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Report from Flavio Gracias, President of the GOA (UK) Ltd
The adjourned Extraordinary General Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the GOA (UK) Ltd, took place on Sunday 19 Dec. There being sufficient members in attendance to meet the quorum criteria, the meetings started on time (1.30pm) and all business was completed by 5pm. The amendment to the Article and Rules were passed.
A report from Bosco Saldanha, the Planning Director, on the future direction of the Association was well received and it was agreed that a final report will be presented for consideration by the membership in 2005.
The final report from the committee that handled the sale of our property, was presented by Cornelius Monteiro, the Property Director. He was delighted to report that the sale of the playing fields was completed in November, for the asking price of £300,000. The consensus of opinion from those present indicated that the Goan Association (UK) should now be actively pursuing the purchase of suitable premises for a Club. The Board will be appointing a Premises Committee for this purpose.
The election/re-election of Diego Pinto as Vice President, Felix Pereira as Assistant Finance Director, Bosco Saldanha as Planning Director and Lazarus Rato as Sports Director proceeded unopposed. The Goan Association (UK), now has in place a full Board of elected directors for the first time in many years.
The Chairman, Flavio Gracias, presented the accounts to the general body and concluded with thanks to Assis Fernandes, the Internal Auditor and Mr V M Jamal (Jassens) our reporting accountants.

Jerome Mendes Chief guest at Dalgado Konknni Academy function in Goa.
21 Dec. Navhind Times. In order to promote Konkani language and bring all the Konkani Roman script writers under one roof, the Dalgado Konknni Academy organised a Konkani musical show at the Holy Spirit Church square, Margao recently. The senior artistes (above 70 years of age), who contributed for the cause of Konkani language through their profession, were felicitated by the chief guest of the function, Mr Jerome Mendes. On the occasion, an annual magazine Porzoll was released at the hands of the chief guest.
From Godfrey Gonsalves: Jerome Mendes mentioned that his interest in the activities of DKA was because his daughter in the UK where he and his families live had often questioned Goan MLA's the reason why Konkani Roman script was not recognised or is being ignored. Towards this cause he announced the donation of Rs.50,000 and said another seven of his relatives would donate Rs.5000/- and appealed to lovers of the Roman script gathered at this show to donate like wise Rs 100/- for life membership. See:

Diageo to buy US winemaking firm
20 Dec: BBC News. Diageo, the world's biggest spirits company, has agreed to buy Californian wine company Chalone for $260m (£134m) in an all-cash deal. "The US wine market represents a growth opportunity for Diageo, with favourable demographic and consumption trends," said Diageo North America president Ivan Menezes.


20 Dec: Vasco, Goa. ALDA MENDONCA. Wife of Alex George Mendonca. Mother of Kevin/Miriam, Brian, Vanessa/Felix. Grandmother of Russell and Nigel. Sister of late Juliet, late Alex/Joyce (Canada), James/Ana(U.K), late Leo/Isabel (U.K) late Esme/Felix (USA), late Edwin/Branca, late Paul.

20 Dec. Parra, Goa. MARIA ROBERTINA ALMEIDA. Wife of late Manuel de Almeida. Mother of Alvito/Filomena. late Rui , late Niceta/Hildebrando, late Olencio/Gerina. Sister of Alocoque D'Souza. Grandmother of Victor, Edgar (U.K) , Bro Ramiro, Oswald, Jolene, Orville. Great grandmother of Simone (U.K).

14 Dec. London, UK. EDDIE SOARES. (ex-Mombasa- A.V. School and Headmaster Sacred Heart School). Husband of Philomena. Father of Ashley/Celsa, Najjal/Piu and Shanon/David. Grandfather of Nathan. Condolences to Tel. 020 86810789 or his widow, tel. 020 8422 7164 or write to 43 Kingsley Road, South Harrow HA2 8LE

Funeral: 2.00 pm, Thu. 23 Dec at St Gabriel's Church, Northolt Road. South Harrow, Middlesex HA2 8EX The funeral cortege will then go to Breakspear crematorium, Breakspear road, Ruslip Middlex. This is a 10min drive from the church and a coach has been hired. This will be followed by light snacks back at the Church in South Harrow at around 4.15 pm.For the Eulogy and more photographs click here

13 Dec. Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada. REG FERRAO. (aged 68, ex Nairobi). Husband Renee (ex-Mombasa). Father of Dr. Matthew and Michael, Brother of Romeo, Reina(Reinaldo) de Sousa (London) and late Rufino. Please visit the Notice for Reg Ferrao at Info. from Caetano De Menezes.

