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Donations received. My apologies. I have lost one of the receipt books I was using at the Festival last Sunday. Will those who made donations and whose name do not appear below, please get in touch with me -
£10: Alex Faria; Alfred Rebello; Exano Pereira; Francis Lobo; Peter Rodrigues.
£20: Aggi D'Souza; Agnes & Acurcio D'Souza; Alice de Souza; Anthony Veronica Pereira; Antonio Fernandes; Elva Fernandes; John Pires; Justin Gracias; Leo Saldanha; Leonard Mascarenhas; Loy Rebello; Luis Gracias; Marjorie & Steve Fernandes; Mervyn Maciel; Nelson Monteiro; Olga Pinto; Patrick Gomes; Plino Martins.
£25: Diana Fernandes. Raymond Lobo.

4 Jul. BBC News: Warning on final salary pensions. Video clip, 2m.26s, of Francis Fernandes’ BBC interview. Go to:
Right hand column >Watch/Listen >Francis Fernandes.
Francis (ex-Nairobi) is the son of Joe (Aldona) and Teresa (Cortalim) of Edgware. His brother Norbert is a parish priest in Fulham. For more about him see the lead article at

22 Jul. Gulf News (Dubai). Felix D’Souza walks out of prison after 23 months. In Jan. 2002 he was driving a vehicle when a burst tyre caused an accident and a passenger died. The court ordered him to pay diya (blood money) of Dh150,000 (£22,000) to the victim's family. His case was taken up by the Indian Community Welfare Committee (ICWC) and St Mary's Church who negotiated with the victim's family and raised the money. 483 words.

23 Jul. Wiltshire Gazette & Herald. Headline: Priest's departure will leave large void. Excerpts: Father Bosco Lobo , 34, who has served at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Devizes for five years, will be leaving at the end of July. He was born in Bahrain in 1970. His father came from Kenya and his mother from Goa. In 1991 the family came to live in England. Pat Kennedy, who wrote a history of the Devizes Roman Catholic parish said: "His commitment and dedication has helped to revitalise the parish and he will be very much missed."
Father Bosco will offer a mass of thanksgiving on Tuesday at 7pm, the fifth anniversary of his ordination, and this will be followed by a reception in the school hall. For full text, 318 words, go to
[Fr Bosco is the son of London-based Conception (ex-Mombasa & Moira) and Agnela (ex-Aldona), tel. 020 8312 4820]

23 Jul. Hendon & Finchley Times. Headline: Mum's not the word for teenagers. Three out of five teenage pregnancies result in abortions in Barnet and Hertsmere, a new study has revealed. Fiona Pinto, from Potters Bar, who stood for the Pro-Life Alliance in the European elections, says girls are not given enough support if they choose to keep their baby, making it seem less of a realistic option when they get counselling. "It makes my blood boil. Women do not want abortions," she said. "There is not much support for these teenagers, and not much money goes into counselling." Click here. For a profile of Fiona Pinto click here.

23 Jul. Correio Almanha. (Portuguese). António Costa was elected a Vice President of the European Union. He was previously leader of the Socialist Wing in the Portuguese Parliament and before that, Law Minister. [He is son of the famous Goan writer Orlando da Costa and brother of Ricardo Costa, Director of Portugal's main news television, Sic Noticias] Info forwarded by Paulo Colaco Dias. For text click here

23 Jul. Billings Gazette, Iowa. Gina Branstetter, 36 was born with Klippel-Feil Syndrome, a rare, congenital condition in which some vertebrae in the cervical spine are fused. She learned of Dr. Arnold Menezes in Iowa, a neurosurgeon specializing in treating the condition. She went to see him last October. He put her into a neck collar that helped finally relieve some of her headaches. Menezes also suggested surgery which she is to have next month. For text click here
Dr Arnold Menezes received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Bombay. He is married with two daughters. He has published between 200 and 300 articles, written four textbooks and taught at 40 major universities around the world. He lists his hobbies as travel, watercolor painting, cooking and, if time permits, tennis. For a profile of Dr Menezes, click here

23 Jul. USA Today. Lifestyle expert Susie Coelho, hauls elegant dining chairs outside, and makes backyard end tables out of leather suitcases. "Homeowners want more than patio tables and chairs in their yards. They want outdoor living rooms with beautiful furniture," says Coelho, who lives and tapes her show in Los Angeles.
For the Susie Coelho home page go to:
For the text of the USA Today article, click here

23 Jul. Deccan Herald. Portuguese passport racket worries UK, US. By Devika Sequeira. Portugal has failed to crack down on a passports racket. An agent in Goa promises results for US $ 3,000. In Lisbon someone was quoted US $ 4,000 for citizenship within seven days. Worried about the new tide of migration via the Portugal route, the UK is said to have lodged a formal protest with Portugal. The Americans, too, are believed to have launched an investigation. Under pressure from the more influential European Union members, Portugal could review its 1975 nationality law. For full text, 740 words click here.

