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Fitz de Souza: Nairobi Honours Lancaster House Conference Veterans.
21 Dec: The Nation (Nairobi). History was made yesterday when 17 Kenyans were honoured with the Freedom of the City Award. The award - given only for the second time in Kenya's history - was issued to senior citizens who attended the Lancaster House Conference, which gave birth to the Constitution … The award was also conferred on five Lancaster veterans … F R S De Souza … in absentia. They could not attend either because they had not been located or for other reasons, the organisers explained.

Cynthia de Sousa: Wife of the Bishop of Kensington
21 Dec: Richmond & Twickenham Times. … In many ways, the Rt Rev Michael Colclough, 62 at the end of this month, embodies all that is finest in the tradition of Christian compassion … He relishes the word multicultural' as you would a favourite dish … The Colcloughs have been married for 23 years. Cynthia came here with her Goan family in 1973 as refugees from Idi Amin's Uganda and the pair met on a pilgrimage to Walsingham …
[Cynthia de Sousa is the daughter of daughter of Joseph Christopher de Sousa, MBE. She married Michael Colclough in 1983. They have two sons, Edward and Aidan]. For text click here.

Vicelin D’Souza experiences his first American Christmas
21 Dec: The Fresno Bee (California). … "I like the way people get into the Christmas spirit here," says D'Souza, who moved from Kenya last month … He says Kenyan Christians focus their decorating indoors … They might put a small star made from paper and bamboo outside … The Nairobi Christmas season starts only a few days before the holiday … He is experiencing not culture shock but euphoria … Kenyans don't go overboard while shopping for gifts … He adds, “ In Nairobi adults would wear black tie, go to a dinner dance and go to a
club and still be there until the early morning." His family's tradition was to bake sweets and take them around to neighbors … Cherida still thinks of herself as Kenyan first. For more photos and text, 1273 words, click here.

Dogs used in hunt for missing woman
21 Dec: The Oxford Times. Police searching for missing woman Maria Pereira have been searching woodland around her home today with dogs. Specialist officers are also carrying out forensic tests at the home of the 43-year-old in Catslip, Nettlebed. Acting Det Insp Chris Biddle, said: "I appeal to Maria to contact us to let us know she is safe. We are very concerned that something may have happened to her. She has not been in contact with any of her family." 271 words. Click here.

Church link in hunt for missing woman

22 Dec. The Oxford Times. Police searching for missing woman Maria Pereira are liaising with the Church of the Sacred Heart in Henley where she was last seen on Sunday, Dec. 3. Officers will be attending the church on Christmas Day to speak to the congregation about whether they know anything about Ms Pereira, 43, who lives in Nettlebed, and the circumstances of her disappearance. Acting Det Insp Chris Biddle said: "There must be someone who knows where Maria Pereira is, or what has happened to her. Equally if Maria has left of her own accord I urge her to call us and let us know she is OK." 149 words. Click here.

Riddle of maid who vanished
26 Dec: The Mirror (UK). Detectives mingled with churchgoers at Mass yesterday to try to solve the riddle of a missing millionaire's housekeeper. Maria Pereira, 46, vanished three weeks ago on December 3 after being dropped off at the church … Police have combed the mansion's landscaped gardens with sniffer dogs and searched the River Thames with divers but have so far found no trace. The congregation at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, said she did not go to the service … Det Insp Chris Biddle said: "There must be someone who knows what happened. It's out of character for her to go missing." 177 words. Click here.

Maid missing in Britain 'is alive'
28 Dec: Gulf News (Bahrain). Maria Pereira who went missing during a trip to the UK earlier this month might have made her way back to Bahrain or her native Goa, British police said yesterday … The mother-of-three had worked for several years in Bahrain … The police have spoken to Ms Pereira's boyfriend in Bahrain by phone, but he had denied that he had been in touch with her. 386 words.Click here.

