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Cornel DaCosta, a regular contributor to the Goan Voice (UK) and to Goanet, was born and brought up in Mombasa, Kenya. He completed secondary schooling at the Goan High School and then trained as a teacher at the Coast Teacher Training College, Mombasa.

In 1962, he travelled to the UK for further study. He studied, worked, and lived in London throughout. London to him is a big wonderful museum with all the cultural advantages of a highly cosmopolitan world city.

Cornel obtained several diploma and degree qualifications including a PhD. In his studies, he opted for subjects like Economics, Law, Sociology, Education, History and International Affairs.

He has co-authored three texts with K. Gokulsing on university/higher education, published many articles in professional journals and given many conference papers all over the world. He is currently working on a biography of Pio Gama Pinto.

He has variously taught, (part and full-time), at the Institute of Education, University of London, Middlesex University, and the University of East London, teaching undergraduate to PhD level students. At UEL, he was deputy Head of Department and also the Acting Head for a year. He worked, based in London, as a Professor of Education, Florida State University, and is currently engaged in supervising American students undertaking study in London. Until very recently he was an external examiner at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, England.

Cornel has travelled widely and engaged extensively in Goan and other community activities and in writing articles for community and cyber publications. Additionally, he has had a particular passion for the saxophone and played in several dance bands in Kenya and the UK.

In 1981, Cornel founded with Colin Mably, the International Society for Teacher Education (ISTE). This society has been highly successful in promoting research, running international seminars in different parts of the world and in promoting collaborative work among academics and students. Currently, Cornel is a consultant and specialist in University Education in London, UK.

List of Book by Dr Cornel DaCosta:

K. (Moti) Gokulsing, & Cornel DaCosta (1997) Usable Knowledges As The Goal of University Education: Innovations in the Academic Enterprise Culture. (New York, The Edwin Mellen Press). For details click here.

K. (Moti) Gokulsing, Cornel DaCosta and Jessup Gilbert (1997). A Selected Bibliography Of Competence-Based Education and Training (CBET). (New York, The Edwin Mellen Press). For details click here.

K. (Moti) Gokulsing & Cornel DaCosta (2000) A Compact For Higher Education. (Aldershot, England. Ashgate Publishing Ltd). For details click here.

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