12 Dec: Velim, Goa. CAPT JAISAWANT MENDES (ex-Mombasa). Husband of Sakina. Father of Suhaila and Ladi. Son of late Adv Luis/late Lazarina.


Ear Phones
18 Dec. The Guardian. Invest in comfortable wrap-round ear phones for the long haul flight to Goa, which can be re-used. Otherwise we'll just have to buy ropey ones on the plane.,8922,1375931,00.html

Wild-On Goa
19 Dec: Express Business Traveller. The party never ends discovers Jude Cardozo as he checks out the hottest night spots in Goa during the peak season and winds his way through a veritable treasure trove of entertainment options. Some of the clubs featured are Nine Bar, Vagator Beach; Paradiso, Anjuna Beach; Club Cubana, Arpora: Tito's Baga and Caravela in Panjim. 3126 words.

Houseful Board Up In Goa Hotels
20 Dec. Express Hotelier & Caterer. Goa hotels have put up ‘Houseful’ boards as rooms have been booked till the mid-January 2005. The hospitality industry attributes the sudden surge in tourist inflow and phenomenal business to the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) and the St Xavier’s Exposition.

Charter flight users unable to make extended visits to Goa
21 Dec. Navhind Times. The President of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Dr Wilfred de Souza returned from New Delhi after meeting several Union ministers including the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Mr Praful Patel. Dr de Souza requested him to look at the problem of Goan expatriates who come by chartered flights to Goa. Though they wish to extend their stay in Goa, they are bound by rules to leave the country within four weeks. Mr Patel has promised to study the problem, Dr de Souza said. Dr de Souza was able to get the Union civil aviation ministry to okay a second direct flight in a week from Dubai to Goa and it will become operational within a week.


Christmas Quiz: Luxury Indian holiday for two
18 Dec. Daily Telegraph. Quiz: answer 50 questions. Entries must be received by January 7, 2005. See: For full text click here.


Goan Bebinca.
16 Dec: Sify. A simple recipe for Bebinca. For more recipes visit

Rehabilitation package for Baina Beach evacuees approved
17 Dec. The Hindu. Nearly five months after they were rendered homeless with the Government agencies demolishing hundreds of cubicles in the Baina Beach area, commercial sex workers, owners of commercial establishments and people living in the area have something to cheer about.

Sea Harrier crash lands at Dabolim
17 Dec: Navhind Times. A Sea Harrier aircraft crashed while landing on the runway at Dabolim airport on Thursday morning. Two pilots including a trainee ejected safely.

Church flays film on Goa liberation
20 Dec: Indian Express. The Catholic Church in Goa has come out in protest against a government-sponsored documentary on the liberation of the state from Portuguese rule. The Archdiocese of Goa and Daman, which viewed the documentary, said the film, Goa Ka Swadhinata Sangram, produced by Ramesh Deo, was ‘‘highly communal’’. 511 words.
21 Dec: Navhind Times. Congress demands withdrawal of CD on Goa’s freedom struggle.

Ravi Shankar asks the rich to support classical music.
21 Dec: Navhind Times. Speaking in Goa, Ravi Shankar expressed concern over the future of Indian classical music. He said that the support from corporate houses and wealthy individuals would go a long way in “keeping our music alive for the future.”

Awareness campaign on child abuse launched
21 Dec: Navhind Times.

IFFI in a jiffy
21 Dec: The Statesman. The 35th International Film Festival of India held recently in Panaji, Goa, was in parts an astounding success as well as a colossal failure. Some aspects of the festival went down well and quite a few Bollywood biggies, foreign celebrities and Indian delegates went out of their way to lend voice to the case to make the state a permanent venue. 1245 words.


Frederick Noronha's re presented dense review of Goans and their achievements all over the world, and over many decades, was timely to bring 2004 to a close. It should be particularly useful to younger Goans, many of whom may not have been to Goa yet and developed an understanding of its indomitable people.

Discussion on the reasons why a Sea Harrier jet crashed at the Naval Base in Goa generated a range of interesting explanations.

An item referred to as 'chickens coming home to roost' about the recent invasion of Iraq refuses to die down. It has probably generated more responses than any other topic in recent months on Goanet.

For those unfamiliar with the story about the notorious Charles Sobraj while in Goa, and elsewhere, have a chance to see the story rekindled on Goanet.

