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15 Aug. The Nation (Kenya). Excerpts: Joseph Murumbi was Kenya's Vice-President. He was a very thoughtful and cultured man - a gentleman. He quickly become sickened by the greed and corruption of colleagues in the Kenyatta government and resigned. He devoted himself to building the Kenya National Archives. The website lists all the holdings. [Joseph Murumbi was the son of Peter Zuzarte a Goan] Full text 903 words at
Check the archive for any ‘Goan’ surname. Some gems: Recreations areas Nairobi Ngara - Road Goan institute, 1928. Kenya police, Mr. J.C Pinto 3 grade clerk, summary dismissal of. Transfer of general retail liquor license of J R Mendonca to J G Souza at Piggot market [Mombasa].

6 Aug. Oxford Mail. Headline: Gardener's good deed ruined by thieves. By Giles Sheldrick. Excerpts: Michael Fernandes, 76, [ex-Uganda], spends most of his days at his allotment in Oxford and on August 4 was delivering produce to an elderly couple when thieves stole his bicycle and his wallet with £100 in cash. Mr Fernandes, who is secretary of the Lenthall Road Allotments said, "In the middle of June my house was burgled and a cash box containing £100 of allotment money stolen."
City councillor Bill Buckingham said: "Michael looks after that allotment and tends it as if it was his own child. He's one of the most harmless people you would wish to meet and if it was not for him the allotment would grind to a halt.”
[Michael “Gerry” Fernandes was a keen cricketer in Kampala]. For his contact details click here
Andy Roe a friend of his, has agreed to forward any e-mail messages to him.
For full text of the Oxford Mail article, 329 words, click here.
For five more photographs of Michael Fernandes, click here.
For the Oxford Times article on Michael Fernandes including his samosa recipe, click here

Manuela Da Costa-Fernandes is the daughter of Michael “Gerry” Fernandes (see above). She was born in Kampala and later had to seek refuge in England. She moved to USA as a journalist. For links to some of her work, click here She visited Goa in 2002 and wrote in the New Haven Register about her experiences. For the text of the article, click here. Manuela is now back in England and can be reached at

There have been many reports in these columns about the Tehelka Sting on Sex Tourism in Goa. In 1996 the New of the World newspaper reported on its undercover operations on Sex Tourism in Goa. The authorities in Goa were complacent. As part of an International Goan effort, a petition signature campaign was launched. The UK Goan Community responded by collecting over 9,800 signatures. For an account of that effort, see,

Sydney, Australia. Roslyn Coutinho aged 11, daughter of Marshall and Selma Coutinho has won laurels for her art, poetry and much more. Her work has been featured in the Australian media. Read her poem on what Goans do when they meet – “eating sorpotel, and yummy vindaloo”
Andrea Duff, aged 7, is the daughter of Ciaran (Irish) & Mary-Ann Duff (Goan) has written a poem about her Goan identity which was published in the Australian Bharat Times. Excerpt, “On those days when I’m feeling really sick Only nanna makes cunji with that special trick”
For the full text of the poems which are on the new website of the G.O.A. New South Wales, go to
And you do not need to stand on your head to explore the rest of the new site from down under. *New*: The August 2004 newsletter has been added to the site.

8 Aug. Los Angeles Times. Classical Music. By Mark Swed. Excerpt: During my short stay, I heard the ravishing Bombay-born soprano Patricia Rozario give the American premiere of a luminous new 63-minute mystical song cycle by John Tavener, two weeks after its first performance in Britain.
For the Patricia Rozario supplement, click here.

13 Aug. Indian Express. “Music plays a strong role in every Goan family,’’ says pianist Nina da Silva. She was all set to go UK after she completed her diploma examinations in music from Mumbai, when fate intervened. She was called to turn the music sheets for renowned German pianist Helmut Barth who was performing in Mumbai. He invited her to his Piano School in Germany. Today both she and Barth, now her husband, work together. Da Silva will play at the Mazda Hall, Mumbai on August 14.

15 Aug. The Observer (UK): Jazz Review: Amancio D'Silva - Integration (Universal) Excerpts: Born in Goa, D'Silva was brought up in the Indian classical tradition, but took to jazz early in life and became a first-rate guitarist. In London during the late 1960s, he got together with British musicians to record three albums. Full text click here.
By happy coincidence, very recently I heard that Amancio’s family has set up a website, to coincide with renewed interest in his work. Excerpt from the site: “ [In London], Amancio found work doubling as a cleaner and house musician at the famous (or rather notorious…for its gangland regulars) Docklands pub, the Prospect of Whitby (he started as a cleaner). Later work as a guitarist found him playing regularly at the Spanish Garden Club in the West End. The family lived in South Woodford at first, then Ealing. Check the site, It’s fascinating even if you do not like jazz! Enquiries and comments to

