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Archbishop assures Pope of Goans' prayers
20 Apr: Navhind Times. Joyful pealing of church bells, across the state heralded the successor of Pope John Paul II, dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who has chosen his name Pope Benedict XVI.

Ratzinger the rock under John Paul. By Father Raymond J. de Souza
20 Apr. National Post (Canada). [Front Page] 941 words click here.

Laila Rouass: Red hot and rocking
15 April: Times of India. Laila Rouass (Goan mother; Moroccan father) is on fire. She's Amber Gates, the sizzling siren in the British soap Footballers' Wives… In real life she's turned down a £1 million date offer from an Arab sheikh… She also turned down $250,000 to pose in the nude for Playboy. Full text at,curpg-1.cms
On 12 Feb. 2004, The Sun commented that she must be the first Goan actress to hit the big time and that judging from the first episode of Footballers’ Wives, it seems the crew will have plenty of opportunity to tell her to "Goan put some clothes on".
Footballers’ Wives is currently broadcasting on ITV1 9.00 p.m. on Thursdays. For more about Laila Rouass see

Talks on religions
5 Apr. Mid Devon Gazette. Christians in Dulverton have a chance to learn about other religions in a series of lectures organised by the town's churches. Starting on Tuesday, April 12, with a talk on the Inter Faith movement by Dr Gavin D'Costa from Bristol University, the three evening talks are designed to promote understanding of other cultures and beliefs. For a profile of Dr Gavin D’Costa see

UK man to face extradition over Broome bashing in 2002
13 Apr: The Sunday Times (Perth, Australia). Philip Johnson is facing extradition to Perth to answer charges over the 2002 brutal bashing of Paul de Souza in Broome. He appeared in a London court on Monday following his arrest on Friday. Late last year, Mr de Souza, now aged 30, had his originally criminal injuries compensation award increased from $23,853.30 to $40,498.30. Mr de Souza told Perth District Court he had developed depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after the attack and could no longer work in pubs.,7034,12842042%255E2761,00.html

UK: Swindon: Council defends bus stance
14 Apr: Gazette & Herald, Swindon. Excerpts: Earlier this year Phoenix Coaches maintenance manager Paul Ratcliffe had to sleep in one of his coaches to guard against vandals. Rocks were thrown at a coach carrying Goan workers from Faccenda chicken factory in Sutton Benger, near Chippenham. To stop further attacks Mr Ratcliffe has employed security guards at both his depots and has installed CCTV cameras on board the buses.

Genelia hits big time!
15 Apr. Sify. Genelia D’Souza is red hot after she has got good reviews for her performance in the Tamil film Sachin. The cute looking Goan girl has proved to be lucky mascot after films like Boys, Samba, Satyam, Sye were super hits. For text see:
For a substantial interview with her see:

Campaigners Are Urged To Steer Clear Of Racism.
15 Apr. Leicester Mercury. Excerpt: Leicester East Conservative candidate Suella Fernandes said: "Multiculturalism is something to celebrate and the Conservative Party condemns all hints of racism. Immigration, however, is a very important issue that affects everyone, including ethnic communities and this debate is not about racism." For full text click here

Tsunami Funds
16 Apr: Leicester Mercury. Members of a cultural club have donated £2,000 to the Asian tsunami appeal. Leicester Goan Association held dances, raffles and sports events to raise the cash. The money was given to Cafod, a Catholic charity which is helping people in areas hit hardest by the disaster. For full text click here.

Dalip Tahil supports Keith Vaz campaign
17 Apr. The Telegraph (Calcutta). Excerpts: Dalip Tahil today became the first Bollywood actor to take part directly in a British general election when he campaigned on behalf of the sitting Labour MP, Keith Vaz… If Vaz records another thumping majority on May 5, Blair may even consider giving Vaz another government job as possible future British high commissioner to India.
In Eastenders, the TV soap Tahil played Dan Ferreira, the head of a dysfunctional Goan family with a brood of unruly children. The family has now been scrapped. Dan Ferreira went off to Goa “and has not returned”. Vaz said: “I used to watch him in Eastenders every week.”

