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Souvenir: Goan Institute, Dar es Salaam - 3rd Dec, 1959
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From Mervyn Lobo: The Souvenir on the opening of the new premises includes: History of the GI; Group photos of 1926 and 1944; List of Founders; The architect, Anthony B. Almeida describes the new building, etc. 22 pages. Click here.

US: St. Boniface's new pastor leaves his office door open.
10 Dec: Chetek Alert (Wisconsin). The Rev. Norbert D'Mello transferred from Medford to Chetek's Catholic Church Nov. 11. D'Mello, a native of India, has served parishes in New Mexico and Medford since coming to the United States… Priests in India leave their office doors open and parishioners wander in when they have anything to discuss, D'Mello says. He wants parish members to know that here, too, his door is always open. 539 words. Click here.

Canada: Charlton Alvares: Christmas, desi-style
11 Dec: Toronto Star. Chef Charlton Alvares, who teaches at George Brown College, fondly remembers the traditional Goan meal his mother prepared in Mumbai, complete with sorpotel, vindaloo, pulao and more than 15 varieties of sweets. Christmas in Canada is toned down but Alvares invites as many as 40 to 50 friends to his house to share a meal cooked by him… His masala roasted maple-glazed turkey is now a much anticipated part of the Christmas meal. Text, including recipe, 693 words. Click here.

Dubai: Elaine Fernandes: Who we are
14 Dec: Gulf News (Dubai). From Elaine Fernandes: I am glad that young NRIs are finally finding their roots ("Young NRIs trace their roots to Goa", Gulf News, December 9). It is saddening to see many young Indians go abroad and completely disown their culture. Most Indian women feel ashamed to even wear the elegant sari, saying that they don't know how to drape it. If one only makes an effort, it is not too difficult to learn the art. Let us not forget who we truly are. Click here.

Vote Keith Vaz: Your Diabetes UK parliamentary champion
17 Dec. Houses of Parliament. In January, Diabetes UK will announce the winner of a new award which recognises politicians who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in raising awareness of diabetes in Parliament. Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester East, established The Silver Star Appeal ( in July 2007, a charity which raises awareness of diabetes and its prevention, particularly within South Asian communities and his constituency. The charity has acquired two Mobile Diabetes Assessment Units that travel to community events around the UK. Voting closes at 5pm on Fri 9 Jan. 2009. To cast your vote, click here.

UK: Audrey Noronha: Rubbish has never looked so beautiful
17 Dec: Horney Journal. Muswell Hill-based Talina Wells, 47, and Audrey Noronha, 49, from Southgate take unwanted knick-knacks, broken glass and smashed mirrors and transform them into unique works of art… The pair set up Broken Art a year ago and have experienced a surge of interest from galleries and shops eager to showcase their distinctive works… 383 words. Click here.

Swindon: Goan Nationality
18 Dec: Swindon Advertiser. Many Swindonians are puzzled about the connection of Goans in Swindon with Portugal and India…There is no such thing as Goan nationality…The Goans in Swindon are in the main young couples with young children. The Portuguese were generous in issuing Portuguese passports to those in Goa whose parents had been born under Portuguese rule, if they wanted them, which made it possible for many Goans to seek work in Europe… Goans are a musical and fun loving race of people. Their curries are fiery and seafood plentiful. It is well worth a visit… 301 words. Click here.

Mervyn Lobo: Africa, Though Goan Eyes: Of Club Houses, Africanization, and Hunts
18 Dec: GoaNet Reader. Mervyn Lobo was born in Dar-es-Salaam in the late 1950's. He writes a captivating account of Goan life in Africa. ... “Goans had built a school, a church and even a two storied club house in the centre of town. I got to spend a lot of time playing hockey and playing keyboards in a band. I was also able to develop my passion for spear-fishing… 2698 words. Click here.
Were You In Africa? Contribute your experiences to a book being edited by Tony de Sa (now in Moira, Goa). This essay is a submission for this book too. Contact Tony at

Mervyn Maciel: Friends of Nairobi South Cemetery Group.
19 Dec: GoaNet. There are plans afoot to have the burial ground, which is now 108 years old, gazetted as a national monument. Many Goans are buried in the cemetery. It is hoped to have a simple form of memorial which would give their names, instead of the bald grave number indicators. It would be inexpensive costing maybe £2 each… Interested Goans please provide contact addresses/ telephone numbers … Click here.

