie DeSouza,  click here

Kansas City: Jackie DeSouza is getting national recognition: Video

25 Jul: KSHV TV. Jackie DeSouza (photo) was named to Becker's Hospital Review List of 500 People to know in American healthcare. She was also named a Top 25 Minority Healthcare Leader in the nation by Modern Healthcare in 2012. During an interview on 41 Action News Midday with Cynthia Newsome, DeSouza revealed her Secrets to Success … "I have a loving husband and two wonderful daughters at home and an incredible staff at Research Hospital supporting me," she said… She credits her parents (photo) with instilling in her the core value to work hard if you want to achieve something… He father was born in Kenya in a very poor family and her mother is from Guatemala … 3m. 13s.  click here
Jackie’s father, Romaldo DeSouza MD, was born in Mombasa and left Kenya in 1967 to attend Medical School in Spain. He attended Goan School Mombasa and pre-med studies at Strathmore College, Nairobi. For two years before his departure to Medical School, he taught at the Goan School. He went to the USA for post graduate studies in 1972 to Yale University, 1973 to GW University, Washington DC. In 1974, met his wife Regina Coronado original from Guatemala City in Washington DC. They married in March 1974 and have two children: Jackie, & Romaldo Francis De Souza Jr. For a profile of Dr Romaldo,  click here

Making a mark with masala
28 Jul: Navhind Times. A busy woman can now buy the ultimate time saver – an instant Goan curry. 58-year-old John Lobo, a catering officer with Saudi Arabian Airlines in the 80s, sold his profitable restaurant Cajueiro in Porvorim in 2000 and decided to tickle the palate with his instant Goan masalas. Packaged and weighing 100 grams the packet contains ingredients such as coconut, onion, ginger, garlic, tamarind, spices and more in a powder form. The instant masala has to be mixed with water and main ingredients either fish, prawn, chicken, vegetables and salt can be added and cooked. No grating, grinding or sautéing… 733 words.  click here

Video: Comedy: Cyrus Broacha's take on Goa minister's foreign trips

27 Jul: IBN Live. Three Goa ministers and four legislators have spent an enormous Rs 13.24 crore in two years on foreign trips. The travels were made in the name of promoting tourism…  click here
From the Wikipedia profile, “Cyrus Broacha is a TV anchor, theatre personality, comedian, political satirist, columnist and author. He is also a prankster … He was born in 1971 to a Parsi father and Catholic mother…  click here

Mother offal tongues
28 Jul: Times of India. It may have slipped a notch in popularity in a time of white meats, but the tongue continues to bring back delicious memories for some. If you were a kid growing up in Goa, recess time was royal. The tiffin held a mysterious treat - sausage pulao, corned beef, salami and ham sandwiches or fish cutlets. Sometimes, we had plump slices of roast tongue served between heavily buttered bread. Unfortunately, tongue is an offal that's rarely found in modern kitchens … But Parsis, Goans, Mangalorians, East Indians and Anglos, swear by the offal. Here's why the tongue has moved from being a food staple to a part of nostalgia…  click here

Feni's tipsy-turvy fortunes

26 Jul: Tehelka. Cashew feni remains the poor man’s drink despite desperate promotional efforts by Goa’s fashionable set to keep the shrinking flock of feni drinkers… Goa’s current low turnover is that feni continues to be labelled ‘country liquor’, preventing its sale outside the state. Moreover, feni production still largely remains a cottage industry… A major problem with feni production is that there is no uniform method of distilling it, nor is there any quality control. Not surprisingly, much of the feni sold in Goa is spurious or adulterated… 766 words.  click here

Goa’s power nightmare
28 Jul: Navhind Times. The question is not only about quality of power but also the manner in which it is delivered. Frequent outages are more than just an irritant and often costs industry crores of rupees. The government needs to pay more attention to power or Goa’s growth story would have a disappointing end … 1538 words.  click here

Not done anything wrong by uttering word ‘Christian Hindu’, says Francis D’Souza

27 Jul. Navhind Times. Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza, on Sunday, said that there is nothing wrong in making statement on ‘Christian Hindu.’ D’Souza said that the statement was made by him in his own capacity and not as a part of government in the state… “I made remarks on Christian Hindu as I am linked with Hindu culture since my birth. I have not made any statement against any religion (dharma), hurting the sentiments of the people,” he added.  click here
'India is already a Hindu nation': Gaffes continue with further comments from Goa's deputy CM Daily Mail. 26 Jul.  click here
Goa deputy CM apologizes for Hindu nation remark 28 Jul: Times of India. Goa's deputy chief minister Francis D'Souza on Monday apologized for his comment that India was already a Hindu nation. "My opinion could be wrong for others. I accept it. I don't say it is the most correct opinion. You might say I am wrong. If anyone's sentiment is hurt, I apologize," D'Souza said. "Hindu is my culture, Christianity is my religion. When I say Hindu, it means culture and not religion," D'Souza said. click here.

