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From Eddie Fernandes. I will be in Goa from 28 Nov. till 19 Dec. and I will try to maintain continuity of newsletter service during the period. You can e-mail me as before at In case of urgency please contact Bernie Gracias at tel 020-8723-1322.

Allan Saldanha achieved national fame in 1987 at the age of 10 as a champion of Countdown, the Channel 4 game show hosted by Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman. At the age of 15 he was Britain’s youngest national Scrabble champion and the fifth best player in the world. After obtaining a degree in economics at Jesus College, Cambridge he worked in the City.
He is now aged 27 and is a hedge fund manager and with a team of six, controls £1 billion. Roland, his father is in business – one of his outlets is the Fish Bargain Warehouse at 32 Acre Lane, Brixton, London SW2. His mother, Margarita, is a paediatrician and he has a brother, Richard. The Times ran a 982 word article about him on 20 Nov. 2004 by Ben Hoyle entitled "First it was Countdown and then Scrabble, but now The Times crossword is casting its spell" Check it out at

People like us don’t move back to Goa
22 Nov: Herald. By V.M. Excerpts: It’s not a generalisation, but closer to an actual physical law …my wife and I seem to be the only youngish Goans anyone can remember having actually decided to move back to raise children here after comfortably assimilating in the West...thirty something Goans who have grown up in the West never return permanently to Goa… Yet, here we are. Two decades plus in the West under our belts (we were moved there as children) and my wife and I find ourselves improbably back in Goa with two small Indian-American sons in tow and a firm desire to participate and contribute in this time of tremendous change in our homeland…The main part of my answer is a bold prediction, get ready, we’re only the first of many. There are converging social and technological trends which are going to bring many more of us prodigals home in the coming decades. 768 words.

The World According to Keith Vaz
25 Nov: The Independent. Keith Vaz, 47, was born in Aden, South Yemen, moving to Britain when he was nine. Before becoming MP for Leicester East in 1987, he was a solicitor. He was a Minister for Europe from 1999 to 2001.
In the interview. some of the subjects he talks about are the pleasure of seeing his son play football and his daughter tap-dance…recalls his first kiss as a shop assistant in a Dickens & Jones shop in Richmond… reveals that he misses his mother’s cooking … summarises his views on racism in the UK … For full text, 456 words click here
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[The photograph taken in Nov. 2004 at the House of Commons shows, left to right: Rene “World Goa Day” Barreto; Goa’s Tourism Minister, Mathany Saldanha; Keith Vaz and Francisco “Carnival King” Martins of Goa]


Canada: Obituaries: Benedict Goveas, Franciscan Missionary: 1924-2004.
19 Nov. The Globe and Mail. Benedict Goveas, a Franciscan priest from Karachi spent the last 26 years of his life in Canada. Father Benedict was 36 when he became the resident priest of Kunri in Pakistan. Father Benedict left Pakistan in 1978. He went briefly to Hong Kong and the Philippines where he took pastoral courses, before moving to Canada. He worked in several parishes in Ottawa and Toronto. Benedict Goveas was born in Karachi on Sept. 8, 1924. He died of a heart attack in Toronto on Sept. 9, 2004. He was 80. For full text, 927 words, click here.


Late Deals. Gatwick/Goa. 2 weeks. Dep 26 Nov: £170. Dep. 3 Dec: £199. Premium seats available for £100 supplement. Contact: Val Rozario, Take Flight Travel, T: 0870 5561 532.
TravelPack has Gatwick/Goa late deals: dep.2 or 3 Dec. 1 or 2 weeks for £169. Dep. 4 , 9-11 Dec. £199. Call Clarence Paes 0208 515 0150 or mob. 0795 742 7482

MyTravel Crisis [My Travel has a direct Gatwick/Goa flight]
20 Nov: The Telegraph. MyTravel, one of Britain's biggest tour operators, has reassured customers that any money they pay will be protected, despite fears that it could cease trading by 2005. Click here.