Cliff Pereira: When humble chapattis become celebration food
20 Dec: Economic Times. When Barack Obama won the American Presidential election, Sarah Obama, the third wife of Obama’s grandfather, was asked how she planned to celebrate. She was going to cook a feast and make “Chapos,” using the Kenyan slang for chapattis… Clifford Pereira, a historian of Kenyan Indian origin, points to the influence of the Goans who the British brought as cooks and personal servants… the British explorers Richard Burton and John H.Speke took two Goan cooks on their expedition… the Goan cooks could have the Africans… 1,466 words. Click here.

Video: Freida Pinto: Sorpatel is Yummy
22 Dec: NBC The Tonight Show. From Mervyn Lobo: Freida Pinto, star of Slumdog Millionaire appeared on the NBC Tonight Show With Jay Leno – the segment after Robin Williams. She gave a fine performance and wore her Catholic heritage on her sleeve. In response to Leno's question on how was Christmas celebrated in Mumbai she recounted Bombay tradition: Midnight Mass, roast pigling, great dinners and Yummy Sorpatel … The video is only accessible by North American viewers. Click here.

Errol DeSouza: GlaxoSmithKline and Archemix in a $1.4 billion deal
23 Dec: Associated Press. GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Archemix Corp. said Tuesday they will work together to develop drugs for inflammatory diseases in a deal that could be worth as much as $1.4 billion… Archemix Chief Executive Errol DeSouza told the Associated Press that it was too early to comment on the likely timeframe for the deal… "We're excited about working with GlaxoSmithKline..." said DeSouza. Click here.
Dr Errol De Souza received his PhD in neuroendocrinology from the University of Toronto and was the winner of the 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. For his bio data click here.


22 Dec: Margao, Goa. ROSA MARIA DIAS ( Born 1920; ex-Nairobi). Relict of late Antonio. Mother of Laura/Santano (Canada), late Joe/Belinda (UK), Custodio/Mona (Australia) and Lourdina/Menino (Germany). Sister of late Ubaldina, late Cassiano and Hortencia. Aunt of Fr Johnsie (Vicar, Seraulim church). Funeral on 23rd Dec. 4 pm at St Sebastian Cemetery, Aquem, for mass and burial.

21 Dec: Boston, MA. ANTHONY BRAGANZA (ex- Tanga and Dar-es-Salaam). Husband of Loretta Braganza

20 Dec: Raia, Goa. ALBERTO CAETANO CARDOSO. Husband of late Ana Lucinda. Father of Jorge, late Maria Emilia/Santana (Holland), Isabel Maria/Reginaldo, Gracinda/Rosarinho (UK), Carlos (KLM Holland)/Sheryl, Luis.

19 Dec: Auckland, NZ. LOUIS MATHEW D’SOUZA (Aged 86). Beloved husband of Noreen. Father of Pearl and Max, Opal and Xavier. Service will be held on 22 Dec. at St Therese Catholic Church, Mt Roskill, Auckland at 4.30pm followed by private cremation.

18 Dec: Navelim, Goa. ANTONIO PEREIRA. Husband of late Catherine. Father of Melwyn/Sandra, Tanya/Lionel Baptista (UK).

17 Dec: Panjim, Goa. GEORGE SAMUEL. Husband of Catherine. Father of Eddie and Sarah. Brother of Cherry/Laila, Rajan/Kunjamma, Rachael, Mathew/Saina, Shirley/Francis (UK).

Weekly column by Selma Carvalho. Do leave your feedback at

Who the Bleep cares about winter?

As young kids, my brother and I, would constantly battle over who slept closest to our Grandmother. We loved to burrow and nestle into the ample folds of her delicious warmth. Those were the days before we worried about rolling onto our children or of making them independent way before their time by putting them in separate cots.

Grandmother always woke up at five in the morning. The chill winds gusting in over the open paddy fields did little to deter her from this ritual of early rising. Everyone in the household be it daughter or maid, friend or foe, had to strictly abide by this rule or risk admonition about the sins of sloth. The twisted logic of love however allowed for a more liberal ruling when it came to her grandchildren. We were allowed the luxury of sleeping well into the warmth of the late-morning sun.

For breakfast, Grandmother made a sugary concoction of raw eggs laced with brandy if it was available. She didn’t know about salmonella poisoning. My brother and I survived this daily egg-roulette. Goans drink their tea black without milk, but Grandmother would buy fresh cow milk for us. The fact that I was lactose intolerant was lost on her, despite my repeated regurgitations.

