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From Siridao to Swindon
27 Aug: Selma Carvalho takes a drive to Swindon. In her own words "Driving through Swindon, I don’t get the impression of a factory town...the streets lined with houses not given to prosperity but neither to the grime associated with industrial hubs. I would find out later that simmering behind the façade of tranquility lies the squalid reality of racism, chicken-factory jobs and over-crowded living quarters. 1103 words. Click here.

Toronto: Heather Menezes honoured for Assisting Street Children…
13 Aug: Canada Free Press. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) honoured Toronto elementary teacher Heather Menezes for her education and community service in founding the Horizons Children’s Centre to assist needy children in Sandema, Builsa District, Ghana…Menezes has taken leaves of absence from her teaching position to establish the Centre… 271 words. Click here.
Heather Menezes was born in Toronto, the daughter of Edmund (Saligao) and Beryl (Assagao) Menezes. Her sisters, Jeanette and Andrea also assist in the Charity. Her maternal uncle has set up the Stanley Francis Foundation which is the umbrella organization supporting this and other initiatives.

Wendell Rodericks in Toronto
Aug. 2008. Goa Today. Wendell examines environmental issues in Goa against the backdrop of his recent visit to Toronto. In his own words, "hope, conviction and the ambition to solve are very powerful assets that can save Goa. We have many Goans who desire a change in Goa. Let us all act". 1726 words. Click here.

Kenyan Sunrise by June Coeln
20 Aug: Goan Welfare Society Newsletter (Nairobi). Congratulations to June Coeln, daughter of Joe & Juliet Mascarenhas on publishing her first children’s story book, "Kenyan Sunrise". June was born in Nairobi, Kenya and has traveled extensively around the Middle East and Africa, which has given her a profound understanding of their cultures. She currently lives in the South of France, where she runs a French restaurant alongwith her husband. The book is a warm story of friendship, racial differences and how two cultures get along. Available at Amazon Canada, USA and UK. For the UK site select the link below. Click here.

Collien Fernandes has a nose job
21 Aug: Welt Online. TV Presenter Collien Fernandes is pretty, successful, sexy and, above all, honest. She admits that a few years ago an operation went wrong under a cosmetic surgeon’s knife and required further surgery… For a machine translation, click here.
For the Collien Fernandes Wikipedia entry click here.
For the Collien Fernandes photo gallery and website click here.

Tony Fernandes: the airline chief of Asia
22 Aug: Sydney Morning Herald. Malaysia-born Fernandes spends some time meeting passengers in the departures hall. "This is my favourite part of the job," confides Tony Fernandes as he hefts a suitcase onto a trolley…1132 words. Click here.
AirAsia X to fly to Australia-UK route next year
22 Apr. Sydney Morning Herald. Budget carrier AirAsia X said Thursday it plans to fly to Britain in March …494 words. Click here. For the GVUK Tony Fernandes, click here.

Cymru and Goa.
22 Aug. GoaNet. Selma Carvalho writes, “Last weekend, I went to Cymru, Celtic name for Wales. The history of a nation’s language is the chronicle of its struggles and triumphs. Like us Goans, the Welsh are passionate about their identity and in a constant struggle to defend it from the onslaught of Anglo-Saxon cultural incursions…” 1072 words. Click here.

Following Van Gogh’s footsteps?
23 Aug: The Orillia Packet & Times. Ontario, Canada. Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear before painting the Starry Night, and artist Xavier Fernandes promises to cut off his long hair, which he has maintained since High School, before the opening night of Starry Night Art festival. 741 words. Click here.

The Goan Diaspora in the UK
26 August: Goanet reader. In the book, “Goa: Aparanta – Land Beyond the End,”Dr Eddie D’Sa reflects on the Goan Diaspora in the UK, beginning with the circumstances that might have brought them to the UK and their cultural evolution over the course of time. 1841 words. Click here.

Glenn Perry’s Passions
26 Aug: Gulf News. Dubai. Jazz legend Chris Perry’s son, Glenn Perry has made a name for himself in his own right. Based in Dubai, he had his first hit in the 1980s. He runs the Dubai Music School, and says “"Music is my food for life and I know I couldn't make it through a day without it. I was the founder of the very first music school in the UAE almost 30 years ago in 1980, and it gives me so much pleasure to try and give the wonder of music to all my students.” 908 words. Click here.

Church to observe closure of all its institutions in Goa
27 Aug: Deepikaglobal. Protesting the recent atrocities on the Christian community in Orissa, Catholic institutions in Goa belonging to the Archdiocesan Board of Education, together with all Catholic institutions in the country, will remain closed on August 29. 112 words. Click here.

