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Jason Lobo: £450k to probe £90 bill
12 Aug: Sun (UK). A cop today attacked bosses for wasting £450,000 investigating him over an expense claim for just £90. PC Jason Lobo was suspended on full pay for three years while a probe was carried out into the petrol bill. A court cleared him of any wrongdoing last year — but Lancashire police pressed ahead with their own investigation ... PC Lobo, 37, from Blackburn, is now suing the force for racial discrimination. Click here.
Jason Lobo is a former British international runner. He was the UK 800m champion and took part in the 1998 Commonwealth Games and 1999 World Championships.

Patricia Rozario has fans spellbound
11 Aug. The Harrogate Advertiser. Internationally acclaimed soprano Patricia Rozario and her accompanist Paul Turner offered a programme of British songs to the audience at their concert ... Patricia Rozario's repertoire ranges from Baroque to contemporary music and her versatility ranges from the operatic stage to the concert platform. In this concert, supported by the excellent accompaniment of Paul Turner, Patricia displayed her variety of vocal tone colour with its clarity of articulation and warmth.

Ian D'Sa: Honest Talent
12 Aug: Montreal Gazette. ..."We try to differentiate ourselves from the rest by not falling into genre traps," said Ian D'Sa, guitarist, backup vocalist and co-songwriter for the group, and co-producer on the new album. "A lot of bands write music because they want to be part of a scene. That's not what fuels us. We like to write music that breaks boundaries, and that is challenging to us personally.
That gives us a unique style, and it's more gratifying." ... The combination of hefty riffs and pop hooks might seem incongruous, but D'Sa is strategic about fusing the disparate elements of the band's sound ... While ear-splitting volume is the main objective of many hard rock acts, D'Sa prioritizes songwriting. Click here.


Funeral Notice
4 Aug. Basingstoke, Hants, UK. JOANITA GOMEZ. Wife of Oscar. Mother of Audrey and Carl. Grandmother to Holly Jessica Pyne. Sister of Olive, Leandro, Alex, Alba, Bertha, and Marjorie. Funeral will be held on Fri. 18 Aug. at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Basingstoke, at 11.00hrs, and burial at Worting Road Cemetery and thereafter the wake at The Hampshire Centrecourt Hotel. Condolences to

2 Aug. London. CELINA (SYLVIA) MENEZES. Wife of late Avelino (Paklu) Menezes, Mother of Rosaline/Fermino(London), Maggie/Tony, Diana/Antonio, Tereza/Emidio. Funeral was on 11th Aug. in Bastora, Goa.


Get away from it all
12 Aug: Financial Times ... A couple of months ago, a friend recounted her annual trial booking a room at the end of the year in Goa. She had just been told by one boutique hotel that they would not take a booking during that period for a stay of less than seven nights. She eventually paid $600 a night at another hotel ...

What I love...and hate
12 Aug:Scottish Daily Record. By Alex Carter - who plays Lee Hunter in Hollyoaks ... I went to Goa, right, in India last year. That was quality because you don't have to worry about anything. You can just get out there and relax. It was nice living in a beach hut and taking it easy.

Goa To Retire
12 Aug: Mirror (UK). Q: I have taken early retirement and I have always envied people who spend several weeks abroad in the winter. Do you have any suggestions?
A: I would try Goa. It's hotter, cheaper and friendlier than Spain. Specialist tour operator Goa Way features weekly scheduled flights from Heathrow on Sri Lankan Airlines via Colombo. Long stays are on offer from three to six weeks with prices starting from £539pp. Contact Goa Way on 0870 890 7800 or


RBI to check foreigners’ land deals
12 Aug. Navhind Times. The Chief Secretary, Mr J P Singh today said that the government plans to hand over all the 438 cases, pertaining to purchase of land by the foreigners in Goa to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Click here.