Winter was the time of village festas, heralded by the boom of foznehs. As a child I hated the loudness of this device. As an adult I yearned for it. It reminded me of Grandmother bustling in the kitchen on festa day hovering over simmering pots spitting into the wood-fire. The pig would have been slain the day before. The faintly acrid smell of its burnt skin lingering in the backyard, the red stain of its blood seeping into the earth. A reminder that all things would return to nature. The sorpatel, estew and roulade would be prepared beforehand. The sannas, pulua and salade would be made on the day of the festa.

Christmas was a time for the naketre to be hung outside the balcony. Its blue, white and pink translucent paper would let the light shining through it be a beacon for late night seasonal revellers. Grandmother would start preparations for Christmas at least a month in advance. The sweet smell of the egg-laden bebinca filling the house with warmth and comfort. On Christmas day, all the sweets would be plated and sent to our neighbours.

My grandmother died at eighty-six. During the last years of her life she suffered pitiable memory loss. She retained only memories of her youth. She knew nothing of the world she actually inhabited. Cruel irony spared her the knowledge that unnecessary roads had ripped through her property and that her beloved ancestral house had made way for a brand new one. She died with the memories of poders delivering bread to her doorstep, of toddy tapers stealing her a pint for her sannas and, of festas, foznehs and foggettos ringing in her ears.


Applying for an India visa by post
19 Dec: The Times (UK). … The Indian High Commission outsourced its visa service in the summer after years of complaints about having to queue for hours…the new system appears to be working well, according to Neil Sealy, sales manager at Transindus… 409 words + comments. Click here.

Goa secure, but no fun
19 Dec: Asian Age. One of the immediate reactions to the terror attacks in Goa has been increased security on the beaches, or Baywatch as it being called. But very little thought has gone into the comfort or discomfort of the tourists or the poor policemen who have to stand guard behind sandbags, in full police regalia… the sandbag bunkers look like something out of a World War II film … men with machine guns watch you while you go skinny dipping… 1031 words. Click here.

Our woman in.... Goa
20 Dec: The Times (UK). Julie Martin, 43, taught yoga in Brighton until she tired of the weather. She moved to Anjuna, Goa, six years ago and set up Brahmani Yoga. She shares her tips … 225 words. Click here.

Tourist blues in Goa
20 Dec: Letter from Alf Tupper, UK/Goa. I read with interest how Goa never accepts blame for anything negative that goes on here, the latest being the security measures being undertaken which are apparently affecting tourism… 245 words. Click here.

Where Have The Tourists Gone?
21 Dec: Times of India. Alister Miranda & Nadia Menezes e Desai beach-hopped to catch the pulse of Goa’s most prominent identity and industry - tourism - in the aftermath of the global meltdown and the Mumbai attacks… Photos + text, 1259 words. Click here.

Palolem Beach: Russians vying for the Crown
21 Dec: Digital Journal. By armstrong vaz. A veritable cauldron of sex, booze, narcotics, gambling, corruption, crime, and sexually transmitted diseases. Welcome to Asia's new hotspot – destination Goa…nudism…Drugs freely flow … a lot of lovely prostitutes … paedophilia… 1755 words. Click here.

Tourism to Goa takes beating
22 Dec: Associated Press. … The only thing missing from Goa's beaches are the throngs of merrymakers who normally flock here for the hedonistic year-end parties…. Scores of spooked foreigners have cancelled vacations… "We feel like crying," said Tony Braganza, manager of the beach shack Lucky Star…He said revenue is down by some 90 percent compared to a year ago… 839 words. Click here.

Tourists all set to groove for festive season in Goa
22 Dec: Birmingham Star (AL, USA). Despite ban of beach parties due to security reasons, festive fever grips Goa as hotels and clubs get ready to host Christmas and New Year bashes. Tourists have resumed coming here after about three weeks staying away following the Mumbai terror attacks. 242 words. Click here.

Boxing Day Special: Gatwick to Goa. £189: one way
23 Dec: TravelPack. Depart Gatwick 26 Dec. Ideal for long stayers. Call the Goa hotline. 08444 930 404. For details Click here.

Medical tourism takes a hit
23 Dec: Herald… According to Victor Albuquerque of the Victor Group, the decline in the tourism sector which at this stage is said to be 30-40 per cent, has affected medical tourism… 224 words. Click here.

Media responsible for fall in tourist numbers?
23 Dec: Herald. … Vinay Albuquerque of the Victor Group demanded that the media create some ‘positive reports’ about Goa as a safe tourism destination… 212 words. Click here.

