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Jeannine Pereira: Ernst & Young’s (LLP Canada) Inclusiveness Leader
21 Feb: The Toronto Star. Rishi Tibriwal left India for Canada eight years ago. When he got here, he discovered his credentials as a chartered accountant were not recognized to the extent he expected but after six years with Ernst & Young he has been made a partner … Jeannine Pereira, the firm's inclusiveness leader, says diversity is "not just about adding different types of people to the leadership." She says it's about creating an environment where employees appreciate "the differences that all sorts of people bring to our workforce, and that we would never have innovative solutions if we didn't have a diverse workforce." 250 words. Click here.
Jeannine D. F. Pereira was born in Montreal and is the daughter of Errol and Delphine Francis (ex-Uganda). She is married to Christopher Pereira and has two young daughters, Hannah and Maya. She is a member of the GOA (Toronto) and served on the Executive Committee as the Cultural Secretary from 2001 to 2003. Jeannine has received an Ontario Volunteer Award for her work with the GOA (Toronto) and the Goan Theatrical Group. She is passionate about diversity and inclusiveness and continues to volunteer and participate in GOA community events and mentor the young.
For more information about her click here.

Violet D’Souza: The Indian Servant Problem. By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
21 Feb: The Evening Standard (London). Violet D’Souza claimed she worked for Liz Hurley and her loaded husband Arun Nayar and was paid as little as £1.20 per hour. D'Souza is one of many servants brought in by the dizzyingly successful Indian upper and middle classes who simply can't manage without imported flunkeys … We do get shocking revelations of "slave" labour in the households of Arabs but hardly any attention is paid to the growing number of trans-national Indians who import domestics, many of whom are paid in rupees and treated as chattels … These appalling attitudes come from the caste system, still in place so many years after Gandhi tried, without success, to eradicate it. 426 words. Click here.
For links to more information about the case click here.

Sydney, Aus: Dunstan de Souza: New boss at Colin Biggers & Paisley
22 Feb: Lawyers Weekly (Aus). Mid-tier Sydney firm Colin Biggers & Paisley (CBP) has appointed long-time partner Dunstan de Souza as the new managing partner. … As a senior property lawyer De Souza has earned a solid reputation in the property industry … He is also president of ADVOC Asia, an association of commercial law firms providing services to clients nationally and throughout Asia. 319 words. Click here.
15 Feb. Lawyers Weekly. Colin Biggers & Paisley cracks tough Dubai market. 654 words. Click here.
For a business profile of him click here.
Dunstan de Souza was on the GOA (NSW) Committee in the 1980’s. He was born in Bangalore, India the son of Patrick John de Souza (Aldona) and Bertha Amancia de Souza (Nachinola); brother of Mark, Susan, Melanie and Nigel

Daniel Desouza: They were on him like a pack of wild dogs...'
23 Feb: South London Press. Witnesses to the murder of 15-year-old Sunday Essiet have spoken of the tragic schoolboy's shocking last moments … Daniel Desouza, of Invermore Place [Greenwich], said: "He tried to get himself over the railings by the flats, but because it was higher than him he couldn't get over and then they were on him. They were on him like a pack of wild dogs … Click here.

Can Carol Vaz hear you?
23 Feb: Khaleej Times (UAE). The story of the wheelchair-bound 21-year-old Carol Vaz (GVUK 2008-8) has captivated the imagination and moved the people of the UAE. She met a horrific accident in Dubai in 2002 and it has left her severely disabled. She is unable to walk, stand, speak or hear … A cochlear implant will help Carol hear and improve the quality of her life — the implant is an electronic device that restores partial hearing to the deaf … This is an appeal for financial aid. Organisations and individuals who may wish to help her can call Cynthia Vaz at her residence number in Mumbai, India: 009122-29200459. 306 words. Click here.

Property issues for the NRI
24 Feb: Business Line. For the non-resident Indian owning, or intending to own, property in India, reading through the myriad rules and regulations governing acquisition and transfer of property can be mind-boggling. 1299 words. Click here.

Goan Migration Monitoring Study Proposed
24 Feb: UNI. The Goa Commissionerate of NRI Affairs has proposed a study to monitor migration trends … The study covers ''replacement migration'' into Goa - migrants replacing Goan workers, who moved to the Gulf and other countries in search of employment … 245 words. Click here.

Dr. Ivan D’Souza: Charges may be dropped
24 Feb: Buffalo News. Misdemeanor criminal charges against Dr. Ivan D’Souza, a Buffalo obstetrician-gynecologist, were adjourned in contemplation of dismissal his attorney said … The charges will be dropped if he stays out of legal trouble for a year, according to attorney Anthony J. Lana … D’Souza said he is continuing an appeal of the license revocation … “The doctor feels vindicated. He hopes to eventually return to work,” said Lana. 353 words. Click here.

Keith Vaz: Black Dog
24 Feb: The Mail on Sunday. Passers-by were shocked to hear Tory MP Patrick Mercer invite Keith Vaz to stay at his house in Newark, adding: 'Bring your bitch with you.' Vaz, whose family originate from India, took no offence. Mercer wants to introduce his black male labrador, Hector, to Vaz's female lab, Treacle.

