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Eve Offers 15 Tricks to Brighten Your Day
10 Jan. The Evening Standard (London). By Eve Menezes Cunningham. Tips include: Take a bath full of colour; Change your posture; Go somewhere new; Breathe away your anxieties; Eat something different; Light a candle, etc. For full text, 920 words click here.
The Eve Menezes Cunningham website is at Her email is Eve helps people who are feeling stressed, ill, off-balance or simply in need of pampering. Click here.
Eve’s father is Tim Cunningham the poet, Her mother, Alexandra nee Menezes, who is professionally known as Maeja Raicar, is a psychotherapist, with her website at Alexandra was born in Nairobi, Kenya and is the sister of Frank Menezes (London), Tony Menezes (Norway), Melita Figueiredo (London) and Angela Menezes (Goa).

ZEDO Crosses 20 Billion Monthly Impressions: Roy de Souza
11 Jan: PR Newswire (U.S.). ZEDO, Inc. a leading provider of online ad serving solutions, today announced that 162 companies chose ZEDO's Third Generation Ad Serving(TM) technology in 2005 … ZEDO's highly scalable proprietary ad serving technology now serves over 20 billion monthly impressions … "This is an exciting milestone for ZEDO and it is immensely gratifying to experience such a positive growth trend," said Roy de Souza, CEO of ZEDO, Inc.
ZEDO is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco with offices in Portland, London and Mumbai. Web site: For full text click here.
Roy de Souza, 35, is the son of Dr Fitz and Dr Romola de Souza of Nairobi & London. For a profile of Roy see click here.

Claude Moraes: Parliament to investigate rendition flight claims
13 Jan: The Guardian (UK). The European parliament agreed yesterday to investigate allegations that the CIA set up secret prisons in eastern Europe and transported detainees through EU countries on "rendition" flights. British Labour MEP Claude Moraes said he expected to be on a committee looking at whether the CIA was involved in the torture of terrorist suspects in Europe. For a photograph and profile of Claude Moraes see

Sir Menzies Campbell pips Seraphino Antao (1964)
14 Jan: Various UK newspapers featured Sir Menzies Campbell who is standing for the election for Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party following the resignation of Charles Kennedy. Campbell is a former athlete and the photograph with the article showed the finish of 1964 AAA 220 yards championship at White City, London, with Menzies Campbell pipping Seraphino Antao at the post. See the results table at
For the GVUK Seraphino Antao profile click here.

UK: Tatler Restaurant Awards 2006
16 Jan: The Evening Standard (London). Nominated for RESTAURATEUR OF THE YEAR is Rebecca Mascarenhas (11 Abingdon Road).
Rebecca Mascarenhas was born in Mombasa, daughter of the late Sonny and Carmen (nee Freitas); sister of Vernon (who owns a farm in Surrey and was featured in GVUK 2005-26). The family emigrated to Norwich, Norfolk, in 1967. She named her restaurant chain after her father. For more info about Rebecca Mascarenhas click here.

UK: Have a slap-up meal and see a film from just £10
18 Jan: Daily Star. Wondering what to do to fill the dark winter nights? We have the perfect solution. Enjoy a two-course meal at one of 130 restaurants around the country and then snuggle up with your popcorn and see a blockbuster at one of Vue's cinemas. [Restaurants include, for £15, Palms of Goa, owned by Edmund Dias and is at 4a Meard Street, Soho, London, W1F 0EF For full details click here or go directly to

Vancouver: Troy DeSouza - Election Candidate
18 Jan: Sooke News Mirror, Canada. Health care, defence and the environment were the centre of attention at an All Candidates Meetings … Conservative candidate Troy DeSouza said he was impressed with the tremendous level of support his wife received when his daughter was born 14 months ago, he decried the amount of outdated equipment he saw … For text, 951 words and photo click here.
Troy DeSouza is the Conservative candidate for Equismlat constituency in Victoria, British Columbia, at the Canadian general elections of Jan 23. He is husband of Kismet, father of Ava and son of Vince and Sandra The Troy DeSouza website at

Keith Vaz: 'Ugly' Miss out On Visas
18 Jan: Leicester Mercury. Ugly people are often refused visas to enter the UK, a Leicester MP has alleged. Keith Vaz, the Leicester East MP, spoke out in Home Office Questions about the recent media revelations by Anthony Pamnani, an ex-administration officer at the Immigration and Nationality Directorate's Lunar House centre, in Croydon, who also claimed an intricate "sex for visas" scandal was taking place in the department. Click here.

