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Crystal Fernandes

Crystal Fernandes is severely autistic and needs continuous supervision. She is cared for by her mother, Rose, a widow who was born in Masaka, Uganda and lived in Kampala before the UK. Rose also looks after her mother, Maria, who suffers from dementia.

Who cares about carers?
12 June 2006: New Statesman (UK). Excerpts: … Rose Fernandes is a 45-year-old widow and mother-of-four whose youngest child, Crystal, 20, is severely autistic. Rose's mother, Maria Fernandes, aged 77, suffers from dementia, and she and Crystal live with Rose, creating a huge bill of care. Rose feeds, clothes, cleans and manages both of them around the clock … For full text, 2296 words, see

To listen to Rose Fernandes in a BBC interview click here.

A university education on your doorstep
Uxbridge College. Rose Fernandes juggles a Foundation Degree in Care Management with being a full-time carer and says good nutrition is key to keeping going. For text and photograph click here.

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