Newsletter. Issue 2008-41. October. 08, 2008
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Toronto: Kevin John Pinto: Banker turned bandit
4 Oct: The Globe & Mail (Toronto). Kevin John Pinto, a 37-year-old vice-president of a Toronto investment firm turned himself in after a $10,000 reward had been offered following a string of bank robberies since 2003… For photographs and full text, 695 words.Click here.

The strange case of Kevin Pinto
5 Oct: Globe & Mail … what on earth was going on in the mind of Kevin Pinto? … Mr. Pinto's alleged crimes clearly were not about money… He held a job that typically pays in the $120,000 to $160,000 range… it may involve a strange form of thrill-seeking, or need to be caught and punished for sins real or imagined… 409 words.Click here.

Canadian man accused of robbing banks during lunch hour
6 Oct: The Telegraph (UK). A Toronto broker has been arrested on suspicion of robbing banks during his lunch hour… 309 words.Click here.

“Placid Pinto just doesn't fit the bill”
7 Oct: Toronto Star: Puzzled police say that “placid Pinto” charged in 10 heists, is the last thing you'd expect in a bank robber … 941 words. Click here.

Kevin John Pinto: Family declines to comment
7 Oct: Globe & Mail (Toronto)… Mr. Pinto rented a unit on the 30th floor of 65 Harbour Square…Separated from his wife and with no children, Mr. Pinto, at age 37, was living alone … more than one of the holdups came on the heels of a breakup with someone close to him, first a wife, later a girlfriend… His family declined comment last night… 781 words. Click here.

Kevin John Pinto was a gambling man
8 Oct: Toronto Star. "He had gambling debts. He spent a lot of time gambling on the Internet." He divorced his wife after two years of marriage … Before his marriage Pinto lived with his widowed mother in Oakville. The family had immigrated to Canada from, it is believed, the Persian Gulf region. Two brothers also work in the financial business… He was always putting his foot in his mouth. There was just no filter between his mouth and his brain… 650 words. Click here.

Kevin John Pinto was born in Bahrain
8 Oct: National Post (Canada). …Mr. Pinto, who was born in Bahrain but whose family now lives in Brampton, filed for bankruptcy in 1999…On Feb. 21, 2004, he married his girlfriend. She was about five years older …Less than two years later, they separated and were officially divorced last year. They had no children… On Mr. Pinto's Facebook page, he would post pictures of his young family members but never photos of himself. 613 words. Click here.

Kevin John Pinto says he is innocent
8 Oct: 12:27 PM ET. CBC News. Kevin Pinto’s lawyer says his client intends to "vigorously" defend himself against bank robbery charges… lawyer David Burke said Wednesday that Pinto saw the police photos on television, noted the fact he bore a striking resemblance to the man police accuse of being the exchange bandit, and made the decision to come forward… 183 words. + Comments. Click here.
For links to the latest news click here.

Toronto: Karen Pereira: Indo Jazz dance instructor
2 Oct: Karen Pereira is a dance instructor and assistant manager of the Toronto location of Shiamak’s Indo Jazz Dance Movement. She works alongside fellow dancer Mitul Kadakia… Both are from Bombay and they are in Toronto for a year … 963 words. Click here.
Karen traces her ancestral roots to the village of Tivim. Her parents are Joseph and Vijaya Pereira link Shiamak’s Click here.

Review: Ben Antao's "The Tailor's Daughter"
Ben Antao
22 Oct: GoaNet. Reviewed by Cornel DaCosta. The novel is largely about the enigma of caste among those proclaiming to be Catholic practitioners in Goa…the dominant characters are Eliza, the tailor's daughter from Nairobi and Jorge, the son of a landowner… Published by the Goan Observer in 2007, the novel is available in major bookstores (Rs.200) in Goa, and in North America ($25) from the author at 963 words. Click here.

Mississauga: Darren D'Souza to be laid to rest Saturday
2 Oct: Mississauga Darren D'Souza, 20, and his white Honda Civic were inseparable. On Monday night he died after a road accident. Police say the reasons are still under investigation…Alcohol isn't suspected in the crash…The dead man's friends, many of whom knew D'Souza as "Biggie," say he was a compassionate person who enjoyed music, sports and cars… 318 words. Click here.

Keith Vaz accused of code breach in court case
3 Oct: The Guardian (UK). Former minister Keith Vaz is to face an official inquiry into allegations that he tried to interfere in a court case and breached the MPs' code of conduct… If evidence of wrongdoing is found, Vaz would be required to apologise to the Commons and could be suspended as an MP… 440 words. Click here.

