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7 Sep: The Hindu. Goa all spruced up for `Chovoth' as people head back to their ancestral homes Bursting of crackers by children is a feature of the festival. Women dance the rhythmic `Fugadi' a traditional folk dance, by chanting hymns before the Ganesha idol while the men join them with tablas, cymbals and harmonium, singing the aratis.For full text Click here
7 Sep: Navhind Times. Eleven-day Ganesh festival begins today. Click here.

Gavin D'Costa: Videoclip of 6 Sep TV interview
6 Sep: Dr Gavin D'Costa was interviewed today, in English, by Dutch TV. He spoke about his childhood in Nairobi and the influence of living with other communities there. This has led to him specialising in inter-religious philosophy.
Gavin is the son of Francis Bernard and Lucy Mary Elizabeth D'Costa (nee Vas); brother of Audrey. For a GVUK profile of him click here.
To see the videoclip (23mins) select the picture on the top of the page after clicking here.

Don't cry for Lenny or Ernie: By Bertram de Souza (ex-Uganda)
14 Aug: The Vindicator (Youngstown, Ohio, USA). Bertram de Souza is a journalist for the newspaper. This is an example of his hard-hitting style: “If the wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the family of mobster Ernest A. Biondillo against the Mahoning Valley's Mafia boss, Lenine "Lenny" Strollo, makes you chuckle, the claim of bankruptcy by Strollo and his wife, Antoinette Russo, should have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Both, the Biondillo family suit against Strollo for ordering the hit on his rival in the Valley's organized crime enterprise and the bankruptcy filing, evoke the same reaction: What gall!” For full text click here
Small wonder then that The American Journalism Review has a feature article [3408 words] profiling him. Extracts: De Souza arrived in the United States in 1969, an eager 19-year-old from Kampala, Uganda … In 1972, after obtaining his bachelor's degree in journalism at Kansas State University, he lost his home … De Souza's parents and sister fled to England, his brother to Canada. Bertram De Souza remained in Kansas … He sent out 300 résumés before receiving a call from the Vindicator editor. …His opponents have urged him for years to "get on his elephant" and go back to Africa or India. Others privately spew derogatory epithets for Indians. Full text of the article click here
Gleaned from a telephone interview: Bertram's parents were the late Damascene and late Amy de Souza. Damascene was born in Goa (Tivim); Amy in Kampala. Her parents were Eugene and Mary Pinto. Bertram's brother, Herman, lives in Ottawa. His sister, Annabelle is married to Stephen Halliday and they live in Tring, Herts, UK. Bertram was Goan School, Kampala for 8 years. You may congratulate him at

Melbourne: Glen Coutinho: Selling In Style
4 Sep: Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne). Dressing up your property before sale may require you to spend a few dollars, but it could add thousands to the sale price. Hocking Stuart Hawthorn's Glen Coutinho warns that after your house has had a thorough going-over, you may not want to sell it …
Glen is married to Simone and they have four children aged from six months to nine years old.
For his home page, profile, achievements, testimonials & contact details click here

Gorgonio Lobo: A Centenary Birthday Tribute. - Online Congratulations.
You have till midnight GMT today, Thursday, to add your name to the online greetings. We have 93 messages so far. Can we get 100? To send your message or to check it out click here!

Floyd Cardoz: Sauteing With The Stars
12 Sep: Time (U.S. Edition). Ever wish you could meet and eat with your favorite celebrity chef? Now you can choose from a growing number of gastronomic getaways designed to let ordinary cooks rub (and sometimes bend) elbows with the superstars of the kitchen. It's a tasty way to learn the tricks of the culinary trade.
New York: The Gourmet Institute Dates: Oct. 21-23, '05 This venerable cookaway program offers classes by some of the world's most celebrated chefs, including Floyd Cardoz … Check the link below for a GVUK profile of Floyd Cardoz.

