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BBC: Valerie Nazareth appointed Head of Programme Legal Advice
The BBC has appointed Valerie Nazareth as Head of Programme Legal Advice. Valerie Nazareth was born in Kenya in 1963. She was educated at Island School in Hong Kong before coming to England to read law at University College London. Valerie Nazareth said: "I am delighted to be invited to lead a department which is at the heart of programme-making in the BBC.” For full text of article, check the link below.
[Valerie’s father Gerald was educated at the Catholic Parochial School in Nairobi and was Supreme Court Judge in the Hong Kong High Court. He was also a member of the British team that hammered out the Sino British Treaty with China over the future of Hong Kong. He was awarded the OBE in 1975 and the CBE in 1985. Valerie’s mother is Elba and she has two sisters, Melanie and Deborah] For full text click here.

Canada: Chrystal Gomes.

7 Oct. Canada NewsWire. Two-hour education sessions specifically designed for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and depression, their families and caregivers are scheduled to take place 13th – 17th Oct. This event will feature stand-up comedian Chrystal Gomes who will help all understand what they have been struggling with and how to better cope in day-to-day life at home and in the workplace.
October 13: Surrey, BC; October 15: 2004 Toronto; October 16: Hamilton, Ontario; October 17 Halifax, NS
[Chrystal Gomes is the daughter of Danny Gomes, past President of the Dar-es-Salaam Institute and G.O.A. Toronto. For more info see:]

Toronto: Billy Talent: Ian D’Sa
7 Oct. Toronto Star. It took 10 years of toil and obscurity for this shouty Mississauga quartet to earn its status as one of this country's more notorious "overnight success" stories of 2003. Ian D'Sa says, “People hear your first single and they think you're a one-hit wonder band and you'll never be heard from again. I think on our third single people started giving us the respect that maybe we should have got. A lot of people assumed we were, like, a pop-punk band and 21 years old." For full text click here

AirAsia welcomes Malaysia Airlines’ statement
11 Oct New Straits Times (Malaysia). Budget carrier AirAsia has welcomed (MAS) willingness to end the war of words and work together. "I am greatly encouraged by the MAS statement and I really believe it can be done. We must work together. Both of us will win and, most importantly, Malaysia will win," AirAsia chief executive officer Tony Fernandes told the New Straits Times in an interview. For text click here. For a profile of Tony Fernandes, click here.

Australia: Federal Elections: Conrad D’Souza
12 Oct. Brimbank Leader. Maribyrnong Labor MP Bob Sercombe held his seat in Saturday's federal election despite a swing of more than 5 per cent. Mr Sercombe gained 52 per cent of the primary vote. Liberal candidate Conrad D'Souza had 37 per cent. For a profile of Conrad D’Souza see issue 2004-29.

UK: BBC: EastEnders They've gone Ferreira

14 Oct. The Blue Room. The Ferreira family were given their marching orders by EastEnders' new boss yesterday afternoon. Kathleen Hutchison summoned the seven actors to her office and told them they will be written out of the soap as soon as possible. For full text click here

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UK: Liberal Democrats: Rabi Martins
2 Oct Asian Voice (UK). Lord Dholakia's term of office as the President of the liberal Democrats came to an end last week. In his parting speech made particular reference to the work in the field of Diversity and Equality and thanked Councillor Rabinder (Rabi) Martins, Chair of the Party Ethnic Minority Election Task Force for his contribution in this area. For text of article, click here.

Patricia Rozario: Some forthcoming engagements.
14 Oct Venice: Como La Cierva -- Arvo Paert; Venice Bienalle 2004
27 Oct St John's, Smith Square, London. Recital on behalf of CINI UK with Mark Troop, piano
7 Nov Waterfront Hall, Belfast Festival; Hymn of Dawn, new work by Sir John Tavener
22 Nov St Martin's in the Fields, London. New work specially created for Patricia by Talvin Singh
23 Nov St Paul's Girls School, London (Brook Green, W6) Recital with John York (piano)
8-12 Dec Minneapolis, Minnesota Symphony Orchestra, Handel's Messiah (3 Performances)

US: California: Ralph Figueiredo.
Ralph Figueiredo heads Aurora’s Sales Division. He is the lead for Aurora’s commitment to the Adopt-A-School program. He also serves as a Board Member for two non-profit organizations & devotes a lot of his time to community development. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from The Goa University.


11 Oct. Saligao, Goa, CYRIL FERNANDES (Born 1928, ex-Uganda and USA). Husband of Joaquina. Father of Perpetua/Agostinho, Sabina/Serophino. Uncle of Lawrence, Ursula, Roseline & Jenny(London).


