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Brief Bio:
At 18, Devohn is the youngest player to represent Team Canada in indoor field hockey.“ It was incredible for me playing with the more seasoned members of the team and I look forward to many more exciting tournaments” said Devohn. Devohn is the youngest son of Audrey and Chris Teixeira of Mississauga and is a Senior at Gonzaga Secondary school .He is the grandson of Michael Teixeira (ex-Uganda) and Bart Noronha (ex-Kenya), two very talented and experienced sportsmen.

Team Canada is represented by several young Goan lads

Standing from Left to right: Edwin Fernandes, Cassius Mendonca, Jeewanjot Bath, Adam Ali, Jonathan Roberts, Paul Wetlafe, Cregan Joseph, Robin D’Abreu, Johnny D’Souza, Derrek Sandison

Sitting from Left to right: Elwin Lau, Shankar Premakanthan, Devohn Teixeira, Scott Sandison, Wayne fernandes, Kenny Pereira, Hari Kant, Louis Mendonca

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