Play with your mind
19 Jan: Toronto Star. Ryan Pinto, 32, father of two, gets one night out a week. Instead of poker with the boys or a game at the ACC, he does something truly extreme. He learns. Like thousands of other Torontonians, Pinto is enrolled in one of the city's growing number of adult education programs … Time-crunched young father Pinto is a serious music lover with a CD collection in the hundreds to prove it … Pinto now spends one evening a week learning to DJ. He says it's his first dip back into the education pool since graduating from university 10 years ago — a dip he took with hesitation. Click here.


15 Jan. Nairobi. EDNA DA GAMA ROSE. Widow of late Felix. Sister/sister-in-law of Elvira (Nairobi); Elsie/Mervyn Maciel (UK); Eslinda/Tony Saldanha (Nairobi); Ina/Vic.McClelland (Nairobi) and the late Agatho & Achilles Collaco. Funeral service was on Wed, 18 Jan. at Consolata Church, Westlands, Nairobi. Burial at Langata Cemetery. Condolences to

14 Jan: Ribandar, Goa DR. INACIO DE SA (aged 89, Mayor of Panjim in 1976 and Local Councillor for several years). Husband of the late Maria do Carmo Rangel. Father of Sandra/Tony Marques (London), Savio/Fatima, Lucio/Eunice and Enid/Richie Miranda, ex - Condolences to


Meter system for taxis in Goa
13 Jan: The Hindu. The Goa Government has decided to introduce meter system coupled with strict enforcement of fixed tariff cards for taxis. Click here.

Travel diseases high among Toronto immigrants
13 Jan. Toronto Star. Toronto has one of the largest groups of international travellers in the world who come back with a tropical disease, according to a new study. Almost half are immigrants returning from visiting family and friends in Third World countries … They see no risk in visiting homeland … About 8 per cent of travellers to the developing world require medical care during or after their trip … Preventive drugs can cost over $1,000 for a family of four and are no longer covered by OHIP. The government's attitude is, “If you can afford to travel, you can afford to pay.” 734 words. Click here.

Travel: Stay Ahead of the Game
13 Jan. Seattle Times. … This year, get ahead of the game. If some snooty know-it-all asks you at a party, "Where are you going this year?" shut him up quick by replying, "I haven't decided between Goa and Boracay." Click here.

Goa goes from Hippie to Hip
14 Jan: Die Welt. Mrs Braganza Pereira’s pride is a fingernail of St Francis Xavier. No one knows how she came to acquire such a relic … VIPs such as Jade Jagger, Kate Moss, Richard Gere and Giorgio Armani are sighted at Goa’s idyllic beaches… what makes Goa so special is best described by the native word "susegad" … 938 words, text in German at the link below.
For a machine translation, go to and paste the url in the Translate a web page box.

Goa for the Yoga
14 Jan: The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Aus.). By Sarah Dawson. It was my first time to Goa and I had come on a yoga holiday where I hoped to combine yoga with the great outdoors, indulging in delicious Goan cuisine, massage, exercise and the stimulation of India. The seven-day yoga course was to take place at Pepper Valley … Our accommodation was rustic bamboo-style huts … We learnt some basic Goan dishes including how to prepare their famous spicy pepper sauce. My stay in Goa had been the most rejuvenating two weeks I could remember. 966 words.

The top 25 destinations for 2006.
14 Jan: The Herald (Glasgow) … Goa. Already famed for its glorious beaches, Goa is now tempting travellers who want to combine sun worshipping with experiencing India's rich cultural highlights. There's a growing trend, say industry experts, for two-centre holidays offering the traditional beach break along with time for exploring such inland attractions as Mumbai, New Delhi and the Taj Mahal.

Passage around India
14 Jan: The Times (UK). By Amrit Dhillon With fares cheaper than train tickets in many cases, some of the 15 million Indians who travel on the railways every day can now afford to fly. A flight from Delhi to Bombay could be the price of a cheap lunch in London — £33 or so … Visitors can stretch their budgets, too. Anyone on a charter flight to Goa would think twice about spending the second week exploring India. The internal flights were more expensive than getting to Goa. Now they are flying to Bangalore, Madras, Delhi or Rajasthan … The only concern is the decrepit state of Indian airports. Tourists can find it impossible to get a seat in the departure lounge because it now resembles — yes, you guessed it — a railway platform. 1097 words. Click here.