Harassing foreigners
23 Dec: Herald. By Bill Wright. Once again foreign nationals in Goa are being terrorised, not by terrorists but by the Goan government and the Dept of Enforcement whose investigations into so-called illegal property buying … We will fight this injustice and intend to challenge the ruling in the central courts, but if we lose I would prefer to bulldoze my property before any corrupt officials can get their hands on it… 240 words. Click here.

German held for overstaying in Goa
24 Dec: Times of India. Carl Heinz (55), a German citizen has been arrested by the police on Tuesday for illegal domicile in Goa. Heinz had been staying in Goa for the last 30 years with his family. He has married a Goan woman and has 2 married daughters… 185 words. Click here.

Goa’s tourism subdued as police move in
24 Dec: Financial Times (UK). By Joe Leahy. With the peak western holiday season of Christmas and new year under way, the tourism industry in Goa, the main driver of the state’s economy, is in crisis… Charter flights from Europe are arriving in Goa but the agents that booked them months ago are struggling to fill seats, says Ben Saldanha of Saldanha Holidays (UK), a tour operator… 731 words. Click here.


Travelpack: the tailor-made holiday specialists
Goa hotline: Tel. 08444 930 404.
For Special Offers to Goa Click here.


No beach parties in Goa on Xmas, New Year eve: Ravi Naik
18 Dec: PTI. Goa will have no beach parties this Christmas and New Year with the ruling Congress party recommending a ban on such activities in the wake of terror threat… parties and celebrations inside hotels and other places will remain untouched… 247 words. Click here.

No restrictions, Goa will party: CM
19 Dec: Times of India. On a day of confusing and conflicting stands, south Goa collector GP Naik issued an order on Thursday banning parties, musical nights, beach shows and fireworks on south Goa beaches from 23 Dec. to 5 Jan, but withdrew the same later in the day… Earlier, chief minister Digambar Kamat had announced that the party is on and there are absolutely no curbs being planned against festivities … 659 words. Click here.

Video: Goa escapes terror attack
19 Dec: NDTV. Two men arrested have confessed to planning a terror attack in Goa but called it off because they could not arrange the supply of explosives… Targeted specifically were the Calangute – Baga stretch, Colva and Palolem… Goa’s Chief Secretary candidly admits that Security in the State needs to be beefed up … 1m. 44s Click here.

Confusion prevails over banning of beach parties in Goa
20 Dec. 4:20 pm IST. Goa Chief Minister Digamber Kamat on Saturday refused to clear up the confusion prevailing over the banning of beach parties for New year celebrations. "We will brief you when something is decided,” he said… 208 words. Click here.

Goa beach parties banned
20 Dec: Straits Times (Singapore). Beach parties in Goa are to be banned over the Christmas and New Year because of security fears following the Mumbai attacks, the authorities here said on Saturday… 340 words. Click here.

Legendary Goa Beach Parties Banned
Click to enlarge
20 Dec: Der Spiegel (Germany). Free love under palm trees and long nights dancing in the sand. Especially at Christmas, Goa was flooded by Western tourists. This year fearing new terrorist attacks, the government has enforced a ban. Goa parties were the epitome of free love among palm trees…. 325 words in German. Click here.

Goa beach party ban casts uncertainty over Sunburn music festival
21 Dec: IANS. The ban on beach parties in Goa has put a question mark over the Sunburn music festival, featuring top disk jockeys from the world, scheduled to be held at the popular Candolim beach Dec 26-28…. A notice on the festival website: said: Sunburn runs from 12 noon to 10 p.m. on private property and has the full backing of the Goa government and local authorities.' … 387 words. Click here.

Over 300 Central paramilitary personnel rushed to Goa
22 Dec: PTI. 10:12 PM. The Centre today sent 375 personnel to Goa in the wake of intelligence reports suggesting that the tourist hot spot might be a terror target during the Christmas and New Year revelries. 246 words. Click here.

Video: Goa defies security clamp down
22 Dec: Reuters. Despite security bans on parties Goa's tourists are still dancing the night away as festive fever grips the hotels in India's popular beach destination… 1m. 03s. Click here.

Loud music post-midnight banned for X’mas, New Year
23 Dec: Navhind Times. Two days after banning beach parties, the state government on Monday decided to ban amplified music past midnight at Christmas and New Year parties … 425 words. Click here.

Goa increases security, bunkers in cities
23 Dec: Times of India. With intelligence reports from Delhi suggesting a real terror threat to Goa, the police have increased security and erected sand bag bunkers in Margao, Panaji, and other towns of Goa… 604 words. Click here.