Lino Leitao's account of Ben Antao's book, 'Goa A Rediscovery' should encourage Goan readers, and others, to explore the many literary contributions from Ben Antao, currently resident in Canada.

A substantial account of banned drugs which are nevertheless widely available from pharmacies in India provides valuable information to those who would not normally double-check their prescribed medications.

Finally, much criss-crossing of seasonal greetings from Goanetters from all over the world illustrates so much camaraderie among fellow Goans world-wide.

Please visit the Goanet archives at To subscribe to Goanet sent an email to


Immigrants' skills needed
14 Dec. Swindon Advertiser. Swindon has benefited hugely from immigration, from Poland, Ireland and Italy in the past, and now we welcome people from Goa, Somalia, Portugal and elsewhere. Immigrants bring much needed skills to the town and the health service in particular benefits from skilled professionals from all over the world.

16 Dec. North Devon Journal. Maureen Charters of Barnstaple has raised £900 to help give street children in Goa a better life. collected the sum through a fund-raising evening of Indian food and music and from a Christmas Bazaar. The money will go to the Children Walking Tall charity which aims to provide a drop in centre for deprived youngsters in Goa. For full text click here

10 things everyone should know about the UK
16 Dec: BBC News: A Life in the UK handbook, which will form the basis of the new 'Britishness test' for immigrants who want to become UK citizens, has been published by a government advisory board. At more than 100 pages, there's lots to digest - but here are 10 things taken directly from the report that apparently everyone should know.

Racism, Old and New
16 Dec: Québécois Libre. Excerpts: According to a recent survey done by Statistics Canada, 80% of people who were part of a visible minority did not report discrimination or unfair treatment or said it had occurred only rarely. In a way the visible minorities are saying, "Thanks, but no thanks – we are fine and do not need to be condescended."
The Indian government refuses to admit that the caste system is racist, but adopts a lazy way out: an affirmative action policy to reserve university places and jobs for the "lower" caste.

Desis, Brits good friends? Naah
17 Dec. Times of India. Indian students are among the largest groups of overseas students in Britain, but a survey reveals that most of them do not make many British friends while they are here.

Goans celebrate St Francis Xavier’s feast in Italy
17 Dec: Navhind Times. The Goan traditional Konkani hymn ‘Sam Francisku Xaviera, Vhodda Kunvra,’ was sung in Konkani by an Italian choir on the occasion of the feast of St Francis Xavier, celebrated by Goans in the parish of Aprilia, near Rome in Italy last week.

Christmas Parties in Goa
19 Dec: the Sunday Mail (Australia). Partying barefoot on the beach under the milky moon or sweltering in the Queensland humidity stuffing your face with food? It ain't a tough choice for the masses who arrive this week at Goa, India, to get merry with full-moon beach raves. Goa was once a psychedelic hippie hangout, but over the years became swamped with travellers and dance music enthusiasts keen to sample the booming trance scene. The Government soon stepped in to limit the mass partying. So it's only between Christmas and New Year that you can experience true Goa trance at raves which match those of Thailand and Ibizia. Quick, there may still be time to jump on a plane and escape before the turkey-and-tinsel-induced madness takes it toll.

CBC Television (Canada) – Participate
19 Dec: CBC TV. Two projects have been selected to move on to final stage in the search for a new half-hour serial drama for CBC Television. One of them is 49th and Main, a portrayal of the many worlds that revolve around a new medical practice opening its doors in one of Vancouver’s most diverse neighbourhoods. It will center on young Dr. Cedric Ferreira with his Indian heritage, his African birth-place and his best-of-boarding schools British upbringing expected when, alone with his young son, he decided to take up medical practice in the Dominion of Canada. These two projects will now each produce a single episode, to be completed by mid-February. [Coincidentally, the Ferreira name was also selected for a family in a UK TV soap called EastEnders]

How India's boom has left its fishermen high and dry
21 Dec: The Independent (UK). A dispute over a theme park near the city of Bombay has pitted old lifestyles against new, reports Justin Huggler. 1782 words.



Sun: 26th Dec: Channel Five: 1.05pm (125 mins): The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Award winning film follows an 8 year old refugee over the course of a year after the fall of the Taliban regime, as he and his family struggle against extreme poverty.

Sun: 26th Dec: Nat. Geographic: 8pm (60 mins): The Real Alexander the Great. Recently the subject of a controversial film, this profile examines the life of the creator of a vast empire from Greece to Persia to the Himalayas.

