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Dr Joseph Britto: Isabel: Medical Software for Symptoms
23 May: The Wall Street Journal. Diagnostic-decision support software hasn't caught on yet among doctors. Many physicians consider such programs too time-consuming or cumbersome, or not helpful enough to be worth the investment. But that may be starting to change…the consensus is that no more than 2% of doctors in the U.S. use diagnostic-support software …
The article deals with Isabel's impact on avoiding malpractice cases...cost-benefit ratio and return on investment....interface with electronic medical on a PDA …Isabel's latest advances in Diagnosis software and more. For full text, 1668 words, click here.
Isabel was founded by Mr Maude and Dr Joseph Britto (ex-Moira). For the Goan Voice UK supplement on him click here.
For information about Isabel click here.

Dutch firm to milk the market with new protein
23 May: The Times (London) reported that Pharming, a Dutch company that bought the rights to Dolly the sheep, will launch of the world's first prescription medicine made from the milk of genetically engineered farm animals. Pharming nearly collapsed in August 2001 over patent rights. The business was rescued by Francis Pinto. He has turned the business from a Euro 54 million-a-year loss maker into one of only a handful of profitable European biotechs this year.
The company is working on technology to "grow" replacement knees and hips by building on its ability to produce collagen in the milk of genetically modified cows. Collagen is a key protein in the manufacture of bone and cartilage.
Francis Pinto was a Director of Glaxo when based in London. India Business Insight, Aug 22, 2000 reported that "he has planned to devote his time to a non-profit organisation in Goa. He has proposed to start a children's museum. He is engaged in a big teaching programme and healthcare activity in Goa." For a brief bio click here.

Dr Raj Persaud: Holiday Destinations
22 May. The Sunday Times (UK). Travel Section. Dr Raj Persaud talks about his favourite holiday destinations . the honeymoon in seven South American countries. In Goa he found an English girl with a bad drug experience being ignored at a hospital. It transpired that the locals were fed up with spoilt westerners coming over and using their beaches for druggy parties. He got her seen to, but it told him a lot about their attitude to that kind of tourism.
Dr Raj Persaud, the "ubiquitous television and radio shrink" is married to Dr Francesca Cordeiro (ex-Saligao) an ophthalmologist specialising in the treatment of Glaucoma who is attached to the Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London. For the Dr Raj Persaud website see:

Tony Fernandes: Asian tycoon reaches for the sky
21 May: The International Herald Tribune. Excerpts: The man who introduced low-cost air travel to Asia, Tony Fernandes, traces his entrepreneurial instincts back to plastic food containers and his mother's charm. Ena Fernandes, a musician and music teacher, discovered Tupperware while visiting Australia and introduced the product and its famous party-based selling method to Malaysia… English boarding school and his accounting qualifications led Fernandes into a job in London with Virgin Records, followed by 12 years with Warner in Malaysia…
As for the popular comparison between him and his good friend, the Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson, Fernandes finds it flattering but stale. "Well, yes, I suppose I am tired of the comparison, actually," he said, laughing.
For the Tony Fernandes supplement see:

Nairobi: Brendan Fernandes: IT illiteracy among police explained
25 May: Daily Nation. Police constable John Rono of Gigiri Police Station, Nairobi, is taught computer skills by Mr Brendan Fernandes of the Village Market during the launch of computer classes for police officers yesterday. For full text click here.

Hockey: England 3; Canada 2
25 May: Coventry Evening Telegraph. A penalty corner conversion by Matt Daly a minute from time gave England a 3-2 victory over Canada at Reading. The Surbiton forward, who had put his side ahead with an 11th-minute set-piece, produced a timely intervention to deny the tourists, who had battled back from 2-0 down. Old Georgians’ James Tindall scored for the third successive match, in the 36th minute, to extend England’s lead only for Ken Perreira (44) and Wayne Fernandes (58) to haul Canada level.

Brit faces extradition over barman attack
25 May: Life Style Extra (UK). A British tourist who kicked a barman in the face so hard the victim had to undergo emergency surgery to save his sight today appeared in court to face an Australian extradition warrant. Territorial Army reservist Philip Robin Johnson, 25, was with his older brother Simon when he attacked Aussie barman Paul De Souza outside a pub in Broome, Western Australia, in September 2002, the court heard. For the photo of Johnson and text of article, click here.

UK: Calls per minute: Kenya 1p; Uganda 2p; India 5p
Dialwise currently has on offer special offers to East Africa, India, etc. No prepayment required. You will be billed by your telephone service provider. Check the link below for details.