Goa: The adventures of a phoney Arab
23 Dec: The Times of India. A reporter, posing as a Kuwaiti tourist named Anwar Al Saeed and a friend, calling himself Ahmed Al Kharafi, toured the stretch from Baga to Candolim on Friday evening and received offers to spend the night without having to submit passports or other details… 480 words. Click here.

Western nations warn India of more attacks
24 Dec: CNN-IBN. American and European intelligence agencies have warned that India faces the risk of more terrorist attacks. The agencies have listed specific locations—from beaches in Goa to oil refineries—which could come under terrorist attack. Beaches in Goa, which are usually crowded with holidaying foreigners at this time of the year, have been listed as potential targets… Click here.

Goa can party in shacks, says govt
24 Dec: Economic Times. The Goa government has granted permission for all shacks to go ahead with their own entertainment plans, though officially organising a party ‘on the beach’ with live bands, fire crackers and music troops is banned… The government has also given ‘full day’ permission to the famed Sunburn Festival… 415 words. Click here.

Goa police arrests man for entering prohibited defence area
24 Dec: Times of India. The Goa police have detained a man who strayed into a prohibited defence area in the port town of Vasco early Wednesday morning, barely a few hours before the arrival of Union minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal… 258 words. Click here.


Police looking into bigamy complaint against Goa minister
18 Dec: Times of India. The Goa Police is looking into a complaint of bigamy filed against Goa’s Tourism Minister Francisco alias Mickky Pacheco … the complaint was filed by Sara Pacheco that she was married to Mickky Pacheco on April 10, 1999… after he got elected as a legislator “he began to stray and chase other women and accused me of being fat and ugly," the complaint reads, he has now married Viola Rosaline Fernandes and has three children through her," the complaint alleges… 358 words. Click here.

Efforts on to decongest Baga, Calangute
18 Dec: Times of India. The main streets running through Calangute and Baga in North Goa will be pedestrianized as the state enters the peak period of its tourist season… 241 words. Click here.

On This Day: 19 December 1961
19 Dec: The Associated Press. Goa and two other Portuguese enclaves on India's west coast fall to Indian invaders. For a British Movietone News video clip (1m.08s) of the takeoverclick here. Click here.

Goan students to get a taste of Canada
19 Dec: Daily News & Analysis, India. The Ontario-Maharashtra-Goa (OMG) Student Exchange programme consists of over nine institutes from Maharashtra and Goa, and 17 from Canada. Selected students will get full tuition waiver there and scholarships of $2,000 (for one term) or $2,500 (for more than one term)… 288 words. Click here.

Rohit says rape case only to tarnish image of family
19 Dec: Times of India. Rohit Monserrate, the son of education minister Atanasio Monserrate, has submitted an affidavit to the High that he has no connection with the rape of a minor German girl and the case is "nothing but a politically motivated pawn and same has been used against our family solely to disparage our status and repute"… The next hearing will be on January 6, 2009. 654 words. Click here.

Govt committed to protect distinct Goan identity: CM
20 Dec: Navhind Times. The Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat has said that Goans have to decide whether they want to keep pace with the development or go back to where they were at the time of Liberation and retain that identity. 724 words. Click here.

Goa’s hockey revival
20 Dec: Former India hockey captain and coach Joaquim Carvalho today said he had finalised an invitation for the Goa state hockey team to tour Oman at the behest of the Oman Olympic Association in March 2009 and praised the revival of hockey in Goa… a team would be sent for the forthcoming Lusofonia Games to be held in Portugal. 374 words. Click here.

Churchill Alemao “God has blessed Goa because the people are honest”
20 Dec: Herald. … Saying that Goa is way ahead of other States as far as infrastructure development is concerned, Alemao said though Goans are considered susegad, God has blessed the State because the people are honest. “That’s why Goans are ahead in development vis-à-vis other States even though the Goa attained Independence much later,” he added… Click here.

High Court nod to cull stray dogs, but with rider
20 Dec: Times of India. The High Court ruled that stray canines that ‘create a nuisance’ by, say, barking too much, can be killed. The verdict applies to all stray dogs Maharashtra and Goa… the Court ruled in favour of the discretionary execution of troublesome stray dogs, and also rabid, incurably ill and mortally wounded dogs. The verdict, however, has been stayed for six weeks … 884 words. Click here.

Healthcare gets shot in the arm
20 Dec: Herald. Public health infrastructure is set to receive a big boost in Margao with the State and Central governments deciding to set up two state-of-the art hospitals… 381 words. Click here.