CM Warns Against Land Deals
16 Aug. Herald. Chief Minister Pratapsing Rane has called for efforts to create an awareness both among the tourists and locals that immoveable property cannot be bought by foreign tourists. The chief minister said there are several cases where tourists have bought land in Goa.

Do Not Target Foreigners. By P. Smith
The current situation regarding Foreigners seems to me as though racism is being stirred up in the community in Goa. Now the Western Newspapers have taken up the handle and are warning people of the unrest and downright intolerance of some Goan Politicians and it's people...


AIDS Discrimination
11 Aug. Reuters A growing number of countries are supporting coercive or discriminatory HIV testing programs that fail to ensure confidentiality, a U.S. human rights group said on Thursday ahead of an international AIDS conference … Human Rights Watch also cited the government of the Indian state of Goa for wanting mandatory premarital testing …

Goa Cabinet Gives Nod to Austrian Drug Peddler’s Release
11 Aug: Austria Today. Favourably responding to the mercy petition of Bernard Mooshammer, an Austrian under-trial arrested on the charge of peddling drugs, the Goa government today decided to recommend commutation of his sentence, facilitating his early release on humanitarian grounds. He had already undergone eight-and-a-half years of imprisonment at Fort Aguada Central Jail. He was arrested on November 30, 1996, for possessing 1.3 kg of charas and sentenced to imprisonment for about 11 years. 142 words.

Real estate firms on expansion path
12 Aug: Asian Age. With the total investment of Rs 55.40 crores, the Delhi-based Parsvanath Developers Limited will be constructing shopping malls and hotels in Panjim, Goa, where the company has won the auction for a prime plot of land with its bid at Rs 45,100 per sq. metre for the entire 12,290 sq. metre.

Goa airport turns a fortress
12 Aug. Herald. With the introduction of closed circuit TV cameras, added CISF personnel, armed patrol teams, a new security drill that includes biometric measures and frisking of passengers, international and domestic passengers may find Dabolim airport turned into a fortress. While the terror threat at London’s Heathrow airport has reverberated at Dabolim airport and set up a slew of security checks on all domestic and international flights.

Goa Witnesses Spate of Drownings
14 Aug: NDTV. During the past week 12 tourists have drowned while swimming at sea in Goa … With lifeguards on the beaches going on an indefinite strike the tempting holiday season is now slowly turning into a nightmare … The number of tragedies along the Goa coast is a grim reminder to the state government on the safety of tourist visiting the state. Click here.

Sly Dealing
15 Aug: Express Hotelier. Recently, a very prominent plot in Goa owned by settlers of Portuguese origin managed to free itself from the hands of a crooked politician through the intervention of its embassy … the politician decided to literally tear panchayat records in order to claim that land as his own … However, strong resistance and intervention by an international government helped the owners to save their land.

Rajan Narayan. By Philip Knightley.
21 Aug: India Today. Rajan Narayan is a journalist in Goa. He came across some questionable practices among local politicians and thought his readers ought to know. The politicians warned him off, but he took no notice. Late one night a group of goondas set on him and beat him within an inch of his life … Rajan Narayan became a people's champion, and when he decided to start his own weekly, Goan Observer, a couple of years ago, they backed him with their savings.


Mass-marketing sex tourism
11 Aug. Le Monde Diplomatique, France. Sexual tourism, a mercantile form of extreme leisure with its roots in prostitution, is on the rise … There is a specific geography of sexual tourism: women go to Goa, Jamaica and Gambia …

Book Review: Invisible Armies by Jon Evans. HarperCollins. $19.95
12 Aug. Montreal Gazette ...It all starts when Danielle Leaf, rich but aimless, agrees to do a favour for a friend. She's studying yoga in India when her pal Kieran asks her to take something to a woman in a remote rural region. Near her destination, Danielle is abducted and hurled into a shadowy world where nothing is exactly as it seems. She meets a sexy former French Legionnaire named Laurent who helps her escape from her captors to Goa, where she and Laurent begin a passionate affair ...