17 Aug, Hospitality Net. Choice Hotels Board has appointed Fiona Dias as a Director. Dias, 38, is senior vice president of Circuit City Stores, Inc., and president of Circuit City Direct in Richmond, Virginia. A native of Kenya, Dias joined Circuit City in 2000 as senior vice president, marketing, and was appointed president of Circuit City Direct in 2003. She earned her undergraduate degree from Harvard University and began her career as a financial analyst for Merrill Lynch. After postings in New York, Toronto and London, she returned to Stanford University where she earned her MBA degree. She then held key marketing positions with Proctor & Gamble, Quaker State, Pepsico's Frito Lay division and Stick Networks. For full text click here. For Fiona Dias’ earnings at Circuit City Direct click here.

18 Aug, The Evening Standard (London). When she vaults across the stage at Earls Court tonight, Madonna's toned physique and extraordinary flexibility will make her the envy of women of all ages. But there is a secret behind the 46-year-old mother of two's incredible elasticity.
Madonna makes weekly visits to north London fitness guru James D'Silva, who is one of the few pioneers of the Gyrotonic Expansion System. He tutors Madonna from a studio below a small estate agent in St John's Wood, for £60 an hour. Today Mr D'Silva said details of the arrangement with the superstar were confidential, but he did say that all his clients had tailor-made one-on-one tuition at £60 an hour using Pilates and Gyrotonics. [James trained as a ballet dancer in Goa and came to England 17 years ago. But he moved from ballet when he found that turning his toes out and clenching his buttocks all day was bad for his posture. See Goan Voice UK 2004-22].

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12 Aug. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. BERTIE CARVALHO. Husband of Lurdina(Lulu) Carvalho. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. Condolences to

12 Aug. Moira, Goa. JASMINA ADELINA PINTO (born 1922). Wife of late Marcello Francisco. Mother of Tony, Evelyn/Andrew (UK), Augusto/Bibiana. Grandmother of Michelle.

10 Aug. Montreal, Canada. ARTHUR FERNANDES. Husband of Marie-Claire [nee Martyres]. Father of Clinton, and Kenneth. Brother of Jimmy and Dennis.
Visitation will be held at Kane and Fetterly, 5301 Decarie [corner Isabella] on August 21st & 22nd from 2:00 - 5:00pm & 7:00 - 9:00 pm. The Funeral [mass] will be held on Monday Aug. 23rd at St. Malachy's Church [corner Isabella & Clanrandal] at 11am. Details in Thursday / Friday "Montreal Gazette".

9 Aug. Fatorda, Goa. ANTHONY XAVIER FERNANDES (Ex-Dar-es-Saalam, born 1947). Son of late Piedade/late Dominga Santana. Brother of Cecilia/Tony, Humbert, Philo/Joaquim, Menino/Placida, Lucy/Agnelo.


5 Aug. Indolink (Canada). The eagerly-awaited registration process for dual citizenship to people of Indian origin will start within a month, according to Minister of State for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Affairs Jagdish Tytler. The minister revealed plans to invite young people of Indian origin from different countries to visit their motherland under a new programme called "My Village My Pride". It is modelled after a highly popular Israeli scheme meant for people of Israeli origin living abroad. Tytler said that though his ministry may not exactly conduct a census, plans to create a database of NRIs and PIOs across the globe.

13 Aug. Times of India. Tourism Minister Renuka Chowdhury says only a more courteous, clean India can attract large numbers of tourists, who otherwise get turned off by spectacles of public defecation and discourteous behaviour. "Indian men, wearing Ray Ban glasses and driving Ford cars, pull the window down, spit on the road, and they urinate on the roadside. What to do?" She admitted that Indians "virtually misbehaved" with tourists,creating an adverse influence on the inflow of foreign tourists. Full text at:

13 Aug. A Kathmandu court today sentenced Charles Sobhraj to a life term for the murder of a young American girl almost 30 years ago. Sobhraj is believed to have killed at-least 20 young tourists across Asia and the Middle-East. He has spend a lot of time in India, and more than 20 years in Delhi's Tihar jail after his dramatic arrest in a bar in Goa. [O’Coquiero in Porvorim, owned by the late Gines Viegas ex-East African Airways and Viegas Driving School, Dar-es-Salaam).]

14 Aug. Children’s Rights in Goa (CRG) has demanded the setting up of a special police unit for handling cases relating to paedophilia, as recommended by the Ric Woods report to the government.