ED suspects huge Fema violations by Russians in Goa
28 Aug: The Wall Street Journal. The Enforcement Directorate has sought information from Goa government on all companies that have bought properties in the state between 2000 and 2007. It suspects that some Indian companies could have acted as fronts for Russian owners acquiring land in violation of FEMA. 983 words. Click here.


27 Aug: Chinchinim. Fideles Antonio Pereira. (Ex-Post Master, Ex Portuguese High Court Officer, Funcionario de Justica): Husband of Leocadia, father of Edith/Zeferino Dias, Jennifer/Rosario Barretto (Dubai), Loretta/Henry Gomes, Olga/Ignatius Alvares, Premla/Sunny Gomes (Dubai).

24 Aug: Camorlim-Ambora. Andreza Virginia Pinto e Cardozo: Wife of Joao Camilo (Ex-Police Band, Bahrain), mother of Sally/Lawrence (Bahrain), Rosario/Amelia (Bahrain), Angela/Anthony Mendes, Margaret/Berry (Bahrain), Paul/Pralim (Bahrain).

24 Aug: Utorda. Josephine Dourado. Wife of Andre Francisco, mother of Ana Joaquina/Marcel, Lourdina/Mathew, Daisy/Rocky, Marcelina/Gabriel, late Menino/Lourdina (Kuwait), Natividade/Rosy.

22 Aug: Carmona: Virginia Pedrinha Figueiredo e de Melo. (Born 1927). Wife of late Jose Afonso de Melo, mother of late Laura (Baby), Liberty (Liby), Stanislaus (Stany) (Australia), late Effie, Charlet (UK), Joao Socor (Kuwait), Dolly (Canada), Ruby (Moira) and Timothy (Kuwait). Funeral: 26th Aug at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Parish, Carmona.

20 Aug: Nagoa, Goa. (Kuwait): Mary Josephine D’Sa. Wife of Raymond (President of Goan Overseas Association, Kuwait; National Bank of Kuwait). Mother of Ivy/Vincent, Reynold, Rachel and Melanie. Sister of Theotonio/Benny, Tiago/Francisca, Mathilda/Bonaventura, Mathias/Ignes, late Viriato/Veara. Funeral at Nagoa on 26 Aug. Click here.

20 Aug: Panjim. Maximiano Paulo D’Souza. (Born 1949). Husband of Prafulla Fatima, Father of Serina/Samson Dias and Shayne D'Souza. Grandfather of Kelly and Xylix. Brother of Augusta/Benedicto D'Souza (England), late Carmen/John D'Silva (Zanzibar), Bartholomew/Flavia D'Souza (Anjuna), Maggie D'Souza (Paris), Philipina/Alex Menezes (USA).

20 Aug: Gracy Fernandes. Chorao-Pandavaddo. Wife of late Joaozinho, mother of Joseph/Jane (Kuwait), Annie/Phillip (Dubai) and Wency/Viveka

The Mellow Fellows

At the UK Goan Festival of 27 July 2008 we were treated to the melodious songs in Konkani, Portuguese & English by a new Band. A chat with Derek Da Veiga, the mandolin player, revealed that the all Goan band ‘The Mellow Fellows’ was formed with the intention of providing the UK Goan community with contemporary and nostalgic Goan music. The Band comprises Daniel Fernandes, Ash Alvares, Derek Da Veiga and Joanne D’Mello, all of whom are experienced musicians and entertainers, having performed throughout India and Europe. For more information visit their website or


SEZ Developer to educate Goans about projects
21 Aug: PTI. K Raheja Corp, India's leading Special Economic Zone (SEZ) developer, has decided to initiate confidence building measures with the Goan population by educating them about their non-polluting project… "We will generate 5,000 jobs for the first year and in phases, the employment will increase up to 25,000," the vice president said… 416 words. Click here.

Will Goa pull out of film festival?
21 Aug: Herald. Is Goa heading for a clash with the Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF) over control of the International Film Festival India (IFFI)? 385 words. Click here.

Tiatr Academy in 90 days: CM
21 Aug: Herald. Chief Minister Digambar Kamat told the Goa assembly that the Tiatr Academy would be set up in 2-3 months’ time. 157 words. Click here.

UK: Goa venture for GP practice
21 Aug: Evening Gazette. A Middlesbrough doctors' practice is to enter the lucrative overseas treatment market. GP Dilip Acquilla, and his wife Sushma launched Go-Health as a joint initiative with the 250-bed Apollo Victor Hospital in Goa, one of Asia's leading treatment centres… Acquilla claimed Go-Health was unusual in that it guaranteed pre and post operative screening by GPs in the UK…366 words Click here.