Lisbon: Sonia Shirsat: World Of Fado
5 Oct: Fundação Oriente. Making her debut in Portugal, the Museu do Oriente is honoured to welcome Sónia Shirsat, the greatest fado singer of India, and her World of Fado show… She regularly takes the stage at the Cidade de Goa Hotel, in Panjim. Performing at the Museu Do Oriente, 10 Oct. at 21:30. Click here.

Christa D'Souza: Diagnosed with breast cancer
5 Oct: The Observer: Christa D'Souza writes: 'I still haven't ruled out the possibility of lopping them off and starting again. Having had fake tits for nearly eight years now, it doesn't seem such a big jump' … At the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month, this self-confessed 'ageorexic' describes her experience of the disease… 2947 words. Click here.
Christa is the daughter of Stanley and Baroness D’Souza.

North Carolina: Susie Coelho to host Hall of Fame event
6 Oct: Furniture Today. TV personality, author and home furnishings guru Susie Coelho will host the 20th anniversary American Furniture Hall of Fame induction banquet on Tuesday, Oct. 21, at High Point, N.C. Coelho has more than 1,500 products on the market … In 25 years on television, she has hosted two shows on HGTV and has contributed to the “Today” show and “The View,” among others. She has just released her fourth book, “Style Your Dream Wedding.” … Click here.
Coelho was a model, actress, restaurateur and wife of Sony Bono. Born in England to Goan parents, Coelho grew up in Washington, D.C., France, Maryland and then New York. For the Susie Coelho website with video and scrapbook with photos of her parents, see

Claire Soares: Run to the rhythm
7 Oct: The Independent (UK). Can listening to the right music really make athletes go faster? Claire Soares puts the theory to the test. It's my first half-marathon, and I'm willing to buy into anything. OK, not the Borat mankini costumes some of my fellow runners were sporting… 1075 words. Click here.
For a GVUK profile of Claire Soares click here.

UK: Patrick & Dorothy D'Costa: Golden Wedding Anniversary
7 Oct: A very special congratulations to Patrick & Dorothy D'Costa, who are celebrating their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary on October 7th, 2008 in the Algarve, Portugal. Formerly from Nairobi, Kenya, Patrick and Dorothy currently live in Hounslow, Middlesex, UK. Congratulations on your very special milestone - Ignatius, Patricia & Gary Wilkinson, Jennifer, Kevin, Ryan, & Andrea Hackett.

Canada: Rose Rodrigues: Painting a problem-free philosophy
9 Sep: Kamloops This Week. Born and raised in Uganda, Rose Rodrigues has bad memories about leaving home in 1972 … two years ago she decided to return to Africa for a fresh look and brought back a full sketchbook… she got to work documenting her happier memories of home which was displayed at the Cunliffe House Gallery… 502 words. Click here.

Kyoto couple making creative connections
9 Oct: Daily Yomiuri (Japan). An international couple in Kyoto are turning their cross-cultural experiences into creative works: The husband has invented a new literary form--the "poessay," a combination of poem and essay--while the wife paints pictures of historic houses in her husband's homeland, Goa. Joao Barros-Pereira, 60, and his Japanese wife, Akeru, 50, held their first joint exhibition in Kyoto … 1163 words. Click here.
For a selection of their works, click here.

Canada: Fr Raymond De Souza: The Asian immigrant work ethic
9 Oct: National Post. How are immigrants to Canada faring? The Asians are doing very well, thank you…Statistics Canada released reports last week that examined the educational attainment and incomes of Canada's immigrants… when I was still a boy my mother said being different meant that we would be noticed, and so it just made sense to work harder and behave better so that we would be noticed positively. What my mother told us at home, my father lived at work, which no doubt explained why he did so well professionally…757 words. Click here.
Fr Raymond D'Souza is the son of Greta (nee Freitas, ex-Mombasa) and Cedric D'Souza (ex-Uganda and Nairobi).


6 Oct: Malton, Mississauga, Canada. EVA MORAES. (Aged 93, nee Rodrigues, ex-Mbale, Uganda.) Wife of late Timothy. Loving mother of Hipo (the late Laura), Leo (Sheila), George (Carmen), the late James, and the late Paul (Audrey). Will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by her grandchildren Tim (Denise), Charlotte, Susan, Lorraine (Keith), Judy, Jennifer, Tiffany, Ashley and Devaney. Proud great-grandmother of Marcus and Lucas. Sister to the late Rose, late Martin (Rose), late Custodio (Linda), late Ida (late Ben), late Frank, late Flavy (late Joe), Neru (Phyl), Sister Helena, Mario (Cecilia), Tarcis, and Albert (Rosemarie). Will always be remembered by her nieces and nephews. Visitation on Thu 9 Oct. Funeral on Fri. 10 Oct – For details click here
Condolences to