Merchants of Bollywood: Tickets 2 for 1.
Carol Furtado (photo last week) has the female lead in the musical. Check the website. for reviews, synopsis, etc. Metro Readers Offer on performances at London, Hammersmith Apollo, 21st Dec – 7th Jan. Tickets 2 for the price of 1. Call 0870 4000 695 and quote “Metro Offer”.

Father Raymond J. De Souza: Meditations on my hometown
23 Dec: National Post. I have come to the home village of my grandparents for the first time … Saligao is a small village in Goa, the former Portuguese colony on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent. My forebears emigrated from Goa to Kenya and Uganda, where my parents were born and raised. They in turn emigrated to Canada, where I was born. I grew up hearing my parents talk about the villages of Goa, about the rivalries among them and
each boasted that its water was more pure, its girls more pretty, its people more clever … As Goans spread throughout the world, they carried their faith with them, so much so that today in Mississauga, Ont., one finds a St. Francis Xavier parish on Father D'Souza Drive … 821 words. [Fr Raymond D'Souza is the son of Greta (nee Freitas, ex-Mombasa) and Cedric D'Souza (ex-Uganda and Nairobi) of Calgary, Canada]. Click here.

Charmaine Carvalho: Making tourists feel at home in Montreal
23 Dec: Montreal Gazette. Charmaine Carvalho, a real-estate investor and English teacher and her husband Eric Serre, a graphic designer, rent out their Plateau condo during festival seasons and holidays … it is furnished with a fusion of Asian, antique, modern, Americana. The business is called Rentals Etc. Charmaine was a filmmaker in Los Angeles before arriving in Montreal. She was born in Kuwait and traces her Goan roots to Saligao. For full text, 1084 words, click here.

Frank Pinto: Junket for 145 UN Devp. Prog. Staffers to Goa
27 Dec: Inter City Press (US). The UN Development Program flew 145 staffers, at agency expense, to the Indian resort of Goa, for a length "retreat" of a unit whose director is a native of Goa. The UNDP's Global Environmental Facility, run by Frank Pinto, spent money meant for the poor in what UNDP staffers characterize as a junket. The trip was organised by hometown guy Frank Pinto who is also the Director of the unit. After the conference was finally over, Frank Pinto stayed some extra days to see his mother. Click here.


27 Dec: Adelaide, Australia. POLICARP (Polly) GOUVEIA. (Born 1932, ex-Tanga, Tanzania). Father of Michelle/Gerard De Souza and Vanessa. Condolences to [Info from Antu Braganza].

26 Dec. Carmona, Goa. RABY NORONHA (Ex Police of Goa, Angola & Portugal). Husband of Clara. Brother of late Gaudencio/Aida, Clelia/Damasceano Noronha, Leonor/Maximiano Furtado and Rui.

25 Dec. Lisbon. DR MARIA AIDA DE NORONHA. Daughter of late Prof Carminho/late Augusta Gomes de Melo. Sister of Berta/Joao Filipe Borges, late Dr Jose/Elizabeth,Teresa/Avelino Fernandes, late Carlos/Filomena, Armando/Maria Helena.

23 Dec: Porvorim, Goa. THOMAS AVERTANO AQUINO RODRIGUES. Husband of Filomena. Father of Marcus/Milagrin (Scotland).

23 Dec? Mardol, Goa. MONICA D'COSTA. Wife of late Francisco. Mother of late Joaquim/Ligorina, late Bernardo/Julie, Milagres/Joyce, Lourdinha/late Sebastian, Anarita/Santan Jose, Lilly/Cagie (UK), Maria Santana/Herculano.