Open sky: Goa-London return at Rs 16,899 [£200]
8 Oct. Times of India. On Dec. 22, about 300 passengers will fly from Goa to London for a 14-day trip on a jaw-dropping return fare of Rs16,899. [Regular fare is Rs 29,000. This is an opportunity to get your relatives to spend Xmas with you in the UK].,curpg-1.cms

Resort report: Goa
9 Oct. The Daily Telegraph (UK). Alexandra Ferguson offers advice on where to stay and what to do in India's most popular spot for winter breaks. Rickshaws jostle with oxen in the narrow streets behind the bazaar, tribal women peddle saris and exotic spices and, on the palm-fringed beach, the reedy cry of an oboe drifts on the breeze. The aromas, the colour, the chaos. Yes, this is India, but India with a difference. Whitewashed chapels peek through the forest canopy, and beautiful girls with almond eyes are called Rosalina and Josefa. The Portuguese might have left in 1961, but their influence lingers.). For full text, 3358 words, click here.

UK Holidaymakers Paying Far More This Christmas
12 Oct. PR Newswire. The trend for long haul destinations means customers are paying much more to holiday abroad this Christmas, according to new figures from independent travel agency Travel Counsellors PLC. This year Goa is 4th in the Top Ten list. Last year it stood at 7th place. For full text click here.
See also: 12 Oct. Evening Standard (London). Click here.


Heritage tourism breathes life into old homes
8 Oct. Times of India. With the government and private initiative joining hands in a concerted effort to promote heritage tourism, old Indo-Portuguese style houses that dot the landscape of Goa are breathing a new life. "We will work out a package and offer financial and technical support for the restoration of the old and beautiful houses," says the tourism minister, Mathany Saldanha who took charge recently. 435 words.

13 Goan doctors complete emergency care course
10 Oct. Navhind Times. The project initiated was by the Rotary Club of Birmingham in association with the rotary clubs in Goa. The international director of Rotary’s ‘Save Lives’ project, Dr Peter Patel symbolically handed over the keys to the Chief Secretary. Besides, the Rotary Club of Birmingham has donated sophisticated equipment to be used when dealing with cardiac arrests. Dr Keith Porter, consultant trauma surgeon, Col Prof Tim Hodgetts, professor of emergency medicine and trauma and six other doctors and nurses from the Birmingham Institute of Medicine were given mementos.

GCCI takes initiative to make Goa a health care hub
10 Oct. Navhind Times. In a bid to turn Goa into a global health care destination with state-of-the-art world class facilities in all medical specialties, the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has set up a 15-member committee with interventional cardiologist of Apollo Victor Hospital, Dr Uday Khanolkar as its chairman.

Forbidden Fruit
11 Oct. Times of India. Adventure of four boys stealing raw mangoes from an orchard to make Goan pickle delicacy called korom.

Goa is to crack down on sex offenders
10 Oct Times of India.

Waiting in wings
11. Oct Indian Express. The Civil Aviation Ministry will soon focus on Lucknow, Amritsar and Goa airports as part of its initiative to ‘‘qualitatively transform’’ the revenue pattern at key non-metro airports. With increasing number of airlines keen on operating to these airports, officials feel there is a need to give an international flavour to such airports.

Committee formed to push healthcare tourism in Goa.
11 Oct Business Standard. Tourism being the most important money churner for Goa, corporates and doctors today joined hands to bring in medical and healthcare tourism to the state in a big way… Again, with family members of at least 70 per cent Goan families living abroad, the proposal of health tourism can act as a money saver package for NRI visitors to India. 313 Words. For full text click here

Goa: The Mercedes Taxi
11 Oct Financial Express. The Mercedes Taxi is being launched in Goa on October 23. The hire cost will be Rs.10,000 per day.\

Holes in Goa’s emergency care system
12 Oct Navhind Times.

Special whisky for Goan market launched
12 Oct Navhind Times. United Breweries launched Bagpiper Classic Whisky, specially created for the Goan market. A UB spokesman said, “The Goan consumer drinks more for relaxation than for getting a high. He prefers his drink light and does not rush through his drinks. We have created a customised blend imparting an enhanced flavour, smoothness and captivating aroma.”

Malcolm McDowell is currently filming in Goa
14 Oct Gomantak Times. Malcolm McDowell star of "A Clockwork Orange" is presently in Goa filming for the movie "Exitz", a futuristic movie with a script written by Farooq Dhondy. He plays the role of a gaming magnate who falls in love with an Indian beauty queen and manipulates a young illegal immigrant to do his biding.


This is a new section. Please send your comments about it to

There have been fascinating discussions recently on GoaNet. Havovy (Desmond) Fernandes quoted extracts from his acquisition, for a few pence, of a treasure-trove of old books on East Africa from a hospice car boot sale in South London. The extracts have been followed up by other readers with a lively discussion on the (lion) Maneaters of Tsavo and the early phase of the construction of the railway from Mombasa to Nairobi.

Fred Noronha posted his latest list of Cybermatrimonials on 10 Oct. It clearly has much value across the globe and it is hoped that it will be expanded further.