Overseas Goans affinity to ancestral villages to be tapped
26 Feb: PTI. The Goa government has offered a red carpet to the non resident Indians of Goan origin (NRGs) to invest in the developmental projects in their hometowns … The scheme expects to fund projects like schools, libraries, gymnasiums, playgrounds, hospital equipments, shelters for the old and handicapped and others. The NRG will advance 50 per cent of the project cost, the balance will be borne by the Goa government … A signboard carrying the name of concerned NRG and his contribution will be permanently and prominently displayed at the site … 253 words. Click here.

Goa's pharma hub dream begins to fade
26 Feb: Economic Times. Goa’s dream of emerging as the country’s pharma hub seems to have soured, thanks to various controversies and end to tax holidays. The pharmaceutical industry blossomed in Goa between 1994 and 2004, when the state was offered tax benefits as an ‘industrially backward state’. 442 words. Click here.

Goan awarded $6.5 million compensation
27 Feb: Deccan Herald. Shriram Agni who lost his right leg in the New York ferry crash that took place on Oct. 15, 2003 will receive compensation of more than 6 million dollars from the city of New York … Mr Agni, who is 61 now was born in Goa and is an engineer with the New York State Housing Department. He arrived in the United States in 1970. Mr Agni’s wife Arun is a doctor … 335 words. Click here.

New York: Tabla Cuisine Available at FreshDirect
27 Feb: PRNewswire. FreshDirect today announced the launch of a new line of exciting meals created in collaboration with renowned Chef Floyd Cardoz of Tabla restaurant in New York City. Meals are delivered direct to their front door. Meals include: Goan Shrimp Chili Fry with Coconut Basmati Rice - $11.99 … Pork Rib Vindaloo - $9.99 … Goan-Spiced Berkshire Pork Medallions - $12.99 … Meals available for purchase at click here. For text, 811 words, click here.
For the GVUK Floyd Cardoz supplement click here.

Swindon: Residents tell of earthquake shock
27 Feb: Swindon Advertiser (UK). An earth tremor, measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale, hit Swindon at 1am on Wednesday … Anthony De Souza, of Broad Street, is originally from Goa but experienced his first earthquake in Swindon. Anthony said: "My wife and I both woke up because the house was shaking. "When I said I thought it could be an earthquake my wife just laughed and said don't be silly, earthquakes don't happen in England." Click here.

African safaris to New York art world
27 Feb. BC Local News (Canada). “My work is about cultural identity and cultural politics,” says artist Brendan Fernandes. “I was born in Africa to an Indian family, raised in Canada and now live in America, so it’s sort of the idea of, where is home? Where do I belong to?” … Fernandes, who currently has an exhibition at the Alternator Gallery for Contemporary, BC, Canada, left Kenya when he was nine years old … For more information on the gallery, give them a call at 868-2298 or go on line to
For more information on Brendan Fernandes, you can visit his website at For text of article, 714 words, click here.

New York: Tabla Cuisine Available at FreshDirect
27 Feb: PRNewswire. FreshDirect today announced the launch of a new line of exciting meals created in collaboration with renowned Chef Floyd Cardoz of Tabla restaurant in New York City. Meals are delivered direct to their front door. Meals include: Goan Shrimp Chili Fry with Coconut Basmati Rice - $11.99 … Pork Rib Vindaloo - $9.99 … Goan-Spiced Berkshire Pork Medallions - $12.99 … Meals available for purchase at click here.
For the GVUK Floyd Cardoz supplement click here.

Helen Fernandes: Drive to attract more Women into Surgery
27 Feb: The Evening Standard (London). A taskforce is being set up to overcome the sexist image of surgery … there are only 364 female consultants in Britain out of a total of more than 6,000 … Brain surgeon Helen Fernandes, who chairs the Royal College of Surgeons women in surgery committee, said the pool of medical talent was declining because female graduates were not applying for jobs in surgery … 393 words. Click here.
Helen is the daughter of Tennyson Fernandes, Consultant Orthopaedic Emeritus (born & brought up in Zanzibar) and Joy (nee Pearson who is English). Tennyson Fernandes was based at Mulago Hospital in Kampala from 1963-65 and now lives in the village of Middleton Tyas, Richmond, North Yorkshire. Helen is the sister of Julian and Christine] To meet the Helen Fernandes’ family, click here.

Kuwait: Goan Football Tournament
28 Feb: Arab Times (Kuwait). The 31st edition of United Goan centre tournament have reached its end. All the matches were played with sporting spirit and participated by 19 teams… Click here.

Patricia Rozario: New York performance: 7 March 2008.
Fri. 7 Mar. 2008 at 7:30 PM. U.S. Premiere of Sir John Tavener’s Mass Solemnitas in Conceptione Immaculata Mariae Virginis. Patricia Rozario, Soprano. For more information and to order tickets, click here.
For the GVUK Patricia Rozario supplement click here.


