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Sachin Tendulkar launched The Sachin Trust on 6 Sep. 2004. Sachin, (Support A Child In Need) is building a Training School and Residential Home for disadvantaged street children in Goa. Present at the event was Rabi Martins, an ex-President of the Goan Association who has proved elusive recently. Rabi is a Watford Councillor and active in Lib Dem politics. I managed to get this shot of him with Sachin.
At the event a raffle was announced. GoaWay is giving away a Holiday for two to Goa. Tickets cost £20 each and are limited to 100. The draw is on 1st Oct. or earlier if all tickets are sold. For details see: or contact Mike Green, tel. 0118 974 4476 For details about Sachin Trust visit

11 Sep. Navhind Times. Willy flays government for neglecting people’s problems. Excerpts: Dr Wilfred de Souza has accused the Goa government of harassing Goan NRI businessmen and industrialists even while wooing them with all kinds of promises during NRI conventions. He cited the case of Mr Jerome Mendes, a Goan NRI based in London, whose application for selling foreign liquor at his Verna establishment has been delayed for one year four months.
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He also cited the case of another Goan NRI, Mr Rui Cosme D’Costa, who he said has wrongly been stopped from producing mineral water at the plant he set up at Sancoale in 2001 after complying with all the conditions.

On Being a Goan ~ an Australian Perspective. By Indira Fernandes. “Born in Goa, of Catholic parents, educated in Mombasa at a convent school, migrated to Australia in 1973 and became a naturalized citizen of Australia in 1974, I have a clear idea of my cultural identity.”
Also on the page, an article and photos of the Sydney Exhibition, open to 10 Oct. 2004.
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12 Sep. GoaNet. Goans in Kampala celebrated World Goa Day with a picnic lunch at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens and to discuss reviving the Goan Association of Uganda. Read the full text at:

10 Sep. Tenby Today (Wales). Indian Summer: the remarkable true story of a holiday rep in Goa. Excerpts: Indian Summer’ by Ceri Stone is a remarkable true story of a holiday rep working in the stunning resort of Goa, India …his company’s lack of organisation, the lack of staff and worst of all Indian red tape.
There are hilarious encounters with the local staff and hoteliers…the local attitude to service is equally funny and exasperating…Heart-warming, eye-opening and funny as anything in print. ISBN No: 1904166121. Priced £7.99. For the synopsis, full text of Chapter 1 and reviews, click here.
‘Indian Summer’ is available from, but the quickest delivery is probably from
Ceri Stone writes “It was a great privilege to live and work in Goa and also to work with Tom and Melba Correia

11 Sep. Leicester Mercury. Vaz's Hands-On Help. Pensioners at the Merrydale Court sheltered housing complex in Humberstone are so fed up with the council ignoring their overgrown hedges they called in MP Keith Vaz to help. Leicester East MP Keith Vaz arrived at the complex armed with a pair of shears to tackle the mess. Mr Vaz said: "I don't even do my own hedges at home but I felt incensed that this place is left in this state. There's only so much I can do myself. For full text click here.

Donations and Subscriptions received. £100: Alcino Rodrigues (Toronto); Dark Star Social Club. £35: Greg Patricio (Va, USA). £25: Norma Menezes; Paul Nunes. £20: Benny & Celia Mascarenhas; Francis Soares; Jerome Mendes; Jovito Dias; Lydia De Souza; Mike Green; Paul Nunes; Ruth DeSouza (New Zealand); Zelia & Joe Pereira (Lisbon).