21 Dec. Barkingside, Essex. JOSEPH DIAS (ex Standard Bank Nairobi and Nat West London). Beloved husband of Monica (ex Dsm). Father of Anselm and Bosco. Requiem Mass on Fri 29 Dec 10 am at St Augustine's, Cranbrook Road, Barkingside IG6, followed by Cremation at Forest Park Crematorium, Forest Road, Hainault IG6 at 11.15 am. All are invited to join the family for refreshments at Chigwell Convent, 803 Chigwell Road, Woodford Bridge, IG8. Any Queries to 0208 550 7918. No flowers please. Condolences to

20 Dec: London. MATHEW RODRIGUES. Son of late Francis Xavier/late Mariana Cabral. Husband of Ana Maria. Father of Maclin, Melissa and Marsha.

From John De Silva and Family re: Death of Alison De Silva:
We express our sincere thanks, and we greatly appreciate all your support by way of the Flowers and the numerous emails, phone calls, and cards which were a great comfort to the Family. We thank you for all your prayers, as we try very hard to cope with Alison’s untimely death. She is at peace.

26 Dec: Etobicoke, Toronto. ROSE MARY PEREIRA. Wife of the late Alexander. Mother of Janet/James Motha (California), and Etty/Leonard Roach (Etobicoke). Rose Pereira was an actress who starred in 40 films in India from the 1940's well into the 1970's. Friends will be received at the Ridley Funeral Home on Friday. Funeral Mass Saturday 10 a.m. at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church. Interment Assumption Cemetery, Mississauga. Messages of Condolences may be placed at For a photo and full details click here.


a little help gives a lot of hope
Sponsor A Child. Make A Donation. Be A Volunteer


Goa Prepares for Poker Invasion
21 Dec. Online Casino News (UK). With only three months to go until kick off Goa is preparing itself for what it expects to be its top attraction for 2007 when it hosts the inaugural Asian Poker Classic on March 1. It will be the first professional poker tournament to be held in India and will offer one of Asia’s largest ever prize pools with a guaranteed $1 million up for grabs. Click here.

Take a Hike, Hippie
22 Dec: Edmonton Journal (Canada). India's Arabian Sea tourist resort of Goa, beloved of hippies and backpackers, plans to launch an armada of floating casinos to pull in high-roller tourists. "That means more quality tourists are coming to our country and we in Goa would like to cash in on this trend," Ernest Dias, vice-president of Goa's Travel and Tourism Association, said in an interview … "Since the 1960s we have been identified as a drug-and-sex hippie centre, but that's changing. Tourists from a wider economic band are coming, and these new casinos will help as Goa after 10 p.m. doesn't have a nightlife," he added.

Tourists throng Goa to ring in New Year
22 Dec: Times of India. … "Coming to Goa is like coming home," says Jenny Leigh from England … "The sun is a big security and very nice," says Timo from Finland, a first-time portly visitor … tourists like Jack and Stella from Canada or young Choi from South Korea walk the streets with a map to find out "villages in the city areas and to take a look at the city from Altinho hill" on foot. 508 words. Click here.

Mumbai’s funseekers will either dash to Goa or stay home and sulk
23 Dec: Daily News & Analysis. For Swati Patnaik, Mumbai’s out. Swati has her reasons. “Goa may be overcrowded during New Year’s eve, but I don’t mind going there over and over again. The cops leave you alone. The nightclubs are open all night. Food and drinks are cheaper. And the locals are only too happy to oblige because of the business that tourists bring in,” she explains.
Click here.

High rollers in, hippies out
24 Dec: The Sunday Times (UK). Fruit machines are set to oust full-moon parties and meditation as Goa's main attraction. The state government has announced plans to launch an armada of floating casinos in a bid to attract a different class of tourist. "Since the 1960s, we've been identified as a drug-and-sex hippie centre," said Ernest Dias, of the Goan Travel and Tourism Association, "but that's changing."

Yemen, Algeria, reports may prompt Centre to issue Goa terror alert.
26 Dec: Indian Express. The Centre is considering issuing a New Year terror alert to Goa. This comes after Indian missions in West Asia and North Africa reported that intelligence inputs warning of a terror strike in Goa tallied with information obtained from interrogation of members of Islamic militant groups arrested in these regions. These inputs were based on information after the arrest of Yemenese and Algerian militants in Jeddah, which showed that militant groups had done a recce of popular spots in Goa. A laptop with them had detailed plans of a possible militant strike, intelligence sources said. 316 words.


