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19 Aug 2004
By Syphen Rigm

MADONNA has been using this medieval torture chamber-style equipment to build up her body and even her boobs have grown bigger.

The busty Material Girl has been using a revolutionary new fitness fad to help keep her in tip-top shape.

The body conscious Pop Queen turned to the bizarre contraption to tone her physique and her breasts grew in line with her muscles.

Few women who have used the Gyrotonic Expansion System have enjoyed such a massive rise.

Tonight Madge, 46, will show off her bulging body at London's Earl's Court Arena in the Latest leg of her Re-Invention world tour.

Every week the mum-of-two visits fitness guru James D'Silva at a small studio behind an estate agents in St John's Wood, north London.

Earlier this week she was seen slipping out of the studio after a tough 90-minute workout on the exercise machine which has been dubbed "the rack".

Madonna pays £60 an hour for a private session on the £3,500 wooden contraption.
Friends say Madonna started visiting D'Silva for Pilates classes before being persuaded to try the Gyrotonic method.

The fitness-mad star who is married to Brit flick director Guy Ritchie, 35, has also maintained a vigorous form of yoga since the birth of her daughter Lourdes eight years ago.

Gyrotonics was developed by Romanian ballet dancer Juliu Horvath to help prepare dancers for the stage.

The "rack" houses hooks, stirrups, ropes and pulleys to allow a full range of movement for stretching and Strengthening muscles.

Matt Aversa, director of Gyrotonic, said: " Gytotonic training creates a muscle that also has suppleness or dexterity which helps prevent injury."

Source :The Evening Standard (London)
By Peter Robertson.
15 March 2004
The cost of looking good

TV presenter and beauty expert Julia Carling, 39, lives in North-West London with record company boss Rob Stringer, 41, and their children Honor, three, and Florence, six months.

“I don't enjoy any exercise that involves getting too hot and sweaty, but Pilates is great for keeping you toned without building muscles. It's also great for my posture, and has been a real turning point in helping me get back in shape after having my two children. I go once a week to James d'Silva, which costs me £40 a session.”Full text click here.

6 June 2004. Source:Mail on Sunday (London).

At 45, Madonna has turned bendy doll, kicking off her world tour with a series of extraordinary yoga poses. Her yoga guru is James D'Silva. James trained as a ballet dancer in his native Goa and came to England 17 years ago. But he moved from ballet when he found that turning his toes out and clenching his buttocks all day was bad for his posture. He looked for a solution and found Gyrotonics. He studied under its inventor, Romanian dancer Juliu Horvath.

James took the system a stage further, incorporating elements of the Alexander Technique to help align the spine and limbs. Today he has a full client list and charges £60 an hour. 485 words

18 August 2004. Source :The Evening Standard (London).

When she vaults across the stage at Earls Court tonight, Madonna's toned physique and extraordinary flexibility will make her the envy of women of all ages. But there is a secret behind the 46-year-old mother of two's incredible elasticity.

Madonna makes weekly visits to north London fitness guru James D'Silva, who is one of the few pioneers of the Gyrotonic Expansion System. He tutors Madonna from a studio below a small estate agent in St John's Wood, for £60 an hour. Today Mr D'Silva said details of the arrangement with the superstar were confidential, but he did say that all his clients had tailor-made one-on-one tuition at £60 an hour using Pilates and Gyrotonics.


Oct 27 200. Source :The Mirror (UK)
By Jane Ridley

Star signs on for tough new exercise workout.

MADONNA should have had a tortured expression given what she had just been through

Instead, the pop queen was all smiles after spending 90 minutes on a rack yesterday for her latest fitness fad, Gyrotonics.

The tough regime, used by ballet dancers and gymnasts, involves fitness buffs being strapped to a device with stirrups while pulleys stretch their limbs.

The singer, 46 - no stranger to going out on a limb herself - now visits the North London gym for workouts once a week.

One fellow member said yesterday: "It may resemble an instrument of medieval torture but it works miracles.

"When your feet are strapped in the stirrups it's a bit like getting ready for a gynaecological examination.

"But it's great for your posture and exercises parts of your body other methods can't reach."

Madonna pays £90 for weekly one-on-one sessions with fitness guru James D'Silva.

The mum-of-two is delighted with the results because the £3,500 machine develops long, lean limbs rather than the bulging muscles other fitness regimes have given her.

Friends say she began visiting instructor James for Pilates classes but soon became hooked on the new apparatus.

The equipment, full name gyrotonic expansion system, was developed by Romanian ballet dancer Juliu Hovath to help performers prepare for the stage.

Madonna - who lives in Marylebone, Central London, with husband Guy Ritchie, 35, and children Lourdes, eight, and Rocco, three - is never slow to try new fitness techniques and alternative therapies.

The star has previously dabbled in Ashtanga yoga and reiki and is now an ardent follower of Kabbalah, an offshoot of Judaism.

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UK: James D'Silva: Trudie’s flexible friend
James and Trudie
4 Dec. 2008: Daily Mail (UK). Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife, introduced Madonna to Guy Ritchie and in return the pop queen decided that Trudie needed a new man, Pilates guru, James d'Silva in her life… Trudie and James d'Silva are a match made in heaven. 'He's wonderful,' swoons Trudie. 'I see him six times a week.' James, 41, has been giving Trudie private workouts for five years at his London studio in St John's Wood, where he has opened a new centre called The Bombay Gymkhana. 190 words. Click here.


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