10 Sep. Stanmore, Middlesex, UK. ERNESTINA FERNANDES (ex-Kenya, aged 86 years). Wife of Norbert Fernandes (ex Cortalim, Nairobi and Kericho - died Kenya 1964). Mother of Anthony (died April 2003) and Teresa.
The Requiem Mass will be celebrated by her grandson Fr Norbert Fernandes at 1pm on Fri. 17 Sep. at St Anthony's Church, Garratt Road, Edgware, Middlesex. Condolences to

9 Sep. Sanvordem, Goa: ANA FRANCISCA RODRIGUES. (Ex-Uganda). Wife of late Vincent. Mother of Francis/Flory (England), Michael/Anne (England), Angela/Jeff (England). Sister of Roque/Ludovina (England), Joaquim/Philomena (Canada), Joseph/Bernadette (England) and Sebastian/Ludi (England).

8 Sep. Harlow, Essex, UK. HERMANO GONCALVES (ex ICL Nairobi). Husband of late Julie. Father of Manny/Rena; Daphne/Larry. Grandfather of Lloyd and Crystal. Condolences to Funeral was on 15 Sep.

6 Sep. Chingford, Essex, UK. FRANCIS VAZ (ex-President, Goan Association, UK). Husband of Ruth. Father of Basil, Anita, Carl and Darryl. Condolences to Funeral was on 15 Sep.


11 Sep. Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, UK). Jewel in the Crown currently has 14 nights' B&B in Goa from December 4 from £399.


7 Sep. Mid-Day. Mumbai: Trial begins in Borivali double murder case. The three accused Ashish Waravale (20), Clinton Fernandes (19) and Wilfred Dias (19) are charged with the murders of Leticia Mendes (54) and her one-and-half year old grandson Dylan Lobo.

9 Sep. Mid-Day. Mumbai: Your guide to Bandra Fair. Special supplement with 13 articles.

9 Sep. Business Standard. With tourism sector becoming a major money earner, Goa has turned its focus on the state's unique culture and heritage for providing major attraction for tourists. 414 words click here.

11 Sep. Times of India. Goa Police to fight paedophiles. Seven cases of child abuse registered in Goa last month including one involving a parish priest has focussed attention on the new director general of police, Amod Kanth, better known as a supercop in Delhi.

11 Sep. Indian Express. Pune: The moment you walk in you are transported to the land of food, fun and Feni. The Goanche Fest is on at the hotel till September 22.

12 Sep. The Hindu. Levi Strauss (India) Pvt., Ltd., has opened its first exclusive store for the Levi's brand at Panaji, Goa. Atul Kumar from the Levi noted that Goa was one of India's most happening places. He further said that Goa was a high potential market for Levi's, as it comprised a fashion conscious market. Levi's products were cheaper by 50 per cent in India when compared to the West, he clamed.

12 Sep. The Hindu. Goa announces medi-cover for all residents.

12 Sep. Manorama Online. An English bi-monthly ''Goenkar - Tumi, Ami, Sagale'', brought out by the NRI Goa Facilitation Centre to help consolidate Goan diaspora across the world, was launched by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. The periodical carries various articles on the prestigious International Film Festival of India and the Exposition of relics of St Francis Xavier taking place during November-January besides other cultural vignettes related to Goa.

12 Sep. The Hindu. The most significant Hindu festival in Goa is `Ganesh Chaturthi,' traditionally called `Chovoth,' an excellent blend of religion and Goa's art and culture.

13 Sep. Hindustan Times. The beaches are only one aspect of Goa; the state is also a gastronomic paradise. During the tourist season, almost every house sprouts a restaurant and almost every one of them serves fabulous food.,0015002200000092.htm

13 Sep. CIOL. Sun, sand and e-literacy: Go Goa! One-third of Goa's population will soon have PCs in their homes, with the government's new Cyberage scheme, which has already distributed 22,000 PCs.

14 Sep. Times of India. Goa CM not to encourage migration. The BJP government in Goa will not encourage migration in the state. "Migration is not welcome. I will not encourage it," Parrikar stressed.

14 Sep. Navhind Times. Chartered flights to arrive in Goa in first week of Oct.

14 Sep. CIOL. Sweet smell of success: Goa IT jobs fair . HR Connect, organized by the Goan govt, provided a platform for IT students to interact with major IT companies, resulting in over 200 placements.