Tony Fernandes: Inside Asia: Flying high
19 Apr. The Edge Financial Daily (Malaysia). In just under four years, Tony Fernandes has changed the face of the airline industry with his low-cost carrier AirAsia. Next up — China and possibly, India…Today, "Tony", as AirAsia staffers call their CEO, is a poster boy for entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia. His story is the stuff of legend.
A British-trained accountant and former Warner Music executive, Fernandes discovered the low-cost model almost by accident on a trip to London…For now, AirAsia doesn't have a comprehensive India strategy …blame it on the tyranny of distance…AirAsia, he says, is eyeing flights to Chennai and Kochin as well as other southern Indian cities. For the full text, 3,076 words, click here.
For a profile of Tony Fernandes, see:

Christa D'Souza interviews Brook Shields
19 Apr. The Telegraph (UK). Once, Brooke Shields saw herself as Little Miss Perfect. In an unusually candid interview, the actress tells Christa D'Souza about her subsequent problems with sex, severe post-natal depression and the alcoholic mother whom she can no longer bear to kiss. For full text click here

Kenya: Pio Gama Pinto: Political assassination?
13 Mar. L’ The most mysterious politician of Nairobi, Pio Gama Pinto was probably assassinated. Originating in Goa he represented Kenya in international competitions and then devoted himself to politics. He was the only Indian to share with the Africans all the consequences of repression. He never hid his preferences for Marxism. Was he the victim of a common crime or political assassination? If the latter is one day proved, there could be serious repercussions within the party. Full text, in French click here.


17 Apr: Utorda, Goa. BALTAZAR FERNANDES. Husband of Caridade. Father of Adrian/Leonora, Jimmy (UK)/Deodita (UK), Anthony/Linda, Rita/Inacinho (Dubai), Perpetua.

16 Apr: Moshi, Tanzania. JOHHNY VAZ. (Ex-Zanzibar. He passed away in Arusha). Brother/brother in law to Sabine/Romeo Nazareth, of Moshi. Condolences to


Virgin Holidays eyes growth in India sales
1 Apr. Travel Trade Gazette UK. Virgin Holidays aims to more than double business to India. Denise Hodge, head of product and commercial for the Caribbean and rest of the world, said, "India is very much an up-and-coming destination, particularly with young people. It is now far more high-profile thanks to its culture, movies and music. Mumbai is a business centre, so that will account for most traffic, but we expect it to be used as a launch pad to see the rest of India, particularly Goa."

UK-India flights to become cheaper
14 Apr: Hindustan Times. Britain to India fares are predicted to fall by a quarter over next two years.

India and US in 'open skies' deal
14 Apr: BBC News. The new agreement is expected to lead to lower air fares between India and the United States.

Yoga in Goa attracts foreign tourists
15 Apr. Hindustan Times. Big hotels and resorts in Goa continue to lure tourists with value added services like Yoga workshops. The combination of sea beaches and natural therapy makes Goa, one of the most happening tourist destinations in the country. For full text click here

Sun kissed beaches of Goa attracting tourists
16 Apr: Hindustan Times.,0047.htm

Tourists, scuba divers avoid Goa's oil-polluted coast
16 Apr. CDNN (New Zealand). Tourists and scuba divers are avoiding Goa, a state in India famous for beautiful beaches and coral reefs that have been polluted by an oil spill. A recent collision between two big ships off the coast of Goa led to an oil spill that has polluted tourist beaches throughout the state. According to local tourism officials, at least 110,000 liters of fuel oil spilled into the sea threatening marine wildlife, coral reefs, public health and Goa's tourism industry.

The Magic of Goa…now even supermodels head for this Indian state.
17 Apr. The Sunday Telegraph. Excerpts: This was the world's first, and most singular, tourist melting pot, in the days before the phrase became a cliche. Hippies in the 1960s, package holidaymakers in the `80s; clubbers in the 1990s and now a new wave of affluent Indian tourists - Goa has absorbed them all…At a resort in Benaulim I watched as two leggy women in Dior sunglasses, heels and what seemed to be negligees made their way skittishly across the sand.
When I observed to my Scandinavian neighbour that they looked like prostitutes, he gave a harsh laugh. ``They are prostitutes. They came with him.'' He pointed out a large man with a cigar and a mobile phone, stretched on a sunlounger…Goa has a formidable history of licentious behaviour. Feature article, 1952 words click here

Goa to Goa
20 Apr. FemaleFirst (UK). Excerpts: If one word could be said to encapsulate the essence of Goa , it would have to be the Portuguese sossegarde, meaning "carefree". In spite of the increasing chaos of its capital, beach resorts and market towns, Goa has retained the laid-back feel that has traditionally set it apart from the rest of the country. While the vast majority of visitors to Goa never encounter any trouble , tourism-related crime is definitely more prevalent than in other parts of the country. Theft is the most common problem.


