Newsletter. Issue 2008-48. November. 27, 2008
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Cliff Pereira reveals hidden black and Asian history of Bexley
20 Nov: News Shopper. A new book has been launched revealing the hidden black and Asian history of Bexley. The publication, A View from Shooters Hill, is by historian Cliff Pereira, 48, who lives in Welling… Mr Pereira said the book was the product of eight years work on projects including oral histories collected from Bexley communities and the slavery exhibition… The book not on general sale, but copies can be obtained, with a donation of at least £5, from Click here.

Corryn Rayney Murder: updates
19 Nov: West Australian. Police won't try to prove Lloyd Rayney murdered his wife. Police will not argue that Lloyd Rayney murdered his wife Corryn as part of their bid to defend themselves against a multi-million-dollar defamation lawsuit over their decision to name him as the "prime" and "only" suspect in the unsolved murder. 611 words. Click here.

Lawyer: Kids chased Rayney, shouting 'murderer'
19 Nov: West Australian. Lloyd Rayney was chased through a department store by a group of teenagers shouting "murderer", his lawyer said yesterday. "He lives on funds . . . he has borrowed from relatives," he said… 464 words. Click here.

Rayney damages could run into millions:
19 Nov: ABC News (Australia). Lloyd Rayney's lawyer has refused to speculate on the amount of money his client will be seeking but it could run into the millions of dollars…it was decided that the two parties will go to mediation rather than wage a long and costly legal battle in the courts. Click here.

Gulf: Curtorim lift Alvernaz and Lalush Alemao Trophy
24 Nov: Gulf Times (Qatar). Curtorim lifted the glittering Alvernaz and Lalush Alemao Memorial Rolling Trophy defeating Benaulim in the All Goa 7-A-Side football tournament organised by Goan Youngsters Qatar at the Doha Stadium. Photos + text, 382 words. Click here.

Vancouver: Ralph D'Souza: Catholics’ anniversary celebration
25 Nov: Vancouver Sun. As an Indo-Canadian Catholic who's lived in Surrey since he immigrated from Bombay in 1988, Ralph D'Souza is accustomed to being looked at as something of an anomaly. "People always ask me, "when did you convert?'" D'Souza said… 505 words. Click here.

Bahrain: Last call to Goans
26 Nov: Gulf Daily News. The Young Goans Club 55th Annual Day celebrations are being held next week… new premises in Manama. The celebration coincides with the feast of Saint Francis Xavier… Click here.

Canada: Brian Rodrigues: A deadly link to the heart
27 Nov: Times Leader (Canada). 2.4 million Canadians are living with diabetes… Brian Rodrigues, a professor in the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of British Columbia says with diabetes by itself, there is two to four times the risk of getting heart disease … Click here.

Charmaine Noronha: Toronto on a budget
27 Nov: International Herald Tribune. Visitors headed to Toronto may find Canada's largest city refreshingly hip, diverse, utterly cosmopolitan - and affordable. Here are some tips to help you explore the city… 1205 words. Click here.

Tony Fernandes: A Dream Fulfilled
27 Nov: Daily Express (Malaysia). The launch of AirAsia X's London Stansted-Kuala Lumpur service signals to Tony Fernandes the culmination of a long-held dream … He said he had been dreaming about this since he was 12 years old when he came to boarding school London from Malaysia. He wanted to go straight back but his parents said it was too expensive so he started his quest to have low fares to Malaysia … 1099 words. Click here.

Mississauga: Anthony and Elma DeSouza: Golden Wedding Anniversary
30 Nov. 2008.: Anthony and Elma DeSouza of Mississauga are celebrating their 50th on Nov. 30th 2008. They were married at the Holy Family Church in Nairobi. Celebration will be held at Strates Banquet Hall, Toronto. Anthony is brother of George, Amy, Domnic, Raymond, Diana, Mervyn all of Mississauga. Elma is sister of late Ancy, late Tibus and Alcie of Mississauga. Congratulations can be sent to:

UK: Forthcoming TV Programme: Goan Cuisine
8 Dec. at 20:30. BBC2. Anjum Anand meets Jonathon Readman, who two years ago married his Goan wife, Lorraine. Jonathon never cooks but every Sunday takes full advantage of his Indian connection by enjoying a Goan feast at mother-in-law Clara's house… Jonathan also gains a hilarious insight into the extraordinary methods of making prized Goan sausages… 232 words. Click here.

Enhanced Service Now Being Offered!
From Eddie Fernandes: I will be in Goa (Tel. 909 666 3432) from 15 Nov. to 6 Dec. and I will be connecting with my usual email address during this period. Selma Carvalho is providing an enhanced service in my absence. If you need urgent attention please copy your message to Selma Carvalho at


20 Nov: New Jersey, USA. SELINA FELICIA CASTELINO (nee Viegas, aged 68). Mother of Rachel and Judith. Sister of Edwin, Osborn and Theresa Viegas and late Joe Viegas. The Funeral Mass will be on Sat. Nov. 29, at 12 noon. 25 Nov: The Star-Ledger (NJ, USA). Born in Mombasa, Kenya, Mrs. Castelino was a doctoral student at the University of Nairobi and a lecturer at Kenyatta College in Kenya. Mrs. Castelino was active in the Goan Association of New Jersey… 202 words. Click here.