World Konkani Centre moves to digitize Konkani Literature
28 Jul: Times of India. World Konkani Centre took the first step in collecting classic Konkani literature and digitizing the same with voice-over to preserve it for posterity on Sunday. A round table meet, that saw Konkani writers, scholars, and researchers from Karnataka, Goa and Kerala coming together, agreed on four broad classification of literature that can be taken up for digitizing under the project with a leeway to add newer literary forms at a later date…  click here

Locals, Nigerians clash in jail; one inmate injured

28 Jul; Navhind Times. Two groups of undertrials of the Sada sub-jail – four local inmates and four Nigerian prisoners – clashed over a petty matter on Sunday. The clash left a Nigerian jail inmate grievously injured. Sources at the Mormugao police said that two groups clashed in the cells at around 10 a.m. over splashing of water on each other… The Nigerian undertrial Abad Maculey sustained grievous injuries on his head and chest in the clash… Both the groups lodged complaints with the jailor…  click here

Goa-based company taps Russia’s emerging market for organic cosmetics
28 Jul: Russia & India Report… Amsar Pvt Ltd, one of India's first manufacturers of standardized botanical extracts and phytochemicals, has been working with herbal extracts since 1963… It took about three years for the company to create a new line of personal care products customized for the Russian market. From this, the Anariti brand was born…  click here


News Summary

From Mtoto to Mzee: An African memoir

27 Jul: Herald. Selma Carvalho reviews Mervyn Maciel's memoir 'From Mtoto to Mzee.' She writes, “Memoirs are that tiny microcosm of humanity which intimately informs of larger issues. In these small lives, hidden underneath the minutiae of where one schooled or was nursed during an illness, is a wealth of information about cultures, societies, the peccadillos of everyday people, and the events that shape them. Mervyn Maciel’s knowledge of Africa is almost encyclopaedic and his own anthropological lens is obvious throughout the book. The memoir will weather well and in years to come become one of the few written first-hand accounts, we have of a Goan life in East Africa.”  click here

Time is ripe for Goa’s own green revolution
27 Jul: Times of India. By Vivek Menezes. Some good news earlier this week, as it was learned that proposals to the government agriculture department to construct greenhouses have gone up an amazing 700% this year… There are different problems today, but particularly in Goa it is clear that organic agriculture can be an essential part of several important solutions: food security, urban-rural balance, viability of agricultural lands, even demographic displacement. It should be a government priority of the highest order. The time is now for India's smallest state to experience its own green revolution.  click here

UK to adopt Indian-origin expert’s breast cancer treatment

26 Jul: Hindustan Times. A pioneering breast cancer treatment developed by noted Indian-origin expert Jayant Vaidya is to be adopted and offered to patients by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), providing relief to thousands of patients from gruelling post-operation radiotherapy. Vaidya, who is a professor of surgery and oncology at University College London, developed the treatment called TARGIT, which offers a new form of radiotherapy that is delivered during surgery, and saves the patient from returning for weeks of further treatment. On Friday, Britain’s health authorities indicated that the single-dose radio-therapy treatment would be adopted and offered to patients widely on the NHS. Vaidya, who hails from Goa said that he was keen to bring the technology to India …  click here
Video: 25 Jul. 6.30pm news: Sky News (UK). Jayant Vaidya interviewed. 3m. 35s.  click here
For the Goan Voice Jayant Vaidya supplement, click here.