6 Oct: Fifteenth Death Anniversary: BRIDGET COELHO (from Limuru - Kenya). Days, weeks and months, have turned into years, since you sadly departed. You slipped away so suddenly, into the distant horizon. You were so loving, caring and kind, and the candle in our lives. Death is not extinguishing the light, but putting out the lamp, because the dawn has come. For a short tribute, in loving memory of our beloved mother, click here

2 Oct: Dignem, Verna, Goa. ANTHONY RODRIGUES. Father of Edviges/John Francis Fernandes (Ex Oman), Effiejohn (Ex Qatar), D'Sa Edmund/Blanche, Elsa/Alfred (London), Fulgence (USA)/Maria, Elizabeth/Irineu D'Sa, Emma/Mutaz (Muscat). Brother of Lucinda/late John Leitao (London) etc.

1 Oct: Nuvem, Goa. MARY BRAZILDA MONTEIRO E GRACIAS. (Ex-Dar-es-Salaam). Loving wife of Andrew (ex-Barclays Bank, Dar). Mother of Leslie/Josephine (USA), Desmond/Brenda (Goa), Callistus (Babush)/Lizia (Goa), Sharon/Rajeev (USA). Grandmother of Vanessa, Samantha, Tamara, Tasha, Gail, Savia, Rohan, Rahul & Sanya, daughter of Lt. Joseph & Lt. Philomena Monteiro (ex-Dar). Sister of Lt. Rocky (Dar), Joanita (UK), Margaret (Dar), Benny (Dar), Lt. Alfred (Goa), Bella (UK) and Cajetan (Finland). Funeral at Nuvem, Goa on Oct. Condolences to

28 Sep: Sydney, Australia. BERNADETTE D’COSTA. Passed away peacefully after a short illness. Beloved daughter of Mrs. Clara D’Costa and the late Mr. A.R. D’Costa (formerly of Nairobi and now of San Francisco, California). Much loved sister of Matilda/Johnny, Joseph/Antonieta, Mariella/Brian. Aunt to Lee-John/Sonia, Lou-Alan/Hillary, Mary-Ann and Ryan, and great aunt to baby Mateo.Messages of condolence may be sent to: Clara/Mariella, moda02@hotmail.com1625 Kofman Parkway, Alameda, CA 94502, USA. Matilda – Joseph –


Churchill’s Victims Collaborate
24 Sep: The Baltic Times. Action Against Churchill is an initiative started by a collective of Churchill’s ex-clients; the group is active on the Eye on property forum … people have made deposits to Churchill on property in Goa, India, only to find that it had also disappeared. 400 words. Click here.

UK: House of Lords: India Property Legislation
29 Sep: Hansard: House of Lords. Written Answers. Viscount Waverley asked if representations were being made to the Government of Goa regarding the reinterpretation of existing property legislation and amendment to the Indian Registration Act 1908 that is resulting in seizure of United Kingdom citizens' properties.
Lord Bach replied “Our High Commission in New Delhi has raised the issue with both the authorities in Goa and at a national level. In particular, we have made it clear that there should be no confiscation of property acquired legally by British citizens…” 136 words. Click here.

CCTV for Goa beaches?
2 Oct: Times of India. Closed circuit television cameras are being considered for Goa’s beaches… 499 words. Click here.

Holidaying in Goa for foreign tourists get costlier
2 Oct: Economic Times. Holidays from Frankfurt have gone up by almost 60 to 100 per cent… Moscow to Goa, which was USD 600-800, is now costing USD 1,100 …packages from the UK have gone up by 20 per cent… The UK tourist season will begin from Oct. 27. 415 words. Click here.

Tucson, AZ: Ben Schaub: Ambassador of Safety
2 Oct: Tucson Weekly (Arizona). Ben Schaub and his team headed for India where water safety remains decidedly Third World… they spent three weeks in Goa and trained 22 lifeguards… "None of the lifeguards go through training." Schaub says, "They'll just hire anyone who can swim as a lifeguard for appearance's sake and advertise that they have lifeguard-patrolled beaches. But there were hundreds of drowning deaths every year just in the Goa area." 1067 words. Click here

Real Estate Turbulence at Home and Abroad
3 Oct: Times of India. Property prices in Goa are expected to crash by 20% to 25% … Real estate developers in the state forecast a slump after a phenomenal rise in rates over the past three years … In 2000, 50% of the property purchasers in Goa were foreigners, 30% NRIs, 20% Indians and 10% Goans. In 2008, foreigners are 5%, Indians 55%, NRIs at 30% and locals remain 10% ...582 words. Click here.

