Newsletter. Issue 2004-12. March 25, 2004
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19 Mar. Coastweek (Mombasa). “Back visiting friends in Mombasa has been world famous former Kenya sprinter Seraphino Antao.” He is seen here with architect Jose Menezes. For other photos of him with Franklyn Pereira, Willy Lobo, Michael Fernandes, Charlie D'Souza, Bernard D'Souza, Agapito Pereira and Teddy Gomes, click here.

20 Mar. Indian Express. Title: The Indian-ness of Pluralism. Maria Aurora Couto [ex UK] talks about her new book, Goa, A Daughter’s Story (Viking) to be published next month. Excerpts: “Goa has been so brutally imprisoned in the tourist brochure,” she says, adding, “Goans have been so caricatured, that the depth and complexity of Goan society has not been seen for the ideal it can present for modern India.” Full text, 862 words at

From Rene Barreto: At the meeting called to meet Bevinda Collaco and held at India Club and to launch the Goan International Writers Workshop - UK chapter, Cliff Pereira agreed to lead the newly formed organization by being its first Chairman. Goans in the UK wishing to join this organization can do so by visiting: or by writing to

22 Mar. Travel Trade Gazette UK & Ireland. Thomas Cook Signature has launched its 2005 Worldwide and Florida brochures early. Sales and marketing director Manuel Mascarenhas said: "We thought hard about launching this early, but feedback from both Thomas Cook agents and independents told us the demand was there. Sales are coming in and at good prices. Hopefully this will mean we will avoid some of the lates discounting next year." Thomas Cook Signature's Worldwide brochure - covers the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Far East, Middle East and East Africa. For his profile, see:

Alison De Silva, 17, of Toronto is known as the "cat with nine lives" since she has survived many set backs from a rare illness called intestinal lymphangiectasia. The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children has made her their featured patient for Mar/Apr 2004. Photo & text at :
Alison is the daughter of John (ex Zanzibar and Tanganyika Standard) and Rolina (ex-Mombasa, nee Abranches). Alison is now at home making considerable recovery but she is not yet "out of the woods." To see a photograph of the family, click here. For details of the fund-raising Dinner Dance, Toronto, 24 Apr. 2004, click here.


24 Mar. Vasco. Goa. FILOMENA JOANITA THAYAPURATH (nee Rodrigues. Ex-Nairobi/Parra). Wife of Satish (Sesa Goa). Mother of Sandra Neela and Vivek David. Daughter of late David Michael Rodrigues/Late Joaquina Agusta.

22 Mar. Saligao, Goa. ANTOINETTE FERNANDES. (Ex-teacher, St Joseph's Convent, Dar es Salaam). Wife of late Andrew Fernandes. Mother of Aubrey and Elmo. Condolences to

21 Mar. Taleigao, Goa. DIOGO MENINO D'SOUZA. Husband of Rosemary. Father of Christaline/Lawrence, Cyril/Conceicao, John/Goretti (London), Simon/Lily.

19 Mar. Kenton, Middlesex, UK. ANDREW FERNANDES (aged 85; ex-Eldoret, Kenya and Cortalim, Goa). Husband of Herodiana. Father of Fatima, Geraldine and Agnelo. Grandfather of Aaron.
Funeral on Fri. 26 Mar, at 9.15 a.m. at the Church of All Saints, Kenton Road, Kenton, Middlesex. Burial thereafter at Harrow Weald Cemetery, Clamp Hill, off Uxbridge Road. Condolences to:


21 Mar. The People. Goa (7 nts, s/c) April 22, Gatwick, £454, The AirMiles Travel Company (0870 60 747 16).

21 Mar. The Sunday Mirror. Grab some sun in Goa with where a seven-night B&B stay at the two-star Maria Rosa Resort in North Goa costs from £352pp (two sharing). Return flights from Gatwick leaving April 17 and transfers are included in the price. Details:

If you had checked the Goan Voice UK website last Saturday you would have discovered that Direct Line Holidays had a flight for Goa leaving the following day for a two week stay at £149 return.


18 Mar. Gomantak Times. Anthony Sebastiao Remedios was born in Saligao, where he now lives, in 1896. He left for Uganda in 1913 and worked as a clerk in a bank. Later took up a government job. He returned to Goa after his retirement in 1953. His first wife was Severina and they had three children, Napoleao (Canada) Dennis and Linda (Canada).
His second wife was Alina and they had one child, Ria Rina. He loves potato chops and has half of a Moira banana at every meal. Mario Mascarenhas says, “He is an absolute storehouse of the village oral history and I am yet to encounter another oral historian like him. He has got dates and events, and family histories". See:

19 Mar. Navhind Times. It is an accepted fact that the hospitality industry in Goa has to constantly reinvent itself owing to Goa’s growing popularity with both domestic and international tourists.