14 Sep. Navhind Times. Lambert Mascarenhas, a multifaceted personality. Chandrakant Keni profiles Lambert Mascarenhas on his 90th birthday.

15 Sep. Navhind Times. Goa: Senior citizens hoping for a better tomorrow

15 Sep. The Telegraph (Calcutta). In an attempt to curb unfair practice in soccer, the Goa government said it would help the Goa Football Association (GFA) in checking the age of players through MRI scan.


8 Sep. Asians In Media, UK: Doordarshan eyes up slice of British Asian pie. India's massive state broadcaster is finally turning its eyes towards the UK's Asian audience and plans soon to launch a free channel.

10 Sep. El Pais - English Edition. García Da Orta, physician to the king of Portugal in 1534 embarked on a four-year voyage through the Asian colonies. In 1563 there appeared in Goa his Coloquio de los simples, o de las drogas de la India (Colloquy on the simples, or drugs of India) which now, after almost 500 years, we can again study in the splendid French edition of Messinger and Ramos.

11 Sep. Lancashire Evening Telegraph. Pat Monks, 52, first heard of the El Shaddai Charitable Trust for homeless children in Goa when she visited the country on holiday with her husband. Each time she has been to Goa since, she has visited the deprived children and taken donations of clothes and cash. This year, after an appeal for help and two cake sales in Darwen, the money began to build up and around £1,300 has now been collected.

11 Sep. The Australian. In Goa, the local usage of English has its own charm, a Wodehousean quaintness that intrigues with its inventive energy, dry humour (sometimes unconscious) and (occasionally) stunningly indifferent understatements -- a "mishap" can describe both a brutal bloodbath and a bicycle stuck in a ditch. Still, reporting in the local Navhind Times is a prosaic prose-free zone, if heavy on cricket analogies (beleaguered politicians are invariably on the back foot or a sticky wicket) and riddled with antique cliches ("by hook or by crook").
My imagination was excited by the soccer coach who promised to play "beautiful and offensive football", and charmed by the report that "Bicholim police have foiled an attempt by miscreants to rob a shop", even if "the sleuths failed to nab the perpetrators and were stumped by their inability to identify them".
And an article expressing community indignation at political inaction was "sans" (another staple) rent-a-crowd rhetoric, yet unambiguous: "Residents of Upasnagar are irked over concerned authorities' indifference to the growing dog menace." Among a trove of linguistic treasures buried in the personal ads section, heavily laden with diverting if euphemistic pleas for suitably significant others, my attention was riveted by the "Self-content office for rent". If we could all hire something similar, work would become pure pleasure -- and we could hang up "Goa fishing" signs with happy hearts.

12 Sep. The Sunday Telegraph. London-based writer and journalist Alexander Frater writes about Zanzibar: The Chit Chat restaurant (off Cathedral Street; no phone) is run by a retired Goan printer who cooks the best garlic prawns I've tasted.

12 Sept. Sunday Herald (Scotland). India’s offshorers boxing clever. Dr Roy D’Souza is busy turning scans of abdominal sections into one detailed three-dimensional image, which will allow surgeons at a top US hospital to assess the patient’s kidneys from all angles before a scalpel is wielded.

12 Sep. The New York Times. Canada Looks for Ways to Fix Its Health Care System. ''If the current trends continue we can anticipate a crisis,'' warned Joseph D'Cruz, a University of Toronto business school professor who specializes in health care. ''People will actually find it impossible to get general medical services in their towns.'' 1,192 words.

13 Sep. Gulf News (Dubai). Girlfriend gives away mobile thief's identity. A security guard, who stole four mobile phones from his office, was discovered when his girlfriend unwittingly told his supervisor he had called her in Goa, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard. 311 words.

8 Sep. Edmonton Journal (Canada). Vanity Plate on Car. Reader Felix Appelt managed to get a photo of a clever vanity plate, O2BNGOA he spotted Friday on a light-blue Volvo, which, translated, means "oh, to be in Goa."