The heat of the moment: your guide to the season’s greatest escapes
21 Nov: Independent On Sunday. Goa. Why go? This former Portuguese colony has more than its fair share of white-sand beaches as well as a laid-back vibe. But stir yourself to explore the markets - one of the best is on Anjuna beach - and the lush interior, which is peppered with whitewashed churches. Goa is at its most inviting from November to February. Sea breezes keep the air fresh, with temperatures at 33C.
What’s new? Nothing new this year, but those in the know love intimate Siolim House.
What’s the deal? Suites at Siolim House (00 91 832 227 2138; start at 2,970 Indian rupees (£35) a night, with breakfast.

Ga Ga Over Goa
21 Nov: Sunday Express. A lot has changed since you last partied in Goa. Sucheta Potnis has the updated guide. Excerpts: Update your list with some old and new hot spots. This season's favourite lounge bars are Congo and the stylish Lotus Pond. Calamari in Candolim is the latest in beach shacks. In the clubbing scene, Tito's, the mother of all night outs, just got bigger. Club Cubana, on the Arpora hills, is billed as a night club in the sky. At Caravela, India's only floating casino entrance fee includes unlimited drinks and a buffet. Two new resorts have just opened in the north-Casa Britona and Panchavatti on the island of Corjuem. Another retreat in Arpora is Presa De Goa, run by Luxembourg native Edouard Speck. Pousada is a favourite of many Hollywood stars, including Richard Gere. Britto's and Souza Lobo are popular for Goan food. 1,181 words.

Goa-getting jungle fun
23 Nov: Liverpool Echo. By Gregg Fray. Excerpts: Goa is a new world for your average Scouser…in Goa, there really was something for everyone at an affordable price… a glass of locally brewed feni, the strongest spirit in India, and I was sick…Goa is colourful and fun, great for couples and families alike. But the most memorable part of my stay was the people I met. They are laid back and have a passion for life -- and made my stay a delight. 747 words.


Details of the celebrations of St Francis Xavier in Old Goa
19 Nov: Times of India.

Church dismisses dissent over St Francis Exposition
20 Nov: Deccan Herald. Four hundred and fifty years after his body first arrived in Goa, the controversies over St Francis Xavier refuse to die down. A view within the clergy that expositions serve only to “commercialise devotion” has caused consternation to church authorities on the eve of the event which begins here on Sunday.

Goa: Beach Shacks: Police and Foreign Tourists in angry confrontation
20 Nov: Navhind Times. The tourism department today sought to demolish illegal structures and confiscate excess beach beds in South Goa. The tourism department personnel had to literally request some of the foreign tourists reclining on these beds to move. Some of the tourists challenged the authorities and attempted to block the demolition squad from carrying out the work.

Migrant worries
20 Nov: Frontline. The influx of migrant workers is leading to social tensions in Goa. Excerpt: From Ponnuswamy Marianathan to Mario Nathan, the change of name was not easy for the tailor born in Thiruvennainallaur town in Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu. But he did it to survive in his adopted land, one of the countless migrants who have made Goa's capital Panaji their home. "Mario Nathan sounds more Goan. I have been here for 18 years, have a ration card and even learnt Hindi and Konkani. But I'm still considered a ghati, the local slang for country bumpkin. Hopefully, my new name will change that," he says.

A history of migration
20 Nov: Frontline. Goa’s development has acted as a catalyst in attracting migrant workers, who are grudgingly seen as a necessary evil. But they are an integral part of Goan society. An attempt a few years ago to drive away the migrants who cleaned the streets of Vasco da Gama boomeranged, with the whole city turning into a garbage dump.
Native Goans worry that their identity will vanish in the face of a migrant assault. Most native Goans, more so the Catholics, talk of a distinct Goan identity; a western, Latino, Catholic image that has been successfully played up by the tourism industry.

Exposition of Saint Francis Xavier. 21 Nov. 2004
21 Nov: Joel D’Souza writes: Over 10,000 devotees from all walks of life and hailing from different corners of Goa, neighbouring states and even overseas, converged at the pilgrim centre of Old Goa to witness the opening of the solemn 16th Exposition of the Sacred Remains of St Francis Xavier, today (Nov 21) morning.
The photograph shows the glass case being opened. Check out other photographs and listen to part of Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao’s speech by going to:

'Exposition not a tourist attraction'
21 Nov: Asian Age. By Pamela D’Mello. Excerpt: Within Church circles opposing views over the continued decennial expositions have caused some concern to pastoral authorities here. A former rector of the Bom Jesus Basilica at the Old Goa World Heritage sites, Jesuit priest Father Moreno DeSouza, has opined that routine decennial expositions have become tourist attractions. Attaching expositions to events like the upcoming 500th birth anniversary in 2006 of the Basque-born missionary, or a permanent exposition, would be more worthwhile than a grand-scale decennial, he said.