Goan Observer: Some Highlights.
20 Dec: Goan Observer.
Goa for Sale for Rs. 10!
“Goa’s Individuality Should Remain”- Nehru
Christmas of Solidarity and Sobriety
Judiciary Our Only Hope
Stray Thoughts: Goan Industrialists Should Emulate Ratan Tata
Democrazy In Goaput.

Goa school faces probe for not celebrating Liberation Day
22 Dec: IANS. Goa's education department will inquire into an incident where a school run by a former minister failed to celebrate Goa Liberation Day on December 19 … The Holy Family High School located at Porvorim, a short distance from the state capital, is run by former transport minister Fatima D'Sa, who belongs to the Nationalist Congress Party … 251 words. Click here.


Mother hopes for progress in Scarlett Keeling case
19 Dec: Western Morning News. The mother of Scarlett Keeling is hoping to raise the profile of the case ahead of the first anniversary of her daughter's death. Fiona MacKeown said she has been contacted by her adviser Clarence Mitchell, with a view to creating a TV programme about the case … She has also said she intends to return to India on the anniversary of Scarlett's murder to raise the profile of the case. Scarlett's body has still not been buried … 468 words.

New homes for sale index planned for India
19 Dec: Off Plan Property Exchange, UK. India looks set to get an official new homes index for the first time in 2009 … the index would be released every quarter once it had been developed…The Indian Express reported yesterday that some real estate companies are planning to ask the government to buy some of their unsold apartments at current market prices. 251 words. Click here.

Presents for Goa
19 Dec: Sutton Coldfield Observer. A Sutton family have joined forces to help poverty-stricken children in Goa this Christmas. Perdeep Muthi with daughters Kiran, ten and Monika, eight, from New Oscott, have been collecting clothes, toys and stationery after witnessing first hand the plight of poor families there … As part of the Junior Rotary Award, Kiren and Monika have now got their classmates at New Oscott Primary School on board by launching an appeal for clothes and toys to send to Goan children. 115 words.

Bradford, UK: Concert in aid of children in Goa
19 Dec: Bradford Telegraph and Argus. Tenor James Griffett will direct an annual concert in Ben Rhydding this weekend in aid of street children in Romania and India, at St John’s Church, Ben Rhydding, on Sunday at 4pm. Admission is free, but there will be a retiring collection in aid of children’s charities The Friendship Foundation (Romania) and Children Walking Tall, based in Goa. 88 words. Click here.

Christmas Specials: Cookbooks
20 Dec: The Economist (UK) … Indian cookbooks assume an attitude to ingredients that was lost long ago in Europe and America. As recently as 1992 a Goan cookbook instructed its readers: "Cut live chicken and take out 5 tbsp fresh blood." … Indian cookbooks are frankly written for women… "Once you are married you are faced with the prospect of being cook, companion and wife to your husband--and competing with memories of his mother’s home cooking."… Click here.

Last Christmas in Bandra, Short story by Aravind Adiga
20 Dec: The Times (UK). An exclusive short story by Aravind Adiga, winner of the 2008 Man Booker Prize for his debut novel The White Tiger…. We lived in Bandra … Our landlady, an elderly Goan named Mrs Rego, grew coconut palms in the front yard, and the ocean was just five minutes away… I'm not one for films; what I miss are the churches… 2369 words. Click here.

Mills & Boon's steamy passage to India to woo authors
20 Dec: The Times (UK). Prepare to be romanced as never before: the women of India – the land that brought you the Kama Sutra and countless Bollywood depictions of all-conquering love – are being wooed to write for Mills & Boon… 628 words. Click here.

Pamela Anderson & Sir Paul Macartney to save stray dogs
21 Dec: India Today. Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Sir Paul Macartney will join Indian stars like John Abraham and Raveena Tandon in a mass rally in Mumbai if "even a single stray dog" is killed following the Friday's High Court order that all "75,000 nuisance dogs" throughout Maharashtra and Goa be killed… 534 words. Click here.

Bebinca: A tribute to the culinary creativity of Goans
21 Dec: Times of India. Melinda Pereira Kamat reveals the time-tested methods used in the preparation of a truly scrumptious multi-layered dessert…Use mature coconuts, preferably of the Calangute or Benaulim variety… 784 words. Click here.

Not All Drinks Are Created Equal: Alcohol Assessment in India
22 Dec: Health & Medicine Week (USA). Data primarily from formative phases of studies on alcohol use patterns in the states of Delhi, Rajasthan and Goa are reported. The research was published in Alcohol and Alcoholism (Not All Drinks Are Created Equal: Implications for Alcohol Assessment in India. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 2008; 43(6):713-718). Click here.