Baroness D'Souza, of Wychwood in the County of Oxfordshire, is the gazetted name, style and title of the life Barony conferred upon Dr Frances Gertrude Claire D'Souza. [Baroness D’Souza is to be introduced to the House of Lords on Wed. 15 Sept. 2004 at- 2.30pm, She was the head of the Salman Rushdie Defence Committee.]
Frances D’Souza is married to Stanley D’Souza and they have two daughters Christa and Heloise. Christa is a freelance journalist Last year she wrote about her parents - how they had split up when she was five but aged 58 and 73, they remarried. Excerpts: My father, Stanley, who was born in Bombay, came to this country in 1957, when he was 26. A self-described drifter, he fell in love with Frances at first sight but “because it was the Fifties, because he was quite shy and Indian (let's not forget that inter-racial relationships in those days were a far bigger deal than they are now), and because my mother was only 13, they couldn't do very much about it.” Three years later they eloped and got married in Toronto and again in New York and London. For full text, 1.812 words, click here.
Christa D'Souza is a freelance journalist. Some of her articles are on the Internet and these include interviews with Pamela Anderson, Elle Macpherson, Anastacia, the Spice Girls and Sam Fox. For revelations about her own experiences with breast enhancement click here

27 Jul. Irish Times. A non-medical treatment for drug addiction, using yoga and meditation, is emerging. Four years ago, Fr Joe Pereira was invited to the Coolmine drug rehabilitation centre in Dublin to share his non-medical approach. On his third visit recently, he explained how his unique approach - a combination of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises - was gradually being introduced at Coolmine. His organisation, Kripa (which means grace), was founded in 1981. It now has 187 staff in 34 centres in India where heroin and solvent abuse is, he says, "a huge problem". 871 words.

27 Jul. Goanet. Bosco D’Mello fills us in on the Toronto's Goan Overseas Association’s annual Viva Goa Fest on July 24, 2004. He reckons around 5,000 attended.

27 Jul. Newcastle Herald. (Australia). A recent Australian study by Dr Russell D'Souza surveyed the spiritual attitudes and needs of rural and remote patients living with a mental illness. These results were the focus of a recent program on the ABC TV Compass series.(link ABC TV Compass series to Of the patients surveyed, 79 per cent saw spirituality as very important, 7.6 per cent were not sure and 13.4 per cent considered spirituality as not important or of little importance.
See also the BBC News article: Tele lifeline for Outback patients.

28 Jul. Yahoo News. Valentine Menezes died two months ago on his way to Goa and his body has yet to be claimed. His nearest relatives are two cousins - one in London and the other, "Shila D'Souza" in Victoria, Australia but they have not responded to police enquiries.

Jul. 2004. New Zealand Marketing Magazine. Aug. 4-5: Getting, Growing & Keeping Clients: Psychological Tactics & Strategies: Sean D'Souza. Contact the University of Auckland Business School Short Courses Ph: 0800 800 875 or website:
Sean D’Souza, of New Zealand is also conducting a Brain Alchemy Masterclass in Los Angeles 10-21 Aug 2004. You can go to his website: and check out his e-books, free articles, recipes etc. Sean is also an accomplished cartoonist. You can see some of his work at
Sean was born in Bombay and traces his Goan roots to Assagao. He is the son of Winfred and Edmond; brother of Warner and Cherida. His hobbies are travelling & food and he visits Goa when in India.

30 July. Croydon Guardian. Headline: Shirley's Bombay dreams come true. Excerpts: Shirley Fernandez's roots can be traced to Mangalore, near Goa so she was drawn to the Merton Goan Elders' Society when she came to England. She is now the Secretary. Shirley was born in Tanzania in 1935. Her family later moved to Kenya, where they became part of a small community of Indian Christian families in the racially segregated colonial country. For full text click here.


27 Jul. Pomburpa, Goa. ALEIXINHO C FERNANDES. Husband of Anamaria. Father of Michael Fernandes (Denmark) & Zelia/Vince Caldeira (Australia).

