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A Happy Ganesh To All!
27 Aug. Navhind Times. The stage is set in Goa to welcome Lord Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi festival beginning on August 27. The feast is observed in almost all the Hindu households as well as at community level and is spread over a period ranging from 1½ to 11 days. Click here.

Canada: Mississauga Elections: Dale D’Souza
Dale D’Souza is contesting the Ward 10 elections on 13 Nov. He was born in Karachi. His father, Irwin D'Souza, was born in India in 1929 and his mother (Lucy D'Cunha) was born in Karachi. His maternal grandfather is Philip D'Cunha and he traces his Goan roots to Tivim. Check out his website at

Canada: Mississauga Elections: Patrick Mendes
Patrick Mendes is also contesting the Ward 10 elections on 13 Nov. He too was born in Karachi and migrated to Toronto in 1979 at the age of 13. Check out his profile at

John Fernandes: Success beckons for teenage Tiger Woods
23 Aug: Enfield Advertiser. Young golf star John Fernandes has putted his way into fourth place in junior’s golf top tournament. The 14-year-old of Tudor Road, Edmonton, was vying to become Britain’s top junior player … He is also hoping to follow in the footsteps of his 20-year-old brother, Thomas who has just won a place on a golf scholarship to America … For photo and full text click here.

Kampala: Cemeteries
26 Aug: The Monitor (Kampala) … The City council owns three cemeteries at Jinja road, Lusaze Cemetery and Bukasa Cemetery. Other private cemeteries in Kampala include those owned by churches, hospitals, and mosques and privately owned by ethnic groups like the Asians. Some privately owned cemeteries in Kampala include those for Lubaga and Namirembe Cathedrals, Parsi cemetery owned by Asians at Lugogo, Nsambya and Mulago hospital cemeteries. City council has however resolved to retain and beautify city cemeteries, contrary to its early pronouncements to allocate them to an investor … Kampala Mayor, Nasser Sebaggala, has since said the city council is planning to plant flowers and maintain city cemeteries as tourist attraction features. "We are in touch with the British High Commission to see these cemeteries beautified ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting [Nov. 2007]," Sebaggala told Daily Monitor at City Hall yesterday. He said city council has no authority over privately owned cemeteries. 471 words. Click here.

Vaz Calls for Probe after Men Pulled off Plane
26 Aug: Leicester Mercury. Keith Vaz has called on ministers to begin a formal investigation into why two Asian men were asked to leave a Monarch Air flight on Sunday. Mr Vaz said: "I have already received complaints from constituents who want to know if the Government sanctions what amounts to a form of apartheid. It also smacks of mob rule … Of course, in the current climate, we all have to accept restrictions, but we should draw the line where they begin to undermine the fundamental values of equality." 205 words. Click here.

Two men, two continents, one bond
26 Aug: Intelligencer Journal (PA, USA). The red, black and gray ties worn by John Jarvis and Eustace D'Souza symbolize a bond thicker than blood … Jarvis, 81, of Lancaster, and D'Souza, 85, of Bombay, India, were both young lieutenants in the Indian Army … D’Souza recently made the journey from his homeland to visit his friend …
D’Souza joined the Indian Army in 1943 and was trained in jungle warfare with the intention of being sent against the Japanese in Burma. However, the regiment's 1st Battalion, which had fought the Italians in Ethiopia and German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps in North Africa, had taken heavy casualties in Italy. D'Souza retired a major general in 1977. Text, 853 words and photos at

UK: Hospitals botch 300 births a year
27 Aug: The Sunday Times (UK). More than 300 babies a year are being left with brain damage because of oxygen starvation caused by lack of proper care at birth … Jane Rodrigues, 34, from Dartford, Kent, blames the damage suffered by her two-year-old son Louis on the fact that midwives had failed to recognise that her 4ft10in frame would have difficulty delivering the 10lb baby she was about to produce … Her baby was classed as stillborn but was resuscitated. He has been left mentally handicapped, unable to walk or talk. "I am sad and angry for him," she said. "He is going to be dependent on other people for the rest of his life." She is pursuing a complaint against Darent Valley hospital in Dartford. The trust has apologised but denies liability. Click here.