23 Nov: Swindon (UK). JOAQUIM LUIS GONSALVES. (Born 1951; Ex Agassaim; Dept of Accounts, Govt of Goa). Husband of Esmerald. Father of Eric and Leslie (UK). Passed away in Swindon after a brief illness.

23 Nov: Colva, Goa. CARLITO ROQUE FERNANDES (Born 1947). Husband of Perpetua. Father of Darryl, Godwin and Celbina/Sidney (UK).

20 Nov: Margao, Goa. CELIA TEREZA DIAS. Wife of Manuel Xavier Gaspar. Mother of late Noemia/Oscar, late Orlando/Celia, Joseph/Adelia. Sister of Rony/Jan (USA), Bela/late Braz, Lydia/Gildo (UK), Levita/Nevil (Mysore), Veronica/Cecil.

17 Nov: Agassaim, Goa. LUIZINHA CABRAL. Wife of late Milagres. Mother of Joaquim (Paris)/Carmelina, Joao Pedro/Cristalina, Antonio Paul/Raquel (London), Mexcy/Vincent.

14 Nov: UK. ANGELA MELBA FRANCISCA FERNANDES (Born 1963, ex Candolim, Goa). Wife of Cornello Francisco Xavier Fernandes (UK), Mother of Ancilla/Francis Pereira, Soraya and Anselmo Antonio Fernandes. Sister of Rosario/Michael Fernandes, Funeral: 25th Nov at St Anthony's Church, (UK).

25 Nov: London. Frank Carvalho (ex- GOA Director) wishes to express thank for all the support and sympathy given after the demise of his wife OLGA CARVALHO, formerly Reis da Costa from Mapuca.

Weekly column by Selma Carvalho. Do leave your feedback at

Who the Bleep cares about Conversions in India? Well, the lies spread about conversions should be of concern to every Indian Christian. The Church in India stands accused of subversively and insidiously trying to “harvest souls.” On November 24, 2008, Balbir Punj, BJP member and one of India’s foremost columnist, wrote:

“Post-Independence, the Church changed its methods. Open confrontation was dropped in favour of covert methods like inducements to target groups (the poor, illiterate sections). The new strategy, focused on specific areas, yielded a handsome harvest.”

Even if we were to take this statement at face-value, that indeed the Church is involved in manipulatively luring people to convert, it begs the question of the sanctity of individual choice in a free society. Who is to say, the poor and the illiterate are incapable of making informed choices? We can safely presume these are grown individuals, who make adult decisions everyday of their life. They would have decided on an occupation, the names of their children or who they voted for in the last election. Is it only in the area of faith and conviction that they must be accorded a secondary place in society? Are they to accede and adhere to some predetermined faith for eternity?

Change of faith calls for a deep commitment. It requires one to renounce a way of thinking and embrace another ideology altogether. Is it at all possible, that people can be made to undergo such a metamorphosis by emoluments of food? Surely common sense would dictate that once the belly was full, they would return to their religion of choice and comfort. It is easily accomplished. One can go to a Church of Christ, and still pray to a God of one’s own preference at home. We are, after all, no longer living in the sixteenth century. The Church today has neither the manpower nor the inclination to rigorously police people’s religious beliefs and practices. Freedom of choice is a basic right that an individual must enjoy in any progressive society. In matters of utmost privacy, of which religion is one, the individual must be at liberty to determine his own course. If we deny him this right, we are enslaving him and sentencing him to a lesser life. Renowned writer, Khushwant Singh, wrote:

“To start with, let it be understood that these days there are no forced conversions anywhere in the world…Those who assert that the poor, innocent and ignorant of India are being forced to accept Christianity are blatant liars”.

Yes, there are blatant liars. Their concern for the “convert” has very little to do with his material or spiritual well-being. Their agenda is only to create a society defined by their narrow perspective of nationalism and culture. The thought that a society could flourish in the fresh breath of freedom, pluralism, tolerance and equality is unpalatable to them. Let us hope for all our sakes, that their voices fade rather than find resonance.


£225: 14-Night Holiday in Goa. Dep. Manchester
19 Nov: Birmingham Mail. Save a packet with a winter sun flights from Olympic Holidays …15-night flight to Goa that now costs less than half-price at only £225. Dep. November 20. Tel. 0844 576 2386. Click here.

£279: 7-Night Holiday in Goa: Dep. London or Manchester
20 Nov: Travel Zoo. Travel dates: 21, 28 Nov; 5 Dec. The price includes B&B accommodation at the Alor Holiday Resort, Calangute. You’ll need to book before 30 November… Click here.

Taxi-drivers face-off over tourists
20 Nov: Herald. The Federation of Association of Taxi Owners and Drivers (FATTOD), and Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT), has presented four major demands before the Government. President of FATTOD, Jeorge Fernandes, said that if their pleas were not taken seriously, there may be no other option but to take to the streets. 419 words. Click here.

Global crunch impact on hotels
21 Nov: Daily News and Analysis. The global economic turmoil does not seem to have had any major impact on the country’s hospitality sector….While Delhi recorded the highest occupancy rate, Goa registered the steepest decline. Hotels and resorts in India’s biggest international leisure destination saw a fall in occupancy levels to 49% from 66% in September 2007… 337 words. Click here.

