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£25 received from Cynthia Ward and Reg Da Cunha.

Canada: Dr Quincy Almeida: Parkinson’s Disease Specialist
5 Jul: The (Canada). Kinesiologist Quincy Almeida of Wilfrid Laurier University heads an innovative community-based research centre that focuses on treatment strategies for people with Parkinson's and other movement disorders … Almeida, 32, is an acknowledged world leader in rehabilitation research in movement disorders. For full text, 1536 words, click here.
Quincy is the son of Odette and Magneric Almeida (ex Kenya Police Officer) now currently residing in Mississauga, Ontario, and brother of Gwen and Gigi. Married to Erin, he has a son, Malcolm, 2. For the Quincy Almeida bio page and links click here.
For a descriptive article about his work click here.

UK: Swindon Mela
31 Jul: Swindon Advertiser. … the fourth Swindon Mela exceeded all expectations … Dance groups performed various South Asian routines including Bollywood, Bhangra and traditional Goan dance. For full text, 508 words, click here.
The photo shows Melba Dias-Sheffield (ex-Uganda), who takes an active part each year in the event. She baked a gigantic cake and organised the cookery demonstration stall.

UK: Golf: John Fernandes: Junior finalist
16 Aug: Enfield Independent. Up-and-coming Enfield golfer John Fernandes is this week competing in the national finals of the Golf Foundation Junior Championships. He is one of 90 youngsters battling it out over 36 holes at the Marriott Forest of Arden Golf & Country Club. The contest is a special event in golf's amateur calendar, as it allows many of the young players to compete against each other in a scratch medal at national level for the first time. Some 5,000 teenagers entered the competition. Click here.
For the GVUK John Fernandes supplement click here.

Goan victim of racism in the UK
On 18 August The Herald published a letter from E. Pinto of South Shields, UK alleging that a Goan boy was bashed by three white people at South Shields … “The police on arrival weren't able to do anything, neither did they provide any first aid to the victim. In short this incident was totally ignored.” Full text at
From Eddie Fernandes: I contacted South Shields Police soon after I read of the incident. The police claim that they were at the scene within 5 minutes of it being reported to them. The victim was taken to the local police station where he received first aid. Evidently he had been attacked by two men. The victim was also shown photographs of possible suspects but he was unable to identify his attackers from them. The investigation is on-going. The police are studying close circuit images of the vicinity at the time and “are hopeful” of making arrests. They have undertaken to keep me briefed regarding developments, if any, in the case.

Rene Barreto: World Goa Day 20 Aug. 2006
Rene Barreto’s concept of World Goa Day continues to gain momentum. For a listing of events in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Kenya, Mozambique, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, USA, Zanzibar and more. See

Toronto: Viva Goa - What's your Goal?
21 Aug. By Helga Gomes via GoaNet. Several issues have been on my mind after I attended Viva Goa in Toronto … If my post displeases some Gonadians (Goa-Canadians) then my apologies … the cultural programs had little merit but what concerns me most is that hardly any young person knew of their significance … The young people spent a lot of time playing or watching soccer and beach volleyball … Speaking to some young Gonadians I got the impression that they did not think Goan Hindus were Goan! For full text click here.

Lavy Pinto, 1952 Olympics Sprint Star
21 Aug: By Carmo D’Cruz via GoaNet. His full name was Lavinho Pinto. His family hailed from Morod, Mapusa. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in Bombay. He has five children, all of whom reside in the Chicago area … At the 1952 Helsinki Olympics he was ranked 7th in the 100m and 9th in the 200m. For full text click here.

UK: Priests drafted in for immigrants
22 Aug: Portsmouth Today. Foreign priests are being drafted into the Portsmouth diocese to cope with the influx of Catholic immigrants … The diocese set up a working group four weeks ago to find out which immigrant groups needed services in their own languages, including Hungarians and Indian immigrants from Goa. Click here.