Melbourne: World Goa Day Celebration
28 Aug: Bayside Leader (Melbourne). Melburnian Goans will converge on Kingston City Hall on September 30 to celebrate annual World Goa Day … Now in its fourth year, World Goa Day commemorates the 2000 recognition of Konkani Goa's mother tongue in the Indian constitution … Festivities on the night will include traditional folk dancing, live music, prizes and a buffet dinner. Mr Lobo said everyone was welcome to join the party … World Goa Day is on September 30 at Kingston City Hall, Moorabbin. Details: Oscar Lobo on 0404 848 345

UK: Cricket: Robin d’Souza torpedoes Bridgwater title hopes
29 Aug. Bridgwater Mercury. A remarkable all-round performance from former Indian U-19 cap Robin d'Souza ended Bridgwater's title aspirations at The Parks on Saturday … D'Souza completed a match-winning 102 not out, with 8 sixes and 7 fours … His remarkable, one-man performance has virtually crowned Weston as champions of Premier Two. 697 words. Click here.

Canada: Troy DeSouza: Fall federal elections doubtful
30 Aug: Goldstream Gazette. Troy DeSouza, the Conservative candidate in the January election, doesn't believe there will be another federal vote before 2009. "There's been lots of speculation and rumours, but I don't see much of an appetite for another election," DeSouza said … While DeSouza is considering running in the next election, he won't officially decide until a nomination date has been set. For full text, 378 words, click here.
Troy is the husband of Kismet, father of Ava and son of Vince and Sandra. Born in Karachi, Troy DeSouza came to Canada with his family in 1975. His father did just about everything to support his wife and four children. In 1980, DeSouza's father was beaten and left for dead.

Eva Fernandes: Know your market and stand out in it
30 Aug. Western Daily Press (UK) … Eva Fernandes is founder of Born (, a stylish nursery and babycare store on Gloucester Road. For example her shop was set up with the intention of encouraging greater use of real cotton nappies … Now, six years after launching, BORN has a second shop in London, a productive e-tail site and an annual turnover of around half a million pounds. Which all goes to show that small shops can succeed - but only those determined to stand out from the crowd. 233 words. Click here.
Eva Fernandes was born in the UK, is married to James Long and they have a son called Jacob. Her sister Georgina was born in Nairobi. Their parents, Glorio and Antoinette Fernandes live in London but are ex-Nairobi (Eastleigh/Pangani) They trace their Goan roots to Verna (father) and Benaulim (mother)

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If you wish to contribute please make the cheque payable to Goan Voice UK and post it to 1 Onslow Gardens, London N10 3JT. Other payment options are detailed at The same page also lists the contributions so far received.
Donations above £20 received by 30 Sep. 2006 will also be listed here.
£25: Brian DSa. £30: Hugo Xavier de Figueiredo (Spain). £100: Melba & Tom Correia


28 Aug: Siridao, Goa. CAMILO PIRES. Husband of Ana Rita Fernandes. Father of Alex (London), Rosario (London), Andrew (London), Magdalena, Lourdina and Socorinha.

26 Aug. Tivim, Goa. MUSSOLINI VALES DE MENEZES (LINI) Husband of Silvia. Father of Subhash\Esmie (Melbourne) Kenyatta\Judyline (Perth-Australia) Sarojini\Judy (Melbourne -Goa) Pappazinha.

24 Aug. Sancoale, Goa. IRENE ESMERALDA FERNANDES. Sister of Augusta/late Joe D'Souza (UK), Edward/Violet (UK), Timothy/Emilia (UK), Florida/ Gerard, Epiphania/Minguel.

16 Aug. Siolim, Goa. REV. FR. ROBERTO G. FERNANDES (Ex Principal, St Francis Xavier School). Brother of late John Vincent / Luzia Fernandes, late Justina / late Jeremias Francisco Noronha. Uncle of Joe / Eileen (Ireland), Richard, Iiona (UK), Maria (France), Savio (UK), Sophia / late Dr. Lawrence Lobo (UK), Dr Xavier / Angela Noronha (Canada), Blanche / Domnick Fernandes (Canada), Agnes / Joe Rocha (Canada) & late Leocadia Fernandes.