How India caught the world's cold
21 Nov: The Independent (UK). House prices are plummeting, credit markets have become frozen, business and consumer confidence are collapsing, the auto industry is at a standstill, and the stock market is off more than 50 per cent. 1890 words. Click here.

Insurer Offers Option for Surgery in India
21 Nov: New York Times. The health insurer Wellpoint is testing a new program that gives covered patients the option of going to India for elective surgery… 599 words. Click here.

New identities formed on Goa’s beaches
22 Nov: Times of India. “My name is Jack. Jack from shack,” says Mantosh Das, who came to Goa from the obscure village of Cooch-Bihar. On Goa’s beaches, amidst the milling tourists and Goa’s cosmopolitan culture he has acquired a new personality and you maybe forgiven for mistaking him for a Latino or even a Rastafarian. 425 words. Click here.

Malaria: Dr Scott's Surgery
24 Nov: Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, UK). I was asked to do a home visit to a lady whose husband believed she had malaria. Jean and Kevin, her husband had just returned from a holiday to Goa. They had decided not to buy their course of malaria tablets because were rather expensive…they stayed out late one night and Jean forgot to apply her insect repellent… 464 words. Click here.

Air India and Kingfisher set to reduce fares
25 Nov: Times of India. Facing flak over giving relief to airlines but without witnessing any subsequent reduction in fare, the government has decided to lead by example and is working on a plan to cut fares by 12-15% from next month. Meanwhile Kingfisher Airlines, has announced that it will reduce fares, as well as ensure that no jobs are cut despite the economic down-turn. 377 words. Click here.

London – Goa: £125 return
26 Nov: Earlsfield Travel. St Francis Xavier Feast Special: £125.00. 1 week. Dep: Fri. 28 Nov. 2008. Returning 6 Dec. Monarch Airlines. Make sure you have a valid Indian Visa & passport valid more than 6 months. Contact Earlsfield Travel: 0208 874 8329/2642

Goa: Sunburn Festival: 27 – 29 Dec.
27 Nov: Daily News and Analysis. The Sunburn Festival will have over 35 artists is Asia’s biggest music festival. The headliners include Eddie Halliwell, psy-trance gurus GMS, John ‘00’ Fleming and the Digital Blondes, DJ Shah, Richard Durand, Tatva Kundalini, Order of Essence, Shapeshifters, Copyright, Midival Punditz, Roger Shah, Jalebee Cartel, Shiva Sound System, Norman Doray, ATFC… 265 words. Click here.


Public to scrutinize RP 2021
20 Nov: Times of India. On Wednesday, the government handed the RP 2021, and its relevant details to 12 taluka level technical teams, as a first step in disseminating the contents of RP 2021 to the public. This process hopes to elicit feedback from the people at grass-root level, through the village panchayats. Recommendations, in any, are to be submitted to the government by January 15, 2009. 904 words. Click here.

Goan onboard another hi-jacked ship
20 Nov: Herald. 23 year old, Clive Fernandes was captured along with six Indians, when the M V Delight was hi-jacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, on Tuesday. The ship has been taken to an undisclosed location. Clive hails from Agonda, Goa and is the only son in his family. His parents have requested the Indian government to seek the safe release of their son. Sadly, this incident comes just as three Goans from a previously hi-jacked ship had returned home. 409 words. Click here.

Dying Sounds of Goan Traditions
20 Nov: Times of India. Paul Fernandes takes a look at how sounds that provided accompaniment to Goan festivals and religious ceremonies, are fading. From music created by clapping hands, hitting stones, blowing into conches and hollow gourd to the sound of the dhol and shehnai, the quintessential sounds of folk instruments are going silent. 1040 words. Click here.

Top Security for Old Goa Feast
20 Nov: Herald. With the novenas of St. Francis Xavier, fast approaching, the State Police have sought to put in place stringent security measures at Old Goa. SP Bosco George, said they have decided to put up “Watch Towers” as well as CCTVs, so that police may monitor anti-social elements. The feast of St. Francis Xavier, popularly known as the Old Goa feast, attracts thousands of devotees to Goa, every year. 394 words. Click here.

Thousands throng Pilar to seek Fr Agnelo’s blessings
21 Nov: Times of India. Thousands of devotees thronged the Pilar hillock on Thursday to commemorate the 81st death anniversary of Venerable Fr. Agnelo D’Souza. The theme for the day was, “Rooted in faith, spread the Jesus glow.” Archbishop Emeritius Raul Gonsalves, participated in the solemn mass. 351 words. Click here.

German Girl rape case to be re-opened
21 Nov: Zee News. Taking strong exception to the police investigation, the Bombay HC said that police investigation in the: German Girl" rape case was “not fair” and asked the government to re-open the case. Rohit Monserrate, son of State Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate, had been released from jail after the victim's mother had withdrawn the case. 139 words. Click here.

Accused in Aires case denied bail
21 Nov: Times of India. The additional sessions judge, P V Kamat, dismissed the bail application filed by Shabir Gujrati. He has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the attack on lawyer and activist, Aires Rodrigues and Prajal Sakhardande. The judge observed that the fear generated in the State on account of this incident warranted the remand of the accused. 207 words. Click here.