19 Mar. The Economic Times. With high literacy and education levels, Goa continues to occupy pride of place in the country for the lowest incidence of tobacco use. The rate of tobacco use in India is about 50% for adult men and 18% for adult women. In Goa, it's 21% for adult men and 9% for adult women. Goa has the lowest number of smokers in the country, about 22% against the national average of 40%.

19 Mar. The Hindu. Goa’s CM, Manohar Parrikar, inaugurated the processing unit of the U.S.-based West Wing Studios which has the rights of the world's only software used to convert black and white movies into colour. Following colour processing on `War Lovers,' the work on `Three Stooges' has begun at the studio in Goa.

20 Mar. Independent Goan Observer. Buying A House In Goa.
Part 1.Weigh Your Options. Tempted by the desire to own an apartment in Goa, many innocent buyers have been fleeced by unscrupulous real estate developers. Some have invested lakhs of rupees, with no flat or the conman in sight. Agnelo Rodrigues investigates.
Part 2. Look Before You Pay. Everyone, Goans and non-Goans alike, are obsessed by acquiring a dream home in Goa. But there are many slips between the cup and the lip. The Uniform Civil Code makes it imperative to have the title to the property that you intend to purchase thoroughly checked. Preferably by a lawyer familiar with the Portuguese language.

Mar. 21. Mid-Day Mumbai. Actors Matt Damon and Franka Potente have completed their 10-day stint in Goa shooting for The Bourne Supremacy, a film based on Robert Ludlum’s edge-of-the-seat thriller.” Damon said, “The next time I come back, I am definitely going to be on vacation. I couldn’t get to see much of India because we were working all the time, but I loved whatever I saw.” Unlike most foreigners who fight shy of fire, Damon indulged in a bit of local adventure as he sampled spicy Goan fare. “I love spicy food,” said he, even as he boasted that unlike most of his crew members he didn’t fall sick eating all the Goan food. His favourite: “Goan style baby shark.” He added, “I live in downtown Manhattan so I am completely familiar with Indians. It’s like little India up there. ” 346 words.

22 Mar. Navhind Times. The Most Reverend Filipe Neri Ferrao was installed as the new Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Primate of the East and the Patriarch of the East Indies in the Se Cathedral, Old Goa, today morning in a ceremony full of pomp and reverence in the presence of outgoing Archbishop Rev Raul Gonsalves. Eighteen bishops in golden vestments from all over India, including two Cardinals — Cardinal Ivan Dias (Mumbai) and Cardinal Emeritus Simon Pimenta — and over 300 priests attended the ceremony. The Se Cathedral, was packed to capacity with people from all over Goa. See a video clip of the ceremony by visiting

23 Mar. Business Standard. Indian Airlines to halve fares on some key routes. The fare cuts will apply to what are called “positioning flights” that connect one or more domestic points before a flight takes off for an international destination…The fare for a Mumbai-Goa ticket will be Rs 1,500 against the normal fare of Rs 3,115.

24 Mar. Navhind Times. The British Naval warship HMS Gloucester will visit Goa from March 26 to April 9. On board will be Petty Officer Elvis Carvalho a chef who hails originally from Goa.


13 Mar. New York Metro. Recipe for Goan Roast Pork With Basmati Pilaf. The Chef is Floyd Cardoz of Tabla. 502 words.

18 Mar. Daily Mail. Letter by A,.J. Horton. Headline “No Goa Area.”. Excerpts: Not all travelers fall in love with Goa… In Goa the kitchens are often infested with insects, beach huts have no running water, and the sea is shark-infested and has dangerous rip currents, and the beaches are overrun with packs of hungry dogs. From the moment you arrive, you are prey to the rip-off culture. [Forwarded by Anton De Souza]

18 Mar. The News (Portsmouth). The destroyer HMS Exeter sailed to the Far East to fly the UK flag in a five-nation defence diplomacy mission. Her itinerary includes Madras and Goa.

18 Mar. Miami Herald. - Saudi Arabia has asked the Konkan Railway Corporation to produce a study for a monorail in the holy city of Mecca to ease the crowd congestion during the annual Haj pilgrimage. A spokesperson said, "We will have completed the test track at Margao in Goa by April this year, and all test runs should be over by end of May."