Video: Dad catches Shilpa Shetty in Goa
26 Jul: IANS. Shilpa Shetty says she has fond memories Goa … She shared memories of the first Valentine's Day she spent with Raj in Goa. "I have a lot of memories of Goa. Raj took me there to celebrate our first Valentine. I lied to my dad that I am going there for an event and I thought he would never come to know about it. But I landed at the Goa airport and I met with the entire press. So then dad came to know," the 39-year-old said… "I have some really beautiful memories apart from that also. It is a very romantic and quiet place as well as a place where you can just let your hair down. It has got the best eateries and being a Mangalorean, I love seafood," Shilpa said …  click here

Toronto: Lisa-Ann D’Souza: Young women build new ministry

25 Jul: The Catholic Register. A new grassroots initiative is reminding young women in the Archdiocese of Toronto that they are made for more than settling with the wrong man. The group, aptly titled Made4More, was born when Lisa-Ann D’Souza, 22, and a friend graduated from university and realized that a lot of their female friends settled in relationships of convenience with men they didn’t truly love. The two spoke about authentic femininity, their own past relationship mistakes and the void left in their lives when they ignored the voice from God telling them that men they wanted weren’t right for them. They wanted young women to understand authentic love… The key purpose of Made4More is education, empowerment and outreach. … Made4More can be found on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, visit the blog at www.
Lisa-Ann D’Souza was born in Oman. The family lived in Dubai before moving to Canada.  click here

Toronto: Letters by Rudy Fernandes, Al Mathias and Max DeSouza
26 Jul: Toronto Star. Taking sides on Mideast crisis: Letter from Rudy Fernandes: … No matter which side in this complicated situation one may lean towards, it is time we ordinary people in Canada and globally stand tall to say “never again” to this “endless cycle of perpetration and retribution.” …
Taking sides on Mideast crisis: Letter from Aloysius Mathias, Mississauga: Can you please publish an urgent message to our politicians and the powers that be, to fight for immediate peace. Canadians are fed up with this brutal killing and we are not prepared to take sides…  click here
26 Jul: Toronto Star. Who was behind downing of Flight MH17? Letter from Max DeSouza: The U.S. is holding Russia responsible, and rightly so, for downing Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine. How come America never apologized to Iran for accidentally shooting down an Iranian passenger airline over Iranian territorial waters in 1988? …  click here

Badminton: Commonwealth Games: Unheralded D’Souza Inspires Canadian Win

26 Jul: Badminton World. A day of high drama saw Canada beat Australia 3-2 in a Group D tie in the Mixed Team event of the 2014 Commonwealth Games … Unknown Canadian Andrew D’Souza, who started representing his country at the senior level this year and is ranked No.279 in Men’s Singles, shocked the more experienced Jeff Tho (No.242) 21-10 21-8 in just 26 minutes. D’Souza is a self-funded athlete who had to pay his own travel expenses to the Commonwealth Games…  click here

A tourism master plan for Goa. By Ralph de Sousa
27 Jul: Navhind Times. Page 21. Ralph de Sousa is a first generation entrepreneur, involved in travel and hospitality with establishments in Goa, Delhi, Kerala and the UK. Over the last 4 decades, Goa has evolved into a premiere tourist destination. Half-a-million international visitors, mostly from Europe holiday in Goa. In addition to this, we have in excess of 2 million domestic tourists who pour into our State… The increase in numbers put strain on our limited infrastructure, causing problems of garbage, road congestions, parking and shortages of basic utilities like power and water… A master plan is essential to give direction to tourism growth, taking into account sustainability and carrying capacity of our tiny state… Goa has entrusted the task of compiling this Tourism Master Plan to KPMG and S1 (T&L), the two renowned international professional outfits that have a proven track record, and have very successfully drafted master plans to numerous tourism destinations the world over. 686 words. Page 21.  click here
27 Jul: Herald. Nothing more than cosmetic change.  click here

The Church and the Chief Minister

27 Jul: Herald. While there is indeed a method to what this can only be called “madness”, the collateral damage of the double blow of a Pramod Muthalik and Deepak Dhavalikar is the biggest blow to the relationship between the Chief Minister and the minorities of Salcete. For the first time, elements within the Church, especially the powerful pastoral arm, which was a catalyst of the change which brought a BJP government to power is clinging on to the last straws of relationship whose best days are over… 2126 words.  click here

Goa Church official: 'Ministers dreaming of Hindu nation have no place in India'
26 Jul: IANS. Ministers dreaming about a "Hindu nation" should be taken to task by the government and have no place in India, according to Fr. Maverick Fernandes, head of the Goa Church's charitable wing. Fernandes, who on several occasions has been the voice of the powerful Roman Catholic Church in Goa, also said that comments like those by Co-operation Minister Deepak Dhavalikar and Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza about India in the context of a "Hindu Nation", only exposed their ignorance and that they had no place in India…  click here