Tony Barros opened the floodgates on the Goans of East Africa with a very riveting account of some of the contributions of the Tanzania Goans. Cornel DaCosta added to it re the East African Goan legacy in dance music and jazz of the 1950s and 1960s. Several new names appeared in the follow-up postings, hopefully, to encourage someone to produce a book, stimulated by Tony, on this fascinating by-gone era.

Gabe Menezes elaborated on some of the early East African Goans and provided fascinating snippets of information, which hopefully, will also be followed up by ethnographic researchers interested in the historical record of so many 'lesser mortals' who helped to build East Africa in its early period. Mervyn Lobo was able to provide helpful current locations of some of the people mentioned in Tony's and Cornel's postings on significant East African Goans.

Cecil Pinto forwarded an article by Ethel D’Costa in which she lashed out at the Goa Police authorities for seeking to curb the independence of the Press. This prompted good responses from Goans from Goa and the Goan Diaspora.

Dominic Fernandes started a discussion on the best place in Goa to buy Goa sausages. Inevitably, this led to counter claims with information about other outlets for quality Goa sausages.

For a bird’s eye view of the discussions click here. You can also search the archive by date or subject.


Film Trailers: Bride and Prejudice
Gurinder Chadha’s (Bend It Like Beckham) film releases in the UK on 8 Oct. The cast includes Aishwarya Rai and Martin Henderson. Check out some of the trailers at

The Swiss artist, who fell in love with Goa
7 Oct. Newindpress. Sonja Weder and her husband started on a world tour from Switzerland and reached Goa. They fell in love with Goa and decided to stay on. In Goa they started to design furniture. The Weders live in a small village. ‘‘It’s a quiet village with paddy fields, far away from the tourist environment,’’ Sonja says. ‘‘Switzerland is beautiful alright but Goa can be really beautiful too,’’ she adds. For full text click here

Cricket: Australia vs India. First Test.
7 Oct. The Telegraph (Calcutta). Michael Clarke made his debut for Australia and scored 151 runs. Clarke’s personal coach Neil D’Costa, whose mother is from Goa, was among the around 25,000 who watched the game. He was, of course, thrilled: “Michael batted so well... What else do I say? I’ve been working with him from the time he was seven...”

Targeting commercial sex-workers in Goa, India: time for a strategic rethink?
9 Oct. The Lancet, UK. (Vol. 364, No. 9442). By Maryam Shahmanesh and Sonali Wayal. University College London: and Positive People, Goa.
At 0700 h, June 14, 2004, bulldozers shattered our dream of an evidence-based participatory intervention for HIV prevention with sex-workers in Goa, India.1 Under the pretext of a High Court order to rehabilitate commercial sex-workers (CSWs), the government of Goa demolished the red-light area of Baina. 841 words click here

UK: Villagers bristle at accusation of rural prejudice
9 Oct The Guardian. Racial Equality chairman Trevor Phillips says there is 'passive apartheid' in the countryside. The Guardian went to the New Forest to canvass opinion.,11374,1323458,00.html

First Indian International law firm launched in London
9 Oct. Hindustan Times In keeping with the recent joint declaration by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh towards a new and dynamic partnership between the two countries, it was an opportune time to launch India Law International Partnership (ILIP) in London, the first Indian International law firm in the West which will focus entirely on Indian laws and India, commented Sarosh Zaiwalla, an eminent solicitor of Indian-origin. ILIP has opened offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa, in addition to London and has a team of more than 40 Indian lawyers.,00430005.htm

Aishwarya Rai interviewed
10 Oct The Observer. We filmed Bride and Prejudice in Amritsar, Mumbai and Goa, as well as LA and Britain…Goa was an absolute blast. That's the thing about Goa, it's a holiday place. Every time I've been there, there is something about the sun and the warmth, it is really relaxing and calm.,6903,1323793,00.html

Center offers phone, safety to seamen for few hours
10 Oct. The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA, USA) When Cleophas D'Souza and four of his fellow seamen got off the VOC Galaxy, a 627-foot bulk-cargo ship anchored in the Mississippi River, all they wanted to do was phone home and go shopping. D'Souza, 44, called his wife, Wendy, and two daughters Carina, 7, and Carissa, 3, at their home in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India. He'd been gone for three months and had six months left on his contract.

"Hinglish" will soon become the most commonly spoken form of the language globally.
10 Oct. Times of India. “Indian English will reach around the globe and take over from British and American forms," said Prof David Crystal, one of the world's leading linguists in his lecture 'The Future of Englishes' at the British Council.