Clergy opts for management lessons
21 Nov: Times of India. Cardinal Ivan Dias, several bishops and senior priests have recently been through a three-day course in management to spruce up their organisational and people skills.,curpg-1.cms

Casino rage takes Goa by storm
21 Nov: WebIndia123.Com. Goa is the only Indian state to have licensed casinos and most of them are located in hotels and resorts.

Sun, sand ‘n’ style
21 Nov. The Statesman. Goa may not be Cannes, but it can reinvent itself as the glamour destination of Asia if it plays its cards right during IFFI 2004.

Fervour-charged atmosphere permeates Old Goa
22 Nov: Navhind Times. Once in a decade, a day dawns on Goa that sweeps Goans in its wake. Young and old, able and infirm, Goans of all walks of life and indeed all creeds flock to venerate the sacred relics of Goa’s beloved saint, Francis Xavier during the Exposition. This year was no exception. As November 21st dawned, a crowd of between eight to ten thousand made it to Old Goa for the solemn pontifical Eucharistic celebration.

Goa, A Haven for Antique Smugglers
22 Nov: Navhind Times. In the heat of IFFI, the sensational news of the arrest of antique smugglers from Vasco has gone unnoticed. Hundreds of temples and chapels in the villages are unprotected. Very few antiques from the private collections might have been registered. A multi-crore local market has emerged to restore and recycle antique Goan furniture…The police had recovered 68 catalogues of Sothebys and Christies from the criminals. And now, Goa has joined the national ‘mainstream’ of antique smuggling.

Goa set to rock and roll for IFFI
22 Nov: Times of India. Goa is all set to rock and roll unleashing a tidal wave of entertainment that promises to set the capital ablaze with a never before musical and show-biz extravaganza for the forthcoming 35th international film festival.

Exposition: A pilgrim’s perspective
24 Nov: Navhind Times. It is truly a remarkable fact that even 400 years after his death, St Francis Xavier continues to leave an indelible imprint on the collective psyche of the faithful in Goa and beyond.

Frankly ...Goa
24 Nov: Indian Express. Who wouldn’t like a book that talks about food and feni-athlons that begin and end in fun? Even better if it spoke about the little things from Frank Simoes’ life in Goa—the funny story about how he bought his land or how his grandfather dyed earthworms green. Glad Seasons in Goa,. Roli books. Rs 295.

Spirit of Goa affects IFFI
24 Nov: Times of India. There are several firsts to the forthcoming 35th international film festival of India (IFFI). Smiling, the festival director, Neelam Kapur said, "You can say, it is the spirit of Goa that has inspired these events for the first time at the film festival this year."

The Antique Underworld
25 Nov: Navhind Times. That the antique smugglers are active in Goa has once again been confirmed by the fact that two smugglers were caught by the Vasco police last week. Already Goan antiques, paintings, crafts, statues, porcelain ware, furniture and ivory carvings have a good market. The government of Goa must treat the Vasco arrest as alarm bell and should initiate moves for regulation and collection of the antiques and put a check on the trade in antiques.

Recent items of interest on Goanet by Cornel DaCosta

The Exposition of the relics of St. Francis Xavier has had pride of place with some excellent photographs of the opening ceremony. For those unable to visit Goa at this time, Goanet has most certainly provided ample detail, worth reading, about the event and is likely to continue to do so.

The 35th International Film Festival of India has had extensive coverage including details of exciting music and stage programmes. Jazz and the music of Goa/India have attracted performers from many parts of the world to perform at prime venues in Goa. The films on show have also been reviewed in some detail.

A heated and interesting debate has ensued over Arafat and Palestine even though the issue does not impinge directly on Goa.