24 Feb: Willesden, London. JOSEPH (JUJU) FERNANDEZ (Aged 71; ex- Ahmedabad, India, Mbeya and Dar-es-Salaam; died after a brief battle with cancer). He is survived by his wife Dolly (nee D'Souza). Sister Rosalind/Kevin DeSylva, the late Eddie/Norma Fernandez, the late Col Eustace Fernandez, late Olga/late Lisboa D'Souza, late Rufa/Bonny Fernandes, the late Aramita/Dennis Noronha, the late Eva/late Blasio Trinidad, the late Nel/Fatima D’Souza and the late Polly D'Souza. He will be sadly missed by all his nieces and nephews. Funeral details to follow. Condolences can be sent to: [Info from Stephen DeSouza]

23rd Feb: Bromley: Kent, UK. LIRA RODRIGUES (ex Nairobi). Beloved wife of Sydney Rodrigues, (widow of Victor Rodrigues). Much loved mother of Moyna/Simon, Vicky/Fidelis, Michelle/Gary & Kevin/Hasina. Dearly loved grandmother of Lauren, Aaron, Aisha & Kieran. Sister of Elsie/Hilary, Cancio/Bunny & the late Joanita/Coney. Funeral details to follow. Condolences to:

23 Feb. Mandrem, Goa. MINGUEL PAULO D’SOUZA (Born 1948; Ex- East Africa and Abu Dhabi). Husband of Placida. Father of Melvin/Linette; Millard and Mellita.

23 Feb: Varca, Goa. MARIA ALBINA LEITAO E RODRIGUES. Wife of late Miguel Jose. Mother of Emelina/late Paulo, late Antonio/Flory, Stanley/Augusta, Milagres/Antonetta, Diogo (Doha)/Carmelina. Grandmother of Joaquim (USA)/Sharon, Richard, Ivy/Alex, Agnes/Noel, Allwyn/Fatima (Dubai), Sharlet, Sibelia/Alfred, Minelva, Marelo,/Viona, Crizol/Penny (Abu Dhabi), Mathew/Glency, Tony/Jennifer (UK), Derrick (UK), Kenneth (Doha Qatar), Iffy.

23 Feb: Siridao, Goa. MARTINHO RODRIGUES. Husband of Guilhermina. Father of Michael/Maria, Salvasao/Remedios, Fermino/Rosa (London), Antoiette/Seby, Diago (London), Richard and Severina.

20 Feb: Calgary, Canada. RUTH JACINTO (ex-Bombay; nee D’Souza; aged 82). Wife of the late Peter Jacinto. Mother of Connell/Corina (Toronto), Blaise/Mary Claret (Australia); Worrell/Patricia (Australia); Winton/Jacqueline (Bombay) and MaryAnn/ Ransom Murzello (Calgary); Prayers and Tributes at Commemorative Services on Feb. 24 at 7:00 pm. Funeral Mass at St. Cecilia's Catholic Church on Mon, Feb. 25 at 11:00 am. For photograph and full details click here.

18 Feb: Mississauga, Canada. EVELYN CATHERINE DE SOUZA (Retired Teacher; ex- Jabalpur, Bombay and Pilerne (Goa). Wife of late Edmund. Mother of Edlyn (Vivienne), Melaney (Walter) and Yorrick (Heather); grandmother of 15 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. Funeral Mass on Sat. Mar. 1 at Merciful Redeemer Parish, 2775 Erin Centre Blvd. at 10:30 a.m. Cremation to follow. In lieu of flowers donations the Diabetes Association would be appreciated. For photographs, full details and condolences click here.


Hot spot
23 Feb: The Sun (UK). It’s 29 degrees C in Goa. One week's B&B at two-star Silla Goa Resort costs from £479 from Gatwick on March 18. Call 0870 500 22 00 or see

A value-for-money break this year is possible
23 Feb: Huddersfield Daily Examiner (UK). India remains one of the cheapest long-haul holiday destinations, with a pint of beer costing as little as 50p and a three-course meal coming in at just over £3. Goa is in a perfect spot, right on the Indian Ocean … Click here.

Travel: late deals
23 Feb: Daily Post (North Wales). Directline (020 8239 3399) offers seven nights' B&B from Mar 14 at two star resort of Calangute for £509, ex-Gatwick.

Govt tells tourists: better be safe than sorry
24 Feb: Indian Express. The Indian government has framed a fresh set of guidelines for foreign tourists wanting to travel to India with a whole new section on “Safety and Security of Tourists”. 657 words. Click here.

Video: Goa tourism 'spices' up
25 Feb: Rediff. Tourists earlier attracted to the famed beaches of Goa are now enjoying the rural idyll in the spice farms there. 1m. 52s. Click here.