Is the Chorao Island Bird Sanctuary dammed?
12 Apr. Business Line. Will the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary on the Mandovi survive? Rajendra Kerkar has been fighting against a proposal of the Karnataka government to build dams across the Mhadai river, which later on becomes the Mandovi river. Reports are that the Goa government is trying to make a strong case against the idea; the judiciary is also being approached by various NGOs as it could reduce water availability in Goa. Kerkar, in his trademark sandals, has been moving round Goa villages to sensitise the villagers to keep the semi-deciduous and evergreen Mhadai sanctuary inviolate. 885 words.

Finding sanctuary amid wildlife
13 Apr. Business Line. 734 words.

Goa still undecided on sending team to Cannes film fest
15 Apr: The Hindu.

Goa: ASI holds key to relics of Georgian queen
18 Apr: Indian Express. Excavation at St Augustine’s church leads to 300-year-old burial chamber . Researchers at the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have stumbled upon significant evidence that could unlock a 300-year-old mystery that continues to intrigue the Catholic Church. An ASI team digging through the remains of an old church in Goa have uncovered a burial chamber which may prove that the shrine housed the remains of Georgia’s patron saint Queen Ketevan or Guativanda Dedopoli. The find would be an important link in tracing the history of Christianity and Portuguese rule in the region.

Swedish dentist workshop in Goa
19 Apr: Navhind Times. A group of 34 dentists from Sweden held a seven-day educational workshop in Goa and were impressed by dental clinics in Goa.

The Making of Feni
19 Apr. Business Line. Everyone who lands in Goa becomes a Goan. The process of making feni is described here. 850 words.

Goa: After Mumbai Ban, Dance Bar Girls Make a Beeline to Goa
20 Apr. After the ban on dance bars Maharashtra, the bar girls are heading for another destination - Goa. ... Police claim that these girls were prostituting in Goa. For text and photos click here
For the BBC report on the Mumbai Ban, see:

Cyclonic winds disrupt life in Goa
21 Apr: Navhind Times. Sudden cyclonic winds accompanied by rain and thunder lashed several parts of Goa on Wednesday evening causing havoc with nearly ten fishing trawlers capsizing off Mormugao Harbour and hundreds of trees uprooted, damaging a number of houses and cars, blowing the roof-tops and disrupting the electric supply in many parts of the state.

Intoxicating Goa expects a good Feni season ahead
21 Apr. Cashew farmers of Goa are a happy lot nowadays, with a bumper cashew crop this season, they are sure of producing a bountiful of "feni", a local liquor-based brew usually made from ripe cashews.

Some Recent Items of Interest on Goanet - By Bosco D’Mello

Nicknames that were used by school students in Goa in years gone by got many reminiscing – Konje, Daant, Gaagyo, Deonchar……and many-many more.

JoeGoaUK has updated us with an extensive list of Tiatrs available on VCD. The hope is to generate interest among the Diaspora to support an integral part of the Goan culture. Famed tiatrist, Rom Tony (Antonio Romauldo Rebello) passed away on Apr 4/05.

FN reminded us on the 61st anniversary of the 1944 explosions of Fort Stikine in the docks in Bombay that got three Goanetters to share their own fascinating stories of that eventful day.

FN floated the idea of the creation of a public archive of old Goan photographs. If you can contribute/support this initiative, pls send a message to

Goans, in Goa and Outside by Uday Bhembre generated a healthy debate. Bhembre argues that migratory Goans are of three kinds -- those settled within India, those abroad but planning to return sometime, and those who have migrated more or less permanently.

Many more articles/posts and Daily News Bytes from Goa. There's always some pulsating debate on Goanet. Visit the archives at To subscribe to Goanet, send an email to - it's FREE!!


Kenya rings in call centre cash
9 Apr. The Guardian. Kenya's first international call centre is eager to steal a slice of the action from Bangalore.,12689,1455543,00.html

UK website foxes Indian applicants
13 Apr. Times of India. For the past one month, the UK Home Office website has been misleading a number of highly skilled migration programme (HSMP) applicants, whose cases have been pending since June, 2004.