An Obama dinner invite for a disabled Goan girl

26 Jul: NDTV. Next week, US President Barack Obama and his wife will host 12 disabled people from all over the world, including one from Mumbai, for an exclusive dinner at the White House. The lucky Mumbaikar is athlete Neha P Naik, 23, who is a Special Olympics International Global Messenger … She turns 24 July 27, her equally excited mother Asha and realtor father Prakash Naik said. The family originally hails from Goa and is now settled in Mumbai. For the event, Neha will be accompanied by her mentor and teacher Jonita Rodrigues …  click here

What Happened to Dinesh D'Souza?
25 Jul: The Atlantic. In 1991 he wrote Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus and it was a success. His background and hard work helped. Born in Mumbai in 1961, D’Souza was a rare prodigy. He was a young, non-white, Ivy League-educated conservative immigrant arguing within the tradition of liberal education. Raised in a Catholic household and educated by Spanish Jesuits, D’Souza was also a Christian public intellectual of erudition and wisdom… Now aged 53, D’Souza looks only slightly older than he did a generation ago… He has also struck a series of road bumps…  click here

Valanka Alemao: Suspended Goa Youth

Congress President Alleges 'Harassment' 26 Jul: Outlook. Valanka Alemao, who was yesterday suspended as the chief of Goa Youth Congress, today alleged that she was "tortured and harassed" by the party officials who wanted her to resign. "I was harassed and tortured by local party officials. I was abused with derogatory words by GPCC chief John Fernandes, legislator Aleixo Lourenco Reginaldo and spokesperson Pratima Coutinho," Alemao alleged. State Congress chief John Fernandes refuted the allegations … Valanka Alemao, daughter of former Goa minister Churchill Alemao, is facing a probe by state Congress for alleged anti-party activities … "I am the only woman president of Youth Congress in the country and I am being treated like this, which proves that the Congress is not serious about women empowerment," she added…  click here
Video: 26 Jul: Prudent Media. Valanka Alemao has been suspended as the president of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Committee.  click here

Harry comes home to eat on the streets
26 Jul: Western Morning News (UK). Harry Bartlett is one of the new breed of entrepreneurs. He’s taken a passion for food and turned it into a business. His little orange van is a mobile kitchen serving up dishes inspired by his travels around the world – Mexican tacos, Spanish cocido, Penang pork belly and Goan fish curry… “I spent a year travelling the whole world. I visited 14 countries in Europe and then went to India for three months…  click here



Death: Alirio Gonsalves

18 Jul: Sydney, Aus. ALIRIO GONSALVES. Aged 81; ex Bandra, Mumbai. Loving husband of Odette and father of Nisha Gonsalves Badshah, Giselle D’Souza and Shawn Gonsalves. Passed away peacefully. Alirio, an astute and self-made gentleman, was proud of his Goan heritage. He was always gracious, considerate and loved the company of family and friends. His unique sense of humour made him a joy to be around with. The family would appreciate your prayers. The funeral will be held in Sydney on Wednesday 30th July, 2014 at 4pm at St Agatha's Catholic Church, Pennant Hills, NSW 2120. Please post your condolences by visiting the memorial website at  For further details click here

Death: Eddie Pinto
24 Jul: Mississauga. EDWARD MARK (EDDIE) PINTO. Beloved husband of Gladys, passed away peacefully in his sleep. Visitation at The Simple Alternative, 1535 South Gateway Road, Mississauga, on Sunday, July 27th from 2-5 p.m. Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 11 a.m. at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, 921 Flagship Drive, Mississauga, followed by burial at Assumption Cemetery, 6933 Tomken Road, Mississauga. In lieu of flowers donations to Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity would be appreciated by the family.
[Eddie Pinto, ex-Nairobi and ex-Student of St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra, Mumbai, was the younger brother of the late Leo Pinto (Olympian and Hockey goalkeeper)  For further details click here

Death: Schreiber Pereira

20 Jul: Mississauga. SCHREIBER PEREIRA. Dear son of Maria and Romel and loving brother to Shazia (Steven) and Schneida. Friends may call at the Turner & Porter "Peel" Chapel Mississauga on Saturday and Sunday from 5 - 8 p.m. Funeral Mass at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 5650 Mavis Rd. Mississauga on Monday July 28, 2014 at 10 a.m. Interment Assumption Cemetery. For those who wish donations may be made to CAMH or Alzheimer Society of Peel.  For further details click here

News Summary

Goan Voice is 15 years old!