Indian Christians fast for peace
22 Dec: Spero News (Texas). Marking the first anniversary of violent Hindu attacks on Christians, activists in Mumbai undertook a day-long fast. Christians remain frightened and in hiding… 459 words. Click here.

Vancouver: Honour guard receives body of firefighter
23 Dec: Vancouver Sun. The body of Vancouver firefighter Cindy Kampmeinert arrived home Monday from goa and was received at the airport by the department's ceremonial honour guard… a British tourist found her by the side of the road and took her to three hospitals that wouldn't accept her before she was finally admitted to a fourth. This resulted in a four-to-eight hour delay before she was treated … A memorial service is scheduled for Jan. 8 … 291 words. Click here.

Scarlett Keeling murder: CBI to send team to UK
24 Dec: Times of India. The CBI, which is probing the murder of a British teenager in Goa, will send a team to the UK soon to record statement of the victim's mother and a witness… 292 words. Click here.

Immigrants in Canada stuck in low-paying jobs
24 Dec: Times of India. The number of degree-holder immigrants stuck in jobs with low-paying jobs has risen steadily since the last recession of early 1990s, says a new study by Statistics Canada which covered the period from 1991 to 2006. 351 words. Click here.
For a link t the full report, click here.


There have been even more posts from those supporting the right of individuals to convert from one religion to another, to those strongly opposed to any 'forced' conversions including through the use of inducements, to those opposed to the idea of conversions in principle but except if done entirely voluntarily, and on the issue of recent attacks on Christians in Orissa. As probably most Goan Voice (UK) readers were formerly converts from Hinduism in the 16th century, they are welcomed to express their views on this subject and especially if they have an inclination, as some clearly do, to revert to their former Hindu names, faith and traditions. Interesting discussions on a range of related issues can be found by clicking here and here.

With much criticism directed at Pakistan over the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, an ebook on Pakistan as a Failed State may interest some GV(UK) readers particularly if they have time on their hands over the Christmas break. To read this ebook on screen click here. Please do let the editor know if providing access to ebooks on GV(UK) is a good idea.

With the above in mind, anyone keen to download titles of Goa books in print, should click here for the website of the Other India Bookstore, Mapusa, Goa.

We have an interesting letter on Goanet from Mario Cabral e Sa to the Archbishop of Goa. Although it initially focuses on the problems associated with tourism and mining in Goa, it goes on to consider the Archbishop's statement that "the society owes the Catholic community and its leaders an immense sense of gratitude". Mr e Sa questions this premise.

Ethel Da Costa presents in her weekly column Heart to Heart, in the Herald newspaper, Goa and reported on Goanet, a fairly blunt question to the Chief Minister of Goa thus: "CM Sir, can you liberate yourself from delusion?" To read this click here.

Hopefully and finally, GV(UK) readers may be as intrigued as I was on reading an article and associated material titled 'Why Atheism may be the best way to Understand God' with the sub-title: Only a Lack of Belief in God offers the possibility of increasing our understanding of Him or Her. The article by Larry Beinhart, was submitted to Goanet by Venantius Pinto and can be read by clicking here. Readers' comments on the article to the GV(UK) editor would be welcome.

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By Lira Fernandes

COOKERY: The Naked Chef. UKTV Food
Friday 26th Dec. 11:00 to 11:30. Curryfest. Jamie Oliver cooks up an Indian extravaganza for his mates. Recipes include chicken and fish with a home-made curry sauce.

TRAVEL: Working Holiday. Travel Channel 2
Friday 26th Dec. 18:00 to 19:00. In this episode Wellington DJ, Sandon James, works in Goa, India, at a Motorbike tour company which is run by English expatriate Susie. Sandon also gets to work at a rafting tour company in the jungle run by another English expatriate John.

ARTS: Q & A. BBC Radio Four
Saturday 27th Dec. 00:15 to 00:30. 1: 5,000 Rupees. By Ayeesha Menon, from the novel by Vikas Swarup. Street kid Ram Mohammad Thomas is a contestant on the hit Indian TV show Who Will Win A Billion.

GARDENING: Around the World in 80 Gardens. UKTV Gardens
Saturday 27th Dec. 14:00 to 15:00. Visit to the grounds of the Taj Mahal and a little known rock and sculpture garden.

COOKERY: Indian Food Made Easy. BBC 1
Sunday 28th Dec. 02:50 to 03:20. Goan Cuisine. Repeat. Anjum Anand with Jonathon Readman.