The issue of Caste among Catholic Goans simmers on as well as about the cost of the new Multiplex in Panjim and the infrastructure associated with it.

The issue of Gulfees and Shipees from Goa promises to become substantially debated in the weeks ahead.
Finally, travellers to Goa and elsewhere, really should read “Epidemology of travelers diaarrhea: details of a global survey”

Please visit the Goanet archives at To subscribe to Goanet sent an email to


Nobody dares to become Christian, says Indian bishop
16 Nov. Catholic News Agency (USA).

More than 350 Catholics from Pakistan to India to venerate Saint Francis Xavier
18 Nov. Asia News (Italy). More than 350 Pakistani Catholics are leaving Karachi for Goa to see the remains of Saint Francis Xavier. According to Fr Robert D'Silva, parish priest at St. Lawrence's Church in Karachi, a record number of pilgrims are set to go from Karachi to Goa this year. Father D'Silva attributes this high number to a thaw in India-Pakistan relations. Francis Coutinho, a frequent traveler to Goa, said the partition of the subcontinent split hundreds of Goan families. The pilgrimage becomes “the perfect excuse for a trip to our beloved land,” he said, but “this does not detract from our purpose to take part wholeheartedly in the exposition.”

Security Tightened for Exposition of Francis Xavier's Relics
18 Nov: (Vatican). In the wake of violence by Hindu extremists and a recent fire at a basilica, security measures have been stepped up for the imminent exposition of St. Francis Xavier's relics. Basilica in India will ask Pilgrims for Identification.

The world's future lies in the defence of the family, Mgr Agnelo Gracias says
18 Nov: AsiaNews (Italy). According to Mgr Agnelo Gracias, Auxiliary Bishop of Mumbai and chairman of the Family Commission of Conference of Catholic Bishops’ of India, stressing the importance of the family could change our society. For him, India is well-placed to play a significant role in this mission.

Indian Evening To Help Goa Street Children
18 Nov: North Devon Journal. Excerpts: Maureen Charters, is organising an evening of Indian food and music to help street children in Goa. She has already seen for herself the plight of deprived youngsters. Now she is putting on an evening of Indian food and music at Yeo Valley School in Barnstaple on November 27 to raise further funds. Tickets cost £8.50 and people are guaranteed an authentic menu as her friend from Swimbridge who is doing the cooking, used to be married to an Indian.
The drop in centre will be run under the umbrella of a new charity called Children Walking Tall. To obtain tickets for the Indian evening phone Maureen on 07779 764135. For full text, 282 words, see: For full text click here [Children Walking Tall is a new British charity – see: They need help –check their site for details.]

Toronto: Teachers flocking to diversity class
18 Nov: The Toronto Star. Premier Dalton McGuinty is urging parents who seek to exclude their children from "anti-homophobia education" at a downtown Toronto school to be more tolerant…"Some of the old problems around gender and sexual orientation still exist but are really exacerbated by the influx of non-white immigrants," said Chris D'souza, equity officer at the. "We have pockets in Peel, in Markham, in central Toronto where you can only use the word 'non-white,' you can't use 'visible minority' because 80 per cent of the students are 'non-white.' We need to be reflecting that diversity in the administration pool and the classroom." D'souza is organizing a conference on Saturday designed to sensitize teachers and administrators to diversity issues. Yesterday it was already overbooked with more than 225 educators expected to spend half their day off learning about ethnicity and faith issues in the classroom. "It's current. It's in the media. People want to know more about it," he said.

Sheep-napper gives himself up
19 Nov. Norfolk Now. The mystery behind the ornamental sheep photographed sunbathing at a Goa beach was solved when Joe Claydon came out of hiding to reveal that he was one of sheepnappers. For full text click here

Illness 'Factor' in Goa Pool Tragedy
19 Nov: Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph. Paul Needham’s ill health may have led to his fatal swimming pool accident during a holiday in Goa. The 37 year old was pulled out of the hotel swimming pool. An inquest at Cleethorpes Town Hall heard the findings of a pathologist's report carried out in Goa. The medical cause of death was given as 'consolidation of the lungs caused by drowning in water'. The report also stated low levels of alcohol were found in his blood as well as the medicine which he had been prescribed for his illnesses. He died at a hospital in Goa on April 19. Coroner Stewart Atkinson delivered an open verdict. He said: "We have received a thorough pathologist report, but we do not actually have anything more than that from Goa. We just don't know why he found himself in the pool. "I would have preferred it if we had a statement from a police officer. 406 words. For full text click here