From Eddie Fernandes: 15 years old and I was unaware of this till yesterday when I received scores of congratulatory messages from Linkedin members. Please accept this thank you. Goan Voice has provided a weekly service from 1999 to 2009 and a daily bulletin for the last five years without missing a single issue – even when I spent a week in hospital in Goa earlier this year owing to an emergency gall bladder operation and was on drip feed for four days. For the entire archive check out the Goan Voice website - go to the light blue line at the top of the page and select Retrieve Back Issues  click here

Netizens' ire over kids exposed to 'outdated' NGO
26 Jul: Times of India. Outraged over the news report that a Mysore-based NGO had been allowed to preach to the state's high school, higher secondary school, and college students certain regressive ideas about homosexuality, abortions, and pre-marital sex, Goa's netizens took to social media to express their anguish. On Thursday, Abishek Clifford, CEO of 'Rescue', had convened a press conference, revealing to reporters some bizarre concepts he claimed to have passed on to over 5,000 students across educational institutes in the state over the past seven weeks…  click here

Video: Violinist Frances Andrade 'did not kill herself'

Levine Andrade

25 Jul: BBC. A concert violinist who died a week after giving evidence at a sex abuse trial of her former teacher did not "commit suicide", a coroner has ruled. Frances Andrade, 48, died at her home in Guildford, Surrey, a week after testifying against ex-choirmaster Michael Brewer. Coroner Richard Travers told the inquest at Woking Coroner's Court she died after taking a "lethal overdose".  click here
Video: Frances Andrade's husband 'hopes for change' in court system25 Jul: BBC. Levine Andrade (photo), the widower of violinist Frances Andrade, has welcomed recommendations by a coroner calling for the legal system to do more to help vulnerable people when they give evidence in court… Speaking after the hearing, her husband said he hoped future complainants would be treated better by the system…  click here
For a Wikipedia profile of Levine Andrade, click here.

Ranes say case against them politically motivated
26 Jul: Times of India. The lawyer representing former chief minister and opposition leader Pratapsingh Rane and his son Vishwajit Rane, the Valpoi MLA, on Friday alleged before the special court at Mapusa that the extortion case registered against his clients regarding a mining case was politically motivated …  click here
Ranes’ bail plea hearing adjourned to August 1 26 Jul: Navhind Times.  click here

UK: Benefits cheat has £130,000 scam exposed after tip-off she was living in Goa

25 Jul: Daily Mail (UK). Karen Trant from Devon admitted falsely claiming benefits. After several holidays to idyllic Goa, Trant, 51, bought an apartment at the Highland Beach Resort in Candolim in 2004, which extended her stays by up to five months … She had a tummy tuck, teeth whitening and even her 'bingo wings' removed. According to the Crown Prosecution Service, between August 1999 and April 2013, she falsely claimed housing benefit, council tax benefit, employment support allowance, income support and disability allowance. Trant was jailed for 27 months today at Plymouth Crown Court. The Court heard the fraud lasted for 13 years … 823 words + photos + 800+ comments.  click here
26 Jul: Torquay Herald Express. Plymouth Crown Court heard the brazen fraudster spent up to five months a year in the Indian party resort of Goa where she bought her own £14,000 holiday apartment… Prior to that she would go to Goa for two to three weeks at a time. Having bought the apartment, her trips extended to five months ...  click here
26 Jul: BBC. … She claimed she was stressed by busy places but she holidayed in Goa, India, where she socialised in crowds… click here.

Legal 'tangles' bail out drunk drivers
26 Jul: Times of India. While a night in lock-up, or at least a few hours' police detention is being seen as a deterrent even for first-time drunk drivers across India's metro cities, the Goa police face several challenges in arresting offenders. The process is cumbersome and time-consuming, right from step one - the blood alcohol concentration test. "Very often, we do not have the breathalyzer at the time of the accident and we need engage a doctor to perform the test on the blood sample … A majority of drunken drivers turn out to be tourists, who are here only for a few days and are often found driving hired vehicles…  click here

The Bikini and Pub Wars of Goa

25 Jul: Goa Streets. Call it a Goan identity crisis. You’d think the issue would have been decided by now – after all these decades of hippies, full-moon raves and beach psychedelia. But crazily, and against all odds, we Goans are still trying to decide whether we want to be Ibiza or Kabul, a free-spirited seaside paradise of silent noise and scant coverings or a bastion of “Indian” values that are menacingly beginning to look more like “Afghani” ones… with the BJP in power both at the centre and at home, palpable changes are in the air… This is about more than just beachwear and beverages. It’s about who we are, and who we strive to be. It’s about our culture’s lure for the rest of the world, our extraordinary blend of East and West that has been drawing visitors from around the globe for decades… 1488 words.  click here