Ugandans Begin Exhuming Bodies from Cemeteries
23 Aug: Daily Monitor (Kampala). Relatives have started exhuming the remains of their loved ones from two historic cemeteries in Kampala ahead of the investors' bulldozers that are set to clear the sites and make way for shopping malls and apartments. The sites of the Jinja Road Cemetery and the Rotary Avenue (formerly Lugogo By-pass) cemetery opposite City High School are to be redeveloped. The Jinja Road cemetery has more than 300 graves. The four-acre cemetery is also home to the influential man, Norman Godinho who died in 1952. He built Buganda Road Primary School and Christ the King Church. 536 words. Click here.

Kampala City Council Stops Grave Relocation
24 Aug: Daily Monitor (Kampala).Kampala City Council authorities yesterday halted the planned giveaway of two historic cemeteries in the city to an investor. The cemeteries will instead be remodeled into beautiful tourist sites … Kampala’s mayor said, "We have resolved to instead beautify these cemeteries and maintain them as tourist attractions. Many of the people buried there were senior colonial officials." He said cemeteries are largely kept to remember and honour the dead. “Many people travel to Uganda to set a glance on the graves of their loved ones, who were buried here. We have therefore resolved to keep these cemeteries untouched," he said. 429 words. Click here.

Claude Moraes says he was 'treated like a terrorist while travelling'
24 Aug: The Independent (UK). Claude Moraes, a member of the European Parliament who claims he has repeatedly been treated as a suspected terrorist while travelling has warned the European Union against moving towards a system of "ethnic profiling" following the alleged plot to blow up transatlantic planes. He has told how he has twice been detained and subjected to a full body search at airports for "travelling while Asian" …
Writing in tomorrow's issue of the left-wing weekly Tribune, Mr Moraes says that the frequent "stops and searches" he faces are an inconvenience to him but "nothing compared" to the problems faced by ordinary people who have been "strip-searched" because of the "profiling" he says already takes place. 548 words. Click here.
The Claude Moraes home page is at

UK: YLGS: El Shaddai Fundraising Dance Postponed
From Alison Braganza: We are disappointed to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control, YLGS has to postpone their El Shaddai Fundraising Dance on Sunday 17th September at Bishop Thomas Grant School. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Britto's Catering, Merv's Bar and Say One Do One for supporting us and offering their services free of charge. We will announce a new date for early 2007 in the near future, so please watch this space! For further details please contact Alison Braganza, YLGS Events & PR Manager on 07799 586793 or


Kenton, Middlesex, UK. ALEXIE FERNANDES. (Nee D'Costa, born in Velsao, Goa. Ex Nairobi & Manchester). Wife of the late Eustaquio Fernandes. Mother of Anne, Goretti, Rita, & Maurice. Mother-in-law of Santan Fernandes and Grandmother of Paul, Steven, Anthony, and Nichola. Funeral mass Mon. 21 Aug. at 10.30am in All Saints Church, Salehurst Close, off Kenton Road, Kenton, HA3 0UG. Burial in Manchester as per her wishes on Tue. 22 Aug. at Stretford Cemetery. Condolences to

21 Aug. Margao, Goa. ARMANDO GLACIERE PINTO (born 1917, ex Nairobi). Husband of Maria Clara (Dolly). Father of Bosco/ Maria, Johnson/Veronique (Switzerland), Aires/Alvita, Linda/Fortunato Gracias, Lizette/Leslie Santimano.

21 Aug: Betalbatim, Goa. MARIA FRANCISCA LORENA COSTA. Relict of late Constancio Roque. Mother of late Neves, /late Leo (U.K), Anthony/Evette (Bombay), Sarah/Duarte (Bombay), Manuel/Cira, Arthur/Veronica (Bombay), late Christopher/Anita (Australia).

21 Aug. Fatorda, Goa. MARIA ELVIRA VAZ e PEREIRA. Wife of late Octaviano Pereira. Mother of Mrs. Agnela Pereira, Francisco, Prisca, Ermogio/Alice (U.K.).