“Goan English" in the UK, a discussion on the sci.language network
7 Sep: sci.lang.alt.usage.english. Quote: In his book The Stories of English, David Crystal reports that "y’all (is) used in the UK, by a number of people, of various ages and ethnic backgrounds.
Matthew Huntbach writes: My mother-in-law was Goan (i.e. from Goa in India, like most UK Goans, via East Africa), and "you-all" (rather than "y'all") was absolutely standard from her as second person plural. It was always understood that when she addressed either me or my wife as "you-all" she meant both of us. [From Fred Noronha’s post on GoaNet. For full text click here].
Many older East African Goans use you’ll as the written form of you-all. Another common trait is to avoid using the interrogative – for example, instead of “Will you do it?” they will say “You will do it?” and instead of “Don’t you know?” we have “You don’t know?” the tone rising at the end of the sentence to indicate a question is being asked.

Boffins In Fast Lane

7 Sep: Birmingham Evening Mail. Keith Noronha is managing director of Reynolds Technology. City boffins have found the right formula to help develop the next generation of top performance racing bikes. Experts at Birmingham University took to the saddle with Reynolds Technology to produce new frames to give a valuable advantage to athletes in events such as the Olympics and Tour de France.

[Keith Noronha was born in Nairobi (1955) studied at St Mary's School Nairobi and Queen Mary College London 1975-78 (Engineering). He married Barbara in 1982 and they have one daughter Tanya, age 11. Keith is the son of John Francis (died 2003, played hockey for the GI) and Marcia (died 1986). Keith’s brother Derek is the Technical Manager at Bonusprint in London. For an account of his business see]


5 Sep. Palmers Green, London. MANUEL FRANCISCO RODRIGUES (known as M. ROD Tiatrist, ex Nairobi). Husband of Flora Rodrigues. Funeral on Mon. 12 Sept. at 9.30am at St. Monica's Catholic Church, Stonard Road, Palmers Green London N13. Burial at New Southgate Cemetery, Brunswick Park Road, London N14. Condolences to:

7 Sep: Quepem, Goa. ANASTAZIO (SONNY) MASCARENHAS. Husband of Ira Mascarenhas, Brother of Adolfo and Ophelia Mascarenhas of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, late Dominic. Uncle of Angelo and Chris Mascarenhas.


Goa Govt sees rise in number of chartered flights
2 Sep: Business Line. With Goa poised for a big leap in arrivals of the chartered flights for the season ahead, Dabolim International airport is gearing up to allow the landing of the flights throughout the week. Night operations are likely to be effectively implemented from this season … Goa has been fast emerging as one of the favoured international destinations … The season has already begun with a Spain Air flight which arrived in the first week of August. 864 words. For full text click here.

Cookery Tours served up by On The Go
2 Sep: Travel & Trade Gazette. Holiday On The Menu will run 17 tours featuring countries like Australia, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico and Vietnam. The idea grew out of a Goa cookery tour started two years ago, which attracts 150 people annually.

A lesson from the rain man
3 Sep: Straits Times (Singapore). There was a most astonishing story on the front page of the Wall Street Journal last week. Goa markets itself in the Middle East as a 'monsoon destination'. During last year's monsoon season, about 55,000 tourists from rain-starved Arab countries visited the former Portuguese colony. The attractions at its resorts include water sports, 'rain-dance floors' in open-air discotheques, 'rain walks', contests to see who can fill plastic tubs with rainwater fastest, and just sitting in the rain sipping pina coladas. Goanese resort operators liken the wet experience they offer to the joy Westerners find in snow. Rich Europeans and Americans go to ski resorts to frolic in the snow; rich Arabs go to Goa to soak up water. What an unlikely pitch. Who would have dared predict that such an outlandish idea could have succeeded? But succeed it did.

Pizza, Pasta and Passion
5 Sep. Afternoon (Bombay). Italian photographer and chef Sarjano has his own Italian restaurant in Vagator, Goa called 'My Place', a divine little place, where food is worship. A compulsive flirt, looking for an Indian bride, Sarjano is a passionate man, When he is not around a 13-year-old Muslim girl runs the restaurant. His new book 'Food is Home' is not a recipe book but “about methods of cooking that will help people cook better.” Sarjano is opening the a month-long Italian cooking course - the fee is Rs. 5,000 per week, half price for women, The course will be held in Vagator, Goa. For details write to 481 words. For full text click here.


