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From Mafalda de’Sa, PR Director G.O.A. (UK). The 2004 Carrom Tournament attracted the usual carrom lovers, displaying varying skills and expertise. Held at Archbishop Lanfranc School, in Mitcham, Surrey, it was an enjoyable event for both players and a good crowd of spectators. Organisers Richard Fernandes, Viju D’souza & Assumption Gomes ensured smooth running of the event, while caterers Tony & Suzie provided Sunday lunch and snacks.
A total of 31 players including 7 ladies participated, culminating in the Men’s Final between Richard Fernandes, Finance Director of G.O.A (UK) and Leo D’souza of Kingston, Surrey. Richard took the final, while Yvonne Coutinho, from Hornchurch Essex, beat Bambina Gonsalves from Mitcham in the Ladies final. Assumption Gomes who is a member of the UK Carrom Federation presented the trophies, congratulating the players on their high standard of play and urged them to consider participating, on the wider circuit. The photograph shows the finalists

11 Apr. Winnipeg Free Press. Book Review: The Second Life of Samuel Tyne. By Esi Edugyan. Reviewed by Irene D'Souza. New light shed on black experience in Alberta. This debut novel by a former Calgarian is an exposé of small-town life in Alberta and the hopes, desires and disillusionment of a dysfunctional family.
[Irene D’Souza was born in Uganda, moved to Canada in 1972 and completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Manitoba. She has visited Goa twice. She is the daughter of Gerald of Paul's Bar (owned by his brother Paul) and Eugenia. Her sister, Vilma D'Souza, a chartered accountant lives in Montreal is married to Jan Fernandes and they have two children. David who takes after his grandfather Gerald in his sports quest, plays ice hockey is very sports minded and has won scholarships for his academics. Rachel follows her aunt Irene and loves reading] For a selection of Irene’s books reviews see:'Souza%22

From Eddie Fernandes: I am getting a steady stream of Hotmail subscribers complaining about the non-receipt of the newsletter. Hotmail has introduced a spam filter option which blocks messages from mailing lists. If you have invoked this option there is absolutely nothing I can do (and you will not receive this message anyway unless you are using the web service). You need to cancel that option or class the newsletter as non-spam mail.
Please forward this message to your Goan friends with hotmail accounts who you know have been experiencing difficulties. Thank you.


ERMILA (EMILY) FERNANDES whose death on 5 Apr was announced last week. Burial is on Thu. 22 April at 2pm Shooter's Hill, SE London, preceded at 11.30am by Holy Mass at St Saviour's Church,175 Lewisham High Street, In lieu of flowers donations to "The Little Way Association" Further details from:

11 Apr. Panaji, Goa. LEO BORGES (ex Dar es salaam) Father of Suzanne, Savio, Angela/late Alavaro Machado, Alban, Palmira (Los Angeles) and Joe (Sweeden).

8 Apr: Assagao, Goa. DOMINGOS F FARIA (Born 1917). Husband of Preciosa, father of Maria/Alfred, Philo/Donald (London), Johnny/Lia, Raymond/Lina. Grandfather of Eliza, Averil, Lorraine, Delcy, Loyd, Roshiel and Juela.

7 Apr. London. ALICE SIMOES (nee D’Souza, ex-Aldona & Nairobi). Wife of Cajie Simoes (Merton Goan Senior Citizens Association). Funeral will take place on Tuesday 20 Apr. at St. Winifred’s R.C. Church, Latimer Road, South Wimbledon at 11.00 A.M, followed by burial at Merton and Sutton Cemetery, Garth Road. Condolences to

6 Apr. Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. FLORRIE DE MELLO (ex-Tanga). Wife of the late Rubiao DeMello. Mother of Olav/Tina, Zita/Ivo Santi, Cynthia/Norbert Cardoso and Vilma/Reynold Rocha.

6 Apr. Ribandar. Goa. MARIA SANTANA GONSALVES. Wife of John. Mother of Francis/Savita, Tony, Socorinha/Filipe(England), late Nelson, Philip/Maria and Bosco/Mary.