Goa govt to curb rave party, drug trade
3 Oct: Times of India. Goa’s home ministry clarified that they would not tolerate any rave parties or drug trade in the tourist state. "We will not allow the drug trade or rave parties to be held this year," Ravi Naik said. 320 words. Click here.

Time Out: Special issue on Goa
3 Oct: Time Out (Bangalore). Includes 5 articles by Vivek Menezes: 1. Open Season. 2. Borscht on the beach: Goa’s best restaurants. 3. Lines in the sand: Goan Art. 4. Setting the Stage: Where to go. 5. Small wonders: Accommodation. Also Mayabhushan Nagvenkar on Anjuna; Cecil Pinto interviews Amitav Ghosh, Tarun Tahiliani, DJ Sasha, Meghnad Desai, Venita Coelho and Rahul Srivastava. Don’t go to Goa before you read it! Click here.

Indian migrants being harassed at UK airports
3 Oct: Times of India. Overly zealous British home ministry officials are "humiliating, harassing and abusing" legal Indian and other migrants at airports across the country, the Highly Skilled Migrants Programme (HSMP) Forum said in a statement… It said immigration officers not only lecture migrants, and offer unsolicited advice, but have also detained and threatened to deport without reason… 476 words. Click here.

Goa airport needs urgent expansion
4 Oct: Times of India. Goa airport is being used beyond its prescribed capacity and there is an urgent need for its expansion, an official has said… The terminal building, which can accommodate 700 passengers at a time, is now serving 1,500 to 2,000 travellers… 260 words. Click here.

Unusual holidays
4 Oct. South Wales Echo. …Luxury Tent: Located on a beach in Goa, India, are four very comfortable tents in the most idyllic of settings… It costs from £223 to £701 per tent per week.

More visa centres needed in Britain: Keith Vaz
5 Oct: Economic Times. Keith Vaz has appealed to the Indian government to open more visa centres …The Indian High Commission in Britain has outsourced the visa application process to a private company, VFS Global. Vaz said there were 'some teething problems’... 305 words. Click here.

Foreign tourists to be under the police scanner
5 Oct: PTI. As part of their efforts to crack the whip on narcotic smuggling by foreigners, the Delhi Police have suggested a slew of measures, which include verification of travel documents of foreign visitors while touring the country… 262 words. Click here.

Goa targets drink, drugs as new tourist season starts
5 Oct: France 24. Goa is getting tough on drink, drugs and loud music as the new tourist season starts, to restore its tarnished reputation after the shock murder of Scarlett Keeling … Cane-wielding police officers will be patrolling the beaches… 606 words. Click here.

A great creative silence
5 Oct: Times of India. Sudeep Chakravarti who moved to Goa from Delhi is one of a number of writers, journalists and artists who’ve made Goa their home in recent years. Giving him company are writer Amitav Ghosh, economist Lord Meghnad Desai, photographer Dayanita Singh, urbanist Rahul Srivastava, journalist and activist P Sainath, psychoanalyst and writer Sudhir Kakar, film-maker Saeed Mirza and journalist and researcher Rahul Goswami. Vikram Seth, it is rumoured, might soon join their ranks. 1012 words. Click here.

Video: Goa Overdose
6 Oct: NDTV. North Goa has been seeing a remarkable increase in the number of drug-related fatalities… 2m: 02s Click here.

Foreign tourist arrival likely to drop by 10%
7 Oct: Navhind Times. The number of charter flights to land at the Dabolim airport will be 50 less than the last year’s figure of 758, thus indicating that there would be at least 10 per cent overall fall in arrival of foreign tourists … United Kingdom will be 265 as against around 300 last year… 417 words. Click here.

High Court declines to hear Briton’s plea
8 Oct: Times of India. The High Court declined the appeal of a British national arrested for carrying £ 68,000 to return it after deducting the fine due. The petitioner, Michael John Holyoake, was arrested at the Dabolim airport on October 21, 2007 for not declaring the foreign exchange in his possession. He claimed that the money was brought in order to buy a property in Goa. His advocate argued that Holyoake was willing to pay the Rs 30 lakh fine. 180 words. Click here.

Waiters kill Australian tourist
9 Oct: Times of India. An Australian tourist had to pay with his life in Goa after he picked up an argument with a restaurant waiter over how a beer should be served. John Kelly, 65, had gone to Calangute's Club City Restaurant around 8 am … A group of waiters beat up the Australian … He was rushed Hospital but died … He had arrived in Goa on Sept 29… two persons have been detained and a case of murder has been registered. 320 words. Click here.