21 Aug: Curtorim, Goa. MARIA DULCINDA MONTEIRO. Wife of late Jose Sebastian Monteiro, Mother of Julie/late John (Mumbai), Vincy/Cheryl (U.K), Anna/Anthony (Mumbai), Basil/Rosy (Mumbai), John Felix/Threza (Mumbai), Joseph/Antoneta, Ignatius/Wendy (Mumbai), Nirmala (Mumbai), Genevieve (Mumbai).

20 Aug: Agassaim, Goa. MARIA FRANSQUINHA GONSALVES (CATARIN): Wife of late Antonio Afonso. Mother of Espy/Lawrence, Teofilo/Ruzaria (UK), Joanita/Nicholas (UK), Douglas/Maria Rita, Arnaldo/Ureka, Ceaser/Veronica, James/Nerita, Basilio/Maria Josepha (U.K), William/Maria Leena.

20 Aug: Goa Velha: ROQUEZINHO GONSALVES; Husband of Angela. Father of Felicia/Avelino Fernandes, Fabian/Christina, Frank, Fiona/Arnaldo Cardoza (UK).


UK: Avion Holidays
For the very best of Goa & Kerala.


Govt seeks more powers to tackle land violations
18 Aug: Herald. In the wake of the growing resentment over cases of alleged illegal purchase of property and agricultural land holdings by foreigners in Goa, the State government has decided to approach the Centre to confer on it the powers to proceed in such cases violating the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999. 460 words.

Goa: Govt mulls ordinance on and purchase by foreigners
20 Aug: Navhind Times. The state government is contemplating issuing an ordinance amending the Land Revenue Code to regulate and keep control over buying land by foreigners as well as getting sale deeds related to land purchase registered … Besides foreigners, the persons of Indian origin and a number of non-residents Indians settled in the United States, Germany and other countries have bought lands in Goa. 340 words. Click here.

Land Acquisition by Foreigners
20 Aug: Navhind Times. Apropos the subject of acquisition of lands in Goa by foreigners, the following points should be relevant: By all norms, foreigners legally purchasing immovable property after complying with the FEMA regulations and by observing the local property laws do not deserve to be disturbed. 1008 words. Click here.

Sun, sand and slums. Devika Sequeira on the globalisation of Goa.
20 Aug: Deccan Herald. As more and more ‘outsiders’ make Goa their second home, locals worry that the beach city’s character will be lost given the pace of realty development … There has been a virtual stampede by Gujarati and Punjabi NRIs as well to pick up holiday and retirement homes in Goa … Some 2,000 foreigners, a large number of them European pensioners and Russian property hunters, have made Goa their winter home, the police estimate. British media reports which have been warning of “growing intolerance” to westerners settling in Goa suggest that some 5000 Britons may have bought a retirement home here. Click here.

India’s Florida: Jostling for the spoils of tourism
20 Aug: Deccan Herald. … Congress MLA and sarpanch of Candolim village Agnelo Fernandes worries that “no one is doing anything” about the influx of foreigners and outsiders elbowing in into businesses along the coast … British resident Dave Gower says, “Goa is India’s Florida, and whether you like it or not, it is the foreigners who have made the place valuable.” Take the foreigners out of Goa and Goa would lose, he says. 457 words. Click here.

The Foreigner Issue. By Dennis Watson.
21 Aug. Not a week goes by where upon there is some story that conveys foreigners as the bad guys for buying property here in Goa. The fact is that there are hundreds of them that have bought their homes within the limits of the law and that they paid in cash for the title benefiting the seller who in turn buys another property or sets up a business is besides the point … By starting this witch hunt for foreigners who have merely bought a new home the name of Goa as a peaceful, harmonious state is being dragged through the mud. Click here.

Foreigner property confiscation
23 Aug: Herald. It is true that many foreigners from Europe (the UK mainly) have purchased or placed deposits on property in Goa. They have done so in good faith and on the assurances of contractors, agents, advocates and officials that it is correct and legal to do so. Most of these people have trusted their hard earned money as an investment towards their happy retirement and permanent life in Goa. By their residence they make a significant long term financial commitment to the local economy. They are not scroungers on the Goan State, and they are not criminals. They do not make money in the State and repatriate it elsewhere like so many "out of State" Indians do. 736 words.