18 Mar. Evening Advertiser (Wilts) UK. 37 Wiltshire schools have reported more than 150 racist incidents in the past year. At a conference, called Swindon Town Against Racism (Star), pupils from Holy Rood Junior School performed a series of songs about the diversity of pupils. Hans Flann Dias, 10, said: "My family came to England from Goa. We came to join my dad when he got a job. At school people get on with each other wherever they are from." Text at:

19 Mar. The Advocate (Baton Rouge, Louisiana). As style goddess Martha Stewart faces a prison term for lying to the FBI, media observers have been speculating about who might replace her as America's reigning queen of house and home. One person frequently mentioned is Susie Coelho. After beginning her career as a successful model in New York, Coelho married the late entertainer Sonny Bono [of Sonny & Cher fame.] 729 words. [Susie Coelho, ex-UK, has her scrapbook at]

19 Mar. London Free Press. (Canada). Eight designs have made it to a semi-final list for selecting the architect of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg. Charles Correa Associates of India ( is one of them.

19 Mar. The Telegraph (Calcutta). Madhur Jaffrey is to be awarded an honorary CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) by the Queen, Buckingham Palace has announced. She was seen recently in the British TV soap EastEnders where she was cast as the estranged wife of a Goan character, Dan Ferreira, played by Dalip Tahil.

19 Mar. Edinburgh Evening News. Residents at a sheltered housing complex in West Lothian are raising money for the El-Shaddai Home for orphans and street children in Goa.

19 Mar. The Gazette. (Montreal). A former judge with the Immigration and Refugee Board was among 11 people who were charged with offering immigrants and refugees positive judgments in exchange for cash. Investigators uncovered an alleged scheme to get between $8,000 and $15,000 from immigrant applicants. The 11 will appear in court in Montreal on May 12. The affidavit said the criminal organization targeted immigrants from east Indian, Arabic and Italian communities in Montreal and Ottawa, as well as the Asian community in Ottawa. 669 words click here.

21 Mar. The Sunday Mirror. Ace soccer stars Darren Moore, (West Bromwich and Linvoy Primus, (Portsmouth will be working with the poverty stricken children on the back streets of Mumbai and Goa after the UK football season ends in May. Moore and Primus form the backbone of “Faith And Football”, a movement they founded during their time together at Fratton Park. Moore said . “I'm really looking forward to India. Most kids in the world want to be associated with soccer and the children I want to help are those who don't have a chance." For full text click here. For the 24 Mar. Birmingham Post article, click here.

21 Mar. Channel News Asia, Singapore. A new movie adaptation of "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by Anglo-Indian film producers Merchant-Ivory will be a sexy but comical take on the D.H. Lawrence novel, says best-selling author William Dalrymple who will write the screenplay. "Laila Chatterjee's Lover will feature the romps of a tempestuous raven-haired Indian heiress living in Britain. The film will have at its core a sexy, contemporary 21st century love story -- it's a comedy," Dalrymple told AFP by telephone from the Indian holiday resort of Goa. [For the previous Dalrymple trip to Goa see:] For text of article see:

22 Mar. News Today. Headline: Goa Gil, a Westerner, who has settled in Goa since 1969 has been into music and the 'Goa Full Moon' parties. With Ariane, his wife, Gil continues to travel to various parts of the world to bring the 'True Goan Spirit' among music-lovers. Text and photograph at

22 Mar. Sunday Herald (Scotland). Flights to Dubai directly from Glasgow are now available and it opens up similar opportunities for hops to Goa, and Thailand, all well-worn routes now by the younger generation of independent travellers for whom it is a financial necessity rather than a choice.

23 Mar. ITAR-TASS World Service. Pyotr Buslov, a prominent Russian film director, actor and scriptwriter, has fractured his right leg while performing a motorcycling stunt during the shooting of the film "Call me Jinn" in Goa. When approaching a road bend at a high speed, Buslov saw an oncoming group of local schoolchildren. In an attempt to avoid an accident, he turned the steering wheel sharply and ran into a tree. Buslov was brought to a local hospital. An operation was performed on him. Buslov's condition is now estimated as satisfactory. Doctors say he will have to stay in hospital with his leg put in plaster for at least six weeks.

