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Major George Correa

31 December 2004
The Queen's New Year Honours List
MBE: Major George Francis Correa, services to the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund

Brief Biographical Information

George Correa, was born in Mombasa, Kenya in 1937 and studied at the Goan High School there. He received his basic training in the 4th Kings African Rifles in Uganda in 1958 and at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst U.K. (1959-60), where he was awarded the Silver Cane, for best overseas officer cadet.

After his studies he returned to II Kings African Rifles, Nairobi and Nakuru. He transferred to the British Army on Kenya' independence and rose through the ranks to Major. His postings took him around the world, including Borneo in 1965-66 in the war with Indonesia, British Army of The Rhine Germany on staff of the Armoured Division, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland and others.

In early retirement he was invited for a few years to serve in the Sultan of Oman's Land Forces and worked in Oman from 1980- 1987. On return to the UK, he first worked in the Ministry of Defence in London from 1988-1994 after which he became the Welfare Secretary of the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund, a job he continues to do to this day. He now resides in Salisbury and Beckenham in the U.K.

Major George Correa traces his Goan roots to Moira. His father, Joachim Luciano Correa, was awarded the MBE some 50 years ago as a Customs Officer. This included being with the Military in the First World War and going into what was then "Deutshe Ost Afrika" now Tanzania as British, Indian and African troops fought against the Germans who had both German and African troops.

5 January 2005
MBE for Royal Artillery work.

MAJOR George Francis Correa, who lives at Berwick Road, Stapleford, was awarded the MBE in the New Year honours for his services to the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund.

He is welfare secretary of the fund, which disperses about £1m a year to more than 3,000 Royal Artillery members, ex-members and their dependant, who are in need.

Maj Correa was born in Kenya in 1937 and started his army service in the King's African Rifles, transferring to the Royal Artillery in 1964.

He served in Borneo, Hong Kong, Germany and Oman and has been involved with the RA charitable fund since his retirement.


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