I bought a home in Goa on my overdraft. By Rosie Waterhouse.
22 May: Mail on Sunday (London). Excerpts: On impulse, on holiday, on my own, after the break-up of a 14-year relationship, I bought an apartment in Goa. It was January last year, cost £8,750 the price of a small car and I put it on my overdraft. I just got carried away. And I wasn't alone. Every Brit sitting in the beach bar cum restaurant at Majorda, a village in south Goa, was talking about the newly built apartments.Many were snapped up on the spot by holidaymakers who for years have been returning to this fabulous 20-mile beach. Two other British couples had signed up that week and I overheard them chatting about their plans. So I just plunged in, buying the one remaining studio apartment.
Over the past 16 months, Eden Gardens has grown into a small community of Brits, a complex of 14 apartments in two blocks echoing traditional Portuguese style, with gardens and a swimming pool…The British are buying holiday and retirement homes in Goa at an extraordinary rate….what made Goa special was the people charming and caring, yet enterprising and funny; a unique mix of East and West, English-speaking, Indian with Portuguese ancestry… There are places in Goa to suit all tastes. Majorda is quiet with no nightlife other than good food and company and no new development, so potential property hunters will need to look elsewhere. Full text, 970 words, at


24 May: Navelim, Goa. MARIA LUISA FATIMA ALEMAO. Wife of Jose Wilson Antonio. Mother of Nessa/Jude De Mello(USA), Neva, Melissa/Sydney Simoes, Meave & Melchior. Sister of late Dr. Tamaturgo Godinho, Efigenia/late Joao Viegas, Fr Nazario Godinho, Antonio Paul/Tina, Garcia/Mariazinha, Idinha/Wilfred Pereira(UK), Hilda/Late Willy Vaz (UK), Sr.Gema (Galgania),Ninette/Late Erasmo Carvalho, Sofia. Sister-in-law of Trevina/Late George Alemao, Lorena/Late Antonio,D'Cruz, Melba/Late Antonio Gracias(Tanzania). Ligia(Tanzania).

24 May: Amadora, Lisbon. PROF. FRANCISCO XAVIER SILVEIRA. Brother of late Dr. Horacio, Ciriaco/Isabel, Vasco/Filomena, Sr.Gabriel (Tanzania), Terezinha/Adolfo and Virgino/Olympia.

22 May: Chandor, Goa. IVO CM ANTAO. Husband of Melba. Father of Jawahar (USA) and Rabindra. Brother of Flavio/Clara (Spain), Ivete/Anthony (London) & and Olympia/Seby.

21 May: UK: ZENOBIA MARITA FERNANDES. (Born 1988). Daughter of Zacarias & Estela Fernandes. Sister of Zezito & Zarina. Died under tragic circumstances in U.K.


Young, fair, good looking, female Solicitor would like to meet a Goan Catholic bachelor, preferably in the medical profession, of good height, up to or nearer the age of 38. Please reply with photo and full details to Ms P.B. D’Mello, 12 The Grove, Edgware, Middx HA8 9QB, UK.


Spanish tour operator to launch weekly charter to Goa from 3 Aug.
19 May: Business Line. Spanish tour operator, Club de Vacaciones, who are part of the Spanair group will operate weekly charter flights to Goa from August 3.

Jet Air brand building for London flights
20 May. While Jet is well known to the 1.2 million Indians and the agents who serve them in Britain, it will take time to establish itself among other possible clients.

Holidays with a Difference
21 May: The Independent (UK). Columnist Sue Arnold writes, “I was sent a Holidays with a Difference brochure the other day. Along with weaving in the Orkneys and forest craft in Oregon, it featured a 10-day colon-cleansing course in Goa. Now there's a coincidence. I recently met a thin woman at a party who'd just come back from a week's colon cleansing in India. It was the best vacation she'd ever had. Doesn't sound much like a holiday to me, I said, all that apple juice and fiddling about with bits of plastic tubing. That was only part of it, she said. To relax in the evenings they did Ayurvedic yoga with a yogi master who had had the membranes under his tongue removed so that he could bend it right back inside his head and massage his brain to gain wisdom.”

India, Germany to increase number of flights between them.
26 May: Zee News. After expanding its aviation ties with the US and UK, India today liberalised its air services agreement with Germany by increasing the total number of flights to 50 each week in both directions, German airlines are to have three additional points of call - Hyderabad, Goa and Kochi.

Make Hols Cash Goa Long Way
26 May: Daily Record (Scotland). Goa heads the league for sunseekers who want to be careful with their holiday cash, according to Thomas Cook's 2005 Cost of Holiday Living Index. This year's index shows the cheapest destinations are a mixture of long-haul and Mediterranean resorts. The main indicator used is the cost of a typical three-course meal in the resort. The Indian state of Goa is well ahead of the rest, with a typical cost of just £5 compared with second-placed Bulgaria at £7. Full text at click here.