11 Sep. The West Australian. Seeing India by train is a good way to sample it without falling prey to some of the country's many frustrations, says Stephen Scourfield.

12 Sep. The Sunday Times (UK). When Erin Kelly met Yorkshire's finest in Goa, she came over all Lady Chatterley. (* Erin Kelly is the author of Searching for Sex in the City Ebury £5.99). Erin and her friend Milly went on a three-week, last-minute package holiday to Goa. This is a risqué account of adventures with Darren, a joiner from Doncaster. Full text, 930 words at

13 Sep. East African Standard. Nairobi: Catholics celebrate Basilica centenary. The Catholic faithful in Nairobi yesterday celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Holy Family Basilica in style, popping champagne and chanting jubilant praises. For full text click here.

14 Sep. East African Standard. Police in Nairobi are looking Euro Bank’s former managing director R Fernandes who is said to have gone underground after police launched a manhunt for him last week. "We do not know where he stays but we have sent information to him that he is wanted," said a police source.

15 Sep. Gulf Daily News (Bahrain). The Young Goans Club is organising a two-day Bandra fair on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. at the hotel poolside. The fair will kick off with the Tidal Wave Band from Goa. The five-piece band has performed to a sell-out crowd in the UK, Canada and the Far East.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Mon. 13 Sep. to Fri. 17 Sep. 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm. 5 day Evangelistic and Healing Retreat. Led by Fr Augustine Vallooran VC of Potta. St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, Lambeth Road (opp Imperial War Museum), London SE1. Call, after 6.30 pm 020 8472 3967 or 020 8286 0203.

Sun. 19 Sep. 11 am onwards. Picnic in Hyde Park. (Weather Permitting) Goans and their Friends are invited at no extra cost to them. Bring your own ...and some extra too : - ) Location: Hyde Park opposite the Albert Hall and next to the Queen Victoria Monument. Enquiries:

Sun. 26 Sep. Feast of St Jacinto. St Michael’s Hall, 37 Bounds Green Road, London N22 8HE. Mass at 1.30 followed by social gathering with Nite Life in attendance. Tickets – Adults: £8; 12-16: £4; 3-11: £2. For tickets contact Regina 020 8808 7091; Felicity 020 8245 4897; Agnelo 020 8577 8528.

Sun. 26 Sep. 4.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun. 17 Oct. 2pm to 8pm. Help A Poor Child (HAPC) Helpers Bottle Party. Lola Jones Hall, Garratt Lane, Tooting. Tickets: £4.00 (including food). Music by Say One Do One. Contact details: email: Tel: 020-8952 8899.

Sun. 24 Oct. Colva Union. 31st Anniversary Feast of Infant Jesus, Bishop Thomas Grant School, Beltrees Grove, Streatham, London SW16. Mass at 12.30 p.m. Music by ‘Say One Do One’ Tickets includes meal: Adults £10; Children £3 (up to 12 years). For tickets contact Bento Fernandes 020 8672 0283; Ames Fernandes 020 8672 4753; Arlene Fernandes 020 8930 7679 or email

Sun. 24 Oct. 2.30pm Croydon/Thornton Heath Novena Mass for the Beatification of Ven. Fr. Agnelo De Souza at St Mary's Catholic Church, Wellesley Road, West Croydon. For details please contact Felix Tel: 020 8686 1876, Anthony Tel: 020 8689 6447 and Simon Tel; 020 8240 0148.

Sat. 30 Oct. G.O.A. Trip to Belgium and France. £25 each. Bruges for sightseeing and lunch then Calais for shopping. Further details from Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457 Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322

Sun. 31 Oct. G.O.A. SNOOKER TOURNAMENT at Archbishop Lanfranc School. Contacts: Felix Pereira 0208 - 640 4151 Glyn Albuquerque 0208 680 2401

Sun. 31 Oct. The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex.


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