Man, 30, dies after illness.
11 Oct Gulf Daily News (Bahrain). Nicholas Coutinho aged 30, who had lived in Bahrain for over five years died yesterday after a long illness. He had been ill for more than a year and died at his home in Goa. Mr Coutinho worked as an Office Manager at AS Shop of Interior Decoration in Hoora, from 1998 until 2003, when he returned to Majorda, Goa. He leaves behind his wife Shirley, 29, and a 15-month-old son Allan-Leander.

Australia: Goan Cuisine Eggplant Kasaundi
12 Oct. Sydney Morning Herald. Pronounced kas-oondi. Goan Cuisine's Valentine De Souza says the nearest local equivalent would be a spicy relish - but not too spicy. Kasaundi is not hellish, just warm, pleasantly tart with vinegar, subtly spiced with cumin and crushed mustard seeds with tomato added to little chunks of eggplant. Goan cuisine carries strong traces of the Portuguese who arrived there 500 years ago seeking spices - and found them in abundance. They brought wine which, after the long sea voyage, turned to vinegar and found its way into many dishes including the most famous, vindaloo. De Souza says he eats kasaundi simply with plain rice, dahl and pappadums - but reckons it happily keeps company with a vindaloo. Available from Harris Farm Market, St Ives Shopping Village, 166 Mona Vale Road, St Ives, 9440 8717. [[For the Goan Cuisine website go to]

Novel Look at Gandhi's Affections
12 Oct. Washington Post. Book Review of Sudhir Kakar’s new work, "Mira & the Mahatma,” which explores the "emotional truth" of the turbulent relationship between Gandhi and Madeleine Slade, the Englishwoman who adored him. The book is causing a stir in India with its suggestion that sexual longing might have played a role in the mutual fascination. Sudhir Kakar is a distinguished psychoanalyst and writer who lives in Goa. For full text click here

Europe chief backs gay row commissioner
13 Oct. The Independent. THE Incoming European Commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, was on a collision course yesterday with MEPs as he backed Rocco Buttiglione, the Italian commissioner designate who described homosexuality as a "sin". Claude Moraes, a Labour MEP and committee member who voted against Mr Buttiglione, attacked the commissioner-designate"s tough stance on immigration, and predicted that Mr Barroso would have to back down.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 17 Oct. 2pm to 8pm. Help A Poor Child (HAPC) Helpers Bottle Party. Lola Jones Suite, Garratt Lane, Tooting. Tickets: £4.00 (including food). Music by Say One Do One. Contact details: email: Tel: 020-8952 8899.

Sun. 24 Oct. Colva Union. 31st Anniversary Feast of Infant Jesus, Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham, London SW16. Mass at 12.30 p.m. Music by ‘Say One Do One’ Tickets includes meal: Adults £10; Children £3 (up to 12 years). For tickets contact Bento Fernandes 020 8672 0283; Ames Fernandes 020 8672 4753; Arlene Fernandes 020 8930 7679 or email

Sun. 24 Oct. 2.30pm Croydon/Thornton Heath Novena Mass for the Beatification of Ven. Fr. Agnelo De Souza at St Mary's Catholic Church, Wellesley Road, West Croydon. For details please contact Felix Tel: 020 8686 1876, Anthony Tel: 020 8689 6447 and Simon Tel; 020 8240 0148.

Sat. 30 Oct. G.O.A. Trip to Belgium and France. £25 each. Bruges for sightseeing and lunch then Calais for shopping. Further details from Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457 Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322

Sun 31 Oct. G.O.A. Snooker Singles Knockout Tournament. 9.30 am – 5.00 pm Venue: The Royal Surrey Snooker Club, 1/9 Abbotsbury Road, Morden, Surrey (Opposite Woolworths). LIST CLOSED.

Sun. 31 Oct. The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.

Sun. 31 Oct. The Uganda Reunion is celebrating its 31st Anniversary. Social from 1pm till 7pm. Music provided by Maz &Co. Location: Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU Ticket Prices -Adults: £15, Children Under 13: £5 (All Prices Include A Meal and Snacks) Please Contact Christine De Souza 020 8310 2332 For Tickets. All Welcome.

Sun.7 Nov. G.O.A. MASS FOR DECEASED at the ATC Hall, South Wimbledon followed by a 3-COURSE MEAL. Contacts: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457 Nina Pinto 020 - 8767 0663 Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322.

Sun 14 Nov Union of Navelim. Feast of Our Lady of Holy Rosary at Bishop Thomas Grant RC School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham, London SW16 from 12pm - 8pm, commencing with mass. Music by Breakthru. Tickets from: Sandra Fernandes-Allen 020 8395 5462 Antonetta Fernandes 020 8 298 0804 Selwyn Ferrao 020 8 933 8362 Gabe Menezes 020 8 947 0290. For the flyer see:

Sun. 21 Nov. Ven. Fr. Agnelo's Day 77th Commemoration Mass at 2.30pm, at St George's Cathedral, Westminster Bridge Road, Southwark. Contact: Nina Pinto 020 - 8767 0663.


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