Rave frenzy grips Pernem coastline
14 Jan: Herald. Rave parties have continued to vibrate Pernem’s fragile coastline with alarming frequency and those opposed to these nocturnal events are not restricted to locals alone. Foreigners who reside along the coastal belt have complained that little is being done either by the government or the police to stop these parties.

Trippin' on India
15 Jan: Times of India. Joe Cairns, Landscape designer from Canada says, “Goa has a fabulous, open culture, you can sense it in the air. On the whole it's a great country with an amazing diversity. And everyone's so peace-loving. I'm definitely coming back next summer. The beaches and rave parties are a let-down. The beaches are dirty and the cops are constantly clamping down on the raves - all of which ruins the party spirit. Click here.

Goa: Most taxi operators oppose meters
15 Jan: Navhind Times. The announcement by the Tourism Minister, Dr Wilfred de Souza, to make use of fare meters compulsory from February 1 has divided the taxi operators, with a majority of taxi operators threatening to launch an agitation if the rule was implemented, while others have welcomed it. Click here.

Goa Carnival to attract tourists
16 Jan: The Hindu. A three-day Goa carnival would be held from February 25 to 28, with float parades planned in important cities of the state, including Panaji. "In Panaji, we expect at least 50,000 people to witness the float parade and the crowd will comprise a sizeable number of tourists who would come to Goa specially for the carnival", Surendra Furtado, Chairman, Panaji Carnival Committee told PTI … The float parade in Panaji would be held on February 25. Click here.

India's contradictory faces
16 Jan: The East African. Kenyan Asian writer Rasna Warah visits India: I was in Goa and the holy man demanded 50 rupees for taking his photo. Later, Tony, my Goan taxi driver, informed me that both the holy man and his holy elephant were fake. In fact, I was lucky I got away with paying just 50 rupees; most tourists had to part with four times that amount for just one shot. "He comes every day and sits in the same spot," explained Tony. "He is not a sadhu, he is a businessman." Like all business people, he added, the sadhu also pays taxes – to the local police in the form of bribes and to the forestry department, who for some reason have allowed an elephant to wander around the beaches of Goa, perhaps in the name of tourism. 1775 words. Click here.

Goa Taxis: No date set to enforce meter system
18 Jan: The Navhind Times. The government today said that it had set no date to enforce the meter system on tourist taxis … The announcement comes as a surprise, in view of the January 4 announcement made by the Deputy Chief Minister and Tourism Minister, Dr Wilfred de Sousa, at an interactive session with non-resident Indians attending the third Gomant Vishwa Sammelan that “the government would install fare meter on every tourist taxi, in one month”. Click here.

Lisbon Travel Mart
18 Jan: Travel Daily News International (Greece). Lisbon Travel Market, will engage the participation of 40 countries that will all join us thru tourism and travel agencies. It is also worthwhile mentioned that Goa will attend, for the first time, with an independent representation … Lisbon Travel Market – BTL - will open the doors, on the 19th of this month, to a world of dreams, holidays and leisure. Click here


An interesting site about Goans in Zanzibar. Includes early photographs of places and people like Dr Fitz de Souza. [From Mervyn Lobo]. Click here.

A portfolio of over 300 recent photographs of Nairobi. Click here. [From Gabe Menezes]

A website in memory of SHAUN CARVALHO has been created at Shaun of Arusha, Tanzania, passed away in a road accident on Dec. 21, 2005 at the age of 35. [From Doreen Gomes]


Convicted Paedophile Freddy Peats Gets Catholic Funeral
13 Jan: UCAN. Freddy Peats, aged 81, the first person in India to serve a life term for paedophilia, was given a Catholic burial nine months after his death, with the officiating priest saying that judgment about his life was for God, not men, to make … Peats, a baptized Catholic according to government records, was buried Jan. 6 at St. Inez cemetery. Twelve people known to Peats, eight of them jail officials, attended the 15-minute funeral rite … Some people in Goa are outraged at the Catholic burial given to Peats. Text, 848 words. Click here.

Goa: Two UK convicts go berserk, allege harassment
13 Jan: Herald. Two British inmates at Central Jail Aguada turned berserk and lashed at jail guards alleging corruption and harassment … they claimed that the jail guards refused to allow them to call their families in the UK.