Probe in German rape case not fair: HC
21 Nov: Press Trust of India. The Goa Bench of Bombay High court on Friday termed the police investigations into rape of the German minor as neither "just nor fair". The Court also asked the police why the case be not handed over to the specialized agency like Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and asked why the bail granted to the accused should not be quashed… 243 words. Click here.

Goa Church: Response to acquittal in Fr Ferrao murder.
21 Nov: UCAN. The Church in Goa state has reacted cautiously to the acquittal of two suspects in the murder of Fr Ferrao. Father Francis Caldeira, Goa Church spokesperson remained noncommittal. "The law has taken its course," he said, declining further comment. However, fellow priests interviewed reacted strongly against the acquittal… 401 words. Click here.

India acclaims Catholic film
21 Nov: Aid to the Church in Need. Australia. A movie, called Yarwng (Roots), has been selected to open the highly-respected Indian Panorama film selection which will be showcased at the International Film Festival of India in Goa, starting on Saturday (22nd Nov.). Click here.

Vacancy: General Manager: Packaging Technology: Goa
22 Nov: Financial Times (UK). Our Client is a global leader, spearheading growth in the Indian sub-continent through a state of the art packaging equipment and technology plant in Goa…Experience of the culture and working practices of India is a pre-requisite for this senior appointment… 326 words. Click here.

Status of court cases can now be tracked by SMS
22 Nov: Times of India. An automated SMS enquiry system was launched at the Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court, to help track the status of cases filed at the court. The sender of the SMS should direct his message to 9420685618 and should know the case number. 414 words. Click here.

German Rape Case: Police in tight spot
23 Nov: Herald. The High Court’s lashing to the police in the investigating pertaining to the German minor’s rape case have been left with no choice but to tighten up the investigation once again….there is clear photographic evidence that a public prosecutor (PP) son knew the girl … 433 words. Click here.

The darker side of sunny Goa
23 Nov: Daily News & Analysis. Sitting in sunny Goa one might feel all worries wash away. Tourists come to Goa for its famous susegad… while the tourists may feel relaxed, Goans are anything but…there is angst among Goans who are beginning to ask some fundamental questions about themselves and what their state has become. The most obvious reason stems from fears of a downturn in tourism … In a sense it was bound to happen. 901 words. Click here.

First female tiatrist Regina, remembered
23 Nov: Times of India. Regina Fernandes achieved the distinction of being the first woman of her time to act in a Konkani tiatr. Prior to that female roles were played by men. 104 years ago on November 22, 1904, Regina appeared on stage in a tiatr staged by her husband, Joao Agostinho Fernandes, titled “Bhattcara”. Click here.

Portugal and Goa in the 21st century
23 Nov: Goanet reader. In an essay entitled, “Portugal and Goa in the 21st century,” Constantino H. Xavier, draws a parallel between Goa’s relationship with India and Portugal’s relationship with Europe, encouraging both to work towards an “alliance of the small.” 2308 words. Click here.

Kelekar first Goan to win Jnanpith Award
23 Nov: Times of India. The octogenarian who is credited with promoting Konkani’s literary culture was declared the joint recipient of the 42nd Jnanpith Award for 2006 in New Delhi on Saturday. He shares the award with eminent Sanskrit scholar Satya Vrat Shastri. This is the first time the literary honour has gone to authors writing in Konkani and Sanskrit. Click here.

Planning for the National Games in Goa
24 Nov: Digital Journal Sports. Armstrong Vaz takes a page from China’s planning in Guangzhou, which will host the 2010 Asian Games, and gleans important lessons for the planning of National Games to be held in Goa in 2011. 1632 words. Click here.

Hero’s welcome for Goan sailors
24 Nov: Herald. After spending two harrowing months as hostages at a Somali port, the two released Goan sailors returned home to a hero’s welcome. They told the press, that the pirates came in speedboats, surrounded the tanker and took the crew as hostages at gun point. The sailors also spoke about their time in captivity… 751 words. Click here.

Eight Russians arrested for clash with police
26 Nov: Herald. Religious chants by a group of Russian members of the ‘Hare Ram Hare Krishna’ sect near the Mapusa police station took a violent turn on Tuesday, when the Russians clashed with the police and ended up getting assaulted by the public. Two policemen were injured in the clashes… 336 words. Click here.

“Goa needs special status to preserve traditions”
27 Nov: Times of India. Goa deserves a special status in view of its centuries-old traditional systems like comunidades and existence of large areas covered by tribal communities, B D Sharma, an authority on tribal affairs said. 313 words. Click here.

Weekly Update
27 Nov: Times of India – Goa edition. Weather: Max = 35.4 ; Min =19.8 . Humidity 48% to 60%
Exchange rates £= 75.68; $ = 49.47; Euro = 64.06.


Does IFFI positively impact the Average Goan?
20 Nov: Times of India. A few respected individuals opine on the effect of IFFI on Goa. Ralph D’Souza, President of the Travel and Tourism Association, felt that there was additional demand for accommodation. Food and beverage consumption at restaurant also increases around this time, which causes a ripple effect in the economy. Since Goa is the permanent venue for IFFI, it figures on the event calendars of the international film fraternity next to Cannes, Locarno and others. 585 words. Click here.

