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Edited by Eddie Fernandes,
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UK Goa Open 2005

1. Brief

Held at Witney Lakes Resort on 10th July 2005 Organised by Menino Mascarenhas & Jacinto D’Silva On behalf of G.O.A. UK The third UK G.O.A. Golf Open at Witney Lakes Resort near Oxford on the 10th July’05, was as predicted, a great success. In order to cater for the serious golfer and the casual golfer, Jac & Menino, (organisers) cleverly organised the tournament into 3 Divisions. Division I was for G.O.A members, Division 2 was for guests and Division 3 for casual golfers. Division 1 was further split into 2 equal groups, high and low handicappers. A wonderful day’s golfing ensued, together with a putting competition organized by Francis Dias. To round off the event, dinner was served, followed by prize giving and speeches. The star raffle prize, donated by the Chairman of Raddison Hotels, was a night’s stay for two, worth nearly £300, at a Raddison hotel in central London. Flavio Gracias, President of G.O.A. UK, thanked the organizers and participants, for their dedication in making this event the success it has become. Its reputation is now worldwide, certainly among the sister institutions of the Goan Overseas Associations. Menino Mascarenhas thanked all the golfers, Flora, Marsha Mascarenhas and Lourdes D’Silva, for their help, concluding with a special vote of thanks to the individual sponsors for their kind and generous donations. Prizes, Gifts and Cash donors: Aaron Colaco Cedric D’Cruz Conie Mascarenhas Fenelon Fernandes Francis Dias Jacinto D’Silva Lino Braganza Lufthansa Menino Mascarenhas Olga Mistry The Raddisson Hotel Group As coffee was served, Jac D’silva announced the results, as detailed in the table below. It was a proud moment for youngster John Fernandes aged 13, the youngest player in the group and also the reigning champion of Middlesex County Golfers (under 13’s and under 14’s). He won the overall Division I prize as well as the George Mistry Memorial silver floating trophy. He played of 7/8th of his 11 handicap and scored 38 points.

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