Monday 29th Dec: 20:30 to 21:00. Kenya - Peace At Any Price. Six months after a peace deal brought an end to Kenya's post election violence, Our World examines what is being done to repair the damage.

TRAVEL: Goa Winter Sun. Thomson TV
Thursday 1st Jan: 23:30 to 23:45. With 66 miles of beaches to choose from Goa really is a sun-worshippers paradise!

TRAVEL: Indian Ocean. Sky Real Lives 2
Friday 2nd Jan: 18:30 to 19:00. The Indian Ocean is one of the world's most beautiful getaways and you too could be sunning yourself in Goa, the Maldives, Sri Lanka or Mauritius.


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Fri. 26 Dec. 7pm till 1am. Slough Goans Christmas Dance at the Polish Association Club, Stoke Poges Lane. Music by “Say One Do One”. Adult Tickets £12 before 8th December. Tony/Suzy Rodrigues 01753 675072, Paul 07956 496 190. Sold out every year so please buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment

Sat. 27 Dec. 7.30pm -12.00. Leicester. Christmas Dance at Our Lady of Good Counsel Hall, Peebles Way, Leicester, LE4 7ZB. Dancing to Say One Do One from London. Dress code formal-Red and Black. Snacks, spot dance prizes, fantastic raffle prizes. Bring your own drinks and enjoy with friends and family. Adult £10.00, 11-16yrs £2.00 and children below 11 free. Book now. Tel Clara 0116 2767336 or Victor 0116 2555891 or Joyce 0116 2664202. All cheques payable to Mrs Maria C Fernandes, 43 Marston Road, Leicester LE4 9FE.

Wed 31 Dec: St Diogo's Association (UK) invites you to the 'New Year Eve Ball' at Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham, London SW16 2HY from 7pm - 1am. Dancing to the sounds of live music by the fabulous band 'Black Velvet' with many prizes and surprises. Buffet/Dinner and Snacks are included in the ticket. For further details please contact Apolonia DeSouza 020 8686 1876 and Evan D'Souza 020 8427 8569. Please book early as no tickets will be sold at the door.

SOLD OUT! Wed 31 Dec. North London Goans invites you to the ‘New Year’s Eve Dance’ at Woodside High School Hall (Formerly White Hart Lane School, Opp. New River Sports Centre), White Hart Lane, Wood Green, London, N22 5QJ Music by LEVEL 4 (Band) & Press Play (Disco). From 7pm – 2am Contacts: - Tony Gomes 020 8245 1364, Seby D'Silva 020 8245 5463, Joe Telles 020 8443 1014, Oboe Noronha 020 8340 0439, Cos Fernandes 020 8888 8659, Meredith Soares 020 8803 4173, John Fernandes 020 8881 4579, Frank Mendes 020 8888 1400 or Bernadette Dias 020 8361 9417. SOLD OUT!

Wed 31 Dec. From 7pm to 1am. You are invited to the traditional New Year's Eve Ball at Our Lady of the Visitation Church Hall 358 Greenford Road - UB6 9AN Goa's Top Most & Entertaining Band, BREAKTHRU which will thrill you through the night & Disco – A. Strictly Formal. Prices Adults £10 and Children 5 to 12 years £5. No tickets sold at the entrance. Contact: Maria 07944754998, Francisco 0208 3574281, Warren 07758280028 or Carlos 0208 2487387

Wed. 31 Dec: ‘Oh…What a Night in Goa’ Plumstead Dinner Dance New Year's Eve Gala Ball. Dancing to the sounds of Music Mania Disco. 7pm to 1am. Strictly formal. Prices (with dinner) Adults £12.50 and Children 5 to 15 years - £7.50. Advance Booking - No Tickets Sold at the Gate. Contact: Tony Joanes: 020 8265 9644/07791637730. Paul Barretto: 020 8311 1195/07951383262. Joe Fernandes: 020 8301 2608/07834753005. Click here. email:

Wed 31 Dec: Saligao Association UK invite you to a memorable New Year's Eve Ball at Tolworth Recreation Centre, Fullers Way North, Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7LQ from 7.00 pm to 2.00 am. Music by Mellow Tones, delicious food from Shirley's Kitchen. For tickets contact Sergio Coelho 020 8543 4681, Zemira Fernandes 01895 259947. Please book early as no tickets will be sold at the door.

Sat. 3 Jan: G.O.A. GOAN EXTRAVAGANZA at Wandsworth Town Hall. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 – 8771 4457. Bernie Gracias 020 -8723 1322


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