NGO to organise parallel film festival
21 Nov: Daijiworld. A state-based NGO will be hosting a parallel film festival during the days of IFFI. “Goan People’s Film Festival”, will screen Indian and Bangladeshi films, said organiser Jason Keith Fernandes. One of the films hosted will be “India untouched”, focusing on the plight of Dalits in India. 249 words. Click here.

Bedecked Panjim awaits IFFI opening
22 Nov: Times of India. The city wears a spruced up look, its sidewalks washed clean, dust swept off the roads, trees twinkling with lights, as armed guards protect the venues for the 39th International Film Festival of India, that will begin on Saturday with veteran actor Rekha doing the honours. 276 words. Click here.

IFFI 2008 kicks off
22 Nov: The Hindu. IFFI kicked off today with the screening of period Chinese film, “The Warlords,” set in the year 1850 during the Taiping Rebellion in the Qing Dynasty. The opening ceremony of the 39th edition of the festival was simple and yet elegant, in keeping with international standards. Noted film actress Rekha was the Chief Guest at the inaugural ceremony. 460 words. Click here.

Kamat: IFFI will be branded after Goa
22 Nov: The Hindu. Kamat told the press, that ultimately the objective of hosting IFFI in Goa, was to brand Goa and hence it will be popularised by a Goan name. The State government is doing its best to develop Goa as a film destination, which is imminent from the increasing number of films being shot in the State. 192 words. Click here.

Catherine Deneuve confirms participation at IFFI
22 Nov: Times of India. French actress and winner of several awards, Catherine Deneuve, has confirmed her participation in this year’s IFFI. Deveuve, will arrive on November 27, and a special felicitation ceremony in her honour will be held at INOX to be attended by celebrities such as Dev Anand and Subhash Ghai. 333 words. Click here.

Hindu nationalists protest documentary at IFFI
22 Nov: AFP. Barely had IFFI opened officially when extremist groups Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, protested against M. F. Hussain’s 1960 documentary, “Through the eyes of a painter,” which is scheduled to be screened on November 25, 2008. M. F. Hussain is referred to as India’s Picasso but has often been targeted by extremist right-wing groups. 219 words. Click here.

Iffi protest inspires Goan film festival
23 Nov: Asian Age: By Pamela D’Mello. Grassroot protest groups in Goa have organised the Goan People’s Film Festival in Panaji focusing on what it says is "the real Goa". “We want to draw national attention to the struggle which has been waged in Goa” said festival organiser and national law school academic Jason Fernandes. 209 words. Click here.

Goa in IFFI splendour
23 Nov: JoeGoaUK's camera captures Goa in all its bedecked splendour. Spruced streets and IFFI insignia has temporarily transformed Goa into a film festival town. Click here.

Goa stakes claim to be 'Cannes of the east'
24 Nov: Economic Times. Goa's chief minister wants to rebrand India's most prestigious film festival along the lines of Cannes in the south of France, but the pledge has set him on a collision course with organisers. "Like Cannes, we want the festival to be known by the Goa name. We will brand the festival as the Goa Festival," Digamber Kamat said ... 241 words. Click here.

“Thanks Maa” first Indian film to premier at IFFI
24 Nov: Times of India. The first Indian film to premier at the 39th IFFI, will be “Thanks Maa,” focusing on the issue of abandoned children. It follows the journey of a street kid called Municipality Ghatkopar and his quest to find the mother of a baby, he finds on the streets. The Director, Irfan Kamal, told the press that approximately 270 kids are abandoned on Indian streets everyday. 649 words. Click here.

IFFI branding controversy
24 Nov: Herald. A day after IFFI's start, Goa's Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat said he would like to brand IFFI as the Goa International Film Festival, the Directorate of Film Festival has said that they would like to retain the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) identity, irrespective of the State trying to rebrand it. The issue is proving to be a major bone of contention between the two bodies…390 words. Click here.

Kamat: More venues next IFFI
25 Nov: Times of India. To cope with the increased number of film buffs in Goa during IFFI, Kamat has assured more screening venues for next year’s IFFI. The Government has decided to convert the Samrat and Ashok theatre in Panjim as well as Ravindra Bhavan in Margao into venues..368 words Click here.

Right-wing extremists succeed in cancelling M F Hussain’s documentary at IFFI
25 Nov: The Hindu. With activists of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti mounting pressure for the withdrawal of M F Hussain’s documentary, Through the Eyes of a Painter, the Government caved in today and appeased their demands. Despite the Directorate of IFFI, being in favour of screening the film, behind-the scenes manoeuvering by Samiti had succeeding in getting it cancelled. 480 words. Click here.

Film festival blues
25 Nov: Daily News & Analysis. The Film Festival has left the locals underwhelmed. Reports in the local media about chaos at entry points and in the sale of tickets apart, Goans are complaining that there is not enough entertainment for the local populace unlike in previous years… Click here.

Konkani film to be produced
26 Nov: The Hindu. In what may sound as music to the ears of Goan citizens, the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) Limited is producing a Konkani film revolving around life in Goan forests. 153 words. Click here.

Goan Director, Rajendra Talak
26 Nov. Times of India. Talak says this is the third time his film has been selected for the festival and that indeed it is a matter of great pride for him. His two award-winning movies Alisha and Antarnad have bagged national awards and have been part of earlier film festivals. Shot in two languages, Marathi and Konkani, Talak is happy that is set to open at the festival. 256 words. Click here.