26 Jul. Agassaim, Goa. CAETANO FRANCISCO DIAS. Husband of late Efurugina. Father of Jack/Apolonia, Santana/Joe. Grandfather of Vanessa, Trevor, Tracy, Veronica, Vincy and Vebina (Swindon, UK)

25 Jul. Arusha, Tanzania. JULIUS FRANCIS XAVIER D’MELLO (ex-Bandra, Mumbai). Husband of Margareth. Father of Yvette/the late Agnelo Carneiro, Desmond/Gladys and Derrick/Pamela. Grandfather of Stephie, Gavin, Joel, Shannet, Sharlene, Dale and Stacey. Condolences to


22 Jul. Economic Times. 1. Enjoy the monsoon at lush beaches of Goa. Click here
2. Guide to current off season offers in Goa’s top holiday resorts. Click here
3. Goa promoted as the best international destination. Click here

22 Jul. Hindustan Times. BJP to bypass Centre in holding the Film Festival at Goa. Politics has reared its ugly head and the BJP-led Manohar Parrikar government in Goa has decided to stage the next edition of the annual Film Festival without the assistance of the Centre.,00430001.htm

23 Jul. Kerala Next. UN initiative benefits Goan schools' IT education. [By Fred Noronha]. Knowledge Initiative Trust (KIT) was largely set up by expatriates of Goan origin, after learning through the Internet of the need for better infrastructure and education.

24 Jul. Education-Based tourism gets a boost in Goa. Excerpts: Goa University has started short-term tourism courses for foreign Students. Though the students are quite happy with the studies, they complain that the locals here still treat them as outsiders. "They do not allow us to sing with them in the choirs though I am a Roman Catholic," said Ugandan student Connie.

24 Jul. IndiaFM News. My Brother Nikhil, a Hinglish film about an HIV positive character is to be shot in Goa.

25 Jul. Times of India. Tourists flock to Goa in 'off season' Goa in the monsoon presents a pretty picture.

25 July. Navhind Times. Landmark limb surgery performed in Goa. A team of doctors from the orthopaedic department of Goa Medical College (GMC) Hospital has successfully performed a landmark ‘Custom made total knee replacement’ operation, recently, which is first of its kind in the country.

25 Jul. Newindpress. Excerpt: Neha Dhupia plays the nubile Julie, a Goan girl, who lives with her hearty father ( think Premnath in `Bobby’, and all other Goan fathers subsequently). She is, of course, Christian ( a good Hindu girl would rather die than become a professional prostitute ), and wears her cross prominently through the film. For text click here.
25 July. Times of India. Julie packs a rousing punch. For text click here
20 Jul. Erotica versus machismo at Bollywood box office. For text click here
20 Jul. Female First (UK). Neha adds new change to the face of Bollywood sex-workers. For text click here

26 Jul. Business Standard. The Australian government has offered to provide Australian dancers, singers, musicians and portable spas to five star and four star hotels in Goa. Donald B Carins, consul general of Australia in Mumbai, said, “It is a different sort of export and can be for short term and long term, two to three months. We hope to start this service and Goa is the best place to start with.” Carins added that the water crisis in Goa could be solved by importing technologies for de-salination of water.

26 Jul. Times of India. Mathany Saldanha, Goa’s new Tourism minister, said that Goa needs a policy to deal with drowning deaths and the mushrooming of shacks, the beaches of Goa need a policy.

28 Jul. Patients at a state-run AIDS home in Goa have to vacate the facility 15 days from their admission as the home can house only 150 people at a time. Many of these have been abandoned by their families, while others are too poor to afford treatment.

29 Jul. Times of India. The Goa Legislative Assembly expressed concern that 300-400 Goans employed in Kuwait had been "sent to Iraq" by their employers.

29 Jul. Gomantak Times. Mathany Saldanha, Goa’s Tourism Minister, said an airport in the centre of the state was not feasible while an airport in a corner of the state (Mopa) would not be convenient. He said that the tourism lobby should make a case for improving Dabolim airport, which is not a naval base but a training centre which could be shifted to Karwar.


7 Jul. The Telegraph. (UK). Book Review: The Pocket Guide to Being an Indian Girl. Headline: 'Arranged marriages? They're like Blind Date'. Excerpt: “The Pocket Guide to Being an Indian Girl, is a charming, amusing, semi-autobiographical tale of a second-generation UK Asian teenager who follows a number of rules that help her to make sense of her life: know how to brown your onions, never, ever dye your hair blonde, always expect your mother to think the worst of you, and never forget that you are a lesser human being than your brother. The book deals not only with arranged marriages, but many other British-Indian issues that are ignored by the mainstream and Asian media.” For full text, click here.

22 Jul. Zenit (Vatican). St. Francis Xavier's Relics Expected to Draw 3 Million to Goa. Preparations Under Way in India for an Exposition. Full text click here

22 July Publico Online (Portugal) . Portugal: Conde Festival 24 Jul – 8 Aug. Indian Culture to be featured prominently at the village of Conde Festival in Portugal. The Ekvat group will provide the folklore. There will be Goan food and exhibitions of books and magazines. The fair runs from 24 July to 8 Aug. 599 words. For text in Portuguese original, click here. For an English machine translation, click here.