ICAO didn’t say “Yes” to Mopa
22 Aug: Herald. While Goans are led to believe the government’s decision to go ahead with the Mopa airport is based on the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) report, Herald uncovers shocking loopholes in the report, including a statement that, “ Mopa airport would not be financially viable even in a situation where all the commercial traffic from Dabolim would be transferred to the new Mopa airport.” 1133 words. Click here.

Goa Govt’s initiative to conserve Heritage structures
22 Aug: Webindia. Archaeology minister Atanasio Monserrate, stated that Goa government has taken an initiative to restore and conserve Heritage structures by allocating funds available under the 12th finance commission grants. The government has identified 106 heritage structures and further listing is underway. 126 words. Click here.

900 cases against MF Hussain in Goa?
22 Aug: Herald. Speaking to Renuka Narayanan of Hindustan Times, India’s luminary artist M F Hussain says there are about 2500 cases filed against him and of those about 900 are just from Goa. 90 words. Click here.

Ravi Naik clarifies comment on beggars
23 Aug: News Track India. After coming in for intense criticism from Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitesh Kumar, Goa Home Minister has clarified his statement on beggars, saying, “I never said Biharis as beggars.” 306 words. Click here.

Action against foreigners running bars
23 Aug: Times of India. Goa. Chief Minister Digambar Kamat said that action will be taken against foreigners running bars in the state and that a list of such establishments was being obtained. Pratapsingh Rane suggested that foreigners doing business locally be deported. The issue of roadside marble and tile-sellers was also raised. 212 words. Click here.

Goa denied more powers for IFFI
23 Aug: The Hindu. Upset over the denial of more autonomy to Goa by the Directorate of Film Festivals in organising IFFI, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat will soon lead a delegation to the Information and Broadcasting Minister. 170 words Click here.

Builders deny duping foreigners
24 Aug. Times of India. Goa. Foreigners find themselves being duped by unscrupulous estate agents and developers in Goa. The problems of builders reneging on their agreements has recently been aggravated by the government’s decision to amend laws regarding registration of property so that foreigners cannot easily acquire property in Goa. 542 words. Click here.

UK offers balm for Britons caught in bad realty deals
24 Aug: Time of India. Goa. Alarmed by the increasing number of British caught in real estate deals with unscrupulous agents in Goa, the UK government is trying to help its citizens by providing them with a list of local lawyers who might be able to able to assist them. 870 words. Click here.

NRIs look to Goa as safe investment bet
24 Aug: The Economic Times. Goa is experiencing a boom market in real estate and while prices in the rest of the country are expected to fall due to a hike in home loan rates, real estate is still on the rise in Goa. 326 words. Click here.

CM Kamat demands special status for Goa
24 Aug: The Hindu. Chief Minister Kamat said on Sunday that he will lead a delegation to the Centre demanding special status for Goa. He further stated that Goa should have asked for such a status when Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal moved for the same. 232 words Click here.

Lawyer’s bid to clean Augean stable
24 Aug: Deccan Herald. Exasperated by the level of corruption in the rural court, lawyer Sudha Pai Kir moved her practice from Canacona, South Goa to the High Court in Panjim. Her persistence has paid off and even resulted in the dismissal of a judge. 541 words. Click here.

Language ghost returns in Goa
25 Aug: Herald. The language controversy made a comeback in the Goa Assembly, as CM Kamat promised to make efforts to arrive at a consensus “once and for all.” His statement came following strong demands made by Opposition leader Manohar Parrikar on the language issue. 762 words. Click here.

CM says Mopa Airport will be viable
26 Aug: Navhind Times. Observing that the proposed Mopa airport would be functionally and financially viable, the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat on Monday said that his government, while supporting the construction of the international Mopa airport, would also pursue the expansion and upgrading of the Dabolim airport. 628 words. Click here.

Complex Dreams
27 Aug: Times of India. Goa. Eight years after an education hub was conceptualised, the state has finally acquired land for an integrated school complex at Cujira. In early 2000, the government sent a letter to institutions asking if they’d be willing to shift to an integrated school complex and the idea was formed following a positive response. 285 words. Click here.

Travel and Tourism News

Charters up, but will they all land?
21 Aug Times of India…Subhash Phegade station manager of Monarch Airlines said that passenger bookings this year are not even 50% of last year's…Alu Gomes Pereira of Thomas Cook said bookings had dropped by 20% …In Goa over pricing for services by the tourism industry due to "high taxes" will see a decline in tourist clientele…338 words. Click here.

Airfares set to soar
23 Aug: Times of India. Goa. For those traveling in the near future, airfare might be of concern as they are set to soar. The industry plans to pass on certain charges to the consumer, thereby increasing the cost of tickets. 242 words. Click here.