QM2 Cruise Sydney to Goa
28 Feb: Daily Telegraph (Aus). Get in early and board the Queen Mary 2 for a grand 23-night voyage from Sydney to Dubai, visiting Yokohama, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Goa. Creative Cruising has the voyage, departing on February 26, 2009, with a night's stay in Dubai, from $7899 per person twin-share but bookings must be made by tomorrow. Details: 1300362599,

Ready, steady à Goa …
28 Feb: Today (Singapore). With the sea on one side and a ring of mountains on the other, Goa is cut off from the rest of India and developed a hybrid culture quite unlike that of the rest of the subcontinent … 697 words. Click here.

India to simplify visa process
28 Feb: Economic Times. In an effort to boost tourism inflow into the country, the Government is planning to simplify and fast-track issuance of visa by making use of electronic data management system, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said … He also made a call for transforming the "Incredible India" slogan into "Irresistible India" … India’s Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni said visa on arrival should be made a reality by 2010 … 262 words. Click here.

Passage through India
28 Feb: Sheffield Telegraph. By Rachel Ingram. … we headed down to Goa in the South of India, which really was oasis of serenity amidst a desert of commotion. With its endless sandy beaches, amazing markets and abundance of hippies, Goa was like a place out of a dream and a perfect relaxing end to our hectic adventure. Click here.


Life After Retirement
23 Feb. Navhind Times. … In the afternoon, in order to quench my roaring thirst, I take a small cuppa of liquor. After lunch, I recline my drowsy limbs on bed to respect my Goan ancestors’ habit of 40 winks … 470 words. Clikc here.

Goa likely to host India vs Aus. Cricket Match
23 Feb: Navhind Times. Goa is likely to host a one-day International in October at Nehru stadium, Fatorda, Margao, during the Australian team’s tour to India. 639 words. Click here.

Football: Dempo tops in India
24 Feb: The Observer (UK). India's inaugural season of fully professional football ended with Dempo Sports Club becoming the first champions of the I-League after the title was decided on the final day … But they will be disappointed as enough chances were created on a hot afternoon at the Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, Goa, to claw the goal difference back. Dempo, who won 50 lakhs prize money (£63,000), and Churchill Brothers are two of four Goa teams in the 10 club I-league, with the remainder coming from the Punjab, Mumbai and Calcutta. 170 words.

No more SEZs in Goa
25 Feb: One World South Asia. Think of Goa, and beaches, pristine forests, churches and hordes of tourists spring to mind. But in the last few weeks the state has grabbed the headlines for different reasons. Despite 22 industrial estates, Goa has successfully refused to host Special Economic Zones (SEZs). The struggle against SEZs in Goa has been led primarily by the educated middle class and professionals from all walks of life. 1349 words. Click here.

The great Goa newspapers’ fight
26 Feb: MeriNews. By Armstrong Vaz. … The Times of India is to set up shop in Goa in April. The advent of India’s largest selling and oldest English newspaper has kicked-off a serious debate in media circles. Journalists, ‘media groups’ and internet mailing lists have been of late, full of messages discussing the pros and cons of the giant’s entry into Goa and the fate that will await the existing three local English newspapers. 1113 words. Click here.

Ferrari Scagliettis Make Their Marque in Goa
27 Feb: New Zealand Herald. A pair of Ferrari 612 Scagliettis are to embark on the 11,000km Magic India Discovery Tour … They left Mumbai on Monday … The first stage ends in Goa … For photograph and text click here.
27 Feb: Quattroruote. Carlo Di Giusto writes of his joy once he got to Goa … People there have the light in their eyes, seems content with the gifts of nature, and need to believe it, because you will realize that even in darkness this is a small paradise full of palm trees, rice paddies and green sumptuous gardens. And then there's the sea, which clears all feeling of tiredness … For photographs and text click here.

Goa: Sanjay-Manyata wedding knot untied
28 Feb: Herald. Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt’s marriage to his long-time love, Dilnashin alias Manyata as per Goan law finally stands cancelled. Click here.


Goa MLA and wife released on bail
22 Feb: Asian Age. Pamela D’Mello. Atanasio Monserrate and his wife Jennifer were granted bail on Thursday. Click here.

Attack on police station pre-planned: Goa DGP
22 Feb: The Hindu, … Thirty-two policemen were injured, six of them seriously, in the attack on Tuesday night … the police said that a mob of over 700, led by Mr. Monserrate, gathered there after two rival gangs clashed on Tuesday evening … 427 words. Click here.

Goa govt under attack in Monserrate case
22 Feb: PTI. The Digamber Kamat-led government in Goa is drawing flak from some of its ministers for the alleged police assault on the family members of Taleigao MLA Atanasio Monserrate. Some ministers of the state government have resented the way in which police have handled the entire incident. 264 words. Click here.

Goa: Monserrate files case against Police Officers
23 Feb: Asian Age. By Pamela D’Mello. MLA Atanasio Monserrate and his wife Jennifer on Friday filed a complaint against North Goa superintendent of police Neeraj Thakur, a deputy SP, police inspector and 50 other police personnel for assaulting his family and ransacking his bungalows and cars late on Tuesday night. 245 words. Click here.