Travel industry braces for big drop in air traffic
11 Aug: National Post. Canada. ...''The age of convenient, cheap travel may well be over,'' said Joseph D'Cruz, a strategy professor at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management who follows the airline industry. ''I think this thing is one of the most significant events in aviation history.'' Click here.


We are told via Goanet that, Indra Nooyi working for PepsiCo will replace Steve Reinemund as chief executive in October, making her one of the most powerful women in American business. Madras born Ms Nooyi,50, who is currently chief financial officer at the fizzy drinks-to-snacks producer will take over on Oct 1, 2006. Hopefully even more women will reach dizzy heights traditionally available to men.
The tourist season in Goa is now open 365 days a year and a particular problem has been highlighted on Goanet. Are tourists made sufficiently aware that it is dangerous to venture into the sea during the monsoons? Apart from the fact that life guards are not generally available during the monsoons, too many deaths among tourists occur because of a lack of awareness of the dangers. There is an urgent need to rectify the situation in Goa.
An interesting point came up on Goanet as to why Muslims of Pakistani origins are linked to terrorism in the UK and not (as far as we know), Muslims of Indian origin. Several fascinating observations on this issue emerged on Goanet from sources in the Goan Diaspora.
Well, do Goan Voice (UK) readers delve into the issue of whether there is something called a soul and whether there is life after death? Strangely, I am not sure if our ageing and increasing awareness of our mortality has got people to raise such issues. But there is so much on Goanet to help us unravel such issues. Indeed, nuggets from Goanet are likely to encourage wider reading on the above and related issues. Hopefully, GV(UK) readers will follow up such reading and then make their own contributions to Goanet.
Finally, is it fair and reasonable to see Adolf Hitler as a Catholic believer and a practising Catholic for all of his life? This may sound like an outrageous proposition but it most certainly made it on Goanet. This is because Goanet is a mine of information for material one may not find elsewhere. It is my contention that, GV(UK) readers simply can't afford not to switch on to Goanet on our computer screens.

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to

UK: TV HIGHLIGHTS By Lira Fernandes

Film: Sea Wolves. Channel 4
Sat. 19 Aug. 16:30 (130 mins). Factually based World War II action drama about a mission to knock out a German radio transmitter aboard a ship docked in neutral Goa which is devastating Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean. Starring David Niven, Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and Trevor Howard. 1980. (Repeat)

Idi Amin: The Man Who Ate His Archbishop's Liver. Channel: History
Tue. 22 Aug 06, 00:00 (60 mins). Documentary about Idi Amin, who was responsible for the killing of as many as half a million people during his eight-year Ugandan dictatorship between 1971 and 1979 (Repeat)

Living the Dream: Goan Bonkers. Channel: UK Style
Wed. 23 Aug 01:00 (60 mins). Series following people who set up their dream businesses. A couple who left the country to open a pub in Goa, India run into chaos - they arrive in monsoon season, do battle with Indian bureaucrats, must learn to cope with the vagaries of the local workforce and find their feet in the expat community (Repeat)


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 26 Aug South East Goans Day Trip to Dunkirk & De Panne. Family & Friends day out. Shopping and Seaside Tour - picnic at the beach. Closing date- 29-05-06. Contact Chris 01322 400 732 or Ron 0208 303 3386

Sun. 27 Aug. G.O.A. Sports Day at Archbishop Lanfranc School. Contact: Peter Rodrigues 020 - 8399 4883. For stall applications: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457

Sat. 2 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Thames Boat Cruise & Disco in conjunction with YLGS. Reporting time 6.15pm, sailing at 7.00pm. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Alison Braganza 07799 586793 or any member of the Social Committee.

Sat. 10 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Whist Drive from 1pm – 7pm at St Boniface Social Club, Tooting. Contact: Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663, Felix Pereira -

Sat. 30 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Shopping Extravaganza. Day Trip to France. Pick up points at Greenford, Tooting & Norbury. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Bernie Gracias 020 – 8723 1322.


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