Church air is 'threat to health'
20 Nov. BBC. Air inside churches may be a bigger health risk than that beside major roads, research suggests. Church air was found to be considerably higher in carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons than air beside roads travelled by 45,000 vehicles daily. It also had levels of tiny solid pollutants (PM10s) up to 20 times the European limits.

Portugal seen as virgin business market.
20 Nov: New Kerala Com: India is keen to push trade with Portugal India's ambassador to Lisbon, Latha Reddy, told expatriates based in that country. Reddy made her comments in a just-published issue of "Boletim de Casa de Goa", a Lisbon-based cultural organisation of expatriates from Goa. Reddy called on the Casa de Goa to set up a committee consisting of people with expertise in the areas of business, commerce and economy who could interact with the embassy and throw up "specific proposals for consideration". Tourism is seen as an "untapped" area, Reddy said.

Goa hosts festival
20 Nov: The New York Times. The International Film Festival of India moves to Goa in an effort to restore the reputation of the official event traditionally staged in the capital New Delhi. "This is a fulfillment of an old wish of hosting an international film festival in Goa," Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar said in the Bombay home of India's Bollywood film industry. "Goa is India's jewel when it comes to tourism and the festival would be the best thing that can happen to our state, which thrives on tourism." Mr. Parrikar said the Goa government had spent more than $32-million to build the required infrastructure for hosting an international film festival. "Everything would be as per international film festival standards. We expect around 2,500 delegates, who later will translate into tourists. Our investment is for the long run." The Indian government has decided on Goa as the venue for all its future international film festivals.

Advocate of change
21 Nov. Economic Times. Sarosh Zaiwalla’s 25-year-old firm is the only English solicitors firm run by an Indian in the City of London. Zaiwalla & Co has recently launched a joint venture partnership with two Delhi-based firms, called India Law International in the House of Commons. The new partnership which has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa will pave the way for other international law firms to enter India.

UK: 'Black pay gap' robs minorities of £7,000 a year
21 Nov. The Observer . A 'black pay gap' that leaves Asian and black workers earning up to £7,000 a year less than white people will be revealed this week in a shocking report from a government task force.,11026,1356196,00.html

Let Saint Francis Xavier teach openness to others
23 Nov: AsiaNews (Italy) “Let Saint Francis Xavier be an example of dedication and openness to others”, said Mgr Felipe Neri Ferrao, Archbishop of Goa and Daman and Patriarch of the East Indies, as he greeted the decennial exposition of the relics of Saint Francis Xavier, inaugurated on November 21 and scheduled to run till January 2 in the Archdiocese of Goa.

Indian immigration to Australia triples
24 Nov: Times of India. Buoyed by the Australian government's encouragement to skilled professionals to settle Down Under, the number of Indians immigrating to this country has tripled in the last 10 years.

Five terrorists sentenced and released
24 Nov: Gulf News (Dubai). By Lionel Messias. A special court in Cherlapally jail yesterday sentenced five terrorists to four years in prison for detonating bombs in churches, mosques and temples. The men belonged to an organisation called the Deendar Anjuman. The bomb blasts took place at the St. Andrews church in Vasco da Gama, Goa …

Band to set tune for celebrations
24 Nov: Gulf Daily News (Bahrain). The Young Goans Club will be celebrating its 51st Annual Day and Feast of its patron St Francis Xavier on December 3, at the Palace Inn, Adliya. Entertainment will be provided by six-piece Indian band City Limits flown in from Goa, India, who have performed live in Europe and the Middle East.

Father Felicio Diniz leaves Bahrain for Canada
24 Nov: Gulf Daily News (Bahrain). Sacred Heart Church parish priest Father Felicio Diniz is to leave Bahrain for a three-year sabbatical. A new parish priest, Father Thomas Quadros, from India, is already in the kingdom to take over his post at the church, in Manama. Fr Felicio, who has been in Bahrain since 1989, will be heading to Canada.