Monserrate makes, breaks Goa govts
23 Feb: Indian Express. MLA Babush Monserrate, who was arrested after he attacked the state police headquarters on Tuesday, was released on bail by a Sessions court on Thursday. Monserrate, a four-time MLA, who makes and breaks governments, is known for the iron hand with which he virtually lords over his Taleigao constituency on the outskirts of Panaji. 605 words. Click here.

Panaji municipal workers on strike to protest attack on mayor
23 Feb: The Navhind Times. The Corporation of the City of Panaji, including its administrative staff and workers announced an indefinite strike in support of its demand to take immediate action against those police and government officials responsible for the February 19 attack on the mayor, Mr Tony Rodrigues as well as the Taleigao MLA, Mr Atanasio Monserrate and his family. The decision was taken after learning that the condition of Mr Rodrigues, who has been admitted to the hospital, is serious. 492 words. Click here.

Panaji: Strike is off as CM agrees on action
26 Feb: Herald. After a day of hectic deliberations and mounting pressure, the Panjim City Corporation workers called off their four-day long strike following an assurance from Chief Minister Digambar Kamat that three police officials would be transferred pending an inquiry into the February 19 incident and attack on CCP Mayor Tony Rodrigues. Click here.

Will 'Babush' go scot free?
26 Feb: TimesNowTV. Almost a week after Anatasio Monserratte - a Goa MLA - set ablaze a police station in the state's capital and beat up cops to free a known criminal, the Goa government has decided to transfer the police officers who were the victims. This raises questions about state power being used to appease a sitting lawmaker. 532 words. Click here.

Goa police strike back at hooligan MLA
26 Feb: Deccan Herald. By Devika Sequeira. The reaction of Goan police to the Panjim police station attack by supporters of MLA Babush Monserrate is a huge surprise … A few months ago Monserrate’s supporters had brutally attacked a Youth Congress rally in his constituency and damaged property to force the closure of the new IT Park in Dona Paula. No action was taken against them. Though there is video footage to nail the MLA and his supporters for their attack on the police station and its personnel, the deliberate focus on the police retaliation will allow him once again to win the day. 803 words. click here.

Depoliticisation of police force is need of the hour
28 Feb: Navhind Times. By Oscar Rebello. 19th February must surely go down in Goan history as her blackest day. The ugly confrontation, which Goa witnessed, was unparalleled in its impunity and subsequent brutality. No winners in this game, only losers. 731 words. Click here.


Goa: UK national found dead; rape suspected
24 Feb: Herald. Anjuna police are investigating the death of a 16-year-old British girl who was found on the Anjuna beach on 18 Feb. … an alert from London has raised suspicion the deceased may have been raped and killed … Sources said the mother of the girl, who is in Goa, had visited the Forensic Department of the Goa Medical College today at Bambolim with a Supreme Court lawyer … 223 words. For full text click here.
Other reports indicate that the victim was named Scarlett Keeling and she had arrived in Goa with her mother on Nov. 20 2007 on a six month visa.

Brit national died due to drowning; rape suspicion set aside
25 Feb: Herald. Laying to rest the suspicion of rape and murder of a 16-year-old British girl, whose body was found on the Anjuna beach early February 18 morning, the autopsy report said that the death was due to drowning … 118 words. Click here.

British girl 'murdered' in Goa
25 Feb: The Daily Telegraph (UK). The family of a British girl found dead in India last week fear that she may have been murdered. The body of Scarlett Keeling, 15, was pulled from Anjuna beach in northern Goa last Monday … The police say there is nothing to suggest rape or murder. But a doctor who examined her body said he suspected foul play … Miss Keeling, from Devon, was on a six-month holiday with six siblings, her mother and her mother's boyfriend … Scarlett spent Sunday evening at a café in Anjuna with her Indian boyfriend, but he left early. 232 words. Click here.
[Other reports indicate that the boyfriend was Julio, a 25-year-old Goan family friend from Siolim, Goa, but working in Finland].

Mystery shrouds death of British teenager at Anjuna
26 Feb: Navhind Times. The death of 16-year-old Scarlette Keeling Eden has raised eyebrows whether the death was indeed a drowning case or ‘something more’ than that. With each passing day suspense continues to be mounting with even the Anjuna police tight-lipped about their investigations … Two astonishing facts have been revealed in the post-mortem report. Firstly the report has mentioned that the death has occurred due to drowning resulting from getting stuck in the sand, the other is that 300 ml of an ‘odourless’ liquid was found in the viscera of the deceased. 436 words. Click here.


Hillary woos Indian Americans
5 Feb. Hindustan Times. Hillary Clinton has pledged to take Indo-US relations to greater heights if she becomes the president, and vowed to work more closely with the Indian American community to make this happen. Clinton has written an op-ed article in India Abroad, a newsweekly headquartered in New York, evidently prompted by her desire to reach out to the Indian American community on the eve of the February 5 mega-primary. 588 words. Click here.

Long live the RNIs!
17 Feb: Times of India. The Resident Non-Indians is a term manufactured by embittered NRIs to describe those they say are residents of India only in name, but who don’t show the slightest sign of being Indian … 611 words. Click here.