14 Aug. GoaNet. After the initial stonewalling, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has woken up and announced a slew of measures to check paedophilia in the state. The police have launched a crackdown on pederasts. Known child abusers have gone into hiding. Local bodies, including the Church and colleges, are launching awareness campaigns to educate the local population about child abuse by foreigners. Full text at:

15 Aug. Hindustan Times. On the occasion of Independence Day celebrations of the country, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that the Government would work for controlling the spiralling rise in prices of various commodities. The state Government has formulated a Universal Mediclaim scheme, which would assist every Goan in case of major illnesses, he said.,000900040002.htm

16 Aug. GoaNet. Sex, Lies and Red-Tape: Baina and Memories of Emergency. By Shaila DeSouza. The article originally appeared in Economic and Political weekly. Full text at:

16 Aug. Times of India. To curb the increasing incidents of road mishaps in Goa, the state has made the use of helmets and seat belts compulsory from 16 Aug.
18 Aug. Navhind Times. Soft-pedal on helmet rule, Chief Minister tells police.

17 Aug. Business Line. Indian travel companies are following the lead of their foreign counterparts and have started targeting senior citizens with special packages. Travel trade sources say that more than 50 per cent of the foreign groups that land in India are on post-retirement jaunts. This age group largely from source markets such as Germany, the US, Britain and Japan have the time and money to travel. Travel Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd (TCI), has come out with its senior specials, The rates for four days in Goa are Rs 3,500 per person at a standard hotel or Rs 5,000 per person at a five-star hotel

18 Aug. Navhind Times. While the charter flight operators are busy drawing up schedules for the coming tourist season, the naval headquarters in New Delhi has put a spoke in the entire process. Restrictions have been imposed on flight operations between 8.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Mon. to Fri, and from 4.30 to 9.30 p.m. on Tue. and Thurs. These restrictions have upset the tourism industry, which has started preparing to receive the charters.

18 Aug. Business Standard. Goa is all set to see increased tourist traffic, with a difference that the tourists in this case are sponsored by corporate houses and multi-national companies (MNCs). For full text click here.

19 Aug. The Telegraph. Lack of safety measures on Goa’s beaches. 745 words.

19 Aug. Hindustan Times. In a sudden development, Congress MLA Isidore Fernandes on Thursday submitted his resignation amidst strong rumours that he was all set to join to the ruling BJP.,000900040002.htm


13 Aug. The Evening Standard (London). The Drug Abundance. Trouble areas in India include Varanasi, notorious for its heroin problem and party destinations such as Goa, where ecstasy, cocaine and LSD are readily available. It is alarming how many young people who arrive in Goa believe the drugs are legal, such are their abundant use. They aren't. Possession of even a small amount of soft drugs, such as cannabis for personal use, can lead to a six-month prison sentence.

14 Aug. The Peninsula (Doha). Pakistani Christians in Qatar held a get-together on the eve of their country’s Independence Day yesterday. For photo and text click here.

14 Aug. Herald Express. (Torquay), Excerpts: Anita Edgar went on a last minute holiday to Goa but during a private prayer time, she had the "clearest possible vision" that the Lord wanted her to work amongst the orphans and deprived children of India. And on Sunday morning at St John's Church, Shiphay, she will re-tell the story of her call and the amazing work the Lord has done in the country since she gave up her home in England and moved to India. To find out more visit Anita's website at

15 Aug. The Sunday Telegraph. Film Review: The Bourne Supremacy. Excerpt: the opening scenes, for example, unfurl in the half-light of a faintly grimy apartment in Goa, before moving to a jagged view of a crammed street teeming with pedestrians, stall-keepers and rickshaw traffic. When the inevitable car chase transpires, the tension is upped several degrees by the sheer difficulty of moving anywhere in the Goan traffic…

15 Aug. The Tribune. Book Review: Goa, and the Blue Mountains Or Six Months of Sick Leave by Richard F. Burton. Penguin Books. Pages 240. Rs 250. [Reprint. First published in 1851]. Excerpts: Goa has long been the centre for merry making and the hub of Anglo-Indian cultural activities. This work was the first printed book of Richard F. Burton. He broaches the topic of wife beating and equals it to the cruel process of converting a pig to pork. Often, he gets too derogatory in his remarks about the appearance of the natives, calling them the most ugly race around the world… he shares the arrogance and racist views of his fellowmen. The book offers valuable insight into the region’s culture during the 19th century.

16 Aug. Gulf Daily News. (Bahrain). The news "Young Goans Club facing shutdown" came as a great shock. Goans are peace-loving people. Our older generations perspired in providing a few facilities for the leisure of Goans. YGC is a priceless gem of older Goans who are no more in this world. A few committee members took the reins of the club in their hands a few years ago and turned the club into a mess. The present turmoil is a testimony of the belligerent style of running the club. They try to vindicate themselves by bringing the issue of change of premises and the closure of the bar facilities. 393 words.