UK-India film collaboration workshop organized
26 Nov: Times of India. Panjim, the host of IFFI, is also the venue for a high-level 2 day workshop on UK-India film collaborations, organised by the British Deputy High Commission. The workshop was attended by over 40 noted filmakers, from various parts of India. 156 words. Click here.

Hussain’s documentary to be screened despite protests
26 Nov: Times of India. It is a victory for all art lovers and proponents of freedom of expression, that the Directorate of Film Festivals has decided to screen M F Hussain’s documentary, Through the Eyes of a Painter, which was earlier deferred following protests by Hindu right-wing groups. 288 words. Click here.


Britain does not consider RSS or VHP as “terrorist” organisations
19 Nov: Herald. The British Government has said it does not consider the right-wing Hindu groups, such as VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal as “terrorist” organisations. Britain’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Lord Bach, said “the organisation (VHP) is proscribed neither here nor in India, nor does the Indian Government classify it as a terrorist organisation.” 374 words. Click here.

Indian mother urges daughter to return home
19 Nov: Daily News (Sri Lanka). An Indian mother is in desperate search of her only daughter who has gone missing since last month. She said Casilda Natasha Cardozo, 17, came to Sri Lanka on October 28. Goa born, Casilda was living with her mother in Oman…Casilda had taken flight to Colombo on October 28… Casilda had wanted to go back to Goa…335 words. Click here.

Gastric banding surgery for UK patient in Goa
20 Nov: PRLog. Edna Lara, a patient from Manchester UK, aged 44, faced with acute health problems on account of her obesity, was advised to get gastric banding surgery by doctors. Unfortunately, her medical insurance advisor refused to give insurance cover for the obesity treatment. Combing a vacation with cost-effective medical treatment at a premier hospital facility, she finally underwent the operation in Goa. 575 words. Click here.

Poly Styrene: The return of punk's first lady
21 Nov: The Independent (UK). Poly Styrene was born Marian Elliott in 1957 to a Somali dad and a white mum … She says that her group, The Slits [Poly's female punk peers] might do a beach party festival in Goa next year .... Click here.

Dayanita Singh: Dream Villa
22 Nov: Financial Times. One of the artists featured in the Serpentine Gallery's [London] Indian Highway starting next month is Dayanita Singh, a 46-year-old who is based in Delhi and Goa. Her fierce black-and-white photographs of India's middle and upper classes, sometimes marooned in the luxury of their lives, reveal aspects of the country not obvious to outsiders... 494 words. Click here.

Racism alive, but without measure
22 Nov: National Post (Canada). In a student survey at Trent University in Peterborough, 85% of respondents reported racism in public spaces. The authors of a $2-million report on youth violence sounded an alarm this week, insisting that Ontario is more racist than ever. Racism is worse than it was a generation ago… Click here.

Goan Man first to undergo Thoracic chimney technique
23 Nov: The Hindu. A Goan man became the first to undergo a thoracic chimney technique, by a team of doctors at Amrita Institute of Medical sciences, led by cardiologist K. K. Haridas. The man was referred to the institute after being diagnosed of an aortic aneurysm. Normal open-heart surgery to deal with aneurysms takes 3-6 hours. 673 words. Click here.

India shocked by discovery of first Hindu terror cell
23 Nov: The Independent (UK). India is in something of a state of shock after learning from official sources that its first Hindu terror cell may have carried out a series of deadly bombings that were initially blamed on militant Muslims. The revelation is forcing the country to consider some difficult questions… 621 words. Click here.

Mumbai - the city of foreign dreams
24 Nov: BBC News. Thousands of people leave the UK each year and head for a new life in India… For many, the pros of life in Mumbai outweigh the cons. Club disc jockey MaFaiza came to India 15 years ago to "find herself" and ended up selling mix tapes on a beach in Goa… She works all over India and in Europe “It's uplifting, it's fun, it's sexy, it's feminine and also provocative…” she says… 1056 words. Click here.

Faith and Goan Bananas sail to top honours in Dubai
24 Nov: Gulf news. Faith and Goan Bananas sailed away with the top honours in the Bin Zayed Group Beneteau Cup 2008, held last weekend at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. In the non-spinaker category, Goan Bananas, headed by Langoz took the title. 155 words. Click here.

British “sex on the beach” couple spared jail
25 Nov: Times Online. The British couple convicted of having sex on a beach in Dubai have been freed and allowed to return to the UK after their three-month prison sentence was suspended. Michelle Palmer, 36, of Rutland, and Vince Acors, 34, of southeast London, had appealed against the sentence handed down by a court last month for having sexual intercourse outside marriage and offending public decency on Jumeirah Beach… 356 words. Click here.

Lakshmi Menon: Merry model Christmas
25 Nov: Metro Canada (Toronto). Lakshmi Menon, 26, is one of the year’s most talked-about new models… “I live in Goa, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world… Click here.

In Chains and loving it
25 Nov. The Telegraph. Reena Martins takes a look into the lives of couples in India, who are giving “vanilla” sex a miss and engaging in more risqué behaviour. Reena examines why bondage and S&M are on the rise amongst India’s growing urban population. 1138 words. Click here.