United Spirits to launch feni brand next quarter
22 Dec: Business Standard. United Spirits, liquor baron Vijay Mallya's Rs 3,600 crore firm, is set to launch feni, the famous Goan spirit, in the branded retail market by the next quarter. This is the first time a large spirits company is branding and marketing Goa's local brew. United Spirits will be branding this offering as `Goasol' which means Sun of Goa. An official said, “The Mexicans have Tequila, the Japanese have Sake and so on. It's time we took feni to that level and make it popular.” 341 words. Click here.

The lure of India beckons Singapore investors
23 Dec. Today (Singapore). Indian Singaporeans are beginning to invest in India lured by the country's booming property market, a rapidly improving real estate investment climate and easy financing from banks and financial institutions … According to Mr Michael Lobo, publisher of Homes and Estates, the bible of the Goa property scene, prices for prime properties there have gone up "10 times in the last two years since the boom started". Much of this boom is fuelled by demand from overseas Indians who constitute 20 per cent of the total number of buyers followed by British buyers at 10 per cent.

Video Clips: Is Christmas an Indian festival?
23 Dec: CNN-IBN. Christmas is just two days away, and the trees and stars are twinkling already. Markets are so filled with that it could even be a Diwali or an Eid. Christmas has finally arrived in India with all its regional hues. In Kerala mass is said in Malayalam, in churches across Goa priests say prayers in Konkani. A typical Christmas meal could range from Christmas cake to spicy curries and even typically local dishes. For the 4 video clips click here.

Tight security in Goa ahead of festivals
23 Dec: ANI. Goa is buzzing with tourists from India and abroad, and therefore, the authorities have stepped up security ahead of Christmas and New Year ... Click here.

Unprecedented security cover for the midnight mass in Panaji
24 Dec: PTI. Tight security cover was provided to the churches for the midnight Christmas mass. Metallic detectors were installed at the entrance of the church, as devotees began gathering for prayers. St Immaculate Conception Church in Panaji has been virtually turned into a fortress with a posse of Goa police and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), guarding it. Click here.

Video Clip: A big hole in security as yuletide spirit grips Goa
24 Dec: CNN-IBN. Spectacular beaches, great food and a rocking party scene—no wonder Goa is justifiably called the holiday paradise. However, the flip side is that the hundreds of tourists who come to Goa also make a perfect target for a terrorist strike. [The CNN-IBN team exposes a lapse in the security]. Text, 484 words and video clip (2m. 40s) at the link below. Click here.

Goa's First Revolt Against the Portuguese
24 Dec: OHMY News (Korea). Bt Armstrong Vaz, Goa was ruled by the Portuguese from 1510 to 1961. An uprising against the colonial Portuguese rulers launched by a small village -- Cuncolim -- some 48 kilometers from the state capital of Panjim in 1583 has gone largely unnoticed. 1071 words. Click here.

Goa: Xmas ushered in with pomp
25 Dec: Herald. The Christian community in Goa celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ at solemn services at midnight, commencing the 12-day long Christmas festivities. While most churches had indoor services, neither the chilly weather nor the security threats deterred the conduct of open air services in several parishes attended by the laity in large numbers. 332 words. Click here.

Video clip: Goa in high spirit despite alert
25 Dec. CNN-IBN. Kashmiri Muslims and Israeli tourists on Anjuna Beach are in high spirits at Christmas despite fears of a terror strike. 2.7 min. Click here.

Claremont Group (UK) to develop £100m resort in Goa
25 Dec. Perm Saini, founder of Claremont Group has been named as one of Britain’s Top 100 women in property … Claremont has invested in properties around the UK and in Dubai, Cyprus and Spain. The company is currently embarking on its biggest ever project, the development of a £100m resort in Goa. Click here.