Goa Speaker orders 5 dailies to apologise for misusing question
23 Jul: UNI. Goa Assembly Speaker Rajendra Arlekar directed five media dailies to offer an apology in tomorrow's edition for misuse of one of the yesterday's question which was not tabled in the house, and warned of action… The Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had brought it to the notice of Speaker that five newspaper dailies misused the question regarding foreign tours by ministers and MLAs, which was asked for postponement for August 5, scheduled for yesterday, as it required some figure correction and was not tabled in the house…  click here

Video: Aires Rodrigues: Court adjourns plea against Arlekar

26 Jul: Times of India.: A special court at Mapusa on Friday adjourned the hearing till August 12 on a plea filed by advocate Aires Rodrigues seeking directions to the anti-corruption branch (ACB) to register an FIR against speaker of the Goa legislative assembly Rajendra Arlekar… During the hearing, Rodrigues submitted before the CBI court that contempt of court proceedings be initiated against chief minister Manohar Parrikar and Arlekar for using "intimidatory tactics" while proceedings against Arlekar were pending in court...  click here
Video: 26 Jul: InGoaNews.  click here

Canada: Eclectic menu wanders from Mumbai to Goa
26 Jul: The Globe and Mail (Canada). I wish My Shanti were taller and shinier. Perhaps then I would have seen Vikram Vij’s new restaurant from a distance and not gotten lost while driving to South Surrey… The eclectic menu wanders from Mumbai to Goa and takes a couple odd detours … in Goa, the chef fell for oyster pakoras that taste nothing like your typical greasy fritters. These chickpea-flour-coated snacks are gently fried so the batter stays soft and the oyster meat loose. They’re served with a two-punch chili knockout – an Indian lemon-cilantro gremolata overtop and green chili crème fraîche on the side… 832 words.  click here

Rediscovering Asia

25 Jul: Publico (Portugal). By Paulo Varela Gomes. For decades Portugal did not have an exhibition of photographs of the nineteenth century relating to Asia of the size or quality that we see in the Diocesan Museum of Lamego. It is, therefore, an event of the greatest importance as both artistic and historical documentary… The photos, 61 in all, cover the former Portuguese possessions of Asia … For example there is a photograph of Raja of Sunda a family who resided and continues to reside in Goa (image maybe by Souza Paul)… Another photograph by Souza Paul is of the ruins of the Jesuit seminary on the island of Chorao in Goa that only knew a drawing and a picture of Mendes Lopes (1886)… Machine translation:  click here
For the Portuguese original,  click here

The top 101 foodie experiences around the world revealed
26 Jul: Daily Mail (UK). … 43. Dare to try an Indian vindaloo curry in Goa, famous for its extremely fiery taste…  click here


News Summary

UK Goan Festival: Release of Mervyn Maciel's new book

25 Jul: Mervyn Maciel's second book, 'From Mtoto to Mzee: The Story of my Life's Safari', will be released by Ravi Vaz, President Goan Association UK after the Mass on 27 July, 2014 at the UK Goan Festival. Maciel will be present and available for signing books at stall no. 44. A full review of the book, by Sema Carvalho, is scheduled to appear in Herald on 27 July, 2014. For a preview of the book contents and pictures,  click here

Church, laity shocked over break-in at Holy Cross shrine
25 Jul: Herald. The Church and laity reacted with shock after the Holy Cross of Bambolim shrine (revered as Fulamcho Khuris) on the busy national highway-17 was broken into in the wee hours of Thursday… 12 gold chains and two gold rings as well as cash estimated at Rs 60,000 was stolen by the thieves, in spite of the shrine having security guards...Fr Alban Fernandes who rushed to the shrine after hearing the news of the break-in, said he had never thought this could happen here… Photo.  click here
Video 24 Jul: InGoaNews. Gold, cash worth over Rs 11 lakh robbed … 2m. 36s.  click here