Goa’s monsoon lure
18 Aug: Express Travel World. The natural beauty of Goa is at its best during the monsoons … The Goan people celebrate numerous, very vibrant, monsoon festivals, synonymous with a hue of colours, as nature itself comes alive at this time of the year. In recent years Goa's monsoon tourism campaign has picked up a great deal; as much for the subsidised packages that its hotel industry offers, as for the lovely cool climate … 2,215 words. Click here.

Media Transasia launches ‘Travel+Leisure’ in India
24 Aug: AgencyFAQS. Media Transasia is ready to launch a travel magazine called ‘Travel+Leisure’. It is licensed by American Express Publishing Corporation and managed by Time Inc. … The inaugural issue focuses on Goa. The cover story, ‘Goa Unseen’, goes beyond the usual write-ups on Goa and portrays it as a place that is a well-rounded mixture of the ex-Portuguese colony that it was and the modern tourist destination that it is now. Author and journalist Sonia Faleiro, who is a Goan herself, shares her experiences. Accompanying the article are photographs by renowned photographer Prabuddha Das Gupta. Click here.

India: Norms Relaxed for Global Charter Flights
24 Aug: The Times of India. Cruising forward on plans to unshackle decades-old restrictions on the civil aviation sector, India has now decided to further liberalise its tourist charter flight policy by allowing even Indian citizens to be on-board such chartered flights … Also the government has decided to permit the charter flights to be operated to any airport in India without any limitations on frequency of flights or size of the aircraft … However, overseas tourists flying into India on these chartered flights will not be permitted to take a scheduled flight out of the country, except in case of medical emergencies... 468 words.


Goa: Rs 40 lakh set aside for Lusofonia Games
17 Aug: Herald. The Government will spend close to Rs 40-lakh on the 67-member Goan contingent for the first Lusofonia Games, in Macau. The Lusofonia Games for Portuguese speaking Nations – 12 in all – organised by the Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees will be played between October 7 and October 15.

Goa to pull down buildings violating coastal norms
17 Aug: Economic Times. Purchasing a sea-side property in Goa could now well be at your own risk. The state government has decided to come down heavily and demolish all ‘illegal buildings’ along Goa’s coast that violate the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ), which lays down certain limits for construction along Goa’s ecologically sensitive coastal and river belts. 396 words. Click here.

Lifeguards: Must on Goa beaches
18 Aug: Goa Plus. Drowning deaths in Goa have become synonymous with the growing tourism industry. With around two million domestic tourists visiting the state, most from hinterland and not knowing how to swim, the lure of the sea has unfortunately made the seabed a deathbed. It is time Goa has a policy for its popular beaches … 499 words. Click here.

Youth murdered by 'friends'
19 Aug: Indian Catholic. The kidnap and murder of a 17-year-old youth in Goa state, allegedly by five friends who wanted money, has shocked local people including Church workers. 567 words. Click here.

Goa: Tourists to be asked to keep off sea
19 Apr: Navhind Times. Expressing worries about spate of drowning cases in the state of late, the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Wilfred de Souza, said the government has asked the hoteliers and tour operators to display notices warning the tourists, particularly domestic, not to venture into the sea as it is still rough. 545 words. Click here.

Goa: Realty hotspot
20 Aug: Deccan Herald. Right now, there’s only one way real estate is headed in Goa: northwards. And as land rates make new highs almost daily, local builders too are beginning to feel the heat of big-time entrants from ‘outside’ … On the Calangute coast, land stands now at Rs 7,000 to Rs 9,000 a sq metre … At seaside Dona Paula prices range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 22,000 per sq metre. One house at Altinho in Panjim was bought recently by a Goan mineowner for around 7 crores. [£800,000] … 301 words. Click here.