16 Aug. Asians in The Media. UK: TV Soap: EastEnders: Don't blame them, the Ferreira failure is our own fault. Excerpt: Suddenly people are falling over themselves to condemn the EastEnders’ Ferreira family for (a) their storylines; (b) their acting; (c) their ‘representation’ of the Asian community and; (d) anything else no one has picked up on. Now, anything goes and everyone has an opinion.

16 Aug. Daily Variety (USA). Goa Film Festival. Excerpts: Taking a page from fests like Cannes, the 35th Intl. Film Festival of India will unspool pics on the beach in Goa this fall. The Miramar Beach screenings set for Nov. 29-Dec.10 will take advantage of the southern state's beautiful beaches, along with a planned film market. The old Goa Medical College is being rehabbed and may also be pressed into service.

17 Aug. Globe & Mail (Toronto). 50 years ago: The Globe and Mail reported that Portuguese forces shelled and recaptured the fortress of Tiracol from Goan nationalists who had seized it as part of a campaign to merge Portugal's enclaves on the subcontinent with India.

17 Aug. BBC. Campaign to stop race documentary. An online campaign has been launched to try and stop Channel 4 from airing a documentary that features claims Asian men are grooming white girls for sex. Channel 4 said the film, being shown on 26 August, is "in the public interest".

17 Aug. The Peninsular (Qatar). The Goan Welfare Association is organising a blood donation campaign on August 20 to mark the World Goa Day. For full text click here.

18 Aug. The Guardian. In the coming years, the gap year may well come to be seen as the last flickerings of a golden age when gilded youths flopped languidly on Goan beaches swapping bon mots in front of the sinking sun.,12763,1285059,00.html

18 Aug. The Guardian. In the coming years, the gap year may well come to be seen as the last flickerings of a golden age when gilded youths flopped languidly on Goan beaches swapping bon mots in front of the sinking sun.,12763,1285059,00.html

18 Aug. The Hamilton Spectator. U.S. takeovers good for Canada, study says. University of Toronto professor Joe D'Cruz said Canada has trouble keeping large businesses in Canadian hands and that research, development and innovation usually occur where large corporations are headquartered. "I'm disappointed that Canadian companies are not capable of holding their own against the United States."

19 Aug. Frankfurter Rundschau. (text in German). At the Leipziger on Saturday, 21 August from 17:45 to 19:00 hours is DJ Stephen Lobo with Goa and Indian House Music.

New Book published 1 Aug. 2004: Title: Footprint In The Sand. By James A. Oliver. ISBN: 0954699521. Description: an epic political comedy that opens with the death of treasure hunter Graham Dunne on a remote Indian Ocean island . . . The legendary Fiery Cross of Goa may now never be found… For details of the book click here.
What is the Fiery Cross of Goa? Treasure that was stolen by Olivier Le Vasseur, a pirate from a Portuguese ship in April 1721 as it was sailing from Goa to Lisbon. The pirates are believed to have buried the treasure in the Seychelles. For details, click here.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun 22 Aug. G.O.A. Six-A-Side Football Tournament. 10am to 5pm. Coldharbour Leisure Centre, Chapel Farm Road, New Eltham, London SE9 3LX. Contact: Val Nunes 01322 445743 or Darren Fernandes 07956 117703.

Sun. 29 Aug Parra Social. St Mary Magdalen's Hall, Huguenot Place, Wandsworth Common, SW18. Alfie Rebello 020 8337 8022, Raymond Lobo 020 8654 0268.

Sun 29 Aug. 4.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Mon. 30 Aug. G.O.A. SPORTS DAY at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. For offers of help: Peter Rodrigues 020 - 8399 4883. For stall applications: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457

Sun. 12 Sep. TROOK TOURNAMENT at the ATC Hall, South Wimbledon. Contacts: Jacinto Fernandes 020 - 8542 5427. Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663.

Sun. 12 Sep. Feast of Mount Mary at St Agnes Catholic Church, 35 Cricklewood Lane, London NW2 1HR. Mass at 12:00 noon followed by Social with the “Jolly Boys” in attendance. Contact Zeferin Silveira 020 8795 1256 / 4796 0023 696 OR Tony Gonsalves 020 8795 1121 /0771 1681 473.

Sun. 26 Sep. Feast of St Jacinto. St Michael’s Hall, 37 Bounds Green Road, London N22 8HE. Mass at 1.30 followed by social gathering with Nite Life in attendance. Tickets – Adults: £8; 12-16: £4; 3-11: £2. For tickets contact Regina 020 8808 7091; Felicity 020 8245 4897; Agnelo 020 8577 8528.

Sun. 26 Sep. 4.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex


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