Pensioner's accidental death
14 Apr: Essex Chronicle. An 84-year-old Bocking woman died after getting into difficulty swimming in South Goa. Margaret Anne Tabor, 84, a member of one of Braintree's best known farming families, travelled out to India on December 23 last year, for a holiday around the country. For full text click here

British Tourist Found Hanged After Holiday Robbery In Goa
15 Apr. Lincolnshire Echo. Tourist Gary Jackman killed himself in a hotel in Goa because he was upset after being robbed, an inquest heard. The week before his death he had telephoned his sister to say that he had been robbed and £200 had been stolen. The trainee care assistant had a history of depression and anxiety and had been hospitalised after taking an overdose in the past. For full text click here

For an Indian Pope odds are 33/1
16 Apr: Hindustan Times. The factors in Cardinal Ivan Dias’ favour are that he knows 17 languages, has been a Vatican diplomat for 33 years because of which he has travelled widely and is comparatively young, being 69 years of age.,00430005.htm

16 Apr: The Guardian, Pulses have quickened here at the outside prospect that the next pope might be Cardinal Dias, a staunch conservative close to John Paul II.,,1461029,00.html

Papal Election: Who’s Hot Favourite?
17 Apr: The Sunday Mirror. Joseph Ratzinger (Germany) is the 3/1 favourite. Francis Arinze (Nigeria) 7/2 … Ivan Dias (India) 25/1. For the complete and latest odds see For full text click here

Papal Election: Cardinal Ivan Dias: Pasts imperfect?
17 Apr: Newsday, New York. Excerpt: Cardinal Ivan Dias of Mumbai, described as a possible long-shot candidate, has been the subject of an e-mail campaign, purportedly by members of his flock in India, complaining of an "unapproachable, stubborn and arrogant style." Dias has not commented on the reports directly but invited members of his Rome parish to a rare meet-and-greet session after Mass yesterday. For full text click here

The word 'farang' has a disreputable history: Readers Letters
16 Apr. The Nation (Thailand). The word "farang" is from the word "ferengie". The Portuguese occupied the island of Goa in the early 1500's, so that they could collect taxes from the spice traders and pilgrims going to Mecca. They were not too kind to the population, burning temples and telling the people they needed no gods. The Portuguese men married Goan women; the offspring of these marriages were called "ferengie". After the Portuguese left Goa, the ferengie were treated worse then the untouchables in India and Goa; they could not work and were not allowed to settle anywhere. The word means "cruel, barbaric white man". Not a very nice word to be throwing around, ask any Indian.

Indians stay home, Britain is full: NRIs
18 Apr. Financial Express "The country's full up," said Sushila Nath as she shopped for saris in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of Birmingham. “We've got no proper hospitals. Everything is very crowded. There are too many people coming here," added the 60-year-old Nath who left India to settle in Birmingham 37 years ago. In some parts of the United Kingdom, even the immigrants are crying out for a stop to immigration.

UK NRIs get a helping handbook
18 Apr. Times of India. A unique handbook, written specifically to assist family lawyers acting for NRI clients to deal with cases back in India, has been launched at the House of Lords.

Lloyds TSB boost for British Indians
18 Apr: BBC News. British Indians living in the UK will be able to use branches of Lloyds TSB bank for free money transfers to India, arrange a rupee mortgage to buy property in India and use other services through the Indian ICICI bank network.
Lloyds TSB: after the Indian millions
20 Apr. Datamonitor.

Goans Send Thank You to Port

18 Apr: South Devon Herald Express. A long-distance thank you has been sent to former lithographic artist Ken Newman, 81, by charity workers in Goa. With the help of his artistic skills in designing their logo and letterhead, the El-Shaddai Trust set up by former Brixham nurse Anita Edgar and local Indian churches has raised thousands of pounds. The award was handed over by professional entertainer Cosmo the Clown, who has recently returned from the Goa community home where he was entertaining the youngsters. For full text click here.

Catholic priests join India's outsourcing bandwagon
19 Apr. Reuters. Catholic priests in flowing white cassocks are the latest to join India's booming outsourcing bandwagon.
Faced with a shortage of clergymen and dwindling churchgoers, Catholic churches in Europe, the United States and Latin America are seeking the services of Indian priests to run parishes and say Mass, church officials said.