Video clip: Terror threat spoils Goan business
26 Dec: CNN-IBN. Goa: The Christmas season in Goa this year is not all that festive. With the terror threat looming over the tourist hot spot business is bad this year. 1m 53s. Click here.

Goa: CRZ authority stays construction
26 Dec: The Hindu. Large-scale development of land for commercial purposes by builders leading to mindless illegal destruction of hills and coastline in different villages has invited the ire of the people agitating against the controversial State Regional Plan 2011 … The authority, headed by State Chief Secretary J.P. Singh, stayed a case of illegal work that posed a threat to ecology near the Bambolim coast of north Goa by builders. Click here.

India film fest tainted by chaos
27 Dec: The Hollywood Reporter (USA). The almost four-decade old International Film Festival of India (IFFI) is in apparent disarray despite a recent rebirth and an attempt to establish a permanent home in the western coastal resort state of Goa. This year's event -- which ran Nov. 23 to Dec. 3 -- attracted bad press on everything from management chaos, a perceived disregard for regional Indian cinema and the event's ability to attract little to no foreign presence. 648 words. Click here.

Video clip: Fight for Goa: Locals rue illegal constructions
27 Dec: NDTV. The battle for Goa is heating up. The latest ground zero is a hill near Dona Paula where some of the country's top celebs have invested in holiday homes. But a peoples movement against illegal and rampant construction in Goa says that too many trees will be cut down to build holiday homes. Free 1 min review. Click here.


Collien Fernandes: 2007 Calendar

For the Calendar, click here:
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For the official Collien Fernandes web site, click here.

Pregnant star Laila Rouass is dumped;
23 Dec: The Sun (UK). Pregnant Footballers’ Wives star Laila Rouass has been dumped by her hubby - because he does not want her to have the baby. Laila -who only wed tycoon Nasa Khan a year ago -has now quit their London home. Pals of the beauty said that instead of greeting the baby news with joy Nasa had called time on their marriage … The Sun exclusively revealed in November that she was six months pregnant. The 30-year-old brunette -who had been taking the Pill -had put on only a couple of pounds and had no idea she was expecting. She went to a doctor with back pains, thinking she had a kidney infection. For the GVUK Laila Rouass supplement click here.

Indian men buy a new image to win beautiful brides
24 Dec: The Observer (UK). … Fair and Handsome, Lady Diana Whitening Beauty Cream, Milky Skin Now … Skin-whitening creams are marketed aggressively in India, where 'good, healthy' looks are seen as the key to a successful life, not just for women but increasingly for men, who are having plastic surgery, too … Dr Anup Dhir, a senior consultant at the Apollo hospital, said the most popular operation for men was the nose job, or rhinoplasty, starting at £500. Removing a scar cost from £300 and liposuction began at £900 … Social scientist Ajai Liu Niumai believes Indians want to exploit a bias towards a light skin: 'Indians are conditioned over the ages to believe the "low castes" have a dark complexion and "higher classes" are fair.' … An increasing number of foreigners, many of them British Asians, are flying in for cheap operations … But the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has expressed doubts about the quality of practices abroad and it suggests some botched operations are left for the NHS to sort out when patients return home. 440 words. Click here.

Daddy dearest; By Christa D'Souza
24 Dec: The Sunday Times (UK). My dad hates celebrations, you see -always has done … what he will be doing this year is spending it as he did last year: in his flat, alone, cooking himself some lamb curry and rice … if he'd taken my mum back to India with him, instead of battling his way in the world here, not only would he be spending Christmas with us, he'd be living with one or all of us, too … 511 words. Click here. Christa is the daughter of Stanley and Baroness (Frances) D’Souza. For more information about Stanley D’Souza select the link below: Click here.