12 Aug. Fatorda, Goa. ARCANJA RODRIGUES. Wife of late Andre Nicolau. Beloved Mother/Mother-in-law of late Avelino, Joaquim/Ezilda (Toronto), Filomena/late Victor (Poona), Rosita/late Sebastiao (Majorda), late Maria Santana/late John (Poona), Andrew/Libby (Fatorda), Joanita/Minguel (Leicester). Grandmother of 19 and Great grandmother of 17. Funeral was held on the 12th of Aug. in Fatorda. Condolences to


Aerotours & Aerosafaris – Nick DeMello.
Specialising in African Safaris, Desert Safaris (Dubai) and tours in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, South Africa & Mauritius. e-mail: Website:


Goa La Fantasque. By Marie-France Calle.
25 Aug: Le Figaro (France). Excerpts: … the property developers, come for the majority from north from India, threw their reserves on this old Portuguese colony for the obsolete charm … Worse, of the businessmen dream to install on the quiet coast of the “call centers” here, the majority of people speak impeccable English”, claimed a businessman of Bombay … If the regional persons in charge do not take guard there, the future of Goa is extremely likely to belong to the concrete … For Frederick Noronha, independent journalist with Goa, “Initially, drugs always formed integral part of tourism in Goa … If you are neither white nor Western, you do not belong to this world.” For photos and text, 1791 words, click here.
For a machine translation click here.

Relationships Summer Loving: My sexy souvenir
27 Aug: The Independent (UK). The holidays are over. But what if you've met someone special? Emma Beeny, 37, and her husband Robert, 30, live in Ely. They have a one-year-old son. She says, “We met five years ago in Goa. I was on holiday with a friend, and Rob was at the same hotel … Every morning we would swim together. It was very romantic - completely different from what I would do in England, like going on a date every day … We haven't been back to Goa, but we will when the children are older. I'd definitely recommend a holiday romance. Click here.

Climate change to drive radical changes in global tourism
27 Aug: Easier Travel News (UK). In less than 25 years climate change will have a radical impact on the global travel industry, according to the Holiday 2030 report launched by Halifax Travel Insurance … The main impact of climate change on Goa will result from rising sea levels, with this very flat, low-lying area extremely susceptible to even the smallest rise. By 2030, beach erosion and inundation of shoreline properties is likely to be a real problem … the coastal zones that support much of the tourist trade will suffer increasingly from beach erosion and inundation in the run-up to 2030 and beyond. Both Goa and Kerala are within the Indian Ocean’s cyclone belt, and will be affected by the increase in the number of more powerful cyclones predicted to occur due to climate change … Click here.

Around 200,000 foreign tourists expected to visit Goa
31 Aug: Navhind Times. Around 850 charter flights are expected to land in Goa in the ensuing tourist season. Over 700 charter flights landed in the state last year bringing in around 150,000 tourists …Condor is expected to run scheduled flights from Frankfurt to Goa … Air Lanka would also operate flights from Colombo to Goa. 518 words. Click here.


Japan Withdraws Students from Goa University Academic Prog
25 Aug: PTI. Japan has withdrawn its students from the current year's 'Study India' programme at Goa University, following recent blasts in Mumbai and the terror threats. 242 words. Click here.

Goa policemen to patrol on bicycles
25 Aug: NDTV. The friendly neighbourhood cop in Goa will now be doing his duty on the good old bicycles … in Goa, like everything else, the pace of crime is rather laidback. The state has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Click here.

Goa gets nod for first SEZ
25 Aug: Business Standard. In a significant development, the Union commerce ministry has given green signal to Goa’s first special economic zone (SEZ) at Keri in Ponda taluka. Click here.

Goa all set for a bright Ganesh Chaturthi
26 Aug: Herald. Not withstanding the high cost of food, fruits and sweetmeats people across the State are poised to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a big way. Large crowds were seen thronging the markets at Panjim, Margao and Mapusa as they made their last minute purchases before the commencement of the ten-day festival. For Goans, it’s that time of the year, where entire Goa eagerly awaits the most colorful and popular Hindu Goan festival, Ganesh Chaturthi or chovoth as it is traditionally known. 323 words.