Tues: 28th Dec: Channel Five: 10.55pm (95mins): Sobhraj: the Hippie Killer. Charting the life of Charles Sobhraj, who avoided the death penalty for the suspected murder of 20 backpackers in Asia, by opting for 20 years in an Indian jail instead. Featuring interviews with Sobhraj, his wife and the policeman involved, this film tells the disturbing story of one of the world’s most amoral criminals.

Tues: 28th Dec: BBC 4: 8.40pm (80mins): Not Cricket: The Basil D’Oliveira Conspiracy. Another chance to see story of the political and sporting row that exploded, when in 1968 Dolly (as he was affectionately known as) found himself excluded from the England team to tour South Africa.

Thurs: 30th Dec: UKTV Documentary: 1.20pm (60mins): Living the Dream. A family of British Asians fed up with the bad weather, plan to open a restaurant on the Costa Blanca.

Fri: 31st Dec: UKTV Bright Ideas: 10.30am to 6pm: Delhi Belly. A day of 15 episodes in which Sanjeev Bhaskar investigates “Party food Indian style.”


Fri: 31st Dec: BBC Radio 4: 3pm (30mins): Veg. Talk. Chef Cyrus Todiwala cooks some hot and spicy Indian dishes at London’s Café Spice, in front of a live audience. Pens poised to take down some mouth watering recipes.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 26 Dec. South West Goans. Boxing Day Hop at St.Augustine's Church Hall, Tooting SW17 OEF from 3pm-9pm. Music by "Low Level" with Maria (Star from Goa) + various Artists. £12 adults. £7 children. For Tickets Contact Cajie 0208 672 5003, Peter 0208 672 3232, Chip 0208 658 5321. Limited tickets. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Tue. 28 Dec. 12.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy Mass & Fund Raising Social to raise money to sponsor young men to the priesthood of the Pilar Fathers at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Music by the Mustang Band.

Fri. 31 Dec. New Year’s Eve Gala Ball – Harrow Leisure Centre, Harrow. 7.00pm to 2.00am. Music by LOW LEVEL & DARK STAR. Tickets: Adults £15 before 15th December, £19 thereafter. Children: £10 under 10 years. For tickets call Hazel Rodrigues: 020-8357 6776. For a Ticket Application Form or other information, email Don’t miss another SELL-OUT night to remember! For the flyer see Goan Association (UK) members can avail of two tickets at £13 each. Please contact - Bernie Gracias on 020 8723 1322

Fri. 31 Dec. (7pm till 12:30am). The South East Goans Sports & Social Club: New Year’s Eve Ball at the Woolwich Town Hall, Market Street, London, SE18. Disco by Say One Do One . Entry inc. snacks: Members £10; Guests £15. Contacts: Eusebio: 020 8304 9089; Alex:020 8306 0974; Evelyn: 01322 433393; Chris: 01322 400732; Victor: 020 8303 5106; Bonnie:020 8851 4677; Damaciano:020 8316 1473

Fri. 31 Dec. North London New Years Dance, White Hart Lane school, Wood Green, London N22. From : 7:30 pm to 2:00 am. Music by Danda Cousins & Nite Shade. Tickets: Adults (16 +) £12 and Children (ages 10 - 15) £7. Children under 10 ( free). No Tickets at the door. Formal Dress code only. Neville 0208 807 7830, Felix 0208 482 3277

Fri 31 Dec 7.30pm till 1.45am. New Year's Eve Ball. Dress code Black Tie. Venue: Winston Churchill Hall, Pinn Way, Ruislip, Middlesex. Live Music & Disco with Owen and featuring from Canada Melissa D'Souza promoting her new album. Tickets £25 with meal. Children 5 to 13 yrs £10. Contact 07808 780498 or 01895 272594. For the flyer

Fri: 31 Dec. New Year's Eve Dance at St Andrews Church Hall, Quadrant Road, Thornton Heath Surrey. 8pm-1am Music by Moonlight Tickets include a hot meal. Adult £10, Child 5-12 years £5. Under 5 free. Limited tickets book A.S.A.P. Contact Sarah 020 8670 3257 or Mervyn 020 8689 2970 or Lennie 020 8771 6047.

Sat. 8 Jan. G.O.A. GOAN EXTRAVAGANZA at Wandsworth Town Hall from 7.00 pm. Further details from - Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457 Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322


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