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Gorgonio Lobo

100th Birthday September 9, 2005

Gorgonio Lobo is the husband of the late Julia (Priscilla) Lobo. Father of Bertha/Bernard (Switzerland); Arthur/Shera (Australia); Judy/Terence (Australia), Alfred ( Canada ) and Sybil/Novarro (Canada). Grandfather of Severine, Charlene, Adrian , Lorraine , Vivienne, Keith and Conrad.

Gorgonio Lobo writes
  • My parents, Angelo & Libania worked in Entebbe, Uganda, where I was born in 1905. I was the eldest of their 4 sons.
  • Although my parents & 3 brothers have gone to their eternal reward they have left me with many happy memories and blessings. In 1915 my parents returned to Goa. I joined St Joseph's High School Arpora in 1915 & achieved my Matriculation in 1923.
  • My first job in 1929 was as Clerk, with the Ministry of Health. I was appointed to Hospitals in Jinja, Soroti, Masindi, Entebbe, Masaka & Kampala, rising to the rank of Medical Superintendent.
  • In 1963, I retired from the Government after 34 years service. Subsequently, I joined the Kampala City Council as a Graduated Tax Officer, until 1971.
  • In 1936 I married Priscilla De Souza from Calangute. Together we had 5 children. As parents we fostered in our children a love for our Faith, the importance of education, enjoyment of music & a sense of community.
  • The upheaval following the seizure of power by Idi Amin caused the dispersal of my family - Arthur & Judy to Perth Australia, Sybil & Alfred to Canada. Bertha had married and joined her husband in Switzerland.
  • The opportunity to go to England or Australia were forgone as the pull of my ancestral home "water from my own well" was strongest. My wife & I returned to Goa. Later we spent 2-1/2 years in Perth with our family & many ex-Ugandan friends.
  • After my return to Goa, I was able to contribute to the community teaching violin & the organ & supporting the Parish of St Anne.
  • My contributions in Uganda: President & Founding Member of the Parent Teacher Association in Entebbe & Kampala. Member of the Advisory Board of Asian Education, Kampala; Member of the Central Goan Council & President of the Goan Institute, Entebbe. Member of the Asian Widows & Orphans Pension Fund, Kampala. Member of the Uganda Defence Force (2 yrs.) in 1941.
  • Many have asked the secret of my longevity. It is ultimately the Blessing of God. However the constant use of mind & body kept me going, i.e. teaching music, keeping up to date with current affairs, managing my own finances. Maintaining a large home demanded a daily routine of activity.
  • Until 2003 I rode my scooter & drove my car to Mapusa & the church & in doing so, maintained an independent lifestyle.
  • The regular visits from friends & their children have renewed the bonds of great friendship we created & fostered in Uganda.
  • Sadly my wife of 67 years passed away on November 22, 2003.
  • I look forward to be a Centenarian as I target my 100th Birthday & would like to request all my dear friends to participate spiritually in my Thanks- giving Prayers to Almighty God for granting me a long lease of life.
  • I am happy to be celebrating my Birthday on September 9, 2005 in the company of my children and grandchildren from Geneva, Switzerland, Perth, Western Australia & Montreal/Toronto, Canada & friends.

    May God Bless you all.
    Gorgonio Lobo

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