23 Jul. Herald Express (Torquay), Denise Leaman and Judith Balsdon organising a sponsored walk for the street children of Goa after having visited the El Shaddai Trust refuge. Anyone wishing to donate to the charity can make cheques payable to El Shaddia Charitable Trust and send them to 21 Westhill Road, Torquay, TQ1 4PE or call 01803 326867. If anyone wishes to sponsor a child please contact The Mill, Kingsteignton Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2QA. Text and photos click here

26 Jul. Hindustan Times. Headline: Integrate with the British society: Sir Trevor McDonald to immigrants.
Trinidad born, veteran newsreader and the ITV anchorman Sir Trevor McDonald has hit out at immigrants who are unwilling to embrace British values. Sir Trevor's comments have come soon after a plea by his friend Trevor Phillips chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality that young Muslims be reminded of their Britishness.,00430005.htm

27 Jul. Catholic News(Australia). Catholics divided on Goa leader’s move to change history texts. A Hindu leader in India’s Goa state has demanded that schools in the former Portuguese enclave teach students about their ancestors´ resistance to Christian religious conversion and colonialism.

27 Jul. Post-Standard (New York), John Noronha offers Democrats ideas to achieve economic fairness. Noronha, 60, a retired engineer from Eastman-Kodak, offered a resolution that called for a special tax on American corporations that do business overseas, based on the disparity between hourly wages here and the low wages paid to so many workers abroad. In Noronha's vision, known by activists as a "social tariff," the tax would produce a fund that could improve the international image of the United States. Over the weekend, he pushed his theme to Democrats supporting nominee-to-be John Kerry. They listened, but Noronha isn't sure how far he got. 673 words.

28 Jul, Female First. (UK). In the second part of an article on a new film, The Bourne Supremacy, the Producer and Director talk (485 words) about their experiences on the Goa locations: Sinquerim Beach, Nerul bridge? and Palolem beach. Excerpts: “one of the cool things about Goa was there are a lot of young tourists, which makes it perfect for Jason and Marie—they don't stick out.” … Goa is a sleepy region with thatched huts on bamboo stilts and red dirt roads. The set was graced daily with some unusual bystanders, including oxen, wild dogs and pigs. Text at

28 Jul. Gulf Daily News. Noel Anthony Gonsalves aged 43, a senior official at Bahrain International Airport died of a heart attack at work yesterday. Mr Gonsalves was a member of the Young Goans Club, Konkan Singers Club, Indian Club, Karnataka Social Club and other organisations.

29 Jul. Gulf Daily News. (Bahrain). The Karnataka Social Club is holding a condolence meeting tonight to mourn the death of two of its members. Former Bahrain resident Charles Domingo Alvares, 72, died in Canada on Monday due to heart related problems. Mr Alvares, leaves behind his wife Gemma and two daughters, both of whom are married and settled in Canada. Another active member and senior official at Bahrain International Airport Noel Anthony Gonsalves died of a heart attack on Tuesday. For full text click here.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 31 Jul. 11am to 7pm. Goan Community Association. Multi-Community Festival & launch of the minibus. Keston Road. Off Philip Lane. London N17 6PW. Lube: Seven Sisters/Turnpike Lane. For stalls contact Dom 020 8376 1609. Other enquiries Candy 0796 104 4079; Cos or Irene 020 8884 3124

Sun 8 Aug. Goan Heritage U.K presents "GOENCHO MONTRI" Konkani Musical show with Lorna, the Nightingale of Goan Konkani stage; famous comedians Domnic, Ben Evangelisto & Jr. Nelson and musician Norman. Venue Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. Dedicated to World Goa Day. For tickets: Fr. Oliver Antao 020 8563 9102, Tony 020 8795 1121, Babit 020 8764 2268, Felix 020 8450 2129, Jimmy 020 8450 5623.

Sun 22 Aug. G.O.A. Six-A-Side Football Tournament. 10am to 5pm. Coldharbour Leisure Centre, Chapel Farm Road, New Eltham, London SE9 3LX. Contact: Val Nunes 01322 445743 or Darren Fernandes 07956 117703.

Sun 29 Aug. 4.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Mon. 30 Aug. G.O.A. SPORTS DAY at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon. For offers of help: Peter Rodrigues 020 - 8399 4883. For stall applications: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457

Sun. 12 Sep. TROOK TOURNAMENT at the ATC Hall, South Wimbledon. Contacts: Jacinto Fernandes 020 - 8542 5427. Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663.

Sun. 12 Sep. Feast of Mount Mary at St Agnes Catholic Church, 35 Cricklewood Lane, London NW2 1HR. Mass at 12:00 noon followed by Social with the “Jolly Boys” in attendance. Contact Zeferin Silveira 020 8795 1256 / 4796 0023 696 OR Tony Gonsalves 020 8795 1121 /0771 1681 473.


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