40-year-old woman gang raped in Goa
14 Jan: Deccan Herald. A 40-year old woman was raped by a gang of masked men who broke in and robbed a house in South Goa on Wednesday. The gang also sat for about four hours coolly polishing off the liquor in the house with their victims bound and gagged. Click here.

More states are vying to woo IT companies
15 Jan: The Economic Times. … Even small states like Goa have been bidding for attracting IT giants so as to reduce the burden of unemployment. While announcing Wipro's proposed launch of an R&D project in Goa recently, state IT minister Dayanand Narvekar highlighted that the proposed IT habitat in the state would likely to generate employment for 10,000 youths… Click here.

Goa to face power crisis, says chamber
17 Jan: Business Standard. The Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has indicated in its report that the state will face a grim power situation in the coming years and has suggested adopting back-up power policy to overcome the situation.
The report covering infrastructure such as road and water and power, will be released soon … Experts claim that the power consumption in Goa is increasing owing to the changing lifestyle and installation of air-conditioners and geysers in the flats. Click here.

Goa tops enrolment in rural schools
17 Jan: Goa has beaten the 100 per cent literate Kerala to record the lowest number of children out of school in villages. Only 0.3 per cent of all children in the tiny coastal state do not go to school compared to 1.6 per cent of Kerala's, says a new national survey. Click here.

Abbé Faria: Father of Hypnosis
17 Jan: Daily News & Analysis. Hypnosis is widely used today for pain management and emotional trauma therapy. But a Goan, José Custodio de Faria, or Abbé Faria (1756-1819), laid its scientific foundations. Click here.

Italian guitarist Piero Bonaguri will hold classes in Goa. By Pamela D’Mello
18 Jan: Asian Age. Acclaimed Italian classical guitarist Piero Bonaguri is scheduled to hold a series of masterclasses and workshops as part of a first-ever International Classical Guitar Festival and national level competition in Goa next month … The international festival also brings in German guitarist Roger Zimmermann … 253 words. Click here.

Water falls short of demand
18 Jan: Herald. The overall water supply in Goa falls short by nearly 30 percent of the demand of water both in the domestic and non domestic sector according to the Public Works Department records.

NCP asks party MLAs to quit Rane govt in Goa
19 Jan: Indian Express. In a decision that can destabilise the Congress-led government in Goa, the executive committee of state NCP has asked its legislators to resign from the Pratap Singh Rane ministry accusing it of step-motherly treatment by the alliance partner Congress. Click here.


Whatever happened to the only state funded shrimp hatchery in Benaulim, South Goa? Guilherme Almeida provides answers in an informative piece.

A row appears to be taking place over the installation of meters for taxis in Goa. The drivers seem to feel that they are being unduly penalised. Their claim is that most businesses flout pricing laws at tourist centres and that they would be the only ones being regulated.

Because there was a long-standing "mutual aid" treaty between Britain and Portugal, should Britain have gone to the aid of Portugal when India invaded Goa in 1962? Read all about this new controversy on Goanet.

Many of us may not have heard of Dr Jack Sequeira and his political contributions/actions in Goa in past years. Now, here is a chance to find out about some past illustrious individuals and the efforts being explored to commemorate them.

The Indian tiger has become more vulnerable than ever before. Poachers break all the rules intended to protect the tigers as the returns on the skins are considerable. Now however, India is turning to spy technology to save the dwindling numbers. This project will be operated by giving each animal an ID photo-card to help record sightings.

Luis Fernandes was clearly very unhappy with what he found on a two-week vacation in Goa. He describes many things which were well below his expectations. He is keen for readers to respond to his strong criticisms of tourist facilities in Goa.

Finally, do local Goans in Goa shun work when it is readily available, especially in the service sector, and choose to remain unemployed? Find out more about this controversy and the lack of workers in Goa in all kinds of situations.

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to


Couple fly out to open two children’s shelters
11 Jan: Wilmslow Express (UK). Anne and Allan Dawson fly to India next month to officially open two children’s shelters that generous Wilmslow residents helped to build. They have spent the past two years campaigning tirelessly to raise £20,000 needed for two shelters to house street children in Goa … Anne and Allan became involved with the charity, El Shaddai Goa, eight years ago when they met the founder, Anita Edgar, at a popular tourist market near the beach resort of Calangute … 416 words. Click here.