Devotees flock to see saint's body
24 Nov: SwissInfo. Hundreds of thousands of devotees will flock to India's coastal state of Goa over the next month to venerate the body of a 16th-century saint, Francis Xavier, in a ritual that only takes place once a decade.

Canada: Let me work as helper
24 Nov. Toronto Star. Letter from Dr. Janet Ann Mendonca, Thornhill. I am a foreign-trained physician from a highly respected, World Health Organization recognized university in Goa, India ready to help ease the shortage of 2,000 doctors in Ontario. I have passed all my Canadian licensing exams and am registered with the Medical Council of Canada. At the moment, I am not allowed to practise because I am unable to complete the required hospital residency, due to a shortage of these positions. Full text, 177 words click here

Call of India lures European workers
24 Nov: BBC. Excerpt: It's so different from Europe - the culture and the way you live - and I think it's fantastic," says Marie Blomquist from Stockholm. "People are so friendly and the food is awesome, everything is great." Marie Blomquist first visited India two years ago. She came to see Goa as a tourist and was hooked. So when she saw a newspaper advertisement for a job in Delhi, she jumped at it. "I like it a lot," says Marie. "It's a real good experience for us to be here. It's a good opportunity to work for an Indian company with other Europeans and that's the best part about it." 500 words.

Canada dream still alive for immigrants
24 Nov: Times of India. For thousands of immigration hopefuls left out in the cold by the Canadian government, life in the maple country may not be a distant dream anymore.

Richard Zimler: Guardian of Dawn
Pre-publication review by Jessica Mulley. Excerpts:
Set in early 17th century Goa, The Guardian of the Dawn is a provocative tale of vindictiveness and revenge…the Zarco family cautiously adhere to their Jewish traditions and beliefs, avoiding the attention of the Portuguese authorities and the cruel Inquisition. Tiago and his sister Sofia enjoy a gentle childhood at times secretly dipping their toes into the Hindu celebrations honoured by their beloved cook, Nupi. Their father, and then Ti, are arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the Inquisition.
Moody, atmospheric and at times ink-black with pain, Zimler's writing conjures vivid pictures of Portuguese Goa, of imprisonment and of personal devastation, which combine to produce a mystical, exotic mystery with a deeply-rooted sense of place and purpose and one which rewards on many levels. It is a real treat.
Published 27th January 2005 by Constable. 400pp. ISBN 1845291917. £8.99.
[Zimler’s bestseller, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon is published in 20 languages] For the full text of the review and link to his website see;

Forthcoming Auction: Iowa: 4-5 Dec 2004
4-5 Dec 2004. Jackson's International Auctioneers and Appraisers, 2229 Lincoln Street, Cedar Falls. Iowa. Lot No 205
A Good Goanese Carved Ivory Figure of The Virgin, 18th century. Height 5 inches (12.7 cm). Estimate $800-$1,200.
See also lots 207, 224 etc of sale at the link click here



Sun. 28 Nov: Channel 5: 12.35pm (30mins) Eastern Encounters. The “Meeting of Asia & Europe 1500-1800” exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum.

Mon. 29 Nov: Channel 4: 11.00pm (60mins) Two Tone Britain. Documentary about the record label “2 Tone”, which emerged 25 years ago during a turbulent time of riots, strikes & unemployment, providing a new sound track for multi cultural Britain.

Tue. 30 Nov. Channel 5: 8.00pm (60 mins) Can You Trust Your Dentist. Investigative journalist questions whether an influx of recruits from abroad to redress the shortage of dentists, will lead to lax scrutiny and presses the case for compulsory insurance for dentists.

Wed. 1 Dec: BBC2: 11:20pm (30 mins) Desi DNA. Includes a look at the work of three female writers who have found success writing about the British Asian teenage experience.

Thu. 2 Dec: BBC 2: 10.00pm (30mins) The Asylum Seeker. An eye-opening insider’s view of the process of claiming asylum in Britain.