Workshop on teaching Roman Script for Konkani in Mumbai
20 May. BellevisionGlobal. The workshop takes place on Sunday, 22nd May 2005 at Andheri East. It will be conducted by Rev. Dr. Pratap Naik, Linguistic scholar from Thomas Stephen Konkani Kendr, Goa.

Goa delays removal of River Princess
20 May: Indian Express. The government is in no rush to remove the wreck of the River Princess, which remains an eyesore on Candolim beach for the fifth year. Amid fears that the wreck will pollute the state’s beaches in the coming monsoon, senior state officials met today and decided to extend the tenure of the British company, Crosschem International Limited (CIL), which won the bid to remove the wreck. The company was to remove the River Princess by May 20. CIL has no expertise in towing away wrecks and sources said it is only equipped to dismantle ships already berthed. However, the ship has been stripped of all items of value, former CM Dr Wilfred de Souza said.

Goa: Football: Dempo claim first national league title
21 May: Soccernet (UK). Dempo club of Goa claimed their maiden national league title on Saturday, six months after their Brazilian-born striker Cristiano Junior collapsed and died on the pitch after colliding with a rival player.

Goa: Hotel industry gains from tax cuts
23 May: The chairman of the de Souza Group, Mr Ralph de Souza said that the concessions in luxury tax for the hotel industry, as provided by the Goa government, have proved to be very beneficial for the industry, since it has not only reduced the tax burden but also helped in investing back the profits in the marketing campaigns to increase the efficiency and pass the benefits to consumers.

BPL Mobile offers local dialling between Mumbai and Goa
24 May. The Hindu. BPL Mobile today announced that its subscribers in Mumbai will enjoy local dialling connectivity, on calls to rest of Maharashtra and Goa, making it the first mobile phone service provider to offer the facility in that region.

Planet Hollywood is coming to Goa
24 May. Rediff. Planet Hollywood, famous for providing dine-in experiences along with some of Hollywood's biggest stars plans to open one restaurant each in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa and Hyderabad. Overall, there are 28 Planet Hollywood restaurants in locations like the United States, Paris, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Beijing.


Interesting discussion has begun on why relatively few women are involved in discussions on Goanet. This also draws on some research on the gender divide in emailing. GVUK women readers, with surely, ever so much to say, would be especially welcomed to engage in communicating on Goanet.

Whether homosexuality is normal or abnormal has been hotly debated. Try and find out more about the range of arguments which have emerged to date.

Many Westerners now travel to Goa and other parts of India for medical and dental treatment because it is such good value for money. However, there is now a debate whether a two-tier service has emerged--a good one for affluent foreigners and a poor one for local people. Would GVUK readers consider seeking medical treatment in Goa? It might help to look up Goanet first for comments on this topic.

A very fascinating account of variations in the use of the Konkani language is provided by Jaime Couto. Did you know that there are at least six dialects in use? An account of the origins of Konkani is provided and how different variations crept into the original version.

Ruth DeSouza has presented a wonderful account on Goa, Migration and More: A Story of Many Journeys that span Generations. As many readers of GVUK have moved generationally from the Indian sub-continent, Ruth's vivid account of the reasons Goans left Goa from early times and settled in different parts of the world and how and why they kept moving is definitely an excellent read with very useful references too.

Finally, do find out if Hindu caste untouchability exists in Goa today. There is much to discover about this unusual theme.

Please visit the Goanet archives at To subscribe to Goanet send an email to


Are community groups really helping expats in need?
21 May. Khaleej Times. (Dubai). They are little Indias, China towns and mini Pakistans in Dubai promising help in a strange land to the migrant soul. But what do these groups offer to the truly lost? Khaleej Times investigates. Excerpt: Expat groups all over the world do some laudable work. … An expat-organisation called the Goa Sudharop works with supporting the Goa Schools Computers Project, which ships once-used Pentium computers to some of State's schools. For full text click here.

Sydney: Restaurant Review: Nilgiri's
21 May: Sydney Morning Herald. Nilgiri's menus changes regularly to feature different regional cuisines and this month the focus is on the cooking of Goa… lamb shank vindaloo…fish rechaido…creamy tomato red of Goan prawns. For full text click here

Mayor of all he surveys
23 May: Sunderland Today. Sunderland’s new Mayor is Bill Stephenson… his love of travel has led to leg-pulling from fellow councillors, especially his love of Goa, in India. For full text click here

Medical Tourism.
23 May: A recent 60 Minutes segment talked about medical tourism, a trend where an increasing number of uninsured Americans, unable to afford rising health-care costs here, are traveling east to Thailand and India to get bypass and hip replacement surgeries there. What would cost about $100,000 here would cost roughly $15,000 there, the report said. The package did sound attractive — have your surgery performed at a state-of-the-art Indian hospital by surgeons trained in the U.S., recuperate on the beaches of Goa, see the Taj Mahal and fly back home. For full text click here

The New Art of India
23 May: Mercury News (California). This fall, the Tate Modern in London will open a show of the paintings of F.N. Souza, one of the Progressives showing at ArtsIndia West. It will be the Tate's first solo show of a contemporary Indian artist.