Inebriated Russian arrested for quarrel, violence
9 Oct: Herald. An inebriated Russian tourist was arrested after he entered into a quarrel at a fast food centre and then got violent at the police station. According to police, John Pinchuk who is staying in a hotel in Bogmalo, allegedly entering into a quarrel at a fast food centre in Vasco on Wednesday… 135 words. Click here.

Goa targets drink, drugs as new tourist season starts
9 Oct: Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia). The Indian resort state of Goa is getting tough on drink, drugs and loud music as the new tourist season starts, to restore its tarnished reputation after the shock murder of a British teenager… Tourists are advised that getting fried only involves sunlight … 606 words. Click here.


Of Goan negativity, Crab mentality and the fight for equality
1 Oct: Gomantak Times. Jason Keith Fernandes examines the assertion that Goan activism, which is currently sweeping the tiny state, is an inherent negativism in our society that rejects "projects" out of hand, without serious thought to the consequences of such a rejection. He debunks the myth of the Goan crab mentality, and instead makes a case that Goans have always stood in solidarity, be it the formation of Kudds in Bombay, or clubs in East Africa. 1114 words. [Summary by Selma Carvalho]. Click here.

Navy refutes Goa government’s charge of illegal land holding
1 Oct: IANS. The Indian Navy has for the first time countered the Goa government’s claim that it was illegally holding land at and around the Dabolim airport… The Goa government has maintained that the navy has been illegally occupying 1,840 acres of land on which the Dabolim airport is located… 401 words. Click here.

Senior Citizen’s Guild, Panjim. By Christina Viegas
2 Oct: Navhind Times. The Guild meets at the YMCA, Campal on the second and fourth Sunday of each month… The committee also organises outdoor events like picnics, visits to spice farms, cruises etc… 656 words. Click here.

Helping Hands for the Elderly. By Cedric Silveira
2 Oct: Navhind Times. It is not only children living in Goa who are feeling the strain of looking after their parents but also those who have migrated… 477 words. Click here.

Respect and Care for the Aged at All Times
2 Oct: Navhind Times. There appears to be no dearth of “Homes for the aged” in Goa. 636 words. Click here.

Law to protect senior citizens
2 Oct: Navhind Times. The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 that provides for the maintenance of parents and senior citizens and puts the onus of their maintenance on their children was launched on Wednesday… Dr Wilfred De Souza said that the problem was of migration in general and not of ill treatment of the parents… 470 words. Click here.

Alistair Fernandes taken hostage by pirates
2 Oct: Times TV. It has been nearly twenty days since their ship was hijacked in Somalian waters by the pirates and the 18 sailors on board the MT Stolt Valor have started losing hope… Nerona Fernandes, the sister of Alistair, a crew member from Goa pleaded for the government to intervene and take urgent action to rescue her brother... For photo and text Click here.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust cleared of inappropriate links
2 Oct: Third Sector Online. The Charity Commission yesterday cleared El Shaddai of charges made against it … For the full report, 8 pages, Click here.

Football: Leicester City U-14 to play in Goa
2 Oct: Navhind Times. Savio Messias (ex-Mombasa), Secretary of the Goa Football Association announced that Leicester City’s U-14 football team will arrive in Goa on Oct. 19 to play a series of soccer matches against Guardian Angel HS and Goa U-15… The visit will be a kind of home coming for Pedro Godinho as he remains the only Goan-origin player in the team… 714 words, Click here.

Internet Protocol TV will be in Goa within a year
2 Oct: Navhind Times. BSNL will introduce the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in Goa, in a year’s time… IPTV is the delivery of broadcast-quality television and/ or video signals to subscribers over a broadband connection … subscribers will be able to order programmes on demand … 485 words. Click here.

Goa: No reason to worry about smoking ban
4 Oct: PTI. The national ban on smoking in public places evokes mixed reactions from across the country … "The ban will not affect tourism as people are already aware of it," Travel and Tourism Association of Goa President Ralf D'Souza said… Beach shack owners say it would 'shoo away' customers for whom a drink and a smoke generally go together. 258 words. Click here.

Goa may have to cut tax on imported liquor
4 Oct: Herald. The European Union’s (EU’s) complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against discriminatory taxes levied by Goa on foreign liquor has catalysed the Union Commerce Department into action… Goa imposes an import and label-recording fee on imported wines and spirits. 216 words. Click here.