9 Apr. Mumbai Newsline. Sonja Weder came to India in 1993 from Switzerland. The artist-designer discovered Goa’s charm and decided to stay on. Weder, with partner Thomas Schnider, has a well-established furniture design studio in Goa, called Soto Decore. After three collage shows in Goa, followed by one in Europe and another in Iran, Weder is in Mumbai for the first time. Her exhibition called Switzerland is Like Goa is at the Jamaat Art Gallery till May 8. See:

10 Apr. Mumbai Newsline. An old, rugged Cross. Thousands walked in a procession to depict the journey of Jesus Christ to his crucifixion. From curious tots in their mothers’ arms to devout adults, they all watched the depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus—in silence—as the ‘14 Stations of the Cross’ ended outside St Charles School.

10 Mar. Indian Express. Savio D’Souza, Mumbai’s first international marathon winner who currently lives in a garage, has at long last been allocated a flat in Borivali. [From 1985 to 1987, Savio won the International Mumbai Monsoon Marathon and was promised a 750-square-foot house. Since then he has been running from pillar to post to get it]. Photo and text at

11 Apr. The Telegraph (Calcutta). Goa plays host to France war games. By Frederick Noronha. Three thousand French seamen and over 1,800 Indian naval officers and sailors took part in the country’s biggest joint military exercise with France, one of India’s major military suppliers.

13 Apr. Mid-Day. Shivkumar Subrahmanyam’s English play Irani Café was based on the Mayrose café near Metro cinema he used to frequent during his college days at St Xavier’s, Bombay. Now it is be made into a movie called Cha Cha Cha and given a Goa setting. For full text click here.

13 Apr. The Hindu. Dr Wilfred D’Souza, fondly known as Dr Willy, is contesting one of the two Goa seats in the national elections. He says, "I am known more as a surgeon who has treated thousands of patients for the last four decade.” He was the Goa Chief Minister twice before.

15 Apr. Times of India. With a sizeable around 26 per cent Catholic population, a guideline issued by the church in Goa has rattled the ruling BJP government and the party in view of the forthcoming National elections.

15 Apr. Indian Express. Nurses head for US and UK to meet crunch. Recruiting agencies help with a green card and deals of $35,000 a year. See:

19 Apr. Outlook India. What reception do Pakistanis get on their visits to India? Frieha Altaf writes, “I went to Goa. What a place! Suddenly, I was in love with India.”


9 Apr. Daily Star. Letter. My best friend has sent me an invitation to her wedding - in GOA! I've already checked out the flights and the hotel on the internet and it's going to cost me a fortune. I don't particularly want to go to Goa. I'd much rather go on a cheapie to Ibiza with all my single mates instead.

8 Apr. Caterer & Hotelkeeper. Rick Stein's Padstow Seafood School has just launched a fish filleting course. We learnt how to fillet a mackerel and make a delicious dish called mackerel recheado, with a lovely Goan spiced curry paste that we baked inside the fish. The Fish Filleting course costs £155 per day. For further details, go to
9 Apr. The Daily Telegraph. Down in deepest Padstow, Rick Stein's new chippy is fish and chip heaven. In a white tiled shop on the harbour front, you can buy haddock and chips, plaice and chips, scallops and chips, sea bass and chips and monkfish and chips with freshly made Goan curry sauce. For full text click here.

8 Apr. Essex Chronicle. Rod Tinsley is exhibiting photographs from his travels at Maldon Library, White Horse Lane. Pictures range from London street entertainers to landing nets on the beach in Goa to a boat hollowed out of a Mango tree. The exhibition runs until the end of April.

8 Apr. BBC News. Headline: Adrian Duggan has been charged with murdering his girlfriend, Catherine Campbell, while they were on a dream holiday together in Goa. Catherine Campbell was stabbed to death with a pair of scissors on Christmas Day last year. They had wanted to experience the "hippy trail" in Goa and booked into a guesthouse in the resort of Vagator. Text and photo at
9 Apr. Western Mail. Fair Trials Abroad Director Stephen Jakobi said, "If guilty, he could be facing many years - I would guess about 15 years. "The main problems in Goa prison are tropical disease, especially for someone who would not be immune to local diseases."
Mr Jakobi was scathing about prospects of a fair trial. He said, "He's certain to be convicted no matter what they say. Being arrested is the same as being convicted and everybody believes what the police say, unless you've got a good lawyer." For full text click here.