Video: I am a Christian Hindu, says Francis D’Souza, Goa Deputy CM

25 Jul: IBN. There is no stopping Goa ministers who have been sparking controversies with their statements for the past few days. Now, Goa Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza (photo) has backed Minister Deepak Dhavalikar's views on 'Hindu nation'. "India is a Hindu nation, it's Hindustan, all Indians in Hindustan are Hindu. I am a Christian Hindu, so there is no question of making it a Hindu nation," D'Souza said…2m. 32s.  click here
Goa Minister: PM Narendra Modi Will Develop India into a 'Hindu Nation' 24 Jul: International Business Times (UK). Soon after his minister brother sparked controversy by calling for a ban on women wearing bikinis on the beaches of Goa, Minister Dipak Dhavalikar has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will develop India into a Hindu nation. "I am confident that under the leadership of Modiji, India will develop into a Hindu nation. Prime Minister will work in this regard is what I feel," said Dhavalikar while speaking in a state assembly congratulating Prime Minister Modi on his political party, BJP's, electoral victory … Earlier this month, Sudin Dhavalikar, brother of Dipak Dhavalikar, made headlines when he demanded no bikinis, no short skirts and no pubs in Goa…  click here
Video: Goa Minister: If everyone supports Modi, India will become a Hindu nation 24 Jul: IBNLive. Triggering a controversy, Goa minister Deepak Dhavlikar has said, "I am confident that under the leadership of Modiji, India will develop into a Hindu nation. Prime Minister will work in this regard is what I feel," he said… 5m. 07s. click here.

Crime Reports
Man released from Abu Dhabi prison 25 Jul: The Hindu. Kadamakkudy resident Shiju, who was arrested from Abu Dhabi airport last month on charge of drug trafficking, was released from prison on Thursday evening… The police had arrested Amal, Sarang, Muhammad Saad and Thoppil Ansar in connection with the case. The accused allegedly obtained the LSD from Goa from a German national simply known as Alex.  click here
2 young Keralites smuggling gold from Gulf murdered 25 Jul. Emirates 24/7… According to police reports, the victims have been working as gold carriers since November 2013, and last time carried 3.5kg gold. Instead of delivering the smuggled gold to the agreed agent, they went to Goa with a plan to sell the gold … The victims had made friendship with the murderers in Goa…  click here

Watching pornography leads to homosexuality: NGO to kids

25 Jul: Times of India. Abishek Clifford (photo), who believes youngsters should be told contraceptives can be 25% ineffective, marrying as virgins leads to happy marriages, homosexuality is a perversion caused by prolonged viewing of pornography, and abortion is a scientific word for murder, was allowed to interact with students in high schools, higher secondary schools and colleges across Goa over the last seven weeks…  click here
40 percent Goa college, school boys watch rape porn, says survey 24 Jul: MidDay. Forty percent of college and higher secondary school boys in Goa watch rape porn and statistically end up watching 86,000 rape videos per day, according to a survey. The survey was conducted by Rescue, an NGO promoting cyber-ethics… Abhishek Clifford, CEO of Rescue, said 80% of the boys watch porn and 40% of them watch rape porn regularly. On an average they watch 28 rape porn videos a week… The survey was conducted across 10 colleges in the state…  click here
Video. Abhishek Clifford CEO of Rescue presents some of his views. 24 Jul. InGoaNews… 4m. 15s. click here.

Over 10,000 kids working in Goa
24 Jul: Times of India. Goa may pride itself for its high human development indicators, but the latest statistics of Census 2011 released on Wednesday do not bear good news on this front. A total of 10,009 children in Goa, aged between 5 and 14 are employed and shockingly 6,920 of these children are working as 'main workers' or have been employed constantly over a prolonged period of time…  click here

Fr Joe Pereira: A worldwide acclaimed yoga teacher and practitioner

24 Jul: Herald. Fr Joe Pereira is introducing his unique teaching of Yoga in Goa at the new Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga Centre at St Inez. A catholic priest’s association with yoga may perhaps raise a few eyebrows, but Fr Joe Pereira has walked the fine line to bring about a revolutionary change in the lives of people through his principal of infusing Iyengar Yoga into the practice of meditation, with a blend of science, psychology, spirituality and physical practice. In his research and teachings over the years, he has been strongly influenced by two people, Mother Theresa and his guru Yogacharya B K S Iyengar…  click here
Video  click here

Goan Prawn Balchao
22 Jul: SBS (Australia). Embraced in the kitchens of Goa during Portuguese colonisation, vinegar is a key ingredient in Goan cuisine, giving many of its dishes their signature sharp edge. Balchão consists of a fiery, pickle-like tomato and chilli sauce, and while we've used prawns here, fish or pork can also be cooked in this way. Coconut toddy vinegar, made from coconut flower sap, is traditionally used in Goa, but we've used coconut vinegar (made from fermented coconut water), which also lends tang and a hint of coconut…  click here

