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Glenda Braganza, Actress

Brief Bio
Glenda was born in Halifax and raised in Ottawa.

Father: Vivian F. Braganza, born and raised in Pune. Son of Custodio Braganza (Santa Cruz) and Clara Pinto (Bastora).

Mother: Marlene J. Melford, born and raised in Bombay (Byculla). Daughter of Vincent Melford (Bombay) and Connie Alphonso (Calangute).

Her father emigrated to Canada in 1969 and mother emigrated in 1974, the year they were married (in India).

She has an older brother named Justin who is three years her elder.

Glenda married Michael Woffenden on July 24, 2004. Mike was born and raised in Montreal. He is of Irish/Polish descent. His family name originated in Holland.

Glenda’s hobbies include: classical ballet (14 years of training, since childhood), sketching, drawing, painting, weight training, some choreography and writing.

Her last visit to Goa and Pune was during a family holiday in the summer of 1992. She is hoping to return in the near future to visit and tour with Mike who has never been to India.

2001 Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame Laureate
Glenda and Mike

23 Oct. 2004
Source :Montreal Gazette

Glenda Braganza won her Best Actress MECCA for performances in three plays, Jane Eyre, Jennydog and West, edging out Colombe Demers (Hedda Gabler). Full text at:

Cristopher Dyson and Glenda Braganza in Faith, Hope and Charity.

Jennydog - Cast bios at

Glenda Braganza. Born in Halifax and raised in Ottawa. I’ve been in Montreal for just over six years and rather like the view. Deciding that a degree in anything other than theatre would leave me unfulfilled, I studied Theatre Performance at Concordia where I met most of the incredible talent involved with this project. After graduating, I stayed in this great city to work with companies like Geordie Productions, Elysian River Theatre, Pumpkin Theatre, Persephone Productions and Black Theatre Workshop. Working with such gifted and passionate people is the ultimate reward. In the past year I’ve become a member of Equity and ACTRA and am excited and curious to see what the future holds. After jennydog, I’ll be rehearsing with Persephone amidst the chaotic joy of planning my wedding to an amazing guy named Mike. I’d like to thank Renegade for giving me this opportunity to dive into a play that has excited me from day one.

Glenda Braganza and Jean Tartière in a scene from The Fickle Woman

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