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Tribute to Arthur Azavedo

Arthur Anthony Azavedo was born in Tanga on the 22nd of December 1933 to Joanita and Vincent Azavedo, and moved to India at a young age for schooling. At the tender age of 14 his dear mother sadly passed away. Arthur completed his secondary school studies at the famous St.Paul’s High School, Belgaum where he befriended many whose destinies would later be connected with his in East Africa. Rather than pursue higher education, he chose to work so that his brothers and sisters could have a better quality of life.

In 1952 he came to Nairobi and joined the Civil Service in the Office of the Auditor General. After 4 years he joined the Nairobi City Council Audit Department. As a member of the Kenya Local Government Workers Union, he quietly championed the labour rights of Asian and African council workers. He worked in the council for a total of 32 years and purely on merit, rose steadily through the ranks to retire as Chief Revenue Officer. His office, Room No 10, City Hall became the regular port of call for many staff and friends alike in need of help.

Arthur never compromised his integrity in positions held despite pressures to do so on several occasions. Much of his work was outside the limelight and his contribution to accountability, transparency and good governance were never revealed in the public domain.

On 20th September 1958 he married Ida Correa and they enjoyed 48 years of married life. Their two sons Vincent and Colin brought added joy to the family and over the years his guidance and example inspired them to work hard to fulfil their ambitions. Their achievements in school, university and working careers made him a proud father.

Eighteen years ago, Arthur joined Transworld Safaris where he became an integral member of staff and exercised his excellent accounting and administrative skills up to May this year when he took ill. His duties invariably took him out of the office to resolve delicate human resource and logistic matters. His workmates loved and respected him for his diligence and fatherly advice.

Arthur was always willing to help others when requested. This generosity was the hallmark of his character. He selflessly assisted people from all walks of life. He was never radical in his approach and frequently the peacemaker.

Arthur served the Goan community in various capacities. He devoted much of his time to the Villagers of Moira where he served as Treasurer for over 25 years. He was an Honorary Member of the Goan Institute and served in the Management Committee as the Chief Auditor on several occasions. He enjoyed good music and being an elegant ballroom dancer was a keen supporter of the Club socials. He was also a loyal supporter of the Goan Welfare Society.

Arthur was able to command the respect and admiration of all who knew him and many have remarked that he was a true gentleman.

His presence will be sadly missed by all and he will forever be in our hearts and minds.


Admired by all for his character bold,
Respect he commanded of both young and old,
Thoughtful and generous towards those who crossed his way,
Honesty, to him, was the order of the day.
Unique individual, O how we miss you so,
Radiance you exuded, before you had to go.
Trevor Coelho, Nairobi.

“Mr Azavedo was a great, kind, loving and caring person always helpful to people .He was a fatherly figure to all of us in the Company. His sense of humour was tremendous. Everyday we think of Mr Azavedo .We miss him dearly though his spirit is still with us.”
Satvinder S Lota, Transworld Safaris, Nairobi

“We thank God for Arthur, God’s precious gift to us. Arthur has and will always be an inspiration to us – his devotion to our faith, his responsibility as head of this home, his loving and caring nature as a husband and father, his over commitment to any task given whether through employment or socially and his overwhelming generosity. Although we miss Arthur’s physical presence dearly, we know that he is and will always be with us spiritually.”
Marilyn Miranda, Nairobi.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Arthur for the past 20 years. He was a man of the people and always had time for others. He was very hospitable, humble and impeccable in his appearance.”
Sr Pascalina Mwasi, Nairobi.

“He was a real gentleman, softly spoken, always there to give a helping hand. I knew him as a little girl. Since I loved dancing I used to admire him dancing so graciously with that radiant smile. When I was married, Steve used to give me cheques to pay so when I went to pay the water bill I used to look out for Arthur and there he was. He never made me queue up but always took my cheque to pay and gave me a receipt in my hand. His kindness and simplicity made him a special man to many. My mum and I will miss him most. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. We loved you Arthur.”
Queenie Vaz, Nairobi and Sylvia D’Souza, USA

“Arthur and I worked closely at Transworld Safaris and we shared memorable times together, especially sharing of chocolates. He was a friend, a father figure and a mentor to many of us, always ready to help and be there for others, even when he was busy, he would never say no to anyone, be it his time to listen, or his hand to help, or his word of advice. His loyalty will always be cherished, he was hardworking, dedicated, trustworthy and a perfectionist who taught us so much. I miss him and pray that his soul may rest in eternal peace.”
Renee D’Souza, Nairobi

“My lasting impression of Arthur Azavedo; he was a persona from the “old days;” a humble man who towered high over others due to his dignity and integrity; an impeccable gentleman, a friend who could be trusted to be responsible and reliable.
Sadly, these are human traits which have become almost extinct in these present times.”
Dr Romeo Soares, Nairobi

“We, the Villagers of Moira, were privileged to have Arthur as one of our own. Arthur was a man of immense integrity and always took his work – whether voluntarily or otherwise – very seriously. We have indeed missed his contribution, guidance and wisdom in the celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception this year. We send our condolences to his wife, Ida and sons, Vincent and Colin.”


The family of the late Arthur Anthony Azavedo, wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and colleagues, near and far, for your overwhelming support following the passing away of our beloved husband and father on 31st October 2006 in Nairobi. Your prayers, messages of condolence and generosity continue to be a source of strength and comfort to us at this difficult time. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen. Ida, Vincent and Colin.

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