5 Sep 2005: Road Junky Guide: Goa. Excerpts:
Articles: The Ambience of Goa; The Trance Parties Goa; A Season in Goa: Excerpt: Between getting robbed, extorted by the cops and going insane, a season in Goa was only for the brave.
Goa Ambience: The pig toilet
Meet the Goans. Excerpt “in churches those with darker skin tend to be ushered to the back pews in an unspoken caste segregation.”
Check it out at:

UK: BT Privacy at Home: Free Services
BT Privacy at Home enables you to see who's calling before you pick up the phone with free Caller Display.
Blocks unwanted sales calls with the Free Telephone Preference Service
Also: Protect your PC against dial-up fraud
BT customers sign up by calling 0800 121 8000 or logging on to


Goa: Shunned HIV Patients Driven to Suicide.
2 Sep: South China Morning Post (Hong Kong). The death of a young married couple in April in Goa baffled relatives and neighbours and made newspaper headlines as police failed to find a motive. The forensic doctors later found that they and their unborn child were HIV-positive and realised that they had committed suicide. Some doctors said the couple would be alive today if they had received proper counselling. "We have only five counsellors in Goa, while the state has an estimated 8,000 HIV and Aids sufferers. The hospitals badly need a smarter counselling infrastructure to handle such HIV cases," said a doctor.

Goa to Be Permanent Venue for Film Festival
2 Sep: Govt. of India Press Information Bureau.
Cannes, Venice, Berlin... Goa?
2 Sep: Yahoo India News. …don't be surprised if you see the backpackers melting away and being replaced by the likes of international film stars …if Goa seriously wants to be considered - as it should - to become a showcase to the cinema world, it should not only think of replacing the feni bottles with some bubbly, but also replace the circus mentality that afflicts our film festivals with a mix of business and show business.
6 Sep: Hindustan Times. Goa has finally been accepted and named as the permanent venue for the annual International Film Festival of India (Iffi) … However, before we rejoice and order a peg of feni, Goa needs to leverage and garner judicious media attention, critical acclaim and set an artistic standard ... Let's hope that the Goa susegad (relaxed) attitude won't be applied to Iffi and that sometime in the future Goa will indeed be taken as seriously as Cannes, Berlin and Toronto. For full text click here.
6 Sep. Variety (USA). Fest settles in Goa. Excerpts: The festival was canceled in 2001 because the host city of Bangalore lacked sufficient water supply … This year's edition, skedded to run Nov. 24-Dec. 2, will feature an expanded competition section open to African and Latin American films apart from the usual Asian films. For full text click here.

Goa: Churchill hailed for his stand on airport
2 Sep. Herald. Cortalim MLA Matanhy Saldanha has congratulated MP Churchill Alemao for his demand to restore total civilian control over Dabolim airport as an international airport instead of Mopa airport. Saldanha said that Churchill is the first MP who had the courage to tell the government of India that the Dabolim airport is a totally civilian airport illegally occupied since 1961.

Goa: Churchill Alemao not happy silence over Dabolim airport
4 Sep: Navhind Times. The South Goa MP, Mr Churchill Alemao observed that it seemed that Goan politicians were not interested in the welfare of the state as they were supporting the proposed Mopa airport project while maintaining a stoic silence over the Dabolim airport issue.

Illegal guns trade in Goa
4 Sep: Herald. Illicit guns cost anything between Rs 2,000 and Rs 15,000.

Irregularities in Goa stamp paper sale unearthed
6 Sep: Business Standard. A multi-crore stamp paper scam is surfacing in Goa, according to a report from the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), for 2004, which says an “unexplained difference” of over Rs 30 crore between the sale and registration of the non-judicial impressed stamps paper. For full text click here.

Goa rich in bank deposits
8 Sep: Herald. It has recently been officially made public that the scheduled commercial banks in Goa have more than three million deposit accounts. And the amount in term deposit (fixed deposit) itself is more than Rs 9200 crores.

Mapusa garbage trucks detained, 4 workers held
8 Sep: Herald. Attempts by Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) to dispose garbage triggered yet another round of tension on Wednesday, when four MMC workers were arrested while dumping garbage at the proposed dumping site near Housing Board Colony at Assagao.