India imposes ban on smoking
1 Oct: FT (UK). India will mark the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on Thursday by banning smoking in public places, offices and restaurants across the country. …The restrictions will also cover public transport, shopping malls and even parks, with a fine of 200 rupees for transgressors. 440 words. Click here.

Chowgule dead
5 Oct: The Hindu. Vishwasrao D. Chowgule (93), Chairman Emeritus of the Chowgule Group of Industries, died on Saturday at his residence at Vasco, Goa. He is considered as one of the pioneers of industrialisation of Goa. Click here.

Wanda Alvares: Life is beautiful
6 Oct: Times of India. Wanda Alvares shares her secrets and tips in her first book titled Natural Beauty. It involves skin and hair care and also problems of oppression, single motherhood, working women and society’s perceptions of women …She also handles the marketing for Wanda Oliver and Artists (WOA) International, a global entertainment company to promote Sean, her musician son. She previously worked in Dubai, handling PR and sales for Phillip Morris and Xerox. 606 words. click here

NCP Goa unit wants its minister sacked
6 Oct: IANS. The Goa unit of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Monday passed a resolution demanding the ouster of its own minister, Francisco alias Mickky Pacheco, from the Goa cabinet. Pacheco had filed a disqualification petition against his cabinet colleague, Churchill Alemao and MLA Reginaldo Lourenco (both of the Congress) before travelling to the US. 252 words. Click here.

Venita Coelho: Save Goa! But take my wife!
7 Oct: Herald. My baptism into the GBA started with a field visit that Ritu Prasad insisted I take to get an on-the-ground view of construction violations. So early one morning, Patricia Pinto, Ritu and I jumped into a car and headed out to Siridao where there had been complaints from the locals that illegal construction was on… 728 words. Click here. The Venita Coelho website is at

Nexus between cops, criminals: Parrikar
8 Oct: Times of India. Alleging corruption in the police and other government departments, Opposition leader Manohar Parrikar suggested that the vigilance department be closed if it cannot penalize wrong-doers. He also cited examples to illustrate what he said was a ‘nexus between police and criminals’. 477 words. Click here.

Weekly Update
9 Oct: Times of India – Goa edition. Weather: Max = 33; Min = 24 . Humidity 74% to 90%
Exchange rates £= 83.41; $ = 48:00; Euro = 65.62


Sex ranks 7th in Indian men's life priorities
1 Oct: Rediff. … Sex ranks seventh out of the 17 life priorities for men, while for women it ranks near the bottom 14… The results for India are not much different from Asia pacific countries where 54 per cent of men and 64 per cent of women are not very satisfied with sex…. he sample size for the survey was 400 which concentrated mostly in urban areas…418 words. Click here.

New Zealand immigration looking for 33 Indian pilgrims
3 Oct. New Zealand Herald. The Labour Department admits it has lost track of 33 illegal immigrants from India who arrived in July, claiming to be Catholic pilgrims on their way to World Youth Day in Australia… 251 words. Click here.

Rupees buy you inspiration, hope
3 Oct: Yale Daily News. To the elites of Goan society, a swimming pool is nothing more than a place to relax and bathe, a mere appendage of a luxurious summer villa — a symbol of opulence, perhaps even profligacy, particularly in a coastal town like Panjim… Panjim, a town where swarthy workers make ends meet at the feet of the wealthy, light-skinned vacationers arriving for summer holiday… [From a review of the film, The Pool]. Click here

Highly skilled immigration to Britain will increase: Keith Vaz
4 Oct: IANS. The number of highly skilled migrants going to Britain will increase Keith Vaz has said … He described Britain's immigration system as being superior to that of the US… companies in India have told him if they were buying work permits for workers, then they would like them to return to India eventually to use their overseas experience there… 455 words. Click here.

Recipe: Sannas. By Melinda Pereira Kamat
5 Sep: Times of India. The manna-like Goan sanna can be prepared in quite a few shapes and sizes … 774 words. Click here

Oscar Fernandes to lead team to Sister Alphonsa canonization
7 Oct: IANS. An Indian delegation led by Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes will attend the canonization of Sister Alphonsa (1910-46) in the Vatican Oct 12. She will become the first Indian woman to be declared a saint by the Catholic Church. 309 words. Click here.

Konkan Coasts to Success
8 Oct: Indian Express. A four-hour-long tiatr, Police, performed in New Delhi by Augustino Temudo and his group of 17 actors, flown in from Goa by the Goa Art and Culture Department… the group is all set to tour the UK, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai, courtesy of the efforts of the Goan diaspora. 288 words. Click here.