24 Mar. Shipping Times (Malaysia). Goa is to hold a global tender for the construction of a cruise liner terminal. Mormugao port's P. K. Mohanty said,” We plan to set up the country's first world-class cruise terminal with all back-up facilities such as customs clearance, immigration, restaurants and utility services.” He added that the 1.75 billion rupee ($39 million) project would take two years to build. The terminal, 450 metres (1,500 ft) long and 13-14 metres deep, would be able to handle liners up to 300 metres long. He forecast the terminal would bring 200,000-300,000 tourists to Goa by cruise each year, mainly between September and April. 459 words. See:,4574,111793,00.html?

Goan Bonkers: TV Programme broadcast in the UK on 23 Mar. Three reviews.
24 Mar. The Mirror. 309 words. "At the end of the day they are fisher folk and that's who they are," patronised one ex-pat.
24 Mar. The Times. 232 words.
24 Mar. Daily Mail. 663 words
For full text of these reviews (and synopsis of the programme) click here.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 28 Mar. G.O.A. FAMILY DAY and Carrom Tournament at Archbishop Lanfranc School.

Sun 28 Mar. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass (Fr Agnelo's Novena Mass). Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Thur. 1 Apr. 6.30 - 8.30pm, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1. South Asia Solidarity Group meeting. Shabana Azmi, actor, social activist and ex-MP will discuss the struggle to defend cultural freedom from the onslaught of the stormtroopers of far-right Hindutva. Javed Akhtar, acclaimed Urdu poet and lyricist and activist will discuss his anti-communal work with children and young people across India. Details: 0207 267 0923, [Forwarded by Mario Mascarenhas, Saligao, Goa]

Thu. 1 Apr. 20:40 (50 mins). BBC Radio 3. Performance on 3, part 2. Dvorak: Piano Quintet in A, Op 81. Ralph de Souza and Dong Suk Kang (violins), Joji Hattori (viola), Raphael Wallfisch (cello), Gordon Back (piano). Live Broadcast.

Fri. 2 Apr. 7.30 pm. Passion in Music. A Concert with Patricia Rozario, Soprano, Mark Troop, Piano and others. St Mary Magdalen’s Church, Peter Avenue, Willesden Green. London. Proceeds to the Church Rebuilding Fund.

Sat. 3 Apr. 15:45 (135 mins). Channel 4. Film: Sea Wolves. Factually based World War II action drama about a mission to knock out a German radio transmitter aboard a ship docked in neutral Goa which is devastating Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean. Starring: David Niven, Gregory Peck, Roger Moore,Trevor Howard etc. 1980.


Mon. 12 Apr. 3 pm. Konkani Dramatic Association presents a Musical Show "Ekvott". Play written by Albert de Varca and music written by Tony D'Mello. First Performance, Saint Monica's Hall, Palmers Green, North London. For Tickets and further information contact: Judy Fernandez – 0208763 2606, Domacian Moniz - 02083761609.

17 Apr. 8-2am. Calling all young goan clubbers! @ E-Bar 20 South End, South Croydon. Dress code smart/Casual (no caps) 18+ Entry £6 in advance. DJ's Mixbreed, 2Face and Sparkz playing R'N'B, Hip-Hop, Old-skool and Goan Rare Groove! Contact: Darren 07956 117 703; Aaron 07956 953 311; Leon 07956 923 689; Louise 07958 376872

Sat. 24 Apr. 6.30pm till late. 'Viva Goa' presents Gala Spring Dance at Collier's Wood Community Centre. Featuring Live Band 'Low Level' performing Konkani, Portuguese, Spanish, English tunes. Also Goan folk dances by 'Goan Waves' led by Aldrin Viegas. Tickets £8,children £4.Dress formal/Smart. Please bring your own food and drinks. Tickets Contact Aldrin 07904923566, Celeste 02086489015 Book early to avoid disappointment. Limited Tickets.

Sat. 24 Apr. YLGS. School Disco

Sun. 25 Apr. Ex-students Reunion. Nairobi Catholic Parochial and St Teresa's Schools. Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham. Mass at 1 pm followed by Social. Band Maz & Co. For tickets call Norma 020 8771 4457 Crescent 020 8952 0435 Tonyjo 01895 259947 Aires 020 8488 0194.

Sun 25 Apr. 4pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass. Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Mon. 3 May. 3 pm. Konkani Dramatic Association presents a Musical Show "Ekvott". Play written by Albert de Varca and music written by Tony D'Mello. Second Performance. Archbishop's Lanfranc School Hall, Mitcham Road, Croydon. For Tickets and further information contact: Judy Fernandez - 02087632606, Domacian Moniz - 02083761609.


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