India's New Faces of Outsourcing
11 Jan: Washington Post. Before he supervised teams, wooed American clients over dinner or sat in a boardroom alongside U.S. executives, Constancio Fernandes wrote computer code for a living … But somewhere along the way, Fernandes became more confident and outspoken. He began questioning the Americans and suggesting cheaper, faster ways to run their businesses. They listened. "Most of the companies in the U.S. used to see Indian companies as sweatshops," said Fernandes, 33, who began as a programmer but is now the director of engineering at Reston-based Approva Corp.'s offices … As they climb higher in the corporate food chain in transnational firms, Indian workers and executives are pushing their U.S. counterparts to take them seriously, taking on greater responsibilities and subtly changing the corporate culture of both countries. 1712 words with photographs and audio files. Click here.

Dinesh D’Souza named for new Marietta College lectures
12 Jan: Marietta Times. Dinesh D’Souza, who has been named by the New York Times Magazine as one of America’s most influential conservative thinkers, will open the series Feb. 7. He served as the senior policy analyst at the Reagan White House in 1987-88. His two most recent books are “What’s So Great About America” (2002) and “Letters to a Young Conservative” (2002). In 1995, D’Souza published “The End of Racism,” a controversial national best seller. Click here.
For a profile of Dinesh D’Souza see
Also check out Salon, 13 Jan 2006 for the new controversy regarding Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination and his association at Princeton with Dinesh D’Souza “who has endorsed the repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and has argued that what Americans regard as racism is only common-sense discrimination.” For full text click here.

'We Just Want To Help Out'
13 Jan: Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph (UK). For many people, a holiday in Goa represents the good things in life … But when Mandy and Mick West travelled out there last month, they saw sights which almost moved them to tears and prompted them to offer their support to a British charity, Children Walking Tall, which has been launched to help the homeless and orphaned youngsters of Goa. …
Later in the year, Mandy and Mick will be organising a special Indian-themed evening to be held at the Carnival public house in Barton. If anyone would like information on how they can help or would like to make a donation they can contact Mandy on (01652) 637569. For full text, 723 words click here.
The Children Walking Tall website is at

UK: Indian restaurants asked to employ East Europeans
14 Jan: News India Times. Can East Europeans cook a decent Indian meal? That is the question many owners of Indian restaurants are asking after authorities asked them to recruit East Europeans rather than people from the Indian subcontinent … Ministers have reportedly told owners of Indian and Chinese restaurants that English should be spoken in kitchens so that vacancies can be filled by East Europeans. Click here.

Stab victim Kevin D’Souza was a police informer
14 Jan: Times-Leader (Pennsylvania). A botched undercover drug buy lead to the stabbing death … Kevin D’Souza, 25, of Lehigh Street, Wilkes-Barre, was stabbed more than 20 times after officers, who had set up the buy, lost sight of him …
D’Souza’s mother, Sheila, traveled from Florida to meet with authorities Thursday regarding the circumstances of his death.
She declined to comment. But a friend of D’Souza’s, who also came to the funeral home, denounced police for failing to protect him. He said police should have monitored D’Souza more closely and given him a protective vest. Click here.
13 Jan: Citizens Voice (Pennsylvania). Kevin Anil D'Souza, 25, was charged with criminal conspiracy to commit theft by deception by state police at Milton in October. He was scheduled to be formally arraigned in Union County Court on Feb. 13, according to court records. Click here.
For some recent Press reports click here.
[My enquiries have confirmed that he is “of Indian descent” but I have not been able to contact his family or obtain a photograph of him.]

India: a haven for child sex tourists: study
15 Jan: Peoples Daily (China). India is slowly turning into a center for child-sex tourists, says a path-breaking study, while calling for a global battle against child sex … The study said Goa had become a sex destination for many tourists … The study, calls for greater international battle against child sex tourism. Click here.

Scattering Ashes
15 Jan: The Washington Post. We asked readers where they would like their ashes scattered. Alison Lemon Wadhwani of Washington wrote: “Goa, India, is where I'd like my ashes scattered. I'm a yoga teacher who also happens to be married to an Indian man. Naturally, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit India. After sharing the streets of Bombay with 14 million other people, my husband and I flew to Goa to spend a few days unwinding … I discovered an even deeper love for my husband during that trip. We practiced yoga each morning under the cover of palm trees with the sound of birds overhead … I'd like to think that leaving the remains of my physical body in such a serene place would help my soul find peace as well.”