Goa’s very own Oscar Award

23 Jul: Herald. Along the winding in-roads of Loutolim lives a man who works his trade, stirring a ladle through a cauldron with mirth and glee, all to produce a little potion that is well on its way to international recognition. Licor Armada, made by Oscar De Sequeira Nazareth, is a liqueur that is in the process of turning several heads. It has won the top award at the ‘2014 International Wine & Spirit Competition’ No Indian product has ever won the medal before… 501 words.  click here

Govt stalls, mobile vans to sell fish at subsidised rates from Oct
25 Jun: Navhind Times. The government will set up stalls around the state as well as introduce mobile vans to sell fish at a subsidised rate by October 2014. Coming out with this information, Minister for Fisheries Avertano Furtado told the state legislative assembly during the Question Hour on Thursday that a related scheme is currently under the consideration of the government, and an amount of Rs 45 lakh has been received from the Centre for implementing the said scheme…  click here

UK: Forthcoming Events

Sat 26 Jul: Aldona Association (London) invites you to celebrate the feast of St Thomas at Our Lady Queen of Apostles, Houslow TW5 0RL. Mass will start promptly at 3pm in the church followed by a social in the church hall. Music provided by Danda Cousins. Tickets, which include snacks and a meal, cost £12 for members, £14 for guests, children (6-10) £6. Please book early as tickets sold on the door will be more expensive. For further details email or to check the flyer, click here.

Sun. 27 Jul: UK GOAN FESTIVAL 2014 at Cranford Community College, Cranford High Street, Cranford, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW5 9PD. Starting with Mass @ 11 a.m. Entrance to the Festival is charged at £5.00 per person. Children under 16 free. There is ample parking for cars and coaches on the premises. Cars will be charged at £5.00. A "free" shuttle service will operate from/to Hounslow West Underground Station (Piccadilly Line). For further details and updates go to

1st -14th Aug. Fr. Lawrence Mascarenhas Intercessory and Healing Services 1st: Swindon ~ Holyrood Church. Contact Peter: 07417 435056 (Konkani)
2nd: Swindon ~ Counselling. Contact Florian 07828 447366
3rd: Swindon ~ Holy Family. Contact Florian 07828 447366~Elias: 07833 746001(Konkani)
5th: Tooting Broadway ~ St Boniface. Contact Aires Fernandes 020 8488 0194 or Bosco 020 8672 1422 (English)
6th St Mary's Church ~West Croydon. Contact Paulina Fernandes 07944 748759 or Zita Vaz 020 8654 6261
7th: Wembley Park ~ English Martyrs. Contact Edna 07590 419942(Konkani/English)
8th: Welling ~ St Stephens. Contact Eusebio 07980 002319 (English)
9th: Crawley ~ Friary Church. Contact Remy 01293 561321 (Konkani/English)
10th: Neasden ~ St Patricks Church. Contact Anthony 07877 795536
11th: Southall ~ St Anselms. Contact Nazareth de Souza 07737 166254 Konkani/English)
12th. Kingsbury~ St Sebastian and St Pancras. Contact Maryann Dias 07504 552168
13th Wimbledon~ Wimbledon Prayer Group. Contact Electa/Eloid 0208 947 0310
14th Feltham ~ St. Lawrences Church ~ Contact Marinha 07976070852
For the website of the Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayer Group go to
Coordinated by Ben Vaz ~ 07957271381 with assistance from Fr. Lucas Rodrigues, Goan Chaplaincy.
For the flyer with full details of the venues, click here.

Mon. 25 Aug. (Bank Holiday). CAG - Care for the Aged in Goa Family entertainment 2.30pm -7.30pm Langley Church Hall, Trelawney Road Slough SL3 7UD. Tickets include one raffle ticket. £10 adult, £5 aged 5-12 years. Under 5 free. Traditional Goan Folk music, sing-a-long, dancing to great music. Snacks, lunch, tea all included and much more. Dress: smart casual. Book early. Last year sell out! Information and tickets Pam phone: 0208 688 5159, email:

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Department of NRI Affairs, Govt. of Goa

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Magdala Center Project in the Holy Land

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Oral Histories of British-Goans

Visit the Oral Histories of British-Goans website which documents the lives of East African Goans who migrated to Britain. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, UK. Any queries to be directed to the Project Manager

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