Mombasa: Father John Correa: Manor Hotel Site an Eyesore
Click to enlarge
21 Feb: The Nation (Kenya). An idle upmarket plot, where once stood the historic Manor Hotel more than 10 years ago, has now turned into an open air public toilet, sparking fears of disease outbreak within its vicinity … Not spared from this situation is the Holy Ghost Catholic Cathedral, where priests have to endure the offensive stench when wind changes direction and blows toward the church. Father John Correa blames the council for the situation … "Let's be frank and ask the council to own up and take the blame for the mess at that plot," he says. 1122 words. Click here.

Cocktail recipe: South Goa Breeze
21 Feb: Times Union (Albany, NY). By Bill Dowd. 2 ounces tarragon vodka. 2 ounces ginger ale. Splash of Cointreau. Orange slice. Add vodka and Cointreau to shaker full of ice. Shake well. Pour into a highball glass and add ginger ale to taste. (Recipe ratio usually is 1-to-1.) Garnish with orange. Click here.

Stephen Bennett Murder
Click to enlarge
22 Feb. The Mirror (UK). When Amanda Bennett, 35, was told her brother's broken body had been found hanging from a tree she knew it was no suicide. And she vowed never to stop until his killer is found … In December 2006, Stephen, 40, was thinking of booking a pre-Christmas holiday when a man he knew suggested Goa … 1237 words. Click here.

Hindi, Bengali to get more prominence in UK schools
22 Feb: Times of India. The teaching of Hindi and Bengali in British schools should have the same priority as European languages, education officials have said. 219 words. Click here.

Leisure Boats in India
23 Feb: Livemint. I have a dream. That, one day, the 240km coastline between Mumbai and Goa will rival the French Riviera or the Gold Coast. To those who raise their eyebrows, I only say, would you believe there’s a Rs200 crore market for boats in India? Those are the sales figures from the Mumbai International Boat Show 2007 … Click here.

Obama lauds Indian community in US
23 Feb. NDTV. Senator Barack Obama, the frontrunner for the Democratic Party's nomination for presidential elections in November, has pledged to ''build a close strategic partnership'' between US and India if elected. In an article he has written for India Abroad, he has also committed that he will encourage the active engagement and partnership of the Indian American community in ''making the change we seek'' in US … 717 words. Click here.

All dreams lead to Mumbai …
Click to enlarge
24 Feb: The Sunday Telegraph (UK). Kirsty Lang follows the trail of India's Beautiful People through hip clubs, chic restaurants and trendy art galleries … 1452 words. Click here.

White surrogate mother bears Asian baby
24 Feb: The Sunday Times (UK). A white British woman has given birth to an Asian baby as a surrogate mother for a childless couple … There is a shortage of surrogate mothers, and an infertile couple can expect to pay £10,000 to have a woman bear their child. Couples who travel to India, however, can find a surrogate for about £3,000 … 781 words. Click here.

US: Boston: The luxury (and art) of trade
24 Feb: India New England. Less than 50 years after the Indian army invaded Goa and took the state away from the Portuguese any bad memories between the two countries have turned to smiles. At least in a Boston art museum. The Consul General of India Neelam Deo exchanged business cards and kind words with Portugal’s Consul General during the opening of an exhibition on the cultural exchanges between India and Portugal … For more information, visit Photographs and text, 772 words. Click here.

Uganda: Govt paid Asians twice for their Properties
Click to enlarge
24 Feb: The Monitor (Uganda). Asians may have benefitted twice for their confiscated properties, leading to loss of billions of shillings in taxpayer money. The Departed Asians Custodian Board is right at the centre of the double compensation … Shillings 40.5 million was paid to stateless Asians through the UN refugee agency …
For page 1 on the report click here.
For page 2 click here.

Portugal: TV documentaries on Portuguese Emigration
25 Feb: RTP. The Portuguese community in Canada and the historical and cultural features of Portugal in Goa are the themes for a series of four documentaries that RTP1 will transmit from next Tuesday. The first two programmes cover Canada and Goa will feature on 11 and 18 March. Click here.

Audio: Two Pints of Lager and a Plate of Chicken
25 Feb: BBC Asian Network. Bobby Friction goes on a journey to find out about the humble desi pub in the UK and asks whether he’s got what it takes to be able to run one. 30 minutes. Click here.

UK: Meera Syal: Why TV makes me depressed
25 Feb: The Independent (UK). The television actress and writer Meera Syal tells Ciar Byrne of her dismay at the industry's failure to promote black and Asian talent, on-screen and behind the camera … 2122 words. Click here.

Tryst with a temple elephant
25 Feb: The Hindu. It was the third visit of eight-year-old Pooja, a German kid to meet ‘Shanthi’ her 52-year-old elephant friend … Her parents have written a book about the friendship called ‘Pooja, the Elephant Girl.’ … Pooja, now in grade III, takes her classes both in Berlin and Goa. Moderate summers are spent in Germany, and she returns to Goa during the winter along with her mother. “I prefer studying in India than in Germany. I’ve got enough friends in Goa and, of course, Shanthi here,” she says. Photo and text, 383 words. Click here.
For details of the book click here.

