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Fr. Francisco John Rosario. sfx.

Brief Biographical Information

Parents: Mr. Antonio F Do Rosario and Mrs. Paulina Rosario.

Ancestral Village : Goa-Velha commonly known as "Voddlea Goeam"

Education: St. Lawrence High School, Agassaim, St. Anthony’s Institute, Duler-Mapusa and Fr. Agnelo High School and Junior College, Pilar. St. Charles Inter-diocesan Seminary, Nagpur. Graduated from Nagpur University. Theology at All India Mission Seminary, Pilar, Goa. Diaconate ministry at Sao Jose de Ariel Parish in Goa.

Ordained at St. Andrew’s Church, Goa-Velha, on 14th November 2001.

Positions held:

Mumbai Province of the Pilar Society - Assistant Parish Priest, Superintendent of the Gyanmata Mission Hostel, Khanwel for two and half years.

Nagpur to the Formation House, “Pilar Niketan” where the candidates to priesthood do their philosophical studies and graduation. As one of their guides (moderator) and Bursar for three years.

Goan Chaplain in London.

Goan Chaplaincy, St. Thomas of Canterbury School, Commonside East, Mitcham, Surry. CR4 1YG.

Telephone: 020 8665 2176.




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