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Eve D’Souza

Feb. 2006. The Insyder. Headline: Judging Eve – Tempting Accusations. The charges made includes:
‘Taking over the show Hits not Homework and effortlessly filling into its previous presenters shoes’, ‘Taking over the CHAT awards and monopolizing the favourite Radio presenter slot’, ‘Bonding with the listeners and totally mesmerizing the ‘Adams’ and ‘Eve’s’ who are fans of her show’ etc.

The Insyder February 2006

Brief Biographical Information:

Eve D’Souza was born in Mombasa, Kenya in 1979, the daughter of Andrew and Martina D’Souza and sister of Sharon and Jason D’Souza. She traces her Goan roots to Moira. Eve attended Loreto Convent and the Aga Khan Secondary School Mombasa followed by the Catholic University of Nairobi where she did the Bachelor of Education degree in English and English Literature. Her professors encouraged her to try a career in media but “I’m very camera shy and opted for radio”.

Eve has been with 98.4 capital fm Nairobi since 2001. She won the Favourite Female Radio Presenter award 3 times in a row [2003, 2004, and 2005] at the CHAT awards. The annual CHAT awards is nationwide and around 8,000 Kenyan teens vote in 42 different categories, including local musicians, actors, TV presenters, radio presenter etc. This year (2006), she is a nominee in the Favourite Female Radio presenter category as well as Favourite show category.

Eve D’Souza’s radio show, Hits Not Homework is broadcast Mondays to Thursdays, 16:00 – 19:00 GMT. You can listen to it by logging in at

Some Press Reports
As Censorship Weakens, Kenyan Youth Culture Takes Off
News Feature by Andrew Strickler,
Pacific News Service, Jul 07, 2004


Editor's Note: Young people in Kenya are finding their voice as government censorship abates and media proliferates and diversifies.

NAIROBI, Kenya--From her studio on the 20th floor of an office building in downtown Nairobi, 25-year-old radio disc jockey Eve D'Souza has a good perspective on the tastes of young Kenyans. As she spins CDs for the evening show "Hits Not Homework" on Nairobi's Capital FM, D'Souza juggles the phones and keeps an eye on the dozens of instant messages on her computer screen from her young listeners.

From the requests, it is clear that young Kenyans have wholeheartedly embraced American pop culture. Among the hundreds of messages D'Souza receives nightly is a call from Larry in Baru, who requests a track from Naz. Joey in Nairobi writes, "I'd luv any tight trick by Dead Prez going out to my cuz Willy wherever he at."

D'Souza says that until a few years ago, her show was filled exclusively with Tupac, Dr. Dre and other U.S. artists. But Kenya's music scene has exploded in recent years. These days, D'Souza's Top 10 countdown includes tracks from Nameless, Prezzo, Necessary Noize and others from a growing list of homegrown talent.

D'Souza welcomes the change. "We're finally becoming serious about local music, and being proud of being Kenyan," she says. DJ Adrian, a Nairobi native and a fixture on the city's club scene, agrees that the last three years have seen a major shift in the tastes of young Kenyans. "You can't do a party any more without local music," he says. For full text click here.

Thursday December 22, 2005
What celebs want for Christmas


Radio presenter Eve D’Souza describes Christmas as a family affair. "Everyone should make an effort to spend this time with their family and close friends. Many of us tend to take their love and support for granted, even considering they are our biggest source of strength in life," she says.

The sexy radio presenter says this will be a special X-mas for her as she will be with relatives whom she hasn’t seen in years. "My uncle and aunt are coming all the way from Goa, India, to spend time with us."

Eve says her best Christmas memories are as a teenager in Goa. "When I was in school we would go as a family every three years and really get into the X-mas mood," she recalls. "A group of us would sing X-mas carols from house to house."

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