Flesh trade busted in Juhu, Mumbai
26 Nov: Daily News & Analysis. Four Russian girls, in the city on tourist visas, were caught when cops raids a posh apartment opposite Sea Princess Hotel … The cops arrested a woman, Mercy d’Souza, who was running the illegal racket from her beauty parlour, along with husband Joseph and manager Samresh Bhansali…279 words. Click here.

Vindaloo: A beautiful dish with complex flavours
26 Nov: The Record (Waterloo, Canada). By Liz Monteiro & Luisa D'Amato. Of all the popular Indian spice blends available in Canada, vindaloo is the hottest. It's a mixture of tamarind and other spices that originated from the former Portuguese colony of Goa… 549 words. Click here.

Text & video : Mumbai Rocked by deadly shootings
26 Nov. BBC news. Gunmen have opened fire at a number of sites in the Indian city of Mumbai, killing at least 78 people and injuring about 200 more. Commandos have surrounded two hotels, the Taj Mahal and the Oberoi, where gunmen are reported to be holding dozens of hostages, including foreigners. A fire is said to be spreading through the Taj Mahal hotel…520 words. Click here.

Witnesses tell of Mumbai violence
27 Nov. BBC News. Text & video: Some of the people caught up in the Mumbai attacks, which targeted two of the Indian city's top hotels, a railway station, a hospital and other sites, have been describing their experiences. Police say at least 78 people have been killed and more than 200 injured. Click here.

Bombay attacks: Britons and Americans targeted
27 Nov: The Telegraph (UK). Britons were among dozens of hostages taken by gunmen in co-ordinated terror attacks across Bombay on Wednesday which left more than 80 people dead… terrorists thought to be linked to al-Qaeda … more than 80 people had been killed … At least three top Indian police officers, including the chief of the anti-terror squad, were among those killed. 1331 words. Click here.

Mumbai siege: Live
27 Nov: The Guardian (UK). Dozens of hostages are being held at two hotels in Mumbai after more than 100 people were killed by gunmen in one of India's deadliest terrorist attacks. Follow the latest developments live Click here.

India: Sex Survey 2008
1 Dec: India Today. Special Report. Some of the topics: Sexy secrets; Baring the truth; Women and porn; In pursuit of creativity; Those close encounters … Click here.

Murder on the beach
1 Dec: India Today. The Bikini Murders. By Farrukh Dhondy. This is a thinly veiled biography of Charles Sobhraj, the serial killer who was given the soubriquet 'Bikini Murderer' He was recaptured in a Goan restaurant in O' Coqueiro, near Panjim, where to this day a statue of Sobhraj sits at a front table for the world to see. 626 words. Click here.

Symbols of Thanksgiving
26 Nov: The Leader (Hawaii). Thanksgiving is observed by Christians in the state of Goa. Thanksgiving is popularly known as ‘Ladin’ or ‘Ladainha’…people purchase wheat and gram, candles, wine and colored tinsel paper. A temporary platform/altar is constructed which is decorated with flowers, vines and creepers. Celebrations also include singing of hymns and prayers. Click here.


Accounts of African slaves in Goa have appeared in several sources over the years. However, a brief note from Teotonio R. de Souza says "for those interested in the story of slavery in Goa till its final abolition, please utilise the following links to download my text just published by TADIA." Please see this at Tadia stands for The African Diaspora in Asia.

The issue of a Special Status for Goa within India comes up from time to time and now we are informed by Arwin Mesquita that, "the Goan Government recently made a presentation to the Centre [Delhi] on the urgent and critical need for special status to Goa. The latter I understand, included the need to immediately stop land sales under Article 370, to non-Goans, in order to save scarce land for Goans and to protect Goa's unique identity." This issue can be seen along with other issues at : click here. This controversial issue does raise questions about whether such a policy is justifiable in the light of the fact that so many Goans are settled outside Goa and also that most other countries/states could justifiably claim special status for themselves. However, Arwind would appreciate Goan Voice (UK) readers' comments on this issue at

Milton Fernandes in Germany raises several interesting points relating to the ongoing discussion on 'Green Thumb: Planting Trees'. In a response to Miguel Braganza, Milton asks "I wonder whether Goans really need to be told what to do when it comes to plants--what to plant, where to buy them, when to plant, how to plant?" His view is that there is much accumulated knowledge on this issue among resident Goans that had made Goa "the garden of Eden until a few decades back.". In this respect, he is full of praise for Masonobu Fukuoka, a Japanese plant grower whose approach to planting is referred to as 'natural green'. Do read about Fukuoka at: click here.

Finally, we have an article submitted by Zena Costa, titled 'Salcette's toddy bear keeps Goa's feni spirit tapping'. Here is a small excerpt to provide a flavour of the article. "Feni Francisco is the maker and preserver of Goa's best known ambassador of goodwill and friendship--feni. At sixty-five, the Tarzan from Salcette swings from palm to palm to pluck coconuts and tap toddy to make feni," This "proud keeper of Goa's coconut feni is a teetotaller." Yet from the whiff alone, he says "I feel lucky to be able to keep alive something precious to Goa."