Fri. 3 Dec: BBC 2: 9.00pm (60mins) Empire Warriors. Continuing this fine series, which doesn’t pull its punches. Tonight Malaya 1948: The assassination of a rubber plantation manager ignites a 12 year war to end British rule and to establish a Communist state.


Sat. 27 Nov: BBC Radio 4. 3.30pm (30 mins) An Indian in Bloomsbury. A celebration of the life of Mulk Raj Anand, who died in September, aged 98. Known as the “Indian Dickens” and as the founding father of Indian literature in English, he began his literary career among the Bloomsbury group in 1920’s London.

Sat. 2 Dec: BBC Radio 4: 11.00am (30 mins) Crossing Continents. Hyderabad in South India teems with highly educated entrepreneurs & IT professionals taking full advantage of India’s new found success in providing the world with computer & call centre services. Nigel Cassidy meets some of these winners and at the opposite end of the scale, rural farmers unable to afford running water and electricity.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 28 Nov: Moira Association. Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. 12:00, commencing with Mass. Mariano’s Band. £10 members; £12 non-members. ATC Hall, 192 Merton Road, South Wimbledon. Linette Goes, 0208 343 9788,

Sun. 28 Nov. 4.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun. 5 Dec. G.O.A. FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIER at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon starting with Mass at 12.30 pm. Contacts: Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663 Alfred Rebello 020 - 8337 8022 Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322

Sat. 11 Dec. Grand Christmas Dance at Jasmin's Club, 202 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7TG. (entrance via Hebdon Road) 7.30pm – Late. Music by Mustang. Tickets (incl. meal) Adults £10.00, Children (2 – 12) £5.00. Tickets and further information from: Tony Lobo 020 8542 0528; Reg Da Cunha 020 7732 2659 e-mail; Theo Pinto 020 8302 5385, Anthony Lobo 020 8764 1856.

Sun. 12 Dec. G.O.A. Children's Christmas Party at Archbishop Lanfranc School commencing at 2pm. Members £6, Guests £8. For further details contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 8771 4457, Bernie Gracias 020 8723 1322.

Sat. 18 Dec. YLGS Christmas Party – Thames Boat Cruise. (New Members 18+ welcome!) 8pm-12am. Licensed Bar & Disco on Board. Leaving from Festival Pier. Tickets on sale until 1st Dec @ £12. Strictly only 120 tickets! For further details contact: Alison Braganza, Events Manager on 07799 586793 or

Sun. 19 Dec. G.O.A. (UK) Annual/Extraordinary General Meeting at 1pm at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon. Open to members only.

Sun.19 Dec. 4.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Sun. 26 Dec. South West Goans. Boxing Day Hop at St.Augustine's Church Hall, Tooting SW17 OEF from 3pm-9pm. Music by "Low Level" with Maria (Star from Goa) + various Artists. £12 adults. £7 children. For Tickets Contact Cajie 0208 672 5003, Peter 0208 672 3232, Chip 0208 658 5321. Limited tickets. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Tue. 28 Dec. 12.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy Mass & Fund Raising Social to raise money to sponsor young men to the priesthood of the Pilar Fathers at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon CR9 3AS. Music by the Mustang Band.

Fri. 31 Dec. New Year’s Eve Gala Ball – Harrow Leisure Centre, Harrow. 7.00pm to 2.00am. Music by LOW LEVEL & DARK STAR. Tickets: Adults £15 before 15th December, £19 thereafter. Children: £10 under 10 years. For tickets call Hazel Rodrigues: 020-8357 6776 or Bernie Gracias 020-8723 1322. For a Ticket Application Form or other information, email Don’t miss another SELL-OUT night to remember! For the flyer see

Fri. 31st Dec. (7pm till 12:30am). The South East Goans Sports & Social Club: New Year’s Eve Ball at the Woolwich Town Hall, Market Street, London, SE18. Disco by Say One Do One . Entry inc. snacks: Members £10; Guests £15. Contacts: Eusebio: 020 8304 9089; Alex:020 8306 0974; Evelyn: 01322 433393; Chris: 01322 400732; Victor: 020 8303 5106; Bonnie:020 8851 4677; Damaciano:020 8316 1473


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