Enjoying Goan delicacies. by Ervell E Menezes
22 Aug. Navhind Times. Review of some of the best restaurants in Goa. 919 words. Click here.

New Airport at Goa
22 Aug: Govt of India Press Release: The Government of India has accorded ‘in principle’ approval for construction of an airport of international standards at Mopa in Goa. This information was given to the Parliament today. Click here.

`Convert palace building into culture centre'
23 Aug: The Hindu. A committee appointed by the State Government to suggest ways to utilise the old State Secretariat in the city has suggested that it be turned into a cultural centre of repute … The Minister refused to be drawn into the controversy over some of the earlier proposals such as handing over the building to Fundacao Orient, a Portuguese body which has been undertaking works of preserving structures and monuments in the State. Some of the freedom fighters and citizens had opposed such a move. 276 words. Click here.


Germany: Sweet Collien Fernandes: The Viva-Girl
11 Aug: The sweet Viva TV moderator Collien Fernandes is on the cover of September issue Maxim and has a photo spread in FHM (September) … the 24- year-old graceful Portuguese Indian is the most renowned German TV moderator … Click here.
For the Collien Fernandes website see

The best Portuguese restaurants
11 Aug: Diário de Notícias (Portugal). … the Estoril Mandarin was judged to be the best restaurant … In second place with eight points and two first places is Xanti, the home of Goan food, created by Sebastião Fernandes in São Bento. Click here.

Catholic Priest Who Counsels Children Also Works on Their Parents
16 Aug: UCA News. In western India's Goa state, concerned parents who bring their children to a Catholic priest for treatment of abnormal behavior find themselves getting "treated" as well … Children develop problems if they see their parents quarreling or when they abuse the child … 710 words. Click here.

India Church Center Completes 25 Years Of Healing Chemical-Dependent Addicts
16 Aug: UCA News. Father Joe Pereira, the founder of Kripa (Grace) Foundation helps hundreds of chemically dependent and HIV-infected persons in India and abroad … The treatment program includes counseling, detoxification, rehabilitation, aftercare and extended care. 858 words. Click here.

Doctor retires to devote life to the poor
18 Aug: Chester Chronicle. Dr Ashok Merwah, 63, has made it his mission to provide aid to the poor in Goa, Sri Lanka and Mombasa, since his 21-year-old son Gareth was killed in a car crash in 2004 … When Dr Merwah retires, he plans to buy a house in Goa and Sri Lanka so he can be close to the areas where he provides aid … He has already provided a well in Goa, which means that 120 villagers no longer have to trek 500m for water, and he is planning to build a further 20 wells between Goa and Sri Lanka. He will also be building a new clinic and school in Goa and a school in Mombasa, all of which will be named after Gareth. 416 words. Click here.

The Goa Whistle Blower: Bus conductor adds spice to everyday trips
18 Aug: Ohmy News (Korea). Reginaldo Prins, a former real estate agent for the last 40 years in Amsterdam, has been a regular visitor to Goa, India for the last five years. The 65-year-old has spent his last three holidays in the village of Cavelossim in south Goa. He also is learning the Konkani language from former football referee Mariano Mendes, as he plans to spend the rest of his life here in Goa. With a foreigner's perspective, he likes to write about his observations. Here, he tells one of his unique experience traveling on a public bus in Goa. 1409 words. Click here.

American citizen expelled from Goa ‘lands’ in Kanpur hospital
19 Aug: Indian Express. Linda Amen, 57, a US citizen who was asked to leave Goa after her tourist visa expired on August 12, arrived from Delhi on Thursday and got herself admitted to a hospital. 496 words. Click here.

Palmira Coutinho. Photograph by David Bailey
20 Aug. Navhind Times. Ms Palmira Coutinho, Goa’s first professional lady photographer is the latest recipient of the Goa State Cultural Award in photography … At 39, Ms Coutinho lost her husband, Simplicio, to a heart attack, suddenly finding herself alone with seven children and, of all things, a photography studio. With mouths to feed and very few options, she took charge of Hollywood Studio in Panaji. …
However, perhaps her proudest moment came when she appeared on the cover of internationally acclaimed British photographer, David Bailey’s 2003 book “Locations – 1970s Archives” … At 82, Palmira Coutinho is just as excited today as she was when she first took up her camera over 40 years ago. 833 words. Click here.