Kingfisher flights London to Goa and Bangalore
23 Aug: Kingfisher first flight London to India is on 3 Sep 08. Benz Travel offer: Travel 3 Sep to 10 Dec 08: Bangalore £459; Goa £469. 25 Dec 08 - 1 Mar 09: Bangalore £509; Goa £519. Call Bobby DeSouza on 73237310 Benz Travel

Kingfisher plans first London flight
23 Aug: Yahoo news. Kingfisher Airlines have announced it will launch its first daily non-stop international flight from Bangalore to London, as of September 2008. Currently only Air India and Jet Airways fly overseas. 193 words. Click here.

Go Goa – but only if you’re upmarket and family
26 Aug: Reuters blogs. In a bid to avoid further embarrassment and disrepute to the State, following the Scarlett Keeling episode, the Economic Times has quoted the State Church as urging only “up-market and responsible family tourists.” Rina Chandran poses the question whether this could be discrimination? 439 words. Click here.

24 foreign nationals deported
26 Aug: Navhind Times. Cracking down on foreign nationals for various offences, 24 foreign nationals have been deported so far this year, including three British. The Home Dept of the Goa Government has been urged to move the Ministry of Home Affairs, so as to direct Indian embassies to deny foreign offenders visas for India, black-list them and ban them re-entry into the country. 410 words. Click here.

Mickky says Police ineptitude responsible for defaming Goa
26 Aug: Herald. Taking everybody by surprise, Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco stated that Goa’s name has been defamed across the world due to the police’s inept handling of the Scarlet Keeling case. In order to sustain tourism, he stressed the need for the Home department and the Tourism department to work together. 335 words. Click here.

Proposed visa on arrival for British tourists
27 Aug: Times of India. Goa. In a debate on tourism in the State Assembly on Tuesday, legislators proposed various measures to improve tourism in Goa, including a visa on arrival for tourists arriving from the United Kingdom. Mapusa legislator Francis D’Souza urged, “tourism is the hen that lays the golden egg. Take care of it”. 446 words. Click here.


Vancouver: A burka-free city
20 Aug: Evening Standard (London). By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. I have been in Vancouver, a city is rightly most proud of is its multicultural population but, unlike London, I did not see a single burka. That cultural curse has not spread here. How refreshing, how reassuring, and perplexing too…388 words. Click here.

Indian woman has quadruplets at 55
22 Aug: Yahoo Health. 55 year old Suzzara married to 38 year old Pabla Singh, gave birth to quadruplets in Italy. "We have been waiting for this moment for fifteen years", said the father. 174 words Click here.

Notting Hill Carnival prepares for final day
25 Aug: BBC news. Notting Hill prepared for its final day of carnival, this being Europe’s biggest street party showcasing Caribbean culture. About a quarter of a million people partied on Sunday, despite tight security which saw to the arrest of 98 people. 415 words. Click here.

12 Churches torched in Orissa
25 Aug: Violence erupted in Orissa with at least a dozen churches torched, two people burnt alive and a pastor critically injured as the “saffron brigade” went on a rampage to protest the killing of VHP leader Lax-manananda Saraswati. 410 words. Click here.


Goanet has had a substantial article submitted by Mervyn Lobo, but originally written/published in March 1995, by John Nazareth on the History of the Goan Overseas Association (Toronto). This is indeed, a meticulous and insightful record of the origins and development of the institution named above. It has many chronological sub-headings from the "Genesis", to "The Future". It is my hope that the historical record will be up-dated to the present.

Likewise, to the above, we have an essay by Dr Eddie D'Sa titled Diverse Roots, Varied Challenges: The Goan Diaspora in the UK. The essay is also contained in the book 'Goa: Aparanta--Land Beyond the End' edited by Victor Rangel Ribeiro. The essay reflects "Dr D'Sa's analysis of Goans in Britain and how their attitudes have changed generation by generation."

In Roman Catholic teaching, the term "transubstantiation" has a specific meaning to describe "the change of bread to wine into Christ's Body and Blood...the Risen Lord" as reiterated by Fr Ivo. In contrast, Marlon Menezes says that "transubstantiation is a very scientific sounding word--perhaps a play on the scientific concept of the transmutation of the elements. Why are you attempting to package your belief in magic/miracles/hexes/spells with scientific terminology, so as to give it an aura of credibility?" Well, well, here we have the development of yet another controversy and hopefully, Goan Voice(UK) readers will be engrossed in matters that they may first have encountered in developing cathecism classes and are akin to the discussion also on Goanet, on the miracles at Lourdes.