Racism in Goa. By M Coutinho (UK)
26 Aug. Herald. I am also a Goan, who has been living in England for the past 25 years. Racialism exits everywhere in the world, including Goa. What is worse in Goa compared to England is bribery where if you have the rupees, one can buy the Law. The use of paying Ministers, Judges, Police is just uncontrollable in Goa. Where is the justice? The writer of the article Goan victim of racism in the UK, needs to know that people in England do not have to go through injustice that takes place in Goa due to bribery. I can only assume that the reader comes from a well off family whose family can afford to ‘BUY’ the law in Goa.

‘Indians are among the most racist people in the world’
27 Aug: Hindustan Times. The moment an Indian comes face to face with another for the first time, all it takes are a few subconscious seconds for an ethnic profile to be formed on either side … Goan —gregarious, laid back, fun … Given our genetic diversity, when a fair-skinned Punjabi of Aryan descent dismisses a dark-skinned Dravidian as a ‘Madrasi’, what it essentially amounts to is racism. Samuel Fatai, a 24-year-old Nigerian studying at Delhi University, has to say: “I’ve been called kalu, Habshi, Negro, all sorts of names … I have been strip-searched at most Indian airports even before 9/11.” 533 words. Click here.

Goa will face acute water shortage in future
27 Aug: The Hindu. Goa will suffer an acute water shortage, as its demand is expected to touch 575 million litres per day (mld) as against the current 415 mld in few years, Click here.

Gay marriages on the rise in Goa
27 Aug: Times of India. The number of gays entering into wedlock in Goa is on the rise and groups working for homosexual rights are demanding legal cover for such marriages. "In the last couple of years in Goa, we got 25 such gay couples married. They don't have social acceptance but the number of gay marriages is rising," said Vishant Chodankar of the Humsafar trust in Goa. Gay marriages on the rise. 278 words. Click here.

Interest free loan scheme a hit among students
27 Aug: Herald. The Interest Free Loan Scheme (IFLS) launched by the Government in 2002-2003 has received a tremendous response from students. Students have taken loans for studies in other parts of India, the US, the UK, Russia, and Australia among other places besides Goa. Majority of students who have taken loans have opted for engineering, dentistry, biotechnology, nursing, hotel management, sciences and computer applications. Last academic year 2005-2006 there were more than 1000 beneficiaries. 323 words.

Goa’s Records of Births and Deaths. By Kathy Pereira
28 Aug: Herald. Goa’s records of Births and Deaths were shifted to Department of Archives so that it would be maintained properly, without any damage to the manuscripts, most of which are of Portuguese era … The actual process of applying for the document is another nightmare. 483 words.

Goa on the radar of terrorists
30 Aug: Navhind Times. The Chief Secretary, Mr J P Singh today said that along with the rest of India, Goa too was reeling under a constant threat of terror attacks because any terror activity here would attract international media attention on an unprecedented scale … “Cyber-cafes will be asked to maintain a register where all customers will have to enter details,” he said. 499 words. Click here.


Portugal’s Consular Staff in Goa have not been paid for two months.
24 Aug: Lusa (Portugal). "The last salary that received was in June", said Jorge Veludo who claimed that some staff there earn 30 euros a month. The consulate of Goa employs 16 persons; 7 of them earn between the 150 and the 300 euros, seven earn above a thousand euros and two cleaners earn 30 euros. 256 words. Click here.

UPDATE: Portugal’s Consular Staff in Goa have not been paid for two months.
25 Aug: Diario Digital. The Government informed today that the delay in salary payments to the consulate of Goa was due to a “technical error of the National Bank of the India" and that the situation was regularized on Monday. Click here.

Ireland: Fr. Conceicia D’Silva: Retreat on 2 Sept.
25 Aug: Waterford News & Star. One Day Retreat. Holy Family Church healing experience by Fr. Conceicia D’Silva Goa, India (India’s Rosary Priest). Jesus wants you well. Let Jesus heal you of all of your illnesses (fears, tensions, depression, guilt, resentments, painful memories, alcoholism, etc. Programme: 10 a.m. Mass and Reconciliation until 1 p.m. 3-5 p.m. Fr. Conceicia available for private chat. 7.17 p.m. Mass and Healing Session. Venue: Holy Family Church, Luke Wadding Street, Waterford. Date: Saturday, September 2nd, 2006. All are welcome.