Let the light shine on
20 Aug: Hindustan Times. Goa-based Yahel Chirinian, 35 and Doris Zacheres, 36, are creating lamps from glass, wood, ceramics, rubber, mirrors and digital prints that are equally unique art statements. Chirinian was born in France, Avignon, and Zacheres in Germany. They set up their design studio in Goa seven years ago after falling in love with its serenity … Their clients are based all over the world but are mainly in India, Milan, Paris and Los Angles … The partners have found a haven in Goa that they share with their five cats and five dogs and have just embarked on creating furniture as well. 958 words. Click here.

Orlando de Noronha: The Tile Doctor.
20 Aug: Economic Times. His love affair with the exquisite tile painting actually began with his girl friend Tina. Far away from his home in golden Goa, Orlando de Noronha, who was a student in Portugal and missed his girl friend very much, sent Tina her beautiful portrait on a glazed tile. She liked it immensely. Thus, what began as his love affair with tile painting turned into a consuming passion, a profession. The rest, as they say, is history. Text, 1343 words and photographs. Click here.

Andrea Joy Fernandes -- Hitting the keys of life
21 Aug: Herald. She’s hit 21 in July this year, she’s hitting the keys of concert grand pianos in India and overseas, she’s lost her father, her motivating force earlier this year … She’s carrying the banner of Goan pianists and musicians into the international arena. 505 words.

Germany: Artist Lucy D´Souza-Kron: How angels look...
22 Aug: Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany. … The exhibition of 16 oil pictures comes from Lucy D´Souza-Kron who was born in Goa and has lived in Germany since 1996. The display is until 10 of Sept. For text and photo click here.

Germany: Shelza Colaco and Maria Noronha visit Lubeck city hall
22 Aug: Hi-Live (Germany). Shelza Colaco and Maria Noronha are in Germany for a two week vacation sponsored by the Catholic community of Ratzeburg. The 24-year-olds are both from Margao, Goa and work for Radisson hotel earning 50 Euros a month. Photograph and text, 201 words, at

Caitan Fernandes: 'I Want to Ride My Bicycle'
22 Aug: Ohmy News (Korea). Caitan Lawrence Fernandes has made cycling his favorite mode of transport … Caitan is in his early forties and cycles to his two other loves: football and music … Football is his love and cooking his profession, which has taken him to the Gulf… Caitan is one of the rare breed who continues his daily activities by bicycle as his mode of transport. 733 words. Click here.

Curtain rises on the Gulf Goans
23 Aug: Gulf Daily News (Bahrain). A story touching the lives of Goans working in the Gulf unfolds at the Baan Saeng Thai restaurant auditorium in Adliya, tomorrow night, with the staging of the Konkani drama Suka Fullam Koxttam Kantte (Flowers of Happiness - Thorns of Labour). 267 words. Click here.

UK: 'Terror' hype sparks racist backlash against Asians
26 Aug: Socialist Worker. … Asian men and women across Britain are facing a racist backlash. 396 words. Click here.

Portugal: Pilgrimage to the India
24 Aug: Agencia The Jesuits are organising a pilgrimage to India with the objective of studying the Portuguese evangelization there … For more information contact the Jesuits through the site For full text of the article click here.


What exactly is World Goa Day? Find out about the considerable support for it in the Goan Diaspora----and also, the controversy surrounding it. Through many posts on Goanet, one is able to obtain a distinct flavour of the concept and what it means in practice.

In September each year, many overseas students make their way to the UK to take up university and college places. Such places are often hard won and entail considerable cost financially and personal effort. Sadly, Goanet reported a sad case of a Goan student in the north of England who was seriously hurt after a brutal unprovoked racist attack close to a railway station. Although such occurrences are relatively few, one needs to ask how Goan Voice (UK) readers can support such students who are far away from their loved ones back home? Have we any thoughts on this issue that could be shared with Goanet?