India woos expats with new program
16 Jan. Toronto Star. Canada may be home, but for Toronto's Indian community, "the sacred motherland" will always tug at the heart, and often the wallet. That deep sense of connection enticed about 500 GTA residents — Canadian citizens — to apply for a new form of dual Indian citizenship. Thousands more are expected to sign up in the coming months. Click here.

Siddis discuss plan to widen network. By Pamela D’Mello
17 Jan: The Asian Age. African Siddi tribal settlers in India have come together for the first time ever for a discussion of their joint heritage and socio-economic status. Some 150 Siddis have arrived at a conference venue in Goa to map their common heritage, cultural practices and perhaps set up an India-wide network to tackle some of their immediate problems. Siddi ancestors came to India from roughly the 12th to 19th century as slaves, soldiers, sailors and merchants. They are believed to be mainly from northeast and east Africa. Click here.
For details of the conference see

Conservative heading for victory in Canadian Elections
17 Jan: The Daily Telegraph (UK). Canada's Conservatives appear to be steaming towards a historic general election victory, opinion polls have predicted. With less than a week until polling day on Jan 23, yesterday every survey showed that the party that has been out of power for more than a decade is poised to crush the ruling Liberals headed by Paul Martin, the prime minister. Click here.

The awakening giant
17 Jan: The Guardian (UK). India is set to become one of the dominant global powers of the 21st century, and Britain would do well to pay it more attention, says Ed Vaizey. Click here.

Sir Robin plans India-Japan sailing venture
18 Jan: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who did solo non-stop circumnavigation of the globe in his yacht, Suhaili, 36 years ago, is planning an India-Japan yacht race. Declining to be drawn in to specifics of the event, he indicated the potential of starting the race from Goa, given the strong seafarer-lifestyle of the region, to Yokohama. Click here.

Rugby star paralysed in Goa diving accident
18 Jan: Oldham Advertiser (UK). Computer analyst Andrew Walker, 28, is fighting for his life after being paralysed from the neck down while diving on holiday in Goa. He broke his neck in three places during an expedition in a remote coastal area. He was rushed to hospital three weeks ago, where he was placed on ventilation and is expected to stay for the next few months. His girlfriend, who is from London, remains by his bedside. Click here.

Canadian Elections: Liberals Lose Ethnic Support.
19 Jan: Toronto Star. … A dominant issue is the plight of immigrant doctors, teachers and other professionals who find their training and experience aren't recognized by employers here … Click here.

India: Career Survey
19 Jan: To be a computer scientist or a doctor is the dream of most Indian youngsters … Regional factors, too, influence career choice. The study showed that being a chef in Goa was more attractive because of the strong tourism industry in the region … Click here.

UK: TV HIGHLIGHTS By Mafalda de’Sa

Sat. 21/1: Discovery Travel & Adventure: 4.30am:(30mins) City Cabs
Paris: Series looking at the cities of the world through the eyes of taxi drivers takes us on an unexpected journey through Paris via its Jewish, African and Indian neighbourhoods.

Wed. 25/1: BBC 2: 11.20pm (30mins) Desi DNA
New series: The Asian arts & culture show meet writers pushing the bounds of religious sensitivity. Also, features a visit to a Mogul inspired stately home in the Cotswolds and reports on a contact sport called Cage Rage. Music from Raadhika.

Thurs. 26/1: Channel 4: 10.00pm (65ins) Munich: Mossad's Revenge.
Disturbing documentary examining the role played by Israel's intelligence service, Mossad, in the mysterious murders of 11 people linked to the Palestinian cause in the 1970s. The murders, thought to be revenge attacks for the murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, have always been officially denied by Israel, but evidence of a secret assassination policy has emerged.
[Lauren-Nicole Fernandes (of the stagemusical "The Far Pavilions"- daughter of Debbie and Blaise Fernandes of Ilford Essex) features in Mossad's Revenge playing the role of a Palestinian daughter]


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sat. 25 Feb. 4 pm to 10:30 pm at Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon. Traditional Red & Black evening to celebrate Goan carnival, partly in aid of PEACE HAVEN. Enliven yourself with live bands - Level 4 and Chicco. Dress - Red & Black combination. Tickets (inc. Buffet & snacks) adults £15.00, children 4-12 years £5.00. contact- 0208 932 9375, 0208 640 6589, 0208 681 8716 or email:, or


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