For a quick summary of news from Goa, one would find Goanet News Bytes in Brief quite useful. This is updated frequently.

Once more, we have insightful and witty views from Ethel Da Costa. Her latest, not to be missed contribution, is titled " The Tourism Gospel According to Dr. Willy?"

Well? Would Goan Voice (UK) readers want one or two airports in Goa? Do have your say on this matter by following the lively discussion on Goanet.

Finally, discussion on a decline in Church attendance in Mumbai is discussed as well as the issue about decorum when attending church generally. Are mini skirts and spaghetti straps acceptable?

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to


UK: ICICI Bank currently offering 5.4% interest BUT beware of poor service
ICICI has branches in Goa and one in London. Their UK branch has the HiSAVE savings account paying 5.4% AER. Deposits can start from £1, the rate guaranteed to be at least 0.25% above base rate until December 2007. For details click here. But customer feedback not too good - for the survey click here.

Asian firms 'good for UK economy'
1 Sep: BBC. Asians in the UK account for more than £100bn of the country's economic output, a study suggests. The survey found Asians - who make up 4% of the UK population - accounted for 10% of economic output.

UK: Asians 'risk fatal liver disease'
2 Sep: BBC. Tens of thousands of Asian people living in the UK risk dying from liver disease, researchers fear. Their work suggests most first generation Asians infected with hepatitis C as children abroad go on to develop potentially fatal liver damage.

Theory ties mad cow disease to Indian funerals
2 Sep: The Guardian. BSE may have started in cattle because they ate imported animal feed that included infected human remains from Hindu funeral ceremonies in India, a controversial new theory on the origin of the disease, published in the Lancet has suggested.,12559,1561293,00.html
For links to other news reports about this alert click here.

Lesson of the week: Paralytic rabies after a two week holiday in Goa
3 Sep: British Medical Journal (bmj.331.7515.501). During a two week holiday to Goa, a woman had been bitten by a dog; she was walking in the street when a puppy on a lead nipped her on the left leg … she was not aware of the risk of rabies … Although rabies is more likely after the bite of a stray or rabid dog, our case shows that even an apparently innocuous bite from a pet must be considered carefully. 2,276 words.
Editorial: Avoiding rabies
3 Sep. British Medical Journal (bmj. 331.7515.469). Get vaccinated before travel, avoid animals, and get help urgently if bitten. 1142 words.
2 Sep: BBC. Rabies warning over minor bites.
30 Jul: BMJ. Foreign visitors to India are unaware of rabies risk.
24 Jul: Deccan Herald [Reaction of Dr Wilfred De Souza, Goa’s Health (and Tourism) Minister.
For links to other news reports about this alert check the link below.

UK: Patak’s goes for chilled diversity
3 Sep: The Grocer. Patak’s is leading an assault on the own label-dominated chilled ethnic food shelves with a range of snacks and chilled sauces. It follows trials of premium chilled sauces including Goan Masala (rsp: £1.99). Fiona Mannion, Patak’s group director, marketing, said the 500g tubs had received a “reasonably enthusiastic response” with Asda shoppers but that it had decided to develop a more “evolved” point-of-purchase concept.

Old spice and new. Book Review: Curry: A Biography
3 Sep: the Scotsman. Book Review: Curry: A Biography. By Lizzie Collingham Chatto & Windus, £16.99. Excerpt: … The Portuguese brought the chilli from the Caribbean to Goa and Christianity to a land of Hindus and Muslims (by 1650 two-thirds of Goans had converted to Catholicism out of self-interest; keen to oblige their new masters, former Hindus began eating beef and former Muslims began to eat pork)

Indian health care going global
4 Sep: Times of India. First, it was our nurses. Then, our highly-specialised doctors. And now, it’s top hospital chains and diagnostic centres in India that are grabbing the spotlight abroad. Or at least, are trying to. They are either opening branches abroad or having tie-ups with hospitals there. So even as medical tourism is the in-thing here, ‘exporting’ medical chains is also in.

India offers $5 million for Katrina-hit New Orleans
4 Sep: Financial Express.

UK: Forced marriage 'could be banned'
5 Sep: BBC. Parents who coerce their children into forced marriages could face prosecution under proposals unveiled by ministers.