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See for help in locating Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Sun. 30 Nov. G.O.A. Feast Of St Francis Xavier at St. Boniface Church, Tooting Broadway, London SW17. Contact: Alfred Rebello 020 – 8337 8022

Wed: 3 Dec. S.E.GOANS will be celebrating the FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIER at St Stephens Church, Deepdene Road, Welling, DA16 3QL. Mass will commence at 7pm. Mass will be celebrated by his lordship Bishop Patrick Lynch along with local clergy. Following the mass their will be a celebration and refreshments, we look forward to seeing you there!

Wed. 3 Dec: London: Goan Community Centre, Keston Road, Tottenham, London N17 6PW. Celebrating the Feast of St Francis Xavier. Begins at 6pm. Mass at 6.30pm. Followed by Fellowship. Food to Share. Nearest tube Turnpike Lane/Seven Sisters). All Welcome. Enquiries to Grace Coutinho,

Sat. 6 Dec. G.O.A. Xmas Pantomime – Peter Pan at Fairfield Halls, Croydon – 2pm. Contact: Norma Menezes-Rahim 020 – 8771 4457, Bernie Gracias 020 – 8723 1322

Sun. 7 Dec. North London Goans invite you to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis Xavier at Woodside High School Hall (Formerly White Hart Lane School, Opp. New River Sports Centre), White Hart Lane, Wood Green, London, N22 5QJ. Holy Mass at 12:45pm.Followed by a social gathering. Music by LEVEL 4
For tickets contact any of the following: - Tony Gomes 020 8245 1364, Seby D'Silva 020 8245 5463, Joe Telles 020 8443 1014, Oboe Noronha 020 8340 0439, Cos Fernandes 020 8888 8659, Meredith Soares 020 8803 4173, John Fernandes 020 8881 4579, Frank Mendes 020 8888 1400 or Bernadette Dias 020 8361 9417

Sun. 14 Dec: 1-5pm. S.E.GOANS KIDS XMAS PARTY. A great FAMILY party for children & parents to enjoy. St Stephens Church Hall, Deepdene Road, Welling DA16 3QL. Music, Buffet, crafts, games, kids entertainer & Santa Claus. (Please provide kids costumes for Nativity play & have a present clearly labelled with their name). Contact Sharon 01322 400732, Tatayana 0208 316 1473 for tickets. £2 members, £3 non members.

Mon 26 Dec. 7pm till 1am. Slough Goans Christmas Dance at the Polish Association Club, Stoke Poges Lane. Music by “Say One Do One”. Adult Tickets £12 before 8th December. Tony/Suzy Rodrigues 01753 675072, Paul 07956 496 190. Sold out every year so please buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment

Wed 31 Dec: St Diogo's Association (UK) invites you to the 'New Year Eve Ball' at Bishop Thomas Grant School, Belltrees Grove, Streatham, London SW16 2HY from 7pm - 1am. Dancing to the sounds of live music by the fabulous band 'Black Velvet' with many prizes and surprises. Buffet/Dinner and Snacks are included in the ticket. For further details please contact Apolonia DeSouza 020 8686 1876 and Evan D'Souza 020 8427 8569. Please book early as no tickets will be sold at the door.

Wed 31 Dec. North London Goans invites you to the ‘New Year’s Eve Dance’ at Woodside High School Hall (Formerly White Hart Lane School, Opp. New River Sports Centre), White Hart Lane, Wood Green, London, N22 5QJ Music by LEVEL 4 (Band) & Press Play (Disco). From 7pm – 2am For tickets contact any of the following: - Tony Gomes 020 8245 1364, Seby D'Silva 020 8245 5463, Joe Telles 020 8443 1014, Oboe Noronha 020 8340 0439, Cos Fernandes 020 8888 8659, Meredith Soares 020 8803 4173, John Fernandes 020 8881 4579, Frank Mendes 020 8888 1400 or Bernadette Dias 020 8361 9417. Book early to avoid disappointment, tickets will not be sold at the door

Wed 31 Dec. From 7pm to 1am. You are invited to the traditional New Year's Eve Ball at Our Lady of the Visitation Church Hall 358 Greenford Road - UB6 9AN Goa's Top Most & Entertaining Band, BREAKTHRU which will thrill you through the night & Disco – A. Strictly Formal. Prices Adults £10 and Children 5 to 12 years £5. No tickets sold at the entrance. Contact: Maria 07944754998, Francisco 0208 3574281, Warren 07758280028 or Carlos 0208 2487387

Wed. 31 Dec: ‘Oh…What a Night in Goa’ Plumstead Dinner Dance New Year's Eve Gala Ball. Dancing to the sounds of Music Mania Disco. 7pm to 1am. Strictly formal. Prices (with dinner) Adults £12.50 and Children 5 to 15 years - £7.50. Advance Booking - No Tickets Sold at the Gate. Contact: Tony Joanes: 020 8265 9644/07791637730. Paul Barretto: 020 8311 1195/07951383262. Joe Fernandes: 020 8301 2608/07834753005. Click here. email:

Wed 31 Dec: Saligao Association UK invite you to a memorable New Year's Eve Ball at Tolworth Recreation Centre, Fullers Way North, Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7LQ from 7.00 pm to 2.00 am. Music by Mellow Tones, delicious food from Shirley's Kitchen. For tickets contact Sergio Coelho 020 8543 4681, Zemira Fernandes 01895 259947. Please book early as no tickets will be sold at the door.


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