Is it fair to refer to Goans in Canada as Goanadians? This new coinage may seem odd but quite a lot of discussion has centred on it recently---some of it pretty serious. Find out more about this and what Goans in the UK might be called if this unexpected trend develops!

That Goanet is so useful to locate former acquaintances and friends across the world and with whom contact might have been lost for ages, goes without saying. To confirm this, yours truly, remembered that as a youngster he had once read about a Goan athlete called Lavy Pinto who was reputed to be the fastest man in Asia. For years there was no further information regarding who this person was and what might have happened to him. Then, a simple recent enquiry about him on Goanet yielded totally unexpected responses. Lavy Pinto, now an octogenarian is hearty and well in Chicago, USA. Moreover, data obtained about his athletic prowess and Olympian achievement indicates that, in many ways he preceded the similar achievements of Seraphino Antao. To top it all, sprinters Lavy and Seraphino were both born in Kenya, but gained athletic success based in India and Kenya respectively. Clearly, a follow-up of probably the two most outstanding Goan sprinters is long overdue. So, do follow Goanet to discover much more about this issue.

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to

UK: TV HIGHLIGHTS By Lira Fernandes

DOCUMENTARY: Earth Report: Community Channel
Sat. 26 Aug. 10:00 to 10:30. Is Small Still Beautiful? A look at how India is embracing the Western model of economic development.

POLITICAL: Immigration Statement. BBC Parliament
Sat. 26 Aug. 17:35 to 18:50. Recorded coverage of the House of Commons statement on immigration by Home Secretary John Reid.

TRAVEL: Earthwalkers. Travel Channel.
Sun 27 Aug. 13:30 to 14:00. Goa.

TRAVEL: Globe Trekker. Travel Channel
Mon 28 Aug. 19:00 to 20:00. Ultimate India.

FILM: Subarnarekha. Channel 4
Tue 29 Aug. 0035 to 0300. Ritwik Ghatak’s Bengali film with English subtitles


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 26 Aug South East Goans Day Trip to Dunkirk & De Panne. Family & Friends day out. Shopping and Seaside Tour - picnic at the beach. Closing date- 29-05-06. Contact Chris 01322 400 732 or Ron 0208 303 3386

Sun. 27 Aug. G.O.A. Sports Day at Archbishop Lanfranc School. Contact: Peter Rodrigues 020 - 8399 4883. For stall applications: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457

Sat. 2 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Thames Boat Cruise & Disco in conjunction with YLGS. Reporting time 6.15pm, sailing at 7.00pm. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Alison Braganza 07799 586793 or any member of the Social Committee.

Sat. 10 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Whist Drive from 1pm – 7pm at St Boniface Social Club, Tooting. Contact: Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663, Felix Pereira -

Sat. 30 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Shopping Extravaganza. Day Trip to France. Pick up points at Greenford, Tooting & Norbury. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Bernie Gracias 020 – 8723 1322.

Sun. 1 Oct. Majorda Union. Feast of Our Lady of Boa Morte. White Hart Lane School Hall, Wood Green, London N22. Contact Bernadette Dias 020 8361 9417 or Cajie Braganza 020 8888 5093.

Sat. 14 Oct. G.O.A. Ruby Ladies in Red Soiree at 7pm at Lola Jones Suite, Greaves Place, Tooting. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Claire D'Souza 01784 421421, Marina Viegas 020 - 8656 4217 or any member of the Social Committee.

Sun. 15 Oct. Colva Union, 33rd Anniversary of the Feast of Infant Jesus. Venue: Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham, SW16. Mass at 12.30pm followed by the Social. Tickets: Adults: £12. Children up to 12 years: £5. For Tickets contact: Bento Fernandes (020) 8672 0283; Hilary Dias (020) 672 5528; Fiona Fernandes (020) 8489 1183; Arlene Fernandes (020) 8930 7679


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