Finally, while many GV(UK) give Goa a miss over the monsoon season, they may be surprised that, "monsoon tourism has become a huge hit with domestic travellers as they refuse to get away from beaches even in the heavy rains." While it is known that some Arabs from the Middle East sought the rains in Goa periodically, this information about the domestic tourists from neighbouring Indian states, raises the concern about potential deaths through drowning in rough seas on the enticing beaches. To find out more click here.

Please visit the Goanet archives at To subscribe to Goanet send an email to

By Lira Fernandes

TRAVEL: Panasia. Travel Channel
Friday 29th Aug. 13:30 to 14:00. Goa. Sian Richards explores region's rich history at the world-famous Bom Jesus Basilica. She also finds out how to prepare Goa's aromatic seafood curry and washes it down with feni.

TRAVEL: Taste Takes Off. Travel Channel
Saturday 30th Aug.12:30 to 13:00. Delhi And Rajasthan, India. Peta Mathias travels to Delhi and Rajasthan.

COOKERY: Market Kitchen Diaries. UKTV Food
Sunday 31st Aug 13:30 to 14:30. Matt Tebbutt’s recipes include Goan chicken

TRAVEL: Working Holiday. Travel Channel
Sunday 31st Aug. 11:00 to 12:00. India. NewZealander DJ, Sandon James, works in Goa, India, at a Motorbike tour company run by English expatriate Susie and at a rafting tour company in the jungle run by another English expatriate John.

DRAMA: Mother's Journey. Propeller TV
Monday 1st Sep. 22:30 to 22:44. A young Indian woman struggles with her violent husband and her new life in England.

DOCUMENTARY: Peace Builders In India. Propeller TV
Thursday 4th Sep 20:15 to 20:30. A journey through India looking at building peace in the through the eyes of children.

FILM: Earth. Sky Movies Indie
Friday 5th Sep. 12:40 to 14:22. A Parsi family in Lahore see their Muslim and Hindu friends violently divided as partition follows British withdrawal from India. 1998.

DOCUMENTARY: Banged Up Abroad. Channel five
Wed 27th August 22:00 to 23:05. Texas teen Lia McCord travelled to Bangladesh to retrieve a haul of heroin but was captured and thrown into a Dhaka prison.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 31 Aug. SE Goans Summer Festival at Hurstmere School, Hurst Rd, Sidcup, DA15 9AW. Starts at 1pm. Music, food stalls, side stalls, entertainment. If you require a stall at £30 contact Chris Pinto 01322400732 or Dominic 07854490617

Sun. 31 Aug. World Goa Day at the Friars, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7BX. Open-air mass at 12.30pm followed by a picnic in the extensive grounds. Please arrive by 12.00pm for a prompt start. Contact Fiona Lobo on 020 8656 3317 for further details or Rose Fernandes on 020 8409 8388 for car sharing arrangements (both drivers and passengers).

Sun. 7 Sep: Ex-Aden and Friends Get Together. Archbishop Lanfranc School Mitcham Road, Croydon. 1pm to 7pm. Tickets, includes meal: Adults £10; children (age 3-10) £5. Bring Your Own Drinks. Music by Yemeni. For tickets and info: Tony 0208 281 0460. Frank 0208 653 8642. Sarto 0208 670 3059. Thomas 0208 768 0565. Bosco 0208 684 9154. Chris 0208 679 8703. Gloria 0208 656 3994. Dress Smart Casual – no jeans or trainers). Donations of prizes gratefully received.

Sun 7 Sep: G.O.A. in conjunction with the Goan Chaplaincy, first Pilgrimage to Walsingham. Pick up points Tooting (St Boniface Church) 6.30am, Greenford (Bridge Hotel) 7am, Tickets: £12.50 each. Bring your own packed lunch and drinks. For tickets contact: Nina Pinto 020 8767 0663, Bernie Gracias 020 8723 1322

Sun. 7 Sep. G.O.A. Volleyball Tournament at HSBC Club, Lennard Road, Beckenham, Kent. Contact: Richard Fernandes 020 8300 5347

10 -15 Sep. On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary Celebrations of Our Lady of Lourdes the Goan Chaplaincy has organised a Pilgrimage to Lourdes/Nevers for 5 days by Luxury Coach - 3 star Hotel - 3 mins from Grotto. (Full Board at Hotel) All Masses at Lourdes/ Bartres/ Nevers; Walking Tour of St. Bernadette. £ 250. Please Contact:- Cilla Hermann On 020 8684 7671 for further details. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Sat. 27 Sep. SE Goans Belgium day trip. Shopping, seaside, site seeing. Contact Sharon Pinto 01322400732


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