9 Apr. Mumbai Newsline. Enrique Iglesias arrives in Mumbai on Saturday in a private jet with Anna Kournikova in tow, prior to his concert there the following day. On Monday liquor baron Vijay Mallya will escort Enrique and his companion to the Kingfisher Villa in Bardez, Goa. An intimate bash is being planned, after which Enrique jets off to Bangalore for the next stop on his tour.

10 Apr. BBC News. The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) is blocking grants to ethnic minority projects that fail to promote "Britishness" and integration.

10 Apr. Toronto Star. Faith, hope and charity. Excerpts: Brian Finamore, 44, acts as a spiritual mentor, counsellor and religious event co-ordinator for the St. Francis Xavier Secondary School’s 2,100 students and staff at Mississauga … D'Souza acknowledges that youth participation is a challenge for churches, but he credits Finamore with encouraging a large number of Mississauga teens to remain active Catholics. For Photo and text, 2545 words, click here.

11 April. Globe & Mail (Canada). Police looking to recruit Asian women. Excerpt: In the shadow of accusations of racial profiling, the force is keen to diversify its ranks, and the recruiting unit is targeting visible minorities as well as gays and lesbians. "Do we have problems within? Bloody right we do," said Superintendent Sam Fernandes of the force's communications services, the highest ranking South Asian officer in Canada. But he points to himself as prime example of the police service's work "to reflect the community that we serve by having all kinds of people." "As a recruiting office we are dedicated to increasing the diversity within the ranks,"
Christine, 29, of East Indian descent, who asked that her surname not be used, said, "It's great that people recognize policing is not just for your great big hulking six-foot male." She wants to change the perception that South Asian women are "demure and walk six paces behind their husbands. It's time women are out there." For full text click here

11 Apr. Sunday Tasmanian. Kenyans describe their country as the greatest natural theatre in the world thanks to its breathtaking game reserves…Wildlife Safari
(, has a selection of all-inclusive safaris to Kenya and other parts of East Africa, flying Emirates. The company was established in Nairobi more than 30 years ago by Tom Fernandes. His son Trevor is in charge of the Australian headquarters in Perth.

11 Apr. Straits Times (Singapore). Trade and Industry Minister George Yeo brought back 50kg of cashews on a recent trip to Goa. 'I've gone a bit nutty this year,' he quipped.

11 Apr. South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) Tom Gleisner is the author of Molvania: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry, a spoof travel guide. Gleisner recalls sitting on a beach in Goa, India. At 3pm each day, buses would pull up and "disgorge huge numbers of local Indians - men in suits and women in saris. They would walk along the beach and perv at the westerners lying there in their swimsuits. They would virtually set up a tripod and start taking light readings."

12 Apr. The Guardian (Tanzania). Headline: Rodney D’Mello wins Sadolin golf title. 532 words.

13 Apr. Daily Mail. Headline: NHS said it couldn't help me, so I paid £1,500 for back surgery in Goa. Excerpts: When doctors said there was nothing they could do to treat his back condition, Alex Cooperwhite feared he would have to spend the rest of his life in pain. But after research on the Internet, he found a hospital in Goa which offered him hope. The 55 year old father of five flew out to Goa, had a scan and was offered an immediate operation which, he says, cured the problem. Less than a month later he was back in Britain after surgery, intensive care and physiotherapy - at a total cost of only £1,500. See also
(Write to Gabe Menezes, for text.). The hospital referred to is: Apollo NUSI, Cuncolim, Salcete – Goa 403703. Tel. 2862903.

13 Apr. Times Of India. A new Indian restaurant, ‘Deya’ opens at 34 Portman Square on 29 April. It is owned by Michael Caine and “re-invents Indian cuisine by refraining from ghee and hot masalas.” On the menu is Goan fish curry.