Irrational drug use in India: A prescription survey from Goa. By Dr Vikram Patel and others. In JOURNAL OF POSTGRADUATE MEDICINE VOL 51 (no.1) (2005) pp. 9-12. Summary: There is concern regarding the irrational production, prescription and use of drugs in India. This study aimed to describe the quality of prescriptions by medical practitioners, including both the layout of the prescription and the type and number of drugs prescribed. For full text click here.

UK: TV HIGHLIGHTS By Mafalda de’Sa

Wed.1/6: Channel 5: 7.15pm(45mins) Killer Leopard of India
Conflict between humans and animals is on the rise as India's wilderness shrinks due to the burgeoning population encroaching on wildlife habitat. Biologist Advait Edgaonakar and cameraman Praveen Singh visit the sites of the big cat attacks and talk to forest rangers.

Fri.3/6: BBC 1: 9.30pm(30mins) The Kumars at No.42

Guests: "Absolutely Fabulous" star Joanna Lumley and jockey Frankie Dettori run the gaunt of mediocre interviewing in this chat show spoof.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 29 May. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

SOLD OUT! Sun 29 May - G.O.A. May Ball/Anniversary Ball SOLD OUT!

Sun 29 May 1.00pm - 8.30pm 5th. Bakuli Reunion (Uganda) at Archibishop Lanfranc School Croydon. Music by Mustang. Disco by "DJO" Adult £12.00: child (2 - 12)£ 6.00 (includes meal). Tickets and further information: Tony Lobo 0208 542 0528, Reg Da Cunha 0207 732 2659, e-mail Ms Theo Pinto 0208 302 5385.

Mon. 30 May. TIATR – Goan Cultural Society proudly presents, Larryboy’s “UTT BOS”, at Archbishop LanFranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon at 3.00 p. m sharp. For details and tickets contact: Bella – 020 8372 1253, Rosy 020 8352 9450, Camilo 0208 801 3637 or see

Sat. 4 Jun. Mid Summer Nights Dream - dancing to the sounds of Maz & Co at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 3AS commencing at 6.30 p.m. This is a charity function and all proceeds will be donated to the Pilar Priests and the HIV Orphanage in Goa. Contact: Juliette or Jason 020 - 8765 0258 / 07958 537314.

Sun. 5 Jun. 3.00pm Special Holy Mass for the tsunami victims of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands will be celebrated by Bishop Alex Dias sfx, at St George's Cathedral, St George's Road, Southwark, London SE1 7HY, followed by an opportunity to meet him. More information from the Asian Chaplaincy 0208-563-9102

Sun. 19 Jun. Siolim Feast. For further details Contact: Edwin Athayde - 020 8679 5514

Sun. 26 Jun. G.O.A. Family Day/Junior Football Tournament - Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Rd Croydon CR9 3AS: Teams from Village Organisations welcome. £1.00 per player. Start time 9.30am. Closing date for entries 12/6/05. Entry forms & conditions available from 020-8764-8780 / 020-8251-2737; 020-7217-6330(Work). 020-8658-7769 or 020-8856-6018
Family day – Health Sessions 12 noon to 1pm – Diabetic session by DSN Erica Figueira. 1pm to 2pm - Healthy Lifestyle by Dr Agnelo Fernandes MBE. Indoor activities – Carrom, Card Games. Entry: Free.

Sun. 26 Jun. Benaulim Feast details to follow

Sun. 26 Jun. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sun 3rd July Aldona Association - Celebration of St Thomas' feast at White Hart Lane School, White Hart Lane N22. Mass 12pm. Music by Revival and Say One Do One. Tickets- Members £7, Non Members £8 and Children £5. Contact Alfred Louzado 020 8737 7786, Marilyn Moniz 020 8441 9075, Caroline Fernandes 020 8952 0435.

Sat 9 Jul. Swindon. Konkani Dramatic Association, UK presents a Konkani Musical Show "Goencho Avaz". Top Comedians and Singers from Goa will be touring UK, Canada, France, Portugal and USA. For further information contact Domacian Moniz: 0208 376 1609 / 07940 501196. Or email at:


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