Karachi: 'Creation of Social Harmony Most Important'
26 Aug: The Nation (Pakistan). Religious clerics and leaders of Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Hindu communities came together to share their views on how to achieve social harmony at a conference … Archbishop of Lahore Lawrence Saldanha chaired the session … Wrapping up the meet, Archbishop Saldanha appealed for help to bring change in society.
“Intolerance is growing at grassroots. Incidents of burning of churches are increasing. Christians are being targeted and weapon used is registration of blasphemy case. We no longer feel at home here. Christians feel insecure. We have lost the cream of our community. Christians are migrating to other countries. Fundamentalism and extremism are spreading in the society,” he added. “The government should give us time on TV to speak about our community. This could be one way of discouraging extremism in society,” he maintained.

Archbishop of Bangalore celebrated Konkani mass in Mississauga, Canada
27 Aug: Bellevision. The Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore and Fr. Edwin D’Souza celebrated Konkani mass on August 20, 2006 at the Sts. Martha and Mary Church, Mississauga. For text and photos click here.

Banyan Tree spreads beyond the Asia-Pacific
28 Aug: Straits Times (Malaysia). Banyan Tree executive chairman Ho Kwon Ping is expanding his premium resort, hotel and spa chain to India, Ireland, Australia and China … Next month, Mr Ho will be travelling to India to scout for new opportunities. He has his eyes on Goa, which is popular with Indian and foreign tourists.

Karachi: solemn funeral mass for Archbishop Pereira
28 Aug: AsiaNews. (Italy). The bishops of six dioceses, the apostolic nuncio and thousands of believers attended the funeral mass of the archbishop emeritus of Karachi. The deceased bishop was buried alongside the first Pakistani cardinal, Mgr Cordeiro, who had been his tutor and friend. For text, 325 words and photo click here.

Indian bishop visits Australia for first Mangalorean Mass
29 Aug: CathNews (Australia). Bishop Aloysius Paul D'Souza of Mangalore, India, is visiting Melbourne this week to celebrate the traditional Nativity feast of Konkani-speaking Catholics in honour of Our Lady's birthday. Click here.

Dowry: Extreme or mainstream?
29 Aug: Kuwait Times. Condemned by some and praised by others, the dowry debate still rages. Many agree that it's an institutionalised custom in India, but for Indian expatriates and others in Kuwait the dowry is still a topic that spurs controversy among people from every generation and religion. Although dowries are illegal in present day India, it is common for the bride's parents to present substantial gifts to the groom's family on the day of the wedding. Opinions about the dowry vary greatly among the young and old. Some say that the "dowry is a sign of greed" and others argue that the "dowry preserves our tradition and protects the country's rich heritage." 1044 words. Click here.

NRI husbands claim harassment by anti-dowry law
29 Aug: Gulf Times. A growing number of Indian American husbands claim to be victims of an Indian law against dowry that has them vulnerable to exploitation – both financial and emotional – by their wives and in-laws. Click here.

UAE real estate developers target projects in India
31 Aug: Khaleej Times. After attracting global attention through their towering projects, Middle East real estate giants are now moving to the Indian shores … Some of the large real estate developers in the Middle East — Emaar Properties, Al Ghurair Group's ETA Star, Al Rostamani Enterprises' KM Properties, Nakheel LLC, Dubai Properties and Kingdom Hotel Investments are betting big on India. Their investment is literally going everywhere — hotels, malls, healthcare, housing, IT parks and integrated townships — in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa and Rajasthan. Click here.


Karachi and Pakistan may not have featured much in the consciousness of the Western Goan Diaspora. However, a recent detailed post forwarded to Goanet, originating from Lenny Barretto tells us a great deal about the Goans in Karachi of yester-year and also in more recent times. Goan Voice (UK) readers may also find a visit to The Goinkars Own Academy quite fascinating.

GVUK readers who have avidly followed the controversy over Roman and/or Devanagri script and indeed other scripts, should learn a lot more about this issue from recent Goanet posts. There are so many points of view and there is so much new data provided to make this a significant study in its own right.

Goanet News Service indicates that, gay marriages are on the rise in Goa and that, groups active for homosexual rights are demanding legal cover for such marriages. However, on noting comments on gay people/activity from some Goan Diaspora sources on Goanet, it would appear that Goan thinking today in Goa may be more 'progressive' on this issue than in the Goan Diaspora. Indeed, some Goanet posts suggest that views on personal morality in today's Goa are increasingly different from those of 'yesterday's' Goans currently in the Goan Diaspora. Do GVUK readers agree with such a view? Please have a say on Goanet.