13 Apr. Computer Reseller News (UK). CRN Online Services is introducing an innovative service from PCDoesIT ( that makes it easy for system builders to get fast product quotes from distributors. The service aims to be a one-stop shop for resellers seeking quotes on products from distributors nationwide.
PCDoesIT founder Richard Yu said the idea came to him while on a visit to Goa. "I noticed a stretch of beach shacks that relied on fish being delivered each morning. Each shack sold the same fish, and the only differentiation for the customer was in the price, service and how well the fish was cooked. It reminded me of the difficulty resellers have selecting distributors in the channel, and I wondered if I could do something to make it work better," he said.
To get the service up and running and allow resellers to evaluate its benefits it is free to subscribe for a limited period. Subsequently, it will cost £99 per year. It will appear on the services portal at

13 Apr. The Economic Times. Headline: Third Parties Fly High On UK Route. Excerpts: In the absence of enough direct links on the India-UK route, third party airlines and charter operators are making a killing …charter operators particularly to Goa and Amritsar, are making hay…faced with this situation and the growing demand for direct connectivity, the ministry of civil aviation is evaluating the feasibility to enhance direct connectivity on the India-UK route. 409 words.

14 Apr. Patriot News. (Pennsylvania). A Taste of India has opened in Harrisburg. Chef Ja Pinto, who has worked in Canada and New York, brings his own recipes to the table. He is from Goa, a coastal region of India known for its seafood and reflected on the menu with such dishes as Poussin Prawns and Goan Fish made with coconut and red chilies.

14 Apr. PR Newswire (USA). Zenith Computers has a 40,000 square-foot, ISO 9001 + 14001, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Goa which is one of the most comprehensive in the PC industry. Carrying the "Made in India" brand, Zenith PCs are now exported to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. For full text click here.

15 Apr. Hindustan Times. UK’s General Medical Council has waived the practice of granting ‘limited registration’ to international medical graduates by making way for a ‘full license’ that promises more professional freedom.,00430005.htm


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Postponed till further notice: Sat. 17 Apr. 8-2am.

Sat. 24 Apr. 6.30pm till late. 'Viva Goa' presents Gala Spring Dance at Collier's Wood Community Centre, 66-72 High Street, Colliers Wood, SW19 2BY. Featuring Live Band 'Low Level' performing Konkani, Portuguese, Spanish, English tunes. Also Goan folk dances by 'Goan Waves' led by Aldrin Viegas. Tickets £8, children £4.Dress formal/Smart. Please bring your own food and drinks. Tickets Contact Aldrin 07904923566, Celeste 02086489015 Book early to avoid disappointment. Limited Tickets.

SOLD OUT! Sun. 25 Apr. Ex-students Reunion. Nairobi Catholic Parochial and St Teresa's Schools. SOLD OUT!

Sun 25 Apr. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass. Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Sun 2 May. 12:30pm- 8pm. Cortalim Union (UK). Feast of St Philip and St. James. White Hart Lane School Hall, White Hart Lane, London, N22. Mass followed by Social. Music by BreakThru and Nitelife Disco. Ticket: £8 (Adults); £4 (11-16); £2 (under 10) Mark Fernandes - 020 8443 1282; More info:

Mon. 3 May. 3 pm. Konkani Dramatic Association presents a Musical Show "Ekvott". Play written by Albert de Varca and music written by Tony D'Mello. Second Performance. Archbishop's Lanfranc School Hall, Mitcham Road, Croydon. For Tickets and further information contact: Judy Fernandez - 02087632606, Domacian Moniz - 02083761609.

Sun. 9 May 1pm - 8pm. Assolna, Velim & Cuncolim Union (AVC) Annual Feast at Bishop Thomas Grant School, Streatham. Dancing to Mariano & his band + Disco & great Goan cuisine. Contact Uniece Barros 020 8672 0807, Alba Fernandes 020 8656 3305 or Colin Almeida 020 8687 1470

Sun. 16 May. Rocky’s Trook Tournament. Further details from Rocky 020 - 7274 3585

Sun 30 May. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass. Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Sun. 30 May. 7 pm. G.O.A. May Ball & 38th Anniversary celebrations and Crowning of Miss G.O.A. May Queen at Lola Jones Hall, Tooting Leisure Centre. Music by Maz & Co and Fantasy Disco. Dress theme Black/White jacket and tie essential (bow-tie preferable). Further details from - Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457 Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322.


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