Stars and swipes
24 Dec: The Sunday Times (UK). We asked our writers for their worst experiences, so you know where not to. Dom Joly wrote:
Anjuna Beach, Goa. It was like the past 10 years had never happened. This admittedly beautiful beach is littered with the detritus of subcultures I thought we'd long got over. Five bars in a row blare out nonstop trance music while heavily tattooed hippies and Germans in thongs lie around like stoned driftwood. Anjuna is what I've been trying to avoid all my life. It was like visiting a place where all the people you hated when you were growing up had decided to move en masse. Don't Goa to Goa.

Video Clip: Inside India's Luxury Housing Boom
25 Dec: Forbes (USA). India’s flourishing economy is driving the demand for luxury homes. Videoclip 5m 55s. Click here.


An interesting question posed on Goanet was---Would it be true to say that the 'nostalgia' of second or third generation Goan expats reflects more the realities of Goa of the 1940s and 1950s, then say the Goa of the 1980s or 1990s? Wouldn't Goan Voice (UK) readers like to have a say about this?

Ruth de Souza from New Zealand has provided, once again, an interesting article on Gambling: Causing More Harm Than Good. This relates to earlier reportage on the GV(UK) that ten new offshore casinos will be established in Goa. The article reflects Ruth's sound knowledge of this issue arising from her work on an annual International Gambling Think Tank and a follow up International Conference on Gambling.

Does it matter if one's parents are married or not? Find out about this theme from an article,(first out in April 2003), what Christa D'Souza (now a baroness) had to say about this. Her parents separated when she was five but at 58 and 73 respectively, they remarried!

How significant is the use of correct grammar today, compared to say, idiomatic usage in the spoken and written word? There has been quite a buzz on this issue on Goanet and GV(UK) readers may wish to provide further comments, especially, as many 'versions' of English are used in the UK and worldwide.

Goanet is a useful source for sporting news in Goa and the Goan Diaspora. From field hockey to ice hockey, soccer, tennis and athletics, there is much that gets reported very regularly.

GV(UK) readers are urged to read an insightful piece on A Feeling of Goan Separateness from the rest of the Country by Sidharth Bhatia. This item also draws our attention to a new collection of pieces on Goa that reveals why it is an exceptional place, and also why it generates so much exceptionalism among its inhabitants.

Finally, "Lyrical Goa: Brian reads at XCHR's History Hour" tells us about Delhi-based Goan poet Brian Mendonca reading his own poems at the History Hour on 21 Dec 2006 in Goa. In weaving history into poetry, Brian said that he always saw his work as a calling to creatively document a way of life in Goa which is under erasure. His paper, titled History in the Making: Goa Through Poetic Eyes 1987-2007, is definitely well worth reading.

Please visit the Goanet archives at To subscribe to Goanet send an email to


COOKERY: Rick Stein's Seafood Odyssey. UKTV Food
Sat. 30 Dec: 09:30 to 10:00. Rick Stein tours the globe in search of unusual and tasty seafood dishes. Today, we join him in the stunning setting of Goa as he reproduces some of the most popular local fish dishes.

ENTERTAINMENT: IFFI: Goa. Sony Entertainment TV Asia
Sun 31 Dec: 21:00 to 23:30 One of the most prestigious award ceremonies of the year is the International Film Festival of India 2006. This years festival was held in Goa.

DOCUMENTARY: Shopkeepers of the Nation. BBC Radio Four. Also online
Mon 1 Jan: 11:00 to 11:30. Hardeep Singh Kohli explores why so many Asians set up small shops and why they were so successful. Poverty, racism and the need to support the family were among the reasons why so many shopkeepers were prepared to work extremely long hours.

NEWS: Asian Network Report. BBC Radio Asian Network. Also Online.
Mon 1 Jan: 12:00 to 12:30. Dating Dilemmas: Wacky Waqas sets out to find the love of his life via a padlock and key party, and a date with a well known glamour model. But will he ever find true happiness?

ENTERTAINMENT: The Goddess. BBC Radio Four. Also online.
Mon 1 Jan. 19:45 to 20:00 By Prabhat Kumar Mukherjee, adapted by Lolita Chakrabarti from the film by Satyajit Ray. Part 1 of 5 – the other parts are at the same time, Tues – Fri this week.