The Konkani Tiatr has really been going places in recent years! It has made it to the UK and Canada where sizeable Goan communities now live. However, that SUKH, led by Gregg Carvalho (GCS London), will be staged in Frankfurt, Germany on 7 October 2006, is surely welcome news. This must relate to a significant recent outflow of Goans from Goa to Europe, mainly via the Portuguese passport route. With Germany's economy picking up quite dramatically, once again, even more Goans are likely to make it their chosen European destination apart from the UK.

GVUK readers are invited to submit essays about their reminisces of Goa to be included in the Goa Sudharop Goan Seniors E-Book. For further details, please contact

Finally, Goanet has reached its 12th Anniversary with a readership of some 7,000 worldwide. It had small tentative beginnings but it is undoubtedly a major success story. Can GVUK readers now afford not to be more involved in this magnificent Goan organisation?

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to


DOCUMENTARY: Difference on Screen.
BBC 2. Sat. 2 Sep. 03:30 to 04:00. How Canada's commitment to multiculturalism works in its film and television industry.

DOCUMENTARY: Get a New Life. Goa
UKTV Style. Sat. 2 Sep. 18:00 to 19:00. Jo and Trevor Whyley want to swap Birmingham for the more tropical climes of Goa in India. Builder Trevor is dreaming of retirement but office manager Jo wants to set up a guesthouse. However, can she cut through Indian bureaucracy? They have a month to decide whether to make the move permanent.

DOCUMENTARY: A Tribute to Freddie Mercury.
BBC Radio 2. Sat. 2 Sep. 21:00 to 22:00. Charts his childhood in Zanzibar, move to the UK, the formation of Queen and his rise to superstardom and assesses his musical legacy.

DOCUMENTARY: The Jesus Effect.
Channel 5. Sun 3 Sep.12:35 to 13:35. Jesus in Asia. The varied effects the presence of Jesus has had on different Asian countries.

FILM: DRAMA: Komal Gandhar.
Channel 4: Tue 5 Sept. 00:35 to 03:05. Ritwik Ghatak charts the effects of the Partition of India in 1947. In Bengali with English subtitles, 1961)

FILM: DRAMA: My Son the Fanatic
BBC 1. Wed 6 Sep. 23:45 to 01:15. Bradford taxi driver, Pervez, originally from Pakistan, embraces the British way of life whilst his son decides to be an Islamic fundamentalist. 1997.

GARDENING: Garden Invaders
UKTV Style Gardens. Wed. 6 Sep. 21:30 to 22:00. Mark Evans and Nikki Mager build an Indian style beach hut in rural Oxfordshire.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 2 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Thames Boat Cruise & Disco in conjunction with YLGS. Reporting time 6.15pm, sailing at 7.00pm. Open to all ages. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Alison Braganza 07799 586793 or any member of the Social Committee.

Sat. 10 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Whist Drive from 1pm – 7pm at St Boniface Social Club, Tooting. Contact: Diego Pinto 020 - 8767 0663, Felix Pereira -

Sat. 30 Sep. G.O.A. Ruby Shopping Extravaganza. Day Trip to France. SOLD OUT

Sun. 1 Oct. Majorda Union. Feast of Our Lady of Boa Morte. White Hart Lane School Hall, Wood Green, London N22. Contact Bernadette Dias 020 8361 9417 or Cajie Braganza 020 8888 5093.

Sat. 14 Oct. G.O.A. Ruby Ladies in Red Soiree at 7pm at Lola Jones Suite, Greaves Place, Tooting. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 - 8771 4457, Claire D'Souza 01784 421421, Marina Viegas 020 - 8656 4217 or any member of the Social Committee.

Sun. 15 Oct. Colva Union, 33rd Anniversary of the Feast of Infant Jesus. Venue: Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham, SW16. Mass at 12.30pm followed by the Social. Tickets: Adults: £12. Children up to 12 years: £5. For Tickets contact: Bento Fernandes (020) 8672 0283; Hilary Dias (020) 672 5528; Fiona Fernandes (020) 8489 1183; Arlene Fernandes (020) 8930 7679


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