M&S plans to sell curries in India
26 Feb: The Times (UK). Marks & Spencer’s ready-made curries soon may grace India’s kitchens, after the British retailer held talks with Reliance Industries about selling its food range on the subcontinent … 471 words. Click here.

Video Feature: Clint Fernandes' How-To-Natural Look
26 Feb. MakeUp. Popular to the stars and fashion runways, Clint Fernandes has worked on the most gorgeous faces in the industry. His favorite face he says is Amrita Arora. He thinks she has gorgeous and flawless skin. His successful resume includes the likes of Rani Mukherji, Deepika Padukone and Malaika Arora Khan. Click here.
For the Clint Fernandes website click here.

Documentary Film: Flipping Out
26 Feb: Variety (USA). After finishing their compulsory military service, tens of thousands of young Israelis head for India to unwind, get stoned or, in some cases, go insane -- all of which are explored in "Flipping Out." 668 words. Click here.

It's all Goa for drive to raise charity cash
26 Feb: Mid Devon Gazette (UK). John Lomax and Kevin Hunt are planning to drive a Hindustani Ambassador car for more than 1,200 miles through the hills and forests of southern India and hope to raise at least £8,500 for charities. The race starts in Goa and ends in Kerala … There will be a curry evening at the Black Dog Inn, wine tastings and the possibility of snail racing … 440 words. Click here.

Residential complexes for elderly
27 Feb: Economic Times. In 2004 UK-based writer Deborah Moggach mooted the idea of outsourcing the treatment of the elderly population to India. Now, it has started happening … some entrepreneurs are now moving to set up residential complexes for the elderly … Ranbaxy and Fortis Healthcare is to start a chain of residential facilities for the elderly — Impact Senior Living … The company plans to set up five such projects in the first phase in different locations including Goa … 436 words. Click here.
Deborah Moggach also explained her idea in the Times (UK). For details click here.
For the Deborah Moggach home page click here.

Dr Aziz Kurtha Named Owner of FN Souza Paintings
27 Feb: Press Association. A lawyer today won a High Court dispute over the ownership of two valuable paintings by leading avant-garde Indian artist Francis Newton Souza. … Kurtha said that the paintings represented some of the best work of the Goan-born artist, who died in 2002 aged 77. 591 words.
For a background report to the case Indian Who Felled Jeffrey Archer Squabbles for Art, click here.

Indian woman charged with death threats to Ontario premier
27 Feb: Sify News. An Indian woman immigrant, who worked as a reporter with a newly launched South Asian daily in the Toronto suburb of Brampton, has been charged with making death threats to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Neelam Vir reportedly left some Indian sweets for him with his office staffer Monica and then sent him an email saying, “If she didn't give it to you, I'll kill her.” 428 words. Click here.
For a photograph and fuller report in the Brampton Guardian of 26 Feb. click here.

Perth’s Best: Chutney
28 Feb: The West Australian. Top Pick: Goan Cuisine Tamarind Chutney. Chutney has a long tradition which started in India with a variety of sweet and spicy condiments typically made with fruit. Goan Cuisine, which is based in Victoria Park, taps into this culinary heritage with a nicely balanced wet chutney that combines the sour and sweet flavours of tamarind and apricot with a hit of chilli. Serve with grilled and barbecued meats or as a dipping sauce … Click here.


There are many tales of woe emanating from Goa such as "Goa going to the dogs" but one of particular note was on the theme of the breakdown of the rule of law in Goa. Several people have written on this theme but a particular posting by George Pinto was rather revealing. George Pinto from the USA visited Goa and Kerala recently and on Goanet he compared and contrasted the two tourist destinations. He illustrated that Goa compares rather poorly in most respects between the two. It is well worth reading Pinto's material as it increasingly confirms similar views of others who have also visited Goa and Kerala. Are there useful lessons for the Goans to learn from the Keralites?

Goan Voice (UK) readers may perhaps be interested in suggestions from Cajetan Vaz about the media in Goa that needs to be better known. He refers to five media vehicles that are not explored enough. He mentions Goa Doordarshan, All India Radio, the Marathi Press, the Tiatres and Nataks (folk communication that powerfully relates to large audiences), and Sermons at Catholic masses. Cajetan then goes on to explain how the media in Goa has much room for improvement.

Many Goan visitors to Mumbai are often at a loss to locate the much celebrated vitality of Goan life in Bombay as they generally prefer to refer to the city to this day. Well, for those from the West especially, the Goan author Silviano Barbosa has presented an excellent piece about his intimate knowledge of the nicest places in Bombay where one can find excellent Goan eating places as well as places of great entertainment. Many of us travelling from London to Goa via Bombay before the advent of charter flights would have loved to have this kind of information before. However, visiting Bombay to encounter Silviano's haunts is definitely worth a consideration too.