Neureos: A Grandmother’s Sweet Secret
8 Oct: New York Times. Sadia Shepard’s mother always made the same treat on the last day of Ramadan: golden pastry half-moons filled with coconut, pistachio nuts and raisins, and scented with cardamom and nutmeg…. Her mother had been born into India’s ancient Jewish community, the Bene Israel…1176 words. Click here.

Going up in smoke can be a good thing
8 Oct: Miami Herald. A sharp eye for a good cigar and an investment of less than $150 has Kaizad Hansotia, Miami man, puffing on success. ''In '88 or '89 I was in Goa on vacation. And I saw these Portuguese gentlemen making cigars,'' Hansotia said. ``I sat and started talking to them. We shared a bottle of Scotch. One thing led to another and I bought their business for $143… Today, the cigars are considered a Rolls-Royce of smokes and goes for $15,000 per 20-cigar box… Photos and text, 1096 words at the link below. Click here.


India's reputation wounded by religious killings
Oct: FT (UK). Anti-Christian violence has become an international embarrassment for India's secular Congress-led government… Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president and current European Union president, said he had conveyed to Manmohan Singh, India's prime minister, the EU's "serious concerns" over "massacres of Christians". 722 words. Click here.

Indian Diaspora facing flak over religious violence in India
2 Oct: ANI. The recent attacks on Christians in India are tarnishing the image of India around the world. Newspapers are reporting the violence and people of Indian origin are facing the flak … Sikhs in France say that the attacks would jeopardise the pending issues pertaining to Sikh community in France, especially over the turban issue… 466 words. Click here.

New wave of Hindu violence sweeps India
4 Oct: The Mail (UK). From the rape of a nun to arson and killings, Christian leaders in India accuse Hindu nationalist groups of deliberately targeting Christians to support their political agenda and shore up their support base… authorities have arrested four people for the gang rape of a nun … 961 words. Click here.

Bishop Agnelo Gracias: Why Hindus Attack Christians
4 Oct: Catholic Bishops Conference of India. Mgr Agnelo Gracias, auxiliary bishop of Bombay, looks at anti-Christian violence in Orissa and other Indian states. Separating fact from fiction, he explains why claims that Christians engage in forced conversions are lies, asserts that Christians have a right to evangelize and that anyone has the right to convert … 1659 words. Click here.

Video + Text: Raped in Orissa, nun recalls nightmare
5 Oct: CNN-IBN. The nun who was allegedly raped during the anti-Christian violence in Orissa said the state police were mute spectators to her torture…. she said that she could recognise the men who raped her … Click here.

Video + text: Nuns attacked in Maharashtra
5 Oct: NDTV. In Sangoti village near Alibaug, 75 miles south of Mumbai, nuns were attacked. The attackers claim conversions were on but the locals allege otherwise. 2m.31s. Click here.

Human Rights Violence Escalates into Traumatic Conditions in India
7 Oct: Reuters. In Orissa violent human rights persecutions based on political, caste and economic affiliation have led to traumatic and emergency conditions since August for an estimated 100,000 people across the state. As many as 4,500 houses and 70 places of worship have been destroyed in weeks of widespread persecution of Christians and other vulnerable groups in the state… 651 words. Click here.


Scarlett Keeling: Cases to come for hearing on Oct 6
2 Oct: PTI. Two major cases, Samson’s bail and Fiona’s child neglect will come up for hearing in the High Court on Monday… 185 words. Click here.

Scarlett case: Goa Minister threatens to sue British daily
3 Oct: PTI. Goa Home Minister, Ravi Naik on Friday threatened to sue Britain's Daily Mail for linking his son's involvement in the murder of two British nationals … the CBI is investigating the (Scarlett) case and it is for them to probe all the angles, Naik said… the Home Minister and his son were in the news for protecting the drug trade in Goa… 261 words. Click here.

Scarlett murder: will CBI succeed where Goa police failed?
4 Oct: IANS. Act two of British teenager Scarlett Keeling’s murder trial will unfold at the High Court on Monday when the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will argue for cancellation of bail granted to main accused Samson D’Souza… The general incompetency displayed by Goa police along with repeated allegations of compromise and corruption had forced the state government to hand the case over to the CBI. 993 words. Click here.

‘I’m waiting to give Scarlett a decent burial’
6 Oct: Times of India: Almost eight months after British teenager Scarlett Keeling was found dead on the Anjuna beach, her mother says that she is still waiting to give a decent burial to her daughter… 337 words. Click here.

Fiona Mackeown Child Neglect Case Adjourned to Oct. 10
6 Oct: UNI. Public Prosecutor C A Ferreira today informed the High Court that Goa Police were investigating the complaint filed against Fiona Mackeown, mother of slain teenager Scarlett Keeling. Justice A P Lavande adjourned the matter to October 10. 275 words. Click here.