Breaking clichés of 'minority-ism'
20 Apr: Hindustan Times. Black has changed the Catholic community's image in Hindi films.,00110003.htm

Are you a racist? The test that claims to know
20 Apr. BBC News. Can a five-minute online test tell whether you are racist or not? In the US, two million people have taken one and now a UK version is available. [Link provided to the online race test]

Scion of colonial Kenya is arrested
21 Apr. The Sunday Times.ZA. The only grandson of Kenya's famed late colonial settler Lord Delamere has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a wildlife officer at his farm in central Kenya's Rift Valley, police said.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 24 Apr. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun 1 May. Saligao Association Feast of Mae De Deus at Bishop Thomas Grant School.

Sun 1 May. Cortalim Feast & May Queen. 12.30pm mass & social until 10pm at the Irish Centre, Pretoria Road, off White Hart Lane. London N17. Nearest BR- White Hart Lane. Nearest Bus-W3, 149, 259. 279, 349. Tickets: adults£10; 11-16 years old £5; 2-10 year olds £2.50 (including meal, complimentary snacks & drink). Call: Maria 0208-803-5148; Leocadia—0208-444-1096;
Assumption Gomes-0208-8641-5995.

Sun 1 May. 12.30pm-5pm. The Goan Musical Society, supported by GOA UK, presents a Jam Session. Enjoy the fabulous sounds of talented musicians plus special guests, Lavine DaCosta (violin) and Ian Rebello (sax). We particularly welcome participation from young students with their musical instruments. ATC Hall, Merton Road, South Wimbledon. Call 020 8337 8022 (Anita) for more details.

Sun 8 May. Rocky’s Trook Tournament at Jessie Duffet Hall (Formerly Wyndham Hall), Wyndham Road, London SE5. Please contact Rocky on 020 7274 3585

Sun. 8 May 12:15pm - 8pm. Assolna, Velim & Cuncolim Union (AVC) Annual Feast at Bishop Thomas Grant School, Streatham. Dancing to Mariano & his band + Disco & great Goan cuisine + excellent raffle prizes. Contact Uniece Barros 020 8672 0807, Alba Fernandes 020 8656 3305 or Colin Almeida 020 8687 1470

Sun. 15 May. Margao Union UK celebrates the Feast of the Holy Spirit at St. Edmund’s Church Hall, Croyland Road, Edmonton, N9. Mass at 12.30pm followed by a get-together. Music by Nitelife. Limited tickets. First come first served. Contact: Bella - 020 8372 1253, Rosalind – 020 8767 8652, Lucas – 020 8967 7471, Xavy – 020 803 5146. Tickets £ 10 (including snacks and buffet).

Sun 22 May 2.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy 20th Annual Festival of our Patron Saints - Multicultural Mass followed by Multicultural Social at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Edge Hill, Wimbledon SW19 4LU

Sun 22 May. TIATR – Goan Cultural Society proudly presents, Larryboy’s “UTT BOS”, at St. John’s Hall, Bourne Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 at 3.00 p. m sharp. For details and tickets contact: Bella – 020 8372 1253, Rosy 020 8352 9450, Camilo 0208 801 3637 or see

Sun. 29 May. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun. 29 May. G.O.A. May Ball/Anniversary Ball including the Crowning of the May King and Queen. Say One Do One in attendance. Further details from - Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Bernie Gracias 020 - 8723 1322.

Sun 29 May 1.00pm - 8.30pm 5th. Bakuli Reunion (Uganda) at Archibishop Lanfranc School Croydon. Music by Mustang. Disco by "DJO" Adult £12.00: child (2 - 12)£ 6.00 (includes meal). Tickets and further information: Tony Lobo 0208 542 0528, Reg Da Cunha 0207 732 2659, e-mail Ms Theo Pinto 0208 302 5385.

Mon. 30 May. TIATR – Goan Cultural Society proudly presents, Larryboy’s “UTT BOS”, at Archbishop LanFranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon at 3.00 p. m sharp. For details and tickets contact: Bella – 020 8372 1253, Rosy 020 8352 9450, Camilo 0208 801 3637 or see

Sat. 4 Jun. Mid Summer Nights Dream - dancing to the sounds of Maz & Co at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 3AS commencing at 6.30 p.m. This is a charity function and all proceeds will be donated to the Pilar Priests and the HIV Orphanage in Goa. Contact: Juliette or Jason 020 - 8765 0258 / 07958 537314.


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