Those particularly interested in historical accounts may find the publication titled Memorable Accidents and Unheard of Transactions published in 1693 of much interest. It provides much detail of what life was like on the high seas between Goa and Portugal. For more detailed information, please visit:

The Konkani term 'poder' a term for the bread delivery man and also the baker, is held in much affection in Goa. To this day, despite the availability of well-packaged sliced bread the place of the poder, especially in the villages is welcomed every morning when different kinds of bread are delivered by bicycle transport. Do read a fascinating account of the Goan poder, and how bread in its many forms was introduced to Goa by the European missionaries. Further, how bread production developed in Goa through the use of toddy instead of yeast for leavening purposes and how Goan bakery production did well wherever Goans travelled to faraway destinations.

Finally, spare a thought for the travails, or not, of 68 year old Mohan Naik who spent eight long years, because of many ailments, at the Cottage Hospital, in Chicalim, Goa. The amazing thing is that, far from enduring such a long stay at the hospital, Naik actually enjoyed every moment of it and has never wanted to leave even though his family home is reasonably close by. So, read his story about how he became a "life-member of the hospital" according to one of the hospital nurses.

More details can be found at the Goanet archives at Or to subscribe to Goanet, send an email to


DOCUMENTARY: Wedding Secrets: Asian Bride Day. Wedding TV
Sun 2nd Mar. 12:00 to 19:00. Seven hours of programmes about various aspects of Asian weddings.

NEWS: Asian Network Report. BBC Radio Asian Network. Also Online
Mon. 3rd Mar. 18:30 to 19:00. Like a Virgin. Asian Network investigates the pressure on some British Asian women to ensure that their virginity remains intact - even when it's not.

DOCUMENTARY: Rivers of Blood: The Real Source. BBC Radio Four.
Mon 3rd Mar. 20:00 to 20:30. Rob Shepherd recalls Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech of 1968, one of the most explosive in living memory by a British politician. His sensational attack on immigration provoked furious demonstrations, both for and against, and still creates controversy. Listen online at for seven days after broadcast

DOCUMENTARY: Bridging the Morphine Gap. BBC Radio Four
Mon 3rd Mar. 21:00 to 21:30. Despite India producing most of the world's medical morphine, its own people have virtually no access to it. Listen online at for seven days after broadcast

DOCUMENTARY: Recipe For Success. BBC 2
Tue. 4th Mar. 17:15 to 18:00. Simon Rimmer challenges five couples with business ambitions to manage a restaurant for one day. This week Jason and Kelly create an Indian menu.

SITCOM: Goodness Gracious Me. BBC 4
Tue 4th Mar. 22:00 to 22:30. British-Asian comedy sketch show. Features the Indian Bridegroom Detective and a tribute to Hollywood's 'Blacked-Up Men'.

Wed 5th Mar. 23:20 to 23:50. Wine connoisseur Ollie Smith debates the merits of fine wine or beer as the perfect accompaniment to curry.

DOCUMENTARY: Indian School. BBC 2 London
Wed. 5th Mar. 23:50 to 00:20. In a look at how the ancient caste system still affects the lives of schoolchildren in India today, this edition focuses on Meghna, an ambitious high caste girl who bitterly resents the policy, and Rohit a shy, bullied, low caste boy who is benefiting from it.

SITCOM: Goodness Gracious Me. BBC 7
Fri 7th Mar. 22:30 to 23:00. All from India. Believe it. Comedy from the award winning team. Episode 1 of 4. Starring: Cliff Richard, James Cagney, William Shakespeare


See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 23 Mar. Konkani Dramatic Association proudly presents 'Easter Dance' at St John’s Church Hall, Bourne Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4DA. From: 2.30 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. Music provided by Nite Life. Tickets, (includes buffet meal): adults £10.00 Children £5 (5-16, under 5 free). Dress: Formal (Strictly NO Jeans or Trainers). For tickets & further details call the following: Antonio - 0208 4529406 / 07988896904; Judy - 0208 76302606 / 07949403741; Domacian - 0208 3761609 / 07940501196; Rosy - 0208 8352 9450; Johnny - 0208 7693168

Sun 6 Apr. 1pm – 8.30pm. Charity Dance in aid of Osteoporosis Brittle Bone Disease. Venue: Archbishop Lanfranc School, Mitcham Road, Croydon, Surrey CR9 3AS. All proceeds will go to St. George’s Hospital Tooting. Featuring Music by Dimensions Band. Disco by ‘Say One Do One’. Plus Cabaret shows. Admission: Adults - £13 with food; Children (4-10 yrs) - £5 with food. For tickets, please contact: Derrick Pereira – 020 8952 8899; Clare D’Souza – 01784 421421; Irene Mendonca – 020 8767 2762; Hazel Rodrigues – 020 8357 6776; Bernie Gracias 020 8723 1322.

Sat 31 May. 7pm. GOA Anniversary and May Ball. Wandsworth Town Hall Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim Telephone 020 8771 4457.


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