DOCUMENTARY: Crossing Continents. BBC Radio Four. Also Online
Mon 1 Jan. 20:30 to 21:00. Escaping Caste: Dan Isaacs reports from India on the movement which has led millions of Dalits, people from the lowest Hindu caste, to convert to Buddhism in an attempt to escape from their social lot in life. For details click here.

Wed. 3 Jan: 18:00 to 19:00. An Asian businesswoman swaps with a liberal stay-at-home mum.

FILM: Anita and Me. BBC 1
Thu 4 Jan. 23:05 to 00:40. Sparky coming-of-age comedy about a girl growing up in the Midlands in the 1970s, who is caught between her Punjabi father and her desire to fit in.


See ocation_2000.pdf for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 31 Dec: 7.00pm to 3.00am. Dark Star Social Club presents a NEW YEAR'S EVE Gala Ball at the NEW Harrow Leisure Centre. Music by live band "SECOND NATURE" and disco "SOUND FX ROADSHOW". For tickets and other information, email or call Derrick Pereira 020-8952 8899 or Bernie Gracias 020-8723 1322. GOA members entitled to 2 tickets at £12 each. Contact: Bernie Gracias 020 8723 1322. For the flyer click here.

Sun. 31 Dec 7.00pm to 1.30am. Friend's Circle presents a NEW YEAR'S EVE BALL at Belmont Community Hall, Kenton Lane, Belmont Circle, Harrow HA3 8RY. Entertained by Goa's top most band "BREAKTHRU" Guest artist from Dubai "CONNY" and Disco "SOUND SOUND". Ticket & Info. Francisco 0208 3574281 Carlos 0208 2487387 Teresa Felix 0208 2453786

Sun 31 Dec. 7 pm to 2 pm. Goan Community Association. New Year's Eve Dance at White Hart Lane School, White Hart Lane, London N22. Music by Nitelife Disco. For tickets please contact Cos Fernandes: 020 8884 3124; Xavier Alfonso 020 8803 5146 (between 7PM AND 9PM); Candy Fernandes: 07961 044 079; Tony Gomes: 020 8245 1364

Sun. 31 Dec. Plumstead SE London New Year's Gala Ball - dancing to the sounds and lighting of Music Mania. Commencing at 7pm to 1am. No tickets sold at the gate, strictly formal. Contact evenings only: Tony Joanes 020 8265 9644, Paul Barretto 020 8311 1195, Joe Fernandes 020 8301 2608.

Sun. 31 Dec. Saligao Association UK Sparkling New Year's Eve Ball 2006 at Tolworth Recreation Centre, Tolworth KT6 7LQ. Grand Unlimited Buffet / Childrens entertainer / Hot Band and Disco / Showstopper. Book online / reserve tables (no fee) on Enquiries to or call Cedric de Souza on 07725 080239/Marion Pereira 020 8408 0748.

Sun 31 Dec. 7pm-1.30am. SE Goans New Years Ball. Orpington Hall, 311 Orpington High St, Kent. BR6 0NN, Band & Disco. Contact Dominic 07854 490617; Ron 0208 303 3386.

Sun. 31 Dec. - St. Diogo's Association (UK) Guirim/Sangolda. New Year's Eve Ball at the Grand Civic Suite, Wandsworth Town Hall, London W12. Live Band and Disco and fabulous prizes including two free air tickets to Europe as well as other attractive prizes of Dinner for two and a weekend stay in five star hotel in London and many, many more......Snacks, Buffet, Tea and Coffee re included in the ticket. Hurry, demand for tickets is great - so please book early to avoid disappointment. Contact: Apolonia DeSouza Tel: 020 8686 1876, Gilbert Fonseca Tel: 020 8670 1955, Nigel D'Souza Tel: 0118 979 0044.


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