Bombay: Food Court: Restaurant Review
6 Sep: Mumbai Newsline: Review of two Goan restaurants - Gable’s and New Martin.

Tourist to appeal over Goa murder
6 Sep: BBC. Adrian Duggan who was sentenced to life in Goa for murdering Catherine Campbell his girlfriend is to appeal against his conviction. Duggan denied murder and claimed that both he and Ms Campbell were assaulted by a late-night intruder.

The Young Guns
6 Sep: Gold Coast Bulletin (Australia). Michelle Merrifield, 24 is co-owner of Essence of Living Yoga & Pilates studio at Mermaid Beach. She is currently planning a three-week trip to the Purple Valley in Goa, India, over Christmas.

New York: Restaurants
7 Sep: New York Times. A Tasting Menu of the Restaurants to Come. Excerpt: Mint - Former Devi and Cafe Spice chefs will provide a contemporary spin to curries, regional specialties from Goa and dishes from the tandoor: 150 East 50th Street.

UK: TV HIGHLIGHTS By Mafalda de’Sa

Sat. 10/9 Travel Channel Plus: 11am (30mins) A Taste of Travel: Kenya.
Today we find Gène in Africa, keen as ever to discover local recipes and produce in the markets of Mombasa. He samples sweet potatoes and pili-pili on the beach and gets to try grilled zebra, impala and crocodile! There's also a flight over Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Masai Mara and a tour of the plains in search of some big game - but thankfully just as an observer, rather than a chef!

Wed. 14/9: Channel 4: 11.05pm (130mins) Kama Sutra
Lavish erotic drama starring Naveen Andrews, Sarita Choudhry and RamonTikaram. India in the 16th century: Maya an independently minded servant girl, finds the attention of the young king, jeopardise a childhood friendship.

Fri. 16/9: Channel 4: 9.30 (30mins) Meet the Magoons
5/6.Kurry Karaoke. A hair-brained scheme to drum up trade for the beleaguered restaurant. Comedy of sorts.

Sat. 10/9: BBC World service: 6.30pm (60mins) Play of the Week.

Out of Bounds by Rajesh Gopie A comic yet moving family history about a family of South African Indians growing up in Natal.

Sun. 11/9: BBC Radio 3: 10.15pm (105 mins) Andy Kershaw
Featuring a studio session from former Sudanese child soldier Emmanuel Jal, now one of East Africa's most successful rap musicians.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon


Sun. 18 Sep. G.O.A. Trook Tournament at the ATC Hall, South Wimbledon. Contacts: Jacinto Fernandes 020 - 8542 5427. Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663, Lazarus Rato 020 – 8767 0342.

Sun. 25 Sep. 5.00pm - The Asian Chaplaincy. Konkani Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady & St Christopher's Catholic Church, 32 High Street, Cranford, Middlesex

Sat 1 Oct. HELP A POOR CHILD. 25th Anniversary Gala Ball - Harrow Leisure Centre, 7.00p.m. to 3.00a.m. Music by Mustang, Dark Star, Say One Do One and other entertaining artists. Visit the HAPC web site for more details

Sun 2 Oct. 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm. Whist Drive. St Ignatius Church, 27 High Road, Stamford Hill, London N15 6ND. Event repeats on the first Sunday of every month and no reminders will be published. Contact Regina 020 8808 7091

Sat 8 Oct. Ballroom Dancing Bow Tie Charity Ball at Polish White Eagle Club, Balham, London SW17. Contact: Jacinto Fernandes 020 – 8542 5427

Sun 16 Oct. Uganda Reunion. 32nd Anniversary Uganda Reunion from noon to 7.00pm at Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees, Grove, Streatham, SW16. Music by Maz N Co & fantasy Disco. Children's Magic Show, Raffle &Novelty Dances. Contact Christine De Souza Tel no: 0208 310 2332.

Sun 16 Oct. G.O.A. DOUBLES CARROM TOURNAMENT. (Ladies, Men & Children) Venue to be advised. Contacts: Richard Fernandes 020 - 8300 5347, Viju De Souza, 01784 430547, Lazarus Rato 020 – 8767 0342.



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