Scarlett case: Dismissed Police Officer moves court to hear his plea
6 Oct: Zee News: Nerlon Albuquerque, suspended for laxity in investigating Scarlett Keeling’s case pleaded to the High Court to take up his petition. The plea will be heard on Tuesday… 263 words. Click here.

CBI drops plea challenging bail to Keeling murder accused
7 Oct: IANS. Samson D’Souza got a major reprieve as the Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI) Tuesday unexpectedly withdrew its plea challenging a court decision to grant him bail. 289 words. Click here.


For some time, my excellent Hindu friends who are largely left-wing or centrists politically, have expressed much concern about communalism in India, their rejection of Hindvata as an ideology and their outright rejection of hostility between religious groups as has recently occurred, with a vengeance, in Orissa. However, I have noted that while they are secularists, they have expressed a view that the Hindus may have a genuine grievance about their status in India--paradoxically while India is predominantly Hindu. I am trying hard to unravel this paradox but found an article by Francis Gautier titled 'What makes Hindus Angry' rather interesting to the point that I suggest it is a 'must read' article for Goan Voice (UK) readers. Selma Carvalho, Michael Pinto and Marshall Mendonca have presented rebuttals to Gautier but I should like GV(UK) readers to read the article for themselves and let us have some responses please. To read the article click here.

The issue of whether or not the Goans in East Africa were referred to as "Black Europeans" has been discussed on Goanet largely in the negative. However, among others, Hartman de Souza refers to this issue with a quote that, I have abbreviated a little for reasons of brevity, from a book by Robert Gregory where he says..."Many Goans claimed to be fully of Portuguese rather than Indian descent. Many Goans were quick to learn English, adopt European dress even for women, and live and eat in European style. The Goan clerks in government services were conspicuous in joining Europeans on the cricket field after work. Some took European wives and became "more British than the English." They were sometimes derisively called the "Black Europeans." Now here surely, is a contentious quote to which GV(UK) readers will hopefully respond.

Amidst the current turmoil in banking within the global financial market, we have articles on Goanet by Gabe Menezes on how to ensure that any personal savings are protected.

A review by me (C. DaCosta) of Ben Antao's 'The Tailor's Daughter' appeared in several Goan related web-sites, including Goanet. Subsequently, I discovered that there had been reviews of the novel by Bill MacDonald, Cyril D'Cunha, Lino Leitao and Tony D'Souza. However, I am glad I did not know about these earlier as I dislike being influenced in any way by other published opinions when writing a book review.

Finally, a lively discussion has begun about the use of appropriate phonetics in the Konkani language when written in the Roman alphabet/script. Do watch out for more informed opinion on this issue in forthcoming issues of Goanet and hopefully, in the GV(UK).

Please visit the Goanet archives at
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By Lira Fernandes

Friday 10th Oct. 00:25 to 00:55. The Secret Policeman Returns. Panorama investigates racism in the police force. Mark Daly uncovers the truth about being a Black Ethnic Minority Cop in 2008.

TRAVEL: Charley Boorman. BBC 1
Friday 10th Oct. 00:55 to 01:55. The team head to Delhi after soaking up the street culture of Mumbai. Disaster strikes as one of the team is seriously injured and has return to London for medical attention.

DOCUMENTARY: The World's Strictest Parents. BBC 3
Sunday 12th Oct. 20:00 to 21:00. India. Josh from Tamworth and Charlotte from Bristol experience life in India for a week as guests of the Sharma family. The Sharmas are a strict middle class Hindu family and dad Sanjeev rules his kids with a rod of iron.

NEWS: Asian Network Report. BBC Radio Asian Network
Monday 13th Oct. 18:30 to 19:00. Baby Tourism. A British Asian couple travel to India where a surrogate mother gives birth to their baby.

DOCUMENTARY: Monsoon Railway. BBC 4
Monday 13th Oct. 23:30 to 00:20. An affectionate portrait of the Indian railway culture. The documentary follows three typical employees as they face the annual battle to keep trains running during the monsoon season.

TRAVEL: Paul Merton in India. five
Wednesday 15th Oct. 21:00 to 22:00. Paul meets a group of dancing policemen in the Punjab; attends a cricket match for the blind; visits a prosthetic-limb clinic; and falls in with a gang of racketeering eunuchs.

Thursday 16th Oct. 11:10 to 11:30. The Indus Valley. Archaeologist Doctor Asma Ibrahim takes us on a journey through Pakistan and India, looking at the 4,500-year-old Indus civilisation.


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